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    Default Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greetings, loyal audience. This is Calvin127, bringing a brand new production. I know, it's been way too long since I produced anything. Unfortunately, I've been stricken with writer's block in all my stories, and I've had important schoolwork. This might just make up for it, I think. Funny story about this: it was the result of a dream I had after watching some yuri anime. The dream was mostly original, but had minor aspects borrowed. When I was telling my fellow otaku/crush about it, she convinced me to write a fic about it. Please bear with me here, as I'm still recalling the details of the dream, and I only remember chunks right now. Basically, I'll be filling in the gaps as I go. And I'm still working on the title. Alright, so enjoy!

    Chapter 1: Train Ride of Hell

    “Hey, when do you suppose this train will get there? We've been riding for hours!” A whiny female voice said, piercing through the recent silence. The owner of the voice was a brunette of about average height and weight with dark brown eyes and a perpetual scowl.

    “To be precise, exactly 3 hours, 47 minutes, 23.5 seconds, mark.” A second voice said, this one sounding more mature and sophisticated. The speaker was a skinny black-haired girl with large glasses and an apparent inability to smile, as it looked like she hadn't smiled once in her life. Her nose was currently in a thick book. “By the way, that round of silence lasted 5 minutes, 18.675 seconds.”

    “Shut up, Tomoko. Go back to your book.” The first girl snapped, cutting her eyes at the bookworm.

    “You know, Akako, you have no one to blame for your boredom, save yourself.” Tomoko said calmly, looking over the top of the book and her glasses at Akako. “I've offered you books to read, and you declined them all rather rudely. Even Hanako suggested you go to sleep, but did you listen?” Her answer came in the form of Akako getting up, snatching the book, and closing it. “I was reading that, you know.”

    “Read this.” Akako sneered back, slamming Tomoko over the head with the book. The weight and density of the book was more than enough to render a person unconscious for awhile, which was exactly what it did to Tomoko. Akako smiled, knowing she wouldn't be hearing from her for awhile, and put the book next to her before going back to her seat.

    “You know, you didn't have to knock her out.” A blond girl said, going over to check Tomoko's unconscious form. “She did nothing wrong.”

    “Hanako, stay out of it.” Akako growled, looking out the window. “Unless, of course, you'd like to join her in Dreamland.”

    “Kiyoko-chan, she's threatening me!” Hanako called out, casting a fearful look at Akako. At that moment, a tall redheaded girl stepped into their car, looking none too amused.

    “Akako, what is it gonna take for you to settle down?” The girl apparently called Kiyoko said with a tired sigh. “Honestly, you've been insufferable this whole ride, and we've still got x amount of hours to go.”

    “If you must know, I'd love nothing more than to be able to take a nap, but it's too bumpy.” Akako grumbled.

    “It can't be if Tomoko's fast asleep.” Kiyoko said, pointing to the unconscious girl.

    “Actually, she hit her with the book and knocked her out.” Hanako said meekly. “She got mad because she scolded her for whining.”

    “Really now?” Kiyoko said, turning to face Akako with a tired expression. “Akako, you're one of my best friends, but seriously, pull the stick outta your ass and grow up.”

    “You shut up, or else you'll be pulling my foot outta your ass!” Akako growled, standing up.

    “Does that mean you've learned how to fight overnight?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Well... not exactly...” Akako said hesitantly. “But I'll still hurt you.” To punctuate this, she walked over to Kiyoko and stood inches from her, glaring at her.

    “How many times have I told you that I do not fear you, Akako?” Kiyoko asked, narrowing her eyes. “If you wish to fight me, I will not back down.”

    “Come get me when it's over!” Hanako squeaked, hurriedly exiting the car.

    “Great... we've scared off Hanako.” Kiyoko sighed.

    “She's scared off by even the slightest conflict, you know that, right?” Akako asked, not looking concerned in the slightest. “Forget about her for now. This is between you and me.”

    “I'll worry about whoever I want, whenever I want, thank you very much.” Kiyoko snapped. “Now, I suggest you sit down and find something to do before you make me really mad.”

    Akako suddenly seemed less enthusiastic about fighting her friend. “Whatever.” She huffed, sitting down and staring at the floor.

    “Hanako, it's over.” Kiyoko called, turning to examine Tomoko. “Great... she might have a concussion.”

    “Good, no one was hurt.” Hanako sighed out in a relieved tone as she entered. “Wait, Tomoko-chan has a concussion?”

    “She might. There's a bump growing.” Kiyoko said. “Can you go get some ice for me?”

    “Okay.” Hanako said with a hint of sadness, leaving again.

    “I hope you're proud of yourself.” Kiyoko snapped, looking at Akako angrily. “She did nothing to deserve a concussion.”

    “She pissed me off with that mouth of hers.” Akako snapped back. “I'm not in the mood for her big words and snarky attitude.”

    “Then you ignore her!” Kiyoko growled. “You need to keep that temper of your in check!”

    “Whatever. Just leave me alone.” Akako sighed, not looking at them.

    “Here's the ice.” Hanako said as she entered, holding up a bag of ice.

    “Thank you, Hanako.” Kiyoko said with a smile, taking the ice and applying it to Tomoko's head.

    “Oh, and we're almost there now. Only a few more minutes.” Hanako added, sitting down.

    “It's about time!” Akako cheered in exasperation. “I can't wait to see the place!”

    “Yeah, the pictures in the brochure were beautiful.” Hanako said. “It must look even better in person.”

    “If Tomoko doesn't wake up by the time we get there, one of us is gonna have to carry her out.” Kiyoko said. “And someone's gonna have to get her luggage.”

    “Hmph. I'll handle her luggage.” Akako said grudgingly, still looking away.

    “Thank you for volunteering. I'm glad you're showing some responsibility.” Kiyoko said with a smile.

    “Shut up already. Someone has to do it, and I think I can handle her stuff.” Akako muttered.

    “All of it? She needed help getting her stuff on the train.” Kiyoko laughed.

    “She's weak. I'll handle all of it.” Akako boasted, puffing out her chest.

    “We'll see. We may as well get our stuff gathered now before we get there.” Kiyoko said with a shrug. “The storage car is 3 back that way, I think.”

    “Alright, let's go.” Akako said, leading the way to the storage car. When they got there, they locate all of their luggage, and started making trip back to their car. Akako and Kiyoko had an average amount of luggage, while Hanako had several more bags, filled with ecology magazines and the like. When they finally got to Tomoko's luggage, the three sweatdropped. “You mean THIS all hers?” Akako shouted in disbelief, staring in shock at the large pile of suitcases, most of which were filled with books.

    “Yep, that's all hers.” Hanako said. “It took ten trips to get all this stuff on.”

    “Anata wa karakatte iru iu.*” Akako muttered.

    “Nope. Not kidding.” Kiyoko said. “You might need help.”

    “Yeah... I will.” Akako stuttered. “This is gonna be fun.”

    (*Say you're kidding.)

    Well, that was Chapter 1. It only took a whole weekend to do it, less if I hadn't have needed to play with my sister by my mom's mandate, and my mom needing the computer for her stuff. This was fun, and I'll be starting the next chapter as soon as possible. So as always, enjoy, and review, if you would. I need as much constructive criticism as possible. Thank you, and sayonara.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Chapter 2: Arrival at Hoshiyama Kōkō

    "Ah, so ne*... finally done!" Akako panted, dropping the last piece of Tomoko's luggage on the boarding platform. "Oh... my back hurts!"

    "Oh, please. I lifted some of the heavier pieces and I'm currently carrying her!" Kiyoko said in a strained tone, carrying Tomoko fireman-style with some difficulty.

    "Well, you are the strongest one of us." Hanako said, sitting on a suitcase filled with clothes as she caught her breath. "I definitely couldn't handle that." She hopped up and looked around. "So, where's our dorm at?"

    "I don't know. We need to find someone who knows." Kiyoko said, looking around.

    "You're new students, aren't you?" A younger voice said. All three heads turned to see a girl whose size and voice made her seem no older than 10, dressed in an elegant black gothic-lolita dress. Her black hair almost looked an extremely dark shade of blue, and her dark brown eyes stood out well against her pale skin. "You'll get your dorm placements at orientation later on. Now, what are your names?"

    "You seem a little small to be asking questions like that." Akako said chellengingly. "Why should we listen to you?"

    The little girl puffed her cheeks out and scowled. "I'll have you know I'm in charge of guiding the first-years who are arriving on this train." She ranted. "You'd better cooperate, or the administration's gonna have a word with you for insubordination."

    "Heh! You, guiding first-years? You can't be any older than us, if not younger!" Akako laughed, patting the girl's head. "This administration must not be too smart, putting a little kid like you in charge of something like this."

    "Akako, stop it! If she was put in charge of this, it's not our place to question it." Kiyoko snapped, pushing Akako aside with her free hand. "Please excuse our friend. She's a bit of a loose cannon."

    "Hmph. She'll be written up for insubordination." The girl huffed, fixing her hair. "Now, your names?"

    "Right. I am Kiyoko Terumiya." Kiyoko said, bowing. "This is Tomoko Satomi," She gestured to the unconscious girl slung over her shoulder. "And that is Akako Katomiya."

    "I can introduce my-"

    "Damare.**" Kiyoko snapped, cutting off Akako rather harshly.

    "Ahem... I am Hanako Sakori." Hanako said, stepping forward and bowing.

    "Good. I am Mikuma Shiroyumi, the guide for the first-years." Mikuma said, bowing back. "Your luggage will be taken to your dorms. I must ask you all to follow me now."

    "Why can't we know where our dorms are, but the luggage goes?" Akako asked.

    "You will have to take that up with the administration." Mikuma said, turning and walking, leading the small group of first-years to a large building. Once inside, Mikuma led them to a room that had a door on the far side. "Please wait here." She instructed them, then went into the room beyond and closed the door.

    "So what do you suppose this will be about?" Hanako asked idly, sitting down.

    "Who knows? Maybe she's getting someone else." Kiyoko said, shifting her weight back and forth from one foot to another. Just then, the door opened, and Mikuma came out, followed by an older girl who looked almost exactly the same, just three heads taller.

    "So, you are the new entries, hmm?" The older girl asked in a calm, eloquent tone, looking at all of them. "There are fewer of you than I antici-wait, what happened to her?" Her attention suddenly turned to Tomoko.

    "Ooh, shiny!" Akako muttered, laughing at how quickly the older girl changed track.

    "This is not a funny situation, and shame on you for thinking in such a way." The older girl scolded, going over and taking Tomoko from Kiyoko. "What happened to her?"

    "Akako hit her over the head with a heavy book." Hanako said. "I saw the whole thing."

    "Harassing a fellow student before you even get here, on top of being insubordinate?" The older girl seemed to hiss, staring at Akako with calm, yet dangerous eyes. "You're already gonna be at the top of the watch list."

    "That's some nerve, threatening me when you haven't even introduced yourself. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?" Akako snapped.

    The girl set Tomoko down on a chair, then turned to face Akako, eyes flashing dangerously. "Since you are in such a hurry to know, I am Myoko Shiroyumi, and I am the student council president." She hissed, narrowing her eyes. "As for nerve, we seem to have a case of the pot calling the kettle black. You would dare to talk to a superior in such a way? I've a good mind to send you back home right now, but I'm feeling lenient."

    "Sounds more like-"

    "Akako, for the love of all that is holy, shut up!" Kiyoko hissed. "Can't you tell that you're on really thin ice? You're making a horrible first impression."

    "You shut up, Kiyoko! I can handle myself." Akako snapped.

    "I suggest you listen to her. She can see the seriousness of the situation, whereas you obviously cannot." Myoko said, slowly lightening up.

    "Oh, fine." Akako huffed. "I'll be good."

    "Most commendable. Now then, she will need to be taken to the infirmary. Mikuma, I'll leave them to you." Myoko said, standing up. "You three, go with her." She stood up, grabbed Tomoko, and left the room.

    "Ahem, we'll be going to the main hall. There, you can mingle, and wait for orientation to start." Mikuma said, leading them out and down a hall. She eventually entered a large assembly room where hundreds of others were already gathered. "This is it. Orientation starts in one hour, so make yourselves comfortable." She bowed to them and disappeared into the crowd.

    "Well, this is interesting." Kiyoko said, looking around. "So many people here."

    "This is making me nervous." Hanako said. "I want my magazines."

    "Oh, grow a backbone." Akako laughed. "Come on! Let's go!" She dragged Hanako into the crowd, despite her protests.

    "Oh, boy. This is gonna be an interesting school year." Kiyoko said, sitting down at a quiet table and watching the action around her.

    (*Oh, geez.)


    Well, this seemed like a good place to stop. I honestly had some trouble with this one, and I don't feel like it's what I wanted. I just wanted something to fit my quota, and I hope this is good enough. I'll be starting the next chapter asap, and hopefully have it up soon. Until then, see ya.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greetings, everyone. This is Calvin127, bringing you Chapter 3 hot off the presses. I'm slow getting this started, and I don't know when I'll have it done. Depends on fate. As usual, I'm doing my best here, so enjoy. By the way, there is one character I am introducing in this chapter that is not my own, but rather an avatar of sorts of one of my otaku friends. You know who you are, best friend!

    Chapter 3: Getting Settled

    “...And if x squared is the GCF of x cubed minus 3x squared, then we pull x squared out, then the answer would be x squared times the quantity x minus 3.” Kiyoko thought aloud, writing a math problem down on a piece of paper. “As easy as this really is, it took forever to grasp the concept of this.” She sighed, tucking away her pencil and leaning stretching. As she did this, she saw a pair of cat ears in her peripheral vision, so she looked toward where she saw them. Sure enough, when she looked between several tall people, she could make out a pair of cat ears moving through the crowd. “That's either a huge cat, or a short person wearing cat ears.”
    Kiyoko mused, getting up and attempting to navigate through the crowd to locate the wearer of the ears. When she got to where she last saw them, she saw no trace of them. She began looking again, and couldn't find the ears. “Hmm... she got away. Must've known she was being pursued. Tricky ninja-huh?” Kyoko's musings were cut short when she heard rapid footsteps coming from behind. She turned to see Hanako and Akako coming towards her.

    “Hey, what lit a fire under your butt?” Akako asked. “You just bolted from your table.”

    “I know. I saw a pair of cat ears moving through the crowd and tried to track 'em down.” Kiyoko explained, rubbing the back of her head.

    “Cat ears?” Akako parroted, lighting up like a Christmas tree. “Oh, jackpot! Here I come, neko-chan!” With that, she sped off through the crowd like she was on fire.

    “Do you see what you've done, Kiyo-chan?” Hanako complained. “You've doomed somebody!”

    “Arayada! I forgot that the mention of anything moe lights her shiri on fire.” Kiyoko exclaimed, looking around. “We need to stop her from scarring this poor girl for life!” Before she could go anywhere, the sound of microphone feedback permeated the large room, grating everyone's ears and forcing a collective groan. Everyone in the room snapped toward the source of the noise and saw that Mikuma was fumbling with the microphone. Then she said something into the microphone, but the microphone appeared to not be working. She shook it, producing another grating squeal, much to everyone's displeasure.

    “My apologies for that, everyone. Anyway, the-” Her shaking hands unknowingly switched the button into the 'off' position, causing the microphone cut off on Mikuma midsentence, subsequently causing her to look at it confusedly. She held up a finger to the crowd, then began hilariously shaking the microphone, then went to percussive maintenance in the form of pounding on its head with her fist. After producing no results, she repeated the shaking action, only to shake too hard and hit herself in the forehead. “Itai, chikuso!” She shouted, unknowingly clicking the switch back into the 'on' position, which caused her shout to blast through the speakers. Predictably, this caused an uproar of laughter, which made Mikuma flush bright red. “A-a-anyway, our student council President will be in shortly to start the opening ceremonies. Thank you for your patience.” She quickly stammered, putting the microphone back on the stand and walking off the stage, dripping with embarrassment.

    “She is way too uptight, wouldn't you say?” Hanako asked, analyzing the stiff manner in which Mikuma walked. “She looks like she hasn't had a massage in years.”

    “People are like that, Hana-chan.” Kiyoko sighed. “Although, for her age, she looks horribly stressed.”

    “Exactly my point.” Hanako said. “She needs to loosen up and relax.”

    “I'd ask what you plan to do about it, but knowing you, it'll probably have something to do with plants.”

    “Don't criticize the healing power of plants, Kiyo-chan.” Hanako said, wagging a finger. “Flowers are a key ingredient in aromatherapy, one of the most potent forms of healing.”

    “What flowers? All I've heard of in aromatherapy is scented oils.” Kiyoko said, crossing her arms.

    “Which are made from volatile plants.” Hanako said, grinning. “Don't argue with me about nature, Kiyo-chan. You should know by now that you won't win.”

    “Oh, bug off, you eco-nut.” Kiyoko muttered, rolling her eyes.

    “No one likes a sore loser, Kiyo-chan.” Hanako said cutely, standing on her toes to stare directly into Kiyoko's face with a smile of victory.

    “You know, your throat looks very vulnerable right now.” Kiyoko said, staring at Hanako's throat with a sly grin.

    “You're still a sore loser.” Hanako pouted, retreating so that Kiyoko wouldn't follow through on her threat. “You need to lighten up. Do you want a massage?”

    “Do you want my foot in your ass?” Kiyoko countered, her grin widening.

    “You're no fun.” Hanako said, maneuvering behind Kiyoko and grabbing her shoulders.

    “H-Hana-chan, not now!” Kiyoko squeaked, jumping and going red. “We're in public, baka!”

    “Damare. Kutsurogu.” Hanako whispered, slowly starting to knead her taller friend's shoulders. In the blink of an eye, and to her confusion, she found herself with her arm twisted behind her back, and Kiyoko was holding her arm tightly.

    “I. Said. No.” Kiyoko hissed, letting her go and scowling at her.

    “You're no fun...” Hanako whined, turning away. “Hey, look! There's the President!” She pointed towards a door, from which Myoko emerged, followed by another girl whom she didn't recognize at first who was holding an ice pack to her head. Some things stuck out, like the navy blue outfit, the shiny black hair, and the glasses that were so thick, if she looked on a map, she could see people waving.

    “Hey, that's Tomoko! She's okay!” Kiyoko exclaimed, running over to her. “Tomoko, you okay?”

    “Other than a light cranial shock by means of blunt force impact, disorientation, and dull cranial pain, my physical condition is normal.” Tomoko replied in her usual monotonous tone.

    “Seriously. Either English or Japanese, Tomo-chan. We haven't learned other languages yet.” Kiyoko sighed, rubbing her temples.

    “She has a light concussion, she'd dizzy, and she has a headache, but otherwise, she's fine.” Hanako said, having just caught up. “Good to see you on your feet, Tomo-chan.”

    “Arigato, Hana-chan, for your translation and for your acknowledgment of my condition.” Tomoko said, wincing slightly. “I'll need to sit down and drink some water, though.”

    “Okay, come on.” Kiyoko said, walking her over to a chair with Hanako's help. Hanako then went and found a water bottle for Tomoko.

    “Arigato, Kiyo-chan, Hana-chan.” Tomoko whispered, relaxing and sipping the water, shivering afterward. “Ooh, chilling. That satisfied an intense desire that's been welling up for awhile.”

    “I'm sorry, what?” Kiyoko asked. “Speak like a normal person!”

    “She said it hit the spot.” Hanako translated.

    “She could've just said that instead of speaking some strange gobbledygook.” Kiyoko groaned.

    “I did say that, Kiyo-chan. I've just grown tired of the monotony of basic words.” Tomoko said, taking another sip.

    “Even with a concussion, her mind is still normal.” Kiyoko sighed. “At least you're okay.”

    “Indeed.” Tomoko said, nodding. “Say, where did Shacho-sama go?”

    “Huh? The President? She's up there.” Kiyoko said, pointing to the stage, where Myoko was picking up the microphone to begin her speech.

    “Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to Hoshiyama High School.” She began, looking disappointed at something. “I would like to start by apologize for the lack of organization you'll see. The teachers and administration are still straightening things out, and were unable to come for orientation. As a result, I, the student council president, was asked to stand in for orientation. So please, just bear with me, and I'll try to make sure things don't go too badly. At this time, all of you form an orderly line in front of the desk over there to receive your dorm assignments. All of you will have roommates, if they counted correctly.” She pointed to a desk in a corner that Mikuma was behind, then hung up the microphone and went to help organize.

    “Roommates, huh? This should be interesting.” Kiyoko mused, going over to the line.

    “I hope mine is someone I can tolerate.” Akako said, looking indifferent.

    “I just want someone I can get along with.” Hanako said, looking hopeful. “And I'd love someone who likes flowers.”

    “You may want to reword that.” Tomoko said dryly. “Some of us aren't as blissfully unaware of the implications certain combinations of words can have.”

    “Huh?” Hanako looked confused.

    “Don't worry. No one heard you.” Akako said. “In the future, watch what you say.”

    “Okay. We're almost up. Let's hope you get we get favorable pairings.” Kiyoko said.

    “Oh, not you too, Kiyo-chan.” Tomoko sighed. “Watch your tongue! Someone might hear you!”

    “You know what I mean!” Kiyoko said. “Just be ready.”

    Oh. My. God. This took so much longer than I expected. I've been sick, and school is getting in the way. I apologize to all of my readers for the wait, but hopefully, this makes up for it. I'm not making any promises on the next chapter, but hopefully, it'll be soon. As always, enjoy and review.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greeting, readers. Calvin127 here, bringing the long-awaited Chapter 4. I'm hoping to have this out sooner than Chapter 3, but fate may have other plans. Just bear with me, and I'll do what I can when I can. Above all else, just enjoy.

    Chapter 4: Roomate Greetings (Akako & Sayuri)

    “So... my roommate is one... Sayuri Koneko?” Akako said, looking at the paper that had her room and roommate on it. “Interesting. Now, where is she?”

    “She's waiting over there.” Mikuma said, pointing to a short, brown-haired girl with cat ears that made her stick out like a GloFish. Bingo.

    “Oh, Kami, you shouldn't have.” Akako sighed happily, rushing over to her roommate. She stopped in front of the girl, realizing that the girl was really short. Not questioning it, she cleared her throat and knelt down to greet her roommate. “Konnichiwa, Sayuri-chan! I'm your roommate, Akako! How are you doing this afternoon?” She made her introduction as happy and friendly as she could, but immediately regretted it.

    “Eep!” Sayuri squeaked, jumping back in shock and fear. Her chestnut brown eyes were large and moist, showing a large amount of fear and nervousness. If that wasn't enough, she was shuddering so hard, it looked like she'd fall apart, and her arms were drawn tightly to her chest, with her knuckles under her chin. To top it off, her bottom lip started twitching slightly, as if threatening to unleash a devastating cacophony.

    Hmm, she looks so cute. I think I scared her, though. Better fix it before she ends up crying. Akako thought, mellowing herself out while maintaining her smile. “I'm sorry, did I scare you? I didn't mean to do that, I was just excited to meet you. I've always wanted a good roommate, but I never thought I'd be blessed with such a cutie!” She took this moment to take in the girl's features. Aside from being shorter than anyone in their age group had any business being, she was just as thin, proportionate to her height. Her choice in color clothing made it seem that she was really sucking at avoiding attention. Her shirt, skirt, and tights were all a loud pastel baby blue, and she wore really tiny black flats.

    “...” Sayuri shrank under Akako's stare and words, shuddering even harder, if it was possible.

    “Oh, wow... You really are scared of me, aren't you?” Akako asked softly, looking sad. “Please don't be scared of me. I want us to be good friends.”

    “...” Sayuri didn't look any less nervous, but she seemed to understand that Akako meant well.

    “Tell you what, why don't we go to our room. I know you don't wanna be around all these people.” Akako said.

    Sayuri nodded slightly, then turned and started walking, seemingly knowing where she was going.

    “Hey, you sure you know where you're going?” Akako asked, being led down several hallways and up several flights of stairs.

    Sayuri gave no response until she stopped in front of a door, then handed her a sheet of paper she was holding that showed a map of the place, with their room highlighted. With her hand free, she pulled out a key and opened the door, stepping inside.

    “Oh. Here I thought you were leading me around aimlessly.” Akako asked, starting to look annoyed. “Why didn't you say you had a map?”

    “...Y-y-you could have asked...” Sayuri stammered, shrinking a little under Akako's annoyed glare.

    “Let me tell you something, and try not to forget it.” Akako said, taking a deep breath. “Poor communication kills. Learn to open your mouth and speak up.” With that, she nudged Sayuri aside and went in and sat down on the bed that wasn't surrounded by cat-print suitcases. As she did, she could hear very quiet sobbing. She looked up, and Sayuri was standing there with her head down and knuckles under her chin, shuddering and crying. “Uh oh. Are you okay?”

    Sayuri's only response was a break in the sobs by a series of sniffles, at which point she turned away.

    “Come on now, stop crying. What's there for you to even cry for, anyway?” Akako asked impatiently.

    Sayuri's response was to take off running out of the room and down the hallway, her crying now very loud.

    “Hey, come back here! Wait!” Akako called, poking her head through the doorway in time to see Sayuri disappear down a flight of stairs. There were two people in the hallway, both of whom turned to give her a critical glance. “What are you all looking at?” She bellowed, stepping out into the hallway. “You think I hit her or something?”

    “You made your roommate cry already? How terrible.” One girl scolded. “Someone as sweet and innocent as her doesn't deserve a bully like you.”

    “Don't be so presumptuous!” Aakao exclaimed, laughing harshly. “She's just a little sensitive. Just you watch, I'll retrieve her and straighten this out in a jiff.” She then closed her door and took off, only to slip on a puddle of tears and fall down a flight of steps. “Itai. How did I not see that coming?” She groaned, rolling over in pain.

    “That's what you get, you bully! Karma strikes again!” The other girl laughed, high-fiving the other and running off.

    “Anata meinu...” Akako coughed, picking herself up and hobbling the rest of the way. She earned several strange looks as she followed a trail of tears. This girl really knows how to leave an impression... She thought, taking care not to slip again. It wasn't long before she bumped into Kiyoko and her roommate. “Oh, thank goodness! Kiyo-chan, I need your help!”

    Kiyoko turned away as if in thought, then lashed out and slapped Akako to the floor.

    “Oww! Nanda kore?” Akako whined, getting back up.

    “The girl with the cat ears. She's your roommate, right?” Kiyoko asked, sounding emotionless.

    “Of course! How'd you know?” Akako asked.

    “Just had a feeling.” Kiyoko replied before slapping her down again.

    “Seriously, what the hell?” Akako exclaimed, jumping up in anger.

    “You oughta be ashamed, making that poor girl cry like that. I knew that you'd be bad news to her the moment I saw your reaction when I told you about her.” Kiyoko said, looking regretful.

    “Look, it's not like that! Kiyo-chan, let me explain!” Akako pleaded.

    “I'm waiting. You have thirty seconds.” Kiyoko hissed, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms.

    “Okay, see, what had happened was-”

    “Okay, I'mma stop you right there. That opening phrase just tells me you're gonna give me bullshit. Restarting the countdown.” Kiyoko said.

    “Ahem. When we left to go to our room, it seemed like she was leading me nowhere. I asked her if she knew where she was going, and she ignored me. It wasn't until we got there that she showed me a map. I asked her why she didn't tell me about the map sooner, and she told me I should have asked. I told her that poor communication kills, and that she needs to speak up more often. Then she started crying, and when I asked her what was wrong, she ran off.” Akako explained, taking a deep breath.

    “Hmm. Sounds like you had a lot of venom in your tone, and it scared her.” Kiyoko said, shifting her weight slightly. “You should go apologize to her. I saw her go outside toward some trees that way.” She pointed to a door down the hall behind her.

    “Domo, Kiyo-chan.” Akako said, bowing to Kiyoko and her roommate before running off.

    “Oh, watch out for the puddles!” Kiyoko called, but it was too late. Akako was already slipping toward the door.



    “Itai. How did I not see that coming again?” Akako groaned, getting up slowly. She opened the door, and went to find Sayuri. “Where could she be?”

    “Nya... come back, butterfly...” A soft voice caught Akako's ear, and led her to a tree. Sayuri was laying against the trunk, swatting at a butterfly and making cat noises. “Nyaa... gotcha!” She suddenly leaped up and caught it, then opened her hands and observed the butterfly in her hands.

    “He he... Sounds like something you ate is coming back to haunt you.” Akako joked. “Sounds like it was an adorable kitten, too.”

    “Eep!” Sayuri squeaked, jumping back and withdrawing back into her scared pose, staring at the ground.

    “Easy now, kitty. I just wanted to apologize.” Akako said softly, taking a step forward.

    Sayuri looked up at her, absently releasing the butterfly.

    “Ahem... I know I was harsh on you back there, and I realize that I was wrong to act that way.” Akako said, looking awkward as she spoke. “I was just a bit impatient and annoyed that you were leading me around and not telling me anything. Then I kinda lost it when you said that to me. I truly regret what I did, and I'm very sorry. Can you forgive me?” She finished by giving Sayuri a pitiful begging look.

    Sayuri looked shocked, obviously not expecting an apology, let alone such a pitiful look. She looked thoughtful, scratching at her cat ears much like a cat would, then slowly nodded.

    “Arigato, Sayuri-chan!” Akako cheered, approaching her . “By the way, that was truly adorable what you were doing with the butterfly.” She giggled.

    “...!” Sayuri jumped and blushed bright red, having forgotten that she'd been caught doing that.

    “Don't worry, I won't tell.” Akako giggled, patting her head.

    “...” Sayuri looked at the ground, then started walking.

    “Okay, lead the way, trailblazer.” Akako said, following close behind Sayuri as she led the way back to their room. “So, you really like cats, don't you?”

    “...” Sayuri paused, getting nervous again.

    “Oops. Sorry. It's okay if you don't wanna discuss it.”

    “...Hai. Watashi wa nekogasuki.” Sayuri said in a slow high-pitched tone that was almost inaudible.

    “Oh, it's okay. I'm not judging you.” Akako said. “I just noticed that you kinda act like a cat, you even dress partly like one. It's cute.”

    Sayuri blushed again and started shuddering. “... … ...Really?”

    “Of course. You're absolutely adorable.” Akako said, smiling at her. “You just look so cuddly!”

    “Ehh?!” Sayuri squeaked, taking a step back. “D-d-don't squish me, please!”

    “Haha, relax, no one's gonna squish you.” Akako laughed. “Oh, you're gonna need some water.”

    “N-nani?” Sayuri asked, cocking her head.

    “You're burning up with fever.” Akako said, pointing to Sayuri's luminescent blush.

    “... … …Nyaaa!!!” Sayuri wailed, taking off in embarrassment.

    “Here we go again...” Akako giggled to herself, running after Sayuri. “Yeah, this is gonna be fun.”

    Okay, that wasn't so bad. Only been a few days. This and the next few are gonna tell of the main characters and their roommates. I chose to do this first because it required the least thought. The next one should be out soon, I don't know who to do next. Can you readers do me a favor and submit a review saying which of the other three main characters you want me to do next? Kudasai soshite arigatō.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greetings, readers. Calvin127 here, bringing the 5th Chapter of this series. I feel like I'm on a roll, and I plan to keep it that way. As per request, this chapter will deal with Kiyoko's meeting with her roommate. I do hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 5: Roommate Greetings (Kiyoko)

    “Let's see... I'm looking for a Yuki Mame.” Kiyoko muttered, looking at a sheet of paper. “Where could she be?”

    “Who wants to know?” A voice behind her asked, making her jump and turned around. “Are you Kiyoko?”

    “Yes I am...” Kiyoko said, looking at the girl who had addressed her. She was looking at a tall, bespectacled blond girl with blue eyes. The girl looked like she wasn't Japanese, except vague eye shape. “You must be Yuki. Nice to meet you.”

    “Likewise. I have a question.” Yuki said, looking sudden self-conscious.

    “Okay, what is it?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Are Japanese people supposed to look like you?” Yuki asked.

    “What do you mean?” Kiyoko asked, looking herself over.

    “You know... tall, shiny red hair, distinct eye shape, gorgeous face... that sort of thing.” Yuki said.

    Kiyoko cleared her throat and tried not to blush. “Well... we generally don't have red hair, we have brown or black hair. I happened to get the recessive hair color gene from my mother's side of the family. Other than that, yes.”

    “So you're unique, too? Cool! That makes our bond extra special!” Yuki exclaimed.

    “Okay... fill me in on this bond thing.” Kiyoko said.

    “Oh, come on! Two like people always bond together and become inseparable.” Yuki exclaimed, grabbing Kiyoko's hand.

    “Oh. Last time I checked, like forces always repelled each other, and all bonds can be broken.” Kiyoko said matter-of-factly. “I like your enthusiasm, though.”

    “Killjoy.” Yuki muttered. “So, wanna go to our room? I really want to get my piano set up.”

    “You have a piano?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Yep. I also have an ocarina.” Yuki said. “I love instruments.”

    “Oh. Are you good?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Yep. I love to play music.” Yuki said. “I've been playing for years.”

    “Long as I can study and sleep peacefully, I'm all for it.” Kiyoko said.

    “Not a problem. I specialize in soft, soothing music, as well as love songs.” Yuki said.

    “Excellent, I love-wait, what was that last part?” Kiyoko asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “I can play love songs, and even sing them.” Yuki said. “Wanna hear one?”

    “I wanna get to our room, how about that?” Kiyoko said, turning to walk. She took five steps and was nearly bowled over by a short girl in cat ears. She had her head down, and was audibly crying. The latter was further evidenced by the trail of tears. She ran out a door and disappeared, though her crying could still be heard.

    “Who was that?” Yuki asked.

    “Not sure, but I have a bad feeling about this.” Kiyoko said, turning when she heard rapid footsteps. She saw Akako running down the hallway, looking like she was in a hurry.

    “Oh, thank goodness! Kiyo-chan, I need your help!” Akako panted, stopping in front of her.

    Just an assumption, but here goes. Kiyoko though as she turned away, then lashed out and slapped Akako to the floor.

    “Oww! Nanda kore?” Akako whined, getting back up.

    “The girl with the cat ears. She's your roommate, right?” Kiyoko asked, sounding emotionless.

    “Of course! How'd you know?” Akako asked.

    “Just had a feeling.” Kiyoko replied before slapping her down again. Knew it. I can't believe I put her up to this.

    “Seriously, what the hell?” Akako exclaimed, jumping up in anger.

    “You oughta be ashamed, making that poor girl cry like that. I knew that you'd be bad news to her the moment I saw your reaction when I told you about her.” Kiyoko said, looking regretful. I really need to apologize to that poor girl when I get the chance.

    “Look, it's not like that! Kiyo-chan, let me explain!” Akako pleaded.

    “I'm waiting. You have thirty seconds.” Kiyoko hissed, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms.

    “Okay, see, what had happened was-”

    “Okay, I'mma stop you right there. That opening phrase just tells me you're gonna give me bullshit. Restarting the countdown.” Kiyoko said. 'See, what had happened was' my shiri.

    “Ahem. When we left to go to our room, it seemed like she was leading me nowhere. I asked her if she knew where she was going, and she ignored me. It wasn't until we got there that she showed me a map. I asked her why she didn't tell me about the map sooner, and she told me I should have asked. I told her that poor communication kills, and that she needs to speak up more often. Then she started crying, and when I asked her what was wrong, she ran off.” Akako explained, taking a deep breath.

    “Hmm. Sounds like you had a lot of venom in your tone, and it scared her.” Kiyoko said, shifting her weight slightly. “You should go apologize to her. I saw her go outside toward some trees that way.” She pointed to a door down the hall behind her.

    “Domo, Kiyo-chan.” Akako said, bowing to Kiyoko and her roommate before running off.

    “Oh, watch out for the puddles!” Kiyoko called, but it was too late. Akako was already slipping toward the door. Haha. That's what you get. It's evil of me to think that, but I don't care.



    “Itai. How did I not see that coming again?” Akako groaned, getting up slowly and running out the door.

    “So, eh, Kiyoko-san, what was that about?” Yuki asked.

    “Oh, I just had to straighten my friend out.” Kiyoko said. “She made her roommate cry.”

    “Oh. Do you always hit people like that?” Yuki asked.

    “Only when I need to.” Kiyoko replied offhandedly.

    “You scare me.” Yuki said, taking a step back.

    “Good. Fear begets respect, which begets trust, which is the foundation for a strong relationship of any kind.” Kiyoko said, patting Yuki on the head.

    “I'd like a strong relationship.” Yuki said with a nod, a slight blush becoming visible.

    “I didn't mean in that way, you know.” Kiyoko sighed.

    “Oh. Okay. So, how about we go to our room now?” Yuki asked. “I'll play you a song if you like.”

    “Okay, you can play me a song if you like.” Kiyoko said, leading the way. “Please don't turn this into an argument, because it will go on forever.”

    “Okay. Just remember, I'll gladly play a song for you anytime.”Yuki said, following close behind her.

    “...I'll... keep that in mind.” Kiyoko said awkwardly. This girl is weird. When they got to their room, she opened the door in time to hear a loud 'Nyaaaaaa!'. She turned and saw the cat-eared girl run down to the other end of the hallway and into a room. Shortly after, Akako appeared, chasing after her and laughing.

    “Oh look, them again.” Yuki said.

    “Yep... looks like things got fixed, for the most part.” Kiyoko said. Well done, Akako. Now keep it that way.

    Well, that was awfully quick (That's what she said). No, really, it only took 20 minutes to finish this. Hope you enjoyed. Now that this is done, I want your opinion again. Do you want Hanako's next, or Tomoko's? Let me know in a review. Kudasai soshite arigato.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greetings, readers. Calvin27 here, bringing Chapter 6 of the series. I've decided after careful deliberation to do Hanako this chapter, since Tomoko's will take a bit of brainstorming. Anyways, hope you all enjoy.

    Chapter 6: Roommate Greetings (Hanako)

    "Oh, I do hope my roommate is pleasant." Hanako said, looking at her paper. "Sakura... I need to locate her."

    "So... this is where an enchanting and mysterious aroma led me." A gentle voice said behind her. "I pray I am not wrong... are you Hanako?"

    "Huh?" Hanako turned around to see a tall girl with long black hair that was curiously tied back, and hazel eyes that were covered by goggles. Most curious were the apron and gloves she wore. "Yes, I am Hanako. Are you Sakura?" She asked, gazing at the girl curiously.

    "Indeed I am. A pleasure to meet you." Sakura replied. "I found you by pure accident. I was tracking the smell of floral perfume."

    "How on earth is one able to pinpoint the smell of a specific smell in a place like this?" Hanako asked, bewildered.

    "When you've been exposed to all sorts of herbal scents and trained to have a good sense of smell, you can identify quite a few things." Sakura said.

    "Oh. I see. Wish I was that good." Hanako said. "I've only been able to work safely with plants for two years."

    "Oh, why is that?" Sakura asked. "If you don't mind my asking, that is."

    "I'm allergic to several plants, and most scents set off my asthma." Hanako said. "So I have to use special gloves and masks and aprons when I'm doing plant work. I always have an inhaler just in case."

    "Oh, that sucks. Well, I've been working with plants for about six years." Sakura said. "Of course, I'd be happy to help you along."

    "Oh, great. That means you'll be able to make me look an idiot on plant matters." Hanako whined. "I've always been the big brain on anything plant-related amongst my friends, even more so than Tomoko."

    "Well, if you're as smart as you say, I shouldn't make you look like an idiot that much." Sakura said. "Besides, I'd never purposely insult anyone."

    "Well, that makes me feel a little better." Hanako said. "Umm... should we head up to our room?"

    "Oh, yes! I've got several plants that need attended to! Thank you for reminding me!" Sakura exclaimed, running off.

    "Eh? Hey, wait!" Hanako shouted, running after her. By the time she caught up, Sakura was standing by an open door.

    "There you are. I was getting worried." Sakura said, beckoning her in.

    "Just as well you should be." Hanako panted. "You left me behind. I can't run for too long, or else my asthma will flare up."

    "Come here, lemme help." Sakura said, standing behind Hanako and holding her arms up. "If you stay like this, your lungs will open more, making it easier to catch your breath."

    "Arigato..." Hanako panted, finding it easier to breathe. "Hey, isn't that a Scindapsus Aureus?"

    "Also known as the Pothos. You are correct." Sakura said, going over to the window and motioning to the hanging plant. "I've had her for three years."

    "She's so long. Exactly how long are the vines?" Hanako asked.

    "When I last measured her, the longest vine was 13 feet, 8 and a half inches." Sakura replied, holding up a vine.

    "Amazing. I wanna grow a plant like that." Hanako said.

    "Well, sure. I can walk through raising plants like these." Sakura said. "That is, if you haven't already learned."

    "I have a plant encyclopedia in one of these suitcases." Hanako said. "However, being taught by another person is a much more rewarding experience."

    "I agree. So, do you wanna start now?" Sakura asked.

    "No thanks. I wanna unpack first." Hanako said, opening a suitcase and looking inside.

    "Right. I'll do the same in a moment." Sakura said, pulling our a watering can and going over to the Pothos so she could water it.

    "Oh, by the way, are you doing anything in herbalism?" Hanako asked as she emptied out her suitcase into a drawer.

    "No, I'm going into ecology as a whole." Sakura said. "I love all plants. I couldn't bring myself to choose a specialty."

    "Okay. That makes sense." Hanako said. "I like the healing properties that plants have."

    "I see. So you work with scented oils as well?" Sakura asked.

    "Indeed I do." Hanako replied, pulling out several bottles of assorted oils. "They're especially effective in massages."

    "Wait, you're a masseuse as well?" Sakura exclaimed.

    "Of course. It's a therapeutic use of medicinal plants." Hanako replied. "What, you expected otherwise?"

    "Forgive me for saying so, but I didn't expect someone with such small, delicate hands to be capable of such works of magic." Sakura said, walking over and taking one of Hanako's hands in hers.

    "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover." Hanako replied, confused at how Sakura was handling her hand. She acted like her hand was a glass item that would break if it was held improperly. "Excuse me, can I have my hand back?"

    "Oh! Gomen, I started daydreaming." Sakura said, going back to her side so she could unpack.

    "Yes, not all masseuses have strong hands, or big hands." Hanako said. "Mine happen to be quite effective."

    "Yes, and they're very soft, like the skin of a baby." Sakura said, nodding.

    "Right..." Hanako stuttered, pulling out several books. Oh, there are my magazines."

    "Magazines? I'm assuming plant magazines?" Sakura asked.

    "Yep." Hanako nodded, sorting them. "Oh, man!"

    "What's wrong?" Sakura asked.

    "Tomoko still has last week's issue!" Hanako exclaimed, getting up and heading out. "I'll be back, I need to find her."

    "Okay, I'll be here." Sakura called, sitting back down and going back to unpacking. "Yeah, I'm enjoy having her around."

    Okay, I guess that's the best place to stop. This one's a bit shorter than the others, but that's okay. Next time, we'll have Tomoko and her roommate. Until then, see ya.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Greetings, readers. Calvin127 here, bringing Chapter 7 after a small delay. Took some thought, but I've finally come up with an interesting dynamic for Tomoko this chapter. I hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 7: Roommate Greetings (Tomoko)

    Tomoko had her papers, but wasn't looking for her roommate. Instead, she was sitting down with a large book.

    “My, my. I never thought I'd see a book that thick in hands that weren't my own.” A voice said.

    “Books like these are easy to get, but so few people are inclined to read that they hate the sight of a book this size.” Tomoko said, looking up to see a girl with hair even longer than hers, and glasses that were almost as thick. “Salutations. Please recite identity code.”

    “Chieko Kozue.” The girl replied proudly. “And yours?”

    “Tomoko Satomi.” Tomoko replied, studying Chieko carefully. “So, you speak English as well?”

    “Curses, I've been found out. Was it the glasses or intellectual aura that tipped you off?” Chieko asked dryly.

    “Try the deadpan shock at my realization that we are on a seemingly equal intellectual plane.” Tomoko replied in an equally dry tone.

    “Why are you so deadpan?” Chieko asked. “You need to learn to smile when you talk to some, and make eye contact, too. Oh, and try not to speak in that boring monotone. Put some energy in your voice!”

    “I'm about two seconds away from putting some of the extremity of my lowermost limb into the space between the fat-layered surfaces on which you sit.” Tomoko said, projecting a lot of energy into her voice, but it was still extremely deadpan, and she wasn't smiling.

    “That's better, but you don't have to kick my ass.” Chieko said, looking offended. “Why must you threaten? I'm trying to be helpful.”

    “Because you are superimposing your personality onto mine, and it's about as successful as attempting to combine a molecule of dihydrogen monoxide with a hydrophobic molecule of liquid lubrication solution.” Tomoko huffed, crossing her arms. “Now, assuming you are indeed my roommate, we should head up to our room now. I have a great plethora of items that need to be unpacked and put away in an orderly manner, and I'd like to still be able to see the Sun when I am finished.”

    “I see. I'm sorry. But then, why were you here?” Chieko asked. “You could have been unpacking this whole time.”

    “I was waiting for my roommate at my friend's request. She said it would be in bad taste not to do so.” Tomoko replied. “She's been giving me lessons on how to properly handle social situations. I'm struggling with it.”

    “I can tell.” Chieko said. “And I like how you used the water and oil simile. Perfect comparison, if not a bit offensive.”

    “If you're offended by something I say, I hardly see how I can be charged with responsibility for it. I mean, if you're the one whose mental state is vulnerable to mere words, then it's a personal problem.” Tomoko said, spontaneously sneezing afterward.

    “Bless you.” Chieko said. “So, based on what you're saying, if I was to say something offensive, you wouldn't take offense, correct?”

    “First of, it's 'If I were to say something offensive'. You forgot to use the subjunctive.” Tomoko said. “Second, I would not be offended, because I practice what I preach. To not do so would be hypocritical.”

    “Agreed.” Chieko said. “Now, shall we be going?”

    “Oh, yes. It nearly slipped my mind, thanks to your nonsense about offense.” Tomoko said, getting up and picking up her book. “There's not a second more to waste. We must get to our room at once.”

    “Just one thing: where's the map of how to get there?” Chieko asked.

    “In your hand, genius.” Tomoko sighed, walking off. “Come. We must hurry.”

    “Please do not condescend me. That is unsettling, and it adds turbulence to what is supposed to be a positive relationship between us.” Chieko said in a somewhat whiny tone.

    “I am not condescending. That is merely your perception of the intent behind my words.” Tomoko replied over her shoulder. “And the only turbulence in our relationship is your lack of the ability to realize when certain things are not welcome, such as your complaining.”

    “I am not complaining! I am pointing out certain aspects of the situation, such as your deadpan tone, obloquious words, and apathy towards me.” Chieko exclaimed, speeding up.

    “Same difference. And I must say, your constant whining is getting annoying.” Tomoko said dryly.

    “Now who's complaining?” Chieko asked. “What happened to 'practicing what you preach'?”

    “I-” Tomoko stopped in her tracks, then turned and faced Chieko was a defeated scowl. “Touche. I see what you did. You annoyed me to the point where I experienced a brief breach in my composure, which caused me to become annoyed at your complaining.”

    “Okay, seriously. You're not seeing all the dimensions of the situation.” Chieko said, adjusting her glasses and looking directly into Tomoko's eyes. “You are an intellectual young lady with a dry personality and an intolerance for things that you perceive to be weaknesses. This includes, but is not limited to, complaining and fear. You are afraid of succumbing to these weaknesses yourself, so you put up a wall to block out those things. However, the wall is not as sturdy as you want it to be, which scares you. As a result, when your wall is close to being or is broken, you become more cynical and aggressive as your way of coping with the stress of the situation.”

    “How dare you attempt to get inside my head?” Tomoko exclaimed, rearing back. “I take great offense to that!”

    “I did not attempt to get inside your head.” Chieko said with a grin. “The word 'attempt' implies the possibility of failing the task. I successfully completed the task, as further evidenced by your reaction.”

    “Augh! Stop playing mindgames with me!” Tomoko yelled, grabbing her head and running off.

    “Huh. Dislikes her vulnerable inner psyche. Interesting.” Chieko said. “Getting through to her will take some work, as will getting her to ultimately come to terms with her weaknesses.” She adjusted her glasses again, causing a brief glint to flash across her lenses. After a brief moment of thought, she followed Tomoko to their room, and found her on her bed, busily unpacking books and clothes. She shrugged and went to her side, deciding to talk to her later, and focus on unpacking herself.

    “Before you get in too deep, I want you to look at the paper I have placed on your pillow.” Tomoko spoke up, not looking at her.

    “What's it for?” Chieko asked.

    “Just look at it. It'll tell you immediately.” Tomoko said, neatly folding a skirt and setting it aside.

    “Fine then.” Chieko said, picking up the paper on her pillow and looking it over. “A roommate agreement? Seriously?”

    “Affirmative.” Tomoko replied. “I typed that up before I came here. To be precise, as soon as I received notice that I would have a roommate.”

    “What's the point of this?” Chieko asked. “We don't need this.”

    “I wonder sometimes if that's what the people in the 13 Colonies thought.” Tomoko said.

    “Oh, geez. What's the reasoning behind this?” Chieko asked, starting to lose her patience.

    “If you're really so bent on obtaining the answers from me instead of using your own equally potent mass of gray matter, then I suppose I could explain it.” Tomoko said, her voice dripping with condescension. “This roommate agreement is our equivalent to the Constitution that America has. It tells us what each of us can and can't do, and it maintains order. The best part is, it's in writing.”

    “Oh, good grief. I can't help but appreciate the thought you put into it, but I feel that it's a bit too much.” Chieko said.

    “Very well. You have plenty of time to think about it before signing.” Tomoko said. “Of course, I'd prefer to have it signed as soon as possible.”

    “Whatever. I'll look at it later.” Chieko said, putting it aside and starting to unpack.

    “Most commendable.” Tomoko said. “I know it doesn't seem like it, but I truly want a mutually beneficial relationship with you.”

    “You mean that?” Chieko asked, looking up and smiling.

    “Of course.” Tomoko replied. “You're my roommate, after all. I'm stuck with you until one of us graduates. What choice do I have?”

    That ripped the needle off the record. Chieko hypothesized that Tomoko was insensitive to others' emotions as well as her own, but it was particularly painful to hear that from her roommate. She did bring up a good point, though. They would have to coexist the entire time. Unfortunately, it seemed to Chieko that Tomoko was only seeing one side of the issue: hers. She didn't seem to realize that it went both ways, and that she had to contribute as well. I'm not sure if she see it or not, but with Kami as my witness, she will when I'm through with her. She thought. “You realize that this is a two-way street, right?”

    “Of course.” Tomoko replied. “If you're talking about trust, I definitely trust you. I trust you to follow the roommate agreement, and I trust you to not damage myself or my property when I am asleep or otherwise in a state of unawareness.”

    “That's not exactly what I meant.” Chieko said. “I meant that just as you are imposing rules on me, you have to follow those same rules and listen to what I have to say.”

    “I always follow my own rules. To not would be hypocritical.” Tomoko said. “And I am listening to what you have to say. Have you not noticed my response to every single thing you've said?”

    “No, I mean that you have to consider and abide by my rules, as I do yours.” Chieko said, rubbing her temples. “We're supposed to be equals.”

    “I understand.” Tomoko said with a nod. “Would you like to create your own roommate agreement or something similar?”

    “...” Chieko could only stare blankly at Tomoko for a moment. “I'm sorry, but I no longer have the energy to carry on this conversation. I need to concentrate on unpacking, as do you.”

    “Understood. Consider this conversation temporarily delayed.” Tomoko said, returning to her unpacking.

    “Thank you.” Chieko said, working quickly on her suitcases. I'm this close to coming to an understanding with her. I'll need to think on it a bit more before I try again.

    Okay, that's done. To be honest, this one was hard to come up with ideas for. I had to resort to consulting my best friends for advice. Not that that's a bad thing, but still. Anyways, hope you enjoyed, and I'll get to work on the next chapter as soon as I can.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Chapter 8: Music and Psych Evals

    The next morning, Kiyoko woke up, immediately noticing something strange. Check that, multiple things were strange. She wasn't in her bedroom at home, though she quickly determined the cause. She didn't remember the blinds being open, either. Then, there was the music. It was by no means bad music, but she never anticipated waking up to it. It was then that her eyes focused, and she saw her bubbly roommate Yuki sitting at a piano, fully dressed in a gray pants uniform, playing one of the most beautiful melodies she'd ever heard. Who the hell plays a piano in the morning? Granted, there are much worse things to wake up to, but still! She thought, getting up and walking over to Yuki. Yuki immediately looked over to her for a split second, then turned back to the piano so she could see keep playing.

    “Ohayogosaimasu, Kiyoko-san. Sleep well?” She asked, watching her fingers intently as she played.

    “Hai, I did, but I have a few concerns.” Kiyoko said, adjusting her pajamas.

    “Go ahead. I'm listening.” Yuki said, stopping at the end of the current loop and turning to face her, hands on her lap and a smile on her face.

    “Well, first off, did you open the blinds?” Kiyoko asked. “Second, I'm a bit iffy about waking up to music.”

    “Oh, no! You don't like my music? Was I playing it wrong? Do you not like that song? I can try different if you like.” Yuki exclaimed, looking aghast. “Oh, and yes, I opened the blinds so that you wouldn't oversleep.”

    “I see. Thank you for the thought.” Kiyoko said. “On the music, there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. However, it does a better job at putting one to sleep, or soothing one's emotions, as opposed to waking one up.”

    “You really mean it? You like that song?” Yuki asked, seeming to have missed everything else.
    “Oh, that makes me so happy!”

    “Yes, good. If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer you wake me up yourself, though.” Kiyoko said. “Okay.”

    “Okay. If that's what Kiyoko-san wants, that's what Kiyoko-san will get.” Yuki chirped. “You should get ready now. Breakfast starts in...” She looked at the clock by her bed. “...ten minutes.”

    “Got it.” Kiyoko said, grabbing a few things and running into the bathroom. After a moment, the sound of water running could be heard. Kiyoko was just about to start playing again, when she heard the oddest knock at the door.

    knock knock knock “Kiyo-chan?” knock knock knock “Kiyo-chan?” knock knock knock Kiyo-chan?”

    “Who the heck knocks like that?” Yuki muttered, going to open the door. She was met by a girl with short black hair, brown eyes, thick glasses, and an all black skirt uniform. “Konnichawa. Can I help you?”

    “Konnichiawa. I am Tomoko Satomi, and I have come to speak to my friend Kiyoko. Is this the wrong room?” The girl said, adjusting her glasses and boring a focused stare into Yuki's eyes.

    “No, you're in the right room. However, Kiyoko-san is in the shower. I can take a message if you like.” Yuki replied.

    “That is too much information. You could have simply said she was unavailable at the moment.” Tomoko said stiffly, her red ears barely visible behind her hair. “As for the message, no thank you. I'd prefer to engage in face-to-face interlocution.”

    “Umm... what?” Yuki asked, tilting her head to the side.

    “Never mind. Tell her to find me at breakfast. With that, I conclude my interlocution with you. O wakare.” Tomoko said, bowing and walking away.

    “Such a weird girl.” Yuki muttered, closing the door. “I could barely understand a word she said.” She sat down at her piano and started playing again until she heard the shower cut off. A couple minutes after that, Kiyoko emerged in a solid blue skirt uniform not dissimilar from the one that Tomoko had been wearing.

    “How much time we got left?” Kiyoko asked, adjusting her shirt.

    “...Three minutes.” Yuki said, getting up and grabbing her bag. “We'll be fine.”

    “Okay. Let's go.” Kiyoko said, grabbing her own bag and leaving the room.

    “Kiyoko-san, a weird girl came looking for you.” Yuki said. “She had thick glasses, a black uniform like yours, and I could barely understand her.”

    “Oh. That would be Tomoko.” Kiyoko said. “What did she want?”

    “She said to come find you at breakfast. Has something she wants to talk to you about.” Yuki said.

    “Okay. Thank you, Yuki-san.” Kiyoko said. She led the way to the breakfast room, where she found Tomoko sitting down with her roommate. “Ohayogosaimasu, Tomo-chan.” She said as she sat down.

    “Indeed. Kiyo-chan, I have a matter of utmost urgency that I would like to make the subject of our interlocution at your earliest convenience.” Tomoko said, causing several '?'s to pop up over nearby heads.

    “Sō nē, Tomo-chan, it's early.” Kiyoko groaned, rubbing her temples. “Can't you please talk normally?”

    “I think it's your fault for letting the time of day dictate determine how well your brain functions.” Tomoko said with a shrug of indifference. “However, since you said please, I shall comply.”

    “You'd better.” Kiyoko grumbled. “Or someone would've been taking an early nap.”

    “Anyways, back on the urgent subject. I would like you to turn your attention to the individual to my right.” Tomoko said, motioning to the individual to her right, who happened to be her roommate, Chieko.

    “Ohayō.” Chieko said, giving a brief wave.

    “This is my roommate Chieko, and she has committed a heinous offense.” Tomoko said, turning to give Chieko a sharp glance over her glasses.

    “Don't tell me she insulted Shakespeare.” Kiyoko muttered, shaking her head.

    “No, she did not, though it would have been more tolerable.” Tomoko replied. “This individual used some sort of weird mind tricks in an attempt to see inside my mind.”

    “It was not an attempt, or you wouldn't have reacted in such a manner.” Chieko defended. “The sheer implication that one could get inside your head scares you severely, doesn't it?”

    “See?! She's doing it again!” Tomoko exclaimed, jabbing a finger at Chieko. “Kiyo-chan, make her stop!”

    “Tomo-chan, calm down. She's just performing a psychological evaluation.” Kiyoko said, trying not to laugh.

    “I will not calm down! She's is- wait, what'd you say she was doing?!” Tomoko exclaimed, looking comically confused.

    “She's analyzing your outward behavior and mannerisms to determine what you're like on the inside.” Kiyoko said. “Here I thought it would be serious.”

    “It is serious!” Tomoko exclaimed. “What she is doing is making me very uncomfortable, and before this day is over, I demand to see an end to it!”

    “Why does my psychological evaluation make you uncomfortable?” Chieko asked patiently.

    “Isn't it obvious? It's an invasion of my privacy!” Tomoko ranted. “I don't know about you, but I value my privacy as much as I value my life!”

    “And how much do you value your life?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Enough to shut up now.” Tomoko replied, looking somewhat deflated.

    “Thank you. Try talking to her directly if you're disturbed by this.” Kiyoko advised.

    “What makes you think I haven't tried?” Tomoko asked. “I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't.”

    “Well, I think if you made it clear that it was disturbing you, she'd stop.” Kiyoko said, looking Chieko over. “She seems like a reasonable person.”

    “She's not. She complains a lot, and she insist on trying to get in my head!” Tomoko whined, turning to Chieko. “She even takes delight in my duress!”

    “I do not.” Chieko defended. “That is merely your interpretation of my reactions to your reactions to my actions.”

    “Look, can we bite each other's heads off later?” Yuki finally spoke up. “I wanna get to know your good sides. If I was near my piano, I'd play a soothing song for you.”

    “I don't want music, I want the privacy of my mind to stay in my mind!” Tomoko sighed, putting her head down.

    “Hmm. She's already exhausted. Maybe my psychological probing really does affect her adversely.” Chieko analyzed. “I think her mental endurance is low.”

    “Hah!” Kiyoko laughed. “Her mind runs at full power even when she's sleeping.”

    “It's true.” Tomoko piped up. “Someone has to have high mental functions.”

    “I think that is a reason for her being like this.” Chieko said. “She could have burned herself out.”

    “If you say so.” Kiyoko said. “Hey, how do you know these things?”

    “I'm studying psychology.” Chieko said. “My mother is a psychologist, so I'm gonna follow in her footsteps. Of course, I'm very well versed in all subjects of knowledge.” She stood up and posed with her hands on her hips. “I am Chieko Kozue, medical mastermind, at your service!”

    Oh, it feels good to have another chapter done. I've had writer's block all this time, along with school. I know, this isn't that good, but I had to do something. I'll try to produce better work, just bear with me. If you like, you can give me some ideas.

    Calvin127 out.
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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Really nice work! Great description and level of professionalism to your writing which I dig!

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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Very nice work. I just read this and was impressed overall.

    Let me start with the few things I have in terms of suggestions, and there weren't many.

    - Perhaps it would be good to sprinkle in a little more description and visual aid to your readers along with the dialog. In certain spots, there is just dialog going back and forth with nothing else really happening. I will say you are very good at moving the story along with the dialog, but I'd like to see more "meat" in the story.

    - Just a few typos/grammar mistakes. You are obviously a good writer, so I chalk these up to simple typos which is easy to do during a long period of time at the keyboard typing so many words. Happens to everyone.

    - Probably just my ignorance as a reader, but I got confused a lot at the beginning between the characters. Akako, Tomoko, Kiyoko and Hanako all sound similar and perhaps there could have been a little more description of them woven into the first chapter. Their personalities weren't fleshed out besides the fact that Akako was aggressive and moody.

    Those are the only things I would say could be improved. The rest was very good.

    I enjoyed the aura of mystery you leave the reader in during the first chapter. As I read, I am curious right away about where the foursome is traveling to, what they are going for, etc. Nice way of grabbing the reader's attention right off the bat!

    You do a very good job of introducing the new characters in believable ways. Mekuma for example. I also really enjoy the use of Japanese in the dialog. Really nice touch of authenticity there. I also like how the characters react through the dialog.

    Great job! Keep up the good work, Calvin.

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    Default Re: Hoshiyama Kōkō (Original Anime Fic)

    Chapter 9: Who's that Smartass?

    “So we start out with English class?” Kiyoko muttered, staring at the schedule she'd just received. She, along with Tomoko and the weird girl wearing cat ears, to name a few, had English first period. She was currently walking with said two to the classroom.

    “Personally, I see it as a redundancy.” Tomoko said. “I know and speak fluent English, as does the rest of Tomo-tachi.”

    “Well, not everyone here spent nine years in America.” Kiyoko said. “Besides it's a requirement to take four years of it in high school.” Then she paused a moment. “Wait, what the hell do you mean 'Tomo-tachi'?”

    “It means 'Tomoko and all the rest'.” Tomoko said, donning a bored expression. “'All the rest' meaning you, Hana-chan, and Aka-chan.”

    “I know what the hell it means, baka.” Kiyoko sighed, rolling her eyes.

    “Then why did you ask?” Tomoko asked, tilting her head in confusion. “One asks questions to to obtain information that was not in one's possession prior to the moment in which the question was asked. To ask a question when one knows the answer is redundant.”

    Kiyoko pinched the bridge of her nose and took five deep breaths. “Okay... I knew what it meant-”

    “'Knew' being the operative word, meaning you don't know now?” Tomoko interrupted. “Because I just explained it to you-”

    “I swear to Kami I will punch you in the throat if you don't stop talking to me like I'm a three-year-old!” Kiyoko shouted, making the girl wearing cat ears freeze on the spot and start shaking.

    “Oh, see what you did, Kiyo-chan?” Tomoko said, stopping and turning to look at the girl. “You made the cosplayer cry. Oh, and I'm not talking to you like a three-year-old. You're simply perceiving my thorough explanations as such.”

    “Oh yeah? Perceive this: an incoming pedal projectile with a size rating of 13, and it's set on a collision course with the gluteus maximus of an individual with the identitity code Tango-Oscar-Mike-Oscar-Kilo-Oscar.” Kiyoko growled.

    “You mispronounced identity.” Tomoko pointed out dryly. “It's identity, not identitity.”

    “That's it! Come with me!” Kiyoko hissed, grabbing Tomoko's wrist and dragging her away down the hall and around the corner, thus leaving the girl wearing cat ears alone, frozen on the spot.

    “Careful with my cuff links, I spent a half hour smoothing out the wrinkles- Itai! Not so tight! You'll cut off circulation! I need this hand! Itaiitaiitaiitaiitaitomerutomerutomerutomeru!” Tomoko's whining faded as they continued down the hall, finally stopping when a door opened in the distance.

    “Myaa, I thought they'd never stop.” The girl said in a tiny voice, starting to follow them. “If everyone is as quirky as those two, I'll never catch a break.” She read the signs next to each door until she found the one she needed. “Ju-shichi, ju-hachi- ju-kyu- here it is!” She went in, hoping to slink to the back of the room unnoticed. Instead, fate decided to give her a big 'screw you' and have then ten or so people already there, including Kiyoko and Tomoko, stop and stare at her.

    “Oh, there she is. I thought you'd scared her away.” Tomoko said, getting up and approaching her. In response, she backed up, intending to go out the door, but froze when her back touched the door. It had closed on her. She watched in silent horror as Tomoko came up to her, stopping a foot away and smiling warmly at her.

    “Hello. You're an interesting sight.” She said. “I've never seen someone wear cat ears before. Are you cosplaying as someone? If so, it's no one I've ever heard of.”

    The girl started shaking, staring hard at the ground. After a moment, she shook her head.

    “Oh, good. I was afraid you were doing it horribly wrong.” Tomoko sighed in relief. “So, Catwoman wannabe, do you have a name?”

    The girl seemed like she wanted to retort, but was holding her tongue.

    “Catwoman Wannabe it is, then. I am Tomoko Satomi, but you can call me Dr. Satomi or Satomi-hakase, since I'll have my Ph.D within then next ten years, I bet.”

    The girl gave no sign of a reply, just staring at the floor.

    “Excuse me, Dr. Satomi, but your seat is getting cold.” Tomoko replied, tacking sarcastic emphasis on the 'Dr.' part.

    “Oh, dear. That just won't do!” Tomoko exclaimed. The seat has to be at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit!”

    “Yet you chose to blab to the new girl about your greatness.” Kiyoko laughed, discreetly mouthing 'You're welcome' to the girl. The nodded, and hurried to her seat in the back.

    “What? They're all going to know me sooner or later.” Tomoko said, shrugging.

    “So what's the hurry?” Kiyoko asked.

    “Some of these lovely people might be privileged to know me ahead of time. My name will be in newspaper, on TV, in magazines-”

    “On milk cartons...” Kiyoko added, not looking at her.

    “Are you being sarcastic?” Tomoko asked.

    “No. I am not.” Kiyoko replied.

    “What good would my name do on a milk carton?” Tomoko asked.

    “Everyone buys milk.” Kiyoko said. “They'll have no choice but to know you then.”

    “Ooh, goody. I'll be on milk cartons all over the place!” Tomoko giggled.

    “Damasareyasui!” Kiyoko coughed, tapping her chest and clearing her throat.

    “Odaijini.” Tomoko said with an eyebrow cocked.

    “Sumimasen.” The teacher called, diverting everyone's attention. She began giving orders in Japanese that Kiyoko and Tomoko couldn't understand. When she was done talking, she looked around.

    “Mou ichido itte kuremasenka?” Tomoko asked.

    “Warekarimasen.” Kiyoko added.

    “How do you not understand?” The teacher asked. “You seem to speak well enough.”

    “When you've spent nine years in America, you tend to forget your root language.” Kiyoko said sheepishly.

    “Well, we're starting out by introducing ourselves.” The teacher replied, seeming a bit confused that the two of them were lacking in Japanese.

    “I shall start.” Tomoko said, standing up. “Minna, miteite kure!” Everyone looked at her. “Watashi wa Tomoko Satomi-”

    “Satomi Tomoko?” Kiyoko cut in.

    “Huh? Oh, bugger! I forgot! It's reversed here!” Tomoko hissed, shaking her head. Then she noticed that everyone was still looking at her. “Ahem... Satomi Tomoko.” She nodded and sat down. Some people giggled at her, but the girl wearing cat ears was into a book. Tomoko was confused when they giggled, and she looked herself over. She saw nothing funny about being 5'5” and curvy. Was it her really thick glasses? Was it the highly sophisticated black school uniform that showed very little skin and suppressed her budding womanly physique? Was it her manner of speaking? Was it her hair, which she had done up in a professional bun? She was truly stumped. “Why didn't you remind me before I started?” She whispered to Kiyoko.

    “It was fun to watch you embarrass yourself.” Kiyoko chuckled, standing up. “Terumiya Kiyoko.” She waved to everyone with a warm smile. Everyone waved back but the girl wearing cat ears, who seemed to be really into a book. Some people seemed intimidated by her size. After all, when does one see a girl stand at 5'10” and be virtually all lean muscle? Then again, it could have been her bright red hair that hung down in a long ponytail. Or her large feet, for a woman, anyway. She let her smile fade and sat down. The introductions continued until the only one left was the girl wearing cat ears. She still had her nose in her book, shutting out the world.

    “Hey, it's your turn, Catwoman Wannabe.” Tomoko called to her. No response. She got up and slapped the girl's desk, making her jump and slam the book.

    “Mrow?” She mewled in a voice that made her sound like a cat. The manner in which she cocked her eyes and stared at Tomoko didn't help, either.

    “Introduce yourself to the class, Catwoman Wannabe.” Tomoko said.

    The girl looked around, noticing all eyes on her. She immediately started shaking, and looked at the floor.

    “Oh, come on. It's not that hard.” Tomoko prodded. “Just get up, take a breath, and say your name. Remember that it's last name first here.”

    “Some people aren't good speakers, Tomo-chan. Let her be.” Kiyoko said. “She'll come around.”

    “Oh, nonsense. There's no trouble in it. Besides, you have to do it. It's a requirement to know how to speak to a group of people.” Tomoko said. “Now get up and say your name.”

    “Tomo-chan! Sit down and leave her alone!” Kiyoko hissed.

    “I will not! Meekness is a sign of weakness! I will not tolerate such weakness in my presence! As such, I plan to get it out of her!” Tomoko huffed. “Now get up and stop being a little pussy!” She chuckled afterward. “Heh, see what I did there?”

    “...” The girl looked scared beyond belief now, and her lip was trembling. Tomoko frowned, and was about to berate the girl, but got excited when the girl tilted her head and took a deep breath.

    “Yeah, that's it! Scream your name to the world!” She shouted.

    “...WAAAAHHHHHH!” The girl started bawling, tears and all. The students and teacher were shocked beyond words.

    “Crying is weakness! I will not tolerate weakness!” Tomoko exclaimed. “Now buck up and-”

    “TOMOKO!” Kiyoko shouted, stomping toward her.

    Tomoko turned to see Kiyoko, and she summed up Kiyoko's anger and her own shock in one word: “...Shimatta...”

    I'm gonna stop right there. Yes, cliffhanger. I'll get started on the next chapter asap. Enjoy it, because I did.

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