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    Default Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Joey, a 11 year old boy woke up at 9:00am on a nice Sunday morning to glameow curled up next to him on the edge of his bed. He went over to his mirror to comb his brown brown hair.
    "This is no normal day, this is the day I get my Pokemon!" he exclaimed as he fell out of bed, then continued to put on a pair of light blue jeans with a navy top.
    "I wonder what pokemon I should get, there all so cool. But I guess it doesn't matter as long as I get one, right glameow?" Glameow looked at Joey and let out a short meow that was cut off by his mom calling out that breakfeast is ready.
    "I'm coming!" he shouted at the same time he was running down his stairs. There was warm pancakes with maple syrup waiting on the counter for him. His mother, who is a short lady with red hair, lots of freckles and brown eyes was sitting on the couch only a few feet away.
    "I made you pancakes, eat them before then get cold."
    "I will, can't you believe that I'm getting my pokemon today?" he asked as he bit into the warm fluffy pancakes.
    "I barely can, I remember when your sister got her pokemon two years ago. That reminds me, I still need to get your sister up."
    "I already am." Sarah, a girl with brown hair, lots of freckles and hazel eyes, just like Joey but one year older said. Joey and his mom shot around
    "Oh, there you are! I thought you were still alseep!"
    "Well, I was asleep. That is until Joey woke me up by talking to the cat again..." Sarah replied.
    "Well anyways, Joey should get going. You don't want to be late, if you wait to long all the pokemon will be gone. Here is a tent and some pokedollars, good luck on your Journey!"

    He then walked down the road to professor Maple's lab, pushed the wooden double-doors open.
    "I'm here for my pokemon professor!" Professor Maple turned around,
    "I'm sorry to burst your bubble Joey but the pokemon were given out yesterday.
    "But the memo I got said it was today!" Joey replied.
    "Joey, that's last years memo. If you look at the top it says Sarah. You must of got yours and your sister memo mixed up." Joey stormed out of the lab.
    "I need a way to cool down, I know! I will walk through the forest." He thought as he slowly walked on the trail. The tailows flew away and the chimechos started to sing. It was really relaxing. "What do I do, I want a pokemon so bad!" He shouted but he Just kept walking on the trail. About halfway through there was a boy only about two years older than Joey.
    "Oh my god, you are so useless!" the mysterious boy shouted as he threw the pokeball away then stormed off. Was he just abandoning this poor pokemon? Joey went over to it and took a closer look, it was a skorupi. It jumped up on Joey's right shoulder and rubbed up against him.
    "Do you want to be my pokemon?" It nodded.
    "Yes! I just caught a skorupi!" Joey exclaimed.
    "oh, you're holding a poison barb? I know what that does, it ups your poison type attacks! I know that from watching the trainers channel on T.V."

    I should really get to the next town, and the only way to get from my home Hemdale to Ashriver is keep going through the forest.
    As Joey was wondering through the forest, trying to get to the next city before night falls he came across a bidoof. "Wow
    I guess this is my first pokemon battle. Skorupi use whatever move you got!" Skorupi ended up using pin missile, the bidoof took about half damage. The wild bidoof used tackle but skorupi shrugged it off like it was nothing!
    "Skorupi use pin missile again!" Skorupi followed Joey's orders and it took out bidoof.
    "Yes! we win our first pokemon battle!"
    Joey and Skorupi continued to follow the trail in the woods until they got to ashriver. They looked around the city until they found the pokemon center. They then walked inside,
    "Hello Nurse can you please heal my skorupi?" "Sure, it will be a 15 minute wait." the nurse replied. When the 15 were finally up Joey grabbed skorupi and headed outside again.

    "It's almost night, let's go find a place to sleep." Joey and skorupi found a nice flat area near a oran berry bush. They set up there tent there and munched on oran berries.
    "Good, eh? Well, let's go to sleep, we've got a big day tommorrow!"

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    "Ahhh, nothing is like a good night rest! Anyways, let's waste no time and head out!" Joey got up and packed the tent into his backpack after several attempts.
    "There I finally got it!" Joey and skorupi then went out back into the city to explore it, soon to realize that there was a carnival!
    "Lets go to the carnival, maybe we can win some items."

    They walked into the carnival, it was amazing, there was rides and games everywhere!
    "Step right up! Come one come all, to the pokemon race! first place is a porygon! Second place is an eevee! and third place is a max revive!" the barter bellowed.
    "Wow, Skorupi we need to join that event" Joey went up to register skorupi and to his suprise there was a lot of contestants.
    "Your fast, right skorupi? We can win this!" Soon a man came or organize all the pokemon into there starting positions and before you know it they were counting down.
    "Three.... two... one... GO!" Screamed the race organizer as he put up his red flag high in the air. They were off! All the race it was close between skorupi and a jolteon. But closer to the end jolteon came through and won by a decent lead. Skorupi then walked back to Joey.
    "Good job skorupi, second is amazing!" Over an intercom they called up the three winners to the stage.
    "First place is Jolteon! You win a porygon" Jolteons owner then went to the stage to collect the prize.
    "Second place is Skorupi" As soon as I heard this skorupi hoped on my shoulders and I ran up. On the stage I could see a huge crowd taking lots of pictures. The founder of the contest gave me an eevee and said thanks for playing. I was overjoyed! I got my second pokemon!

    For the rest of the day Joey and skorupi played lots of games and won many potions, repels, revives, candy etc. But what they were most excited about other then winning eevee was punch out.
    "Come one come all and play pounchout! You can win up to a thunderstone! Joey could use the thunderstone to evolve eevee into a jolteon. And as he saw, jolteon's are insanely fast, which could help in battle.
    "I'll play!" exclaimed Joey.
    "Alright you have one try, what you have to do is punch out a hole and then grab your prize from inside!" the barter shouted. Joey then punched out a whole and grabbed the contents.
    "Oh my god, I got a thunderstone! I got a thunderstone! I got a thunderstone!" Out of sheer excitement Joey ran around and jumped in the air!
    "It was getting late and Joey didn't do anything that day besides go to the carnival, so he decided to go back out to the city.

    Just as he was by the gate and leaving he heard someone from behind him say,
    "You think you're so tough that you got second in that stupid race? I didn't want that stupid eevee anyways! I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" The boy yelled. Joey turned around,
    "I accept." the boy thundered
    "The names Tanner, don't forget it, Go charmander!
    "Go eevee, use sand attack! Then after that use tackle!" eevee did as she was told and the charmander was damaged
    "Charmander use ember!" Tanner said. However with all the sand in the way charmander missed.
    "Eevee, finish it off with takedown!" Charmander fainted and Tanner ran off cursing and swearing at Joey. However Joey didn't care because, he won his first trainer battle without even taking any damage.

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Chapter 3

    "Okay, eevee I've got this thunderstone, now evolve!" Eevee ran away from the thunderstone.
    "Don't you want to evolve?" Eevee shook her head.
    "Are you going to evolve when you get stronger?" Eevee nodded this time.
    "Okay, after the first gym you will be a very strong jolteon!" Eevee and Joey walked to the first gym.
    "This gym is a ground type gym, so I'm glad we didn't evolve you Eevee!"

    "Well, let's go in!" Joey and Eevee walked in the huge in-cased battlefield.
    "Woaaah, this thing is Huge!"
    "It sure is!" The gym leader said.
    "Hello, I'm J-Joey from H-Hemdale."
    "Haha, no need to be nervous! My name is William." William declared.
    "Alright, enough chitchat ladies, I wan't to get home to see my Soph Opera!" The referee shouted
    "Okay, I'm ready!" Joey yelled.
    "This is a 2v2 Pokemon battle, no taking back your pokemon until it faints or the opponent pokemon faints, let's keep it clean, right ladies?"
    "Sounds good, but I don't know why you keep calling us ladies." Joey exclaimed.
    "I think he's drunk, but I'm to lazy to get another referee." William explained.

    "Well, I'll start! Go skoripu!"
    "Go graveler!" William bolted. The arena was in Eevee's favour with the rock obstacles everywhere, because Eevee is faster than graveler and most ground types for that matter.
    "Graveler, start off with dig!"
    "Quick, Eevee go on one of rocks so graveler can't get you!" Graveler popped up but couldn't get Eevee.
    "Here's your chance Eevee, use takedown!" Although it wasn't very effective, with the height advantage it was basically super effective.
    "Eevee, Jump to the next rock, then jump off using take down on graveler!" Eevee did as she was told and graveler was left very weak.
    "Graveler, hang in there and use rollout!" Graveler successfully used rollout on Eevee and Eevee fell out the rock and slammed into the rock behind her. With that hard knock both pokemon were ground weak and it was anyone game. But Eevee was faster.
    "Eevee use your speed to your full advantage! Use a sand-attack to buy you enough time to get up on the rock."
    "Now jump off using quick attack on graveler!" Eevee did what joey said and graveler fainted.
    "Very good!" William yelled.
    "Alright, *hic* now that pokemon fainted, send out your next one. *hic*" The very drunk referee said.
    "Things are going to get more intense!" William said as he pressed a button on the pillar next to him. The battle field went deeper, deeper and deeper into the ground.
    "Now my ground type can really use there advantage!" The referee was still up there so they had no referee.

    "I'll start off this time, Joey! Go gligar!" William threw his pokemon and the little gliding pokemon came out.
    "You can do this, go skorupi!" Joey threw his red and white ball and skorupi came out and plopped on the ground. But something was diffirent, skoripu was changing colours! Was skorupi evolving? Skorupi started changing shapes then roughly 10 seconds later he was a big strong drapion!
    "What! skorupi, or should I say, Drapion!" "Use a new move!" Drapion then took it's newly poisonous blade and slashed the gligar right out of the air!
    "Amazing cross poison! Quick use it again, while the gligar is stunned!" This time drapion got a critical hit and made the opponent gligar faint. William handed Joey the earth badge then he walked out. On the way seeing the referee passed out on the floor.

    "Ok drapion evolved do you want to too Eevee?" Eevee nodded, then Joey gave her a thunder stone and she evolved into a big jolteon.
    "Wow, your so big now!"
    "Ouch!" Joey screamed as he touched jolteon.
    "You gave me a shock!"
    "Let's set up camp where we did last time and head out to the next city, Groveline tomorrow!" Joey dozed off. With Drapion and jolteon now in there pokeballs because of how big they were.

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Chapter 4
    Joey woke up to jolteon licking his face.
    "Haha, get off me you! stop it!" Jolteon got off joey and layed down outside on the grass.
    "We're going to groveline today!" Joey said as he let drapion out of his ball.
    "To do that we need to go through Mount Hartway, which has lots of pokemon, so we may pick us up a new friend!" Joey put jolteon and drapion back in there balls and starting walking to the cave.
    "Well, were here! Mount Hartway!" Scary noises came from the cave.
    "Ehh, it's really dark in there!"

    "I should go get some potions incase I get hurt." So he walked to the pokemart in search of some potions.
    "Wow look at everything here!"
    "Yes, there is a lot of stuff. We got a special today!" The clerk who was a short stubby man with black hair, announced.
    "What is it?" Joey asked.
    "It's TM flash!" The clerk replied.
    "What does that do?"
    "You teach it to your pokemon with this machine right here" The clerk held up a small blue machine.
    "You put the TM in this and point it at your pokemon, this TM flash makes cave bright."
    "Okay I'll take it! How much."
    "Only 40 pokedollars!
    "I'll take it!" Joey exchanged 40 pokedollars for the TM flash. He then walked out of the pokemart and looked at the machine that the clerk had given him.
    "So you put the TM in, I guess that's this disc thing, now I point it at a pokemon? Joey pointed it at drapion but nothing happened, so he walked back into the store.
    "Whats wrong, it's not working on my drapion!"
    "That's because drapion and flash are not compatible. The pokemon has to be able to learn that TM to be able to get it."
    "So would it be compatible with my jolteon?"
    "Well your jolteon is electric type so it might!" Joey then tried the same thing except with jolteon.
    "DING! I think it worked! Jolteon try to use flash!" Jolteon used flash and it blinded the clerk for a few seconds, during those seconds Joey ran out.

    "Whew! that was close! Let's go to the cave again, and light it up! I wish I could go back to get potions, but I'm kind of scared now. Joey started walking to the cave.
    "So with this TM, I will be able to see the cave? Lets try it!" By now Joey was at the cave.
    "Jolteon, use flash!" The cave light up.
    "Woah, that's amazing! now it will be way easier to navigate." There were geodudes everywhere.
    "There is a lot of geodudes, I want to catch one!" Just as Joey said that a bunch of zubats started flying towards Him.
    "Ahhhhh RUUUUN!" As he said that he ran out of the cave and never look back.
    "That's a problem, but there only zubats. They shouldn't hurt us, they will just scare the crap out of me."
    "We have to get to groveline, no matter what it takes. So I have to go back in, though I will have nightmares about this..." With that Joey and his pokemon went back into the cave.

    "Jolteon, use flash!" Jolteon lit up the cave, once again. The geodudes were still there, and Joey still wanted to catch one.
    "drapion, use cross poison on the geodude!" Geodude has high defense's but drapion is so strong that it took a lot health. You could tell that it was weak. The geodude used rollout on jolteon. It hurt jolteon, but jolteon was still good to go.
    "Jolteon, use shock wave on geodude!" Geodude was very weak now. It could barely attack, now was the time for a pokeball!
    "Go pokeball!" The ball twitched three times then made a ticking noise.
    "I caught my first pokemon! Joey was overjoyed, he didn't want to waste any more time he just wanted to get out of this scary cave, he ran right past the zubats and went out. He was now in groveline.
    "I'm finally here!"

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Chapter 5 (Had to write this twice, SO PISSED)

    Joey was amazed at Groveline city. There was a ton of buildings, lights and warehouse While Joey was busy gazing at the city, someone came up from behind him and snatched his jolteon.
    "This City would very pretty at night, don't you think jolteon?" Joey looked where jolteon was.
    "Wheres jolteon?" Joey was now looking around frantically. Jolteon was nowhere to be in sight. He went to the city and looked everywhere for someone with a jolteon. No jolteon. Only one thing caught his attention, that was an old man about to give a speech. He had a large crowd around him.
    "There is a Pokemon robber going around town, he stole my marshtomp and many other pokemon. I followed him after he stole my pokemon and his base is warehouse 12, I'm getting to old for this kind of stuff. I was wonder if anyone else could go save the pokemon?" the old man croaked. No one offered to help.
    "This is my time to shine." Joey thought.
    "I'll do it, but I can't do it by myself." Joey yelled. Everyone started cheering as soon as Joey said he would do it, but it feel silent when he said he couldn't do it by himself. After about 30 seconds of awkward silence, someone finally spoke up.
    "I'll help him." A boy with black spiky hair and green eyes said. Him and Joey then started walking towards warehouse 12.

    "So.... what's your name?" Joey asked.
    "Gavin, whats yours? Gavin replied.
    "My names Joey, the robber stole my jolteon!"
    "He stole my pidgey, I will get him back if it the last thing I will do!"
    "Are you on a pokemon adventure too?"
    "yeah, I've got the first badge."
    "Me too, I'm from Hemdale."
    "That's cool, I'm from Ashriver."
    "I want to collect all eight gym badges!"
    "I do too, then I want to face the elite four."
    "Well, there's warehouse 12! lets go in." Joey and gavin went to open the door to warehouse 12, to there surprise it was locked.
    "Darn, It's locked!" Joey shouted.
    "That's alright my scyther can cut open the door." Gavin replied
    "You have a scyther?"
    "Yeah, it was the first pokemon I got, my dad gave it to me for my birthday last year when I was your age. Go scyther!." Gavin flicked his pokeball and a scyther came out.
    "Okay scyther, use slash to rip open that door!." Scyther did as he was told and took its huge claws, raised them up then slammed them down on the door at full strength.

    Joey and Gavin went into the warehouse. They tip-toed around to each room until they found the one with the pokeballs.
    "Alright, we got the pokeballs, now lets get the hell out of here!" Gavin whispered.
    "Do you hear that? I think there having a meeting next door." Joey whispered.
    "Yeah I d-" Gavin forgot to whisper.
    "Do you hear that Jesse?" A man said.
    "Yes I do, I we've got visitors." Jesse replied. Jessie, James and meowth popped around the corner.

    Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
    James: Make it double!
    Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
    James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
    Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
    James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
    Jessie: Jessie!
    James: James!
    Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
    James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
    meowth: Meoooooowth, that's right!

    "Come on, hand over those pokeballs!" James bolted.
    "No way! Go scyther!" Gavin yelled.
    "Go geodude!" Joey added.
    "Go serviper, use poison tail!" Jesse screamed.
    "scyther block that and use a slash!" Scyther did as Gavin said and greatly damaged serviper.
    "Geodude, finish serviper off with a rollout!" Geodude obeyed Joey and finished off serviper.

    "Come on Joey, let's. leave with these pokemon!" Joey and gavin ran back to the city. Team rocket tried to follow them, but they weren't in shape so Joey and Gavin managed to shake them off. Joey and gavin took there pidgey and jolteon then gave the pokeballs to the old man, to hand the pokemon back to there owners. For there good deed, nurse Joy let them stay in the pokemon center for the night. Gavin and Joey were just about to go to bed when Joey mentioned,
    "Since we're both trying to collect all the pokemon badges and beat the pokemon league, do you want to travel together?" Joey asked.
    "Sure that sounds like a good idea" replied Gavin.

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Joey woke up, facing the wall. He turned the other way expecting to see Gavin, however Gavin wasn't there.
    "Huh, where did gavin go?" confused Joey asked. He got up then went to nurse Joey.
    "Did you see gavin go?"
    "Yes, he was going out in a rush mumbling something about how he had to get the grass badge before you." Joey was confused. Why did Gavin want to get the grass badge before Joey? Joey then left the pokemon center, and jogged to the gym, which he easily found with all the flashing lights around it. You couldn't miss it.

    "Alright, this is it." He walked through the doors but bumped into Gavin.
    "Why did you want to get the badge before me?" Joey asked.
    "Oh, because after one year of having pokemon, I've only ever got one badge and I wanted to get the second one and I couldn't wait."
    "Okay, anyways, how did the battle go?"
    "It went great, I won!"
    "That's amazing! What pokemon did the leader have?"
    "The gym leader had an Ivysaur along with a bellsprout. The Bell sprout was a walk in the park but the Ivysaur was really tough."
    "Okay, well I'm not gonna waste any more time talking. I'm just going to get right to the battle."

    Joey walked into the gym. The gym was a standered battlefield with grass instead of dirt. The gym leader, a 25 year old man with a red afro, freckles and blue eyes then pressed a button that retracted part of the ceiling and acted as a sky light.
    "Woah, that's amazing!" Joey shouted.
    "Yes, I like it too, it was only installed last week. Anywho, what's your name? Yepidi doo!"
    "Um, my name is Joey..."
    "That's spectacular! My name is cole! Yepidi doo!"
    "Okay, you are kind of freaking me out let's just start!"
    "Whatever floats yer' boat! Yepidi do do dooooo! Go bellsprout!"
    "Hmmmm, this is your chance! Go Drapion!"
    "Oh gee golly that sure is one humongous pokemon!"
    "You may now start!" Screamed the referee who only was a teenager. He was being mentored by an older, more experinced referee.

    "Drapion, us-" Drapion took it's fangs and stuck it's fangs into bellsprout, bellsprout cringed as you could tell a chill ran through its body.
    "Woah, was that ice fang? Where did you learn that too? Whatever I'm not going to complain!"
    "Use ice fang again!" Drapion did as he was told and made the bellsprout faint, it never even got the chance to attack!"
    "Fantastic! However You will be stopped by my next pokemon! Yepidi dooooooo!"
    "Go pokeball!" Cole threw his pokeball and out came Ivysaur.
    "My Ivysaur will show you, you little fruitcake!"
    "Wow, this cole guy is... quite the character!" Joey thought.
    "Drapion, use cross poison!" Drapion did that exactly, however it wansn't very effective.
    'Ivysaur, use razorleaf!" Ivysaur did that and took out a greate chunk of damage, a bit over half.
    "Hang in there Drapion!" Joey suddenly got an idea, to use Drapions part bug type to its advantage. Since Joey was so focused in on poison attacks he forgot all about bug moves!
    "Drapion, use bug bite!" Drapion bit down hard on ivysaur. Ivysaur was serverly hut but not fainted, it was to weak to attack.
    "Drapion, finish with posion sting!" Drapion took it's long venomous stinger and drove it into Ivysaur.

    "Ivysaur fainted, the winner is Joey from hemdale!" The young referee announced.
    "Oh wooooooooooow, that sure was an extra fun battle, dontcha think? Yipidi do do!"
    "Well, here is your grass badge! Buddy ol' pal of mine!"
    "But I've only known you what? 15 minutes?"
    "Don't matter! your still my buddy right? Yipidi yipidi doooooooo!"

    Joey decided it was time to leave. He met gavin back outside of the gym.
    "I saw your battle! I was in the stands, you did amazing!" Gavin declared as he patted Joey on his back.
    "Thanks, that gym leader though... oh my god."
    "Haha yeah, he is quite "diffirent"
    "I guess you could say that, what do we do now?"
    "Well, I saw we go to the pokemart and stock up on items to prepare for route 1 where we battle other trainers and lots of wild pokemon."
    "Alright, sounds good!"

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    Default Re: Joey's Pokemon Adventure

    Joey and Gavin started walking to the pokemart. It was a bit bigger here in groveline. Probaly because the city is bigger.
    "Lets see, we need revives, potions and of course, pokeballs!" Gavin exclaimed.
    "Maybe some antidotes, paralaz heals and repels could be handy." Joey added. They walked into the store and ordered there stuff. Once they got it, they walked out.
    "Okay, time to go to route 1!" Joey yelled. Gavin and Joey walked to the right, where route 1 was.
    "I think I'll catch a pidgey or something, I want a flying type." Joey said.
    "Hmmm, I wouldnt mind an eletric type or a fighting type!" Gavin replied.
    "I don't think there is going to be any fighting pokemon here, but you never know." Joey added.

    Joey and Gaving walked onto the fairly large trail, there was fallen debris everywhere. There first trainer. Or you could call them trainers, there was to of them, they both had short scruffy brown hair with fairly large glasses and faded red shirts.
    "Do you guys want to do a double battle?" Joey asked.
    "Sure!" they both replied at the exact time."
    "Go geodude!" Joey yelled.
    "Go scyther!" Gavin shouted.
    "Go wurmple!" The brothers screamed.
    "They both had wurmples? This is going to be easy!" Joey thought.
    "Wurmple, use string attack on scyther!" Wurmple shot strings at scyther and wrapped it up.
    "Scyther, don't take that! Break out with your claws, then use slash!" Scyther slashed open the string with no problem and raised its big claws, then brought them down on the wurmple. Making it faint in one hit.
    "Geodude use rock throw and crush that bug!" Geodude pick up a the biggest rock he could lift from the fallen debris and threw it at wurmple with all his might. Wurmple was now hurt and paralyzed from the big rock.
    "Quick, scyther while it cant attack use wing attack!" Although scyther ran at top speed then glided into the air, smacking wurmple. Wurmple fainted.
    "We won Joey! we won our first double battle!" Gavin exclaimed.
    "Yeah! This is amazing!"

    Gavin and Joey put repels on and trudged through the tall grass until they came across a Honchkrows nest.
    "Awwwwww, look at the baby murkow egg!" Joey said as he pointed to the nest.
    "Joey quick! Grab that nest, there is an ekans right behind it!" Joey went as fast as he could and and grabbed it off the ground, he then continues to run all the way to Carferry.
    "Why was that nest on the ground?" Gaving asked as Him and Joey were running away from the snake who was hot on there trail.
    "I don't know, just keep running!" Joey yelled out in between a breath. They finally got to Carferry, which was the next city.

    "That was too close." Gavin said.
    "On the bright side, I've got myself a pokemon egg!" Joey exclaimed to lighten the mood.


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