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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 23 up now! Comments welcome!)

    Maybe Looker failed to notice the big red R on the door? Thanks to Stan, maybe I should raise a Delcatty...
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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 23 up now! Comments welcome!)

    Thanks for reading eveyone!

    Rob: This takes place before Team Rocket rises to power, so the warehouse is just a warehouse that was used in a past war.


    I think I might be on a roll here. I hope I can keep this up for another chapter.

    Well, I give you Chapter 24. Only one more chapter until the end of Saga 3.

    Chapter 24, Saga 3
    By RaccoonGoon

    The old military warehouse had a certain feeling to it. It was dark, save for the light from outside and the light coming from one of the offices. A buzzing accompanied the light, along with small murmurs. People besides Looker were in here.

    Looker walked silently over to the far East wall, Croagunk behind him. The Poison/Fighting type heard the whispers and saw the aged holding cells in the back and began to shudder.


    Looker spun around and pressed his finger to his lips.

    “Shh. You’ll be fine. All we have to do is get in that office, take down the guys in there, and take get ‘em to the Pokecenter.

    Croagunk gulped and tried to stop shaking, but still the Pokemon shook. How had the once boastful Croagunk he had met in the Great Marsh turn into a shaking wreck? Looker shrugged it off. It was just first mission jitters.

    The two approached the office door, the voices growing louder. Or was it only one voice? He couldn’t tell…not for sure.

    “So we’ll go to Two Island-”

    “-And find the others!”

    There was two voices, but they sounded very similar, and it seemed the higher pitched one started a statement while the lower one finished it. Almost like…..


    Stan was right. The two men that attacked the locals were twins!

    Looker instantly threw open the door and ran inside the fairly lare office. One figure was sitting behind the desk, while the other was sitting atop the desk. They both had light blue hair, both combed in the fashion, and similar facial features: A slim nose, blue eyes, and rather large ears.

    The switch inside the young man’s head clicked to “Action.” He tightened his fists, put on a serious face, and took a dramatic stance.

    “So, you two were the ones that attacked those two ladies and little kid!”

    The twins turned around and simultaneously jumped back, surprised and the intruder.

    “I’m putting you two under arrest.”

    He began to walk towards the criminals, drawing out his handcuffs.

    “Not so fast, mister copper!” Tim began, pointing at his brother.

    “We’re not going to go that easily!” Tom said, also pointing to his brother.

    Looker paused. They weren’t going to escape with a song and dance tune, were they?

    “We’ll have our Pokemon rip you-”

    “-and your Croagunk to shreds!”

    At this comment, Croagunk began to shake violently, and beads of sweat were forming around his forehead. This wasn’t like Croagunk, not at all. Croagunk was courageous, not cowardly…right?

    “Ha, I can take you two, easily!”

    The twins laughed and grabbed the Pokeballs at their belts.

    “We’ll see!” They both said in unison before releasing two Skarmory.

    “Ok Croagunk, go in for a-”

    Before Looker could finish, Croagunk sprang into the air, arms reared back and ready to punch. This, Looker thought, was the Croagunk he was used to. The bold, brave, and excited…It all made sense now! Croagunk wasn’t afraid at all, he was shuddering with Anticipation!

    The blue skinned Pokemon jumped for the Skarmory on the right, but before it could get in a hit, was thrown back by Skarmory’s bladed wings.

    “Haha! Skarmory, use Air Cutter!”

    Tim’s Skarmory swiped at the air, creating a crescent shaped rush of air which zipped towards Croagunk.

    “Croagunk, look out!”

    But the Air Cutter attack hit right on Croagunk’s chest, sending him back a few feet. Croagunk clasped his chest and stood back up, not wanting to show any weakness.

    “Ok, now go in and use Revenge!”

    The Toxic Mouth Pokemon darted towards Tim’s Skarmory packed all of his energy into his right fist. Before Skarmory could dodge the attack, Croagunk jumped up and wrapped his left arm around the enemy Pokemon’s neck. Now with a firm grasp, it began to pound the Skarmory in the face over and over again with it’s right fist. The Steel/Flying Type tried to shake him off, but to no avail.

    Finally, Croagunk hopped off the now dented Skarmory. The Armor Bird Pokemon’s beak and face were bruised, but it still stood, obviously weakened after the brutal attack.

    Tom stepped forward. “Humph! Good hit, but can that disgusting thing take on this? Skarmory, use Air Slash!”

    Tom’s Skarmory flew toward Croagunk at great speed, then swooped upward, before darting back down, planning to clip Croagunk with it’s sharp wings.

    “Croagunk, counter it with Sucker Punch!”

    Croagunk’s fist started to glow with a purplish energy as he jumped up and socked the Skarmory across the face, sending it off course. The attack did a small amount of damage, but damage non the less.

    “This guy is-”

    “-Really rustling my jimmies!”

    Looker was on fire now. He had to keep this up.

    “Now, Poison Jab the one to the left!”

    Croagunk, also excited at the battle, ran towards Tim’s Skarmory and peppered it with small, poisonous punches, further annoying the Pokemon. Soon it was covered in purple splotches and bruises, now severely weakened after two attacks. Croagunk happed back away from the injured Pokemon, proud of it’s work.

    “No! Skarmory, use a Steel Wing attack!”

    Skarmory weakly stood and winced in pain. It must have been poisoned by the previous attack. It flashed it’s razor sharp feathers and flew towards Croagunk, who didn’t have time to avoid the attack. The sharp, hardened wings connected to Croagunk’s right side, sending him spinning to the left wall.

    “Ah! C’mon Croagunk, hit it with another Revenge!”

    Croagunk picked himself back up and ran towards the Skarmory, rage in his eyes.

    “Skarmory, Fly to the ceiling so he can’t hit you!”

    The Armor Bird Pokemon again winced at the poison and flew up to the ceiling. Croagunk passed right under it, but due to his will to punch something, continued until he was in range of the other Skarmory. Just like before, he hooked around the metallic neck and started to repeatedly punch the Pokemon in the head and face. Tom’s Skarmory, not expecting the attack, simply took the attack, squawking in pain, until it fell to the floor, defeated.

    “Thanks for getting my Pokemon knocked out!” Tom snapped at Tim while calling back his fallen Pokemon.

    “Anytime, sweet brother of mine!” Tim replied, hint of sarcasm all too obvious.

    “Now Skarmory, use Fly and end all this!”

    The Skarmory stretched out it’s neck and drew back it’s wings and began to descend towards Croagunk.

    “Croagunk, find a way to dodge it!”

    Croagunk searched in all directions. How could he avoid an attack like Fly? There wasn’t any cover, except the desk, the chair behind the desk, Tim, and…Tom! Croagunk stood his ground while Skarmory approached, closer and closer, until it was mere inches away from it’s target. That’s when Croagunk acted. He quickly fell to the floor, laid on his stomach, and flattened out his limbs.

    The Skarmory whizzed right above him, centimeters above the blue skinned Pokemon’s soft back. That’s when it looked back up, noticing Tom was right in it’s flight path.

    “Ah! Skarmory pull up! You’re about-”

    “-To crash! Into me!”

    The speed of the Steel/Flying Type was too much and all it could do was turn it’s head as it collided head on with Tom, tough side slamming into the mans gut. Tom and Skarmory both were sent flying backwards before hitting the wall.

    “M-My stomach just got pancaked…owowowowowwww…”

    The Spade Member pushed off the lifeless Skarmory, knocked out from the impact, and fell to his side, clutching his aching stomach.

    Looker grinned and continued to walk towards Tim.

    “Looks like the jig is up. Return your Pokemon, both of you are coming with me…”

    Tim, now backing away, hastily returned his K.O.’ed Pokemon and gulped.

    “You’ll have to catch me first, copper!”

    The twin ducked and ran. He jumped onto the desk, hopped over Looker’s arms, and landed on the floor, still running towards the exit.

    “Ahaha! You’ll never catch me! Nev-”

    He suddenly stopped. A shiver ran up his entire being as a sharp pain shot into his thigh. Through gritted teeth he turned his head to see Croagunk, glowing purple fingers pressed into his leg.


    And with that he fell, immobilized.

    “Great job Croagunk! We did it!”

    The I.P. Agent went over to Tom, who was still clutching his stomach, and dragged him towards his brother. Once the two were side by side, Looker slapped on the handcuffs, one cuff around Tom’s wrist hand and the other around Tim’s right wrist.

    “Ok you two, lets go.”

    He hoisted the twins up after a few tries and pushed them forward. They limped towards the exit, both in too much pain to put up a fight. Looker was leading them with his right hand around the chain links while his left dug for Croagunk’s Pokeball.

    “You did great Croagunk! Very well done!”

    Looker’s partner saluted as the red beam sucked him back into the sphere. He was happy that the two of them had got the job done.

    Out of the warehouse and back into Five Island Meadow, an overseen thought came to Looker’s mind-

    “What do I do with you two now?”


    The sun was just beginning to set over Two Island. Lights in houses began to come on and small children and adults alike were retreating into the homes. Swimmers and Tubers were returning from the beach, exhausted after a long day of fun. Two Island was getting ready to rest.

    Meters away, however, something stirred. Not a human, not something living…or so it seemed. An aged, rusty man hole cover rustled. It jiggled and barely lifted up. Then, it rustled again, and lifted up more. Then, it shook until it scooted a few inches away, leaving an opening.

    From that opening emerged Delcatty. First, one paw, bruised and wobbling, raised from the darkness and gripped at the ground. Then a second leg raised from the destroyed bunker. Finally, Delcatty’s head peeked from the hole, it too weak, bruised, and blood stained. The Prim Pokemon looked anything but prim as is pulled itself from the man hole. It winced at the day-light and let out a painful cry.

    Chunks of dirt and rock were in it’s fur, blood stains covered her legs and back, and dark bruises covered it’s head and face. It’s tail, along with the tuft of soft fur, was crinkled and bent, hanging limply to the ground.

    Another painful cry, and she fell over, not having the strength to push onward to get help. The Normal Type was to drained, to injured to go on. All it could do now was hope somebody heard her cries.


    She would have to cry louder.

    “Cattttty……Del! Delcatty!!!!”

    It was no good. The defeated Pokemon, barely holding on, lowered it’s head and began to allow her eyes to close. It was going to die there while her trainer was being suffocated and crushed to death.

    Suddenly, a small girl in a blue bathing suit and brown hair noticed the lump in the distance. Throwing down her inflatable inner-tube, she ran towards the sound, worry in her eyes.

    “Oh my goodness…You’re hurt!”

    She crouched down and examined the injured Pokemon, who opened it’s eyes slightly. Help had come. She, and maybe Stan, were going to make it.


    “You poor thing!” The young girl slowly scooped up the feline like creature and cradled the bloody mass in her arms, almost too big for the girl to hold.

    “We’ll have Nurse Joy heal you up. You’ll be better in no time!”

    At these words Delcatty relaxed and slowly drifted off to sleep while the girl ran her towards the red roofed building.


    Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, a tip, or any criticisms!

    The bonus point question for this chapter is- What cartoon character(s) did I base Tim and Tom off of? 30 points to whoever guesses correctly!

    HINT: Think Cartoon Network shows.

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    To the few fans of this fic: I won’t try to explain myself of make excuses. I bet a lot of you don’t remember this fic. All I’m going to say is that writer’s block is a bitch. I lost my interest in writing almost as fast as I gained it. I always knew this little story of mine isn’t the most entertaining, well-written fic on this site. And yet I kept it going, just to “attempt” to write a half-way decent fic. That’s all this whole thing ever was, was one big “attempt.” Months later, I attempt to write the 25th chapter of Look. If this chapter gets me back into writing the story, I’m going to try for 40 chapters. I don’t just want to drop it. Not yet, anyway.

    So here’s my second wind. Look, Chapter 25, end of Saga 3. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

    Chapter 25, Saga 3
    By RacoonGoon

    Stars began to sparkle over Five Island. Looker, the young International Police Agent, couldn’t help but wear a beaming smile on his s face. He, along with his partner Croagunk, had apprehended two members of Team Spade, a small gang of ruffians responsible for attacking the Pewter City Museum.

    The two members, the twins Tom and Tim, were handcuffed to one another, being led by the younger man.

    “I can’t believe-” Tim began between breathes of labored air.

    “We got beat by a kid with a tacky trench coat.” Tom finished, clutching his bruised torso with his free arm.

    Once into the town area of Five Island, Looker nudged the duo to a bench and sat them down beneath the glow of a street lamp. Before either of them could speak up, he pulled out his pen and notepad.

    “Not a cramped room like the movies…” he thought, “But it’ll do.”

    “All right you crooks. Tell me everything you know so I can drop you off at the PokeCenter.”

    Tom and Tim looked at one another, snickered in unison, and turned back.

    “Sorry, copper, but we’re-”

    “Not much on talking.”

    Looker kept his cool and rapped the ink pen on the cardboard backing of the notepad.

    “Hm. Well, I do know that you and a group of other men ransacked the museum in Pewter City, stole the Platinum Meowth Coin, flew here to hide…..” He trailed off in thought.

    “And you two were reported harassing a young lady and her son. Sound about right?”

    Tim spoke up.

    “Yeah, we accepted to pull a heist for this one prick. The dame and her kid were just some fun, haheh.”

    Quickly writing this down, he continued.

    “So you and your um, group were hired by a man. What was his name?”

    This time, Tom answered.

    “His name was Mister Blow. Full name Blow it out your ass.”

    The twins started to chuckle, Tim slapped Tom’s knee, and Tom slapped Tim’s knee. If these two weren’t thieves, they’d make a good comedy show.

    Looker, now becoming annoyed, ran his hand over his hair and frowned. He had to step it up. Croagunk was worn out, so he couldn’t use him. He’d have to interrogate them using only his wits.

    “Listen,” he began, grabbing the twin’s grey collars and drawing them in close.

    “I want to know every detail. Right now. Failure to answer will only make things worse for you down the road. Co-operate now and you’ll have less trouble in your trial.”

    Simultaneously, the twins grinned, showing their teeth. Their eyes seemed to narrow and sharpen.

    “Oh, me and brother here won’t go to a trial….”

    “You should really watch our legs, copper.”

    Just as Looker adverted his gaze downward, Tom swept both his legs beneath Looker’s, making him topple to the ground. Before he could react, Tim jumped up and landed in the center of the young man’s back.

    “Ah! Get off me!”

    The agent pressed his hands against the ground and pushed upward. As soon as Tim fell off his back, Tom’s foot swung and connected to the side of his head.

    “Sorry, little buddy. Me and Tim-”

    “Love getting our kicks!”

    Looker raised up, hand around his throbbing left ear.

    “You two are in a world of trouble….”

    He reached inside his coat pocket, searching for the lone Pokeball, only to find the pocket was empty. It must have fallen out when he was tripped. He instantly froze. This couldn’t be happening. Everything was going great. He beat the bad guys, he had caught them, he-

    His thoughts were cut short by the twins running towards him, away from each other, making the chain of the handcuffs to tighten. The two men ran to either side of Looker, close-lining him, making him fall to the ground once more.

    Looker closed his eyes and wrapped his hands around his throat. When he opened them, Tom and Tim were crouched over him, Tim pinning one side of him down, Tom the other.

    “Well, well, well, copper. It looks like-”

    “We’ll be asking the questions now!”

    Tom slid a metal, flat knife-like item from his boot. It was a Skarmory feather. He must of sneaked it out before he was cuffed.

    “Before you interrogate suspects, kid-”

    “Make sure their not armed.”

    Any comedic features of the twins faded. Their eyes were narrow, mouths straight. The smooth, sharp feather was inches from Looker’s neck. He stifled a scream. He swallowed his fear to the darkest parts of hell.

    He felt…lost again. Lost like he was in Snowpoint City. Lost like in the dark caverns of Mt.Coronet. It was at that moment where he wished his life was different. He wished he never left his far off home, he wished he grew up like a normal kid, he wished he never joined the International Police. His life was in danger because he wanted to play the hero. Because he thought he could bring justice to the scum of the Earth. Because….. Because his father died at the hands of some crooks. Was he going to go out like his father? In the very coat he wore?

    “Feh. I bet you punks think that little butter knife will hurt me. Too bad all International Police officers wear body armor under their uniform.”

    Tom, falling into Looker’s plan, raised the feather high above his head.

    “We’ll see about that, copper.”

    Looker, now having an opening, swung his fist into Tom’s torso with al his might, directly in the same spot where the Skarmory crashed just hours before. Tom dropped the feather, pain wracking his body.


    Tom wrapped his arm around his throbbing torso and curled up, causing Tim to be pushed off Looker.

    “Tom, you idiot! Hurry and grab the knife!”

    Looker sprang up and swiped the bladed feather from the ground. Tim, still rearing to fight, tried to stand and charge at the officer, only to be halted by the dead weight that was his twin.

    “Get up, bro! We’re about to get busted!”

    In a last ditch effort, Tim began to pull his brother along, attempting to flee.

    Looker tightened his right fist and approached the Team Spade member.

    “I’ll just say you two didn’t co-operate.”

    And with that, he slugged the man across the face, sending blood gushing out his nose. Tim’s eyes rolled back and his jaw hung slack. He fell into a crumpled heap on the ground. Tim and Tom were finally defeated.

    The exhausted IP Agent gathered his Pokeball, pen, and notepad and slipped them in his coat. The Skarmory feather was slipped into his back pocket. He’d have to present it to Stan when they met up on Two Island.

    Grabbing the link chain of the handcuffs with both hands, he walked backwards to the PokeCenter, dragging the unconscious duo.

    It was fully night time now, the stars high in the endless sky.


    “Where did you find this poor thing? Delcatty aren’t native to the Sevii Islands, let alone Kanto.”

    The pink haired nurse was tending to Delcatty’s shredded legs and back first. The bruises would need ice; the bleeding needed to be stopped right away.

    “Just a few meters to the East. Near that old man hole or whatever.”

    The young Tuber pointed out an open window into the night.

    “What? Why was it in there? Oh, I hope there wasn’t a Pokemon down there that did this….”

    Delcatty, eyes now open, darted all around the medical facility. Other cold stretchers of various sizes lined the room, and a series of monitors were by each one. Tubes were to the left of the Prim Pokemon, and sacs full of clear liquid were hanging on metal rods.

    Finally, the last of the bandages was tenderly wrapped around her leg.

    “There we are. Now we better set that tail…it looks broken….”

    Then, Delcatty spotted the Tuber that had brought her here, and by her, the open window. Suddenly springing to life, the Normal Type rose up on wobbly legs and nimbly leaped from the stretcher through the window, landing a few feet outside.

    Both the Nurse Joy and Tuber gasped and peered out the window. Delcatty turned her head around and let out a long, mournful cry. Weakly, it raised a paw towards the entrance to the bunker and cried again.

    “It wants us to follow it. It needs to show us something.”

    Without hesitation, the nurse slipped through the window, the Tuber following closely behind. With help following her, Delcatty trotted towards the man hole. As soon as she reached it she again turned her head and cried sniffing down into the dark bunker.

    “Oh my…….”

    Joy’s face turned pale as she kneeled down next to Delcatty.

    “Hello? Is anybody down there? Please, answer! Anybody?”

    Her shrill voice echoed throughout the bunker. No response.

    Delcatty let out a louder cry, it too trying to contact her Trainer.

    “Anybody?! We’re here to help!”

    Still no answer.

    Joy spun around to face the tuber.

    “Go get me a flashlight! There’s one under the counter! Hurry!”

    The Tuber darted off back to the PokeCenter and quickly returned with a small flashlight, which she handed to the nurse.

    Clicking on the flashlight, she directed the amber beam into the man hole and was taken back. Chunks of concrete were blocking the view into the bunker and grey dust was floating in-between the spaces. A small tunnel was burrowed to make a large enough space for a Pokemon to crawl through, explaining how Delcatty escaped. Nurse Joy began to shake. She knew somebody had to be down there.

    “Hello?!? Somebody, answer!!!”

    A few strained seconds passed, then, a small, wheezing voice sounded from below the earth.

    “H-here…. Down here…. Int-uh-International Puh-puuhhh….”

    Joy dropped the flashlight and stood up.

    “I have to go get help! You hold the flashlight and stay here! Don’t stop talking to him, keep him awake. I’ll be right back!”

    The young woman ran straight to the phone located inside the PokeCenter while the Tuber knelt down and picked up the flashlight.

    “H-hey…Hold on, we’re getting help.”

    “Back…..can’t h-hold on much more….. Air…not enough air for us….”

    “What? How many people are down there?”

    “Two…… maybe more…Can’t tell if they are…..”

    A long silence followed. The Tuber began to shake. She was just a kid. This was like something out of a movie, or a news story over a terrible accident. The beam of yellow light began to bob up and down, and Delcatty sat near the man hole, every so often scraping at a chunk of concrete.

    “Can’t tell if they’re alive…..”

    “Just…just hold on. I think I see the help coming…”

    It was true. Most of Two Island, equipped with flashlights and ropes were marching to the seen. Large, strong Pokemon were with them. Machoke and Rhydons mostly. Nurse Joy was carrying a first aid medical kit, preparing for the worst.

    “Is…Is my Delca-catty ok?”

    Tears mixed with worry and relief formed in the Tuber’s eyes.

    “Yeah, yeah. Delcatty is fine. She’s……”

    A small circle formed around the man hole and multiple flashlights shone on it. Men and Pokemon alike moved in around it, ignoring the child for now, and began to remove the broken concrete. Delcatty stood up and gazed at the work. Her Trainer was going to make it.

    “She’s up here waiting for you.”


    The blazing rose over the Sevii Islands, and with it, Looker. He stretched his tired and sore limbs. The previous nights events flashed through his mind. Everything had happened so fast after Tom and Tim were defeated….

    As soon as he told the nurse at Five Island PokeCenter he had arrested two wanted fugitives, she called the operator, said that a IP officer had made a dual-arrest, and the island’s location. About an hour later, a small speed boat with the same shade of blue as other IP vehicles, roared up to the harbor. From there, two other IP officers took the twins, the bladed feather used as a weapon, and Looker’s notes to be filed back at HQ.

    “Wow kid, got a little roughed up, eh?” One officer said while making sure Looker’s notes were all there.

    “Yeah, they were tricky.”

    The other officer was busy handcuffing each men separately. He didn’t look very happy he had to travel all this way in the middle of the night. But at least the weather was nice.

    “Well, hop on in the boat and we’ll head back. You’ll have to debrief to-”

    “I was here with a, um, mentor. Officer Stan. He went to search Two Island for some more people from the same group.”

    The officer ran his hand down his face. There was no doubt he was tired as well.

    “Ok pal. We don’t want to run around these islands all night and then go all the way back to HQ. Since Stan is a drinking buddy, we’ll pull some strings so you can both return tomorrow. Stan may not even have his guys yet. Just contact HQ tomorrow and come back then.”

    “Thank you, sir. I’ll stay at the PokeCenter, go to Two Island tomorrow, and then me, Stan, and the rest of the robbers will be back at HQ.”

    Looker made sure to explain every detail to the senior officer, just to make sure.

    “Yeah, yeah. That’s why we have reports, kid. Save it for tomorrow. Now go get some rest.”

    And now here he was the next morning. The couch of the lounge area was narrow, but comfortable. The center was silent, as was expected for the early morning hours. Croagunk had been healed before he went to bed last night, so the only thing left for him to do was throw on his jacket and hop a ride to Two Island.

    With a new stride in his step he exited the PokeCenter and headed to the Ferry.


    Upon arriving at Two Island, he noticed a small camp of sorts set up with orange barriers around it. A small army of people, covered in dirt and dust, were peering into something on the ground. A tired looking man was standing by a barrier, guarding the proceedings.

    Without having to say a word, Looker flashed his badge and made his way through the small crowd. In the center of the madness, a large chunk of land had been excavated. Chunks of concrete and metal were sprawled everywhere. Up on the ground, two limp bodies, dressed in grey, sat motionless. Their frames seemed sunk in and their limbs flattened. Pools of blood were beneath them. Away from them another body was placed. This one too blood stained, mangled, and motionless. Only this one had various people crouched around it, speaking to it. An injured Delcatty sat close to a Tuber, also watching everything unfold.

    Finally, Looker peered down into the huge hole itself. Multiple Rhydons were using their drill-like horns to burrow into the earth and rock. Geodudes, Machokes, and humans were throwing the broken concrete away from themselves. While still watching the excavation, Looker walked up to a Nurse Joy.

    “What happened here? Who was in this?”

    The nurse swallowed and breathed deeply.

    “We’re not sure. But somehow this old bunker fell in on a group of people. Two of them were dead when we found them, and one is still alive, but barely. We know there’s at least one more person still buried. He’s the only one that talks to us, and we think we’re getting closer to finding him. We’ve been trying since last night…”

    Before she could finish, a man called up from the dig sight.

    “We found two more! Both still alive! One was one top of the other! Get us some stretchers! One of ‘em is awake still!”

    Looker couldn’t believe it. Stan, blue uniform tattered and ruined, was looking up into the morning sky. His legs looked like they had been run over, and he breathed through gritted teeth. But it was true, he was conscious. His trademark sunglasses had cracks going through each lens. As he was placed on a stretcher he yelled out in pain. He grabbed his head as the scream escaped him. Looker could hardy take in what he was seeing.

    The other man, dressed in the same grey flight suit as the others, was scratched up as well. His right arm already had a bandage wrapped around it. For some reason, the man looked familiar, as if Looker had seen him somewhere in the past….

    Hearthome City! During the Pokemon Contest fiasco! He was one of the crooks involved in the attempted trophy heist. How did he get out of jail so fast? And what was he doing here?

    Before Looker could give it another thought, he saw Stan being rolled into the PokeCenter, Nurse Joy and the same injured Delcatty close behind.

    Giving one last look down to Rex, he thrust his hands into his pockets, spun around, and went to go check on his friend.


    There it was, folks. As usual, any comments, tips, or criticism welcome. Even the smallest comment helps. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    Keep on trucking. This is still awesome.

    I think I'll make a more definitive review when (and if) you finish this.

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    Thanks to ShinySandshrew of serebiiforums for the banner!

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    Thanks for the review, Ian. Very helpful!

    I'll more than likely start Ch.26 tonight, and try to get it posted at the latest Thursday.

    Thanks for reading, everyone.

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)


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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    I need to re-read this.


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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 25 up now! Comments welcome!)

    By all means, go ahead. Really. Please....Please...

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    Default Re: "Look" ( Chapter 26)

    I haven't picked this up in over a year. I recently reread it all, and it was awful. It's full of plot holes and grammatical errors. I'm still a tad shocked it won an award. I think the people that read this aren't active anymore, or have forgotten this story. But I still want to finish it anyways. I apologize for the last 25 chapters, as they were hastily written while my mind formulated what was going to happen next. Much like this one.


    Chapter 26, Saga 3
    By RaccoonGoon

    He was going back. Back home, to his home Region. Everything was in reverse. The ship was sailing backward. He was stepping back from it in the dock. He passed through a doorway. Suitcase tossed by the closet, trench coat swooped off his shoulders and zipped into the hallway. Now he was unpacking, clothes choppily flying into a wardrobe. It was exactly like rewinding a film.

    Further back now. He was in a sterile hospital room. A man was before him in a bed, connected to a few tubes. His face bruised, nose bent. Then man was middle aged, had slight scruff on his chin, and bags under his closed eyes. If one were so inclined to lift up his hospital gown, they would see a bandage wrapped around his rib cage. And, if one were so morbid to snoop under the wrappings, one would see quite the vicious hole torn in the man’s lower-left chest.

    Looker was fourteen. He was sitting in a chair, watching his father’s slow breathing. Then, slower breathing. Looker stood and peered at his father, worried look attacking his face. His father had stopped breathing. A shrill beeping filled the room, a nurse rushed in, then a doctor, then another nurse. They flocked around the dead man. Looker sunk back in the chair and placed his head in his hands. He can’t really remembered if he screamed.

    Now he was in some sort of office. The same doctor as before was looking down at him, hand on his shoulder. Something about the knife wound reaching his father’s heart, something about shock and internal bleeding. Looker didn’t know…well, he just didn’t know. Now he was in another, smaller office. A strange man with a stack of papers before him was talking to him in a calming voice. They, whoever they were, couldn’t get information on his mother, and with his father’s passing, and the lack of any close relatives, the man said something about “adoption” and “children’s homes” and “Things’ll get better”

    Another jump, and Looker was running down the sidewalk to his house. He can’t remember how or when he got away from that other office. But now he was in his father’s room, throwing clothes into a suitcase without any reason. He latched the case and went to the door. A bundle was in the hallway. His father’s business coat, wallet, keys, and atop it all, a piece of paper reading out funeral details. He grabbed the trench coat in a hurry and left the other items and exited the house. He trudged down the street, to the docks. Another sudden jump, once again in the hospital room. His father, the walls, the bed, even the sound of the siren started to melt and expand, shrink and morph, change and warp. Suddenly, Looker was eighteen and every single moment rocketed forward, flashing before his eyes. Every action, every day, every word of every minute. Sailors, a Golbat, an apartment, bikes, Johanna, Crogunk, an IP Badge, twins, Skarmory, everything. Every second was thrown into fast-foward, going faster and faster, until-

    The man in the hospital bed was IP Officer Stan. His body wrecked. Spine fractured. Legs crushed. His eyes were closed, his trademark shades, cracked, on a small table besides the bed. Doctors were fussily moving around him, trying to stabilize him. This was all too much for Looker. He had seen this all before. It was now nearing noon. Things had happened so fast. The Two Island PokeCenter contacted IP HQ, where a few Officers were dispatched to pick up the injured man and Looker. A few more came along to apprehend the surviving Team Spade members: Mel and Rex, the later being the proclaimed leader of the group. The two speedy boats shot towards HQ. Once there, Stan was rushed to the medical center while the criminals were talking to the criminal housing unit. What was originally an investigation into a small town bar had turned into this, a mystery about a stolen treasure and a criminal gang, island hopping, underground bunkers exploding. How? All anyone could think was “how?”

    While the doctors continued to work on Stan, another IP Officer, Officer Smith walked into the room and leaned towards Looker.

    “I know it’ll be tough to leave, but we need to debrief you on this. C’mon.”

    Looker slowly nodded and stood before following Smith out of the medical center to the central main building of the island. He was led the floor number ten, into IP Director Cullen’s personal office.

    “Thank you, Smith.”

    Smith nodded and exited. Looker was now sitting across Director Cullen. A pen, a few papers and forms, and a small laptop was on the desk.

    “Alright Agent Looker. I’m aware this mission took a turn for the worst, but I’ve already filled in the outline of what happened. Now, I just need your parts of it and Stan’s, if he…”

    Cullen stopped short and placed a few fingers on his broad moustache. Looker was gazing downward. He was so tired. So very tired.

    “Alright, sir. This is what happened.”

    Looker detailed the Region-Hopping flights they had to go on, the bar in Sinnoh, the scene at the Pewter Museum, One Island, Two Island, Five Island. The twins, Tim and Tom, the battle Crogunk had with the two Skarmory, the rubble on Two Island.

    The young Agent concluded his tale and Cullen recorded it all. The IP Director nodded at Looker, noticing his tired face.

    “I’ll arrange to get you a quicker ride back home personally for later this afternoon. The suspects are in critical condition in the holding center health ward, so we can’t very well interrogate them yet. But when they recover, I’ll let you be the first to question them. Until then… ”

    Cullen stood and walked around his desk. Looker was still seated.

    “I’d advise you to go see Stan. You did good out there, kid.”


    When he entered Stan’s room, he found the Officer awake, staring at the ceiling. The doctors and nurses had left. Both his legs were in thick, white casts. The had him in a neck brace and a back brace that kept him still. His shoulders were bruised and his arms looked frail, as they sunk tenderly into the bed. His eyes were worn and his whole face looked pale. His sideburns, however, looked the same.

    “Hey pal. Glad you could make it.”

    His voice was raspy. Looker walked up to his friend.

    “We…we got ‘em, Stan. Both of them and the tins are locked up. You were right, there was a pair of twins involved.”

    Stan slowly raised up a wobbling arm and did some sort of hand jive.

    “Great. That Platinum Meowth Coin will be found yet.”

    Looker scanned the monitors above Stan’s bed and placed his finger and thumb to his chin.

    “Listen, pal. You were great out in the field. I’m proud of you.”

    “Thanks, but rest now. You need to-”

    “No, look. I’m sure I’m going to survive-”

    He grunted and let out a hiss of air before going on.

    “-Survive this little setback, but the doctors said my back was broken, too much rubble fell on it. And my legs were crushed.”

    “Stan, you’ll recover. Your legs will heal up and your back can-”

    “I’ve seen this stuff before, pal. They’ll pay off my retirement early. I know they will. They’ll make me quit being an Officer. I’m broken, Looker-pal.”

    Looker gulped and thrust his hands in his pockets.

    “Don’t say that! They just can’t make you stop, they wouldn’t.”

    Stan let out a few small chuckles.

    “So here’s the deal. Remember that other Pokemon I had? The one I was embarrassed about? It was a Delcatty.”

    “That’s.. that’s real great Stan. I saw it being healed in the downstairs PokeCenter. Your Staraptor is down there too.”

    “Good, good. Now listen. I’ll heal up and they’ll send me on their way. So promise me something.”

    Looker could barely handle this. Stan was his friend, his mentor. He hated seeing him like this. Bent and broken and ranting between pained gasps of air. Stan went on.

    “Promise me that, for as long as you do this, don’t fail. Stay on track no matter what. Don’t lose the trail. Keep on them and ask around. Get the bad guys no matter what, okay?”

    Stan’s eyes changed. They widened and became more intense.

    “Don’t you dare end up like me. Promise me.”

    Looker gripped the side of the bed and shut his eyes for a moment, then flashed them open and looked right at Stan.

    “Promise. I’ll catch all the bad guys.”

    The injured Officer reached out and grabbed Looker’s right hand and squeezed it while a smirk grew on his face.

    “I’m so proud of you, Looker. Now hand me my shades and split.”

    Looker shook the man’s hand and gently handed the damaged sunglasses over form the table. Stan flicked them of and relaxed his head on his pillow.

    “Thank…Thank you so much, Stan.”

    “I said split, bro. I know old Cullen is going to send you home the quick way, and he always does that near dusk. Get going.”

    Stan said all this with a smirk. Looker couldn’t help but smile.

    “Take care, Officer.”

    “And hey, if you remember one thing about me…”

    He turned in the doorway once more. The corner of small bathroom cut off view from Stan, save a small glimpse of his side and feet.


    He saw an arm reach out and the hand form a “thumbs up” sign.

    “Remember my sideburns.”


    He went to the main pier, where an IP Officer and his Salamence was talking to a man in postal garb and his Pelipper. The two noticed him and turned to him The Officer with the Salamence snapped his fingers at seeing him.

    “You’re the one scheduled for express return for rest, eh? Lucky you. Oh, hey, good timing. Looks like you got mail here.”

    The grey headed mail man nodded before opening up his Pelliper’s large beak. Inside the huge beak were bunches and bunches of letters and envelopes, along with a few shipping boxes. The mail man shuffled his hand around the Pelliper’s mouth until he found the correct letter.

    “Right from Twinleaf Town.” The mail man beamed, handing the mail to Looker.

    “Read it on the way kid. We have to Fly now to keep schedule.”

    Looker tucked the letter into his coat and approached the fearsome Dragon-Type.

    “Just hop on his back,” The Officer said, jumping onto the blue skinned beast and giving Looker a hand up behind him. The Officer pulled a few pair of goggles from his pocket and handed a pair to Looker.

    “Sit tight.”

    The Salamence let out a roar and jumped into the air, allowing it’s red spiked wings to push against the air, causing flight. The ocean below zoomed by as they picked up speed. The orange sun was dipping below the ocean, looking like it was about to be snuffed out and drowned by the large sea.

    “Fastest Salamence in the whole force if you ask me!” the man shouted above the rushing wind.

    “Pretty quick!” Looker replied. It was faster than the SS. Condria.

    Once a set speed had been paced out, Looker opened the letter, holding it low so it wouldn’t be blown away. It was from Johanna, and dated just a few days ago.

    “Dear Looker,

    Good news! Since it’s summer now, my mother let me travel to East Sinnoh to go to some nice Lake Front! It’s so nice a quiet here. I hope you return soon so we can spend some time together. And when night comes, Sunyshore City is so fun! Night time beach parties, electrical light shows. It’s all just so dazzling! I’m staying here for a few weeks, so hopefully you can come home for a bit and enjoy it all with me. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left. Please be safe and hurry home.

    -Your girl, Johanna.”

    Well this was a bit of good news, at least. After such a mission and seeing Stan “broken”, he needed something to relax him. A lake front, some beaches, electric light shows, and most of all, Johanna.

    The whole mission, with traveling and all, must of took five or six days total. So how much time would he get off before he was assigned back. He asked the Officer.

    “Oh, anywhere from a week to a week and a half. You’ll get a memo with the exact return date later on.”

    That wasn’t too bad, really. He then asked where this “lake front” was in Sinnoh.

    “Valor Lake front? Why, that’s just North East of Pastoria. Pretty nice place. Relaxing.”

    “Huh. Hey, think you could drop me off there instead of Eterna City? I think I’m meeting somebody there.”

    The Officer laughed. “I’d love too. But the only problem is that we flew over it about ten minutes ago. We’re closer to Eterna now, anyway.”

    He couldn’t believe it. This Salamence really was fast. It felt like no time had went by. The sun had just now vanished behind the horizon.

    Once in Eterna the Officer collected back his flight goggles and bid the fellow IP member farewell. Looker couldn’t complain. The Salamence had deftly landed right in front of the Dragon Statue that served as Eterna’s City’s landmark. He was finally home. He ran down the streets as people retired inside to enjoy the day’s end. His coat trailed behind him as he bounded around a corner and toward the Condiminiums, the apartment building that was his home.

    We won’t go into detail as how he reacted in returning, as we have detailed this before in a previous chapter. But in parenthesis we’ll say that the ditzy receptionist with far too much lipstick on welcome him in the same stupid way, asked what he was saying, to where he had to do his “Looker, it is what they call me. My room key, buffooned woman now, yes?” routine, to where she cackled and handed him the room key. He entered his quarters and released Croagunk, he too glad to be home. Throwing off his coat and drinking a soda, he sunk into his bed and basked in being on his own bed. Croagunk drifted off on the couch, and soon, both of them were asleep. Home, oh beautiful home!

    Fin. Chapter 26. End of Saga 3.

    Next Chapter: Looker takes a trip to the Lake Front and the shining coast town of Sunnyshore. But, while he takes it easy for a few days, Vick Hayden still has the treasured Platinum Meowth Coin. And what of Rex and Mel? Will they be of any use to anyone? This case is far from closed.

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    Default Re: "Look" (Chapter 27)

    Holy smokes. This chapter ended with ten pages. This might be the longest chapter yet.

    You like Pokemon battles? This chapter has a Pokemon battle! You like Sunnyshore City? This chapter has Sunnyshore City! You like other canon characters? This chapter has other canon characters!

    Chapter 27, Saga 4
    By RaccoonGoon

    The posh and dapper man named Vick Hayden flicked on his flat screen television set. The news report was in full swing, a lady in a blue dress talking into the microphone. Behind her, a group of men and other workers, along with burly Pokemon, were working in the dirt and cement. The place was Two Island, and the scoop was about a bomb shelter that had caved in during a tense battle. The camera changed to a scene of a pile of broken cement and rebar. Back to the reporter. A few dead bodies were found underneath, crushed. View of body bags being loaded into ambulance. News woman saying the men were dressed in grey flight suits and had a Skarmory each. At this Hayden nearly bolted from the couch. There was no way…

    The report went on. Two of the grey-suited men survived, and were apprehended by the International Police in connection with the plunder of the Pewter City Museum. Hayden dropped the remote. The idiots had gotten the International Police involved. The fools had caused a disaster on Two Island and even had themselves caught. Surely this would all lead back to him.

    The news woman droned on. An IP Officer was also in he bunker when it crumbled, he too in critical condition. Finally, at the very bottom of the ruined bunker, was a Sandslash, crushed and mangled. Rex’s Sandslash. But there was no way to know which Spade Members had perished and which ones were caught. The broadcast switched to another reporter, this one a man in a red suit. He was reporting from Five Island and was standing in a field of flowers in front on a warehouse. His story was about two twins, in the same grey flight suits, harassing the locals and hiding out in the empty war warehouse. They were tracked and arrested by a young IP Agent and his Croagunk. They too were now apprehended.

    Hayden clenched his teeth. Two more people that would talk. He should have had his Gyrados waste them all for good measure. He flicked off the television. There was only one thing he had to do. Get rid of the Meowth Coin before the International Police come knocking. Well, sell it before then. And he had just the customer who was arranging a meeting as I retell the tale. He’d pass off the Coin in return for vast wealth while the other guy get’s pegged with the crime. It was perfect.

    Hayden went into his bedroom and prepared to go to sleep. He had a day or so to spare. As he settled into bed, another though crossed him. The captured Team Spade members, most certainly Rex, if he was indeed apprehended, would spill his name, and the passing on of the Coin would be pointless. No matter which men were caught, they were liabilities to Hayden.

    They would have to be silenced.


    Looker rose early in the morning and went about his morning routine. Brush teeth, shower, comb hair, dress, eat, drink soda. Croagunk spent the morning eating straight from the cereal box. Once dressed, the young man, in high spirits, threw some extra clothes and over-night things in his suitcase.

    “Croagunk, we’re going to go to Valor Lake Front today. I hear it’s a little past Pastoria, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Now let’s get going so we can have the whole day to get there.”

    The blue skinned Pokemon saluted and nodded before hopping off the couch. With the same strutting walk the two walked out of the apartment. At the same moment, Celia, the elderly, sweet lady from across the hall was also opening her door. She instantly recognized the two and rushed to give Looker a hug. Elated at seeing him home, she all but dragged him into her apartment to catch up. Croagunk followed suit. Being polite, he respectfully told her of the previous mission, while leaving out the “need-to-know” information. She told him how things were around town, how the weather had been, and other various matters. He told her he was going to spend some time with Johanna at the Pastoria Lake Front.

    “Oh, I remember when I was much younger, Scotty and I would go there during summer. It’s so lovely, Looker. Oh, look at me, keeping you here! I’ll let you and Croagunk get going, now.”

    Looker wished her the best and was now leaving the apartments, on the familiar trek to Pastoria.


    After double-checking his directions in Pastoria, he and Croagunk were in Valor Lake Front. Small villas dotted the landscape, along with blue lounging pools. A calm breeze covered the place, making the lush grass bend with the wind. Past the villas was Lake Valor, the deepest lake in Sinnoh. If you wanted to fish for prime Pokemon in Lake Valor, you’d be disappointed; Lake Valor housed an abundance of Magikarp. It was around four in the afternoon.

    “Excuse me, miss. Have you seen a girl about my age staying here?”

    The lady sun bathing in the lawn chair raised up and thought.

    “Come again?”

    “A girl is staying here at the front of Lake Valor. You have seen her, yes? My age is what she will be.”

    “Oh, actually I have seen her! Yeah, she’s about your age. She said she was staying at Hotel Grand Lake. It’s that taller building you passed if you came from the south.”

    The Hotel Grand Lake was a friendly looking, nice hotel that boasted in six floors of rooms. The lobby of the hotel was humble and home-y feeling. Before entering the building, Looker returned Croagunk to his Pokeball, saying they may not like Pokemon out and about inside. He thrust his hands into his coat pockets and went inside. He asked the receptionist behind the front desk what room a “Miss Johanna” was staying in. The lady in the crisp navy uniform typed a few things onto a computer, then smiled and said “fourth floor, room forty-eight.”

    Looker couldn’t help but smile as he punched the fourth floor button inside the elevator. He had only been gone for six days, but after the stress of the mission, this was the best possible thing to happen. It had felt like a month since he had seen her. Once on the fourth floor he searched for room forty-eight, finding it at the end of the hall. He hurriedly knocked.

    No answer.

    He knocked again. Still, the door remained closed, no voice came from inside. He tried to open it, just to see if it may be unlocked. It was locked. “I could probably kick it open…but something tells me the hotel wouldn’t like that…” And it was true. While a Trainee they had taught everyone how to deliver a straight-leg kick to various doors to get the lock to disengage and the door to fly from the frame. Looker frowned. Both at Johanna being out and at not being able to try to kick in a door.

    Once back in the lobby, the same receptionist rushed over to him, flustered.

    “I’m terribly sorry, sir. Miss Johanna asked me to give this to a young man in a trench coat if he came by. It slipped my mind when you asked.”

    The lady was very embarrassed as she handed him a small note.

    “Looker, if you find me absent from my room, I’ll be in Sunnyshore. I go to Sunnyshore every evening. So, if you get here anytime after two o’ clock or so, head to Sunnyshore to the “Beached Whiscash.” I hope you make it! I’ll be waiting!”

    -Your girl

    He slipped the note in his pocket, asked the receptionist to store his suitcase, and bolted out the door.


    Route 222. What a lovely place to walk, relax, fish, and battle. But Looker had more pressing business in Sunnyshore City nearby. The Route itself was quite pleasant, offering a stunning view of the ocean. A small beach held a few houses on it, and the tide lapped to and fro on the sand. Not a bad looking little bit of Sinnoh.

    Once past the gatehouse, he was in Sunnyshore. The city was built on small islands and intricately placed wooden bridges. To the south-eastern end of town stood the Vista Lighthouse. The massive light atop the tower was powered down at the moment.

    He approached a young man, about his age or a tad younger who was sitting on bench. His face was rather stern and pale, and his spiked blue hair was his most distinct feature. The young man seemed to be deep in thought, as he only took note of Looker at the last moment.

    “Good afternoon. I was wondering if you could tell me where to find the Beached Whiscash?”

    The other fellow examined Looker for a moment and turned his head, which caused a shadow to fall upon his face. One could tell he thought the question was absurd.

    “Go north, under that bridge, and you can’t miss it. You know, if we were to replace those old wooden bridges with ones that harvested the sunlight in panels, we’d save on energy. We could power the Gym and…”

    Looker, not wanting to be rude, stood and listened to him talk about bridges and solar energy.

    The blue haired man’s voice was cold and distant. He went back to staring straight ahead, until his burrow furrowed and he stood up.

    “I knew I should of stayed inside today. Fools in trench coats asking me directions… all so…pointless. Nobody will ever see the point in such technology, such machines… ”

    And with that he was walking away, head down. Looker had no idea what had caused that little scene, but decided it was better if he didn’t. He shrugged and started walking.

    “I’d hate to have to chase that guy down…”

    Soon, a blue building came to view. Above it, a sigh in the shape of a Whiscash read the name of the establishment. This was the place. A crowd of people was already forming in and around the place, mostly young people enjoying the summer air. Once he squeezed passed a swarm of bodies, he was inside. What could make this joint so popular?

    Looker scanned the interior. A bar, both alcoholic and soda. Tables and booths, a small stage. Lights strung around the walls. Pictures and painting as well. Finally, in a corner booth, he saw her. Johanna wore quite the smile on her face, she was giggling. She was wearing a green summer dress and thin black sandals. To Looker, and many other gentlemen, she looked lovely. The ecstatic young man started towards her. Then he saw it. Them. Along with Johanna, other people were present at the booth. Another red-headed gal sat towards the wall opposite her, a rather tan young man wearing a loose fitting tank top next to her, both laughing as well. And sitting next to Johanna herself was a handsome young chap with long blond hair with dull brown eyes. He was slender and well built, around the same age as the others. He was wearing some tan jeans, charcoal shaded shoes, and a tee-shirt with stunning green stripes running horizontally across it. Finally, around his neck was a simple orange scarf that hung loosely down his chest. This man seemed to be the one making the others laugh, as he had a slight smirk on his face and was bopping his finger up and down. If this wasn’t enough to ruffle our hero, his arm was slacked over the top of the booth, and was a few clicks from Johanna’s shoulder.

    Looker pushed every thought away and neared the booth. Johanna noticed him and instantly let out a cheer. She stood and wrapped her arms around him, to where he returned the embrace.

    “Oh, Looker! You made it! I was hoping you would find me, mister detective!”

    Her lips pressed against his cheek with a smooch.

    “I missed you, Johanna. Oh, I’m so glad to be back in Sinnoh after all I-”

    He was cut short as the blond gentlemen spoke.

    “Why don’t we get him a chair and he can sit and chat?” Even his voice well swell.

    A chair was grabbed from a nearby table and positioned at the booth. Johanna sat back down in her spot while Looker took his seat.

    “This is the boy I’ve told you about, Looker. He just got back from an International Police mission!” She was beaming while looking towards the others. Looker scratched the top of his left hand, not knowing how to react.

    The two strangers opposite Johanna smiled and nodded, saying some generic reply. The scarf’d man, however, leaned back slightly and eyed Looker.

    “That’s real neat, pal. I’m Palmer.”

    The man extended his hand over the table for a handshake. Looker smiled and shook the hand. At least his arm was down form the booth now.

    The tanned gentlemen urged him to show some of his IP stuff, and the most obvious choice was his badge.

    “It isn’t much, really, just a metal pin is all it is…”

    He flashed his badge to them, opening his coat to reveal it pinned inside.

    The red-haired lass leaned over the table to Johanna and pressed her hand to the side of her mouth. In a failed attempt at a whisper-

    “Is he foreign or something? I didn’t catch any of that.”

    “Tina!” The other girl hissed. “Looker, don’t pay attention to her, she-”

    Palmer broke in. “Hm. I’d say it was something. I’ve been showing Johanna around Sunnyshore a little. I hear you two are quite the sparkers, so I hope you aren’t offended or anything.”

    Johanna shot him a swift glare.

    “No, no, that’s fine.” It wasn’t fine.

    He adjusted his shoulders in his coat. The whole situation was awkward. Why would this guy show her around? Why would she let him? He was handsome and confident and…no, not Johanna. She had far too much class for that. They had just seen each other a handful of days ago!

    Palmer noticed his fidgeting while he slung his arm on the booth once more.

    “It’s a little warm for jacket, don’t you think pal?”

    Pal. Peachy-keen. A lawman being called pal by this beach bum. He looked up at the scarf’d man while resting one leg on the other.

    “It’s a little warm for a scarf too, isn’t it?”

    The red haired girl and tanned man still didn’t understand what he said. They were clearly that sort of Sinnoh people.

    The two men held eye contact for a strangely long time. Now Johanna’s glare was directed towards Looker. Oh, not Looker. He wasn’t the type to do this. Surely he wasn’t jealous. He had to much class for that.

    The tanned gentlemen interjected.

    “So I hear that get-together at the beach will be pretty poppin’ tonight. We should get down there and secure a spot.”

    The people seated in the booth agreed. Palmer found the idea grand. Man, was he in a bloody rush. Now, he had planned to go to the beach with Johanna, but not with three other people, and definitely not with him.

    The group stood and exited the Beached Whiscash and started to walk down the sidewalk. The sun was now setting, and was casting a yellow glow over the city. He and Johanna fell back a little bit.

    “Tell me all about it! How was it?” Her enthusiasm seemed forced and strained.

    “Johanna,” he began “You and…Blondie over there haven’t been…running around have you?”

    “He’s a good guy, Looker! He’s a pool-boy over at the lake front, and he saw me one day and offered to show me around. That’s all, really.”

    “You two seem awfully comfortable with one another..,and what about those other two? A few Poffins short of a shake, eh?” Looker smiled at her, but she found the statement less than hilarious.

    “They’re nice, just… different. They…”

    “Don’t have a job?”

    Another glare from Johanna had made him wish he kept his mouth shut. With a hard squeeze from her hand, she whispered “We’ll be alone right after this. It’s just a few people playing in the sand.”

    A few people. A few people turned out to be quite a few people. Some splashing in the ocean, others romping around on the beach. Stretched out on towels or under parasol’s. A general chatter buzzed in the air. People and Pokemon alike were having a general good time, as all young people on the beach do. The sun was now a slim sliver above the ocean horizon. It was getting dark, and in the center of the beach some fellows started a large enough fire to add light where the strung lights faltered.

    The group found a suitable spot and settled. The two generic people chatted about the newest styles and songs, Palmer gazed out at the ocean, and Johanna and Looker discussed his trip back, how things were at the HQ, and other such matters.

    “…And luckily, Croagunk dodged right in time.”

    “Aw, I almost forgot! How is Croagunk? Why don’t you let him out and have him enjoy the beach?”

    At the mention of a Pokemon Palmer spun around, wide, stupid grin on his face.

    “You have a Pokemon? We have to battle!”

    He had never battled an actual Trainer. Tim and Tom, the Team Spade twins didn’t count. They had clearly just obtained their Skarmory and didn’t know how to command them. And he himself had barely grasped how to command Croagunk, as his partner attacked on his own. He nor Croagunk had ever been in an actual battle.

    “Oh, no, no. I’m not that big of a Trainer…”

    “Sure you are! You have a Pokemon, after all! C’mon!”

    “Palmer, Looker isn’t big on battling, really…”

    A crowd had started to form around the gastrulating blond man. All eyes were on them, and murmurs of a Pokemon battle could be heard. Palmer urged on with the same stupid grin.

    “It’s my dream to be the best Trainer in Sinnoh! What’s the worse that can happen?” The crowd had by now started to chant in unison: "Battle Him! Battle him! Battle him!”

    He looked at the crowd, to Palmer, then to Johanna. How bad could it be? He grabbed Croagunk’s Pokeball from his pocket and tenderly laid his coat down by Johanna. He begrudgingly rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt and stood. The crowd of chanters had backed up and formed a wider ring. Johanna and the other two also backed up.

    “Oh man, the guy in the slacks doesn’t stand a chance.”
    “Does this guy know who Palmer is? Has he even been on this beach?”
    “Forty-five Tabs that Palmer wraps this up in under a minute.”

    “Alright Croagunk, let’s see how we do.” With that Croagunk was released. The Pokemon took in the scene of chanting beach-goers, the sand, the large bonfire. He cast his yellow eyes towards his partner as if to say “Is this really a place a man such as yourself should spend his time?”

    Palmer had his hands in fists and out to his side. He was clearly excited at having a Pokemon battle.

    “Alright, time to do this!” What came next made Looker’s bowels turn to water. The Pokeball hit the sand, clacked open, and what burst from the light towered over Croagunk. It had claws and wings. It was a giant compared to most. Orange skin, cream stomach, determined eyes, a mighty tail.

    “Alright Dragonite, let’s get started!”

    The crowed roared with cheers. It may be the fact Palmer looked so cool while doing all this, or the fact that nobody around had a Pokemon such as Dragonite, especially at such a young age. Some men died before obtaining such a creature.

    “Croagunk, try a Poison Jab at that thing’s stomach!”

    Croagunk understood and darted for the Dragon-Type. If he was afraid of the larger Pokemon, he didn’t show it.

    “Dodge the attack and take to the sky, Dragonite!”

    With a roar the Dragonite used it’s wings to push off the ground, making Croagunk’s glowing purple fingers to dig into the sand.

    “Great job! Now use Dragon Rush!”

    Now above Croagunk, Dragonite’s tail started to crackle with energy and glow a deep lavender. The Dragon-Type did a swift front flip and brought his tail down, right on top of Croagunk. The Poison/Fighting Type let out a sound of pain as it was thrown back skidding across the sand. The crowd let out a mighty whoop at this. Even Johanna let out a cheer at the beautifully executed attack.

    Looker clenched his fists. They had never been up against something like this. Croagunk slowly stood back up, painfully. He couldn’t take another one of those. The crowd continued to cheer.

    “Croagunk, don’t take that abuse! Use Revenge!”

    Croagunk once again rushed at the Dragonite, hatred filling his whole body.

    “Use Iron Tail to counter it!”

    Now the dragon’s tail glowed a metallic silver. The Dragonite spun around, swinging his now steel tail at Croagunk. The Poison/Fighting Type jumped into the air, avoiding the enemy attack, before slamming both arms into the side of Dragonite’s head. But the attack didn’t end there. Croagunk wrapped one thin blue arm, as best as he could, around Dragonite’s head, and with his other arm, started to punch the dragon over and over again among his face and head. His legs were spastically kicking at the beast’s neck and shoulders.

    Beside a few winces of pain, Dragonite was taking the hits like a champ. After a few moments of, Dragonite reached behind his head to try to pry the other Pokemon off. Finally, he got a hold of Croagunk and lifted him off his head. And brought him around to the front, albeit upside down. The two Pokemon were now face to face.

    Looker saw his chance. “Sucker Punch, now!”

    Croagunk swiped a balled three-fingered fist into Dragonite’s snout, making him let out a pained cry and drop Croagunk. The crowd let out the typical “Ohhhhhhhh” at seeing the gutsy Pokemon punch Dragonite.

    “Just like a cop…” Palmer said before smirking again.

    “Okay Dragonite, we’ve had our fun. Stone Edge.”

    Before Looker could respond, Dragonite threw it’s arms up in a dramatic fashion, and a barrage of jagged, pointed stones shot through the surface of the earth, directly beneath Croagunk. The stones ripped and blasted into the blue Pokemon, making him scream out in pain. The stones kept comings, continuing to shred and crash into Croagunk. Finally the onslaught stopped, allowing Croagunk to fall into the sand, unconscious. The crown hollered in excitement. Applause, more cheering, yelling, laughing. Palmer nodded at Dragonite and returned it. People rushed around the scarf’d man to congratulate him on a great victory.

    “Whoo-man! That’s one stout Dragonite!”
    “Told you, not a chance! I told you!”
    “You owe me forty-five Tabs, bro. Lasted a minute and twenty-two seconds!”

    Looker let a swear escape from under his breath as he returned Croagunk. “You did fine, buddy. Any other Croagunk can’t say they punched something like that before.” He pocketed Croagunk and stiffened up. The area was now too dense with people. Looker was trying to get to Johanna, and she too him. A mass of happy people were in the way, however. Palmer was slapping palms and punching knuckles as the people were still in a tizzy. He made his was to Johanna and scooped her up onto his shoulders, making her tower over the crowd. This pleased the audience, as they grew more excited and happy. She laughed and clapped her hands at all this, allowing to be paraded around by the victor.

    “Hahaha! I love this town this time of year! Let’s hear it, gang!”

    The volume grew louder and the crowd rowdier. Cans and bottles of soda were opened and sprayed into the air. Various Pokemon were hopping around, Water-Types sending streams of cool water over the crowd. Girls throwing off bikini tops, shirts, and bras. Men reveling in this. Seeing all this, he knew it was time to leave. He went to pick up his coat, only to see beach-goers standing and trampling on it. In a terribly disgruntled manner he half asked, half shoved the people off his now sandy, dirty coat.

    He left the ridiculous scene at the beach, not wanting to be part of such a display.

    Fin. Chapter 27


    Next Chapter: Trouble in paradise? How is Hayden planning to “silence” the Team Spade Members? And who did he “have in mind” to sell the Meowth Coin to?
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    Default Re: "Look" (Chapter 28)

    Chapter 28, Saga 4
    By RaccoonGoon

    Looker climbed the steps to one of the bridges above Sunnyshore. It was by now night. He found a spot near a lamp and leaned his elbows against the railing. What a disaster. He never planned for such a thing to happen. It was all so asinine. He let out a huff of air and continued to look over the city. The glow from the beach could still be seen, and the general noise was still audible.

    Another figure was approaching him. The same blue haired fellow as before. He had the same emotionless expression on his face, and he too started to gaze over the city, a few steps away from Looker.

    “Disgusting, isn’t it?” the pale fellow began. Looker turned his head to listen.

    “That display on the beach. I live right above the beach, and hear it every summer. It’s sickening, how people act, how they display themselves and their Pokemon. If I had it my way…”

    The volume suddenly increased. Something enjoyable must of happened. The two men looked back towards the beach. If one had strong enough eyes, they would see Palmer atop a Milotic, which was wiggling above the crowd, much to their pleasure.

    “All that stupidity, fueled by emotions and feelings… If I had it my way, if I created this world… I’d do away with it all. If only I created it all, the thing we call “spirit“ would be no more…”

    By this point Looker was quiet unsettled at the cold young man. With a general disgruntled demeanor at this point, he turned towards the other.

    “For a guy who likes the inside better, you sure spend a lot of time outside.”

    The man with blue hair stared at Looker with a cold gaze. He noticed the sandy foot-prints on his jacket, the wind-blown hair, and his sullen look. The stern-faced man slowly shook his head.

    “And now you see why.”

    And like that, he walked away once again. What was his deal? Why was he so….anti-social? He would of liked to ponder the topic, but his mind was still on the previous Pokemon Battle, the beach, stupid Palmer and his stupid Dragonite, Johanna much pleased with his presence. It was all too much to think about, so he continued across the bridge, hoping to spot the PokeCenter in order to heal Croagunk.


    Vick Hayden was sitting in a leather chair in a sunroom. Next to him was a side table with a telephone resting next to it. The man was talking into it while rapping his fingers against the arm rest.

    “Don’t worry, this call is blocked and protected, friend.”

    A pause.

    “Yes, yes. Dead. That’s it.”

    Another pause. Hayden started to nod.

    “You’ve seen the news, yes? The first two should be the set of twins. They need to go first.”


    “Correct, then the other two that were caught.”

    Hayden stopped his fingers.

    “With any means necessary, friend. However you see fit.”

    Hayden started to stand up, pleased with the talk.

    “Oh, trust me. Your reward will be well worth it. I’m sure you’ll accomplish this task with ease…”


    Croagunk was healed in a timely fashion and returned to Looker. He thanked the pink-haired nurse and took leave of the PokeCenter. He didn’t know what to do next. Not “knowing what to do next” in today’s sense, more like, he literally didn’t know what or where to go next. He supposed he would return to Hotel Grand Lake and wait for Johanna to return and hash things over then. If she returned. With a frown he started down Route 222.

    He really shouldn’t be feeling this way. He knew Johanna wasn’t that sort of dame. And he had to hand it to Palmer, he was a very good Trainer. Looker had thought himself confident, when he needed, and he could always draw it from within himself in an instant. But Palmer seemed to radiate it, to ooze it from his pores, as if it came naturally to him. Furthermore, Johanna had never laughed like that or cheered when she was around him. As he reached the Valor Lake Front end of Route 222 he was a tad better, attitude-wise, but still felt as if he had something terribly dense in his stomach.

    He found a comfortable arm chair within the lobby and asked if, perchance, they had today’s paper. On the off chance the International Police had released the recent story, he would very much like to read it. No such story was in the paper, however, and it instead boasted in trivial matters. One article was about up and coming scientific feats. Why, did you know starting in about ten years, a group is going to try and create a Pokemon using a computer! Looker scoffed. The computers they had now were little more than electronic boxes with basic typing functions. To create an actual Pokemon with such a thing, absurd! He turned the page. Oh, this was rich. Various companies around the globe speculated someday all would have higher performance Pokeballs. “Heck,” Looker thought, “When the Pokeball was invented back in 1955 it tested every aspect of science, and was hailed as the pinnacle of progress.” He read on another page of the Poke-Transfer System Net he had learned little of on One Island, and read it would be many, many years before it was operational.

    He turned to the culture section of the paper and skimmed the pages. Oh, it did talk some of the Pewter Museum break-in, but not much else on the matter. Something about the first settlement in the arid Orre Region was noted. He had heard stories from his sailor comrades about Orre. As dry as Sanshrew’s skin, they said. In two other Regions, both with frivolous names, were debating on setting up a new group of protectors, in a way, that would temporarily obtain local Pokemon, use them to complete some task, and then release them. Again, he let out a chuckle. As stated in the paper, humans just didn’t have that sort of technology to “borrow” a Pokemon in such a manner, and plus, the International Police could take care of anything. Then again, he was a tad bias in such matters. Nevertheless, such a group wouldn’t even be started until many years down the line. He continued musing over the paper for what seemed like hours.

    The door to the lobby opened, and in walked Johanna. He flung the paper onto the table in front of him and stood, making the best smile he could. He couldn’t be mad at her. He just couldn’t. However, right behind Johanna was stupid Palmer, still sporting his stupid grin on his stupid face. Looker’s feeble smile vanished instantly at seeing this. The two approached and Johanna instantly grabbed hands with Looker, standing close.

    “Looker, Palmer came here to apologize. He didn’t know the battle would cause such a ruckus…”

    The scarf’d fellow sheepishly rubbed his right arm.

    “Yeah, who knew they would act so crazy over a little battle like that, I totally get not liking the crowd thing… and hey, I enjoyed our battle, pal! No hard feelings?”

    As he asked this, he slapped a hand on Looker’s shoulder. There was the “pal” again. He shrugged off the man’s hand, put on a strained smile, and nodded.

    “Of course not. I have to…commend you on training such a good, erm, Dragonite, was it?”

    The sheepish look of Palmer vanished and his smirk came back at the mention of his Pokemon.

    “Yep! I’ve been working on training him since, oh, I was around eight or nine. Just a little Dratini. We were visiting friends in Kanto at the time, you see, and-”

    It seemed as if his chest puffed out at this, he placed hand to his heart, threw his head back a little and closed his eyes as he told the tale. Looker tightened his jaw at the sight of the man.

    “But next time, don’t pick up my girlfriend and carry her around on your shoulders. There were plenty of tarts there you could of-”

    “Looker!” Johanna exclaimed, much embarrassed. Palmer looked at him, his face now turning to a serious look.

    “Perhaps you’d like to talk up in Johanna’s room, mister Retro Lingo. I don‘t feel like whoopin‘ your Croagunk again.”

    He had never felt anger quite like this. Where did this chump get off? He was an officer of the law! And by extension, Croagunk was too! Both of them insulted by this guy. He knew, he just knew that no matter how good of a trainer was, he’d never go far, never be at the top. Heavens, how he wished he’d never reach that goal.

    “Sounds peachy.” He shot right back.

    Palmer hurriedly started to the lift, in a hurry as always, followed by Johanna, who now had her arms crossed and anger in her eyes, and Looker, who was running a hand down his tired face. Things were just getting worse. The elevator ride up to the room was silent and awkward, and one could cut the tension with any sharp edged object.

    Once in the room, the lights were flicked on and the trio entered. Johanna, still terribly embarrassed, sat on the bed and rested her face in her hands.

    “You two are driving me crazy…”

    Palmer hopped up on the provided writing table and placed his feet on the chair while Looker took a seat on the small sofa, sitting upright, still glaring at the blond fellow.

    “Now I know you coming here to see me and Johanna laughing together looks suspicious, and it is,” Palmer began in a calm manner “But me and her are just pals. She can have other male friends, you know.”

    He rested one leg atop the other knee and responded “So, tell me, who’s idea was it to go to The Beached Whiscash, and the beach? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Palmer was taken back at this, and said ”Well, mine. After a few visits to the Vista Lighthouse, I told her about it, and she seemed to enjoy it the first time I took her.”

    “The first time you took her? I take it the other two weren’t there for that?”

    “N-no. Between the three of us, those two are a little slow…”

    Looker smiled. “Starlys of a feather…” This little comment made Johanna cast a hateful glare at him from the bed.

    Palmer continued. “And when she saw the beach, she thought it was lovely, so that’s how we started going there…”

    “Hm. How quaint, you two. I’m so glad you two were so friendly…”

    The scarf’d fellow was uneasy on the table. “Listen Looker, nothing happened between us, I didn’t touch her, or hold her hand, or kiss her…though, I was thinking about it…”

    This struck many nerves in him and he scooted forward on the sofa and raised his voice.

    “That’s just keen. A pool boy, of all people, falling in love in the summer heat!”

    Palmer shot from the table and stood.

    “Hey, don’t start jabbing at what I do, alright pal?” His voice was louder now too, also very angered.

    “You just admitted you wanted to fool around with her, pal! Who’s really jabbing here?” By this point Looker was on his feet as well, and the two were inches towards each other.

    Johanna grabbed handfuls of her hair and let out a pained groan.

    “You two don’t do this! Both of you sit down!”

    Palmer went on. “And heck, I bet she would of let me kiss her or, heh, other things…”

    The next thing the blond fellow felt was Looker’s left fist slamming into the side of his nose. He stumbled back a few steps, grabbed his now bloodied and bruised nose, and let out a swear or two. In the same instance the young lady sitting on the bead shrieked at the sight of her boyfriend slugging Palmer like that.

    The attacked man, blood trickling through his clenched fingers on his face, looked up at him, a fierce spark in his eyes.

    “Just like that little Croagunk of yours.”

    Before he could reply, Palmer’s fist barreled into his gut, making all the air escape him and sending a wave of pain throughout his body. He wrapped both arms around his churning stomach and slumped down to one knee, making Johanna sound another yelp.

    “Stop it, stop it! Both of you just stop!!”

    The man with the bloody nose backed away and plopped back down on the desk, still gripping his face. Johanna looked at horror at both of them and stood before grabbing a handful of tissues from the bedside table and went to Palmer, helping clean his injured nose. Looker saw all this while gasping for air and holding his stomach.

    “I can’t believe you two! Why would you punch him like that, Looker? He was trying to apologize to you!” She was dabbing his nose with a now stained tissue, eyes of anger cast down on him.

    “He…he punched me too, tootse…”

    “Don’t pull that tootse crap on me! Now both of you are hurt!”

    Palmer mustered a small grin, and opened his eyes.

    “Thanks, Johanna.”

    She smiled a little and continued to use the tissues to wipe away the blood, her free hand smoothing down his blond hair.

    Seeing enough, while not actually believing it, he stood with a grunt and spun towards the door. That was it. He was done. Done with the Valor Lake Front and Sunnyshore and stupid Palmer and his stupid character and Johanna… yes, even done with Johanna. The door clicked behind him and he staggered his way towards the lift. He knew she wouldn’t try to stop him. Stupid Palmer had his stupid nose hurt. The elevator door slid shut, dropped down, and deposited him in the lobby. He retrieved his suitcase and walked out the front door. Then it finally registered he was walking away from the greatest girl he knew. The people I’ve asked many years later have told me this is the moment in his life where he finally got his trademark frown, his all too familiar grimace with the stern eyes and drooped mouth, and it was true, a terrible frown formed on his face, the saddest looking frown, in everyone’s opinion.

    With his newly formed scowl, he started to walk into that long night.

    Fin. Chapter 28


    Next Chapter: An assassin in International Police HQ.

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    Default Re: "Look" (Chapter 29)

    Hey-Hey-Hey. another Canon character. Hey-Hey. A new character. Hey.

    Chapter 29, Saga 4.
    By RaccoonGoon

    It was into the early hours of morning before Looker reached Eterna, made it into his apartment, and finally slumped into his bed. He didn’t stop to rest, and continued to walk and walk, eyes towards the ground. Needless to say, he fell right to sleep, hoping rest would stop the throbbing in his head.

    His slumber was restless, however. The fellow’s dreams wouldn’t let him rest very much, and the terrible events of the day were flashed back at him. The Lake Front, Sunnyshore, Palmer, the battle on the beach, the other people acting absurd, Johanna pitying stupid Palmer and his stupid busted nose, him walking out. All so stupid, stupid, stupid.

    While Looker was tossing and turning in his sheets, something much more sinister was happening, many miles away…


    International Police HQ, the Criminal Housing Unit. A large white steel cell block set partly under the earth. The cramped cells held a plank bed and chrome tube jutting from the floor for bathroom use. A small slat was cut from the wall near the ceiling as a window and filled with two inch thick Attack-Proof glass. In this particular cell, which, we should add, was only meant to hold one suspect, held two, a set of twins with pale blue hair, one with blue eyes, the other with green. Tim and Tom, the twins of Team Spade. Instead of the grey flight suit they wore a few days ago, they were now dressed in light orange inmate clothes.

    “I still can’t believe-” Tim began, staring up at the ceiling.

    “We were beat by that punk like that.” Tom finished.

    In unison the two let out a sigh and leaned against the wall on the bunk.

    “When they take us into questioning tomorrow-”

    “We have to make sure to place all this on that Hayden guy who hired us. It’ll mean-”

    “Less trouble for us.”

    Suddenly, a small, rushed chuckle was heard. Who could it be at this hour? Tim and Tom were positive they were the only ones still up. At the same they looked at one another and asked “Did you hear that?” They both heard it. Another dark chuckle, louder, and to the twins, seemed to be coming from below them. Tim sat up, starting to become curious.

    “Must be another inmate-”

    “Being a dick!” spat Tom, not to amused at whatever this was.

    This time a snarl sounded, then a cackle, then a whimper, each one louder than the last. Then they saw it. Two piercing red eyes were staring at them from the stone floor, and under them, what seemed to be a yellow grin. The face on the floor let out another eerie sound and moved closer to the bunk. The twins clasped a hand over one another’s mouth to stifle a shriek of terror. What was this thing and what did it want?

    The face seemed delighted at this, and slowly morphed out of the floor, inch by inch. The more it phased through the floor the more the twins shuddered. The whole thing was shaded black and had long, hanging arms, almost resembling coat sleeves that are much too long. They had elongated back into a wispy, shadow-like point and upon it’s rump, a yellow barbed tail of sorts. The creature also had short, stubby legs, but it didn’t really need them too much, as the thing levitated and hovered. The truly terrifying thing about this doll like creature was the face. Evil looking eyes that never blinked and the mouth, my goodness the mouth, like a zipper that had been zipped tight, always smiling. A Banette if there ever was one, which had used Shadow Sneak to enter the cell.

    Tom was the first to speak, something that rarely happened.

    “T-Tim, look. It’s a-arm…”

    “St-st-still in the floor.”

    They were right, the Pokemon’s left arm was still elongated into the floor, much like a shadow. As if on command, Banette started to lazily lift another form from the ground. As it drew nearer, they could see a human hand, they thought, holding onto the Pokemon’s arm. Then a full human arm came into view as Banette had to float a tad higher. Next the upper body, the other arm, the abdomen. Once majority of the figure was out Banette stopped tugging and the figure itself started to clamber from the ground, pulling it’s legs and feet out as if the ground was made of liquid instead of being a solid. The twins were now cowering on the bunk. This was something from a horror movie, a nightmare.

    The man, as it clearly was, was dressed in a form hugging black suit, covering all his body. Small red rectangles accented the suit in some places such at the chest, shoulders, and legs. Upon the face, however, was something of a different matter. Instead of eye holes cut out for vision, this character had a single yellow glass lens within the fabric, right in the center of the face, making whoever this was look inhuman and faceless. This was the hired killer Hayden had hired to “silence” the Team Spade members.

    The assassin scanned the twins, only moving his head slightly. His Banette was floating by his side, sadistic expression still present. He pointed to Tim with a thin finger, making the Ghost Type release another snicker. Banette went up to Tim, who was frozen in place, and grabbed hold of his head with both arms. Before the man could scream a dark energy started to flow into his ears and head, cutting off his scream and making his whole being shake and spasm. Soon, the whole of his eyes turned solid black and blood ran from his nose. A Night Shade attack. Tom, seeing all this, scooted off the bunk, hardly able to breath. This Pokemon was killing his brother. He rushed at the cell door and was about to start banging on it and call for help, but his wrist was grabbed mere centimeters from the steel, feeling like it was snagged in a vice grip. He turned his shaking head, seeing the assassin next to him, cold glass eye reflecting his own panicked face. He had to yell something, anything, before he was killed. He turned to the cell door, only to see Banette right there, floating right in front of him, cutting him off from the door. The Pokemon raised it’s arms and brought them to the side of Tom’s face. By now the assassin released his grip on him. It was over, too late. The last thing he saw was Banette’s sneering zipper smile before everything went dark.

    The twins were now dead bodies. The assassin gazed at his handiwork for a moment, then grabbed hold of Banette’s arm, signaling it to slink back into the floor and out of sight. The whole scene was done in silence, save for the Pokemon’s haunting chuckles and sounds.

    The first part was complete. The next two should be even easier. They were already injured.


    An electrical buzz sounded in the cell block, causing all of the steel doors to slide open. Suspects and criminals slowly walked out of their cells with hands behind their head’s, and the handful of IP Officers and Guards made sure of this. One man, who was referred to as “The Head Jailer” was strolling down the cell block, taking roll call, checking off the cell numbers as he went. He stopped and noticed that in one cell, the one where, much to his disapproval, two twins were housed, the brother’s weren’t standing outside. With a grumble he approached the cell. This was going to set everyone back.

    “You two better be awake, or so help me…”

    The Head Jailer whipped into the cell, nearly stumbling over the body laying close to the door. That is when he noticed the two dead forms before him.

    “What the hell is this?”

    He crouched down to Tom’s dead body, felt for a pulse, and finding none, lifted up his eyelid. Black. Solid black, as if ink had been injected into the pupil of the eye. He gasped and stood, darting out of the cell.

    “Murder! They’ve both been murdered!”

    Soon, the whole HQ was in a tizzy. What had murdered them? Who or what had been able to infiltrate the Criminal Housing Unit? The higher-up in the main Hub Office building soon put some things together. The twins were set to be interrogated today about the missing Platinum Meowth Coin. Somebody didn’t want them to talk. IP Director Cullen knew what had to be done. Make sure the same fate doesn’t happen to the two other Team Spade members, no matter the cost. The two inmate-patients were to have a constants supply of security Guards monitoring them while in the infirmary. They couldn’t afford losing information.
    Another chilling thought crept through the HQ island. Surely the killer would kill all four members, and he had killed half of them last night. The job wasn’t complete yet. They all had a fear whoever or whatever had done the murders was still on the island, waiting for the night to strike again. HQ was thrown into overdrive and full-on secure mode. The International Police won’t allow such a thing to happen. Not on their watch.


    Looker rose from his bed, groggy and still terribly sleepy. He noticed he was still primarily dressed, coat and all. Rubbing his eyes he stood and walked to the living room and plopped on the sofa. A dull ache was still in his head and stomach, and he still held the same awful events of yesterday in his mind. He felt the lapel of his coat with his thumb. It needed washed and cleaned. He took it off and folded it over the arm of the sofa.

    After drinking a soda he sat back down. Gosh, he wished he had never returned home. He would of gladly stayed at HQ if he knew what a mess returning would be. Finally, he decieded it couldn’t be helped and went to the bathroom to shower and freshen up.

    The hot jets of water hitting his back instantly made him feel better. He was correct, his stomach, right around the navel, was sporting quite the nasty looking purple blotch. Palmer had some pepper behind that punch. Palmer. Stupid Palmer. Stupid Palmer and his stupid….everything.

    Just…Just why would Johanna think that’d be a good idea to bring him along back to the hotel after the event at the beach? Surely she knew it would only cause trouble. And why had she rushed to him instead of her actual boyfriend? Well, they had never really agreed to be called those terms, “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, but after that night with the full moon, right on his bed, one would naturally think…

    He shut off the water and started to towel off. He didn’t want to think about it. He just didn’t want to think about it anymore. After cleaning up Looker dusted off his still sandy coat as best he could. Stupid young punks, standing on his jacket like that. Why, back in his day he looked at the ground before standing on it, he- The young man let out a laugh in spite of himself. Look at him, thinking like an old geezer at the age of eighteen. Oh, to have such thoughts at such a young age. The laughing finally died off. He needed it. Needed some sort of laugh. It felt good, it felt right, even.

    As narrator, I’d very much like to dive deeper into Looker’s mind during these reflection periods, but, I am not qualified to be judge of the minds. I can say, however, that, without Johanna, he felt as if something of most importance, something vital had been torn and ripped away from him, something he was frightfully sure he could never wish to get back. But again, I am not rightfully able to state that as a fact.

    He figured Celia would be able to wash his coat, and, despite the initial nervousness of her asking how things went with her granddaughter, he knocked on her door. She was more than glad to wash his coat, as not many coats such as his are still around.
    “So how was the Lake Front? Relaxing, wasn’t it?”

    “Yes ma’m, very relaxing.” He lied.

    “Oh, I’m so glad.” She continued to scrub the herbal water into the coat over the sink while talking.

    “And I’m sure you went to Sunnyshore. My, how that place has changed since me and Scotty were young. You use to have to ferry across the town in boats, you know. Those bridges must be a life saver. Now I hear some people want to put these sun panels on them. My, times are changing.”

    Looker nodded and sunk deeper into the old woman’s recliner.

    “Johanna phoned me the other day and told her she had met a few friends down there. Did you meet them too? You’re of good character, tell me, where they… well rounded?”

    He bit the inside of his mouth and slowly replied “Oh, well, sure. They were…fun.”

    Celia must of noticed the way Looker shifted his eyes at the question. In a softer tone, she added-

    “You and Johanna were able to spend time together, weren’t you dear?”

    Another bite within his mouth.

    “Yes, yes…mostly in her hotel room. We…talked awhile and caught up.”

    Celia sensed the lie and, with a look of understanding, stated-

    “Never be sad at how things turned out, Looker dear. She’s young and so are you. You have all the time in the world to do everything you want. You’ll both figure things out, eventually. Never be sad.”

    The coat was now washed and looked brand new once again. Looker thanked her, she hugged him, and that was that. All in all, he generally felt better by then.


    Once again, Hayden was on the telephone. His demeanor this time was a bit more serious, and his eyebrows seemed to be weighed down.

    “So you can make it in a few days, yes? The item in question is terribly rare, and I’m sure a man of business such as you can divide the profits to- ”

    A pause in the line.

    “That’d be excellent. Shall I send for-”

    He was cut short.

    “Ah, okay. That’ll be fine. You know the directions, yes? Great.”

    Another pause, longer this time.

    “Oh, of course. I’d be delighted if you brought your Pokemon. I’d very much like to see it. It recently evolved, correct?”


    “Yes, I’m sure it’s quite lovely. See you then, friend.”

    He hung up the phone, and joined his hands together.

    “I hate dealing with those shady business types… but they pay well.”


    The gentlemen on the other end of the phone also hung up, pleased with the talk. For simplicity, we shall say that he was one part devilishly handsome and one part cruel looking. Terribly, terribly mean looking eyes. His whole demeanor was crisp. Short dark hair, clean shaven face, and his suit. Blessed me, his suit attributed to his two parts. While tailored fitted and extremely suave, it was a little too sharp, a little to dark, and fitted his strong shoulders a little too good. To those who are thinking this is an aged, experienced fellow would be mistaken, as this man was young, around his early twenties at least.

    This man was named Giovanni, and he was going to purchase the Platinum Meowth Coin.

    Fin. Chapter 29

    Next Chapter: Will the ghoulish assassin complete his given task, or will the International Police thwart his plans? Can Looker shake the heavy thoughts from his head before he returns to the force? And what will come from the meeting of Hayden and Giovanni?

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    This is awesomeness. I love what you have done with Looker, of all charaters. Can't wait for the next chapter!

    I Claim Groudon.Yay

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    Thank you for reading!

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