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    Default High School Musical - Pokemon Style

    This story takes place in the Johto and Hoenn Regions of the Pokemon world. It's about a boy named Ash Ketchum who is supposed to be New Bark High's best Pokemon Battler. He and his friends, Brendan, Brock, Tracey and Tory, compete in Pokemon Battling Competitions with their Pokemon. They've never lost a game in their lives. But, when the new girl comes along, it seems like everything is going to fall apart between them and Ash.

    Chapter 1: First day back

    Brrrrring! The alarm clock beside Ash's bed rang loudly. He punched the off button and sat up wearily in bed.

    "Ash, get a move on! It's 6:30, and you've got to be ready by 7:00!" Ash's mom, Delia called up the stairs to her son.

    "I'm up, I'm up." Ash called back. "How am I supposed to get to Johto in 30 minutes to get to school?"

    "Well today, you're going to take a train over to New Bark Town. You'll be staying there with Prof. Elm until Spring Break, then you'll come back down here, and so on." Delia replied.

    Sping Break's months away. I'm staying with Prof. Elm that long? Ash thought to himself. He quickly changed from his pajamas to his school clothes.

    "You done yet?" Delia asked, poking her head into the room. Ash was pulling his black gloves onto his hands.

    "Almost." he said, running a comb through his hair and putting his usual red and black hat on.

    "Well, pack up some extra clothes and things like that for Prof. Elm's." Delia said. "You'll be there for a couple of months." Ash nodded and grabbed his backpack.

    A few minutes later, Ash was on a train, going to the Johto Region. A train attendant was constantly walking up and down the aisle, checking on the passengers.

    Ash's Pikachu sat in the seat beside him. A loud bell rang through the train, and they stopped moving.

    "That bell means we have arrived in New Bark Town." the train attendant said. Ash and a bunch of other people got up and off the train. Ash walked over to Prof. Elm's lab and knocked.

    "Hello?" Prof. Elm said, answering the door. "Oh, hello Ash! Come on in." He opened the door wider and Ash stepped inside. "Just so you know, you won't be staying in the lab. You'll be staying at my house in the spare room. That ok?" Ash nodded. "Wait, why am I leading you into the lab? I need to show you to your room in my house so you can get settled in before school!" Prof. Elm said. He quickly rushed out of the lab and next door to his house. Ash followed.

    "Here we are! Now, you've only got 15 minutes, so hurry!" Prof. Elm said as he led Ash upstairs to the spare room.

    "Thanks, Professor. I'll be out in a minute." Ash said, walking into the room. He quickly unpacked his belongings and put them away. After making sure everything was in his backpack, he slung it over his shoulders and rushed down the stairs, Pikachu at his heels.

    "Are you ready?" Prof. Elm asked. Ash nodded. "Ok. Do you think you could wait on my niece and walk to school with her? It's her first day at New Bark High, and she doesn't know anybody." Prof. Elm said.

    "Uh, sure." Ash replied. He leaned against the wall, waiting on Prof. Elm's niece to come downstairs.

    "Monica, hurry! You're going to be late!" Prof. Elm called up the stairs.

    "Coming!" A girl appeared at the top of the stairs. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. She wore a pink tanktop with silver dots on it, and a red skirt with sparkles on it.

    "Ok you two go on, before you're late!" Prof. Elm said.

    Ash and Monica walked out the door.

    "You know, you don't have to dress up for school." Ash said playfully as they walked down a dusty path toward New Bark High.

    "I know. I just like wearing stuff like this." Monica replied.

    "So, this is your first time at New Bark High?" Ash asked. Monica nodded.

    "Yeah. You?" she asked.

    "No. This is my second year." Ash replied.

    "Cool. So, what's your name?" Monica asked.

    "Ash Ketchum." Ash replied.

    "I'm Monica Taylor." Monica said.

    "So, how come you're here with Prof. Elm instead of back in your hometown?" Ash asked.

    "Well, my mom wanted me to start a new school because I was having a really bad time at my old one, so we called Uncle Elm and he said I could come up here and stay with him until the school year's over." Monica replied.

    By now, Ash and Monica had reached the school and were walking up the stairs and into the school.

    "That's sort of how my deal is. I'm staying with Prof. Elm until Spring Break, then I'm going back to Kanto for two weeks, and at the end of Spring Break, I'll come back up here." Ash said.

    "Cool." Monica said.

    Just then, four boys approached Ash.

    "Hey man, how's it going?" one of them said.

    "Great." Ash said.

    "Who's the new girl?" another asked.

    "This is Monica Taylor. She's staying with Prof. Elm for the school year." Ash replied.

    "Cool. Hey, my name's Brendan Birch." the first boy said. He had white hair and blue eyes. He wore a black jumpsuit with a red sash looking thing going from his right shoulder to just below the left side of his waist. A black headband was on his head. It had a white Poke Ball symbol in the middle.

    "I'm Tory Lund." another boy said. He also had white hair and blue eyes. He wore a light blue shirt and white pants.

    "I'm Brock." another boy said. He had spiky brown hair. He wore a brown vest with a green shirt underneath and brown pants.

    "And I'm Tracey." the last boy said. He had black hair and brown eyes. He wore a blue shirt with red pants and a red headband.

    "Nice to meet you all." Monica said. A teacher walked by and handed her a piece of paper.

    "Looks like your locker is right her beside mine, and we've got the same classes!" Ash said as he opened his locker and took his morning books out.

    "Come on. We need to get to our first class before the bell rings." Tory said.

    "Right. Let's go." Ash said. Monica opened her locker using the combination on her paper and took out the same books she had seen Ash take out. He had said her classes were the same as his. She closed the locker and ran to catch up with the boys.

    Ok, I know that was kind of shaky, but the upcoming chapters should be better. By the way, Monica isn't the new student I was talking about. There's going to be another one later on in the story that Ash grows to like and _________________ I'm not giving away the whole story.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter should be up soon.

    Yeah, that's right. I like Danny Phantom. You got a problem with it?

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    Default High School Musical - Pokemon Style Ch. 2

    Chapter 2: First day back cont.

    "Ok class. Put away your books and prepare for your pop quiz." a brown headed teacher walked up and down the aisles of desks, handing out quizes.

    Ash groaned with the rest of the class. He hated pop quizes.

    "Come on, Ms. Kantoku. It's the first day back. Why do we have to have a pop quiz first thing?" a student asked just what Ash was thinking.

    "Yeah." a lot of students said in agreement.

    "Quiet. A pop quiz is the perfect thing to get your brains working properly in the morning." Ms. Kantoku said. By now, all of the students had a quiz. "Now, begin." Ms. Kantoku said as she sat at her desk.

    Minutes later, all students had their tests turned in and were waiting anxiously for the bell to ring. A shrill bell sounded. Everyone stampeded out the door. Ash and Monica were the last ones out.

    "Some quiz." Monica said, shifting her books from one arm to the other.

    "Yeah. I hate it when she does that." Ash said. They were now at the lockers. Ash put in the combination and opened his locker. Monica did the same.

    Brendan, Tory, Tracey and Brock walked up to them.

    "Hey Ash. How was algebra class?" Brendan asked.

    "A nightmare." Ash replied, laughing. "She gave as a pop quiz first thing."

    "Ms. Haiku did the same with us in Latin." Brendan said. A teacher walked by.

    "Shouldn't you be getting to lunch?" she asked the group. (A lot of time has passed since chapter 1)

    "Yes ma'am." everyone replied. The teacher continued down the hall. Ash put his books away and closed his locker. Monica did the same. The group walked down the hall toward the cafeteria.

    A girl quickly walked up to Monica.

    "Hi. Are you new here?" she asked. Monica nodded. The girl pulled her aside. "Well, those boys aren't the ones to be hanging out with." she said.

    "Why not?" Monica asked.

    "Well, all they care about are those stupid Pokemon Battling Competitions." the girl said.

    "That sounds cool." Monica said.

    "Well it's not." the girl said. "Allow me to introduce you to the 'right' group." She led Monica over to a group of girls.

    "This is Brittany." the girl said, pointing to one girl. She had blond hair and blue eyes and wore an orange shirt underneath a blue sweater and blue jeans. She smiled at Monica.

    "This is Rebecca." the girl said, pointing to another girl.


    "Where'd Monica go?" Ash asked, turning around. He. Brendan, Tory, Tracey and Brock were all standing in the lunch line. Ash had just realized Monica was gone.

    "I thought I saw Courtney pull her aside and start talking to her. " Tory said.

    "Ugh. She's probably going to try and turn her into a 'zombie' like all of the other new girls that came to our school." Ash said.

    Just then, Monica walked in, along with Courtney, and a bunch of other girls. (Courtney is the girl who pulled Monica aside, by the way.) She got in line behind Ash.

    "Monica, where were you?" Ash asked.

    "Why do you care? You're not my dad." Monica said.

    "So that means I can't wonder where you were?" Ash asked. Monica turned away from him and started talking to Courtney.

    "Another Courtney zombie." Brendan whispered. The other boy, except for Ash, snickered.

    "Ash, don't you have to live with her for a few months?" Tracey asked.

    "Don't remind me." Ash said coldly.

    "Aw, cheer up, Ash." Tory said. "It's not like this hasn't happened before."

    "Yeah, you're right. I'll just forget about it." Ash said. "Besides, we've got a big game in two weeks." The other boys cheered.

    Later that day, Ash walked back to Prof. Elm's house. He was a few feet ahead of Monica, and didn't care to slow down. He walked into Prof. Elm's house and headed straight upstairs.

    "Ash, how was your day?" Ash skidded to a stop at the familiar voice. He poked his head into the kitchen.

    "Mom?" he asked.

    "Yeah. I decided to come on over here and stay at Prof. Elm's house with you instead of making you take the train back and forth. We can go back home at the end of the school year." Delia said. "That ok?" Ash nodded slowly.

    "Well, I've got to go do some homework." he said, rushing up the stairs.

    Upstairs in his new room, Ash dropped his backpack onto the floor and collapsed onto the bed. He didn't really have any homework. He had just said that to get out of talking about staying here. The cell phone by his bedside started ringing. Ash picked it up an answered it.

    "Hello?" he asked.

    "Hey Ash. Do you think you could come down to my house and practice a little?' Brendan asked.

    "Uh, sure." I'll be there in a few minutes." Ash said. He hung up and put the phone on his nightstand. Then he went over to his backpack and pulled out his Poke Balls. "Come on Pikachu. We're going to Brendan's." Ash said. Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder. Ash went downstairs. "Bye Mom, I'm going to Brendan's!" he called into the kitchen as he rushed out the door.
    Sorry. I kind of have to go somewhere. Hope you like the second chapter! The next one should be up soon.

    Yeah, that's right. I like Danny Phantom. You got a problem with it?


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