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    Default The Hope Chronicles: Calamity Calendula (An original Story)

    In this world, there are troubles that we have to face. Troubles that we have to accept. In this life, we have to take what ever we are given and make the best of it.
    And no matter how horrible, how tragic, how miserable those troubles may be.
    They will always rush toward us with as much force as a freight train.
    We can try with all our might to run, only to have them catch up to us in the end.
    There is no running from you’re fate… My name is Hope Alexandrite, and this is my story…

    Chapter 1
    I awoke in the darkness of my room in early morning as my alarm rang through my ears. With a tired groan, I hit the button that seized the agitating sound, as I got ready for my first day at my new school. I was just an ordinary boy who moved from New York City to New Haven, Connecticut. I dreaded my first day; fearing that the other students would endlessly make fun of my name, Hope.
    “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” So many people would ask me.
    Yes, I’m a guy whose name is Hope, Its not like I chose it for myself. Though I love my mother dearly, I can’t stand the fact that she chose to give me a girl’s name. All my life, I have constantly been made fun of for something I never wished upon myself. It’s because of the name, that I don’t have a lot of friends. Even before I moved. I plan on changing it when I’m old enough.
    I then proceeded to the bathroom where I showered rather quickly, before getting out and brushing my teeth before I looked into the mirror as I washed my face. My eyes were dark blue and I had messy black hair. My skin was pale and which coupled with my scrawny build, made me look sickly despite being perfectly healthy. I wasn’t tall but I wasn’t short either, so I always looked average or sickly depending on the day.
    I then proceeded back to my room, narrowly tripping on my easel as I turned on the light for my room. It was a white room with sketches and paintings taped to every nook and cranny of the walls, all creations that I drew or painted. There was a large bookshelf filled with books including, Frankenstein, Dracula, Huck Finn, Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Next to the bedroom window was a small bed with a plush black comforter and on the other end, a small white dresser. I walked over towards the dresser and pulled out my clothes for the day, I never really cared how I dressed, so long as I was comfortable. Picking out the first Tee shirt and pair of jeans I grabbed. I hurried downstairs to the kitchen where I ate breakfast with my little sister, Jenny and My Mother. My dad left before I could remember, and mom doesn’t’ keep any photos of him, so I don’t know what he looks like. I then looked at the small battery powered TV that we kept in the kitchen that was playing a news program.
    “Our next story, is the discovery of the latest victim of Bloody Sunday, a serial Killer who has been painting the town red with blood of his adolescent victims, the latest victim being Irene Nichols“ The New Anchor said.
    The program then went to show a picture of the girl.
    “We urge anyone who knows any information on the case to come forward immediately. We also highly advise that teens never leave their homes after sundown. We now turn to our next story…” The reporter continued.
    “What kind of psychopath goes around, killing off kids?” My mother shouted.
    My mom was a plump woman with brown hair and blue eyes who wore a knitted sweater and black dress pants since she just got a job teaching Math at the local elementary school.
    “What’s a psychopath?” Jenny asked. Jenny was my adopted 6-year-old kid sister. She had blonde hair and green eyes with slightly darker skin then mine. She often wore a cute dress with Mary Jane Shoes. Despite her Naivety, she was a fairly smart girl who was exceedingly polite and courteous.
    “A crazy person, sweetie.” My mom replied.
    “Got it.” Jenny said, now understanding.
    My mother then looked toward me with a look that combined warning and worry.
    “Be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” She ordered while looking me dead in the eyes.
    “I will mom, don’t worry.” I assured.
    “Good.” She said. “Enjoy your first day of school you two.” Mom said to both Jenny and I.
    We then walked out the apartment and onto the New Haven Streets below. The sidewalks were filled with people, each in a hurry to get to their next destination. I parted with my mom with a kiss and gave a hug to Jenny before Mom walked her to the elementary school while I headed to the local High School where I would be starting my Junior Year. I kept on walking and bumped into a man in a trench coat with brown ringlet curls going down to his shoulders and sunglasses.
    “Sorry.” I apologized.
    The man just grunted and continued on his way. I then continued to walk but then bumped into another man who was younger then the last, looking like he was about twenty. It took me awhile to collect myself before studying the man as my jaw dropped a little. He was inhumanly beautiful. He had shiny blood red hair that he combed so that his bangs covered his left eye. His eyes were a bright green and his skin was pale like mine, only he was without a single blemish. He was fairly tall and thin, but he seemed fairly toned.
    “Sorry about that.” He said in a voice that sounded as sweet and smooth as caramel, as he walked off.
    He even carried himself like an elegant gentleman, and his voice was hauntingly beautiful. A little astonished, I kept on moving to school.
    My classes weren’t too hard but they weren’t easy, my first period starting with Math, my living hell. Then I started English closely followed by Biology, I then went Art Class. Finally I went to lunch. I got Mac and Cheese with bottled water while others snickered after hearing that my name was Hope from the attendance list. I chose to ignore their laughs while I sat by myself eating my food. A boy then pointed at me.
    “Look, it’s the girly man! Hope!”
    “Whatever…” I replied. “You’re not the first one and you’ll most likely not be the last.”
    “Hey Mr. Hopeful! What do you think of this!?” The boy shouted as he flipped me off.
    “Shut up and die you annoying son of bitch.” I jeered at the boy with a cold menacing look.
    “Mr. Alexandrite!” One of the teachers yelled after hearing this.
    Damn It! I thought angrily.

    Chapter 2
    I had received a 4-hour detention for my little outburst, while the boy who started it received no punishment. I pushed open the doors to a deserted street in the middle of a brutal thunderstorm.
    “Damn it…” I muttered to myself as I trudged through the soaked sidewalks with gushes of water pouring on my head. I then turned into an ally for a shortcut back home but I started to feel woozy, my head started to feel light as I struggled to keep my eyes open.
    “What the he-.“ I tried to say as I fell down and everything went black.

    My senses started to awaken again as I smelled rust in the air. My eyes then groggily opened to a dimly lit factory, only it was abandoned. The machines were coated in a thick shroud of rust while the windows were cracked and even completely shattered in some places. The floor was coated in a thick layer of dust and… Dried blood… I tried to move but I was tied to chair that was nailed to the ground.
    “Well, well, its seems you finally woke up from you nap.” A smooth voice called.
    It then occurred to me that this could be, the serial killer, Bloody Sunday…
    “What do you want with me?” I asked meekly.
    The voice then chuckled before stepping into to the light; it was the man from earlier. The one I bumped onto on the street. His hair was curled and came down to his shoulders. His eyes were red with pale skin.
    “I want your blood…” He replied while lightly licking his lips with thirst.
    “My blood?” I asked skeptically.
    “Blood is what sustains me, and I must say yours smells absolutely pleasant. Like a fine bottled wine that has fermented for several decades and is begging to be opened.” Bloody Sunday replied. He then smiled a dastardly grin, revealing a pair of fangs.
    A Vampire! I thought to myself. But I thought they only existed in works of fiction. I frighteningly thought as I tried to find a reasonable explanation for my current situation
    “Now why don’t you be a good little boy and give me your blood.” Bloody Sunday mused as he slowly stepped over to me.
    I’m going to die. I thought to myself. Mom and Jenny will be all alone, and I will die. I thought to myself as Bloody Sunday stepped behind me.
    I never got to get my art into a museum, I never got to love anyone, and I never did anything worthwhile... I thought to myself with tears in my eyes, Bloody Rose then proceeded to give a gentle lick on my neck as he bared his fangs ready to devour me. I closed my, ready to meet my end.
    There was the sound of glass shattering as large thud hit the floor. I opened my eyes to see Bloody Sunday glaring at a red haired man with inhuman beauty, his hair combed so his bangs were covering his bright green eyes. The man from before… The second man who bumped into me today was also somehow connected.
    “Bennet Tepes!” Bloody Sunday hissed as I sat there confused.
    “You’ve made a large mess, little children should always pick up after themselves so they don’t get punished.” Bennet teased. “You are really a disgrace to the race of Vampires.”
    “Forgive me, but it just tastes so good!” Bloody Sunday cackled manically. He truly was a psycho.
    “How pathetic… You have so little self-control that you nearly exposed our entire race.” Bennett jeered. “Your little spectator’s already knows to much but I’ll deal with that later.” I shuttered at these words.
    “Die!” Bloody Sunday hissed as he lunged at Bennett.
    Bennet effortlessly dodged the killer’s attack and retorted with a chuckle as large machine part floated into the air and hit Bloody Sunday, Bloody Sunday’s body then released blood before his wounds were healed through regeneration
    “You annoying pest!” Bloody Sunday shouted as he lifted a large crate, several times his size and tossed it Bennet. Bennet then kicked the crate into the wall with very little effort while smiling.
    “I hate to do this to you, but I have no other choice.” Bennett smiled. “Be still!” Bennett’s voice echoed as if he was in a concert hall. Bloody Sunday’s body then went rigid as his arms and legs clamped together with a loud thud.
    “What are you Doi-“ Bloody Sunday tried to cry
    “Hold your tongue.” Bennet ordered in the echoing voice before Bloody Sunday’s mouth shut with a thud.
    Bennett then walked behind as the ropes binding me snapped with a mysterious power.
    “You have made a mess of things and its time to repent.” Bennett said.
    “I beg of you, spare me!” Bloody Sunday pleaded.
    “Be gone.” Bennett’ s voice echoed. Bloody Sunday’s body then swelled like a balloon before blowing up into an explosion of blood. “Are you okay?” Bennet asked me in a welcoming voice. I stood there shocked. Vampires... Are real… Was all I could think, my legs then trembled as I fainted from the shock of the earlier events.

    Chapter 3
    I stood on a large chessboard with glass chess pieces illuminated by the light of the full moon. I slowly wandered the bored confused as the glass pieces sparkled ominously in the moonlight. All the chess pieces then shattered, revealing grotesque humanoid monsters with large fangs and glowing red eyes with dark skin. Like they were all dead. I tried to run away but I only ran in place while the monsters surrounded me and sunk their fangs into my flesh.
    “AHHHH!” I screamed as I hit the ground. I recovered my senses to see that I was in a dark room with a bed that I had fallen out of. Other then one black dresser and the bed, the room was empty and had no windows. I got up to brush myself off, only to see that they were coated in small splatters of blood.
    That really did happen. I thought to myself, remembering the horrific scene wear I was nearly devoured.
    I slowly and quietly snuck over to the door and opened it to see a hallway that was lit with lights like any other house; only there were no windows like the room before. There were several doors in the hallway that I assumed lead to different doors. I wandered down the hallway to find my way home when I happened upon a door that was cracked open with a light. I then listened in to the conversation.
    “Prince Bennet, what do you plan to do with the boy?” A cool male voice asked.
    “There’s not a whole lot we can do, we tried to erase his memories of the event, but he seems immune to any spell that controls his mind in anyway.” Bennet’s voice replied.
    “It seems that we have a rather complex predicament. I’m sure the future events will be… Amusing.” A bored girl’s voice inquired.
    “Tell me brother, what do you plan to do.” Another girl said sounding a little spunkier then the last.
    “Is it going to be that?” A timid girl’s voice asked.
    “No, were just going to let him go off and live happily ever after. Your so stupid Sally” A male’s voice said sarcastically.
    “Get back on topic.” Said the cool male voice.
    I couldn’t help but hear that the voices were all so beautiful. They were all hauntingly beautiful.
    “What will be our next move?” The cool voice asked.
    Bennett chuckled before announcing. “We let the person eavesdropping on our little chat join in the fun.”
    I gasped as a boy who looked about my age opened the door and looked down on me. He had straight dark brown hair with large dark blue eyes, his skin was pale and without a blemish. He wore a green tee shirt with a white hoodie over it and black cargo pants.
    “Why don’t you come in since you already know that were talking about you?” He said in a cool voice.
    I entered to a large sitting room lit by a large fireplace. Not counting Bennett, The boy who let me in, and I. There were four others in the room, a boy and 3 girls who looked about my age and had pale skin.
    “Welcome.” Bennet said. He was sitting in a scarlet armchair smoking a pipe. He wore a very loose black colored collared shirt with the collar unfolded upward with blue jeans.
    Not knowing what to say, I bowed my head down and said. “Thanks for saving Mr. Tepes, I’m sorry for putting you through so much trouble.”
    Bennett smirked as he pressed the pipe to his lips and sighed a puff of smoke. “Please call me Bennet. Now tell me, what is you name?” Bennet asked.
    I sighed before saying “Hope Alexandrite.”
    “Isn’t that a girl’s name.” A boy leaning on a bookshelf called. I recognized him as the one who called a girl named Sally, stupid. Bennet shot the boy a glare, which immediately made the boy go rigid with fright.
    “Tell me Hope Alexandrite, what do you think now that you are aware of our existence?” Bennett asked.
    I didn’t know what to say, my mouth opened but I was in no control of what I said. “Confused… One Vampire tried to kill me, and you saved me… I’m just… Not sure what to think anymore…”
    Bennett smirked once again. “Is that so… Well I regret to inform you, that you will have to get used to the world of Vampires.”
    “What do you mean?” I asked, a little confused.
    “The authorities flocked the scene a few minutes after I rescued you, with the massive amounts of blood. They can only assume that you were brutally murdered by the Serial Killer, Bloody Rose. Even if they were to discover that none of that blood was yours, you will have to explain how it got there and tell them of our existence. Ergo, we can’t let you go.”
    “What are you getting at?!” I shouted, fearing, the next answer.
    “Since you are aware of our existence we cannot simply let you walk away, maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. You will have to become one of us or perish.” Bennett said before pressing his pipe to his lips.
    “But, my Mom and sister!” I shouted, desperately
    “We have no choice, besides by staying with them. You would be putting them and yourself in grave danger.”
    “Erase my memory then!” I begged, with tears in my eyes.
    “We’ve tried with unsuccessful results.” Bennett sighted with a breath of smoke.
    “But! But!” I pleaded before one of the girl’s spoke up.
    “Listen, we get it’s hard, and were sorry. But there’s no other way of doing this. Sometimes life sucks, and we just have to make the best of we get.” She said.
    She had straight blood red hair that came down to her shoulders and bangs that that came just below her eyebrows. Her skin was pale and without a blemish, with eyes that were large and green like Bennett’s. She stood almost as tall as I was while her proportions were absolutely perfect. She bore a black tank top with a pair of pale blue skinny jeans.
    I finally understood that there was no running away from my fate. I was just going have to bear with it, but I couldn’t even stomach the thought of how much pain Mom and Jenny were in.
    “Since you will be apart of our little group, let me introduce you to our clan.” Bennett said. He then pointed at the boy who let me in the room. “His name is William Alucard, he’s the head of the Alucard Family. He’s kind of distant, but he means well.” Bennet introduced.
    “I do hope we can get along.” William said coolly
    “The boy standing leaning on the bookcase is George Clover the XIII, he’s kind of a pervert and a bit of a jerk, but he never disobeys an order from me.” Bennett said.
    I watched as the boy leaning against the bookcase shutter at Bennett’s last few words. George had pale skin without a single blemish and blonde locks. He possessed had bright green eyes and was a few inches taller then everyone but Bennett.
    Bennett the pointed over to a girl, that was sitting on a large desk crossing her legs. “That’s Alice Nightwell, head of the Nightwell Family. She’s sort of arrogant and snooty, but those who earn her respect become very strong allies to her.” Bennett said
    “I do hope your stay here is comfortable, you won’t be leaving for awhile.” Alice said in a cool voice. Alice was… Almost like a Porcelain Doll. She was a petite girl with skin that was pale and without a blemish. Her hair was strawberry blonde, tied into two pigtails with black ribbons. Her eyes were like large and glassy pale blue moons. Alice wore a black long sleeved dress that came down to her knees and black stalking’s with a red ribbon tied around her left ankle.
    Bennett then pointed to a girl in the corner who looked rather timid. “That’s Sally Hellsing, daughter to Lucas and Beatrice Hellsing. A very powerful Vampire family, dedicated to the Vampire Royal Family. Sally’s a bit of shrinking violet and suffers from an inferiority complex, but she tries hard.” Bennett introduced.
    “Um… Hello, its nice to meet you.” Sally greeted, bowing her head. She had straight blonde hair that came down to her shoulders and dark blue eyes. She was ever so slightly taller then Alice, but not by much. She wore a simple snow white dress that came down to her mid thigh.
    Bennett then pointed at the girl who attempted to comfort me and said. “That’s my sister, Princess Rebecca Tepes. She’s got a lot of spunk and sometimes its hard to see that she’s actually royalty.” Bennett joked.
    “Bennett, don’t be mean!” Rebecca shouted before turning to me and saying. “Just call me Becca, k. I don’t really care for the formal stuff like Princess. Its nice to meet you Hope.”
    “And last but not least is me, Bennett Tepes. Great Grand Son of Vlad Tepes, other wise known as Vlad the Impaler, and ruler of the Vampire Realm.” Bennett explained.
    “Now do you have any questions about our Clan or Vampires?” Bennett asked.
    “Just don’t ask Sally, she’ll burst into tears trying to answer things she doesn’t know, which is way to often.” George teased, causing Sally to cover her blushing face with her hands.
    “George.” Bennett smiled with an unnerving aura that made George tremble and hold his tongue.
    “Do you… Die in sunlight?” I asked.
    Bennett smirked before saying. “Yes, exposure to 5 minutes of direct sunlight will kill us, however. In recent years, a pill called Blood Tablets has been developed to allow Vampires to walk among the sun for 6 hours without any ill effects.” Bennett said. “Its cause of Blood Tablet’s most Vampires can lead normal lives if they so choose.”
    “You said that everyone here was from an elite family, what makes those families elite among vampires?” I asked.
    Alice then answered. “A Vampire’s class is measured by their heritage. Heritages with little human blood being higher then those who possess a lot of human blood. There are Purebloods, Aristocrats, Standards, and New Born’s. New Born’s being Humans turned Vampire, While Purebloods are families who have no human blood in their heritage what so ever. Purebloods are very rare and only a handful of those families still exist today, The Tepes Family being the Pureblood Family in control of other Families. Purebloods also possess the ability to control lesser vampires and turn Humans into Vampires.”
    “What makes Vampires different from Humans?” I asked.
    George then answered. “Even an idiot would know them. The fact that we drink blood, can’t step into sunlight, and have fangs is usually the most well known. However, other legends are false such as not being able to enter holy grounds or being repelled by Garlic. Vampires are also much more durable then you weak humans, having regenerative abilities that would heal wounds that would be fatal to a human. However if a Vampire’s heart is punctured, or they’re spinal cord is severed. They will die. Vampire Weapons, a weapon that looks ordinary, only they have had a spell casted on them to harm Vampires, They can also nullify our healing abilities. Vampires also age at tenth the rate of a human, it taking 10 years for a Vampire to age 1 year, although most Vampires stop aging after awhile.”
    I then pondered my next question awhile before asking “How does a Pureblood make a Human a Vampire”
    Becca then answered. “It’s not by biting, if blood from a Pureblood enters a human’s bloodstream. The blood then acts like a virus, penetrating the human’s body, slowly and painfully causing the Human’s body to transform into a Vampire. Usually fifty percent of Human’s turned into Vampires end up going mad with Blood Lust, like Bloody Sunday.”
    I then carefully pondered my next question before asking. “How often do you have to drink blood?”
    William then answered coolly. ”Vampires need to feed at the very least once a week, but we also need to eat as well. Albeit, not as much as a human. In recent years, a blood substitute called Crimson has been created. Much like Tofu, it provides us with the same benefits and nutrition of blood, but the taste is less then desirable.”
    “This is my last question, do you want my blood?” I asked a little nervous.
    Bennett smirked as he set down his pipe and got up out of his armchair. He then grabbed me by the chin and said. “To Vampires, you are a delectable meal that would be served at a five star restraint. Insane Vampires would grow extra arms to grab you, and extra tongues to taste you if they could. Compared to other human’s, your blood is pure and innocent, like a simple meal that has flavors come together in a beautiful symphony, you best be careful, and take good care of yourself.” Bennet then released me from his grip while I stood there, shaken at how Bennett described the scent of my blood.
    “Now, that’ll be enough. Becca, would you please escort Hope back to his room.” Bennett asked his sister.
    “Sure thing.” Becca agreed with a fiery smile.
    Becca then grabbed my hand and lead me out before I could say good-bye to everyone else.
    “Listen, I know this is hard. But I’ll do everything within my power to help make you feel happy, k.” Becca assured.
    I couldn’t help but blush words, and without thinking, I said. “Thank you.”
    Becca then lead me back to the room I awakened in. I said “Thanks.” Once again and she bid me a “Good Night.” I then lay in the bed, quickly falling asleep.

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    Default Re: The Hope Chronicles: Calamity Calendula (An original Story)

    Pretty good,so far, I'd suggest doing doulble spacing,and indenting your paragraphs,though. Remeber that each line of dialouge is a paragraph in itself.

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