This is a story I wrote taking inspiration from a song. Can you guess it? ;)

John was just like any other single guy. He had a image of his soul mate but could never find ‘the one’. She would be a genius of more than fashion and as wise as Confucius, all in a body Venus would be proud of and a glare that felt like lasers. She would be fast and thorough with planning everything. She would also have quite sharp wit, bordering on the snarky but also as the life of the party. He wouldn’t mind if she got up early or stayed up late. Maybe she would have a job with a good figure on the payroll or be a red tape cutter.
As stated before, she would have great fashion sense. John knew a few people who could make a difference only by the colour of their fingernails. And it would be great if she had a nice voice. You see, John was in a band during the weekends. It would be easier to have impromptu dates pre- or post- band jams/practice.
It would be nice if she was a penny-pincher. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but if she saved some money, it would be OK. That, in combination with her job, would get some great dividends. Suddenly, this train of thought stopped. “What the hell am I doing thinking about some stupid soulmate? I’m supposed to be sleeping!” thought John. You see, at the bank, they don’t like clerks with eye bags and moody attitudes.

John woke up at his usual time, a quarter to six, vaguely refreshed. “Damn, I will need an espresso today.” he thought. He took a shower and put on his typical attire. He checked the weather as it was autumn. Wasn’t too chilly. Only about 57 Fahrenheit or 14 Celsius. John was a bit of a nerd. He didn’t look the part, though. John put on his coat and shoved his keys into the pockets. He shoved his gloves in as well, because when the night comes, it gets colder, innit? He locked his apartment and began walking towards the bank. But first, he bought a latte with a few shots of espresso and a bagel.
John reached the branch just in time to relax before dealing with the never-ending blizzard of customers, eager to claim their insurance on their car ‘accident’ or whatever. Basically, if someone came up to him and asked him to identify a patron of his from the bank, he would just probably fidget and tell them the truth. But today, he felt, was going to be different.
And it was. Sometime during what most employees call the lunch hour, he was working his shifts and a woman came up to his counter. “Hi, er, could you help me with something?” the woman said. “What’s the prob?” John said, in his usual slightly laid-back voice. “I’m applying for a loan to buy a new car.” she replied. “Okay, let’s start by filling in this form.” John said, while holding up said form. “I don’t have a pen on me. Could you lend me yours?” “Okay.” So the form was filled. While the woman passed over the form to John, she recognized him. “Hey, you’re that guy in that alt rock band! I saw you guys at a show yesterday!” she said so loud, she probably woke up a few people still sleeping in the apartment across the street. “Yeah. My name’s John. John McCrea.” he said. “You know, the Bond thing is a bit cliché.” she replied. A smirk crept onto John’s face. “Okay Karen, so all of this information is true?” “Yes, it is.” She replied. “Pardon me asking, but what car are you buying?” “Oh, it’s some Chrysler. But it’s much better than my dump of an MG.” She snarked. “This is the chance.” John thought. She reminded him of one of the guys from this anime he watched, Soul Eater. “You know, I’m free this Friday....” John said before being cut off by Karen. “Sure, you can go out with me!” she yelled. John cracked a smile and Karen reminded him of the paperwork he had to do.