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    Okay, everyone here's my christmas oneshot, this is set five years before the start of my fic Pokemon New Generation. So most of the names are from the fic. So enjoy.


    In the calm town of Pallet, it’s the time everyone waits for, a time were the streets are filled with snow and happiness. The cars are driving with special tires so that they don’t slip on the floor.

    Inside the Pallet town mall someone is coming out after finishing their Christmas shopping. A woman is coming out with her son, she’s wearing a long pink skirt, with a white shirt, she has long brown hair and a white sun hat. The kid is a little kid around five years old, he had raven black hair and brown skin, he was wearing a dark blue shirt, with an aqua blue shirt under it, he had aqua blue shorts with red shoes and he had a few lines on his face that looked like dirt lines.

    “So, Ashian you think that’s all the presents we need for the family” the lady asked her kid; he was trying to peep at his presents. “Ashian, you know you can’t see your presents till tomorrow, now tell me is this all you wanted to buy” she asked with a stern face.

    “Sure, why not, but why should I give them presents if they only give me clothe?” Ashian asked with a frown on his little face. “Now, Ashian what counts is not how many presents you have, but how much time you spent with your love ones,” his mom told him moving a finger on his face. “In that case, you’re the only one I’m going to be spending Christmas with” Ashian frowned again.

    When they were walking they saw a man and a kid coming their way. The man was using a deep black shirt, with purple pants, he had a black belt and black shoes, and he had white skin and spiky brown hair. The kid had a white shirt, with blue shorts, he was wearing a pair of goggles, he had white skin, brown hair, and a purple pendant on his neck.

    “Hey Cindy, how might you be this Christmas?” the man asked Ashian’s mom while he was walking with his son. This man was named Gary Oak, he was a great pokemon researcher and he lived in Pallet town with his son Bryan. “Everything is okay Gary thanks, Ashian on the other hand is being a little selfish today” she looked at Ashian.

    “Hey loser, are you getting a good gift for Christmas, or should I say another pile of clothe” Bryan said laughing at Ashian. “Shut up Bryan, for your information I know that I’m getting the Pokemon Beta Warriors videogame” Ashian pointed at himself with confidence. Bryan started laughing. “Nice try you think I’ll fall for that, you always get stupid gifts and this year won’t be any different” he said. “Come on Ashian, everyone is waiting for us back at home” his mom grabbed Ashian’s hand and they left the mall.

    When they were at home his mom put the gifts down and turned to Ashian. “Ashian Augustus Trainer, I told you not to look at your presents, and how do you know if I bought you that videogame!?” she yelled with angriness at Ashian. “Well easy Santa Clause will bring it” Ashian said with his arms crossed. His mom frowned at him. “Now you know Santa Clause only gets gifts for the good kids, I have to say you’ve been good, but this last couple of days you haven’t been that good” she said getting some of the groceries out. “I too have been good, Santa will bring me anything I want as long as I’m a good with my family and don’t whine, well I haven’t, yet” Ashian said turning the TV on.

    Ashian was getting ready for Christmas dinner; his mom was getting ready too. Ashian had to wear a little tuxedo. “I hate when my mom makes me wear this things, its so uncomfortable” Ashian whined adjusting his bow tie.

    Suddenly a light started coming from outside Ashian’s window. “I wonder what is it?” Ashian opened the window; there was nothing there. The light started to shine again. “What’s that light for?” Ashian asked covering his eyes.

    Just then something fell from the sky into his backyard. “What was that?” Ashian said getting out of his house.

    When he got outside he saw a wounded dragonite moaning on the floor. Ashian ran to the dragonite. “Are you okay buddy” Ashian said shaking the dragonite around. The dragonite got up and it started walking inside. “Hey careful you’re too big” Ashian followed. He saw the dragonite falling on his Christmas tree. “Hey wake up you gotta get off before my mom comes down” Ashian moved all around trying to lift the dragonite up. “Come on, you gotta wake up” Ashian said trying to push it out of the tree.

    The dragonite had a pearl necklace that started to let out a shining light. Ashian grabbed the necklace and his body started to shine along; Ashian could see the North Pole inside the pearls. “What is this?” Ashian kept grabbing the necklace, a door opened on the floor above. “My mom is coming” as soon as Ashian said that he disappeared together with dragonite.

    Ashian woke up in the middle of an icy field; he could feel it because he was cold all over. “It’s so cold here” Ashian said shivering all over. The dragonite got up and started walking. “Wow, your not cold, are you like a super heated pokemon or something” Ashian started to follow dragonite.

    Ashian looked at his surroundings. “Are we where I think we are?” Ashian said in awe. The dragonite nodded. “We’re in the North Pole!!!” Ashian yelled with all his breath and shivered again. “So, you’re a dragonite, you have a pocket full of letters, and you have a necklace that takes you to the North Pole, you’re one of Santa Clause’s dragonites” Ashian yelled with a surprised face.

    The dragonite nodded after a few minutes, it pointed at Ashian’s front and he could see a huge brown house with five buildings in it. “Is that Santa Clause’s workshop” Ashian asked staring at the workshop.

    A stantler came running to Ashian and dragonite; the stantler slid down in front of them, and it let a lot of snow fall on Ashian.

    Ashian looked at the stantler. “Wow, a stantler, I heard those are what Santa uses to travel around the world” Ashian looked at the stantler all around its body, the stantler looked back at him with a smile and it got him on top of it. “Cool, I’ve never been up a stantler before” Ashian said playing on the stantler.

    The stantler started running and dragonite flew beside it. “Wow, your fast, no wonder Santa delivers so many presents in one day” Ashian almost fell off the stantler, but he managed. After a few minutes they finally got in front of the workshop.

    Ashian got off. The stantler walked a few steps and it opened the big black iron door by putting its paw on it. When Ashian looked inside the workshop he saw a bunch of little people around, turned out they were jynxs. “Wow, I thought Santa had elf” Ashian said getting away from one of the jynx. Stantler sculpted Ashian farther into the workshop.

    Ashian finally entered a building that was on the center of the workshop, it was decorated with Christmas decorations. “Cool” Ashian gasped at the site of the building. They had to get to the roof so that they could see Santa Clause; Ashian was starting to get tire after climbing so many stairs.

    A fat man was talking to a jynx in the control room. He had a long white beard, a red jacket that was very big, a pair of big red pants, a red Christmas hat, and a pair of brown stockings. Ashian stared at the man; it was obvious this man was Santa Clause. “Cool, its Santa Clause, I can’t believe it!!!” Ashian yelled running at Santa.

    “Oh, you must be Ashian right” Santa said with a very stern laugh. “Yeah sir, its so good to meet someone like you” Ashian smiled at him. “I see, that isn’t what someone on the naughty list would say” Santa looked dead serious now. “I’m, I didn’t know I was on the naughty list” Ashian yelled with a very startled face.

    Santa turned around. “That’s one of the reasons I sent you here, you’ve been acting very badly for someone that wants to become a trainer” Santa looked at a window. “What’s the other reason?” Ashian asked looking at Santa. “I think someone wants to steal my toys this year, and for some reason I think that you’re the only one that can help me” Santa looked at him. “You see, I see you and I can see your past and future, I don’t know why, but you seen like the only one that can help me” Santa said and he showed him a map of the North Pole.

    “What do you want me to do?” Ashian asked looking at the big map. “Well, it’s very simple I want you and dragonite to look all around the workshop and find my delibird” Santa said showing Ashian a picture of a delibird with a mail pack. “What happened to it?” Ashian asked. “It was supposed to be delivering all of the last minute Christmas cards, but it disappeared all of a sudden, you think you and dragonite can look for it” Santa looked at Ashian with a very happy smiled. Ashian just nodded. “Okay, dragonite let’s start looking around” Ashian said running off with dragonite.

    They were running out of the workshop, Ashian was wearing a large blue jacket to help him get rid of the cold. “So, where should we look first?” Ashian asked running besides dragonite. Dragonite pointed at a big iceberg nearby. “I see, let’s go then” Ashian almost slipped off when he was trying to change courses.

    Ashian was in front of the iceberg now. “So, how exactly are we going to look in an iceberg?” he asked. Dragonite charged a huge beam of energy in its mouth and it fired it after a few seconds. “Cool, hyper beam” Ashian stared at the spot the hyper beam hit for a few seconds before he started walking in the iceberg.

    Ashian looked into the iceberg. The iceberg looked like a huge crystal temple inside, everything was shining brightly and it looked so cool with the light of the moon. Ashian looked at a pedestal nearby, he saw a delibird sleeping in a chair. Ashian walked to it. “Hey delibird wake up!!!” Ashian yelled and it made the delibird jump down.

    The delibird growled at Ashian for interrupting its nap. “Why aren’t you in the workshop?” Ashian asked. Just then a huge abomasnow came out from another part of the iceberg. The delibird jumped beside the abomasnow. “I see, you guys are into this, you want to steal the Christmas cards so that Santa misses a lot of the kids, that way a lot of kids will start hating Santa Clause, that’s cruel” Ashian cried out. The abomasnow leapt out and it fired an icebeam that froze Ashian and dragonite.

    After been frozen for about two hours Ashian was unfrozen by a few torkoals. “Thanks torkoal” Ashian said patting his head to let the cold go. “Where’s delibird and abomasnow” Ashian looked around for them. Santa walked up to them. “I’m sorry Ashian but delibird and abomasnow managed to get in the workshop and steal all of the toys” Santa started to look sad. “I’m sorry but I guess a lot of kids will stop believing in me this year” he said. Ashian stood up. “Don’t give up Santa, we still haven’t lost this battle, plus dragonite and I can find those guys and stop them before they do anything weird” Ashian smiled confidently. Dragonite also got up. “Thanks Ashian, you’re a real nice kid” Santa said smiling. Ashian nodded and dragonite took off.

    Ashian could see the North Pole from where he was. He finally noticed delibird and abomasnow near a cliff. “I see, their going to throw the gifts in the water, go down dragonite” dragonite dove down into the cliff and landed in front of abomasnow.

    Abomasnow growled at Ashian. “Dragonite take care of abomasnow while I got stop delibird’ Ashian ran past abomasnow. Abomasnow tried to fire another icebeam but dragonite jumped it and it took it to the floor.

    Meanwhile Ashian ran to delibird; as soon as the little penguin saw this it started flying away. “Comeback here you thief” Ashian grabbed onto delibird’s leg as he was being lifted away. He could see dragonite firing a hyperbeam at abomasnow’s icebeam. “Dragonite don’t give up, use flamethrower” Ashian didn’t knew if dragonite would listen to him, but dragonite fired a jet of flames instantly. The jet of flames crashed on abomasnow and it almost made it go off the cliff.

    Abomasnow was crying for delibird to help him; but the delibird just threw Ashian off and started flying away. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllppppppppp!!!” Ashian yelled as he was falling down the cliff.

    Just as Ashian thought he was going to die a sleight came and caught him. “Ashian looked into the sleight and Santa Clause was in it. “Okay Ashian we got one last chance of getting delibird you ready” he asked. “Yeah” Ashian nodded and they could see delibird from the distance. “He’s to far let me go” Ashian started jumping in every single stantler till he was up front.

    Ashian could see delibird from up close. “Okay stantler use your psybeam” Ashian ordered, again not knowing if stantler would listen. The stantler fire a huge blue beam from its horns and it hit delibird straight on; delibird fell down into the water.

    After Santa got delibird tied up in his sleight they kept flying to Pallet town. “I can see my house from here” Ashian said pointing at Pallet. “Yep, I gotta tell you that from the time you met dragonite and this time its only being about five seconds” Santa Clause said speeding up. “What seriously!” Ashian yelled. “I can make time go really slowly, how do you think I can travel around the world” Ashian looked at him. “How?” Ashian asked. “Celebi, the pokemon of time he makes time slower for me, you see, celebi creates a force field that mades four hours for me look like five seconds for you, I could just stop time but that could have great consequenses if it goes wrong” he looked at him. Ashian looked at the side and he could see a small green pokemon. “Wow” as soon as he said that, he disappeared.

    Ashian appeared in the same place he left, the only thing is that dragonite wasn’t there and the tree was fixed. “What happened?” Ashian was looking for any traits that said it wasn’t a dream.

    Just then Ashian looked down the Christmas tree and he saw the Pokemon Beta Warrior videogame. “Wow, the videogame, but how did it got here” Ashian said. “HO, HO, HO” Ashian heard Santa’s voice from afar. “I knew it was real” He said getting back upstairs.

    He saw his mom coming down. “Ashian, I know you don’t want to be with the others but just be at your best” Ashian cut her off. ‘I know, my best behavior don’t worry, mom, in fact I’ll even throw a few carols here and there” he laughed.

    Ashian looked down the window. “Don’t worry Santa, I won’t be so whiny anymore” he smiled. “Ashian who are you talking to?” his mom asked before opening the door. “No one just a friend” he smiled.

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    Wahey! Nice story, but your spelling and grammar were a bit off...
    Quote Originally Posted by E-MAN View Post
    A woman is coming out with his son,
    Prime example.
    And couldn't you come up with an explanation other than Celebi? That is what I did, after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon user X View Post
    Wahey! Nice story, but your spelling and grammar were a bit off...
    A bit off would be a major understatement.

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    Come on, Jayc! I was trying to be nice, seeing as it's Christmas....However, I am inclined to agree with you.
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