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    Default Inseparable (Advanceshipping M)

    Hello again. this is a new advanceshipping fic im making. that might have the following shippings.


    Also I'm planning to make this short. since i can't really think of anything. i still have a fic that need to be updated badly. im a two months behind.

    Anyway this just came to me. maybe after watching those asain soaps or does fics on i don't know how this came to me.

    Also this fic will have swearing and i will put the rating M for later on.

    I don't know if i should add this on FF. net but lets see how things turn out.

    And there will be a few OOC moments. like when they swear and stuff.

    Anyway enjoy. ^_^

    ~battlefreak602 (a.k.a midnightmoon602)


    (An advanceshipping chapter fic)

    Chapter one

    Thunder roared and flashed across the grey sky. Rain poured down from the sky and the wind blew hard on that stormy night. Rain drops kept falling from the sky and to the crying brunette. She was alone in the worst weather she had even been in. she was crying, as heavy as the rain drops falling on her.

    “Why?” Sobbed a crying brunette. “Why did you have to go?”

    Then May hold up a red rose. As the she held the rose up to her face height the heavy rain drops fell on the rose and a few rose petals fell to the dirt.

    “Drew...” May muttered. “Why?”
    “May!” A voice called out in the rain.

    May knew who it was but didn’t bother replying or looking behind her. All she did was stare at the rose Drew gave to her. Soon sounds of a person’s footsteps came running to her.

    “May.” He muttered. “Are you…”

    The young boy didn’t continue as he saw the person he loved his whole life was crying once again. Since his death she was never the same.

    “Ash…” May said. “Why did he go?”
    “He had to. His health couldn’t take it anymore.” Ash said as he wrapped his arms around the brunette. “Don’t worry May.” Ash told her. “You will be okay.”
    “But he told me that he would get better.” May cried in Ash’s arms. “He said that he we would die together.”

    Now both trainers were in the rain. All wet and all alone at Drew’s gravestone. Where his body was left to rest a month ago. His girlfriend May still couldn’t take it all in that the man she loved is now gone from her life. Soon friends and family soon came. They just stood behind the two trainers. One of them crying her heart out while the other holding her in his arms.


    “Is she okay?” Ash asked.
    “She is fine.” Caroline replied as she closed May’s room. “She just needs some rest.”

    Caroline just watched the trainer worry about May.

    “I shouldn’t let her go.”Ash sighed. “If I didn’t she wouldn’t be in this much pain.”
    “She will be fine.” Caroline said as she put her hand on the young boy’s shoulder.
    “I better go.” Ash replied. “Me staying here isn’t help either May or I.” Ash said as he headed to the door.
    “Ash?” Caroline asked. “Do you still in love with my daughter?”

    Ash just glanced at May’s mother.

    “That’s the most painful thing Mrs. Maple.” Ash replied. “I’m still in love with her.” Ash said as he walked out the door.

    Caroline watched the trainer walk out her room. Soon she opened her daughter’s door slightly just enough to peek at her daughter. She saw her sleeping. Then she opened the door big enough to let her though. He walked up to her sleeping brunette and brushed her hair with her fingers.

    “Why can’t you see his feelings towards you?” Caroline asked her sleeping brunette. “I can’t imagine what he is going though.”


    “Who’s that?”
    “It’s me.”

    May opened her eyes and found herself in a garden full of roses of all different colours. Drew was near a lake full of water pokemon. The lake was surrounded by roses of all different colours and size.

    “Is that really you?” May asked as tears of joy started to run down her face.
    “This is me.” Drew replied.

    May ran to Drew and Drew opened her arms for her. More tears of joy ran down from her eyes lids and down her face.

    “I miss you so much.” May cried.
    “I missed you too.” Drew replied as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.
    “Drew?” May asked. “Why did you die?”
    “May.” Drew said as he got May’s chin and made her face him. “My health couldn’t keep up and hold on any longer. I fought but I just couldn’t hold the pain any longer.”
    “But how can I move on?” May complained as she released her grasp from Drew. “I need you in my life!” May said as she collapsed to her knees.

    Drew walked up to her and helped her get up to her feet. Soon Drew embraced her arms around and then kissed her on the lips passionately.

    “You can move on May.” Drew told her as he ran his fingers though May’s brunette hair. “There are people that love you. There is one that is still in love with you.”
    “Ash?” She asked. “He doesn’t love me anymore Drew.” May replied. “I don’t love him either. I love you.”
    “But we can’t work together.” Drew reminded her. “I’m dead. My life has ended. Yours has just begun. Don’t waste it May.” Drew told her as he kissed her on the lips tender. “I have to go.” Drew told her as he broke up their hug and kiss. “Goodbye May.”
    “No Drew!” May yelled. “Don’t go. Please.” May said as she fell to her knees. “Come back.”


    “Huh?” May asked in confusion. “Drew?”
    “No.” A young boy’s voice replied. “It’s me.”

    May opened her eyes. At first her vision was a bit burly but after a few blinks she found it was her younger brother Max.

    “Thank god you’re okay.” Max said.
    “What happened?” May asked.
    “You had another nightmare.” Max said. “You were calling out Drew again.” Max said. “Sis, when are you going to move on?”
    “I will never move on.” May replied. “I can’t. I need Drew next to me.”
    “May.” Max replied. “His dead. Remember he died a month ago?”
    “I know but…”
    “We are all here.” Max reminded his older sister. “All of us even Ash.”

    May stopped silent at the boy’s name.

    “May!” Ash called out as he chased after May in the pokemon centre as both ran down the hallway.
    “Leave me alone you good for nothing cheater!” May cried.

    “Do me a favor and don’t mention his name to me.” May replied in a soft voice nearly dropping into a whisper.
    “Just don’t!” May yelled.
    “Okay.” Max replied in confusion. “I’m going back to bed.”

    May didn’t replied to her younger brother. Instead she just sat on her bed holding her heart. Remembering a painful memory.

    “But May!”

    The brunette didn’t think twice but to slap Ash in the face.

    “How could you!” May cried. “Cheat on that bitch over there!”
    “But May it was an accident.”
    “don’t’ talk to me you son of a bitch!"May yelled. “Don’t you ever show your face to me ever again!” May yelled as she ran down the halls of the poke centre as she cried until she got out.

    “Why did you do that Ash?” May whispered to herself. “Why?”

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    That was both very sad and unique.

    Credit goes to PlatinumDude for the sprite.

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    Chapter two

    The weather didn’t seem to change. The rain still poured buckets of water down from the sky and the wind still howled in the night. Ash rested in the Petalburg poke centre since May didn’t want him there.

    “How dare you show your face to me not after what you did!” May yelled as the front door of her house.
    “Just let me explain.” Ash replied.
    “I don’t need your rubbish excuses!” May said as she slammed the door right on Ash.

    Ash heard a the door bell ring and Ash got up and answered the door. When Ash opened it he saw it was his old friend. A girl with short orange hair. Yellow top with a blue collar with a yellow mini shirt. It was his old friend Misty. She didn’t have her side ponytail this time.

    “Hey.” Ash greeted with no excitement.
    “Hey.” Misty replied.
    “Come in.” Ash said as he welcomed Misty in and both sat on the bed. “So what are you doing here?” he asked.
    “Ash.” Misty replied as she put her hand on top of Misty’s. “I came here to say something. Something important that I wanted to say a long time ago. Since we met.” Misty was as he moved her face towards Ash’s. “I love you.” She said as she laid her lips on Ash’s.

    Soon both feel onto the bed. Soon Misty was on top of Ash’s body. The two started to make out on the bed. Ash started to unbutton her top and showed her light blue bra. She did the same as she slowly unzipped his black vest. Ash was rubbing his legs up and down on Misty’s legs. He went to embrace his arms around her and soon her light blue bra was disconnected. Soon Ash rolled over Misty and now he was on top of Misty. Misty’s hands soon came under Ash’s shirt. She was rubbing her hands on Ash’s chest. Soon Ash realized what he had down and quickly got of Misty. She quickly wiped away the salvia off his lips from Misty.

    “What are you doing?” Ash asked in angry.
    “But Ash.” Misty said as she covered her breasts with her light blue bra. “Why did you stop?”
    “Because this isn’t right.” Ash replied. “I don’t want to start this all over again.”
    “Oh come on Ash.” Misty said as she put her bra back on. “May did the same with Drew. Don’t you remember?” Misty said as she took a few steps towards Ash and was now face to face to Ash as she traced her finger from his belly button to Ash’s neck.
    “Shut up!” Ash yelled. “Just shut up Misty!” Ash said as he collapsed onto his knees. “Just shut the f**k up.” Soon tears filled his eye lids and before Ash was crying without him noticing.

    Soon Misty’s eyes widen when she realized what she had done. She quickly ran to Ash and embraced him.

    “I’m sorry Ash.” Misty replied. “I didn’t mean what I said.”
    “That’s okay.” Ash replied as she wiped his tears away. “What you said is true. What I can’t believe I’m still angry at a dead person and the person I like is in love with that same dead person I hate.” Ash replied as he clenched his fist and hit the carpet. “Damn him.”
    “Ash calm down.” Misty said. “Look what happened on the bed. I’m sorry.”

    Ash didn’t reply. What he did with Misty on the bed what was May did with Drew when he saw it. As the memorises came flooding back into Ash clenched his fist and hit the carpet more then once.

    “Why did she have to do that to me?” Ash said. “Why?”

    Misty couldn’t answer since she didn’t knew the answer as well. All she could do was just pat Ash’s back up and down as she saw the man she love in so much pain.

    “How long will I have see you like this Ash?” Misty said in her thoughts.


    May was in her bedroom and had just finish taking a shower. She had her white towel wrapped around her body with her hair still wet. As she took off her towel she heard a voice.

    “Whose that?” May said as she turned around and found out it was Drew. “Ahh!” May screamed. “Get out!” May said as she covered she body with the white towel she used to cover her body when she got out of the shower.
    “Don’t worry.” Drew laughed. “I’ve seen you like that before.”

    May wrapped the towel around her body again.

    “Just because you have seen my naked body before doesn’t mean you can see it again.” May replied furiously.

    Drew just laughed.

    “That is what I miss about you.” Drew replied.

    Soon Drew started to fade away. May ran to him but she went though him. She turned around and saw that he wasn’t there anymore.

    “Was that really him?” May asked herself.


    Ash was sleeping in his bed. He was moving left and right quickly. Like he was having a nightmare.

    In a church Ash was waiting. He watched as a May the bride walking down the hall walking to Ash. As May started to walk towards him she just walked past him. Ash looked back and saw the person she was walking to was Drew.

    Ash tried to call out her name but no words came out. All Ash could do was watch as she kissed Drew on the lips. Soon the people in the church stand up from their chairs and clapped. When Ash was able to call out May’s name the sound of the people clapping made it hard for May to even hear his words. Then May looked at him and mouthed a few words.

    “It’s too late.”

    Ash’s eyes quickly flicked open. He sat up from his sleeping position. He looked around and saw Misty sleeping next to him. She was in her clothes she came in before. She must of slept while Ash was too. Ash brushed her short orange hair away from her face.

    “Perhaps.” Ash muttered. “Maybe I can give love another chance.”

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    A great story, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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    I luv it,I can't wait for the next chapter!


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