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Thread: Konekodemon's NON-Pokemon Fanfiction Requests

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    Default Konekodemon's NON-Pokemon Fanfiction Requests

    Here are a few requests, for fanfiction. I know what your thinking, that this is dumb or that I'm just trying to get my ocs with my favorite anime characters, that's not true as I'm not posting up bios or anything. They can be your ocs with the characters for all I care, as long as the requests are done.

    Inuyasha: A story staring Sesshomaru, instead of Inuyasha. See, put him with a female human OC, to bring out his solfer side, to prove that he's not really evil and doesn't hate humans after all. Must be at least 20 parts long.

    Magic Knight Rayearth: A Zagato+OC Story. I know this will be hard. Will have to stop Princess Emeraude from destroying Cephiro some way. But I think that it is possible for a Zagato+OC fic to be done. Ok, the female OC must be the same age as the Magic Knights. There must be a fourth god, as I want the OC to also come from the knights world, and be a Magic Knight as well. She later on gets kiddnapped by Zagato, and ends up falling in love with him. Zagato ends up falling in love back with her, and starts forgetting all about Princess Emeraude. The OC later on turns against the knights to try to protect Zagato from being killed. But don't kill off the OC or Zagato. Also find a way for Princess Emeraude to accept the OC's and Zagato's love without killing her off either.The OC must end up being able to stay in Cephiro with Zagato in the end. This must also be 20 parts long.

    Malachite+OC: I also would like someone to write about an OC with Malachite. Must be 20 parts long like with the Molly+Nephlite one.

    Now here's one that doesn't have an OC in it:

    Molly+Nephlite: I want a Molly and Nephlite story set in the Stars season. Could someone write this for me? It must be at least 20 parts long please.

    All of these are to be PG-15 please.

    I hope fanfiction requests are allowed here. I didn't see anything in the rules saying that it wasn't allowed.
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    Honestly, if anyone writes one for you, you shouldn't dictate how long it'll be. Not to mention that, while admittedly I don't know much about Inu-Yasha, that first OC sounds like a MASSIVE Mary Sue and would break his character.

    I'm going to lock this but leave it up.


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