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    Default Kanto: The Second Journey

    Couldn't think of a better title, so I'll sit with this for now. Anyways, welcome to my fan fiction! This story is based off an idea I had that came to me awhile back. (If you want to see my original blog post about it you can go here.) The main plot is about Ash going back to Kanto and re-entering the league. It also shows him as he thinks about everything he's done in the past; how he trains, releasing Pokemon, trading them, better things he could have done. Basically all his regrets. If you weren't able to tell already this is going to be somewhat of a dark/serious story, but I hope it still has a bit of humor in it. Before you read, you may want to look in this spoiler so you aren't confused when you start reading;

    Now, things you may want to know that have nothing to do with the storyline, but relate to this fan fiction.

    Alright, well, I think that's the jist of everything. Here's Chapter 1!

    Part 1 – The Aftermath

    Chapter 1

    At the International Kalos Port, Ash, Serena, Brock, and Cilan say their goodbyes before they part ways after traveling through Kalos. After several months of ups and downs and twists and turns, the gang arrives at the end of their trip.
    “Ah Kalos…” Cilan sighs, “The fresh fragrant of sea water…How I’ll miss it back in Striaton City”
    “Hey Cilan,” teases Brock, “Maybe we should cook a farewell meal for the rest of the gang.”
    Serena and Ash start to drool at the thought of food.
    Cilan and Brock decide to go gather ingredients on the boardwalk while Ash and Serena start to set the table and let their Pokémon come out for some air. Cilan and Brock come back with an assortment of vegetables, broth, meats and pastries. They cook up a beef stew, along with a divine chocolate cake. While they exchange recipes, Serena offers Ash a battle.
    “Sure, does 2 on 2 sound good with you?” replies Ash.
    “You bet! And I bet I know what Pokémon you’re going to send out first.”
    “If you guessed Froakie than you were right! Froakie, come on out!”
    As the battle between Froakie and Sylveon rages on, Sylveon proves to be in the lead.
    “Hydro Pump!”
    As the smoke fades, the winner is revealed to be Sylveon.
    “Awesome job, Froakie! I won’t let your work go to waste!”
    Serena snorts. “Oh Ash, you know I won’t go down that easily.”
    “Maybe, but I’m still going to win! Honedge, come on out!”
    “Hah! Silly boy, don’t think you can win over a type advantage!”
    “Whatever. Honedge, use Slash!”
    Sylveon dodges, but eventually gets hit by Honedge’s blade. Serena orders Sylveon to use Moonblast, but Honedge takes little damage. Honedge uses Slash again, which leads to Sylveon fainting.
    “Nice stuff Sylveon! This next one will bring in the win for us! Go, Fennekin!”
    Ash grins. “Now what was that you said about type advantages? You’re going down now!”
    “I’ll believe it when it’s over!”
    Honedge is ordered to use Shadow Ball, but Fennekin quickly sends it back with Psychic. Fennekin takes control of Hondege, and tosses it on the ground.
    “It’s not over yet! Honedge, use Swords Dance!”
    Honedge does as commanded, then follows up with Slash.
    “Fennekin, quick, use Flamethrower!”
    Honedge doges, and launches another Shadow Ball. Fennekin jumps out of the way, but is eventually hit by Slash. It fires another Flamethrower, which results in a direct hit. Honedge falls, but gets up after some encouraging chants from Ash.
    “Fennekin, lets wrap this up. Throw it down with Psychic!”
    “Honedge, no!” Ash shouts, but his words do so little. “Hang in there Honedge, I believe in you! Use a combination of Swords Dance and Slash!
    “Not so fast!” Even though Honedge is down, Serena finds herself in trouble. “Use another Flamethrower before it’s too late!”
    But unfortunately for Serena, it is. Honedge is already diving into the flames, blade first.
    Brock smiles as he looks into the smoke. “This really show how far both of them have come. They’ve fought their way through eight gyms, the Kalos League, and various tournaments. It’s not just themselves that have grown, their Pokemon too.”
    “Mm… I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Cilan replies, “The bond they share with their Pokémon is something I wish all humans shared with them. Truly a perfect pairing between trainer and Pokémon.”
    The fog dissipates, and the winner is revealed to be….
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    Default Re: Kanto: The Second Journey

    I think it was pretty good. Nice to be introduced to some new pokemon in the first chapter. And I think it was a good first chapter. Good job!
    Oh just one question. Will Palpitoad appear in this?
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