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    I recently rediscovered Team Rocket. :) Let’s face it, those guys are some of the most funny characters I’ve ever seen. And seriously, they have a much better character built than the main characters, with sad pasts and their evil-good complex… The problem is that the authors of the anime seem to forget that… -_-’’ Well, basically, the idea spawn from re-reading James’ profile. The guy has Pokemon waiting for him a bit all over the world. So… Well, no point in reading notes. Just read the story! ^^ Enjoy!


    “Hmmm… This sure takes long… Atchoom!”

    A little cold. Things that happen when you walk around in a damp forest wearing nothing but a light outfit and a scarf. That was something James didn’t like at all, even if he had gotten used to it over the years. And another thing that he hated was passing trough forests all alone. But there he was, walking alone in a cold forest. No talking Meowth, no Jessie… Just him, the cold and the forest.

    “I should have brought something to wear over this thing… Even if I don’t possess other clothes. Damn, I didn’t remember Kanto to be still this cold, in April…” Yep. Kanto. James was back in Kanto, alone. Why? Let’s say that he took a vacation to go visit an old friend. It all started a week before, in Sinnoh…


    Pappaparapappaa! (Wobbuffet!)

    “… James… What the hell…”

    P-Q-R-S Team Rocket!

    “Ehm… It’s my Pokenav’s call tune…”

    “YOU GOT A POKENAV?!” Jessie looked ready to jump and strangle the hell out of her companion, remembering all the times they were forced to look for a cabin to make even the shortest call.

    “Ehm… It’s really particular. It can only call and be reached by certain numbers.” The violet haired man picked the Pokenav out of… Where? There are no visible pockets on the Rockets’ uniforms… Whatever. He got the thing in his hand and opened it. “James here…”

    Young master, good morning.

    “Ah! Eiji! It’s good to hear you!”

    “Eiji?” Whispered Jessie to Meowth, lowering her head towards him. Meowth whispered back…

    “I think it’s the old man we met some time ago… You know, the one who takes care of his family’s vacation home along with his wife…”

    “Ahhh…” Jessie remembered of that occasion, and then returned her full attention to James.

    “You haven’t called in a long time. What’s the matter?”

    Eheheh… A joyful one, young master. James blinked. Why was Eiji being so enigmatic? I’m happy to warn you that your friend, that you have left with us some time ago, is now in full health conditions.

    “E-EH? YOU DON’T MEAN…!” Suddenly, James heard a very familiar sound coming from the Pokenav. A sound that he had stopped hearing ever since the little Pokemon that produced it fell ill. “Chimecho!”

    Exactly, young master. He’s up and well. And he’s eager to see you again.

    “… I’m so glad! I’ll come as soon as I can!”

    Of course, young master. We will wait for you. Have a nice day.

    James closed the call and turned, beaming, to his companions.

    “Great news! Chimecho has healed! Shall we go?!”



    “… Hm?” James blinked at the stares of his companions. And they were stares that told him ‘Are you out of your mind or something?’. “What?”

    “…” Jessie put a hand over her eyes and began to massage her poor temples, which she felt were about to burst. “James, answer this question. Where in the world are we, now?”

    “Ehm… The region of Sinnoh?” James didn’t know… Oh. Wait. He was starting to.

    “And… Where is de place where you left your Chimecho?” Asked Meowth, who was just crossing his arms. With claws and an enormous head is a bit difficult to massage your temples.

    “Ehm… A mansion near Saffron city, in the region of Kanto?”


    “Well… I can just take a ship to Jotho’s Olivine city from Sunyshore city, and then take another from there to Kanto’s Vermilion city. From there, it’s an easy trek to Saffron and my vacation’s house.”

    “…” Jessie and Meowth suddenly blinked… What James had just said actually made sense. It was a thing that could be done. “B-But what about de twerps! We…”

    “Come on. We’ve been following them for… I don’t know how long. I think we can take a break once in a while.” James had suddenly become very wise and cunny. What one does for his Chimecho… “Think about it like this. I will be away like, what, two weeks at most, and in the meanwhile, you can do everything you want like I hurry to run back here as soon as possible. You can work to replenish our finances, go to parties… Be normal people for once. I mean, it’s been ages since we took a break from work.”

    “… If you put it like that…”

    End flashback

    “Sniff… I sure hope Motoko has just finished cooking some chicken soup or something because… ATCHOOM! I’m gonna need loads of that stuff, if this keeps up.” James resumed what was finding incredibly easy at that moment. Doing the ‘Teeth-machinegun’ dance. Trembling and making the sound of a machinegun with his teeth because of the cold.

    “Well, not chicken soup… But we just cooked some veggie soup. Of the kind you always loved, young master.”

    “Eh?” Before James could turn around, he had found his whole body wrapped up in a warm blanket. When he turned around, he recognized the smiling face of the man who had been his vacation home’s caretaker since he had been a child. “Eiji…”

    “Come on, young master. The soup will get cold… And your friend and my wife just can’t wait to see you.” The old man moved a branch out of the way, and James finally was basked in the vision of the mansion’s sight.

    Journey of a thousand James
    Chapter1: Brief family reunion… Run for your lives



    “Eheheh… Chimecho, I suppose you should restrain yourself from wrapping yourself around the young master’s head, at least till that nasty colds passes.”

    “Sniff… Listen to Motoko, Chimecho. You’ll just keep on getting blown away, otherwise…” Good thing that James had learned to turn away from his soup each time he sneezed, otherwise it would have all ended up on the floor way before Chimecho’s fifth attempt at ‘hugging’ James around the head.

    “So, how are things going for yourself, young master? Still with Team Rocket?”

    “Yeah… Sniff…” James rubbed the underside of his nose. “It’s not like I can just leave it out of the blue… Leaving alone my companions, on top of that…” James took another big spoon of soup before continuing to talk. “We’re currently travelling in Sinnoh… Ah, and I stumbled upon another of my family’s old vacation homes. I found another of my old friends… I won’t call him out because he would hug me in his own way… Around my head.”

    “Ahahah! Your old Carnivine! What a pleasant surprise!” Eiji laughed and took a sip of water from his glass. “And what about our Mime Jr? Is he being a good Pokemon?”

    “Of course! Together, we even managed to win a Pokemon Orienteering competition… AT-CHOOOOOM!” James turned around before he could send everything on the table flying. This last sneeze was a lot stronger than the other ones. “Damn cold…”

    “Things that happen when you walk around in just that light outfit and a scarf, young master…” Motoko had returned from another room with a bundle of clothes in her hands. “Since I suppose that tonight you will be staying with us, we prepared you a room. Here are a pyjama and some clothes that it would be good for you to wear, when you leave tomorrow.”

    “Ah… Thanks.” James took a tissue and blew his nose loudly. Eiji chuckled.

    “Seriously… I understand the importance of the uniform and all, but you should carry other clothes with you, young master… By the way, how did you manage to take two boats without getting arrested? I mean, that big red ‘R’ is a dead give away…”

    “Ehm…” James blushed a little and scratched the back of his head, while Chimecho wrapped itself around his forehead, this time. “I hid in a couple of crates…”

    “…” The elderly couple stared at him for a couple of seconds. Then, sniffed the air. “Young master… What was in those crates?”

    “… Sardines.”

    “…” Eiji got up from his seat, and with the same grace and gentleness of a marine sergeant said… “You. Bathroom. Warm water. NOW.” James saluted and then hurried to the bathroom.


    “Ahhhh… So niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice…”




    James felt in heaven. It had been ages since he had taken a real bath in a real bathroom… Especially one as big and luxurious as the one he was using at that moment. One could really see his family’s level of wealth from that bathroom. It was huge, to use one word. And it was made out of marble and gold only. Yes, gold. You heard right. The tubes, the taps, the very doorknob were made out of gold. And the bathtub had a wonderful whirlpool bath. So, James decided to share that moment of pure bliss with his Pokemon… Well, Carnivine had to be persuaded to leave his head alone, before enjoying the warm water.

    “Sigh… You know… Sometimes I miss this kind of life…” Said James, leaning his head back into the water, on the edge of the bathtub.

    “Mimemime!” Mime Jr’s tone was like ‘You bet!’.

    “… But then I remember about the forced studying, the imprisonment days… And the forced engagement to Jessiebell…” At that, the trainer and two of his Pokemon shivered. Chimecho just let out a ‘Chime?’. Among the occupants of the bathtub, he was the only one who didn’t met Jessiebell at least once in his life. Carnivine had been with James ever since he was a little kid, and Mime Jr… Well, he met her one time when his parents came to the house along with the girl… It wasn’t pretty. “And I say to myself ‘Vive la liberté’.” Saying this, James stood up in the bathtub and walked out of it, and then enveloped his lower half in a towel… But suddenly, he heard the door of the bathroom opening and a voice.

    “Bathroom, bathroom, gotta clean the bathroom…”



    James turned around towards the door… And he witnessed that a girl had just entered the bathroom. She was wearing a maid outfit and holding a mop and a bucket in her hands… The girl herself had noticed that there was someone in the bathroom… Then, she noticed something that James had remembered. He was half-naked. They stared at each other…







    “CHIME!” The Pokemon believed it was a screaming contest or something.

    “S-SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO… KYAAAAA!” Letting the mop and the bucket fall to the ground, the girl ran out of the bathroom while covering her face, now deep red, with her hands, while James fell back into the bathtub. He could hear some other voices coming from outside.



    “…” James slowly got into a sitting position in the bathtub, and he stared at the now opened door, blinking. “What the hell did just happen?”


    After getting dressed in his pyjama and a robe, James returned to the living room, where he found Eiji scolding the maid with his wife trying to calm him down, while the poor girl kept on muttering apologies in a bowing position.

    “Ehm… Something happened?”

    “And another… Ah, young master.”

    “Ah! S-S-Sir James!” The girl returned into a standing position for one second before bowing again, to him, this time. “I-I-I-I-I’m so sorry for what has happened before!”

    “Ehm… It’s no big deal…” James said, flushing a little and scratching the back of his head. Then, he smiled awkwardly, still a bit uneasy talking to the girl. “Ehm… Who are you, exactly? You weren’t here, last time I was here…”

    “Eheheh… Her name’s Jill, young master.” Replied Motoko in place of the girl, who was still bowing down to him, and of her head he could see just her black hair. “She’s a camper girl… She offered to work here for a while to earn some money. When you arrived we had sent her to buy some things in Saffron. That’s why you didn’t see her before she rushed into the bathroom to clean it.”

    “I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…” Eiji groaned and covered his face with one palm.

    “She’s a hard worker… But sometimes she’s just clumsy. And raise your head, before you get a hernia!”

    “Y-Yes!” Jill returned into a standing position, but she was still embarrassed, and so, she kept her gaze on the ground. Like he had seen before, her hair were black, cut just under her chin, and she had hazel eyes. “I-I’m sorry… I forgot what mister Eiji had told me…”

    “Ehm… It’s okay. Like I said no big deal…” James tried to cheer her up a bit. “I mean, it could have been worse. I could have been naked…”

    “N-Naked?” The girl raised her head… Then she blushed even more and ran out of the room. “KYAAAAAAAAAA!”

    “…” James sweatdropped. That girl had some strange issues. Motoko just chuckled.

    “Poor girl, she’s so uneasy around men her age… It seems like she just gets along with us and her Pokemon.” The old woman then turned to James. “Your old room has been prepared for you. We wish you a good night, master.”

    “Thanks. Good… ARGH!” Suddenly, all his Pokemon glomped him in their own personal way. Hence, James was currently on the ground, blindfolded by Chimecho, bitten by Carnivine and hugged around the legs by Mime Jr. “GUYS, I DIDN’T SAY WE WERE GOING TO SLEEP TOGETHER! AND EVEN IF WE ARE TO, I’M NOT GOING TO SLEEP BINDED LIKE THIS!”


    “Sigh… I’ll never understand why just certain kinds of Pokemon like me so much…”

    In the end, James had ended up in his bed with Chimecho wrapped around his forehead, Mime Jr under the covers with him and Carnivine cuddled up above him. And the grass-type Pokemon could rival a Snorlax, when it came to snoring… But, nonetheless, James felt that sleep was about to take him.

    “Mhhh… It’s better to get some good sleep…” James let out a loud yawn and cuddled up against his cushion. “Tomorrow will be eventful.”

    And James just didn’t know how much.


    “Hmmm… Good morning, Eiji.”

    “Good morning, young master. I take you slept well?”

    After sleeping in a real bed, James was about to take part to something that he had not done in a long while… A true, large, satisfying breakfast. And he could see Pokemon food too, at the tables. Good thing he had not put his Pokemon back in his Pokeballs yet, since the hungry monsters immediately dug into the food, much to James’ sweatdropping.

    “Ahahah. Quite lively, your Pokemons, young master.” Motoko, with the help of Jill, was bringing even more food to the table. James felt his mouth already watering, so, he sat at the table and started digging into the pancakes. Jill, still blushing like the previous day, put in front of him a cup with some hot tea inside. James took it and took a sip.

    “Mhh… Black tea… Two spoons of sugar… And a drop of milk…” James then blinked and turned towards the maid. “Hey. How do you know I always take tea like this?”

    “Ehm… Lady Motoko told me.” Jill lowered her head once again.

    “Ah. Well, thanks anyway.” James smiled at her… And the girl ran out of the room again. “… Seriously. What’s her problem?”

    “As I said yesterday, she’s just very uneasy around men her age. Especially attractive ones like young master.” James scratched his head while Motoko chuckled.

    “Mmmmh… I guess… But it’s kinda childish behaviour. I mean, I acted like that as well… But I was like, 10?” James passed to the french toasts and put some syrup on his pancakes, before continuing to eat.

    “Eheheh… Yes. And I remember that Growlie… …” Motoko had suddenly stopped talking, but James didn’t give it much thought.

    “Yeah… He always nudged me in the back with his paws, trying to make me stumble into the girl I was being shy about.” James chuckled, and then put a hand on the paw that was nudging him in the left side. “Hey, that tickles, Growlie… … …” James blinked. And then realized what he had just said. “… Growlie?”


    “…” James felt his brain’s gears turning at light-speed, giving him in two seconds the answer he was searching for, the only possible explanation to why Growlie could be there. And the hypothesis was confirmed by Carnivine and Mime Jr trembling in fear.

    “What a surprise! We were thinking about paying a visit to our vacation home…”

    “But this is really a bonus.”

    “…” James slowly turned around. And he took in the sight of two people that he would have never wanted to see till they changed their minds on a certain thing… His parents. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    “Hohoho… James, is this the way to greet your parents after all the time we haven’t seen each other?” His father laughed while stroking his moustaches. Then, he turned to his wife. “Hon, would you mind calling…”

    “I’m already on it, dear.” James’ mother had gotten out of her purse a Pokenav, and was searching for a number. “The girl is probably in Sinnoh, but, I bet she will get here in less than three days, when she hears that our beloved son is here.”

    “AAAAAAARGH! NO! DON’T CALL HER!” James practically begged his parents. He knew that they were about to call the bodyguards who were outside too to restrain him till that… That… That sadomaso freak Jessie-wannabe with the name of Jessiebelle arrived there.

    “Nonsense, James. Your fiancée has all the right to know…”


    “! Honey! What…”


    “…” James and the other occupants of the room had shifted from terrified to… Surprised. Really, really surprised. Because, in the laps of time of three seconds… Jill had hit both his parents in the head with a frying pan, causing them to go unconscious on the ground, with big, smocking lumps on the back of their heads. “… Jill… Why… Did you do that?”

    “B-Because these unknown persons were being mean to mister James?”




    James winched for his father, who had not fallen unconscious on the first hit. That had to hurt. In the meanwhile, Eiji was twitching.

    “Girl… I don’t know if I should praise you because you just saved the day or scold you because you just hit the young master’s parents…”

    “I… WHAT?!” The girl immediately began to shake like rag dolls the unconscious couple, completely out cold. “I-I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO... I DIDN’T KNOW!”

    “Alright, let’s calm down for a bit…” James brought his hands in front of his face, while his Pokemon, Growlie included, were gathered around him. “My parents are not going to be out for long. And I need to run. Runrunrun.”

    “And I think you need to run too, dear.”

    “E-Eh?” Motoko was talking about Jill. The girl had turned to the elder woman, confused.

    “You hit them with a frying pan in the head and knocked them unconscious. If you’re still here when they wake up, they’ll throw you in the mansion’s dungeon for sure.”

    “… NOOOOO! WHAT HAVE I DOOOOOOONE!” The girl exploded in tears. Everyone who could, plugged his/her ears.

    “Girl, just shut up! You’ll just have to go with the young master!”



    “Say that again?”


    Everyone turned to Eiji.

    “I refuse to send you out again on your own, young master. You can’t cook very well for your own, and you’re not expert at doing chores. The girl, even if clumsy, has a certain experience with them, by now, other than being a camper. And since she still has left two weeks of paid work to do, I will assign her to you.”

    “B-But I can’t bring her with me! I mean…” Eiji had that look that meant ‘It’s final’. James just groaned. “Whatever! I’ve got to get dressed and pack! Jill, meet me at the exit in twenty minutes!”

    “H-Hai!” Jill bowed and hurried to her room, to pack and dress up like she had been said to do. James pulled out three Pokeballs.

    “Get back in the Pokeballs, guys! It’s time to return!” He pushed the three buttons on the Pokeballs one after the other and made Carnivine, Mime Jr and Chimecho return into their Pokeballs. And he was about to hurry… When he felt something pull his leg. “What now… Eh?”

    James turned around… And he saw Growlie pulling on his leg, biting on the trousers of his pyjama. He had an angry stare.

    “… Growlie…”

    “Don’t you think it’s time to listen to your heart, young master?” Eiji had talked again. James turned to him. “This would be the third time you left him behind. And I think he’s opposed to that as much as he could.”

    “… But…” James tried to say something, but returning to look at his pet, his words got stuck in his mind.

    “We know that you think that he would be better off with your parents, in his luxurious house…” Motoko continued for her husband. “But… Is that how you feel about the matter? Or how Growlie feels about it?”

    “…” James stared at his Growlithe, who didn’t look he was about to let go of his leg anytime soon. James tried to mutter an answer. Then, he just sighed. “I warn you, Growlie. There will be no more good Pokemon food to eat three times a day.” The Growlie, like he had understood what James had just said, raised his head, expectantly. And one could see him very happy, when he saw James holding a vacant Pokeball in his hand. “Together again, Growlie.”

    “Growl!” James let the ball fall towards Growlie. The ball bounced on his nose once, and opened, enveloping the Pokemon in a flash of red light, completing the capture. James then kneeled down and took the Pokeball back in his hand. He stared at it a bit… Then he smiled.

    “Alright! Now, let’s get packed!”

    “I’ll prepare some new clothes for you to wear as well, young master!”


    “… I don’t know…”

    “They suit you well, young master.”

    “Absolutely. My old PIs’ clothes look great on you.”

    Indeed. PI clothes. James was now wearing a long, dark red trench-coat, with a hat of the same colour with an horizontal stripe around it of an even darker shade of red. Under it, a white shirt tied with a black tie, quite loosely tied. Then, a pair of grey trousers and yellow polish shoes.

    “I didn’t know you previously were a Private Investigator, Eiji…” Hey… Don’t tell me he’s one right now too…

    “Private Eye, young masters. It sounds better.”

    “Yes. They look good, mister James.” Jill had changed as well. She was now wearing her usual camping clothes… Even if they usually called girls like her picknickers. A hat, a jacked and a pair of shorts all of the same colour, aquamarine, with a red emblem on the hat and a red foulard. Then, a couple of low shoes, aquamarine too, worn over a pair of dark blue long socks.

    “Hmmm…” James suddenly grinned. He took a Pokeball and let out Growlie, and then put one hand inside his right pocket and the other on his hat, enjoying the image reflecting into it. “A private eye and his loyal track hound… Don’t we look cool, Growlie?”

    “Ehm… Mister James? Should we go? To dodge the bodyguards outside we will have to take a longer route from behind the mansion…”

    “Yes, sorry.” James let go of his hat and turned to Eiji and Motoko. “It’s been nice meeting you two again. Thanks for what you’ve done for me and for taking care of Chimecho. Take care.”

    “Of course, young master. We will.”

    “And, girl… Take care of the young master.”

    “Y-Yes.” Jill bowed deeply. “Goodbye.” Then, carrying her backpack, she hurried towards the backdoor of the mansion. James picked up his own from the ground and ran after her, followed suit by Growlie. The elderly couple smiled at them, and watched them go till the door got closed.

    “Well… I suppose we should clear ourselves from any possible accusations like the young master suggested.” Eiji picked out of nowhere a frying pan. His wife imitated him.

    “We certainly should. On the count of three…”




    “So… Were are we heading to, mister James?”

    “Please, just call me James. You make me feel like I am my father.”
    “Groooowl…” Growlie shuddered. It wasn’t a happy thought at all. James becoming like his father… What if he tried to marry him to a Delcatty?

    “Alright… So?”

    “Sigh…” James scratched the back of his head. “I have to return to Sinnoh as soon as possible. I have a couple of friends waiting for me, there…” Then he turned to Jill. “Are you sure you want to follow me around?”

    “Y-Yes. After all the good things that mister Eiji and lady Motoko did for me, including paying me in advance… It’s the least I can do.”

    “Hmm… As you wish.” James put a hand on his chin. “Now, I bet that my parents will put a surveillance around all the docks of Vermillion’s city.” James sweatdropped at that. They had did so, once, when he had gotten lost in the city. “So, I will have to modify the travel route.”

    “Well… The point is getting to Olivine city in Jotho, right?” James nodded.

    “Yes. And from there, take the ship to Sunyshore city in Sinnoh. But first thing, we have to find a way to get to Jotho.”

    “Well, the fastest way is… The Magnet Train.” James blinked at her. Magnet what? He had never heard of anything like that... Well, he had been away from Kanto for a while. Noticing his puzzled look, the girl flushed a little and began to talk again. “The Magnet Train… It has been built recently. It’s a high speed train that travels from Saffron city to Goldenrod city, in Jotho. It takes a day an a half. It’s two times faster than the ships. And on top of that, it’s free.”

    “Wow… Good. Very good! Heard that, Growlie?!” The Pokemon yapped in approvation. “Then, let’s arrive to Saffron and take one right now!”


    “A… Pass?”

    “Yes, sir. To board the Magnet Train you need to possess a pass.” While the assistant kept on smiling, James threw to Jill a look that said ‘You didn’t tell me about that.’. The girl just blushed and kept her head low. “To get one, you have to pay 10000 yen and submit a request to our company, and the pass will be ready in three days.”

    “THREE DAYS?! B-BUT… I CAN’T WAIT THAT MUCH!” My parents will already have caught me by the first day, if I remain in Saffron city for that long! And on top of that, I don’t have 30000 yen!

    “Hmmm… This requires a keen eye…”

    “Eh?” James turned around… And almost jumped out of his outfit. Standing behind him, there was a perfect copy of himself, clothes included, and even Growlie was identical. His Pokemon was as surprised as him, and Jill had outright screamed… Wait. Why was there another, smaller Growlie, on top of the bigger one? “… What the…”

    “Ahahahah! Surprised? It’s my specialty. Imitating people, I mean…” Suddenly, the James clone waved his trench-coat around himself… And in place of James’ copy, there stood a girl with green hair tied in two pigtails. And in place of the two Growlie, two Dittos… “The name’s Duplica.”

    “…” Wait a minute… She’s familiar. Green hair… A Ditto… A mini Ditto… Mini… Mini-dit? … !!! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” James got even more scared than before, and screamed pointing his right index finger at the girl. He knew her alright. He, Jessie and Meowth had kidnapped both of her Pokemon, one at the time.

    “Uh?” Duplica just blinked… Then began to glare. “Hey! I’m not ugly! I know I’m not a beauty, but…”

    “Nonono! I just… I just thought you were someone else! You looked like someone I knew! Yeah, that’s all! Ahahahah! To tell the truth, I find you pretty! Very pretty!” Thanks god, no one ever recognizes me as long as I wear something on my head or over my face… Even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s pretty useful.

    “Hmmm…” Duplica observed James’ face, like to see if she could read that he was lying on it… Suddenly, she smiled and got back in a standing position. “Alright! I believe you! So, what’s your name? I can’t call you ‘guy who has a problem with the train’, right?”

    “Ehm… My name is James. This is Growlie…” James patted the head of his Pokemon, and the with the other head pointed in the direction of Jill. “And this is Jill. She’s travelling with me.”

    “It’s a pleasure! Well, from what I’ve heard, you want to board the train… But you need a pass, right?” James nodded… And then sweatdropped when the girl had picked out one of those very passes. One that they needed. “Guess what? I have one right here! Aaaand… I’m inclined to make a bargain!”

    “A bargain?” James blinked.

    “Yes. You see. I’m a performing Pokemon trainer, and I travel a lot… But my house is actually here in Saffron city… And it’s the place where I keep all the dolls I collect during my travels!”

    “Dolls?” James blinked.

    “Dolls?” Jill blinked.

    “Growl?” Growlie blinked.

    “Yes, Dolls! I collect them! I just love to!” Duplica hugged her Dittos, who had transformed into a couple of Clefairy dolls. “While I travel, I always look for dolls! I’ve got a lot of finished collections! Except…” Suddenly, James flinched. Duplica was angry, all of a sudden. “Except for the first Generation Psychic one! All because of Sabrina!”

    “Sabrina?” Another familiar name… James sweatdropped. He hoped it wasn’t another person who he had tried to Pokemon-theft…

    “Yeah! Sabrina! The Gym Leader of Saffron city! That damn, ugly, mean girl… She likes dolls too, and she has two copies of the one I need to complete that collection, the Alakazam golden special… But she doesn’t want to trade! And I know she’s doing it on purpose! I know she is! As a revenge because, unlike me, she never had the occasion to really become a collector! ARGH! Last time I asked her, know what she said? ‘… Beat me in an official Gym Challenge and I’ll give you the thing’.”

    “And… You tried?” Duplica suddenly slumped, at Jill’s question.

    “Yes… And I lost in an awful way.” Duplica sniffed a little. “So, here’s the deal! Since you’re a Pokemon trainer, beat Sabrina and earn me that doll and I will give you this extra pass! Alright?!”

    “…” James blinked. Then, he stared at the girl like she had just grown a second head. Then, he freaked out. “YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!” Jill plugged her ears for safe-keeping.

    “Then, it’s a deal! When you’re done, pass by my house! Just ask for Duplica’s house! Everyone in town knows me! See ya!” And with that, without even giving James the chance to retort… Duplica walked away waving at them, like she had just asked them to go and shop for that night’s dinner. James was still pointing at where she previously was, his jaw hanging. Jill waved a hand in front of his face and he seemed to regain some colour.

    “W… I mean… What the hell?!” James shifted his head left and right a number of times, to Jill and to the place where Duplica had just been standing moments before. “She asked me to… Beat a Gym Leader?!”

    “Yes… I think she did.” Jill just nodded. James shifted his head some more.

    “B-But… Why would she?! I mean, I don’t look nothing like a Pokemon trainer! Where did she get the idea that I’m a Pokemon trainer?!”

    “Well… I think…” Jill moved her gaze to Growlie, who was observing James smiling. “Because she saw Growlie… I mean, even by looking, you can tell that he’s a pretty strong Pokemon.”

    “Well, duh, he is… But the problem is, me. I don’t look nothing like a Pokemon trainer. I mean, my clothes… …” Then, James remembered. He was no longer wearing his team Rocket clothes. They were in his backpack because he needed to be disguised. He was wearing Eiji’s PI clothes. He remembered the scene he had done in front of the mirror… And slumped his head, groaning. “Yes. Growlie and these new clothes make me look like a really cool Pokemon trainer, I guess…”

    “Yes… So, what should we do?”

    “…” James huffed. That was a mess. He knew that his Pokemon were strong… It was him who was weak and absolutely not a good Pokemon trainer. But… He really didn’t have a choice, did he? “… I think… I should at least go and see the Gym.”


    “… It’s creeeepyyyy…”

    “Master James… It’s just an entrance…”

    But James was still freaked out. The Gym was shaped… He didn’t know how. It was like they were a number of tents fused together, all plain white. It creeped him out greatly. He wasn’t advancing towards it not even of one step, even if Growlie was pushing with all his might.

    “Come on, Master James… You want to challenge the Gym Leader or not?”

    “Ehm…” James needed to think of an excuse. “But… Maybe after collecting some informations about this Sabrina? Like, her age, what kind of Pokemon she uses, how many trainers before me have managed to get a badge…”

    “Sabrina is 21. She just uses Psychic Pokemon, and her Gym has given just one medal ever since it opened.” James sweatdropped and almost facefaulted, when his plan was destroyed by an unknown voice. He slowly turned around. It was a man with tanned skin and a black beard, wearing a pair of black trousers and a white shirt over a couple of black polish shoes. He was standing in the shadow of one of the strange pointed pillars of the entrance of the gym.

    “Ehm… Thanks.” Weakly said James. “And… How do you know all of those things?”

    “Well, a father knows a lots of things about his daughter, doesn’t he?” The man grinned, and James blinked. So, that man was… The father of this Sabrina girl he was supposed to defeat? “So, you want to fight Sabrina? Do you have at least another badge?”

    “Eh?” James had been doing that a lot, that day. How come new things kept on popping out, that day? “What do you mean?”

    “Sabrina doesn’t let anyone challenge him, if the trainer doesn’t have at least a badge earned from another Gym.” James groaned.

    “Great… So, basically, no train… We’ll have to run…”

    “Hn?” The man had raised an eyebrow at that. What did that man mean, by that? Suddenly, he walked towards him. James and Jill jumped a little, at that. “Hold still.”

    “Eh…” James suddenly felt that, even if he wanted to, he was unable to move a single muscle. He was stuck in that position… And he didn’t understand why… Maybe it had something to with the fact that the man’s eyes were flashing red and staring directly into his own ones? After a few seconds, he stopped. “… I see… You’re here for the doll, but… Like you’ve thought previously, you have no chance.”

    “I knew it… Hey. Wait a minute. How…”

    “Psychic powers. Run into the family. That’s why Sabrina loves Psychic-type.” Suddenly, the man crossed his arms in front of his chest. “So, let me get this straight. You have four Pokemon. And out of them, just two are strong enough to face Sabrina’s ones. On top of that, you don’t have another badge needed to challenge her, and, you’re not even a real Pokemon trainer. And you want to challenge Sabrina, who has never lost a Pokemon battle in her whole life?”

    “…” James stared at the man, and gulped. Psychic powers… A good way to bring out everything one despised about his own self. He dropped his head. Jill gasped, and then turned to the man a bit angry.

    “S-Stop being so mean to the young master! … And… If Sabrina has never lost a battle in her whole life, why did she give someone a badge?”

    “Words hurt only when they’re true, young lady… And, that badge was handed out… Let’s say as a gift of thank you.” The man kept on staring at James. It’s a shame… It’s probably because of how his life turned out. Because, one thing of a good Pokemon trainer is there… “… Don’t ask me why… But I want to help you out.”

    “What? You want to…” Suddenly, the man held out his right hand… And something appeared in it out of nowhere. James recognized the device. The twerp always carried it around. The man suddenly tossed it to him. “Is this…”

    “A Pokedex. If you want to fight Sabrina, learn how to be a trainer, first.” The man crossed his arms again. “Now… To challenge Sabrina, you need to have at least another badge. I’d suggest you to head to Celadon city. If you hurry up, you’ll be able to get the last bus there.”

    “Celadon city? Why there?” Asked Jill, bringing a finger to her lips.

    “Because Erika, that city’s Gym Leader, specializes in Grass type Pokemon.” James blinked and then sweatdropped at the memory of another Grass-lover Gym Leader he had recently met. “Once you beat her… Or better, if you beat her, she could give you some tips about how to train your Carnivine.”

    “… You think he needs it?” The man nodded.

    “Your Growlithe and your Chimecho, with just a bit more of training in real combat, should stand at least a chance against Sabrina’s Pokemon… But you need three Pokemon to fight against a Gym Leader. And sending an highly unprepared one…”

    “I would never do that! That was another reason why I didn’t want to try this!” Even if James let out that kind of outburst, the man just stood there, unfazed. The rocket suddenly returned his gaze to the ground. “I… I don’t want my Pokemon to get hurt…”

    “I know. That’s why you should train your Carnivine really hard. It’s better than sending in a Mime Jr. against Sabrina’s Pokemon.” James stared at the man… And the nodded.

    “Alright. Autobus. Celadon city. Gym leader. Train Carnivine a lot. Gotcha.” Jill took a real note of all that, while James just a mental one.

    “Yes. Now, go. Or you’ll lose the bus.”

    “R-Right! Let’s go, Jill! Growlie!”

    “T-Thanks!” While the two youngsters hurried away along with the Growlithe, the man stared at them… And suddenly, he sighed.

    “I really have nothing to do, nowadays, if I start helping out Rockets. Now I need a new Pokedex… I almost miss when Sabrina turned people into dolls.”

    In the next chapter…

    With plans in mind, James arrives in Celadon city… But he’s still not really sure about the whole ‘challenging Gym Leaders’ thing… So, he asks Jill to help him out with some battle training… Bad idea. Stay tuned!


    - The tune is the English lyrics of one ending of the anime, Maemuki Rockettodan.
    - The elderly couple’s names are never voiced. So, I decided to use the names of their Seiyuu (Voice actors).
    - While it’s canon that there’s a connection by ship between Vermilion city and Olivine city (Pokemon Gold/Silver), it’s not confirmed that there’s one between Olivine city and Sunyshore city. But the presence in Sunyshore of Jasmine in Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, Olivine city’s gym leader, is a big hint.
    - For an image of James’ clothes: (Diamond and Pearl version)
    - For an image of Jill’s clothes: (Ruby and Sapphire Version)

    James’ Pokemon

    Since James will be using his Pokemon for more things than being a comical joke, in this fanfiction, I thought that it would be useful to give out their levels. This is something I made up on my own, though, by comparing the list of the moves known by James’ Pokemon and the Pokemon’s learnset tables from Diamond and Pearl.

    Type: Fire
    Level: 36

    This was probably the easiest to calculate. We’ve seen Growlie fight against Jessiebelle’s Vileplume, and use Flamethrower. According to the tables, a Growlithe learns Flamethrower at level 34.

    Type: Psychic
    Level: 39

    This can look like an exaggeration, since it would make Chimecho James’ strongest Pokemon, after Cacnea, but it’s not. In the anime, Chimecho has been seen using four moves. Astonish, Wrap, Heal Bell, and Double Edge. Now, while Wrap is a starting move for a Chimecho, and Astonish is learned at level 9, Heal Bell and Double Edge are learned, respectively, at level 38 and 33! Add that Chimecho has got to have gained at least a little exp while travelling with James… Well, you got yourself a very powerful Psychic-type Pokemon.

    Type: Grass
    Level: 25

    This was a bit more tricky. In the anime, we’ve seen Carnivine use, till now, the attacks Bite, Bind and Bullet Seed. Bind is a starting move for Carnivine, and Bite is learned at level 7. Bullet Seed, instead, can just be taught by TM, to a Carnivine. So, I had to reason. I saw that most Pokemon learn Bullet Seed at a level between 17 and max 29. So… I guessed that 25 was a reasonable level.

    Mime Jr
    Type: Psychic
    Level: 21

    This was easy, even if, according to the games, a Mime Jr shouldn’t be able to learn Teeter dance. Oh, well… We’ve seen Mime Jr use Tickle and Mimic too. Mime Jr learns Mimic at level 18.

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    i really like this. keep going, will you?

    Thanks Trainmaster718 for my ownsome banner.

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    yup, a nice read. ill read in the future if you continue.

    Coming Soon...

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    I already have the next three chapters written. :P Just wanted to see if anyone read this thing on this forum. XD

    "I will be away like, what, two weeks at most..."
    Famous last words. And with these words begins a journey
    that will bring a bad thief to become something else.
    Something completely different."

    Chapter I Up. Just click the image above.

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    Please post more, I like this!

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    Agreed. Continue with the postage.

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    XD Alright, alright. Here's the second chapter. Enjoy!

    Journey of a thousand James
    Chapter2: Even Pokemon take steroids

    “Mhhh… Darn, it’s like I’m forgetting something… No, two somethings. I’m forgetting a couple of things… About this city.”

    “Well… Do you have any hints about what it could be?”

    “Well, the first one… I think it had something to do with a perfume… And the second one… With a switch…” James scratched the back of his head while thinking about that. They had arrived at Celadon city at late night, and they had stayed at the Pokemon center. And James had discovered that being a trainer paid off. Free healing and food for your Pokemon, and free beds and food for the trainers. Wow. After having breakfast, they had began to walk in town, trying to find the Gym. People were nice enough to give them directions, fortunately.

    “Perfume… Maybe it has something to do with that?”

    “Uh?” James looked in front of him. There it was, the Celadon gym, just like it had been described to them… In the shape of the head of a Gloom. James sweatdropped. But it wasn’t that that Jill was referring to. It was the building near it. It was obviously smaller than the Gym, and there was a sign above it. ‘Perfume shop’. And it sounded vaguely familiar, to the violet haired man. “… You know… You could be right.”

    “Wanna go in, master James?”

    “…” James suddenly felt uneasy about going into that shop. It was like something was tugging at the corner of his memory… But he didn’t know what, exactly. Growlie was staring at him in a strange way. “… Why not?”

    “Alright.” Jill led the way to the shop, followed suit by Growlithe and James. The glass doors of the shop opened automatically, and a girl immediately greeted them.

    “Welcome to our shop.”

    “Ah… Thanks.” James took a step back. The girl looked vaguely familiar. Dark green hair tied in pigtails… And tha uniform, pink with a touch of yellow on the hips… Very familiar.

    “Were you looking for a particular perfume?” Asked again the girl, smiling. Jill smiled back at her.

    “Not really… Master James seemed attracted to this place, and we wanted to check it out.”

    “Eheheh… Attracted? Men are attracted to this shop for two things. The perfumes or the shop-keepers.” James blushed… Then, he noticed that Growlithe was sniffing the air around with a smile on his face.

    “Wow… That’s strange. Usually, Growlie can’t bear any kind of perfume.” James sniffed the air as well. The perfumes were really good, indeed… But… Why did the make him feel even more unease?

    “That’s probably because they were all chemical perfumes.” James turned his head to the right. Another girl had appeared. Same uniform, long blonde hair tied in a long ponytail and with a cute blue ribbon. Another familiar face? I’m certain… I’ve already seen this place.

    “Our perfumes are exclusively Pokemon made.” James got up while another girl came into sight. This one had hair of a darker shade of violet than James. She was carrying a little slice of paper. “I think your Growlithe will find this particularly nice.” She kneeled in front of Growlie and made him sniff the slice of paper… Growlie smiled with a dreamy look on his face.

    “Eheheh… I knew it.” James observed the scene with a puzzled look. The girl noticed this. “Something the matter?”

    “No… All these perfumes… And this place… The gym too… I’m sure I’ve already been here, but I just can’t place why or when…” James scratched the back of his head.

    “Hmmm… Well, maybe we should call the owner. She has a fabulous memory. I’ll call her. Karen, in the meanwhile, give him a sample of our special.” The violet haired girl said to the blonde haired one, and then headed to the back of the shop.

    “Sure, Laura.” Replied the blonde haired one. Then, she turned to the green haired girl, who handed her a little bottle with some perfume inside. “Thanks, Jean.” Karen opened the bottle and leaned it under Jill’s nose. “Try. Inhale.”

    “Hmmm…” Jill sniffed a little the perfume… The opened her eyes in surprise. “Wow! This is probably the best scent I’ve ever… Smelled?”

    “Eheheh. This is our special, an exclusive secret formula produced thanks to our head’s Gloom.” At that, James flinched… And he didn’t know why. Or better… It seemed like it was coming back to him slowly. The girl suddenly handed him the bottle. “Try.”

    “…” James was nervous. Very nervous. But, nonetheless, he took a sniff of the perfume… Yes, it really was the best scent he had ever smelled… And that was the problem. It was like the perfume was the key to a door he had shut in his head subconsciously. And everything about the circumstances that made him to know that place and the Celadon Gym. “… The… The arson…”

    “Oh?” Karen seemed surprised at that, taking again a standing position. “Yes… Some time ago we got an arson at the Gym… Because of a couple of members of Team Rocket…” The girl darkened visibly at that. “Those damn… The leader’s Gloom almost got…”

    “…” James was sweating visibly.

    “Here we are! May I introduce you to Erika! Shop’s owner and Celadon’s Gym leader!”

    “Eheheh… Enough with the titles, Laura. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    “…” James turned around, frightened out of his mind… Behind him was standing a person he knew well. He had already seen her wearing that kimono and that wig. And he had seen her fighting with her Gloom, the same that was standing beside her in that moment, in her Gym… The Gym he, Jessie and Meowth had put on fire. “NO!”


    “M-Master James?!”

    James run out of the shop so fast that the automated doors almost didn’t open in time, followed suit by a barking Growlie, under the surprised stares of everyone in the shop.

    “M-Master James! Please, excuse me!” Jill bowed and then ran after James… But, unlike him, she hit the automated doors with the face once, before they opened. Then, she ran outside.

    “W-What was that about?” Stuttered Jean.

    “…” Erika stared at the place where the man had been just a few seconds before. Even if she had seen just a glance of his face… He was familiar.


    “Anf… Anf… Anf…”

    James had kept on running till he ran out of breath… Almost half an hour of running. He had stopped in a park, under the shade of a big tree, seated on the ground with his back leaned on it. Growlie was sitting beside him, whining in concern for his owner. After James had regained enough breath, he removed his hat and turned to Growlie.

    “It’s nothing, Growlie… Don’t worry…” He took another deep breath. “It’s just… Something that I locked away from the first time I began a Rocket… And since I kept on being a Rocket everyday of my life… I didn’t really have time to think about… What that little door in my mind hid… Two little things called guilt and conscience…”

    “Grrrooowliiiiithe…” The Pokemon looked at James with a sad stare. James just held his hat in front of him, and he stared at it… Like it was showing him his whole life.

    … Yeah… Thinking about it… Back then, at the peak of my criminal life… I was really a bastard. I had become everything I despised, if I think about it. Uncaring about other people’s wishes and will. Just like my parents… James sighed deeply, and he put it back on his head. “I don’t know… It kind of looks like… That all those times I lost to those twerps were something I needed… Since it was when I first met that brat and his Pikachu that I began to go lower and lower in the crime scale… Me and the others have softened, since then.”


    “…” The point is… How come I had this break-up right now? … What a stupid question. Stealing and kidnapping is a thing, even if they are still bad, no one gets hurt… But in that arson people and Pokemon could have died.



    James raised his head… And he noticed that a ball had gotten out of a bush on his right. Out of it suddenly came out a Pokemon as well. It was like… A smaller version of Pikachu.

    “A Pichu?”

    “Piii…Chu!” The Pokemon took the ball and walked back into the bush with it. James got back into a standing position.

    “What was that about… …” James stopped talking because he had suddenly been deprived of the sun… Or better, another shadow had appeared above him. He raised his head… And he and Growlie got the hell away from that spot before a tree fell on them. James ended up on his butt, on the ground. “W-W-W-WHAT THE!”

    “M-Machamp, stop!”

    “Eh?!” James turned in the direction of the voice… And he saw Jill trying to make a Machamp reason. And from the rock he had just thrown away, James guessed that it was him who had almost flattened him.

    “I asked you to help me find Master James! Not to clear my visual and then beat the crap out of him!”

    “Maaaaaachaaaaaaaaaaamp!” Machamp growl meant something like ‘But it’s so fuuuun…’. Suddenly, Jill noticed him.

    “Master James… AH!”

    “Machamp?” The Machamp turned in James’ direction… And both him and Growlie shivered in fear. And started to scream when the Machamp began to run in their directions.






    James began to run in the direction opposed to Machamp’s one, in the trees, just in time to dodge a bench thrown in their direction. James had never ran faster in his life. It was like trying to outrun a Katamari. And he had played that game.

    “Helpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpme… Eh?”

    The bunch of trees of the park had finished. He had found himself in an open space… Well, semi open. Because there was something that had been built, there. A… Kindergarten. Just a little, low wall separated the space between the actual building and the wall from the park. In the middle of the space he could see various children and Pokemon playing on swings, in a sand-box, other things… Including the Pichu he had seen before, who was playing with a little girl with red hair.
    James reasoned the following line of thought. There was a crazy Machamp, probably on steroids, judging that he was taller than the usual Machamp with 6’5’’, and/or caffeine after him. And from what he had seen till now, if he kept on running, going around the kindergarten, the crazy Pokemon… Would just cut straight trough it, rampaging to create more things to throw at him. So… He did the first thing that came to his mind.

    “Children! Get out of here!”

    “Eh?” Almost every children in the kindergarten turned towards him, observing the strangely dressed man jumping over the small wall.

    “Hurry! There’s a crazy Pokemon coming this way!”


    “What… !” Seeing a boy scream in fear and pointing at something above him, he instinctively turned around… And he saw a tree falling his way. If that thing falls above one of the children… “Growlie! Use the flamethrower on that tree!”

    “Grooooowl… Iiiiithe!” The fire Pokemon inhaled and then let out a huge stream of flames at full strength, managing to stop its momentum while burning it. The tree fell on the wall, breaking in half over it.

    “What is happening here?!” The kindergarten teacher had noticed all the fuss. He walked out of the main building just in time to see Machamp getting out of park. “Holy…”

    “Hurry! Run inside, children!” The children obeyed, some screaming in fear. And James, even if he really wanted to do the same, knew that if he did so, the Machamp could have destroyed the building just to find some more projectiles. So… He swallowed. I’ve got… I’ve got no choice. Trembling a little, he pulled out a Pokeball, while Growlie barked menacingly at the approaching Pokemon, who had just walked right trough the little wall. I’ll have to fight! “Carnivine, come out!”
    James launched the Pokeball, which opened in half in mid air and released his grass type… Who immediately chomped on his head. “ARGH! Carnivine, not now! We have to fight!” The Pokemon noticed the rampaging Machamp almost immediately, and let go of James.



    “… Carnivine! Growlie! Use Bite!” James’ two Pokemon launched themselves at the bigger one, mouths open and ready to Bite.

    “Maaachamp!” But Machamp just swung two of his arms and swatted them away like flies before they could even attempt to Bite him.



    “Oh, no… Argh!” After taking care of his two Pokemon, Machamp had immediately targeted James, sending him fly for some meters and then rolling on the ground with a backhanded slap. James lost his hat while doing this. “Ugh…”

    “M-Master James!” James raised his head… And he saw Jill coming out of the trees. “I-I’m sorry! He never listens to me!”

    “J-Jill! Go and look for help!”

    “Eh?! B-But…”

    “Hurry! I will not be able to stop him for much time!” James slowly got back on his feet.
    “…” Jill stared at his bruised self for a couple more seconds, then nodded and ran away. James winched. That hit had hurt him bad.

    “Darn…” With those four arms… I suppose it’s impossible for Carnivine and Growlithe to approach him enough to use Bite or other close range attacks. I’ll have to attack from a distance. “Carnivine! Bullet seed!”


    The two Pokemon took some distance from their enemy, and then the grass-type attacked. Carnivine’s rain of seeds was directed at Machamp’s front. The Pokemon shielded himself with his arms, reducing the effect of the attack to a minimum.

    “Growlie! Get behind him and use Flamethrower!”

    “Grooooowliiiiiiiiiithe!” Growlie sprinted behind the bigger, distracted Pokemon, and then did a little jump. The Flamethrower hit the Machamp from above, completely enveloping him in flames.


    “Alright! Great job!” James cheered. That attack had had to hurt. When Growlie landed back on the ground, the attack ended, Machamp was standing there, with his arms still shielding his front. He was smoking, literally. Growlie’s Flamethrower had hurt him, it seemed. But… Suddenly… It moved. And James noticed a strange gleam in his eyes.

    “MACHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP!” And James almost wet his pants when he heard him shout in that way. He was angry, it seemed. And suddenly, he went after Growlie, trying to chop him from above. Growlie dodged… And good thing he did. The Machamp’s hit had created a little crater in the ground, because of the hit’s strength.

    “W-What… He seems stronger than before!” Suddenly, James’ Pokedex fell out of his right pocket, opening pointed at the Machamp, who was still trying to hit Growlie. Then, a digital voice began to talk.

    Machamp’s special ability. Guts. When Burned, Paralyzed or Poisoned, Machamp’s attack grows.

    “WHAT?!” James turned his attention to the battle again. His Pokemons kept on dodging Machamp’s attacks, but suddenly the Pokemon stopped and raised his four arms up in the sky.

    “MAAAAACHAAAAMP!” And suddenly, he slammed them all into the ground. And seismic vibrations began to raised chunks of earth from the ground. One slammed right into Growlie, who had lost his footage because of the attack.


    “Growlie!” The Pokemon fell back to the ground and rolled to James’ feet, unconscious. “Oh, no! Growlie!” James hurried to his Pokemon. He was hurt badly. He had felt that attack. “He knew Earthquake…”

    “Machaaaamp!” The Machamp was punching his own chest in triumph. James stared at him and at Growlie alternatively.

    “… Darn it!” I knew it! It’s all my fault! I’m not a good trainer! And I probably never will! Challenging a Gym Leader?! I can’t even protect myself or my Pokemon… “…”

    “Nii-san!” James suddenly turned around, and he saw that some of the children inside the building had got out of it, and were cheering him on, it seemed. “Don’t give up, nii-san! Beat him!”

    “Yes! Defeat him! Avenge Growlithe!”

    “Don’t surrender! Nii-san!”

    “…” Even some of the Pokemon were cheering him on… James gritted his teeth and took out Growlie’s Pokeball, making him return into it. “… I’m sorry…” He got back in a standing position… And he grabbed two other Pokeballs. “I’m sorry, Growlie… Carnivine, Chimecho, Mime Jr… But this time, I really cannot run! Come out!” James threw high in the air two other Pokeballs, releasing Mime Jr and Chimecho. The two Pokemon, strangely, like they knew what was going on, had not hugged James, but had immediately faced the Machamp with a fierce stare.


    “…” If they get near, he will swat them away. If we’re too far, he’ll use Earthquake… And while it has no effect on Chimecho and Carnivine, it has effect on Mime Jr, me… And the building. The point is, this battle cannot go on any further! “Chimecho! Use Astonish!”


    “Maachamp!” Chimecho launched himself at Machamp. The bigger Pokemon was about to punch him away… But suddenly, he stopped, scared out of his mind by the sudden scary face made by Chimecho. “Machamp!”

    “Alright! Carnivine!” James pointed his right index finger at Machamp. “Use Vine whip and tie his feet and arms!”


    “Ma?!” Carnivine did as told, managing to do so thanks to Machamp’s distraction. He tied together the fight type’s legs, and his arms to his sides, two and two.

    “Now, pull! Make him fall down!”


    “Maaachamp!” Carnivine pulled with all his strength, and Machamp fell to the ground.

    “Chimecho! Use Double-Edge… On his face!”


    “Chiiiiiiiimeeeeeee!” The Machamp’s eyes suddenly bulged out of their sockets, like he had understood what James had just said. And he screamed in fear when he saw Chimecho approach… And hit him straight in the face. The little Pokemon got hurt a little as well, but nothing serious compared to the damage it had done.

    “Mime Jr! The final blow! Use Copycat!” James suddenly launched Mime Jr up in the air. The little Pokemon closed his eyes and got enveloped by an azure light. “Double-Edge! To his stomach!”


    “Miiiiiiime…” The little Pokemon suddenly launched himself towards his opponent, on the ground, who was trying to struggle against Carnivine’s bindings, but to no avail.


    “MIIIIIIIIIME!” Mime Jr hit his target head on, adding gravity to the power of his own attack, delivering a devastating blow to the Machamp’s stomach. The fighting type screamed in pain and then passed out.

    “… I did it… I did it!” James trusted his right punch high in the air. “No, we did it! You’ve been fantastic, everyone! We…”



    “Beat… Him…” James had forgot that Mime Jr had bounced back because of the strength of the blow. The little Pokemon had hit him straight in the middle of the forehead… He fell to the ground, unconscious.


    “Chiiiime… Chiiiime… Chiiiime…”

    “Hmmm… My head…” James brought his right hand to his forehead, massaging his temples with his thumb and index finger, with his eyes still closed. “Hnnn… I hope your Heal Bell can make that go away, Chimecho…”

    “It can’t. But I have a perfume that should do the trick.”

    “!!” James jumped in his bed, recognizing the voice… And then howled in pain when his head reminded him what had happened to it. The blue haired girl sweatdropped at him and passed a small bottle of perfume under his nose. James instinctively sniffed it… Then inhaled it deeply.

    “Better?” Erika closed the bottle while James nodded and let his head fall slowly back on the pillow of the bed. They stayed silent for a while. James held an arm over his eyes. He could only see the body of Erika, noticing that she had changed out of her Kimono to her more casual, green clothes. And she had probably removed the black wig too.

    “… My Pokemon?” Asked James.

    “They’re all well. Your Growlithe will have to rest here in the Pokemon center for a couple of days, though. He’s exhausted.”

    “…” James let out an almost imperceptible sigh of relief. Erika just kept on observing him. And he knew it well. “Where am I?”

    “The Pokemon center. It was the closest place for you to rest into. You don’t have anything broken, fortunately. And your Chimecho’s heal bell should have healed all your bruises. He finished using it some minutes ago.” Erika smiled at him, but James still couldn’t see it. He refused to move his arm from his face.

    “… Why?” Erika stared at him some more, her smile never leaving her lips. “I mean, it’s impossible that you haven’t recognized me. I’m without my hat, now. And that day we dropped in front of you…”

    “Yes. You were quite adamant about us imprinting your faces in our memories, before that talking Meowth used the detonator.” Erika leaned in a bit, and leaned her face on her hands. “But, imagine the scene. ‘Agent Jenny, please arrest the man that has just protected the kindergarteners from a rampaging Machamp on steroids because almost two years ago he tried to put on fire my gym and steal my secret formula’. I think that she would have a lot of inner fighting.”

    “… Not if you told her that I’m from Team Rocket.”

    “…” Erika just kept on observing the man who was still covering his eyes.

    “It’s been ages since I did something as bad as that arson, but…” James gripped the sheets with the hand that was still leaning on the bed. “I kept on trying to steal and kidnap Pokemon. And before meeting those twerps, I even had a wanted poster on my head. I even attacked Pokemon centers.”

    “…” Erika was not smiling anymore, but, her look wasn’t angry or anything. She just kept on listening to James.

    “Maybe I now understand why I kept on following that brat, even if every single time his Pikachu or some other Pokemon sent me flying into the stratosphere…” He kept on tightening and loosening the grip on the sheets. “Because… Unconsciously… I wanted to keep on following him. On doing that, on failing… So that I wouldn’t have time to do other things… More serious things. More horrible things. Even from behind a closed angle of my head, my conscience kept on having an effect on me.”

    “…” A small smile returned on Erika’s lips. “You know… That perfume isn’t exactly a medicine for headaches…”

    “… What do you… OOOOOOOOOW!” James shot his head up. The headache was back, even worse than before. Erika just kept on smiling, this time with her eyes closed.

    “It was a perfume that prevented you from lying. So, I’m sure that everything you’ve said till now is the truth. Here’s the real medicine.” Erika took out another bottle and made him inhale. The headache went away immediately, and James shook his head from side to side. “They think of me as a sweet and compassionate girl… But I can be pretty devious and strict too. Ask that to Ash… Or the ‘twerp’, as you call him. To fight against me, he was forced to cross-dress, don’t you remember?”

    “…” James thought about it… The brat dressed as a blonde haired girl… And what an imagination for the names. Ash became Ashley… James began to laugh under his breath at the memory.

    “That’s what I thought too.” Erika returned into a sitting position, then sighed deeply. “Well, the arson was not a big deal, since the building had been built to be especially resistant to fire. With all the trees and grass-types in my gym… But…” She suddenly turned serious and flinched James’ nose.

    “Ow!” James brought his hands to his nose. Erika seemed pretty offended by something.

    “Because of you, I did something I regret. I gave away a badge.” James rubbed his nose while the girl stared at him angrily. Suddenly, she crossed her arms over her chest and her right leg over her left one. “Without a fighting, I mean. That’s against the rules, you know.”

    “W-What do you mean?”

    “…” Erika groaned and put a hand on her head. “I got carried away when Ash saved my Gloom, and I gave him the Rainbow badge as a thank you… But a Gym Leader isn’t supposed to give away badges as gifts. I’m fortunate no word of this reached the League…” She rubbed the top of her head, her lips pushed in a pout… “I mean, Ash has never defeated me, and when I think about it, I doubt he would have, at that time…” Suddenly, she got angry again and grabbed the scarf of James’ hospital gown. “And all because of you. If you hadn’t put the Gym on fire, it would have never happened.”

    “Ehm… Sorry?” James said, his voice a bit nasal because he was still holding his nose with his hands.

    “No. It won’t be enough.” Erika kept on staring into James’ eyes. “I want to fight you in an official match. That’s what you came here for, anyway, right? At least, that’s what that girl told me.”
    “Ehm… Yes? Ah… By the way, where’s Jill?”

    “J… Oh, right! I was almost forgetting. She was punished for the rampage of her Pokemon… She’s gonna have to work for three days for a demolition company.” James facefaulted in his bed.

    “… By the way… Was that Pokemon really on steroids?”

    “Yep. So, about the fight, what about tomorrow at 10 am?”



    The following morning… Back in the clothes he was wearing, hat included, he was standing in front of Celadon’s Gym. Like Erika had said, Growlie had needed to rest, for that day.

    “… Too bad. Growlie is a fire type… Against her Pokemon he would have been a great asset…” Then, James had a flash of Ash’s battle against Erika. “But the twerp had a fire Pokemon too, and he was about to lose nonetheless… Sigh. I guess Gym Leaders are something else…” And on top of that, I bet that, since the battle with the twerp, she has gotten even stronger. “… No point in just standing here. Here we go.”

    James walked towards the Gym’s entrance doors, that opened automatically. He found himself in a forest, basically. He kept on walking trough the natural corridor till he reached a large space with white stripes on the ground, delimitating the arena for the fight. It was different from that time, though, James thought. While back then it was just a vacant area without anything particular, it now included part of the forest, with threes and such. He looked around. Erika was right in front of him, at the other end of the arena, while the other girls were all around it.

    “You’ve arrived. Good.” Erika had her arms crossed over her chest. “Know the rules already?”

    “Ehm… Kinda not.” Replied James, scratching the back of his head.

    “We’re gonna use three Pokemon each.” Erika held out her right hand with three fingers raised. “Pokemon can be returned during the fight, of course. Wins the one who manages to take out all of the opponent’s Pokemon first.”

    “Hmmm… Alright. Ehm, just one more question.” Erika blinked at him. James scratched the back of his head. He really was about to ask an awkward question. “Compared to two years ago… How much stronger have you and your Pokemon become?”

    “…” Erika blinked twice more at James… Then she smiled warmly. “A bit… And… Thanks for not asking how much my Pokemon have become.”

    “…” James put a hand on his hat. “You’re welcome.”

    “Ah-ehm! Alright!” Karen was going to be the referee. “Let’s begin this official league match! Gym Leader Erika versus challenger Trainer James! Choose your first Pokemon! The first to choose is the Gym Leader!”

    “Let’s begin.” Erika immediately pulled out her first Pokeball and hurled it at the center of the field. “Tangela!”

    “…” James observed while the Pokemon, who always looked like an amount of Blue Vines with a pair of eyes and red boots, to him, appeared at the center of the arena. Even if he knew that the Pokemon had gotten stronger since then, James remembered about the twerp’s battle with the girl. With this Tangela there’s just one rule. Don’t get caught in his vines, or it’s over. Trapped in them, the twerp’s Bulbasaur got showered in Paralyzing powder. I have to use a Pokemon that can somehow dodge them or counter them someway.

    “Opponent James, please, your first Pokemon!”

    “…” James pulled out a Pokeball in his hand, and pressed the little white button to make it enlarge. Then, he hurled it at the center of the field. “Mime Jr!”

    “Mime!” The baby Pokemon jumped out of the Pokeball and landed in the middle of the field, staring at Tangela fierily… Well, or at least he tried too. To the girls in the room, he was just a cute little thing, as confirmed by their squeals. The only one who had stayed silent was the Gym Leader.

    “Eh?” Erika raised an eyebrow. Mime Jr? I thought that he would have tried to fight using just Chimecho and Carnivine… A baby Pokemon against my Tangela? “A strange choice, I must say.”

    “Not when I have a plan… Yawn!” James let out an enormous yawn, covering his mouth with his right hand. I was up all night reading things on the Pokedex… I hope it was worth how tired I am.

    “Tangela versus Mime Jr!” Karen was holding a little flag in her right hand. She lowered it in front of her. “Begin!” Erika decided to let James attack first.

    Phew. I guessed right. If she had attacked first, I would have lost before even starting, I think. “Mime Jr!” James trusted his right hand, palm opened, forward. “Use Meditate!”

    “Eh?” Erika was surprised again. Meditate? Indeed, it was the attack the little Pokemon used. Mime Jr sat down cross-legged on the ground, and got enveloped by a red aura. Meditate is a move that raises the Pokemon’s attack… But that Pokemon’s attack is probably very low. Why would he? … Nevermind. “Tangela! Vine whip!”

    “Mime Jr! Dodge!”

    “Mime!” The baby Pokemon jumped out of the way and dodged Tangela’s whips.

    “Keep on running, Mime! Keep on dodging!”

    “Again, Tangela! Vine whip!”

    “Tangela!” Erika’s Pokemon’s vines kept on cracking around the field, but Mime Jr was fast enough. He always managed to dodge them barely.

    “Good, Mime Jr!”

    “… Tangela! Use Vine Whip on both of his sides!” And the Pokemon obeyed. He used his two Vine whips and basically cut off both ways of running of Mime Jr, forward and behind. “Now, I got…”

    “Now run towards him, Mime Jr!”

    “… What?!” Erika and the other girls just couldn’t understand what was going on James’ mind. He had just told Mime Jr to run towards Tangela? And the little Pokemon was doing exactly as told. “A-Are you crazy or what?!”

    “Are not! Mime Jr!”

    “Miiiime!” The little Pokemon had approached Tangela, who had just retracted his vines, and was ready to strike again…

    “Use Tickle!”



    “Tan… TAAAAAANGELA! TATATATATANGELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Indeed, Tickle. The poor Tangela was currently crying tears of laughter, while all the girls in the arena and around it facefaulted.

    “… ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT SERIOUSLY OR NOT?!” That was the first thing that Erika said after getting back on her feet. “Tangela! Use Wrap!”

    “Tangelaaaa… Ta… Nge… La…” Mime Jr had just finished using his Tickle attack, and Tangela was regaining breath. Mime Jr began to run away, but Tangela had regained his breath fast, and let out his whips again… And this time, Mime Jr couldn’t manage to avoid it.

    “Got him! Lure him, Tangela!”

    “…” James was silent, while Tangela made the struggling Mime Jr approach him. A little more… A little more… In the meanwhile, Erika was confused.

    “…” Didn’t he have a plan? Or was it a bluff? Tangela had made Mime Jr approach him completely. The two Pokemon came face to face. “Your Mime Jr loses! Tangela! Finish him with the sleeping…”

    “Mime Jr! Break free!”

    “Eh?” Erika had stopped talking because of the nonsense James had just said… And her jaw almost touched the ground when Mime Jr did indeed break free from Tangela’s wrap. “EH?!”
    “You got careless! Mime Jr!”

    “Miiiime!” Mime Jr distanced himself a bit from Tangela, like he needed to gain some momentum from a run-up.

    “Double Slap!”


    “Tangelaaaaaaa!” The baby Pokemon fiercely attacked his opponent, effectively Double Slapping the hell out of him with each blow. After the fifth blow, Tangela rolled on the ground, unconscious, ‘X’ in his eyes.

    “…” The referee was as shocked as the other girls in the room, but she got out of it rather quickly. “T-Tangela is not able to fight anymore! One point for Mime Jr and trainer James!”

    “Alright! You’ve been incredible, Mime Jr!”

    “…” Erika was staring at her opponent and his Pokemon with her mouth slightly open. She made her Tangela return to the ball in complete silence. He really DID have a plan… With Meditate he increased Mime Jr’s Attack, while with Tickle he lowered Tangela’s Attack and Defense, lowering the strength of his Wrap attack and making Mime Jr able to take him out with Double Slap… Erika suddenly smiled, she didn’t know exactly why. To make a baby Pokemon win against a trained Pokemon thanks to planning… She felt a shiver going trough her spine. Wow… I think it’s been years since I’ve been this excited for a fight! “I underestimated you… But it will not happen again!”

    “I know. That’s why I’m making Mime Jr return.” James did as told, and then, sweating, put the ball back on his belt. “The same plan can’t work twice, right? More than a victory, this is a draw, since I will not be able to use Mime Jr again, in this battle…” Erika chuckled, and took out another Pokeball. James did the same, extremely worried. The real battle begins now…

    In the next chapter…

    James and Erika continue to battle! Will James be able to win? Or will the more expert Erika triumph? Stay tuned!

    "I will be away like, what, two weeks at most..."
    Famous last words. And with these words begins a journey
    that will bring a bad thief to become something else.
    Something completely different."

    Chapter I Up. Just click the image above.

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