There was Kirby, playing with Tiff and tuff. They were playing tag when Kirby tripped on something. Tiff went to see what Kirby tripped on, while Tuff went to see if Kirby was Okay.
Tuff: Kirby, you awake buddy?
Kirby: Ka! *Giggles* Hahaha!
Kirby jumped up and ran to where he heard the screaming from with Tuff. They saw a sharp piece of glass on the floor, a piece of yellow fabric and some white and yellow hair!
Tuff: NO! Tiff!
???: *Growls*
Kirby: Guh!
Kirby looks at a terrifying, Giant shadow, and it begins walking to kirby. It emerges from the shadows as lots of Red eyed Meta Knights.
Meta Knight FAKE (All) : En Garde!
Meta Knight: Stop right there! Nobody, I repeat NOBODY gives me a bad name. Kirby!
KIrby: Kah!
Meta Knight: Deal with some of these, wait! Suck in this attack! It will get a lot of energy out of me but! There! I can channel a bubble! Eat the bubble!
Kirby ate the bubble and transformed into Tornado Kirby!
Kirby: Kahah!
Meta Knight: Allez!
They fought, and fought, and fought, until all the fake meta knights began turning into dust and disappearing into the sky! All the dust shot down from the sky when they were all gone and there was a Giant, red eyed Meta Knight! Kirby and Meta Knight attacked the giant beast together at the same time with all their might but, it didn't affect!
???: How do you like my new toy!
Meta Knight: Dedede..... Finish Dedede, Finish the beast! Kirby! Face your attacks at Dedede!
King Dedede: Nu-uh! Face this!
And the giant meta knight protected king dedede, and still no affect.
???? x100: CHARGE!
All the people living nearby were helping to attack the knight, with fire torches. One threw one at Kirby, Naking Kirby Fire Kirby! Everyone threw flames at the giant meta Knight and it burnt, blew up and left King Dedede's mallet with an Antenna on it, which Meta Knight smashed. They all looked at Dedede and Attacked him!
After that Kirby and Meta Knight had a great party, but shared all the good bits with everyone else, since they helped!
After, there was no sign of King Dedede!