TEEN: If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)
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Thread: If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)

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    Default If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)

    note that this is only my take on the general actions of characters in the LOD RP.

    the story is of course unfinished, but its a long story so i'm trying to keep track of it all.


    If I Remain


    Have you ever gone through death? Have you seen everything fall away around you as watch your closest friend pass? Have you fought back?

    I have. I know what you think of me now. You believe I’m an author sitting behind his computer with no intention other then to make a career of this, but no. I’ve been from the brink and back, all because I fight back.

    My life started like anyone else’s. I had a mom and dad who loved me, and I loved them. Then one day my dad walked outside and vanished into the shadow of a tree. My mom completely ignored me whenever I brought it up. A week later my Dad just left. My mom said that it was just going to be a normal part of life for me. Of course my life already hadn’t been very normal.

    My dad leaving was just the icing on the cake. I had cheated certain death almost twenty times by the time I was eight. Freak careening buses going one seventy five on the street in front of my school, a psycho lunch lady who put honey, which I’m allergic to, in my pizza, and not to mention my evil next door neighbor Jenny. She was the worst of the worst. She was the cause of half those incidents. Once ran over to me while I was learning to ride my bike she tried to strangle me with a jump rope. She claimed that I murdered her pet Hydra. It’s actually not as impossible as you think.

    And that’s just the eight. Life got harder as I got older, but not how it does for normal people. Worst things first: I had to go to camp. I was stuck for the entire summer with a bunch of crazy ADHD kids like me, but not at all like me. I guess it wasn’t too bad though. I did get to learn how to use a bow and they didn’t have an insane lunch lady. I also met one of my best friends there. A kid named Zeke. He was ADHD like all the rest of us, but we had another thing in common we were both dyslexic. I was a random conversation starter, but we somehow built a friendship off it.

    Chap: 1
    Tough Turkey

    During the last week of camp Zeke and I were goofing off in the forest. we had “borrowed” two bows from the archery range and were shooting at a turkey we saw walking around. I made a perfect shot that was right about to hit the bird when a face or more exactly a hand from the past messed it up. From out no where Jenny appeared and grabbed the arrow. Zeke was struck dumb, but I was just plain ticked off.

    “What the hell!? Its bad enough that you had to come to camp now you ruined my shot.” I shouted holding back a flood of profanity.

    “Silence! I have been trying to keep an eye on you for fifteen years and I am feed up!” Her voice was deep and highly disturbing.

    “Creeper much?” Zeke nudged me and chuckled.

    “Pathetic son of Hermes you can’t shut up just like your father” Jenny shook her head.

    “So if you’re done being a freak then I’ll just take my arrow back.” I glared at her.

    “No I’m done with babysitting come and take it.” Jenny cackled.

    “OK and with that I’ll be going back. Come on Zeke” I turned and began walking away.

    Zeke was still standing in the same spot.

    “Isaac you might want to see this.” Zeke quivered as he spoke.

    I rolled my eyes and turned around. At first I though I rolled my eyes too hard, because now where Jenny had stood was a seven foot freak of nature. She looked like a boney goblin with bats wings. It was like my psycho lunch lady married a chicken. Oh that poor chicken.

    “I do not care if you are the son of my lord. He is trapped in hell, and I am going to end this.” Jenny screeched and ran at me unsheathing razor sharp claw unsheathing from her fingers.

    Now don’t ask me how I did it because I don’t know, but suddenly before she could hit me I drew the bow without an arrow and sent a black bolt of energy right through where her heart would be, if she had one. She vaporized into tiny particles of dust. I kicked them and they scattered to the wind.

    “where’s that turkey” I said un-phased by it all.

    Zeke fell over, but didn’t faint. I walked over to him sighed and reached down to help him up.

    “dude what was that.” Zeke was shaking like a Chihuahua.

    “I don’t know, but it’s the last the thing on my mind.” I gazed into his fear filled eyes. “Don’t worry, you saw what I did to it.”

    Zeke grabbed my hand and I pulled him up. He was still shaking, but not as much. We walked out of the forest and made it to the mess hall just in time for lunch. Today’s special was turkey sandwiches go figure. Zeke and I sat together with the camp counselors. We generally sat there to escape the trial and tribulations of sociality. The counselors were all older guys and girls who weren’t insane like the rest of us. Our groups counselor’s name was Conneras a quiet quick guy who seemed to know what was going on before anyone else did.

    “Where were you two?” He asked us right as we sat down.

    I looked up and noticed that he hadn’t looked at us. He was still standing up at the pop machine with his back turned to us.

    “We were doing camp stuff.” Zeke said in a whirl of cunning.

    “What kind of cam stuff?” Conner came and sat down next to me and across from Zeke.

    “Woodsy camp stuff” Zeke used his scary good poker face.

    “So that’s where those bows went.” Conner stared Zeke down.

    Zeke was good, but Conner was better. Zeke cracked then was crushed by the pressure.

    “Alright you got us we stole the bows and went turkey hunting then we were attacked by Isaac’s creeper.” Zeke buried his face.

    “wait what’s this about a creeper!?” Conner turned to me.

    “just some freaky girl that I used to be neighbors with.” I shrugged taking a bite of my sandwich.

    “and that’s not all she turned into a psycho bat lady.” Zeke sounded like a mad man.

    Conner didn’t react like I expected. He stood up told the other counselors that he need to take me to the infirmary because I may have twisted my ankle. Zeke and I played along and they helped me as I hobbled out. Conner brought us to his cabin. He rummaged through a bag and pulled out a gold coin.

    “come on we need to get to the lake.” Conner ran off without us.

    We only caught up when he stopped at the water’s edge. He led us upstream to a fairly large waterfall. He took out the coin and tossed it into a rainbow caused by the mist.

    “Goddess Iris accept this humble offering. Please connect me to Jericho Neric of Camp Half Blood.” Conner said calmly.

    I on the other hand was completely lost. Zeke didn’t seem to care, he must of figured it was just some kind of trick that the counselors pull. I looked back at the mist. It looked like a pane of glass had appeared there and the water was sliding off of it. The foggy form of a person appeared through the mist.

    “Jericho good. I think I may have found some one you should meet.” Conner grinned when he saw the figure.

    “Conner stop trying to hook me up with your cousin. I‘ve got a girlfriend. You‘d know that if you were here the last six months.” Jericho shouted then quieted himself.

    “That’s not it! I think I found some demigods.” Conner stomped his foot when he spoke.

    “Well then tell Chiron not me” Jericho seemed to be getting ticked off.

    “You know that guy creeps me out” Conner shivered.

    “Fine I’ll tell him, but let me see the guys first.” Jericho sighed.

    Zeke walked over. He had eavesdropped on the entire conversation of course. He stood before the image.

    “So is this where you push me into the water or does that come after I talk to you” Zeke said blandly.

    “this isn’t a joke kid.” Jericho said. “Do you know who you are? Do you know what is really going on behind all the mist?”

    “Um… there’s a guy hiding under a waterfall?” Zeke rolled his eyes.

    “NO, there are average seeming kids who are dieing out there in the fight for their lives and your treating it like a joke!” Jericho shouted “We are demigods and this is war!”

    Demigods. The word resounded through my mind, heart, and soul. I stood shaking with anxiety knowing that what he said no matter how impossible it seemed.

    “Zeke… I think he’s referring to us.” I looked concerningly at him.

    “What! You too? Are you crazy? I don’t even know what that word means.” Zeke groaned tromping around in a circle.

    “you! The other kid, come over here.” Jericho shouted.

    I walked slowly over in front of the waterfall. I focused my gaze on the guy in the mist. He had dark gray hair and eyes like thunderheads. He had slight scar on his face in front of his left ear. His face was dark and serious. He also seemed bothered by something.

    Jericho sighed and looked up at me.

    “You sound much more reasonable then your friend there. Do you know anything about what I’m saying?” Jericho asked.

    “Faintly… Can I ask a question?” I asked diverting my gaze.

    “What is it?” Jericho asked.

    “Today in the woods this girl who I used to be neighbors with turned it a bat-lady I know I know it sounds ridiculous, but do you have any ideas?” I explained the situation to him.

    “Fury.” Jericho answered.

    “elaborate please.” I groaned.

    “They’re minions of my father. He’s not the nicest guy, but he has his reasons. Did the fury tell you anything?” Jericho said with a groan.

    “She said that she’d been babysitting me since I was a kid.” I said try to remember all the details.

    Jericho’s eyes widened. He was obviously worried.

    “Conner! Get them here now!” Jericho shouted.

    “On our way then!” Conner nodded.

    Chap: 2
    You have the Right to Remain Silent


    To Be Continued...
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    Default Re: If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)

    This is a really good story, Jason. I laughed so frickin' hard.
    I don't care about IVs or EVs, or natures or anything. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and I love them like that.

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    Default Re: If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)

    Updated! (slightly)

    I would like to note that I'm trying to keep this in like with the RP so it takes a while to try and transfer over ideas.


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