Hey guys, so I just wanted to share with you my fanfic I, working on (: Its a standard journey fic through my fan made region. However I must worn you this first chapter is not the best and it does get so miChat better! I promise (;

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Jays Journey Through The Henzo Region.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Jays eyes pierced open, his dark pupils edged sideways to see his alarm clock at 5:59. He patiently waited for the digits to change and as soon as the time hit 6:00 he leaped out of his warm toasty bed and got dressed straight away. He was that excited about receiving his starter pokemon that when he was running down the stairs he took a little tumble. After recovering from the fall he ran to the living room to see his mother.

"Morning ma! Today's the day!"

Jays mother sat up and told jay to come take a seat, she looked cautious.

"I wanted to tell you sooner but your father told me not too" Jays face looked worrying, "Professor Blossom has unfortunately ran out of starter Pokemon" Jays eyes began to boil up "however!" quickly snapped jays mother "there's no need to worry, your father has kindly sent you a Pokemon he previously caught, we both really hope you enjoy her!"

Jays mother handed Jay his first pokeball, his eyes grew big and bright, and with that he was ready for his adventure.

Jay threw his pokeball in the air, shouting the words "I choose you" and out came an Eevee, Jay was in awe, he didn't know wether to be happy or upset. There was a slight awkwardness as evee and Jay made eye contact.

Jays mother quickly noticed. "Jay... Don't you think that your Eevee is cute?"

However being truthfully honest Jay didn't want a 'cute' Pokemon, he wanted a fierce, strong pokemon. In his mind Jay had been playing out scenarios such as battling with a flaming charizard or a ruthless empoleon. Jay then snapped back to reality and stormed out the door, evee followed. Whilst walking through Jays home town 'windflower town' he headed south to windflower forest, he began to mumble to himself.

"Who does she think she is...i deserve bett...the league..what to do."

Eevee stared at Jay, she tried hard for attention but Jay was too focused on the matter of hand to even notice Eevee. With Jays mumbling getting excessively worst and with him staring at the floor whilst walking he didn't realise that he had suddenly bumped into what seemed to be a large metal wall. Jay looked up and realised it was the back of a Skarmory, Jay stood is shock whilst Eevee was pulling on Jays trousers. Jay noticed there was a dark figure sitting on top of skarmory, the figure turned around. Jay saw that it was a woman, a skinny woman with rugged ash white hair and dark purple witch-like clothing, she had enough gold jewellery to blind a child and was clutching onto a silver rod with a violet orb located on the end.

"Skarmory... Razor wind my beauty." The woman softly commanded.

Jay then suddenly noticed she was carrying about four briefcases entitled 'windflower bank' but before Jay could say anything, skarmory was twenty feet in the air attacking with a razor wind.

"Ahhhh!" Jay panicked, and covered his face preparing for the worst, about 10 seconds had passed and Jay still didn't feel any different, he then opened his eyes sluggishly to see a warn out and brutally hurt Eevee lying in front of him.

Jay stood silently, his face in distraught. He kneeled down and held evee in his arms.

"I'm sorry" he whispered and ran back home.

Falora (Jays mother) released her roserade and had her take care of Eevee, whist Jay let out his feelings about her.

"Don't worry, evee will be fine, what you need to focus on now though is your journey, now you have received your starter Pokemon, you can travel around the Henzo region and challenge the Henzo gym leaders!" Reassured Falora.

Jay looked back on Eevee with guilt in his eyes.

"I've let her down mum, she trusted in me, but I was a coward."

"There's no point dwelling on that right now! The best thing you can do is be there for Eevee when she needs you most!"

Jay nodded his head, he then grabbed Eevee and gave her a cuddle, Eevee was just coming through with the help of an Oran berry.

"Anyway Jay! I think it's time for you to receive your pokedex and head on your journey!" Replied Falora attempting to take Jays mind of Eevee.

"Hm" Jay quickly replied and picked up Eevee carefully, then headed straight for professor blossoms lab on the east side of town.

Jay stared at his surroundings, he could see his home town, full with sunflowers that would wave to him as the wind blew, short stumpy cottages with silky smoke peering from the chimneys. He could smell the fresh essence of the flowers and feel the wind gently brushing his face. On his way he noticed officer Jenny and her workmen sealing of the windflower bank, he quickly scurried over there and explained to her what had happened.

"Hmm yes. It seems you had an encounter with Alexis Stain" officer Jenny told Jay.

"An escaped convict and master art and money thief, the police have been searching for her for about 6 months now, no one really knows what she's up to."

Jay looked confused as he's never heard of her before, he then said his goodbyes to officer Jenny and carried on towards the lab.

"Hello!? Anybody hear?" Jay shouted as he barged through the lab door.

"Ahh Jay my lovely little turnip, I was expecting you hehe" blossom quietly replied.

Professor blossom had wavy long pink hair and bright blue eyes, her lab coat was way too big for her and so was her thick black glasses.

"I take it you heard about the lack of starter Pokemon" she said in a soothing manner "I know it's a disappointment but..."

"A disappointment?" Jay quickly interrupted, blossoms face looked confused.

"No professor! It's been a blessing." Jay smiled at Eevee, as she did with Jay.

"Well then, I'm glad everything turned out ok for my little carrot cake, here is your pokedex, and here are some cute little pokeballs! Yay"

professor blossom started doing a little celebration dance, she got into it so much that she didn't even realise Jay had already left. Thrusting her little arms up and down.

"This is it Eevee! Our own adventure, me and you!" Eevee stared into Jays eyes to see that she had finally been accepted as a worthy partner.