Hi all, I am new to fanfic writing but have wanted to do it for a while.

This is the first chapter of my story. It is a story based mainly on original characters with a few non original characters.Please leave comments and criticism so I can improve on the next chapter. Thanks.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Gazing out of the window with her dark hazel eyes Juno looked down upon the sprawling green blue ocean. It was the only thing that she could see as she craned her neck in all directions. The waves chopped and swirled as the sea moved in a rhythm that calmed Juno. She ran her slender fingers through her long flowing brown hair, tying it back into a pig tail and rested her hands back on her lap. Not knowing how long it would take for her to reach her destination she settled back down in her window seat chair and closed her eyes.

Thinking back to what had made her start this trip brought up a cloudy storm of memories. Juno clenched her fists as she remembered how her Grovyle plummeting to the ground after being on the receiving end of Seismic Toss attack.

As dust rose up into the air neither trainer could see what was going on. Juno gained composure quickly and was the first to command an attack.

“Get up Grovyle! I know you can do it!” Juno had screamed. “Get up now and use Leaf Blade!”

“Go Hariyama, use Arm Thrust” her opponent, Gino, ordered.

Just as Grovyle had managed to struggle to its feet Hariyama had rushed in and caught Grovyle hard with a powerful Arm Thrust attack. It was the second big attack that Grovyle had taken in a matter of seconds. Crashing to the ground Grovyle again tried to get up and continue the battle. It was too weak to continue and crumpled down, defeated.

“Grovyle is unable to battle” the judge declared. “The winner is Gino and his Hariyama.”

With these words Juno slumped to the floor. She knew that she would not be progressing into the second round of the knock-out stages of the Hoenn league.

“Grovyle, return.” Juno whispered, as a beam of red light burst from the pokéball. Trying to fight back the tears she mumbled “You did an excellent job,” she said to the pokéball. “I guess we just weren’t good enough on the day.”

“Coffee dear?” questioned a sweet voice. “You look a little pale.”

Juno looked away as she blushed not realising someone had been watching her.

“It’s nothing, I’m just not that keen on flying is all. Thanks” she said as she took the warm cup from the lady. Juno didn’t like to lie but she didn’t really want to talk about what was really up with her.

As the lady poured coffee into a polystyrene cup she studied the girl looking out of the window. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt with a zip up dark blue hooded top which had a small gold and silver pokéball sewn onto either side of the zip. A pair of light blue jeans, which looked very new, covered her legs and a pair of jet black flat soled boots rested on the floor.

“Is this the first time you have travelled to the Sinnoh Region dear? Is there a particular reason you’re travelling there?” the sweet voice asked that held a very genuine kindness in the tone.

Looking up for the first time Juno saw that the speaker was middle aged lady with a few wrinkles and grey hair. Her eyes were clear blue and bright, filled with a friendly look that Juno appreciated.

“Yes, well no actually. I have been once before with my dad. We came to watch the Pokémon league finals four years ago. We only went to the league village that time. It is the first time I have come on my own though.” Juno replied.

“Ah I see, lovely place Sinnoh. I grew up in Canalave City.” A misty look seemed to come over the woman as she spoke. “Well I best get back to work.”

As she trotted off down the plane handing out drinks and food to other passengers Juno checked the window again. As she did she saw a huge dark green forest come into view far below. There was a large lake in the middle and it seemed to glisten like a beacon of light in a never ending darkness. Juno shivered at the thought. She was unsure why, but she felt that the lake seemed to house some dark meaning. Pushing the thought of her head and relived that she was reaching the airport in Jubilife city Juno stretched in her chair and then settled down again.

“Juno, hey Juno? Come here a second will you? I have a surprise for you!”

“Go away Dad! I’m not coming out; I let you, mum and Elly down by sucking at the league.”

“Don’t be silly Juno, your mother and myself are extremely proud of you and what you and your Pokémon achieved.”

Opening her bedroom door Juno let her father in. He sat down on her bed and gave her a hug. Looking around the room he laughed to himself. It was covered in all things Pokémon, from the posters on the wall and the clock on the dresser to the miniature Celebi next to her bed. Juno’s love for grass type Pokémon was obvious.

“I remember when you worked at the garden centre; Juno that was when you first fell in love with Pokémon wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” sniffed Juno. “I remember planting up a small tree sapling and a Treekco jumped out of a bigger tree and came to help me. That was what made me pick my Treecko in the first place.”

Smiling for the first time since she had lost at the Pokémon stadium Juno stood up and laughed. Picking up her pokéball Juno tossed it in the air.

“Grovyle go!”

In a flash of white light Grovyle, Juno’s most loyal Pokémon was released from his pokéball.

“Grove grovyle gro!” he cried at the joy of being let out at last.

“Grovyle, I’m sorry I have been such a miserable jerk for the past week! Please forgive me?”

Seeing Juno’s eyes well up with tears Grovyle hugged his trainer and all was forgotten.

“So dad, what’s the surprise you have got for me anyway?” asked Juno quizzically.

“Well whilst you have been away travelling around the Hoenn region, me and your mum have been furthering our interest in breeding and…o heck here you go darling.”

As he spoke, Tony pulled out small glass case. The glass sparkled as it reflected the sunlight shining in the room. Inside was a small round object that was a mixer of red and orange in colour with a light orange band around the middle. Handing it to Juno carefully he said “You will have to be very carefull with this Juno, you will need to take care of the egg until it hatches. Once it has hatched you can use the pokéball on the top to call it back.”

“Oh dad!” cried Juno “I can’t believe it! What kind of Pokémon is it?” she asked as she turned the case round and round looking at her egg. Not quiet believing that it was hers.

“Now that would be telling.” He replied with a cheeky grin. “Let’s just say that this Pokémon is native to the region of Sinnoh.”

“Sinnoh? Isn’t that where we went to watch the Pokémon league that time?”

“Yes it is. It is also very rare!”

“Dad, I am going to travel to Sinnoh. Grovyle? Are you up for that?”

“Grov gro gro grovyle!” came the excited reply.

“I’ll take that as a yes then” Juno said with a laugh.

“This is your captain speaking; we are due to land in Jubilife city airport in five minutes time. Please buckle up and remain seated until we come to a complete stop. Thank you for flying with Mossdeep Travel.”

The announcement snapped Juno out of her day dream. Rummaging through her backpack she retrieved the precious egg that her father had given her. It was all wrapped up in a blue blanket inside the safe glass case. Holding it tightly she made sure she was all buckled in ready for the landing.

“Soon…” thought Juno out loud “soon we shall be in Sinnoh and we can go and meet Professor Rowan and then register at the Pokémon Centre for the Sinnoh league.”