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Pokemon black and white.

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Rating: T

Summery: After a Pokemon match Ash isn't feeling to hot, hiding it from his friends the Pokemon trainer decides to go out and get some air only to be confronted by a certain green eyed friend who had been watching him.

"And Ash win's the match".

Narrator: Having been on the road the past couple months Ash and his friends decided to stop at a town not far from Mistralton city. Figuring a vacation was in order the group was currently staying at the Pokemon center about 10 minutes north from there battle spot.

A new adventure,
another day,
one more challenge that comes our way,
Its up to me and you,
we know what we've got to do,
we are together,
friends forever now,
Whatever comes our way,
We won't run away,
Standing tall,
One for all,
It's our destiny,

A lending hand!.

"Good job Tepig" Ash offered his Pokemon a warm smile as he gently caressed the pig's head, pride in his eye's. Despite his opponent being tough Tepig had been just a little bit stronger, which was a big relief. The last couple day's he hadn't been feeling the best, all the traveling despite there mini vacation had caught up to him. He knew sooner or later he'd end up catching some forum of illness, being in all the city's as he traveled to Gym Battle's it was a wonder how it took this long for the Pokemon trainer to catch a cold.

Of course Ash's stubborn attitude had caused him to hide his illness from his friends, he had been traveling with Cilan and Iris a few months now. The three of them becoming rather close, Cilan more so then Iris who still belittled his battling skills and would get under his skin calling him a kid at his mistakes.

He had traveled with a lot of different partners,Brock and Misty,Misty and Tracy,Max May and Brock,Brock and Dawn yet something was different with his current traveling companion's. Or rather a certain green eyed Connoisseur, ever since he had been on his journey the Pokemon trainer had never thought about anything other then Pokemon battles. Sure they would stop from time to time, but it was never long enough to consider anything other then Pokemon training.

Ever since he had met Cilan Ash had been feeling something at the pit of his stomach, a butterfly sort of feeling. The smile on the Connoisseur's face when he battled, the way he could cook almost as or even better then Brock, or even the way he was able to go into his Connoisseur mode. It was all breathtaking.

When he traveled with Misty Ash had known the water Gym leader had a thing for him, there were sign's a bunch of them. Truth be told he just didn't feel the same way, luckily for Ash Misty never addressed the subject just giving him a cloth to hold Brock's cooking when the three friend's parted. It was a nice gesture by Ash knew from when he was little that he had a thing for men.

It started when Ash was young, he had a crush on his best friend Gary. He figured that was one of the reason's why he took Gary's betrayal so hard, he had a major crush on the trainer. It had never been completely over, that was until he met Cilan which the crush had been pushed out of the window. He knew he had come to love his traveling partner, it didn't take long for him to figure out when all he could think about was Cilan.


The Pokemon trainer jolted out of his thought at Iris's voice which surprisingly sounded concerned, realizing Iris and Cilan had been trying to get his attention for what must've been the last 5 minutes he quickly got up before whipping out his Pokeball. "Tepig return" with a flash of light his Pokemon descended into it's Pokeball, "sorry guy's" Ash rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment "guess i tuned out there for a minute". Iris rolled her eye's walking ahead of the group, Ash didn't miss the kid comment before he rolled his eye's his gaze landing on his friend who had been watching him intensely.

"Ash are you alright?" Cilan asked slowly noticing the dark circles under the trainer's eye's, Ash's energy had a unnatural sense lower aroma to it. Almost as if all his energy turned into a blain recipe.

Ash forced a sneeze down giving his friend what he hoped to be a convincing smile.

"I'm fine AHH-CHOO!" the trainer jerked as the unexpected sneeze racked the trainer's frame.

"Just what i thought" Cilan mused now in his detective outfit "You're nose is unusually runny, you're tired even though it's in the middle of the day and you're sneezing which i come to the conclusion that you've caught a cold most likely due to the excessive amount of traveling we've been doing".

Ash threw his friend a irritated expression his arms wrapping around his chilled frame.

"Would you knock that off!" he snapped in a irritable voice, he glanced down at his feet as he fought the chills that seemed to overtake his body.

Cilan's green eye's softened before quietly putting away his detective stuff, placing his bag onto the ground the young man rummaged for a moment before he found what he was looking for. He gently wrapped the warm blanket around his friend's shoulders. "You need to stay warm" Cilan said softly his eye's shinning with affectionate as the trainer pulled the blanket closer to his frame.

"Thanks Cilan" Ash choked out as he stiffed another sneeze, rubbing his nose with his finger the trainer sniffed miserably.

"Why don't we head back to the Pokemon center?" Cilan placed his hand on Ash's shoulder giving it a comforting squeeze "we can get you something hot to eat and stay for the night", receiving a nod he wrapped a arm around his friend's shoulders leading him towards the Pokemon center.

Ash patted his stomach a hour later, finally getting food into his belly he was feeling a bit better. Pulling out a soft cloth the trainer held it to his nose before sneezing loudly. Or maybe not, a soft cool hand made it's way to Ash's heated forehead causing Ash to slowly close his eye's relaxing into the touch.

"You're running a fever" Cilan said his voice laced with worry "let's get you to bed", wrapping a around around Ash's frame he slowly helped his friend to stand before slowly making there way to the room they were currently staying in. He and Ash were sharing a room, and Iris had a room of her own a few room's down, opening up the door Cilan gently laid Ash onto the bed lightly covering him up with the blanket on the bed.

Ash's eye's clenched tightly shut as a fevered glow appeared on his cheeks, turning on his side he coughed a couple times as his fist's clenched the blanket.

Kneeling down Cilan gazed worriedly at his friend, if he didn't do something soon to lower his fever there would be trouble. Finding a cloth in his backpack he weted the cloth with cool water at the sink, kneeling back down Cilan laid the cloth on Ash's forehead causing the trainer to sigh at the cool touch.

"Just relax Ash you're in good hand's" Cilan whispered brushing his finger's through Ash's black hair, a small smile crossed Ash's feature's scooting over slightly despite the pain.

"Stay with me?" Ash whispered his fevered features relaxing as he opened his eye's meeting Cilan's gaze

Wordlessly Cilan scooted next to Ash a light blush crossing his features as Ash shuffled against Cilan, his head laid on Cilan's chest. Grabbing the blanket Cilan tugged it over the two of them keeping his arm wrapped around Ash's frame, wordlessly Ash slowly fell asleep which would be the best sleep he had gotten in along time.

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