Interlude #1: Pre-empted!

The group is on the edge of their seats to see if Taki and her friends will save the Phoenix Shrine, but they are stunned by KNTO's breaking news jingle. <i>We interrupt this program for special coverage of Champion Lance's address to the Unovan League...</i>

"Aw, man..." Dawn sighs. "Why did they have to interrupt Taki for a news report? Now we won't see how she saves the Phoenix Shrine!"

"Usually when things like this happen, I catch what's left of the episode online the day after." Brock assures Dawn as Ash finds a game show on another channel. "In the meantime, I have spoilers for the next few episodes, if anyone is interested..."

"Spoilers?" Dawn is piqued. "You mean, you've found what's going to happen after Taki and her friends save the Phoenix Shrine?"

"Only the next few episodes' titles and brief synopses have been posted on Drama Watch." Brock explains as he reaches for some papers he has printed earlier. "Episode 5: Taki and the Disciple's Treasure...Episode 6: Taki's Courage....Episode 7: Taki's New Song....any of those sound intriguing enough for you?"

"Episode 5!" Dawn calls.

"Episode 7!" Ash suggests.

Brock reads the synopsis of Episode 5 first. "After saving the Phoenix Shrine from traitorous disciples, Taki and friends meet a young appentice whose special robes went missing in the chaos. The thief turns out to be something from Taki's worst nightmares!"

"Yet another monster...whoo-hoo." Ash sighs, a note of sarcasm in his voice. "What are we fighting this time?"

"The synopses don't tell us, but the forums on Drama Watch have a number of theories." Brock replies. "Some say it's going to be a coeurl, but a screenshot showing some kind of Ursaring-like creature has led some to believe Taki's opponent is a behemoth."

"But we won't find out for sure until next week." Dawn sighs.

Brock then reads Episode 7's synopsis. "Taki meets a moyo on the road, who offers to teach her a new song to attract fire Pokemon. But this moyo may not be all she appears..."

"Let me guess, some kind of evil spirit?" Dawn predicts.

"Or another demon?" Ash suggests before turning his attention to the trivia question on the TV.

<i>"What Lovecraftian monster would bristle at the thought of calamari?"</i> the host asks the three players.

"A mindflayer!" Ash guesses, beating the second contestant by a few seconds. He smiles as his guess is proven right--but little does he know that his answer will be proven right again a few weeks later...