Ash and co.


"Jumbled Jazz"

"What do you think?" a black haired boy smiles as he cradles a doll of a Gallade clad in a purple and silver shirt with a long purple and royal blue jacket over it.

"A puppet pop star, huh?" a black haired man muses as he admires the doll.

"What's his name, Ash?" a brown haired woman asks.

"Altair." the boy replies. "He's the star of this new skit I want to show you--only he's more of a jazz singer." He motions for a black haired girl cradling a Taillow doll and a deep brown haired boy petting a Snivy doll. "He won't announce himself like Blair and Dawn will." With that, he and his co stars retreat behind the wall serving as their stage.

A festive melody begins as the Snivy and the Tailow "run" onstage and pose over a drum roll. "Kojo..." Blair announces in a younger version of himself.

"and Lani in..." Dawn adds in a breathier version of herself.

"Jumbled Jazz!" both puppets announce as the drum roll gives way to the second part of the song.

The lights go down at the song's conclusion, and come back up again on the set of a house in the center of the stage, where Ash's Gallade enters singing a jazzy song. The woman smiles and leads the clapping as the Gallade "dances" around the stage, lost in its song.

Finally, the Gallade realizes it has an audience and whirls around. "Oh, hi!" Ash speaks in an older version of himself. "Altair Chante, world famous superstar, at your service." he muses with a little bow. "Welcome to my humble home--I've got a gig tonight, and so I must practice before I hit the stage. " With that, the Gallade puppet continues its stroll around the stage, singing random gibberish as an improvisation, oblivious to the hammering and the whir of a drill around him.

As the construction noise gets louder, it gets harder for Altair to focus. "There's too much noise! I can barely hear myself!" Ash groans in frustration as Altair. He storms over to stage right, where Blair has Kojo positioned sawing a piece of imagined wood. "Ahem!" he begins, startling Kojo.

"Yes?" Blair begins as Kojo before realizing who is before him. "Oh, Altair! Was I intruding on your practice time?" he asks.

"Bingo!" Ash replies as Altair. "It's kinda hard to practice for a gig when I keep hearing wood being sawed."

"I'm sorry...I'll go fix this chair somewhere else." Blair assures Ash as Kojo before hurrying offstage.

Ash makes Altair stroll back inside the house set. "There. Now maybe I can sing without being interuppted..." He starts another improvisation before the drill's whining overpowers him. Annoyed, he makes Altair walk over to stage left, where Dawn has Lani "drilling"" some holes into some imagined wood, and knocks a "shave and a haircut, two bits" rhythm on the wall with his free hand, getting Lani's attention.

"What is it, Mr. Altair?" Lani asks. "My apologies if my building a cabinet bothered you..."

"It was bothering me--I could barely hear myself over that drill. On top of that, I've got a gig tonight, and must practice." Ash explains.

"Okay--I'll go finish my cabinet elsewhere." With that, Dawn makes Lani gather up her supplies and "fly" off.

"Now...where was I?" Ash muses as he makes Altair re-enter the "house". He then begins a third improvisation, unaware that Kojo and Lani have simply traded places on the stage. When he heads for a high note, the construction noise starts again, making him crack. "It's no use..." he sighs over the noise. "Oh well--I'll just work on my dance moves instead!" With that, Ash proceeds to make Altair do a quick tap dance offstage to end the sketch.

The woman leads the applause. "Bravo!"

"Altair just can't catch a break when he practices, can he?" the man agrees as Ash, Blair, and Dawn emerge from behind the wall with their characters and take a bow...