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    First off let me start by saying this isn't mine. I'm not sure who made this, I don't think it's very well known, and I felt like I should post it somewhere. I do however know it was made sometime a couple of years ago. If anybody has heard this before please if somebody could tell me who did this I would be thankful. But I don't think anybody here has read this before. So don't give me any rewards or credit for this.

    Here we go.

    In my life, the only true love I've ever had was Red. My existence would be meaningless without him, and I feel the need for everything I do to revolve around him. Many people feel that it's wrong for a man of my age to be in love with a child, but this is different. Allow me to explain.

    I met Red's mother in high school, and we hit it off right from the start. Her and I were the perfect couple; we never even had a single fight. We eventually settled down, married, and got a house in the quiet, secluded town of Pallet. We were both experts on Pokémon; I had a Master's Degree in Professional Gym Battling and she had enough Pokémon nursing education to work at a Pokémon Center.

    I chose Pallet town because of its famous Pokémon Lab, which is, of course, where Professor Oak resides. I wanted to learn all I could from him, perhaps to make progress on my dream of becoming a Gym Leader. I studied with him at every possible opportunity, extremely excited to learn from someone with such experience as him. One day I came home to find a message at my door: "Come to the Lab, I've got something very special to show you."

    When I arrived, one of his aides told me that the Professor had been expecting me, and showed me into a hidden room I've never seen before. Inside was the Professor and three Pokéballs.

    "I'm glad you've come, James. I have a very important favor to ask of you, so listen carefully. I've spent decades studying Pokémon, but I'm simply too old to continue my research. I'd like you to help continue my legacy and do what I can't. I've perfected a device that stores information on all the Pokémon you capture, and I'd like you to use it. I'd also like you to have one of the Pokémon you see on this table. They're specially bred, and can't be found in the wild. One of them will be your partner and friend while you carry out the challenging task of capturing all of the Pokémon."

    Before I could even say a word, he sent me home to think about it.

    I've never had a Pokémon before. Sure, I've battled a lot and captured many Pokémon, but it was always with borrowed Pokémon or training simulations, never my own. This was such a big task to suddenly put on my shoulders, and so many thoughts were rushing through my head as I walked to my house from the lab. However, there was bigger news at home.

    My wife was pregnant.

    It was all too much for me to handle, so I left my wife some money and ran away like a coward.

    I spent the next ten years in shame, working at a Pokémart in Viridian city making just enough to keep myself alive. I had absolutely no contact with my wife, and she had given up on trying to find me. I left her with enough money to raise the child, and, from what Professor Oak tells me, she's making some extra money on the side caring for wandering trainer's injured Pokémon. I wrote letters to Oak constantly, and he occasionally replied. He's promised not to talk to my wife about me, and the topic of my continuing his research hasn't come up since the day I left. I had abandoned my dream of becoming a Gym Leader, and instead simply focused on keeping alive and unknown. That was, of course until I heard what had become of my son.

    It was just like any other day, a customer comes in, customer gets some Potions or a Great Ball or something, customer leaves. The same thing I've seen happen every day for the last ten years. The same mindless job I worked out of shame. It was nearing noon, and I was going to leave for lunch, when a young boy entered the Mart. He didn't say anything, but I realized immediately that he was here to pick up a package Oak had ordered out of our catalog. I handed him the parcel, and he was on his way. Nearly simultaneously, the mail came in and I had received a letter from the Professor. I hadn't written him anything recently, so I assumed this was about his parcel.

    "Dear James,
    I have found someone to continue my research for me. Although he is quite young, upon looking at him I could tell right away that he has the same energy as you. I assigned him and my grandson the task of completing my Pokédex, and I'd like you to show him how to catch a Pokémon. He's a quiet boy, but a really great listener. Give him what he needs, after all, he is your son. His name is Red and I think he'll grow up to be a great Pokémon Trainer, just like you.
    ~ Samuel Oak"

    I was dumbfounded. My son, whom I've never even seen before, was becoming a Trainer. I was excited and very, very, nervous to finally meet my boy. I was, however, a disgrace that could not be shown to him, but I should've performed actions slightly smarter than what I did; I dressed up as an Old Man and laid down in the road, waiting for him. When he finally came by, I was shocked to find that he was the same boy who had collected Oak's parcel! He had his mother's eyes, and was dressed in jeans, a vest, and a red cap which looked way too big on him. I watched him walk up to me, and he didn't say a single thing. I got up, showed him the basics of catching Pokémon and he was on his way, just like that. He disappeared into the distance and was gone.

    For the first time in ten years, I went back to Pallet. I couldn't dare face my wife, so I went straight to Oak's Lab. I found him in the same old Lab, with nothing different, except for the lack of two of his Pokémon and his Pokédex. He was sitting at some machine, writing something and he stood up as I entered the place, as if he had been expecting me. He said my son was on his journey to defeat the Indigo League, and that that was all he was going to say. I tried to ask more, but he simply repeated what he had already said, and went into another room and locked the door. At first I was disappointed that he had only given me that bit of info, but I later realized that was all I needed. If my son was going to conquer the Pokémon League, he was going to have to start at Pewter Gym, the nearest currently-operating Gym in the League. If I could get there before him, maybe I could talk to him.

    My boy was only ten, and I don't think he'd ever been outside of Pallet. Using this to my advantage, I planned on using a shortcut to get around Viridian Forest and get to Pewter in no time. As I passed through, I saw my son caring for his Pokémon, battling bug catchers, and then, for some reason, he stopped to stare at a tree for a while. Not wanting to look suspicious, I kept on going and eventually made it to Pewter, and then, the Pewter Gym.

    I had taken a course on the League in college. Every Gym has a specific Pokémon type. Pewter's was rock. I could remember just about everything I had learned about Gyms in school, and I'd pass all that information onto Red. Father and son, challenging the League, it was a perfect plan. Red came in, and I was going to explain everything to him, but I just couldn't admit I was his dad. I really wanted to, but I couldn't. I followed him throughout his adventure, giving him help anonymously. He was a fantastic Trainer, and I'll bet he could've easily conquered the League without my tips, but every time I tried to tell him what was really going on, that I was the dad he never knew, I could only squeeze out the words "Yo! Champ in the making!"

    I've always been there, son.

    I edited some typos and grammer errors from the original. If somebody does know who did this I say we throw that person a party. Because this story is awesome.
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    Default Re: James, Reds' Father

    This story IS awesome. We SHOULD throw him/her a party.This totally explains everything about the old man lying on the floor, the guy in the Pokemon Gyms, and what became of Red's Father.

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    This....explains.....everything. It was a really good story overall, and it explains the old man lying there in Viridian and the gym helper guy. My only question left after this is: How did the guy in Viridian have a granddaughter?
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    Default Re: James, Reds' Father

    I'm sorry but it is against the rules of the Writer's Workshop to post stories that are not your own, so I'm going to close this thread.


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