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    Chapter 1
    A weary, young, trainer wandered aimlessly into Striaton City's Pokemon Center followed semi-closely by an exhausted and quite exasperated Oshawott and a slightly worn out Lillipup. She lifted the two onto a table in front of a grinning nurse that really, quite, irked White who ignored her and adjusted her ivory and pink baseball cap as she heard several sets of footsteps enter the Center. Turning on her heel she nearly collided with a blue haired young man in a sort of waiter's uniform, "Uhm, oh uh...sorry," White said while muttering under her breath "Shit. Fucking shit." Looking up she couldn't quite meet his gaze but managed to see his deep blue eyes were pinned on her creating a slight pink blush to rise to the surface of her cheeks. "S-sorry again," She said looking down as she hurried out of the bright building into the dark, evening streets filled with slight lights shining from the apartment buildings' windows.

    "Well, if she's battling Cilan, it ought to be quiet in the gym for once," Chili snickered to the disdain of his brothers,Cilan for being compared to the sheepish young girl, and Cress for insulting her. "Chilli...uh...er...what if she's just a patron or a tourist, or, Arceus forbid, another fangirl," Cilan whispered softly as Cress shook his head disapprovingly blue hair swaying in his face a bit. "Seriously guys," Cress said blush still evident on his face causing a mocking snicker to arise from Chili "Oo-oo! Someone has a cru-ush," The redhead sang mockingly skipping about causing the shy green haired Cilan to giggle uncontrollably. "Whatever!" Cress muttered "Jealous bitches," He shouted as he exited the center only to see a rather confused White standing before him "Uh...what?" she asked smiling slightly, inducing a slight blush from the blue haired boy. He stared at the ground trying to avoid her piercing aqua eyes "My brothers were being shitheads, that's all. Nothing to worry about," He said softly trying to look away. "Yeah, I kind of got that, that's a typical brother, always fucking with you, but I mean what about them being 'Jealous bitches'?" the brunette asked smirking. "Oh, that, well I kind of have a crush on this girl in Mistralton City, and they're so jealous." Cress lied through his teeth and brought a frown to the girl's face. "Oh, does she like you back...." White said a slightly hopeful look that trembled with fear of knowing the answer, "Oh, Uh...no, she has no idea I exist," Cress said continuing the lie and staring at the ground. White couldn't help but smile slightly at that "Oh...too bad, she'd be one lucky girl," she said immediately regretting her words, but then un-regretted it when she saw Cress' face. "We-ell, I'll see you later..." White said, prompting a slight and awkward nod from Cress.

    "shit. goddamned bloody shit! why?" White mumbled as she banged her head against Fennel's door. "She's been like this ever since a run in with the Striaton Gymleaders!" Bianca cried out. Fennel smirked smugly before replying "Oh, I know what's wrong...White has a cru-ush! Now shit just got serious," Fennel said pulling out a gun. "WHAT THE FUCK FENNEL!" White screamed and bitch-slapped the gun from her hand.
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