TEEN: Journey of Johto: A Literary Version of a Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke Run
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Thread: Journey of Johto: A Literary Version of a Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke Run

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    Default Journey of Johto: A Literary Version of a Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke Run

    Alright, so maybe this story will finally come to completion. It's definitely looking promising. This story is rated Teen for language more than anything else. I will do my best to spice things up as much as I can, but keep in mind that this is based on a Nuzlocke run, so there's only so much I can account.

    And with that...

    Chapter 1


    I had just finished getting prepared. All of my things were packed, daily morning routines completed, and I was ready to start my journey.

    A Pokemon journey. I've wanted to do something like this for a while, but now, I'm finally gonna be able.

    I walked downstairs, only to find my mom walk up to me.

    "Hi, Andrew! You're finally awake," she said, as if she'd been waiting. Which she probably had been. "Your friend Lyra was just here. She was playing hide-and-seek with her Marill."

    I gave a slight smile. Lyra was definitely an enthusiastic one, that was for sure.

    "Oh, I almost forgot!" my mom said, just as I was ready to walk out the door. "Our acquaintance, Professor Elm, was looking for you. He said he had a favor to ask of you."

    This wasn't uncommon. Professor Elm was pretty new to the whole business, and needed assistants quite frequently. Not that I minded, of course.

    "You know where the lab is, right? It's right next door to us. By the way, do you have everything you need to go out?"

    I was actually carrying everything I planned to bring, which was a lot.

    "Here, use this bag to carry things...this is your Trainer Card...here you can save a record of your progres...these are also rather helpful..."

    As my mom spoke, she gave me the supplies, all of which I kept in my bag. She walked back, and now that it was done, I walked out of our house...

    ...only to be greeted by a Marill running right into me, then spinning around in a daze. Lyra then walked over from where she had been hiding, and the two walked off.

    I then made my way to the Lab, only to find some red-haired kid looking in the window. I walked up to him, he muttered something about the lab, before giving me a glare that would send an Arbok running scared.

    "What are you staring at?!" he shouted, before shoving me out of the way. I, not wanting to get myself into anything, dusted myself off and headed back for the lab.

    I walked over, and there was Professor Elm. "Hi, Andrew! I've been waiting for you!" he said, ready to burst with enthusiasm. "Do you know anything about my research?"

    I nodded in response. Seeing that I had helped Elm in the past every now and then, I was familiar with what he was working on.

    "As you know, Pokemon are carried in Poke Balls these days. But before the Poke Ball was invented, people used to walk with Pokemon. Just like your friend Lyra does."

    I gave that a good thought. Knowing some particular species of Pokemon, if everyone did that, streets would start getting a lot more crowded, to say the least.

    "Poke Balls are great because you can carry many Pokemon. But walking with Pokemon must have some advantages. It could have something to do with how Pokemon grow or evolve..."

    I was a little bit skeptical. I didn't know what walking had to do with any of that, but I didn't worry about it.

    "So I'm going to give you a Pokemon!"

    Bam. There it was. The moment I had been waiting for.

    "The device over there has some Pokemon you could choose from..." Elm was about to say, before he was interrupted by a slight ringing noise.

    He walked over to his computer. "Oh, hey!" he said. "I got an email!"





    I, not being able to read what the email said, didn't understand what Elm was talking about, before he walked back over to me. "Hey, listen. I have this acquaintance that people call Mr. Pokemon."

    Really? Mr. Pokemon?

    "He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an email from him saying that this time it's real."

    I didn't believe it. The day Mr. Pokemon would actually find something useful was the day Stark Mountain froze over.

    "It's probably another Pokemon Egg, but we're still so busy with our Pokemon research..."

    "Wait! I know! You can go in our place, right? Can we count on you? You can choose one of the Pokemon over there," he said, pointing at the weird-looking container. I walked over, finding out that there were Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita in the three Poke Balls.

    This was a tough decision. I ultimately decided on Cyndaquil. It's a porcupine with freakin' fire coming out of its back. What's not to love?

    I opened the Poke Ball, and out came Cyndaquil. It looked around curiously for a bit, resting its gaze on me.

    "I think I'll call you Vulcan," I said, crouching down to look at the Cyndaquil at almost eye-level.

    Vulcan leaped right into my arms with a happy-sounding "YAAAAAAY!" He almost knocked me onto the ground.

    I walked back over to Professor Elm, Vulcan now resting on my head. "If your Pokemon gets hurt, you should heal it with this machine," he said, pointing at a nearby device. "It's so easy to use. Just check the PC on my desk!"

    "Mr. Pokemon travels everywhere and finds rarities. His house is past Cherrygrove City. Go north a little past Cherrygrove. I'm counting on you, Andrew!"

    With that, I left, Vulcan still resting on my head. I was greeted by Lyra and her Marril. Vulcan gave a wave and a fairly loud "Hi!"

    "Andrew!" Lyra cheered. "So you picked a Cyndaquil! That's a cute Pokemon you have! Why don't you show it to your mom? See ya!"

    With that, she walked off, her Marril staying put for a moment, before trailing Lyra. As I walked back to my house, Vulcan asked, "Who was that?"

    "That's Lyra. My friend."

    "Oh. She's really nice!"

    "That she is."

    I had reached my house, and when I walked over to my mom, she immediately remarked, "Oh! Andrew! That's a cute Pokemon you have. Professor Elm must have given it to you."

    "Yeah," I said. Vulcan had jumped off of my head, and was investigating the various parts of the house. "He gave me an assignment, too."

    "What kind of task?" my mom said.

    At this point, Vulcan had taken particular interest in the oven, in which my mom was cooking something. "I have to go over to Mr. Pokemon."

    "I see. That sounds a little difficult. But when someone makes that kind of request of you, it must be important!"

    "Oh, that's right! I completely forgot!"

    My mom's quite forgetful.

    "Your Pokegear came back from the repair shop! Here you go!"

    She gave me the device. It had been busted when Lyra's Marril rammed into me while I was fiddling around with it.

    "The Pokemon Gear, or Pokegear, as it's often called, is what every Trainer should have. Guess what? You can use the Pokegear to make a phone call, too. Do you remember how?"

    I nodded. A slight squealing noise could be heard, and Vulcan ran over to me, one of his hands burnt. "I poked it," he said.

    I gave a chuckle. "S'alright, buddy. After saying goodbye to mom and promising her a phone call, I walked towards Route 29, only to be interrupted by Elm, who was frantically running out of his lab, shouting "Wait one second!"

    Once he reached me, he said, "I almost completely forgot about this...here, I'll give you my number."

    Once I had registered Elm's Pokegear number, he said, "I'll call you if anything comes up," and walked back to his lab.

    As I walked towards and into Route 29, Vulcan, who was now situated on my left shoulder, was chatting away, quite enthusiastic for this new journey. "Oh, this is gonna be so much fun! We're gonna see cool places, see new things, meet new people, and fight other Pokemon! This is gonna be awesome!"

    In his enthusiasm, Vulcan fell off my shoulder, and onto the ground. I quickly helped him to his feet. "I'm sure it will, buddy," I said, giving him a pat on the head.

    And it would be.

    Pokemon: 1
    Gym Badges: 0
    Deaths: 0
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