It was a day like so many he had witnessed in his 2000+ years of existence.
The sun was shining, there was barely a cloud in the sky, and the grass was full of hidden pokemon. Yes, Kadabra had seen many generations of pokemon struggle in their quest to be as strong as possible. In his long life, no human had managed to catch him. For he was too smart for them, indeed, smarter than many Alakazam.
Kadabra chuckled to himself as he watched a Caterpie and a Weedle playing together, a relationship humans had yet to understand. The two younger pokemon did not notice him, but there was something that he noticed. A corner of the woods looked distorted, as if a Stantler were nearby, but Kadabra knew Stantler did not live in these woods. It was a challenger, a threat to the safety of the entire pokemon world.

Missingno. That was what it was. A Scion of all that was wrong in the world. Not ultimate evil, for that was impossible. Nonetheless, it had the power to warp reality more than any Unown. It was responsible for the annual death of Berry Trees, for problems with clocks, for Cubone born with their skull helmet already, and for Nidoran gender confusion. Now it glared at Kadabra through its mantle of chaos. The Caterpie and Weedle squirmed away, knowing what was coming.

A pokeball had been dropped by a careless human trainer some days ago. Kadabra had found it, and now, though he knew it would cost him all his experience, sought to catch Missingno.

Kadabra had always liked a challenge, so he set down his spoon with the knowledge that his powers would be halved. Now Missingno struck with a Water Gun attack! Kadabra yawned, unimpressed. Mew had always made it seem that Missingno could not be defeated. Clearly, even gods had a sense of humor. Kadabra chose Tri Attack for his first attack. The attack did damage, but to his disappointment, none of the extra effects happened. But Missingno thought its opponent was weak, so sought to end things with Surf. It took all of Kadabra's will power to resist the urge to Teleport away.

Realizing his some of his foolishness, Kadabra used Psychic, still without his spoon. The half attack however was quite effective, reducing the living Glitch to 6HP. Now Kadabra telepathicly summoned his spoon and threw the Pokeball. The ball opened up with a burst of red light that captured Missingno. A tense silence hung in the air, apart from the wiggling of the pokeball. Finally, with a quiet 'doonk' it was over.

As Kadabra collected his Prize, a burst of black energy came from the Pokeball. It wrapped itself around him, wreaking terrible havoc on his mind and body. Years of experience flashed around him. Mother, who looked like Mew; Zapdos, laying a egg that would hatch into a Pichu; The Regis,sealed in the Earth by Humans who stole their power; Rattata stealing his spoon; Pidgey mating with a Spearow; Ho-oh fleeing the Tin Tower, Humans inventing the pokeball; himself, warning pokemon of the dangers of the ball; the founding of Team Rocket; a child, wearing a Pokemon League Expo hat. Just as he felt about to deevolve, it was over.

As Kadabra fell on the welcoming grass, a Human with a Swalot? appeared. A throw of the pokeball, a flash of red light, darkness. Kadabra wondered if he was dead.