Alright, so I've never posted here before, so near with me. Anyway, here's my Soul Eater fic, Kisin Return! Any criticism would be appreciated.

kisin return
chapter 1 kisin beggining

kisin was sad soul and maka kiled him. after soul and maka kild him he became a hobo and lived in on the streets in the evil land of dallas. her was looking for food in a trash can and found some tin cans to eat and then he saw a knock at the door. it was....soul and maka
"you fuck where going kil you again fucker." maka said.
"yes." soul said and started beating kisin up. but then a man came at the door. it was....ebion!
"stop hruting kisin." he said and turned into kisins weapon a katana kisin used it to beat soul and maka.
"yay ebion thanks." kisin said.
"i am glad you cn repay me now." ebion said and watched kisin tak of his clothes.
"no not that way this isnt that kind fic." ebion laughed. "maybe later."
"o okay so what does i dos?" kisin said and they flew ebion to ebions castle in the forest. there ebion showed him a book it was an eviol book with pictures of dead bodies and skulls and naked woman and lots of swear words in it.
"kisin this is the book of ebion we will use take over the world" ebion said.
"ebion why do you show me this terrible thing" kisin said the naked woman and swear words scared him and made him cry tears of blood. "its very scary"
"am going to tak over the world and you will help to repay me." ebion said.
"yeh okay but how will a book with naked woman help?" kisin said.
"i will tell you" ebion yeled
"fuck shingami sam that fucking kisin has return." maka said to shingami sam.
"yes." soul said.
"yes." soul said.
"hallo there." dead kid said he dint look like shingami sam he had no skull and a face and hair and eyes too. "father i will catch these bad dudes."
"and that is what we dos." Ebion said. Juts then, dead kid came inside!
"i am here to catch you you evil dudes." dead kid said then they fought dead kid used his guns and ebion and kisin fought together and kisin used sword ebion to hit back dead kids guns but dead kid used more bullets to hit them again.
"u are strong but you cant win." ebion said.
"why" dead kid said.
"because...your father is not is....KISIN" ebion yeled.
"nooooooo" kisin and dead kid yelled.
"now is not the time that we yell it is the time that we plan" ebion said jumping around all happy on his evil pogo stick "we must infilterate the dwma."
"ebion how do we does" kisin yelled and dead kid acted symetricle
"we will digsuise" ebion laughed and put a costume on it was a lady so he put on lipstik and a wig and dress ded kid up lik a symetricle baby.
"ywhy do i not need a digsuise?" kisin sobbed taking off his clothes for a disguisd.
"you are already dead kids dad who you are pertending to be so you dont not need muc." ebion said and so kisin put on a mustack to look fatherly. then there it was that they went. at the dwma it was scary there were monsters all over and they saw people dying and getting hurt and being punched by maka
"hey you stop punching that man" kisin said.
"fuck you" maka said and strated punching kisin
"yes" soul said and punched him too
"ow" kisin said and his disguies came off.
"kisin you runed evcerthing you asymmetrical bastard" dead kid said
"fuck its kisin get out of her" maka said.
"yes" soul said and kisin and dead kid left. but ebion was there he hid under the table
"now i will infiltarte the dwma" he said and got out from the table it was in the cafeteera and some people who were eating watched him but didnt notice because he was dead kids mom. he infiltratd and came to shingami sam room.
"now i have you my prety" he laughed evil like and started taking off shingami sams clothes to find his identity. it was...............spirit albern! thats why they never see in the same room and look together in the theme song thingy and there names both start with s
"fuck whats going on" maka said and saw ebion and spirit who was naked becaus ebion striped him. "fuck dad your shingami sam you basterd i am going kill" she yeld
"yes" soul said. maka and soul were going kill and spirit and ebion were scare so they jumpd out the windo and ran back home. there in bed was kisin and stine and dead kid was video tapring it.
"where home and now shingami sam is spirit" ebion said
"you kild shingami sam" kisin asked as stine ran away
"no sily i mean sprit albern" ebion laughed it was a funny joke so we all laughed.
to be continute?