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    Anyone know a site with any good Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution crossover fics? I saw some at but they either sucked, were crossed over with other shows I know nothing about, or both.

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    teen titan/x-men evolution crossovers? now there's an interesting concept...

    Actually, I'd like to read something like that...

    Random suggestion: give it a go and write your own!

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    I would but I wouldn't know what to write. Besides, the fic I am already doing doesn't seemed to be liked much anyways.

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    oh yeah? what fic are you doin at the moment? whereabouts is it?

    RE: teen titans/x-men crossover, I say give it a go. If you're interested in that type of fic and no one else is doin it how you want, then you should try it like. Just sit down an think about it and you'll come up with some ideas. It's hard to do if there's not much out there already to give you ideas but it could be fun.

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    Here's the fic I'm working on now: Mikey's Kanto Journey (Chapter Three)

    As for me doing a TT/X-Men Evo crossover, I can't think of anything good to write.

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    You could always do a Google search as well. And Check LiveJournal, as most fandoms have thriving communities there.

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    I tried already both. Google led me to either Teen Titans or X-Men Evolution fics or a comic with a TT/X-Men crossover but that's with different Titans and X-Men and isn't what I want. Also, the LJ communities would be just for one of the fandoms.


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