I apologize in advance. I am a terrible writer.

I didn't add too many details, because I want people to fill in the blanks. Everyone should have a different experience when reading my stories. I don't want to force a character on someone.
Welp, here it is:

Just One Dance

On a beach, two figures danced in the pale moonlight. It was a warm night, but neither creature was affected, as a cool breeze from the nearby cave could be felt. The wind whispered through the forest that ran parallel to the beach. Not a sound could be heard except for the rushing of the waves.

The young girl spun around with her partner, almost perfectly in sync with him. They resumed their slow dance as he pushed the girl's hair off her face. She didn't flinch at his cool touch, as she was used to the coldness of his skin. She smiled as he laughed.

"You are a terrible dancer," He remarked, his voice low and smooth.

"Well, didn't you consider that maybe I could've used the time we spent running from you to learn?" The girl's voice was accusing, but not harsh.
"Of course, you're not the best either." There was a teasing tone to her voice.

"Your Highness, there were more important matters to attend to than dancing. I'm still not entirely sure that this place is safe for-"
He grew silent as his princess reached up to kiss him on the cheek. Blushing, he struggled to find words to say.

"Shut up and dance."
"Yes Your Highness."

The night passed, and soon a tired couple was left watching the sunrise. The princess leaned on her friend for support. Her eyes gleamed, a representation of the fun the pair had that night.

"If you killed me, you never would have shared this sunrise with me," She stated.

"Don't remind me," Her friend groaned. He clearly did not enjoy this topic.

After a moment of thought, the princess decided there was something she needed to make clear.
"You know.... This didn't mean anything... Okay?"

Her large friend stared at her. Although his face was usually expressionless, puzzlement could be clearly seen in his eye. He blinked, clearly not understanding what she meant.

"You and me, I mean." She knew more explanation was needed.
"We're just two friends who had a good time dancing with each other, okay? Nothing happened between us."

She was still leaning against her friend, holding him close. The princess knew she was sending mixed messages, but was tired and knew she couldn't stand by herself.

Her friend shook his head, thinking to himself.

I don't understand humans. Why would she kiss me if it meant nothing? Were all humans like this?

"Nothing at all happened. Why don't I take you home now, Your Highness?"