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    Default lessons from pokemon: Black and white

    This is my second lessons from pokemon Oneshot. So I guess it’s a two shot or something. ((Heres the original A short lesson learned from PMD 2 ))

    I had just beaten all the elite four, and every battle before that. I had gotten to the champion only to see him lose to N. I pursued him wishing to challenge him myself. I found him standing in a throne room with his zekrom nearby.

    “Why do you keep fighting for such a lost cause Seph? I am the hero of legend. I’m here to fix what is wrong in the world. I will free the pokemon.” N cried out his Zekrom roaring at me aswell.

    “Its not lost! It never has been or will be. Why? Because I love my pokemon and they love me. I grew up with only a mother no siblings no father, but my pokemon were always there. I got here because my pokemon are in it too. They want to be here besides me and you can’t take that love away.” I yelled back at him.

    My samurott joined in my call and raised its blade.

    “Me and Derek. We’re like brothers. He’s the best friends I’ve ever had and ya know what. Even if I lose. Even if I can’t beat you hear you can’t separate us. Even if I release him Derek and all my pokemon will fight on besides me. You’re the one fighting a lost cause, and you don’t even know why. Have you even met your father? He’s sadistic and cruel. He’s not doing this to help you. He’s helping himself. N why don’t you see this!?” I shouted at N.

    “I’m not doing this for him. I’m doing this for all those pokemon that are wrongly kept. I will free them all. I care not what my father wants of it. It’s not for him.” N replied.

    “Then why have plasma? They’re just stealing pokemon. Not freeing them. They are worse then any normal trainer. They are the people you should be fighting.” I said shaking my head.

    “Seph… I’m sorry… but I will free the pokemon first. Then I’ll make sure plasma is taken care of.” N pleaded one last time.

    “I’m sorry but no you won’t. I will. Derek, Wenro, Vala, Conner, Rallik, and Weccon. It’s time to prove that it doesn’t take a legend to win a battle. It just takes fighting for the right cause, and never giving up. Now go!” I yelled.


    Pokemon is full of daunting tasks, but often you are faced by another trainer, or someone evil. N broke the mold. He is a genuine and good person, but he is lost, and his heart is lost in the confusion of the world. He saw the world in black and white. People are all evil and pokemon must be free. He was manipulated by his “Father” and thought that pokemon wanted to leave human’s sides. It was hard for me to accept battling N when I wanted to just kill Ghetisis. I mean kill. The man was the worse criminal I’ve seen in the game. I mean it. His terrible ways made me wish I could have just strangled him.

    So I hope that you get where I’m coming from. No matter where you come from seeing in black and white leaves you blind. We all must broaden our view and try our best to understand the world even though we only have seen a tiny part of it.

    this is shorter then my other one and less monolauge but I hope it still holds its meaning. pokemon is a lot more then a game its a lesson.
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