(can it be? I actually found a fic in my folder that I *hadn't* posted?! Holy crap! OK, this ties in very slightly with Obsession, but you don't need to have read it to follow. Takes place during the ending of movie 2, but you knew that)

It was a long time coming, I think.

After all, this loss was not only my own, but a black spot on the hearts and minds of Collectors everywhere. There was no way I would ever be accepted back into their culture after something like this.

Perhaps, though, that would be good. I had felt the strain of such a life already wearing on me. Although I was still young, I felt like an old man. Every stress ripped through me like a lightning bolt. Frankly, I was surprised my mind hadn't shut down from the events of the last day.

My father was right about me, wasn't he? I wasn't equipped for this life. My fortune thus far was but mere luck, and now fate has caught up with me.

This would be fine. I could walk away from this without a second glance. I had enough money to get to the mainland--I found it doubtful that anyone but another Collector would recognise me, so my security was likely.

I wasn't certain what I would do then. Perhaps my father's offer to work for him would still stand. He always said I showed promise in my ship designs; perhaps that could be where my destiny would lead me.

That was it. I could make it to Shamouti in about an hour if I swam, and from there I would head to Seafoam by ferry. I wasn't looking forward to the homecoming, but in a week, I could be safely ensconced in a new project.

Then I saw the card, and I knew fate wasn't done with me.