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Thread: Live From the Fireside: Season 10 (Week 241: Jack and the Azure Flute)

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    Default Live From the Fireside: Season 10 (Week 241: Jack and the Azure Flute)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 241: Jack and the Azure Flute

    (real tale: Ivan the Fool and St. Peter's Fife)

    The crowd roars as Brock arrives onstage. "Thank you! Lest you think I'm running out of material after 240 stories, 240 stories is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my repertoire."

    Laughter and some light applause go up in agreement as Brock begins "There was once a man who had three sons. The elder two were clever, but the third--we'll call him Jack--wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed."

    Giggles go up at the wry comment. "Their father had divided all his possessions among them before joining Arceus in the heavens, and not long after the funeral, the three brothers went out into the world to seek their fortunes." Brock continues. "Now, the two wise brothers left all their stuff at home, but Jack, who had only inherited a large rock, took it along with him."

    Akane's laughter is the loudest as the Players,who are listening from backstage, picture Jack with the rock. "They went on and on and on till it began to get dark, when they came to a large forest." Brock continues. "The wise brothers decided to climb up to the top of an oak tree and spend the night there. This way, they would know if bandits were coming. They jeered and taunted Jack and his rock, but were quite surprised when Jack climbed up in the tree with them, albeit only on the lower branches."

    "Uh oh..." Kano giggles in anticipation.

    "Some hours later, some bandits passed that way, fresh from a heist in town, and they too decided to spend the night under the tree." Brock goes on. "So they cut them some firewood, and made them a roaring fire beneath a huge pot, and in this pot they began to make their dinner. When the food was ready, they were about to dig in when Jack let his big rock fall smack dab in the middle of the pot, so that the food got in their eyes."

    Everyone howls with laughter at the chaotic scene. "The bandits were so terrified that they ran away through the forest, forgetting all their ill-gotten gains." Brock continues when the laughter quiets. "Jack climbed down from the tree and called for his brothers to divvy up the treasure. So the wise brothers came down, put all the stuff on the backs of the robbers’ Ponytas, and went home with it; but the only thing that Jack was able to get for himself was a bag of incense. Inspired, he took the incense to the nearest shrine, placed some in the burner on one of the altars. and lit it."

    "And then?" Rylan is intrigued.

    "Suddenly, Arceus appeared to him and said..." Brock narrates.

    “What are you doing, young man?” he asks in a gentle deep voice--his standard "Arceus" voice.

    “I am burning this incense in hopes one of the Legendaries will hear my prayer and give me guidance on what to do next." he replies in a mimic of Ash for Jack.

    “Well, young man, I will advise you: I accept your offering. You may take from me whatever you'd like in return." he replies as Arceus.

    “Very well, Lord Arceus,” he replies as Jack; “I would like a little flute, a flute that makes any that hears it dance."

    "But do you know how to play a flute?" he asks as Arceus.

    "No, but I can learn.” he assures the audience as Jack.

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... he sings as Arceus.

    "With that, Arceus and the incense vanished, and a little silver flute was left on the altar." Brock continues as himself, acknowledging his vocal dexterity with a nod as he retrieves a silver whistle from his pocket. "Then he picked up his new flute and began to play..."

    He plays the tune "The Meowth's Call" before continuing "The moment he started playing, everything around him began to dance--the Mightyenas, and the Bunearies, and the Ninetales, and the Ursarings--even the bird Pokemon started to dance, and Jack went on laughing and playing all the time. Even the Ursarings danced and danced till their legs throbbed in pain. Then they clutched the trees in an attempt to stop dancing; but it was no use, they just had to dance."

    Laughter fills the room as the audience pictures the dancing Pokemon. "Finally, Jack got tired, and lay down to rest, and after he had rested a little, he got up again and went on into town." Brock continues. "There were tons of people in the marketplace, buying and selling. Some were buying pancakes, others baskets of brightly colored eggs, and still others pitchers of milk. Jack started playing his flute again..."

    He pauses to play a set of tunes before continuing "..and they all started dancing in spite of themselves.. One man who had a whole basket of eggs on his head danced them into bits, and danced and danced till he looked like the yolk of an egg himself. Those who were asleep woke up and danced; there were some who danced half dressed, and there were some who danced with nothing on at all. The whole town was turned upside down: the Growlithes, the Tepigs, the Combuskens, everything that breathed came out and danced."

    the audience can hardly contain itself laughing at the comical scene. "Finally, Jack got bored playing and decided to go looking for a job." Brock's voice quiets the last wheezing giggles as the audience calms down. "The miko of that town offered him five gold pieces--a day's wage in that land--and Jack agreed."

    Giggles fill the air as Brock goes on "The next morning, the miko sent him out into the fields to tend the Tauros. So Jack drove the Tauros out to pasture, while he kept watch from a haystack. He got bored after a few hours, then remembered he had his flute--so he decided to play a little to pass the time."

    He plays a set of jigs for effect. "...and all the Tauros started dancing." he continues, fingering the whistle. "Not just the Tauros, but all the Ninetales, and the Bunearies, and the Mightyenas, and millions more Pokemon danced too. They danced and danced till they were exhausted."

    He smiles. "That night, Jack drove them home, but they were so hungry that they tugged at the dirty straw roofs of the houses they passed, and so got a few choice words I'm not going to repeat here.".

    Everyone chuckles at the comment. "But Jack went in, had dinner and a comfortable night’s rest." Brock goes on. "The next day he again drove the Tauros out to pasture. They began grazing till he took out his flute again..."

    He starts another set, then continues "...and they all started dancing like crazy. He played on and on till evening, when he drove the Tauros home again, and they were all as hungry as could be, and tired from dancing. Even the miko couldn't resist joining in as Jack approached--and as far as I know, she's still dancing and Jack's still playing to this day."

    Laughter and applause goes up as Brock takes a bow....
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