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    Default Lorrna Adventures

    Before starting I'd like to remember that Lorrna is a fake region made by my friend The Dark One,however pokemons from every region may be found here.The map can be found in the spoiler below:

    Prologue: An obsessive adventure

    It was a dark rainy night when Team Molten was born,the founder have always had a crazy obsession,he wanted Heatran.But as the years passed his condition grew worse and worse.

    Heatran now was only a tool he wanted every fire type legendaries and then combining their powers unleash a never cooling scorching heat on Earth.

    Heatran was the first step,but to get one he would need to go to the HellHound's Volcano,in the middle of Lorrna,where an Entei was born and started his pack of Houndooms.

    There he was planning to catch not only a Heatran but also Entei,however only the league Champion could enter,the leader however after a few moments took a breather and went to his room,he came out of there with 6 pokeballs.He was going to be champion,and to assure that he founded a team full of criminals,the name was Team Molten

    Chapter 1 - A fresh start with a fresh rivalry

    It was 6 am, the Pidoves and Pidgey were flying,the flight seemed like they were sunbathing,if in one part of the town was calm,the other was crazed,in his lab, Professor Plumbago- an old,sometimes crazy man,that had white hair and a scruffy long bear- was troubling their assistants again with his crazy antics,however a single step made Plumbago stop.It was his eldest grandson,that entered the room giving him a nasty look.

    Plumbago readily asked with a little sarcastic tone What do you want? A pokemon perhaps?, Yes drily replied his grandson;Then let's go see them replied the grandfather.

    In the table three pokemon rested,a Larvesta,that laid down int he table,sunbathing, a LArvitar trying to play cool and a Beldum that kept a expressionless face.The professor rushed him,Topaz,More people will come,so decide or scram said the Professor,that was replied with a simple answer : Beldum. Here take your stuff and scram said the Professor with a smile on his face.

    As Topaz left, a boy and a girl that whose screams and shouts had been listened by all town entered the lab.The Professor made a single question,the only thing they would have to answer Larvitar or Larvesta?

    The boy,Gray as it was usually called by his friends readily asked with Larvesta,leaving the girl with Larvitar.Afterwards he tried to talk with her but she replied with Weep all you want,you are going down,I wanted Larvitar anyways.

    Then the boy who wanted peace,grabbed his stuff and replied with a suave smile and a equally suave comment I don't weep,the question is,do you? As he walked toward Route 1,the same girl was shouting I'm Jade,see you next time then,loser,which was replied with a similar shout I'm not loser,I'm Gray by the way he then went off to his brand-new adventure.
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    Default Re: Lorrna Adventures

    i finished the advanced map... its too big to fit into my albums

    love the story so far... just ask me for gym leader names and such... you should just make up all the pokemon as you go


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