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    Cool Jackpot!

    Jackpot! By AntonioBIO

    Prologue: Jack Warren has an ordinary life. He is 12 years old. It is going to be his first year in Melville Middle School, he plays sports, and he is an average student. He is not that popular. Unfortunately, his parents don't earn a lot of money. His dad works at Jack's school as a Janitor. He earns about $15,000 a year. Jack's Mom is currently looking for a job, because they are not doing well economically. But that's about to change... (The narrator in this story is Jack).

    Chapter One: Melville Middle School.
    I am scared of how my first year in Middle School will be. Are my teachers going to be nice or mean? Last year, I got A's, A+'s and B+'s. I hope I get the same grades this year. Where are my classes going to be? What are my classes? I guess I will find out today! On my paper, it says I need to go to the Gymnasium, and the principal, Mr.Patenski, will dismiss us to our classes from there. I have this weird schedule that will take scientists to decipher, as far as I can see. I go into the Gymnasium, and I see a tall, white man with white hair, and a white mustache. I'm guessing that's Mr.Patenski. He is waiting for everyone to quiet down. Everyone is nervous, scared and excited about their first day in Middle School. I sit next to my best friend, Robert Pongrak. He is tall, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have never sat on bleachers before. We show each other our schedule, and we both realize we don't have any classes together. He was my only friend, unfortunately. Maybe I will make new friends... Both of us now know how to read the schedule. I look around and see Nick Hanson. I've known him since 4th grade, and he has mental problems, and is very annoying. We both hate each other, but despite that, for some reason, he keeps pretending we are best friends, and that we never fought. Nobody likes him because of how weird he is, and because of his mental problems. He keeps following me, and laughs every time nobody else does, which means he is making himself look even more dumb. I crouch down so that Nick won't see me. He is just looking at the principal, so he might not see me. Mr.Patenski finally starts speaking and everyone quiets down. "Hello, everyone! I am Mr. Patenski, your new principal! I hope you enjoy and have fun here at Melville Middle School. I will dismiss you like this: The first class that is on your schedule should have a room number next to it. I will call a room number, and the people who have that room number as their first class will be escorted to that room by Ms.Colenheart."
    He points to a medium-tall woman with blonde hair. She looks nice, at least.
    Mr.Patenski starts calling room numbers: "Room number 114, go to your Math class." I look at my schedule and see the number 114, so I leave the Gymnasium and follow the other students and Ms.Colenheart to room 114. I enter and take a seat. My teacher looks kind of old, and she has blonde-white hair. She waits for everyone to sit down and to look at her quietly. She starts to introduce her self.
    "How is everyone today?"
    "Good...," Everyone responds with un-enthusiastic voices.
    "I'm glad to be here too!," My teacher responds. Everyone laughs.
    "I am Mrs. Piccarello, your new Math teacher. I am not mean, and I won't give you much homework." She winks.
    Everyone shouts, including me," Hooray!"
    Ms. Piccarello smiles and responds," I want to start off by checking your schedules. I need to make sure you are in the right class."
    Everyone comes up to her desk, and one by one, they hand her their schedules. I am the last to hand Ms.Piccarello my schedule. She says," I think you are in the wrong class. Show this schedule to an an adult you see, and they will show you where your class is."
    "Thanks!" I smile, and she smiles back. I go out of the classroom and look around for an adult. I see a tall man with black hair, and he notices me.
    "Are you looking for your class?," he asks me.
    "Yes. I guess I don't know how this schedule works after all." I shrug and hand him my schedule.

    "You need to go to Room 216. Follow me." I follow him up the stairs and turn right on a big hallway. I see a wooden door with the number 216 on it.
    "Okay, here we are," The man says, moving his hand toward the wooden door.
    "Thanks a lot!" I wave to him, and he waves back. I open the door and see that my teacher is around 30 years old, is kind of tall, has black hair and is a male.
    "Hi. I am Mr. Spinnella, and I am your Civics/Social Studies teacher. Please take a seat." I smile and take a seat in the front row. I look around and see Nick isn't in my class. Thank God! Mr.Spinnella stands up and starts to walk around the room.
    "Let me explain Middle School for you guys. There are Eight Periods in total, and each one lasts around 42 minutes. Some may last twice as long. Those classes are Double-Period classes. Your classes are: Civics/Social Studies, Math, English, Science, Gym and Cycle. You will have different Cycles, and they are all different classes that don't count as much as your regular classes. You switch Cycles every month. I don't remember the Cycles you will have, though. Cycle is your last class in normal days, but not on half-days, which is today. On half-days, your Periods will be arranged like this: 1st period, 2nd Period, 3rd Period, 8th Period, 7th Period, 5th Period and 6th Period. Your classes will be ten minutes shorter than usual, too. On a normal school day, your periods are obviously in order. Your Cycle order will be determined by the number next to the last classes on your schedules." He starts writing down the half-day Period order, and me and my classmates write everything Mr.Spinnella writes on the board in our notebooks. He puts down the chalk and says that he doesn't know when we will get our Civics/Social Studies Textbooks. He also tells us that we will get our locker numbers tomorrow in the Gymnasium, along with our locks that will cost us five dollars. I look at the clock, and it is 8:31. Wow! This class is over already? Mr.Spinnella dismisses us and tells us to be here by 7:50 every day. No later than that. He gave us five extra minutes, so there's no reason to be late. I leave the room and look at my schedule.

    I need to go to Science next. Instead of there being a room number next to Science on my schedule, it reads: SCI-5. As far as I'm concerned, I doubt that's a number. I don't see any adults as I'm walking around the second floor, so I go down the stairs. I spot Ms.Colenheart and walk toward her. She is looking around for I don't know which reason, but anyway, she sees me coming to her. "May I help you?," she asks nicely while smiling. I knew she was nice! I smile back.
    "I don't know where my Science class is. For the room, it just says SCI-5. Can you help me?," I asked.
    "Sure. Follow me. A couple of people already asked me this question before." She winks. I again go up the stairs and see Room 216. She walks past Room 216 and keeps going straight. We reach a door that reads: Study Resource Center. We go in the Study Resource Center, and I see plastic divider walls. There are two sets of them, and Ms.Colenheart explains that the 7th and 8th Grade Science teachers are here temporarily. The Science teachers are waiting for their new rooms to be finished. I thank her as she leaves. I walk into my Science "room" and see my teacher is around 25 years old, has blonde hair, is kind of tall and is a female. As I sit down, my teacher says to us (classmates) she will explain what materials to have in class every day.
    "Hi everyone!," My teacher says.
    "Hi!," we respond back, more enthusiastic than in Mrs.Piccarello's room.
    "My name is Ms.Ferguson, and I will teach you Science. I want you to have the following items to class everyday. An two-inch binder with dividers for different sections in the binder, which are: Notes, Homework, Classwork and Group work. When you get your Science Textbook, I want you to always bring it. Don't forget it! I also want you to have a black or blue ink pen to write with, but not a pencil! I will take of five points on a test or quiz if you use a pencil to take it. I don't want you to have one humongous binder that has all the subjects you take, because then it will get disorganized, and you will lose everything I give you in your mess of a binder, so have a separate binder for this class only! This class starts at 8:32. Please be on time. I will write down the times for your periods on normal days and half-days on the board." Ms.Ferguson has a white marker board instead of a chalkboard. I like marker boards better, since they are smoother and easier to clean. All you need to do is wipe off the marker! Ms.Ferguson gets up from her desk and begins to write: Normal day Period times: 1st Period: 7:45-8:32 2nd Period: 8:32-9:15 3rd Period: 9:15-10:00 4th Period:9:56-10:42 Study:10:42-11:05 Lunch: 11:05-11:32 5th Period: 11:32-12:15 6th Period: 12:15-12:58 7th Period(Gym): 12:58-1:42 8th Period(Cycle): 1:42-2:25. Half-day Periods: 1st Period:7:45-8:20 2nd Period:8:20-9:05 3rd Period:9:05-9:50 (4th Period is skipped*) 8th Period:9:50-10:20 7th Period: 10:20-11:00 5th Period: 11:00-11:32 6th Period: 11:32-11:58. Me and my classmates also copy down what Ms.Ferguson wrote on the board. This is so confusing! Ms.Ferguson lets us talk for the rest of the Period, which is five minutes. I just keep flipping my notebook paper until the next period, because I barely talk at all.

    The bell rings and we proceed to 3rd Period. I look at my schedule and it says I have English for 3rd and 4th Period in Room 118. I go down the stairs and immediately see Room 118, so I was happy and lucky I went down these stairs. There were two pairs of stairs I could have went down from, and I chose the right pair! I went inside room 118 and sat down in the middle desk. I saw on the board: Mrs.Stokols: 7th Grade English teacher. Ms.Stokols was pretty old and had white-blond hair. More classmates arrived in Room 118 until there was around 25 classmates. She was writing on something on her desk. She looked up and said,"Hello, everyone. This is your 7th Grade English class, and I am your English teacher, Mrs.Stokols, as you saw on the board. I will pass out sheets of paper that will have the classroom rules on them." She picks up a stack of papers from her desk and gives five to each row. There are five kids in five rows. Completely equal! When I received the Rules Paper, I began to read it. Rule 1: No talking unless permitted to. Rule 2: Raise your hand and don't call out. Rule 3: Don't leave anything on the floor. Keep the aisles clear! Rule 4: You MUST bring an erasable blue or black ink pen. No pencils! I look up to listen to Mrs.Stokols. "I want everyone to read the rules and take notes on them. Then, we will discuss them, and also discuss the items to have for this class." All of my classmates begin to read the rules as I take out paper from a notebook I brought for any subject. For the next 20 minutes, I keep reading the rules and write notes about them. Mrs.Stokols finally speaks. "Okay, lets go over the rules. Rule 1 is: No talking unless permitted to. Rule 2 is: Raise your hand and don't call out. Rule 3 is: Don't leave anything on the floor. Keep the aisles clear! What I mean by this is, don't leave any of your books or binders or pens on the floor. This might cause a hazard by accidentally tripping people. Rule 4 is: You MUST bring an erasable blue or black ink pen. No pencils! I will take off five points if you write in pencil, like many teachers do. Does anyone have any questions?" Nobody raises their hands. "Let me tell you the items I want you to have for this class: A three inch binder. Dividers are not necessary. We will just take notes. I want you to have a folder. I will hand out a considerable amount of worksheets. Most importantly, a pen. Tha-" The bell rings. "Okay, then. We will pick this up tomorrow!"

    I leave the room and go to the Gymnasium. I sit down on the bleachers again like other people. I watch people playing basketball for the whole Gym Period. I have cycle next. I wonder what my Cycle will be about. That's why I saw Room 114! Now is the time I need to go there! I go in and find a young teacher that around 23 years old, has black hair, is tall and is a female. When all my classmates arrive, she introduces herself. "I am Ms.Troncoso, and this Cycle is called Life Skills. You will learn about good and bad choices, and a little bit of Health, since we will be talking about what actions can harm your body. Please look at your schedules and make sure it says on there: Life Skills 71. Everyone have it?" I look as she requested, as many others do, and it says Life Skills 71, so I am in the right class.
    "Yes, I have Life Skills 71," All of the class and me said.
    "Good! Please don't be late. You will be staying after school for the seconds or minutes you were late if you are late. I am also your Guidance Counselor, not just your teacher. You guys may talk to each other if you want" Ms.Troncoso says. Wow! I can't believe that teachers are just letting us talk for the rest of the period! I just drew junk in my notebook for the next 25 minutes since I was bored and didn't feel like talking to anyone, as usual. Ms.Troncoso dismisses us and I see that Math is the only class left.

    It is another Double-Period Class. I need to go to Room 219. I go up the stairs and look around in the big hallway I am walking in. I see Room 219 and go in it. I see a Teacher that is around 22 years old, has black hair, is very tall and is a male. He looks nice, too. He looks around waiting for attention from all of us. I looks like if I am the only one ever listens in classes. That really gets me annoyed! People quiet down so that the teacher may speak.
    Hi everyone! I will be your new Math teacher, Mr.Powers. Please take notes on what I am about to say. All I ask of you is to please raise your hand and to pay attention, and to speak when I say you can speak to your classmates. Also, please bring a binder, folder and pencil to class. I will give you chapter worksheets we will go over in class, or it might also be for Homework. Since I don't have any work or anything more to discuss, you may talk to your friends." Here we go again... More drawing time for me! I draw lines and circles and made up words for the next 25 minutes. Then he dismisses us at 11:58, and School is over! I can't wait until tomorrow, since it's a Friday, and because it's again a half-day. I need to remember to buy more school materials...
    That was my first day of school. It was pretty fun!
    *End of Chapter 1*
    What do you think? Please post your opinions. Thanks!

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    Nice! I can't wait for Chapter 2

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    Thanks. I will try to put it up as fast as I can, but I have a lot of H.W, too.


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