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<i>Dream 13: A Voice on the Wind

The trio leaves town the next morning, with Sanchi leading the way, playing Akaihono all the while. Kori and Arashi are not far behind, keeping watch for wild Pokemon or bandits on the road.

As they round a corner in the road, the cry of a Talonflame startles Sanchi from his song as it soars over his head, a lifeless Buneary in its talons.

"It's headed for that hill over there." Kori notes as she motions for the boys to follow her.

The group follows the majestic bird Pokemon as it brings the Buneary to a young man in lavender and silver robes meditating before a campfire. Then, Kori recognizes the Talonflame's owner. "Oi!" she calls, waving in the young man's direction. "Eiron!"

The young man recognizes the Talonflame's wings before Kori's voice. "Thank you, Shinku, from bringing me lunch." He then addresses Kori. "And thank you, Ice Goddess Kori, for your company." he adds as Kori joins him on the hill. "i have a vexing dilemma on my hands, and maybe you and your friends could help."

"How may we be of service?" Sanchi asks.

"You know that the Temple of the Spring Breeze is just up ahead." Eiron explains as he prepares the Buneary for cooking. "In order to begin learning the second level teachings, every apprentice must undertake a journey for a skill scroll."

"I know of the temple--many times I have delivered a bow to Master Hayato." Sanchi smiles at a memory.

"Master Hayato has asked that I seek the skill 'Emerald Storm Rages in the Sky'. Eiron continues. "However, the scroll is hidden in a cave by the river near here--and what explorers go in, often don't come out."

Arashi recognizes the skill's name. "Is 'Emerald Storm Rages in the Sky' related to the spell 'Fire Burning in the Sky', by any chance?"

"You may be right..." Eiron smiles. "'Fire Burning in the Sky' can rain down rubies, and 'Emerald Storm Rages in the Sky' rains down emeralds on a target. But my skill at singing chi is not very strong, and we are in no danger here.

"You can sing chi too?" Arashi is intrigued.

"Most wind based sects like the Temple of the Spring Breeze teach some level of spellsinging to their apprentices." Eiron explains. "But anyone can learn to do it if they have the talent."

He gasps in awe when he spots Akaihono in Sanchi's arms. "Such a fine instrument!"

"Thank you--it was a gift as thanks for my bowmaking skill." Sanchi replies.

Shinku gives a bemused chirp as Eiron turns the roasting Buneary. "It's almost ready." Eiron assures the Talonflame before addressing Kori again. "Are we agreed that we seek the skill scroll together?"

"You are my friend, Eiron--you and your fellow students help me so much with bringing troublemakers to justice, so it is only fair I help you in return." Kori smiles. "But for now, let us enjoy each other's company and plan for our expedition in the morning."

With that, Sanchi starts to play the children's song "I Hear a Little Fletchling Song" as Kori and Eiron visit some more, and Shinku leads Arashi into a nearby forest to pick Berries to go with their meal...</i>

<b>To Be Continued....</b>