Author note: I honestly have no idea where this was supposed to go; if it goes here because of alot of writing, the art section because of peices of art and animation to go along with the text, or heck, the roleplay section because I'll be accepting commands on this to lead it forward. So, if it has to be moved, I apologize for posting in the wrong section.
This will have no characters appearing from Homestuck, besides a tiny reference that may rarely pop up, only OC's. It is set up in an entirely different universe, similar yet uneffected by the canon of the official comic. Games will be played, chaos will be made, and even if things promise to be all well, they probably won't. All of the characters have experienced hardships in the past, and many more in the present and future. Hope you all enjoy, and suggestions for leading this comic on, critique on writing or art is appreciated!
(this is best read in the default skin/Erika's Garden skin)(Warning! there are some sort of large gif panels under the spoilers, slow internet users, be weary!)
Update 1:

Update 2:

Update 3:

There is one more update before I am ready for suggestions; MSPA Forums are down and I can't get to my thread there, which has the newest update I did...heh
Again, enjoy, and thank you for reading!