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    Default Harry Potter and the Original One

    Hello readers, here is another crossover that I am writing which is a Pokemon/Harry Potter crossover. This story will have multiple plotlines. The story begins at the summer before Harry's fifth year. Just so you know, the world this story and those I have written before is in is a merged world. It will be explained during the story so don't worry about reading the previous ones, Without further ado, let us begin,

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or Harry Potter. They belong to GAME FREAK and J.K Rowling respectively.

    Credit goes to LMV2003 for the use of her OC Blackfire

    Credit also goes to Glory for Sleep for the use of Terotrey

    Credit also goes to AlexK2011 as my co author.

    Credit also goes to shayminrules for the editing

    This story is rated M for violence and blood(not too graphic) and a Pokemon mating scene. This story also has Christian themes in it as well.



    Chapter One: Prayers, letters, and back to Hogwarts

    Harry Potter's summer was the worst ever so far, since the Dursleys (particularly Vernon and Dudley) had begun to be more hostile, and more violent towards him. Now it was nearing his birthday, which he never looked forward to, and it was looking like it was going to be his worst birthday ever, because he was trapped in his room, which was freezing and had a barred window, and the only thing in the room with him was a blanket on the floor, along with his belongings and his school supplies for Hogwarts, and, of course, the only friend who lived at the Dursleys with him, his snowy owl Hedwig.

    This got worse when his dreaded Uncle and cousin came in the room and beat him violently until Harry lay in a small pool of his own blood. His ribs and his left arm were broken as well.

    Harry only just had enough energy left to pray, " Is there a divine being out there? Please… help." Then he fell unconscious.

    Meanwhile at the Hall of Origin above Planet BioStar, the god of all Pokémon Arceus was training himself to keep his skills sharp in case of any evil-hearted humans or old enemies returning from the grave and trying to kill him, when he heard a prayer in his head.

    " Is there a supernatural being out there? Please… help." Arceus heard, and figured it was coming from somewhere in England.

    "This is not good. I better call the police. I will assume a human form for now." Arceus said to himself as he called the police in England, and told them what he had heard. Arceus then teleported to London to help the police to bring the Dursleys to justice.

    Meanwhile, the Dursleys were watching "It's Me or the Dog" on the telly (British slang for TV), when they heard police sirens nearing their house.

    "What the bloody Hell's going on here?", Vernon asked himself when he heard an officer shout through a megaphone, "Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, and Dudley Dursley, come out with your hands up!"

    "Uh-oh", mutters Petunia

    They went outside through the back door, planning to try and escape, but they were immobilized by a strange force, which happened to be Arceus in his human form, helping the police as he had decided he would.

    In human form, Arceus is 6'4" and appears as a man in his twenties, with bright green eyes. He wears white pants with gold markings, and a white long sleeved jacket with a black shirt underneath. He also has a gold belt resembling the crosswheel he has in his Pokémon form around his waist, and white hair with black streaks on the sides.

    "Sorry, Dursleys, but there's been a change in plans." Arceus informed the Dursleys smugly.

    "You three are going off to jail for child abuse, while Harry's coming with me!"

    With that, Arceus rushed inside and went upstairs to a door which had 12 locks. Arceus changed into his Pokémon form and rammed through the door. He could only look in horror at what all those locks were concealing; the limp and bloodied figure of a 15 year old boy known as Harry Potter, and all that blood on the floor. Hedwig was screeching indignantly at this invasion of her room by a strange Pokémon.

    "Screech no more, owl, I mean no harm", responded Arceus.

    This calmed Hedwig down, and Arceus went over to Harry's side. Arceus put his left front hoof on Harry to check his pulse. It was so weak, it was almost non-existent. "This is not good. I better take the boy with me to the Hall of Origin, and I'd best take his belongings too." Arceus muttered to himself as he let his Plates come out of his body and revolve around, so that the Mind Plate was on top, changing Arceus to Psychic-type. He then teleported himself, Harry, and Harry's stuff, including his school supplies and his owl, to the Hall of Origin.

    The Hall of Origin is a majestic palace high above the peak of Mt. Coronet. Inside there is a meeting chamber near the entrance. The floor is white marble with gold markings. at the the wall farthest from the main entrance is Arceus and Star's room, Pillars line the hallways and entrances to a section of the palace. In the hallwasys are rooms where the legendaries that live at the palace sleep. Also there are bedrooms for Lucas, Dawn, and the Baulderlaire children. Also on the first floor is a infirmary, a garden, kitchen, dining hall, and a library. On the second floor is an observatory, storage, bathrooms and a power supply room that provides electricity for the palace. There is also a nursery for female legedaries to give birth.

    Within an instant, Arceus was at the Hall of Origin, where he was greeted by his mate Star, his adopted children including Dawn Berlitz, his biological children, Shyla the she-Giratina, as well as Nova and her siblings. Blackfire
    and Vector were there too.

    "Yo, Arceus, who's the kid? He looks terrible!", said Enoch

    "I am not sure, but we will probably find out when he wakes up. First, we should take him to the infirmary. We will take his belongings there too," Arceus replied as they took Harry to the infirmary to get medical attention.
    Hours later, Harry woke up to find himself not at Hogwarts, or Privet Drive, or even London, but some sort of infirmary.

    "Ugh. Where am I?" Harry asked as he looked around, but there was no-one there to answer his question. Just then, the huge doors at the end of the infirmary opened soundlessly, revealing Arceus and the other legendaries. "Who are you? P-Please don't hurt me! What is this place?" Harry asked fearfully, intimidated by the presence of such huge Pokémon.

    "You're in the Hall of Origin, high above the Spear Pillar atop Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh Region. My name is-", started Arceus, but he was interrupted by Harry, who said, as excitedly as he could manage without hurting himself, "I've read about you in the London Times, you're Arceus!"

    "I see my reputation precedes me", smiled Arceus.
    Then Star noticed a lightning bolt-shaped scar on Harry's forehead. "Harry, what is that scar? And how did you get it?" Star asked curiously.

    Star is Arceus' mate. She is a 9'10", 680 lb female Arceus who has cream colored fur with a gray underside, blue eyes and a silver cross wheel around her abdomen.

    "It's a long story, and I'd feel more comfortable telling it later", replied Harry, feeling exhausted.

    "Okay", Star replied. Harry then fell back asleep.

    Harry stayed peacefully under Arceus's care in the Hall of Origin for a couple of weeks, until one night, several ghostly figures known as Dementors drifted into the Hall of Origin. One snuck into Arceus' room and attempted to absorb Arceus' soul, but only managed to get surprised by Arceus, Arceus having sensed its presence long before it reached his room. Arceus assumed the Life Plate of Ghost, and fired a Hyper Beam at the Dementor, killing it instantly.

    Arceus, fearing for the others, then pushed a secret button on the nightstand, sounding out an alarm that caused the other Dementors to flee the Hall in fear of dying like their companion.

    "Arceus, why'd you sound the alarm and-What the heck are those things fleeing the Hall just now!", Star gasped as she woke up.

    "I do not know, Star. I have never seen those creatures before." Arceus replied. "But I doubt it is the last we will see of them."

    Next morning, a few owls landed at the Hall of Origin holding letters. Arceus untied the letters, One owl was addressed to Barry, so Arceus sent it off to Twinleaf Town with it's letter still attached.

    "Strange, what weirdo sends an owl to deliver mail?" Barry asked himself as he was handed the letter by the owl, which then turned and flew off into the distance.

    Meanwhile, "Hey, Arceus, where the heck are all these owls coming from?" asked Enoch

    "Do not worry, they are not a threat. They are mail owls, Harry told me about them." replied Arceus.

    Arceus took the letters he'd untied from the owls. They were addressed to the Hall of Origin. One was to Dawn and Lucas, one was to Arceus himself, and the final one was to Harry Potter, the boy Arceus had rescued. The one to Dawn and Lucas was an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to teach the students about Pokémon, The one to Arceus was from something called the "Ministry of Magic", and the one addressed to Harry Potter was also from this Ministry.

    Arceus took the letters to where Harry was. Dawn and Lucas came too, deciding they could all open the letters together.
    Arceus' letter read;

    'Dear Arceus, Original One, creator of the universe, and god of humans and Pokémon alike,

    We have received word from one of our best men that you had the Dursleys arrested for abusing Mr. Harry Potter, and had him recover in your lair, also protecting him from an attack on the Hall of Origin by Dementors.
    We would like to thank you for this, and also arrange a meeting between us, you and Mr. Potter later today.

    Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic.

    "So this Ministry wishes to have a meeting with me and Harry. I wonder what this is about? Lucas, Dawn, could I read your letters?" Arceus asked.

    Their letter read;

    Dear Dawn Berlitz and Lucas Diamond,

    You are hereby invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to teach the students about Pokémon, and how to be trainers. Included with this letter is a list of all items necessary for the endeavor.

    Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    "Wow, we're going to be teachers! And we get to teach people about Pokémon, awesome!" Lucas said, watching his adoptive sister do a celebratory dance.

    Arceus went over the list of needed supplies, before passing it to Lucas, who read it, then passed it to Dawn to read. Lucas
    Lucas is 14 year boy who wears a white shirt with a black vest that has a gray band in the middle, blue jeans, a red scarf around the collar, and a red beret with a pokeball symbol. He has gray etes and brown hair,

    "Alright then", said Dawn, after she'd finished reading through the list.

    "Well, we had better get going then, if the Minister wants to see us today. Come on Dawn, Lucas, Harry. We are going to London." Arceus said as he headed outside to meet up with Barry, whose letter had said the exact same thing as Lucas and Dawn's.. Arceus made his final preparations for departure: letting Vector and Blackfire know that they were going to be in charge of the meetings and care of the legendaries there, and gathering Harry's belongings.

    Blackfire is a female Arceus who has black fur with a white muzzle and underside, lavender eyes, and a silver horn on her forehead instead of a crosswheel. Vector looks a lot like Arceus, but is slightly shorter, with golden eyes

    Star went with Arceus. They flew towards London and within a few hours, they made it and found the Ministry of Magic , which is deep underground in Whitehall, in central London. They went inside to meet with Cornelius Fudge and the ministry.

    Fudge was waiting in the atrium. "Ah, you must be Arceus, the Original One," he said, as soon as he noticed Arceus.
    Arceus replied, "You are correct. Are you by any chance the Minister for Magic?"

    "That I am, dear Arceus. My name is Cornelius Fudge, and I understand that you've had the Dursleys arrested because they've been abusing Mr. Potter violently, and Dementors have attacked your palace, the Hall of Origin, and you've killed one?", asked Fudge.

    "Yes, sir", confirmed Arceus, "But what areDementors?"

    "Dementors are dark creatures that can feed on good memories or even the souls of whatever poor sod that encounters them, yet we've had them be the guards of the infamous Azkaban, the wizard prison.", explained Fudge, "Whoever sent these Dementors to the Hall of Origin must have known you had Mr. Potter under your protection."

    "Strange, how would the one who sent those Dementors know where the Hall of Origin is? The only ones who know are my fellow legendary Pokémon, friends, the people of Sinnoh, and the world leaders," Arceus commented.

    "Let me tell you a few things. Number one, the British Ministry of Magic is the bridge between the British government and the wizarding world. Two, there were spies in the Ministry who found out about you, went to Azkaban, and promised a few Dementors there that there would be nourishment for them at the Hall of Origin, figuring that they could kill you with them. Three, those spies are members of a sinister organization of dark wizards and witches called the Death Eaters, who conspire to plunge the wizarding world into darkness, one in which pure-blooded wizards (wizards who's family is a long line of wizards) rule over half-bloods, and Muggle-borns and non-magical folk (we call them muggles) are to be treated verybadly. Four, their leader has been trying for years to kill Mr. Potter, all due to a prophecy in which one of the two die," explained Fudge.

    "This is not good, if the Dementors want to attack the Hall of Origin! My fellow legendaries are there and my children will be in danger! Anyway, do you know how we can get to Hogwarts?" asked Arceus.

    "The Hogwarts Express train, that is how. Of course, you'll have to assume a human form to be able to squeeze your way into it," replied Fudge. "It's on platform 9 and ¾ at King's Cross Station. You get to it through a seemingly solid barrier between platforms 9 and 10, which is a secret entrance to Platform 9 and ¾, the platform that the Hogwarts Express leaves from. Mr. Potter will show you. Now, only magical folk can get through, but don't worry, we'll have Mr. Diamond and Ms. Berlitz taken to Hogwarts via a different mode of magical transportation."

    "Alright, thank you. I must go now. Lucas, Dawn, and Barry, we will see you at Hogwarts." Arceus said as he, Star, and Harry Potter walked out of the Ministry, off to King's Cross Station to find platform 9 and 3/4 while the Twinleaf trio went to get supplies and another mode of transportation to Hogwarts.

    After a few minutes of travel, Arceus, Star, and Harry found themselves outside the entrance to King's Cross Station. Arceus and Star assumed human form, then they went up to the archway between platforms 9 and 10, where Fudge had said the entrance to Platform 9 and ¾ was. To Arceus and Star, it looked just like all of the other archways along the station, but before they could check this was the right place with Harry, Harry was running as fast as he could at it. Arceus half expected him to collide with the barrier, but he seemed to pass right through it. Next, Star ran through, slightly slower, and Arceus followed.

    When they got to the other side, they saw a huge scarlet and black steam train that looked like it came from the late 1800s. Hundreds of people crowded near the train, mainly the students at Hogwarts, while their parents stood by, some of them looking slightly overwhelmed by everything going on. Several owls were flying around, and the clock read 10:56 AM.

    "The Hogwarts Express will be departing soon." a conductor announced from inside the train.

    They found a compartment to sit in, but Harry was wondering where his friends Ron and Hermione were. But the trio had only just sat down when two people turned up to sit with them, a red headed boy by the name of Ron Weasley and a girl the same age named Hermione Granger, Harry's best friends. They were really happy to see Harry, but they hadn't heard about what had happened to him over the summer, so they wondered about the two Legendary Pokémon disguised as humans travelling on the Hogwarts Express.

    As soon as Ron came in, he asked, "So, how was your summer, Harry?"

    Harry replied, "Oh, it was horrible! The Dursleys got more aggressive towards me, and Uncle Vernon and Dudley beat me until I was lying in a pool of my blood," (this bit made Ron and Hermione look horrified), "and then someone had the Dursleys arrested by the police for all the years of abuse I've suffered from them!"

    Hermione commented, "It serves them right! Anyways, who are these two?"

    Harry replied, "They're the ones who got the Dursleys arrested."

    "They seem kind of familiar, kinda resembling Arceus and his lovely wife Star" Ron said.

    "It is them, silly, they must have assumed human forms so they could fit on the train", replied Hermione, working out at once what had happened, like she always did.

    Then they heard an all-too-familiar voice from that snobbish blonde pure-blood Slytherin student, Draco Malfoy, from the doorway of their compartment. "Hello, Potter, I see you've made some new friends that are probably as pathetic as you are."

    "Malfoy, you cockroach, be respectful, it's the legendary Arceus and Star in human forms!", admonished Hermione

    Malfoy replied snobbishly, "I don't care. Nothing can compare to pure-blooded wizards like myself, not even the very creator of the universe himself!"

    Star had been getting more and more annoyed throughout the conversation, but now she couldn't stop herself from angrily giving Malfoy a good slap in the face, knocking him down.

    "Don't you dare talk about Arceus like this, you snobbish brat!", she snarled.

    Malfoy got back up, glaring at Star, visibly angry at her humiliating him in front of his worst enemies. He stormed back to the compartment growling, "I will remember this, legendary!"

    After Malfoy had gone, the train ride was uneventful. The only thing that happened was that Star dropped a Chocolate Frog bought from the trolley, which jumped out of the window and into the dusk surrounding the train. By nightfall, the Hogwarts Express had finally made it to its destination.

    "So, we're here", said Arceus, looking out at the tall, majestic towers of Hogwarts castle, and the huge, grassy grounds surrounding it. He could just about see the lake from where he was, shimmering in the moonlight. There were a couple of ripples, even though the night was relatively still. Arceus wondered if there were Pokémon living in the lake.

    "It's beautiful!" Star whispered, joining Arceus by the window

    Arceus and Star quickly changed back into their Pokémon forms as they got off the train, and headed to the entrance of the castle. Everyone went inside to the Great Hall, and Arceus had to stop and look around at the thousands of candles floating above them, and the ceiling, which looked exactly like the night sky he had just seen from outside. Arceus was quite impressed, and made a mental note to get a ceiling like that for the Hall of Origin. He watched the ceiling all the way through the Sorting of the first-years, amazed every time a cloud appeared. He only tore his eyes off it when Professor McGonagall tapped her goblet with a silver fork to silence the students and signify the start of Professor Dumbledore's speech.

    "Welcome back, students," he started. "You may have noticed three unfamiliar faces sitting at this table. I am pleased to announce that this year, we have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who is a representative from the Ministry of Magic, Professor Dolores Umbridge!" He gestured to a toad-like woman in a pink cardigan sitting on his right. There was a small round of applause. "Not only that, in light of recent events, we are going to be starting a new subject, Pokémon, taught by two trainers from the Sinnoh Region, so please welcome Professors Lucas Diamond and Dawn Berlitz, and their helper, Barry Palmer!" There was a much louder round of applause for these two, probably because they looked a lot friendlier than Professor Umbridge, and were a similar age to the students.

    "So Lucas and Dawn are going to teach us about Pokémon, wicked!" Ron remarked.

    "Yes and from what I heard, they are Arceus and Star' adopted children. I can't wait until our first class with them though!" Hermione said excitedly. Of course, any new class would make her excited, but she seemed extra-pleased about this one.

    "Now that our introductions have been made, and we have all been well-fed, let us be off to bed. You are all dismissed." Dumbledore finished, after the chatter had died down.

    Everyone then headed to their dorms while Arceus and Star went with the Gryffindors to their dormitory, up many moving staircases (which a few new students, and some of the old ones, got stuck in, but they weren't a problem for Arceus and Star, who just flew up them) on the seventh floor.

    Arceus and Star spent the night sleeping down in Gryffindor common room, as there wasn't enough room in any of the dormitories for them.

    After a good night's rest, it was morning, and everyone was gathering in the Great Hall to eat breakfast and get ready for class. The golden trio, the three Weasley brothers as well as a few other Gryffindors had their first class with Lucas and Dawn. Some Slytherins were also in the class including Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Parvati. They entered the classroom and took their seats excitedly. Arceus and Star (in human forms) were in the classroom too, eager to see how their adopted children would manage teaching.

    "Alright, welcome to our Pokémon Class, ladies and gentlemen. Dawn - um, I mean Professor Berlitz, and I are going to be your teachers. Now, there's no magic involved, at least for now, we are going to be combining Pokémon battles and duels later on in the year, not that having no magic for now is a bad thing, though.", started Lucas, when he noticed Draco Malfoy raising his hand, "Yes, Mr. Malfoy, anything to say?"

    Malfoy replied, "I don't know why Dumbledore invited you and that blue-haired girl, but muggles like you two don't deserve to be here-", when Lucas admonished sternly, "If I were you, Malfoy, I'd shut your filthy mouth! My adoptive parents are in this room, right at this moment, and you'd best show some respect, or else Arceus will have your physical body destroyed and your soul banished into the underworld!"

    Arceus and Star glared at Malfoy, who fell silent, looking slightly scared.
    Lucas said, "Where were we? Oh yes! Today, is going to be your first lesson about Pokémon."

    Dawn said, "And in this lesson we will discuss how Pokémon battle."
    "First off, there are 17 elemental types. Pokémon can have up to two types each, and each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages", started Lucas, "For example, a Fire-type Pokémon has an advantage over Ice-type Pokémon, because, well, you know, fire melts ice. Get it?"

    The students nodded in understanding, and Lucas and Dawn heard the scratching of quills as they took notes on what Lucas had just said, about Pokémon types and type matchups. He and Dawn then told them the basics of Pokémon battles including abilities, the difference between physical and special attacks, and the basics about using items. Lucas gave them their assignments for the lesson, then the students were dismissed to their other classes.


    End of chapter

    BGM used

    Aboard the Hogwarts Express - Aboard the Excess Express(Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

    Dementor attack - Dementors(Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the video game)

    Dumbledore's speech - Wigglytuff Guild Remix(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

    How do you like it? Please review. :)
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    Default Re: Harry Potter and the Original One

    For Pete's sake, someone please review this 'fic! We're not adding another chapter until we get some critique!

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    Default Re: Harry Potter and the Original One

    I like it, obviously a crossover between my favourite books of all time and my favourite thing of all time is going to be good, but I think this is very good!
    Just one thing, this does need a proof-read, because you sometimes switch to present tense, and there are a couple of missed out words and misspellings, but apart from that, it's really good!

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    Default Re: Harry Potter and the Original One

    THanks, man!

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    Default Re: Harry Potter and the Original One

    Chapter Two

    The first few days at Hogwarts have an unusual but an enjoyable experience, for instance, with Peeves the Poltergeist pestering Star, only to be thwarted by Arceus using the Ghost Life Plate. There is one thing about it. Prof. Umbridge, who Arceus finds to be quite suspicious. He also noted that she deals out somewhat unfair punishments to whoever isn't exactly following DADA class rules. At one point he covertly read her mind without her noticing, and found out that she is one of the Death Eater spies infiltrating the Ministry of Magic, but couldn't find any time to find out anymore because it was almost lunchtime. Arceus decided to wait until the right moment to reveal Umbridge being a spy, to the teachers.

    After lunch, Arceus found Umbridge walking back to the DADA classroom and covertly read Umbridge's mind to figure out what she is up to. It turns out that she is the one who sent those Dementors to the Hall of Origin under orders from a 'Lord Voldemort' in a bid to eliminate both Harry and whoever present at the Hall of Origin who are potential threats to it.

    Arceus, knowing there's no time to lose, decides to share his findings with Professor Dumbledore.

    Arceus teleported into Dumbledore's office to reveal to the elderly headmaster of his findings about the Death Eater spy, which he did.

    "Hmm. That is serious.", replied Dumbledore, "I will inform Cornelius Fudge of this as soon as I can, and be careful, especially about Draco Malfoy; his father, Lucius, is another one of the Death Eaters, same as Umbridge."

    "Thank you, and now I must go." Arceus said as he exited the room in a flash.

    Meanwhile, at the office of Cornelius Fudge...

    Fudge was contacted by Dumbledore that Dolores Umbridge is one of the Death Eater spies infiltrating the Ministry and the one who sent the Dementors to the Hall of Origin.

    "I can't believe it", started Fudge to himself, "Umbridge is a spy! I'll have her called back here to be interrogated and perhaps also get the names of other Death Eater spies infiltrating the Ministry", as he wrote a letter for Umbridge, ordering her to come to the Ministry.

    The letter was instantly transported to Hogwarts Castle to Umbridge.

    After reading it, Umbridge made a quick announcement, "Oh, forgive me, Mr. Fudge is calling me back to the Ministry for some sort of emergency. I'll be back as soon as I can."

    Meanwhile Arceus decided to check on Harry and his friends who are looking over their Pokemon Class notes.

    They were at the library at the time "Hello there, How are the classes? I hope Malfoy is not causing trouble for any of you." Arceus said

    "This Pokemon Class is interesting, I practically can't stop looking over my notes.", replied Hermione

    After a long talk Harry and his friends headed for their next class which was Transfiguration. After a long day, everyone headed for their dorms. Arceus and Star stayed with Harry at the boy's common room. Arceus asked, "Harry, can you tell me how you got that scar? And who is Voldemort?"

    Harry's face assumed a solemn expression, "Voldemort...also known as 'You-know-Who', also also known as 'He who must not be named', is a wizard highly involved with the Dark Arts that has been causing a ton of trouble in the wizarding world over the years, also gathering many accomplices. Those who refused to join, were killed. He's the one who gave me that scar, when I was a baby. Voldemort came to this house in Godric's Hollow where my parents lived, and invaded it. My dad tried to fight him, but was killed, and my mum sacrificed her life to save me. Voldemort tried to kill me next with Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse, but the curse bounced off of my forehead, destroying his body, prompting his spirit to flee. Apparently, more than 50 years ago, he was a student (and prefect) at Hogwarts in the Slytherin House named Tom Marvolo Riddle, who proved to be quite talented, and not only that, he's also involved with a group of Slytherin students whom would one day to become the first Death Eaters. During his time as a student at Hogwarts, Tom opened a secret area of the castle known as the 'Chamber of Secrets', which was created by Salazar Slytherin, one of four wizards and witches who founded Hogwarts in Medieval Times. Slytherin believed that only pure-blooded wizards should attend Hogwarts, considering his mistrust of half-bloods and the way magic was persecuted during those times, but the other founders disagreed with him, particularly a wizard named Godric Gryffindor. Both had a huge argument over the matter, and Salazar left the castle, but not before creating a hidden chamber within the castle walls, and it contained a terrifying serpentine monster known as a Basilisk, whose gaze could petrify or even kill those who looked, even when the beast's eyes were seen on reflective surfaces, and its venom is quite deadly. The Chamber could only be opened by the 'Heir of Slytherin', and Tom fits the bill, considering he's descended from Salazar Slytherin and can do Parseltongue, the ability to speak to snakes. Tom opened the Chamber, intended to use the Basilisk to purge Hogwarts of any student who is half-blooded. Plus, he's also framed another student for this nefarious act, a half-giant named Rubeus Hagrid-", explained Harry when Arceus interrupted, "Hagrid, the groundskeeper?"

    "Correct. Hagrid was expelled when he was framed for opening the Chamber of Secrets, but Prof. Dumbledore, prior to his becoming the headmaster at the time, managed to convince his predecessor to let Hagrid stay at the school as the groundskeeper.", replied Harry, "After leaving Hogwarts, Tom got himself involved in the Dark Arts, eventually starting the Death Eaters, and beginning his reign of terror on the wizarding world"

    "That's terrible! This is not good. Voldemort, and his accomplices could not only be a threat to this world but to those in Sinnoh and other regions. I just hope my fellow legendaries are safe, especially those at the Hall of Origin. Harry, how did Voldemort find your home? Did someone *gulp* reveal your parent's location..." Arceus said worried.

    "Indeed someone has. His name is Peter Pettigrew, and he is a double-agent for the Death Eaters. He was, at one point, a member of a group of wizards who opposed the Death Eaters, known as the Order of the Phoenix, but he covertly became a double-agent for the Death Eaters. He was made the Secret-Keeper for my parents when they went into hiding using the Fidelus Charm, but he betrayed them to Voldemort. He also killed 12 muggles before faking his own death, and framing my godfather, a former Gryffindor named Sirius Black.", repsonds Harry, "He also helped in reviving Voldemort during my forth year at Hogwarts"

    "Ugh, betrayal, that's what nearly happened to me. Come with me." Arceus said as he, Star, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, and Neville were engulfed in a blue light and now found themselves 2000 years ago at Michina Town on the day Damos was to return the Jewel of Life.

    "2000 years ago, a friend of mine named Damos was to return to me, an artifact of my power he borrowed from me, the Jewel of Life. Unfortunately, his assistant Marcus got the idea that if the Jewel were to be returned to me, then Michina Town would again become the wasteland it once was, so he had his Brozong hypnotize Damos into betraying me, but that little power-hungry scheme was thwarted by a group of time-travelling pokemon trainers who stopped Marcus and made sure that the Jewel was returned to me. Miss Dawn Berlitz is one of those trainers. Why, if it weren't for them, I might have been swearing vengeance on humanity and coming back in centuries to destroy everything!", explained Arceus

    They found themselves in the shrine witnessing the event Arceus told them about. This was what would have been Arceus' final moments of life. They first saw Sheena holding a scepter to give the past Arceus the Jewel of life only to find it empty. Then they could see Arceus being electrocuted and then silver water poured on his back knocking him to the bottom of the shrine. Arceus was being drowned in Silver Water while Ash and Dawn tried to get the Jewel of Life back. Damos and Sheena managed to stop the onslaught of attacks upon Arceus. Star was horrified at what her mate went through long before they met. Harry was horrified and angered at the person responsible for what was happening. Then they could see Ash successfully giving the Jewel of Life back to Arceus who was near death, and Marcus and his accomplices being brought to justice.

    Now they found themselves back in the present time in the dorms. Harry replied to what he just saw, "That Marcus seems a lot worse than Voldemort, though he used pokemon instead of dark magic. Plus, he had some of Damos' guards as his accomplices! It was a good thing Ms. Berlitz and the others were there!"

    "It was and that was not the only time Marcus tried to kill me. Once seven years ago, his descendents and himself which makes twice last year, and about six months ago. I will never forget what Ash did for me all those years ago. I owe Ash and Damos my life. I have been forever grateful. Anyways, it's getting late we better get some rest." Arceus said as he and Star found a spot beside Harry's bed and laid down with their bodies pressed against each other. Both nuzzled each other before going to sleep.

    Meanwhile at the Ministry of Magic, Umbridge is being interrogated after being detained upon arrival.

    Fudge said to Umbridge, "I suppose you're wondering why we've detained you and brought you into the interrogation chamber?"

    "You're right, I am wondering about this outrage!", shrieked Umbridge

    "Arceus found out that you're one of the Death Eater spies infiltrating this very Ministry, and also the one who sent the Dementors to kill Harry Potter, and told Professor Dumbledore about it, who sent me a letter concerning it.", replied Fudge

    Umbridge gasped, "How did he know?"

    Fudge answered, "Arceus managed to read your mind without you noticing, that's how!"

    Umbridge gasped in horror, knowing that the legendary Arceus himself read her mind, and ratter her out.

    Umbridge replied, "You'll never get anything else out of me, Fudge!"

    Fudge replied, "Have you forgotten, Dolores Umbridge, that we have ways of making you reveal more?"

    "What? What then!" Umbridge screeched

    Fudge replied, "For all we know, I could have an Auror who is authorized to use the Imperius Curse, implement it to make you reveal Lord Voldemort's plans!"

    Umbridge gulped as Fudge called in an Auror...

    Meanwhile at Hogwarts...

    Arceus and Star decided to take a walk outside at the castle grounds near the lake.

    "Who knew that this place has such wondrous views?", smiled Star

    "Yes it is." Arceus replied nuzzling his mate, when he heard someone clearing her throat. Arceus turned around fast to see Rita Skeeter, one of the journalists for the Daily Prophet.

    "Who might you be? And what brings you here at Hogwarts Castle?" Arceus asked

    "My name is Rita Skeeter, and I'm a journalist for the Daily Prophet. When I've heard that you and your lovely wife, Star are at Hogwarts Castle, and two of your adoptive children are teaching there, I'd just had to get an interview from you!", replied Rita when she heard someone say, "Oh, no, not you again!"

    That someone was Hermione Granger.

    "Ah, Hermione Granger, I haven't seen you since the Tri-Wizard Tournament last year", smiled Rita

    "Oh, so you know each other?", asks Star

    Hermione replied, "We do. She has an annoying tendency to spy on certain people when looking for stories to put in the Daily Prophet, plus her status as an Animagus allows her to do just that *ahem* she can transform herself into a beetle"

    Arceus replied, "Is that so?"

    Hermione replied, "Yes, and she even wrote up a story about how I have a romantic relationship with a student from another school of magic, a Quidditch professional named Viktor Krum!"

    Arceus replied, "In this case, I'm going to have to ask Rita to leave us alone!"

    "Not without an interview, please!", begged Rita

    "Haven't your parents ever taught you not to spy on other people? Now leave before I'll toss you into that lake over there! Do I make myself CLEAR?", growled Arceus with eyes glowing with fury

    Rita replied, "c-c-Crystal.", as she left to find other stories

    After that was over they went back to the castle. Several weeks passed and now it was time for the first Quidditch match of the season. Now it is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, and the competition is going to be fierce as ever!

    Arceus, Star, Dawn, and Lucas went to the seats at the Gryffindor section. Dawn was wearing her cheerleader outfit she wore when she cheered for Ash doing Gym Battles and the Sinnoh League. Piplup and Buneary had their own outfits and held red and yellow palm palms ready. Arceus and Star were in the pokemon forms.

    Now the match was ready to begin as both teams flew out to the center of the field on their broomstcks. Harry was using the Firebolt which helped him earn many victories. Harry faced Malfoy who is the Slytherin Seeker.

    Then both sides collided as the game began. Both Harry and Draco were fiercely conflicting for the Golden Snitch, which awards 150 points and victory to the team of the seeker that caught it, all while avoiding the ever-pesky Bludgers.

    Harry picked up speed and was already near the Snitch though a Bludger chased him and it suddenly changed course and headed straight towards Arceus.

    "Uh-oh!", gasped Arceus as he creates a force field that deflected the Bludger, sending it flying towards Malfoy, who just didn't have any time to react as it knocked the arrogant pure-blood off of his broomstick.

    Harry soon caught the snitch giving Gryffindor their first victory of the season whille Malfoy was taken to the Hospital wing for now. After that everyone headed inside to rest. Another week went by and everyone wentrt outside to relax since its the weekend and there are no classes. Arceus and Star were in there pokemon forms and were relaxing near the lake shore. As Arceus nuzzled his mate, he noticed that Star was bleeding from her femalehood and that it was swollen slightly. Arceus gasped, "Star! Your in heat!"

    Star looked at her femalehood and said, "Fancy that, I am in heat"

    Both Arceus and Star flew to a secluded area behind the castle to mate away from any prying eyes. Both of them nuzzled each other. Arceus and Star opened there mouths and explored each other with there tounges, Arceus went behind Star and saw Star's swollen vulva which had small amounts of blood dripping out as well as giving off an aromic scent which Arceus inhaled through his nostrils. Then Arceus reared up on his hind legs and positioned his forelegs on Star's crosswheel and thrusted his malehood into Star's reproductive organ. Arceus started thrusting gently and then pushed harder and deeper at Star's request until she screamed, "Oh Arceus! I love you!" Arceus thrusted further into Star's womb, spurting his godly seed into her. Their mating lasted around 10 minutes and then they both laid down beside each other exhausted.

    Unknownst to them, they were watched the whole time by a certain blonde Slytherin alongside Crabbe and Goyle who sneered at the two lovers, "Look at those two, they've been doing the dirty!"

    "I heard that, Malfoy!", said Arceus angrily, turning towards Malfoy, who was shocked at having been caught spying on the legendaries.

    Later, we see Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle in Dumbledore's office, also with Arceus and Star (in human forms). Dumbledore was not happy about when he heard about how Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle were spying on them.

    Dumbledore said, "Arceus told me about what happened, Mr. Malfoy. You should be ashamed of yourself, and you too, Mr.'s Crabbe and Goyle. Violating the privacy of legendary pokemon is a very dangerous mistake, and you should consider yourselves lucky that he's letting the three of you live!"

    Malfoy replied, "With all due respect, Prof. Dumbledore, they were doing the dirty-", when Star interrupted, "I was in heat, you pesky pure-blood, so it's natural that Arceus and I would have to mate!"

    Dumbledore replied, "Please don't argue in my office, it is unnerving."

    Malfoy and Star quieted down. Arceus asked, "Professor Dumbledore, what should the punishment be for these three Slytherins who violated me and Star's privacy?"

    "I'll have them put in detention, so they could think about what they've done.", replied Prof. Dumbledore

    "Thank you. Me and Star will be going now." Arceus said as he and his mate exited the room after changing back into their pokemon forms. Later that night, Arceus and Star, in their pokemon forms were asleep beside Harry. Star began to dream:

    Star found herself with her mate at Mt. Coronet. It was peaceful and they nuzzled each other affectionately. But peace was soon shattered with a group of cloaked figures with wands, whom she figured to be Death Eaters, took Arceus away and went to the Hall of Origin and killed the other legendaries there. A flash of green light could be seen at the palace while screams could be heard. Star then saw that Arceus was being held at a dungeon near a cemetary and saw her mate being tortured by Death Eaters. Sinnoh was attacked by hordes of Dementors and Death Eaters, Back with Arceus, she saw a flash of green light and heard Arceus screaming before death.

    Star woke up screaming, "NOOOOOO! ARCEEEUUSS!" Star knew it was a dream of a future event. She whimpered in fear of what is to come.

    "Star, what's the matter?", asks Harry with concern, after being awakened by Star's whimpering

    Star replied, "Harry, I've had such a horrible nightmare! Me and Arceus were nuzzling each other on Mt. Coronet when the Death Eaters came and took him away!"

    Harry replied, "That's terrible, I hope it doesn't happen. It's me the Death Eaters want, not Arceus, unless they see him as a threat to their plans to have me killed"

    Star replied, "I know we are safe here but when I or Arceus has nightmares, they of a future event. I just hope the legendaries at the Hall of Origin are safe. Well we better get some sleep." With that, the fell back asleep unaware of the danger Arceus may be in.

    The next week was a fall break and everyone headed off for home until it was time to come back to Hogwarts the week after. Harry went with Lucas, Dawn, Arceus, and Star back to the Hall of Origin. Unfortunately, a group of Death Eaters are waiting for them. Little did they know that they're being watched by Dialga and Tempress, who anticipated the Death Eaters coming to ambush Arceus. Before the dark wizards could react, they got Roar of Time'd by Dialga, and all parts of their bodies except for their heads were frozen in time. When Arceus and the others arrived, they were shocked to see that Death Eaters somehow got into the Hall of Origin, frozen in time, and even more surprising is that Dialga and Tempress stood next to them with smug looks on their faces. "Death Eaters! And Dialga and Tempress froze them in time!", gasped Star.

    Dialga II is a blue sauropod-like pokemon with light blue markins. Dialga has a gray wing-lke structure on his back, a metallic chestplate with a blue diamond at the center, long claws, three spines on the back of the neck, a crest with one metal horn on each side, a short tail, and red eyes.

    Tempress is a shiny Dialga and is three feet shorter than Dialga who is her mate.

    "Thought these pesky pure-blood supremacists could try and kidnap you, could they? Well, they're dead wrong, the punks!", Dialga smugged to Arceus

    "Why, um, thank you Dialga", said the Original One gratefully, though still a bit shocked.

    "Say, let's bring them to the Ministry, they'll know what to do with these creeps!", said Lucas, while glaring angrily at the Death Eaters.

    "Let us go, you damned beasts!", snarled one Death Eater with long, platinum-blonde hair. Arceus goes up to the Death Eater and asks him with a serious tone, "Are you Lucius Malfoy?"

    "What's it to you, Original One?", growled Lucius, to which Arceus replied harshly, "You have the same color of hair as your son, Draco, so it's easy for me to indentify you like that!"

    Lucius replied, "So you know my son, eh?"

    "Dumbledore told me about you, when he warned me to be careful especially with your son, even mentioning that you're a Death Eater", said Arceus

    "Grr. Just so you know, we do have a baby Dialga held captive as well as a few other legendaries! Heh, don't think you can defeat us. The Dark Lord shall prevail!" Lucius shouted angrily

    "I don't need to ask and/or torture you about where you're holding them, Lucius. I can always read your mind!", replied Arceus

    "What?" gasped Lucius

    Arceus then changes to a psychic type while Dialga holds Lucius down. Arceos' eyes glowed and began reading Lucius' mind. After reading Lucius' mind while getting past any charms that would have stopped him, Arceus announced, "They're being held at Malfoy Manor, which is where the Death Eaters usually hold their meetings. Also, if these guys report back to Voldemort, he'll know where coming! Perhaps, he may even know it already, even as we speak!"

    After that, Arceus called Palkia and Giratina to come with him as well as Dialaga. Star took Harry to safety.

    Arceus and the dragon trio flew to Malfoy Manor to rescue the captive legendaries. Soon enough, they got there, and also figuring that Voldemort's forces are waiting for them.

    "Palkia, Dialga, I'm sensing invisible Death Eaters lying in wait. Voldemort was waiting for us!", Arceus said as he fires a Hyper Beam that caused the invisible Death Eaters to go into a panicked frenzy trying to gather themselves quickly enough to fight off the legendaries.

    Giratina is larger than a normal Giratina as he is 24 feet tall. He has a larg, gray centipede-like body, six short thick legs with gold bands and claws on them. He also has a medium length tail, a gold headpiece, a thick black horizontal stripe down the chest and abdomen which has three vertical red bands on it. He also has two black, ghostly wings with three red conical spikes on each wing. Like Dialga and Palkia, Giratina III also has red eyes.

    Then one of the Death Eaters cast the Avada Kadavra curse at Giratina who vanished instontly and reappeared behind the attackers, tackling them with Shadow Force. Palkia charged up Spatial Rend and fired a pink crescent beam at the Death Eaters and followed with Aura Sphere. Arceus charged up on orb of light and unleashed Judgment with hundreds of the distinctive golden meteors fell to the ground.

    Dialga landed near the entrance and rammed through the door and went inside followed by Arceus, Palkia, and Giratina.

    "Alright, you vile Death Eaters, where are legendary pokemon you captured?", asks Palkia when she noticed a bunch of Death Eaters appear before our heroes. One of the Death Eaters is absolutely bald, with snake-like nostrils instead of a regular human nose, and in his hand is a whitish-colored wand with a bone-like handle. That Death Eater, is the very leader of the organization himself, Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Voldemort.

    "So, you're Voldemort!", growled Arceus to the Dark Lord.

    Voldemort replied, "And you are a threat to my efforts to kill Harry Potter, which is why I had Dolores Umbridge, one of my spies, send those Dementors to kill you and Harry at the Hall of Origin."

    Arceus growled angrily with his eyes glowing red with fury and hatred, "You will not kill me or Harry! TAKE THIS, JUDGMENT!" Then hundreds of golden meteors fell towards Voldemort, who reacted in time to put up a barrier charm, though some of the Death Eaters who are with Voldemort were hit by the meteors.

    "You take me for a fool, Arceus! My mastery and knowledge of magic is far greater than you'd expect! If anyone is to kill me, it should be Potter! He and I are destined opponents!", snarled Voldemort

    While Arceus and Voldemort fought, the Dragon Trio of Sinnoh scrambled to the dungeon where the other legnedaries are being kept, while getting past several Death Eaters.

    The Dragon trio soon came across the captive legedaries which included a baby Dialga who was only about a month old and was not the chlld of Dialga, Tempress, Tempus, and Nova. The others included Rayquaza, Enoch, the other "-och" siblings, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Vector, Blackfire, Shyla, and others.

    "Hey, it's the Dragon Trio, comin' to save our (bleep)es!", smiled Enoch

    "Brother, watch your language!", admonished Nova

    "We will get you all out of here!" Dialga roared as he uses Iron tail follwed by Aura sphere to break the the cell doors down.

    Meanwhile, Arceus and Voldemort were still fighting but the Dark Lord himself decided to finish Arceus. "Avada Kadavra!" Voldemort shouted as he casts the Killing Curse at Arceus, only for the curse to be met with an Expelliarmus, courtesy of Harry Potter, who arrived at the Manor via Floo Powder.

    "Potter!", snarled Voldemort, angry at The Boy Who Lived's intervention, which resulted in Priori Incatatem.

    "Harry, thank you for saving me there." Arceus said and turned to Voldemort and yelled angrily with his eyes glowing red with fury and hatred, "YOU FOOL! IF YOU KILL ME, THEN YOU WILL HAVE DESTROYED THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING WITH IT! I am the lifeblood of the universe which I created, and if I die, then the universe will also die as well as ending all of existence! Plus, if you kill me, then there would be no world for you to try and conquer!"


    End of chapter

    BGM used:

    Quidditch match: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Title screen(Mario Power Tennis)

    Voldemort appears - Dusknoir(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

    Witnessing the events in Michina of the past - Solar Eclipse Day(Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life)

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    Chapter Three

    "I suppose I can't kill you here and then, and you have a point, but you and those legendary pokemon are still a threat to my efforts to kill Potter and reign supreme!", replied Voldemort

    "Well, we got what we came for. Harry, and my fellow legendaries! We must depart!" Arceus shouted as he, Harry, the Sinnoh Dragon trio, and the captive legendaries teleported back to the Hall of Origin, but not before Dialga temporalily froze Voldemort and the death eaters in time.

    "I'll get that Arceus next time! Next time...", growled Voldemort

    The next day, Arceus, Harry, and the legendaries with him are in the meeting chamber of the Hall of Origin. Arceus shouted, "All legendaries and world leaders report to the Hall of Origin for a meeting!"

    A few moments later, every legendary pokemon, from the Kanto Bird trio, to the Johto Legendary Beasts, and to the three Dragons of Unova. The world leaders also arrived, except that accompanying the British Prime Minister is Cornelius Fudge, the British Ministry of Magic.

    "The meeting has come to order! Is there anything to report?" Arceus proclaimed, as he then noticed Cornelius Fudge among the world leaders, "Is that you, Cornelius Fudge?"

    "Like I said, Arceus, the Ministry of Magic is the bridge between the British government and the wizarding world", replied Fudge

    The U.S. President raised his hand, to which Arceus proclaims, "The President of the United States shall now make his report!"

    "Well, we've been doing great, plus my wife's Cradily, Lillian, went into heat and we had to interbreed it with a local Supernerd's Cradily. Plus, she since laid an egg, and who knows when it might hatch? My wife's Cradily's going to be a mother!", smiled the President

    "Congratulations, Mr. President! Anything else to report? Legends of Unova?" Arceus asked.

    Reshiram replied, "Arceus, I traveled to different parts of Unova and found that there have been attacks on civilians by a group of humans in black cloaks with wands. Lots of people were forced to flee in fear, and those who tried to fight back with their pokemon lost their lives, along with their pokemon. One of the deaths was an officer in Castelia City!"

    "The Death Eaters!", gasps Fudge

    "The Who Eaters?", asks the President

    "Listen very closely, all of you, everyone in this very meeting chamber! The Death Eaters are an organization of dark wizards who plot to take over everything and will not hesitate to terrorize anyone who gets in their way, especially their leader, a megalomaniacal Dark Lord named Voldemort!", explained Arceus

    "How could you mention He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named like this!", gasped Fudge at Arceus mentioning Voldemort's name

    Giratina responds, "Well, we need to capture them and find those Horcruxes. But how will we know the location and which objects they're in. Wait a minute, I just have an idea. Perhaps we can get an Aura Guardian to help and maybe Link as well. Arceus, do you know of any Aura Guardians here in Sinnoh that can detect Dark Aura?"

    "I know of Ash Ketchum being able to feel and even use Aura, due to being a descendant of the legendary Sir Aaron, and Riley.", replied Arceus, "And with a bit of Aura training, they should be able to find the energy signatures of the Horcruxes"

    Dialga said, "Agreed and we will need Link too."

    With that, a pillar of blue light appeared revealing a certain green-garbed Hylian, the Hero of Time, Link, who wields the Master Sword also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane.

    "Did somebody call my name?", Link asks casually

    Arceus replied, "Link, thank goodness you're here. A group of dark wizards have been terrorizing the Pokemon Regions, and we need your help!"

    Link replied, "I took on dark wizards before, so I will gladly help"

    "Thank you Link. Anything else to report before we adjourn the meeting?", asks Arceus when he heard some really loud shouting coming from the hallway outside the meeting chamber.

    Arceus went outside to see what was going on, and found to his surprise, Barry and Draco Malfoy...arguing ANDname-calling!

    "What's Draco doing here? And Barry, too! I'd best stop this argument and find out what all the ruckus was about!", Arceus thought to himself

    Arceus summoned a lightning bolt which struck the ground between the two bickering teems. Arceus shouted, "What is going on here you two!"

    Barry explains, "Well, it's like this, your honor: I was exploring the caves of Mt. Coronet when I noticed a suspicious-looking blonde guy, and I decided to follow him...all the way to the Hall of Origin, and I catch him listening on your meeting and I decided to confront him."

    "Let me guess, you also threatened to fine him for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong?", asks Arceus with a deadpanned tone

    "Pretty much", deadpanned Barry

    Arceus turns to face Malfoy, "Draco Malfoy, What were you up to anyway? And why were you spying on the meeting?"

    "If you must know, legendary beast, I was under You-know-Who's orders to do make sure you don't stop the us all from taking the world for the pure-bloods. The muggles have ruled this world far enough.", huffed Malfoy indignantly

    "In this case, we're going to have to put you in the dungeon!", said Arceus

    Malfoy replied, "Not if I use my magic to escape!"

    "But not without that stick-thing you're not!", smugged Barry when he swipes Malfoy's wand!

    "Hey, give that back, you pretentious muggle!", snarled Malfoy

    Barry replied with a smug grin, "Sorry, Malfoy, but that's how I'm gonna fine you, by swiping your wand, and leaving you to be thrown in the dungeon by Arceus!", as he taunted Malfoy

    Arceus then takes Malfoy to the dungeon and locks him in a special cell, one that prevents any one from getting in or getting out, but thankfully, it has life support. Then Arceus went back to ocontinue the meeting.

    "Now, where were we?", asks Arceus as he is handed Malfoy's wand by Barry for safekeeping.

    "Alright, anything else to report before we adjourn the meeting?" Arceus asked

    "Arceus, if I may?", asks Fudge

    "Yes, go ahead, Mr. Fudge.", replied Arceus

    "The Death Eaters are powerful sorcerers and witches, and I thought it would be a good idea if I sent some Aurors with you on your journey to fight Voldemort", proposed Fudge

    "Thanks, I could use some assistance. Earlier before this meeting, Voldemort almost killed me with that killing curse. Thankfully, Harry came just in time to intercept the curse with his own spell. Alright, the meeting is adjourned. You are all dismissed." Arceus said.

    Everyone departed except Arceus, Star, Harry, Dawn, Lucas, the legendaries that stay at the Hall of Origin, and the baby Dialga. Arceus then heard the baby legendary starting to cry in fear and sadness.

    The Original One himself nuzzled reassuringly, being a father and all.

    The baby Dialga said whimpering, "My mommy and daddy are dead and I dont have anybody to love me. *sob* Who are you, mister? Can I live with you? Would you be my daddy?"

    "My name is Arceus, child, and yes, I'll be happy to let you live with us, and 'be your daddy', so to speak", replied Arceus kindly.

    The baby pokemon calmed down and nuzzled Arceus.

    It was now sunset and everyone got ready for bed. The baby Dialga, given the name "Tempo" by Arceus himself, slept with Arceus and Star.

    The rest of the week went by without any problems and now it was time to head back to Hogwarts, not only that, but are planning their next move. Arceus needed to do something about those living in the Hall of Origin since the Death Eaters may now know its location and feared for their safety. There's also the matter of Draco Malfoy, who Barry caught spying on the meeting.

    Arceus said, "What am I going to do? I am worried for the safety of everyone that lives here at the Hall of Origin and the fact that Draco Malfoy is here as well. Plus, the Death Eaters have been terrorizing the Pokemon Regions, and they know where the Hall of Origin is."

    Star replied reassuringly, "Don't worry, love, we'll do something"

    "Alright but we should we do?" Arceus asked

    "Asides from the Aurors that Fudge will send, maybe we'll have a few of the teachers at Hogwarts to help us, although I heard that the Potions Teacher, Prof. Snape may be a Death Eater, but possibly infiltrating it for his own reasons", replied Star

    Arceus replied, "Now there's an idea!"

    "Alright then. Lets go to Hogwarts for now." Star said. After that, Arceus, Star, Harry, Dawn, Lucas, and Tempo teleported to Hogwarts. Arceus noticed that Star is now pregnant as her belly has swollen. The same was said for the other female legendaries including Blackfire and Ebony. Shyla was also pregnant as well. Arceus and Star decided to remain in their pokemon forms since Star is pregnant. Now it is the month of November and this month, the students will learn about legendary pokemon for the next two months.

    Right now, they're learning about Mewtwo, the super-clone of Mew

    Lucas said to the class, "Today, we'll be talking about a legendary pokemon, who, apparently, is born in a laboratory. It all started years ago, when Giovanni, the head of the Kanto-based criminal organization Team Rocket, commissioned a group of geneticists to create for him, a clone of a rare pokemon, Mew. Many attempts failed. But the geneticists weren't done yet; they decided, instead, to implement super-cloning technology. They intended to use this technology to create the world's strongest pokemon, and Mewtwo was the result..."

    "What happened next, Lucas?", asks Neville Longbottom

    Lucas replied, "When Mewtwo fully matured, it destroyed the lab, also killing the geneticists in the process."

    "Then what happened?", asks Hermione

    Lucas replied, "Giovanni then arrived at what was left of the laboratory, and had him put through tests of Mewtwo's power, using a specialized body armor. The leader of Team Rocket foolishly revealed to Mewtwo that he intended to use his powers for his own purposes, and the genetically-cloned pokemon escaped from Giovanni, destroying his lair in the process."

    Lucas replied, "Mewtwo returned to what was left of the laboratory that created him, and rebuilt it as his lair, even the super-cloning machine. Mewtwo, having a hate for humanity and whatever pokemon they caught who are loyal to them, plotted to take over the world, using an army of super-cloned pokemon. But first, he had to get some trainers to come to his island lair, so he could super-clone their pokemon. To do that, he used his powers to create a storm, and invited a few trainers to brave it, and make their way to the island"

    "After the trainers he invited (while under the pretense that he was the world's greatest Pokemon Master) came to the island, Mewtwo challenged them with three super-clones of the fully-evolved Kanto Region starter pokemon. The trainers lost, and had their pokemon stolen from them...and I bet you've probably figured what happens next", replied Lucas

    "Let me guess, Professor Lucas, Mewtwo did that super-clone thingy, right?", asks Neville

    Lucas replied, "Correct, but not only that, one of those trainers managed to short out the machine after it super-cloned the stolen pokemon while trying to get his Pikachu back."

    "Then Mew arrived and this huge battle between the super-clones and the pokemon they're cloned from began, as Mew and Mewtwo fought for supremacy. The two opposing armies of pokemon were getting exhausted as they're getting ready to fight to the death, and pokemon should never battle each other like this, and it was wrong. That trainer, who destroyed the super-cloning machine, sacrificed himself to stop the battle, and ended up turning to stone in the process. The trainer's Pikachu tried to use Thunderbolt to revive him, but couldn't...", Lucas continued

    "Oh dear, did that trainer die?", asks Hermione as she noticed a few students starting shed tears at this tragic part of the story...

    Lucas replied, "Before long, the other pokemon started crying for the trainer, and their tears somehow revived him. It is then that Mewtwo saw the light."


    End of Chapter

    So what do you think? Sorry this chapter is a bit short but rest assured that future ones will be longer, Remember to review. :)
    I have posted a Pokemon/Zelda crossover. If you are a fan of both series, please check it out and review. :)

    It will also be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Land before Time

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    You heard him, you sons o' guns, review! ;)

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    Default Re: Harry Potter and the Original One

    Chapter Four

    Meanwhile at the Hall of Origin, a group of Aurors called over by Arceus to keep the Hall safe, are using their magic to make sure that the Death Eaters will have a hard time getting in.

    Back at Hogwarts though, Arceus was about be visited by a familiar red-haired man. The man thinks to himself, "I hope Arceus can understand that the Marcus who 'returned' to steal the Jewel of Life for the second time was an impostor who stole my identity!"

    Meanwhile, Arceus and Star walked towards the entrance hall when they ran into Marcus. "Marcus...what do you want this time?", asks Arceus warningly. "No need for violence, I've just come to make amends for what has happened twenty centuries ago, to settle the grievance once and for all", replied Marcus calmly, "Also, that was not me who tried to steal the Jewel of Life for the 'second' time, it was an impostor who impersonated me, wanting the Jewel's power and your position of the ruler of the universe for himself."

    Arceus replied, "I don't believe you"

    "I'm not asking you to believe anything, I just wanted to reconcile with you", said Marcus, "Plus, that imposter impersonating me also stole my pokemon. If I recall right, he should still be in that newfangled maximum security prison"

    Arceus replied, "Very well, but if you try to steal the Jewel of Life from me, again-ah, you've probably got the picture!"

    Marcus replied, "Let me guess, destroy my physical body and banish my soul into the Underworld?"

    Arceus replied, "Though I don't trust you at the moment, I can't help but be curious if that Marcus in the prison is an impostor."

    "Well, go ahead, use the Psychic Life Plate to read my memories", replied Marcus

    Arceus said, "Very well", as he assumed the Pyschic Life Plate and reads Marcus' memories, also finding some shocking new things. It turned out that the impostor was a demon lord who wanted to take Arceus' position as the ruler of the universe for himself, so it would be filled with nothing but a malevolent darkness.

    Arceus said, "So, there really IS an impostor!"

    "And he's a demon lord that tried to steal your power!", growled Star

    "I know, right?", yelled Arceus

    Meanwhile at the White House in the United States...

    We see the President and his wife pacing back and forth outside the doors to the medical wing. Why, you ask? Because Lillian, the wife's pet Cradily, is about to lay an egg, and needs help getting it out.

    After a few hours of waiting, one of the medics came out and announced, "We've done it! We managed to help Lillian get her egg out!"

    Back at Hogwarts, Marcus (the real one and not the demon lord impostor who is currently in that maximum security prison) was trying to reconcile with Arceus, and it was successful, thanks to Marcus' memories.

    Later that night, Harry was awake thinking about his deceased parents. "I wish there was a way to bring my parents back.*sniff*" Harry said crying softly.

    Marcus went over to Harry, and said to him, "Harry, I'd just thought you'd like to know that Arceus is capable of resurrecting people from the dead, though he doesn't use that ability very much, as it would require a ton of energy"

    "I understand, but where do we start? I don't know where they are buried.", Harry said as he saw Arceus getting up and to check on Harry who said to the legendary poke-god, "Marcus told me about your power to resurrect the dead, and I've missed my parents and Marcus thought we could ask you to bring them back to life."

    Arceus replied, "Oh, did he? I'll be willing to resurrect your parents if we can find where they're buried. This gives me an idea to shock Voldemort and have him see the look on his face when he sees James and Lily Potter very much alive!"

    "That sounds good to me. Let's go to Godric's Hollow this weekend." Harry said.

    Then on early Saturday, Arceus, Star, and Harry teleported to Godric's Hollow to begin their search.

    "My parents were killed by Voldemort in this town, and I have a hunch that their bodies have been laid to rest in the graveyard, which I've heard was said to be haunted", said Harry

    Then the trio walked through town and came across a graveyard where Harry's parents are buried, and also there is a statue of James Potter, along with Lily Potter (nee Evans) and with an infant Harry. But when they got there, Arceus noticed that Giratina was there too.

    "Giratina, what brings you here?", asks Arceus

    "Oh, a few Death Eaters chased me here, hoping to kill me, and I sent all but one of them to the Underworld, and tied up the last one in an energy ribbon, because he has information on the Horcruxes. And what's Marcus doing here with you?", replied Giratina, also using one of his feet to point to a tied-up Death Eater

    "That Marcus who attempted to steal the Jewel of Life many times after my attempt, was an impostor, and that information helped me to reconcile with Arceus", said Marcus

    "O...kay? Anyways, what brings you here, Arceus?", asks Giratina

    "I'm here to resurrect Harry Potter's parents", replied Arceus

    Giratina remarked, "Oh, I see."

    Then, the quartet (don't worry about the tied-up Death Eater, he's been teleported back to the Hall of Origin for the Aurors to interrogate) searched the graveyard until they came across a tombstone with the names Lily and James Potter engraved on it.

    "This must be it", said Harry

    Arceus asks, "Well, then, are you ready to see your mother and father again, and to see the shocked look on Voldemort's face when he sees them very much alive?"

    "Yes I am." Harry replied

    Arceus nodded as his cross-wheel then took on a golden glow as he proclaims, "Lily and James Potter, I call upon thee to return to the world of the living! Reclaim your bodies, and LIVE AGAIN!"

    Within seconds, the bodies were now aboveground. The two bodies glowed golden as they are restored. The spirits of Lily and James returned to their bodies. Then the glow faded and the first signs of life can be seen as they began take the first breaths of life. The two have began stir.

    "Ugh...What happened? The last thing I remember is that scoundrel Voldemort breaking into our house and-", started James, "Harry? Is that you?"

    Harry greets his new-resurrected father, "Hello, dad"

    James replied, "Harry, it is you! Lily, wake up! We're alive! And look how much Harry has grown!"

    Lily groaned, as she stirred, wiping her eyes to clear her vision.

    Lily said, "James, don't get too excited, we've just been resurrected and-Harry?"

    "Mom, I missed you so much...", Harry said as he wenT to his mother and gave her a hug while crying tears of joy.

    You typed too fast, man, making for bad spelling! That's why I corrected this, and when you type, PLEASE slow down!

    There, there, Harry, it's going to be alright", soothed Lily as she gently rubs her son's back

    Lily then sees Arceus and asks "Who might you be? Are you the one who brought us back? And are you a friend of Harry?"

    Arceus smiled, "I am Arceus, the very creator of the universe and the god of humans and pokemon alike. You are correct, it is I who resurrected you and your husband James, and also a friend of your son, Harry. I also have another thing in mind when I resurrected you two; to see the look of shock on the Dark Lord's face when he sees you very much alive! Plus, Harry knows who sold you out to You-know-Who. Go ahead ask him, or better yet, let him answer for you."

    "It was Peter Pettigrew who sold us out to Voldemort", said Harry

    "What! How can that be? We entrusted Pettigrew as our secret-keeper, and h-he bloody betrayed us!", gasped James

    "He also killed 12 muggles when he was escaping, faked his death, and framed Sirius Black for the whole thing!", added Harry

    "That rotten, filthy, no-good-", started Lily angrily when James interrupted, "Lily, dear, language! We'll get Wormtail back for what he did to us, Sirius, and those twelve muggles!"

    Just then, multiple helicopters with the Team Galactic isignia appeared, before landing. Out came three new Galactic Commanders along with hundreds of grunts.

    "Wait, so who are these blokes?", asks Harry as he grips his wand in case they're a threat.

    "Team Galactic, the criminal organization of the Sinnoh Region.", growled Arceus as he said to one of the Commanders, "What do you fiends want?"

    "We just wanted to cause a bit trouble somewhere in Europe, and steal the Jewel of Life from you!", replied the Commander, whose name is Perseus, after the ancient mythological hero who defeated the fiend Medusa.

    "Not surprised! Judgment!", scoffed Arceus as he sends the distinctive golden meteors of the attack down on the Team Galactic members, sending them into a panicked frenzy and also destroying their helicopters.

    Arceus teleported himself, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, along with the Potters, to safety in the chaos.

    "Blast, they got away!", snarled one grunt

    "Cowards!", yelled another grunt

    Before anyone else could do anything, they heard, "Team Galactic members, emerge from the cemetary! We have the area surrounded!"

    Then, scrambling into the graveyard, are a large number of Pokemon Rangers, Pokemon G-Men, and even the local policemen, and boy do they look mad!

    Meanwhile at Hogwarts, Arceus and the others appear back in the Dumbledore's office.

    Dumbledore said, "Hello again, Arceus"

    Arceus replied, "Greetings, Dumbledore, and I've bet you noticed two familiar individuals among me named James and Lily Potter?"

    Dumbledore takes a quick glance at the two newly-resurrected couple, before saying, "So, you've brought Lily and James Potter back from the dead, interesting."

    "Oh, it's interesting alright, Professor Dumbledore, plus our son told us that our old friend Peter Pettigrew defected to the Death Eaters as a double agent, sold us out to Voldemort when he was made our secret-keeper, killed twelve muggles, faked his own death, and framed Sirius Black for the whole thing!", said James

    "Now that, was a mouthful, James", responds Dumbledore as he pets his pet phoenix, Fawkes, "Also, your son destroyed one of You-know-Who's horcruxes in his second year here."

    "Did he really?", asks Lily with surprise

    "That I did, mum. It was his old diary from when he was a student at Hogwarts more than 50 years ago.", replied Harry as his mother hugged him tightly, proud that her son destroyed something important of the Dark Lord's.

    Dumbledore then noticed the tied-up Death Eater and asks Arceus, "Any explanation for this Death Eater?"

    "Giratina was chased to the cemetery by a group of Death Eaters wanting to kill him, and banished all but this one to the Underworld, because he has information concerning the horcruxes!", replied Arceus

    Dumbledore replies, "I see. I'll have someone from the Ministry bring him in for interrogation.", as he sends a mail owl to the Ministry of Magic

    Arceus said, "It would be most appreciated, Professor."

    With that, Arceus and the others, exited the room.

    "Who knew that a lot has happened since You-know-Who killed us with the ever-infamous Killing Curse, don't you think?", asks James to Lily

    Lily nodded with agreement. Lily then noticed another Arceus whose name was Star and that she is pregnant. Lily asked, "Arceus, who is this Arceus? Is she your mate?"

    "You guessed right, Lily. This is Star, my mate. And I have a hunch that you've noticed that she's pregnant.", smiled Arceus as he then said, "But this is not the only time she was pregnant. Also, a while ago, we mated, resulting in the pregnancy you see on my beloved, but unfortunately, Draco Malfoy-"

    "Wait a minute! Did you say Malfoy?", interrupted James

    "Yes, why did you ask?", asks Arceus

    "I know of that snob, Lucius Malfoy, but never a Draco Malfoy.", responds James

    "Just to let you, dad, Lucius had a son", said Harry

    "Well, and who was the unfortunate woman who had to marry him?", asks James

    "I wouldn't say 'unfortunate', and you may recognize her surname, dad: Narcissa Black", replied Harry

    "One of Sirius' cousins? You're joking!", gasps James who then said to Arceus, "You were saying, Arceus?"

    "Ah yes, we mated months ago, but unfortunately, Lucius' son Draco and his cronies spied on us in the act, but we caught them and reported them to the Headmaster.", replied Arceus

    James gasped, "They SPIED on you! That's perverted of them! Glad you reported them to Dumbledore!"

    Arceus nodded with agreement and they headed for the Gryffindor Common Room where they met with Ron and Hermione.

    "You resurrected Harry's parents!", gasps Hermione

    "Bloody Hell...I know you to be a god among both pokemon and humans, but having the power to resurrect people from the dead? That's amazing!", remarked Ron

    Arceus replied, "I created the universe, and there is nothing I cannot do!"

    Ron mutters, "Wicked...", awestruck that there is nothing Arceus cannot do!

    \Hermione asked, "Arceus, I remember learning about the pokemon regions and that it was once a planet of its own. Do you know what happened to it?"

    "Oh, you don't want to know, Hermione", said Lucas as he appeared in the room

    "Why not? We would like to know." Harry asked.

    Arceus said, "It all started nine years ago. The Pokemon World was in chaos. The criminal organizations went on a massive killing spree, murdering humans and pokemon alike. Most of my fellow legendaries were killed trying stop the slaughtering of innocent lives. My two sons among those that died." Then with his voice breaking and abou to cry continued, "I gathered the remaining legendaries including my daughter Palkia who is the only one that remained of the old world. We traveled through space to find a new homeworld. Then we made it to the Planet Hylia where I met Star who is the love of my life. Later, I merged the old world with Hylia. All those that died in the massacre were resurrected but my two sons weren't since they were too far gone." Arceus cried loudly in sadness with tears streaming down his face. He buried his head in Star's chest crying.

    "Bloody Hell, that's terrible what happened to Arceus!", thought Ron sadly

    "Sounds a lot worse than when that *bleep*, Voldemort first started his reign of terror!", said James

    "For Arceus to have gone through such a tragedy, it tears my heart", said Lily sadly

    Lucas groaned irritably, "You just had to get father into telling the story of that tragedy, didn't you?", as he saw his adoptive father weep into Star's fur

    "Professor Lucas, it wasn't our fault we wanted to know what happened all those years ago!", Hermione argued back

    "Both of you, stop fighting!", Lily warned

    "Sorry, Mrs. Potter", apologized both

    "I can see that a very, very touchy subject for you, young man, but you shouldn't have to discourage people from wanting to know about it. Everyone has a right to know!", said James sternly to Lucas

    "Alright, that's enough!", Star warned, "Arceus needs his space!"

    Everyone backed away to give Arceus some space. Then a pillar of blue light appeared, revealing Link, the Hero of Time. His wife, the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia was also there, and also their child Alister. Link pulled a certain blue ocarina out of his pocket and played Oracion on the Ocarina of Time.

    Arceus calmed down to the tune's melody.

    Arceus smiled, "Link, so good to see you, your lovely wife, and Alister again. Have you eliminated any Death Eaters?"

    Link replied, "I did, and they weren't easy to beat. Plus, they tried using our son as a mind-controlled minion using the Imperius Curse!"

    Meanwhile at the summit of Mt. Moon in the Kanto Region, the Double-S unit ARE shoving a group of captured Death Eaters onto a new helicopter based on the Chinook, code-named "Flying Prison". It is capable of holding up to 20 prisoners at once, and also armed with computer-controlled 30mm machine gun turrets. Its armor is made up of a specialized compound created to negate any magic spells or curses that could endanger the vehicle or the on-board electronics, and it's also bullet-proof. The vehicle also has specially-designed MV Goggles (MV=Magic Vision) on the pilots' helmets that allows them to see any Death Eaters that may be using a cloaking spell to avoid getting seen.

    As both the Flying Prison and the Royal Stinger take off towards England to be brought to the Ministry of Magic, the captured Death Eaters talked among themselves about how they felt about being captured by muggles.

    "This is an indignity! Captured by muggle special forces operatives!", groaned one Death Eater

    "I agree, my friend, I agree", replied another one

    "Those filthy muggles even confiscated our wands, and putting them in a magic-proofed box!", snarled yet another Death Eater

    A week went by and it was time for the students to meet the Sinnoh Dragon trio as a part of a lesson in the Pokemon Class about the Sinnoh legendaries. Also, Arceus was sent a letter by the Fudge detailing the the horcruxes and their hiding spots.

    Arceus decided to read the letter after class. Arceus, Star, Dawn, Lucas, and the students went outside to meet the Sinnoh Legendaries who are now at the lakeshore.

    "Alright, class, today's lesson is on the legendary pokemon of the Sinnoh Region, and we have three special guests!", announced

    Then an indigo portal opened revealing Giratina who reverted to his altered forme due to the change in gravity. At the same time, a blue portal opened revealing Dialga, the God and Master of Time, while a pink portal opened revealing Palkia, The Goddess and Mistress of Space, who is also pregnant.

    "Meet the Sinnoh Dragon Trio. Palkia, the Mistress of Space, Dialga, the Master of Time, and Giratina, the Master of Antimatter. Also, if you're going to ask about Palkia's stomach, she's pregnant just to let you all know, students", said Dawn

    Everyone looked in awe of the Sinnoh dragons except for a certain few slytherins. Draco Malfoy (who was since released from the dungeon in the Hall of Origin for his cooperation and was given his wand back. He's also under close watch by a carefully-selected Auror) sneered, "I've seen scarier-looking creatures than these three..."

    Dialga said in an unamused tone, "I heard that, Malfoy!"

    "Draco Malfoy! You better show some respect to a legendary pokemon!", warned Dawn sternly, "Otherwise, one, or all of them will destroy your body and banish your soul into the Underworld where you could suffer terribly for your arrogance!"

    "A muggle like you and your adoptive brother can't tell me, a pure-blooded wizard, what to do!", smugged Malfoy, crossing his arms

    "Then me and Dawn shall subtract 10 points from Slytherin!", said Lucas, "For acting like a total jerk about your magical lineage, and not showing any respect for the legendary pokemon!"

    "W-what? You can't do that, you're not even muggle-borns!", objects Malfoy

    "Dawn and I can, and we will, so shut that annoying mouth of yours and take your notes or else we'll subtract more points from Slytherin!", warned Lucas with a stern look on his face, as stern as his adoptive father's.

    "That's my adoptive son! When he gets serious, he does it!", thought Arceus with a proud smile

    "And do not even think about scribbling up insults directed towards the legendary pokemon in those notes!", Dawn also warned with an angry look in her eyes that seems as if it was saying, 'Don't make me send out my Lopunny to give you a good punch in the stomach with her right ear, you jerk!'

    Lucas turned to Arceus with a wink, before turning back towards Malfoy with a stern look on his face

    Malfoy merely turned towards Palkia and casted a spell at her, sending the spatial dragoness into the the cold black lake. Then part of the lake stained with Palkia's blood. She then explodes out of the waters with rage, growling, "Owwch! That hurts, mortal!"

    Lucas then calls out Evelyn, his shiny Leafeon, and commands her, "Evelyn, restrain Malfoy with Vine Whip!", which she did, also grabbing and tossing aside his wand. Dawn then stomped towards the arrogant platinum-blonde pure-blood with an enraged look on her face, looking as if she's going to strangle him.

    "Dawn, cool it! You'll be no better than he is, it's not worth it!", warned Lucas to his blunette adoptive sister who replies, "But, Lucas, he attacked Palkia! It's a good enough reason to go nuts on him!"

    "True, but violence will not solve anything!", Lucas said back to Dawn

    "Let me go, you despicable creature!", Malfoy snarled at Evelyn indignantly as he struggled against the Vine Whip restraints.

    "Malfoy, me and Luc are taking another 10 points from you for having lashed out at Palkia like that! Do you understand! FIFTY POINTS!", admonished Dawn harshly as she then mutters angrily, "Prideful little cockroach, letting his so-called 'blood status' go to his head...", while going over to the Goddess of Space to get a look at her injury.

    "I'll be fine, Dawn, I'll be fine", assured Palkia as she heals herself, "That spell packs quite a punch, but I've experienced worse during the Light-Dark War!"

    Later, after class, in Detention

    "I hope you're satisfied, Mr. Malfoy", started Professor McGonagall, "As you can see, you've earned yet another detention, this time, from attacking Palkia during the Pokemon Class with your wand."

    Meanwhile, in Dumbledore's office

    We see Arceus reading the letter sent to him about the horcruxes and their hiding places. To his surprise, it turned out that Harry was an accidental sixth horcrux when Voldemort lost his body in his failed first attempt at killing Harry. Also shockingly, a couple of items belonging to three of the Hogwarts Founders, particularly Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Plus, the letter also mentioned of Voldemort's pet snake, named Nagini, also being one of the horcruxes, and the Helga Hufflepuff horcrux hidden in the Lestrange family vault in Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which is in Diagon Alley. A ring belonging to a pure-blood named Marvolo Gaunt, who turned out to be the paternal grandfather of Voldemort, is also hidden within one of the Golden Snitches.

    Arceus, "Very interesting and useful information. And Harry, to think that Voldemort has placed a piece of his soul in yours by accident when failed to kill you the first time when you were born, making you an accidental horcrux"

    "Who knew?", replied Harry, though deep inside, he felt disgusted at the thought of having being a walking horcrux.

    "Oh, dear", Lily sighs, knowing her son's soul has a bit of Voldemort's.

    "So, that scoundrel has gotten a bit of his filthy soul within our son' mistake!", grieved James

    "I believe the only way to remove that piece of Lord Voldemort's soul, you wouldn't approve of it", said Dumbledore

    Lily replies, "Let me guess, Professor; Avada Kedavra"

    Dumbledore replies, "Unfortunately, yes"

    "Well, that's just great!", huffed James

    Dumbledore says, "Avada Kadarva!", casting the spell as the green light hits Harry in the chest, knocking him out, but not killing Harry himself, but that piece of Voldemort's soul inhabiting him.

    Minutes later he woke up.

    "W-what happened?", asks Harry weakly as he got up.

    "Well, what do you know, it worked!", said James

    "What worked, dad?", Harry inquires

    "Dumbledore used the Killing Curse to destroy that piece of You-know-Who's mangled spirit inhabiting your soul", replied James, "One less piece of his soul to worry about!"

    Arceus says, "We got five more to find. I will try to get some of the Aura Gaurdians to help."


    End of chapter

    BGM used:

    Godric's Hollow Graveyard - Kakariko Graveyard(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

    The resurrection of Lily and James Potter - Revival(Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life)

    Team Galactic appears - Team Galactic Commander battle(Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

    Arceus' sadness - Midna's Lament(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

    Harry's runion with his parents - Heartwarming(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/and Sky)

    Arceus' tragic tale - The Legendary Hero(Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

    Calming Arceus - Oracion(Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai)

    How do you like it? Please review. :)
    I have posted a Pokemon/Zelda crossover. If you are a fan of both series, please check it out and review. :)

    It will also be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Land before Time

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    wow amazing, It reminds me of the novels we used to read at school.

    well done mate

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    Chapter Five

    "Okay, so, the cup of Helga Hufflepuff, used by You-know-Who as a horcrux, is at Gringotts in a vault owned by the Lestrange family", started James, looking over a list of horcuxes to be destroyed, "I know the Lestranges to be a pure-blood wizarding family, and like most pure-blood families, they bear the belief of so-called blood purity, and that anyone not agreeing with that belief are blood traitors. Heck, Sirius' psychotic cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, is one of the Death Eaters, having tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom to insanity with the Crucio curse."

    Arceus replied, "Interesting."

    Meanwhile in the Hoenn Region, we see Link having just thwarted another batch of Death Eaters, as they were taken away (and their wands are also confiscated) by the Department of Aurors.

    "Another day, another batch of dark wizards that were about to cause trouble here", sighs Link

    Back at Hogwarts, Arceus said to himself, "Wait! I almost forgot! I'm supposed to have another meeting with the world leaders!", Arceus outside the castle and shouted, "All legendaries and world leaders report here near Hogwarts for a meeting!"

    In spite of the magical boundaries concealing Hogwarts from muggle eyes, the legendaries and the world leaders arrived near the castle grounds with no complications, thanks for the guidance of Cornelius Fudge.

    Arceus said, "This meeting has come to order. Is there anything to report?"

    Dialga said, "Arceus, I was patrolling Sinnoh when I saw a female Dialga, a male Giratina, and a female Arceus. They seem to be siblings. They were being pursued by a group of poachers. The the three pokemon are in poor condition. I also saw some officers from the ASPCA's new Pokemon Division, as well as the local police chasing after those poachers to arrest them, and bring them to justice. Arceus, you may need to help those pokemon."

    "Very interesting, and yes, something must be done. Anything else?", responds Arceus before noticing the Sinnoh governor raising his hand.

    "The governor of the Sinnoh Region shall now make his report", proclaimed Arceus as the Sinnoh governor cleared his throat before replying, "You know, Arceus, some engineers in LaRousse City in the Hoenn Region, the Double-S unit, as well as the Department of Aurors came together developed specialized technology that allows the user to track down signatures of dark magical energies, particularly those of the Death Eaters. Speaking of which, the Double-S unit has captured a batch of Death Eaters at Mt. Moon, and the Aurors also confiscated their wands."

    Link, who is also at the meeting, spoke up, "Speaking of Death Eaters, I, and a few more Aurors captured some Death Eaters in the Hoenn Region."

    "Excellent! Voldemort must be getting very frustrated that his minions are being captured!", smiled Arceus

    Arceus then noticed the President of the United States raising his hand before proclaiming, "The President of the United States of America shall now make his report!"

    "Weeks ago, my wife's Cradily went into labor, managing to lay her egg. Two days ago, it hatched into a Lileep, and Lillian is now a proud mother!", replied the President

    "Congratulations! Anything else? Legendaries of Kanto, make your report", replied Arceus

    "Well, I have something amusing to report. Ash Ketchum told his fellow Kanto Pokemon Trainers about Trip's disdain towards the region, and they decided to play a huge prank on the Unovan photographer!", replied Mewtwo with a light chuckle

    "Serves that prideful boy right. Anything else?", asks Arceus

    Giratina said, "Dr. Graceland caught a Death Eater mucking around in the Distortion World. He wasn't too pleased about it, since that Death Eater RUDELY interrupted his research, and he had his Shieldon attack the Death Eater."

    Arceus asked, "Anything else to report?"

    Palkia replied, "Nothing wrong in the fabric of space-"

    "And time!", finished Dialga

    "Thankfully, it'd stay that way.", said Arceus as he then noticed the King of Saudi Arabia raise his hand, "The King of Saudi Arabia shall now make his report!"

    "Nothing wrong in Saudia Arabia, but there have been sightings of men in pitch black cloaks, possibly the Death Eaters, or more likely, Islamic radicals posing as Death Eaters, since I've heard that they carry guns instead of wands!", replied the King

    Arceus replied, "Well, see if you can send your men to investigate. Anything else to report?"

    The Prime Minister of Japan raises his hand, to which Arceus proclaims, "The Prime Minister of Japan shall now make his report!"

    The Prime Minister replied, "Nothing wrong in Japan, save for an incident where a Nurse Joy was brought to justice because of a conspiracy."

    "Go on, Prime Minister", ushered Arceus

    "That Nurse Joy secretly hated how pokemon are being left behind at her center and their owners not returning for them after certain periods of time, so she started making illegal mind-control drugs for a scheme to get back at those trainers. She's been secretly kidnapping them, and brainwashing her victims with the drugs to great effect, to make them her assistants, leading to reports of missing people. The only clue, was that the trainers mentioned in the reports, were last seen at the center. One local trainer got suspicious and decided to investigate. He recognized the assistants as the people that went missing, but kept silent about it, knowing that if he opened his mouth about it, then the Nurse, whom he figured to be behind it all, would make him her next assistant.", explained the Prime Minister

    "What happened next?", asks Arceus

    The Prime Minister replied, "He also took photos of the brainwashed assistants with his camera phone, and emailed the photos to the police. After comparing the pictures of the assistants to the photos of the missing people, they sent an undercover officer to investigate further. He collected samples of the mind-control drugs covertly without getting caught, and brought them back to police HQ, where they analyzed it under a microscope. After finding out what it was, they came to the center with an arrest warrant for the nurse, but she didn't want to go quietly. She pulled out a machine gun, and fired on the police officers. She was then confronted by another Nurse Joy who came to stop her sister from causing any further trouble, and helped the cops to capture the renegade nurse."

    Suicune replied, "Arceus, I had to clean up major oil spill that occured off the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently it came from an oil rig explosion.", trying to get some oil off of her paws.

    "Explosion, you say?", asks Fudge

    "Yes, Mr. Fudge, why do you ask?", replied Suicune

    "I believe I recall overhearing one of the captured Death Eaters saying something about causing an oil rig to blow up", responds Fudge

    "Anything else to report before we adjourn the meeting?" Arceus asked

    "I have a word of warning for the muggle leaders; Be careful of the Death Eaters, they may target your nations next", replied Fudge

    With that, everyone was dismissed. Arceus teleported to Sinnoh and flew to Mt. Coronet. Arceus rushed to the entrance where he came across a few ASPCA officers who then noticed Arceus himself.

    "Arceus, your honor, what a surprise to see you here!", said one officer

    "Aren't you from the new Pokemon Division of the ASPCA?", asks Arceus

    "That's correct!", replied another officer, "We've chased those poachers into the caves of Mt. Coronet and are currently hiding out in there. Also, we're bringing in the legendaries they pursued to you."

    They then brought tne three legendaries to Arceus. The Dialga and Giratina were emaciated to the point of having no body fat and muscles which deteriorated almost completely. The three pokemon were covered in their own blood as the had numerous lacerations all over their bodies as well as 3rd degree burns and bruises. For each of them, all of their ribs and legs were broken. They also had a morbid fear of humans as well.

    The female Arceus was silver with a dark gray undeside, has emerald eyes and a small blue cross wheel around her abdomen.

    The female Dialga is dark blue with golden eyes and markings as well as having a emerald diamond on her chest.

    The male Giratina is a normal Giratina except he has golden eyes

    "Ohh, what morbid injuries! Officer Magnezone!", called Arceus

    Within seconds, Officer Magnezone appeared before Arceus

    "Sorry to break the forth wall, milord, but it has been a long time since you've called me to do any-Whoa! Right away!", said Magnezone as he and his assistants get the legendaries to the infirmary.

    Arceus then went to the Hall of Origin to check on the pokemon. Star was also there as well as the Potters, Lucas, and Dawn.

    "Whoa, they don't look good, father." ,gasped Lucas at the injuries

    The three pokemon were each hooked to a heart monitor and and an IV. Their legs were wrapped in casts and their bodies were bandaged which were stained wirh blood.

    "Oh my gosh!", gasped Dawn, aghast at not just the injuries, but also another member of Arceus' species being among the pokemon.

    Meanwhile in the caves of Mt. Coronet

    The ASPCA members are hunting down the poachers hiding out in the caverns somewhere, and they know that they may be potentially armed and dangerous.

    Back at the Hall of Origin, Arceus approached three pokemon to wake them up. The female Dialga woke up, but when she saw the Potters, Dawn, and Lucas approaching her, she screamed in fear pleading, "Please don't hurt me please!*whimper*" It got to the point where her heart rate skyrocketed, and she paled and started shaking uncontrollably. "Calm yourself! You are among friends!", admonished Arceus, "You wouldn't want to die from a dangerously high heart rate, do you?"

    The Dialga calmed down but was still whimpering in fear, "I am sorry, me and my siblings suffered abuse and neglect our whole lives. We were treated as inferiors and we don't have names," She then began to cry in sadness.

    "Let it out, child", reassured Arceus as he nuzzled the Dialga comfortingly

    The Dialga cried even more with tears streaming down her face. She buried her head into Arceus' chest crying loudly. "Me and my siblings need names, parents that we never had, and a place to live...*sob* Will you be our father?"

    Arceus replies, "Yes, I'll be your father, my dear, we have plenty of room in the Hall of Origin"

    I can only remember two of them being an Arceus and a Dialga, but I forgot what the third one was.

    The Dialga, who would later be named Tempa, along with her siblings, the Arceus, Cometta, and the Giratina, Luster, would come to accept the Hall of Origin as their new home, with Arceus as their new father figure.

    Tempa then noticed Star whose belly is swollen with unborn children and asked, "Who is the Arceus with you?"

    "That would be my mate, Star, who is also a member of my species. Plus, she's pregnant, so no need to ask", replied Arceus

    Tempa said, "Oh, I see. Congratulations, then."

    Arceus said, "Thanks, but this isn't the first time Star was pregnant"

    Tempa gasped, "It isn't?"

    Arceus replied, "Nope."

    Then Tempa's siblings began to wake up. When Luster and Cometta (they would be later named this) saw the the Potters, Lucas, and Dawn, they both reacted the same way as Tempa, screaming and whimpering in fear. They paled started sweating profusely, and their heart rates were elevating. They began breathing fast and their pupils were dilated.

    "Brother, sister, calm down! They're not threats!", admonished Tempa.

    The two siblings calmed down but were still whimpering in fear, to which Tempa reassured, "Don't worry, they're not going to hurt us, at least not intentionally"

    "How can you be sure, sister?", asks Luster

    Tempa replied, "I mean, they're not saying anything threatening to us, they're not wielding any weapons, and they don't look like the type to be poachers"

    Cometta replied quietly, "Sister's right brother, they're not a threat, plus two of them are members of my species"

    Tempa then heard her stomach growl, "I am hungry. I and my siblings have not eaten in months"

    As if on cue, Sunny Baudelaire, went into the kitchen and started cooking.

    Dawn fixed up some poffins. Everyone was hungry and they went to the dining hall to eat. Soon, food was on the table they started eating. Tempa and Luster, ravenously ate their food as they have not eaten food in months or even years. Unfortunately though, Tempa began vomiting up the partially-digested food as well as her own blood. The same was said for Luster. It seemed that their stomachs were not used to having any food inside.

    "Uh-oh!", said Sunny as she called in the on-board Chansey and Audino medics.

    The two pokemon were taken to the infirmary to get medical treatment.

    Then it was time to head back to Hogwarts. After about a month which by now, it was the holiday season, and the Potters decided to stay at the Hall of Origin. One night, a group of Death Eaters came to the Hall in a bid to kill Harry Potter there. Bellatrix Lestrange, who is leading the attack, is confident that she'll catch them all by surprise, and to kill Potter. Little did she and her accomplices know, is that a spy covertly infiltrating them informed Arceus ahead of time about the attack, so Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, await the Death Eaters. When they arrived, AMBUSH! Arceus sends out a Judgment, causing the Death Eaters to scatter as they get blasted by the Dragon Trio. Bellatrix lunges at Arceus with her signature torture knife, hoping to cut him up, but was sent flying by a Disarming Charm, courtesy of Harry Potter.

    "Ah, Potter! You've saved us the trouble of having to look for you here!", Bellatrix sneered as she pulled out her wand.

    Harry replied, "Yeah, I've certainly have, Lestrange. Now tell me, is one of Voldemort's horcruxes a cup belonging to Helga Hufflepuff that is residing in the Lestrange family vault at Gringotts by any chance?"

    The female torture specialist gasps and growls, "How did you know of the horcrux in my family's vault?"

    Harry replies smugly, "Why should we tell you?"

    Bellatrix then picked up her knife and lunged at Harry with it, hoping to stab him, but was given a good punch in the stomach, courtesy of someone she thought was dead!

    "NO! It can't be! Impossible! Lily Potter!", gasped Bellatrix

    "That's right, Lestrange! Me and James are back!", replied Lily with a confident look on her face.

    Bellatrix snarled, "Let me guess, Arceus revived you and your pitiful husband!"

    Lily replied, "That's right, you b****!"

    "Lily, language!", admonishes James as he fends off another Death Eater with his Patronus.

    Dialga comes up and fires a Roar of Time at some of the Death Eaters reversing time on them to the point of never existing. Palkia distorted Space to the point of creating a black hole which consumed the rest of the Death Eaters before dissipating, leaving Bellatrix as the only Death Eater there.

    "You killed off my men! You'll all pay for this!", screeched Bellatrix, and before she could cast the Killing Curse on Arceus with her wand, it gets swiped by the Ministry spy, who managed to escape from being killed.

    "Agh! You filthy traitor!", growled Bellatrix as she tried to stab the spy with her signature knife, only to get hit with Expelliarmus from Harry

    Arceus said, "Now it's time to teach you a lesson, Bellatrix Lestrange! Take this, JUDGMENT!", as he fires the distinctive golden meteors of the attack.

    The meteors hit Bellatrix which killed the insane pure-blood supremacist, whose soul was then banished to the Underworld, to suffer for all the crimes she committed as a Death Eater, especially that of torturing Alice and Frank Longbottom.

    The next day, Arceus decided to take Star, the Potters, Lucas, and Dawn on a world tour. Blackfire who is pregnant and her mate Vector decided to go as well.

    Meanwhile at Gringotts in Diagon Alley...

    We see some officials of the Ministry of Magic removing the cup of Helga Hufflepuff from the Lestrange family vault, also removing the curse on it that would've caused it to multiply and heat up to extreme tempatures to smother and kill whoever would take it, who is not related to the Lestrange family.

    Also meanwhile at the Ministry of Magic...

    We see the locket of Salazar Slytherin, which was also given to Umbridge as a bribe, being destroyed with Godric Gryffindor's sword, which they borrowed from Professor Dumbledore, ever since the blade was coated in the venom of Slytherin's basilisk, which allows the sword to be able to destroy horcruxes.

    Back with our heroes, Arceus and the others flew east to the United States. They soon flew to New York City were they could see that the rebuilding of the World Trade Center is nearing completion thanks to the efforts of humans and pokemon working together.

    They landed near the entrance. On top of both towers were the statues of Dialga and Palkia. Both statues were positioned in a way that they were about to use there signature attacks, Roar of Time and Spacial Rend respectively. It is as if they were ready to defend the towers and the rest of the city from attackers. The North Tower which is named the Time Tower, had the statue of Dialga while the South tower had Palkia, and was named the Space Tower. Some of designs of the exterior and interior of these towers were inspired by that of the Space-Time Towers in Alamos Town. The twin towers were to be renamed the Time-Space Towers.

    "My friends, this is the World Trade Center, and as you may have seen, it is under re-construction, and they're almost done. Plus, they've put statues of Palkia and Dialga on the top of the towers.", explained Arceus

    "Wow, they're certainly tall, your honor, and-wait! Did you say 're-construction'? Like a renovation?", asks Harry

    "No, not like renovation, they were being rebuilt", replied Arceus

    Arceus explained, "It all started on September 11th, 2001, years before the world merge, when a group of Middle Eastern religious extremists known as Al-Qaeda, hi-jacked a series of airliners, intending to target the United States. Two of them targeted the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, destroying them, wiping out many innocent lives. Also, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church hate group picketed the deaths, having gotten the idea that God caused it as a punishment on the United States for not rejecting homosexuals, but there are those who counter-protested their homophobic trash-talking."

    "Ah yes, I've heard at one time that they've been banned from entering Great Britain.", replied Harry

    They then noticed that a Pokemon Stadium, known as the New York City International Pokemon Stadium, built near the newly-renamed Time-Space Towers. A Pokemon Center is also established, and a GTS (short for Global Trade Station) which is where trainers can trade each other's pokemon from all corners of the world, is also started up. Apparently, the stadium is also the site of the upcoming North American Pokemon League. A Ranger Union HQ has been added to the towers. There is also a bronze statue of of Arceus with Jesus Christ beside him. This was to be the symbol of the union of two different religions: Christianity and Arceism (the worship of Arceus and the rest of the legendary pokemon.)

    Arceus said, "Judging from that stadium, I'd say they're getting ready for the North American League, but as with every league, there must always be eight Gyms, Gym Leaders, and Gym Badges."

    "You said it, Mack!", said a passing taxi driver

    After that, Arceus and co. flew east until they made it to Africa.

    Arceus warns, "The last time I was in Africa, was attacked by a nasty group of poachers in a wildlife preserve, and was rescued by patrolmen. There are likely more poachers like those that tried to kill me, so be careful! They may not hesitate to try and kill anyone getting in the way of their illegal hunting!"

    They flew to a nearby grassland and landed near a tree to rest. They all fell asleep. Arceus got up to walk around a bit. Then, without warning, something metal clamped on his left front and right rear legs causing blood to splatter on the ground. Then multiple gunshots rang out as he was shot four times in the stomach, twice in his right shoulder, once in the neck, and twice in his left rear leg. Arceus screamed in excruciating pain as he fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood as poachers came to try to kill Arceus. Arceus hoped that someone heard his cries for help.

    "When help arrives, these pitiful poachers will wish they've never tried to hunt me down!", Arceus thought to himself as he then sees the poachers getting shot up by some nearby patrolmen.

    As the poachers were taken down, Arceus was writhing in agonizing pain, thrashing violently. "AUUGGHH!" Arceus screamed in pain.

    "You, two! Keep an eye on his honor! I'll run back to the jeep and get the medical supplies!", said one patrolman as he rushed to the vehicle

    Minutes later, the patrolman came back with medical supplies to help Arceus, who is still writhing in pain with pain filled tears streaming down his face. He was still bleeding and was now too weak to get up.

    They start putting bandages, anesthesia, antibiotics, and such to keep Arceus from dying.

    Star sensed the trouble, and rushed to where Arceus was.

    "What happened?", asks Star

    "A nasty group of poachers attacked Arceus, but we took care of them", replied a patrolman.

    it's the afternoon at the moment so...

    After Arceus healed, and the poachers taken away, he and his family, as well as the Potters, continue on their journey.

    They flew off and headed to the Middle East, particularly Israel, but Arceus hoped that there would not be any hostilities towards him, considering that there are religious extremists out there, possibly causing trouble in the name of their god. They landed near Jeruselum, and decided to look around. "Ah, Jerusalem, and it has been said in the Holy Bible that Jesus Christ, who's apparently real, ascended to Heavan!", said Arceus, "Though I hope for all us to not have any run-ins with those dreadful religious extremist groups"

    "What do you mean?", asks Harry

    Arceus replied, "I had a rough time with Middle Eastern religious extremists. I was kidnapped by them while I had the Jewel of Life stolen from me by a group of Firebenders. I was tortured, insulted, humiliated, had my spirit broken into a million pieces, and left to DIE."

    Lily gasped, "That's terrible! Why would they do that?"

    Arceus replied, "I believe they think of me as a false god that must die a horrible, slow, painful death. If it wasn't for a group of travelling nomadic tribesmen, who saved me, I would be dead already and the universe collapsing in on itself because of those fundamental extremists!"

    Then, without warning, a mob of angry, overzealous, religious fundamentalists came and tried to attack Arceus and his family who proceeded to run but were then surrounded. Arceus prayed, "Jesus, please help us out here. This is bad. Can you resolve this situation which is about turn sour?"

    Just before one of the mad zealots was about to fire on Arceus, a lightning bolt struck him, comically frying him to a crisp(Picture the one zealot as what the Team Rocket trio looks like after getting zapped by pikachu's thunderbolt or when Ash when he gets hit by his Charizard's flamethrower back in the original series). "You shall not harm these legendary creatures, lest you burn in the fires of Hell...when you die, that is!", said a familiar voice sternly, belonging to Jesus Christ as he descended towards Arceus with an angry look directed towards the mob.

    The mob anime-sweatdropped, knowing how much trouble they are in. One of the mob members, an old man, came forth and said, "I formed this very mob before you, m'lord. We, who tried to attack Arceus out of our religious overzealousy and our fundamentalist beliefs, have been told, or should I say, decieved, that Arceus and the other legendary pokemon were false gods that needed to be destroyed."

    "So, you've been lied to, eh?", starts Arceus, "Can you give us the description of the person who lied to you?"

    The mob leader replied nervously, "Yes. He has white skin, black hair, 6'0 tall, snappily-dressed, and a rather devilish smile-wait a minute! Did I say 'devilish'?"


    End of Chapter

    BGM: Death Eater attack on the Hall of Origin - Monster House(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

    Fleeing from the mob - Oh no!(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

    The rebuilding of the World Trade Center - Skyarrow Bridge(Pokemon Black/White)

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    It will also be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Land before Time

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    Chapter Six

    "So, you've just realized that you were tricked by the Devil in a human disguise. This, I'll have to inform father of.", said Jesus

    The mob then left, deciding to get back to their own devices, rather than risking their lives to get back at the Devil who tricked them.

    "Well, that was crazy, wasn't it, father?", asks Lucas, "I could practically feel my heart beating really loud when that mob chased us down!"

    With that, Arceus and company flew off and headed south to the Hoenn Region. They stayed there for a while and headed northeast to Hyrule. They landed near a forest where they could hear a song playing in the forest. That melody was none other than Saria's Song. They were near Lost Woods when they heard it.

    They trudged through the forest until they entered Sacred Forest Meadow. They went further and saw a girl with green hair named Saria, who is the Sage of the Forest Temple. She was playing her ocarina. Celebi was flying around dancing to the tune.

    Saria stops playing her orcarina, turning to see Arceus and the others, and smiled. "Arceus", she started, "It's been a long time, and I see that you and Star are expecting another child"

    Arceus replied, "Yes, it has been a long time since we've last seen one another."

    After talking for a bit, Arceus and company headed for Hyrule Castle Town. There they went in front of the Temple of Time which has a statue of Dialga near the entrance.

    "Well, would you look at that, they made a statue of Mr. Master of Time himself", smiled James

    Arceus replied, "That they did, James, that they did"

    They went inside the Temple to take a look around in there.

    Lily smiled, "This place is beautiful, and listen to that choir!"

    Then without warning, Blackfire collapsed on the floor feeling very sick. She began to vomit and started convulsing. She moaned, "I think my second end is near. There was a virus that Terotrey injected inside me when I was held captive, and it is spreading through my body!" Then parts of her body cut open from the effects of the virus causing her to bleed profusely. Vector shouted, "Someone get a medic right now! My mate is dying, someone save her!"

    As if on cue, a group of healers scrambled into the Temple, and started using healing spells to close the cuts and stop the bleeding, and chugging down a magically-created antidote down her throat as she weakly swallowed it.

    After about half an hour, Blackfire fell asleep, exhausted from the ordeal and was on the road to recovery. The magic antidote slowly destroyed the virus inside Blackfire. Everyone sighed with relief that she was going to be okay as well as her unborn children. They went to stay at an inn at Hyrule Castle Town for the night.

    The next morning, the group went to their next destination: Japan.

    They landed in Tokyo near the building where Game Freak, an entertainment company that works on the Pokemon video game franchise. They went inside to see Satoshi Taijiri, the CEO and founder of Game Freak.

    (Co-Author's Note (to the readers): This is a fictional version of Game Freak, to let you guys know!)

    Satoshi smiled as he sees the group walk into his office, "Ah, Arceus, a pleasure to see you again."

    Arceus replied, "Indeed it has, Satoshi, indeed it has."

    Star asks, "So, how goes the Pokemon video games?"

    Satoshi replied, "Ah, they have been proven to be quite successes, and with some spin-offs as well!"

    "What are these spinoffs you all are working on?" Arceus asked

    "Well, for instance, we've made a Pokemon pinball game or two", replied Satoshi

    "Sounds great. Anyways I would like to introduce you to my mate Star. If you may have noticed, she is pregnant." Arceus said

    "Ah, yes. Arceus' mate. Another day, another member of this ever-growing family, eh?", smiled Satoshi

    Arceus replied nuzzling his mate, "The more, the merrier, you humans always say!"

    After their conversation, Arceus and company headed outside and flew north back to Sinnoh. Arceus began hearing cries for help in forms of prayers of people in Sinnoh seeking salvation.

    "I hear prayers of people in Sinnoh crying out for help. I wonder what this problem could be?", said Arceus

    When they got close to Sinnoh, there was smoke rising all over the region. And a skull with a snake cpming out of its mouth could be seen overhead, it was the Dark Mark. Hundreds of Dementors could be seen as well.

    "Dementors, here! Shouldn't they be in Azkaban?", gasped James

    "Voldemort must have been promising them a source of nourishment. Namely, the souls and good memories of muggles!", replied Harry

    "I guess that explains the cries for help I heard. People are being attacked by Dementors!", said Arceus

    "Well, what are we waiting for? We have to help them!", declared Star

    Arceus flew over and fired a Judgment attack at the Dementors killing about a hundred of them, Then Arceus noticed that there were many Death Eaters there as well as he saw them killing many innocent lives. Then they saw that Voldemort was among his followers, killing people and pokemon as well.

    "Hold it right there, Voldemort!", said Arceus as the Dark Lord turned to see the poke-god.

    "Well, if it isn't the ever-interfering Arceus. You've actually saved us the trouble of having to trek all the way to Mt. Coronet. Now you see us killing off these pathetic muggles and pokemon!", snarled Voldemort

    "And he's not the only one!", said a familiar voice that caused the Dark Lord to falter as he sees the owner of the voice; James Potter, alongside both Lily and Harry.

    "NO! It can't be! Impossible!", gasped Voldemort with a shocked look on his face, "James and Lily Potter!"

    "That's right, and I've got to admit, I was expected that reaction and enjoyed it!", smiled Arceus triumphantly as he fires a Hyper Beam that blasts away his followers.

    "ARGH! You will pay for this insolence! AVADA KADAVRA!", snarled Voldemort as he casts the Killing Curse on Arceus, which surprisingly, has no effect.

    "Ha-ha, Tom! That so-called Killing Curse has no effect on me, so you and your pathetic pure-blood supremacy shall be finished!", growled Arceus, "Plus, all but one of your horcruxes have been destroyed! The last thing to be destroyed before Harry kills you, is your precious snake, Nagini!"

    "You leave her out of this, you pestilent creature!", roared Voldemort as he was about to cast another Killing Curse, when he felt excruciating pain for a second or two before realizing, "Noooooooooooo! Nagini has fallen!"

    "That's right, Tom.", said another familiar voice, as its owner, Prof. Dumbledore, appears into view alongside many Aurors and the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, "Your reign ends here in one final duel!"

    Fudge turns to Harry and said to him, "For this occasion, I am authorizing you the use of the Killing Curse!"

    Harry pointed his wand at Voldemort and shouted, "This ends here, Voldemort! Avada Kedavra!. The curse hit Voldemort, killing him instantly as he was reduced to dust.

    "So ends the threat of the Dark Lord...This time, for good...", said Dumbledore

    "Considering that we've destroyed all the horcruxes so his followers won't be able to bring him back to life!", said Fudge

    "You know, I never really had a choice to have Voldemort use my family's manor as a place for the Death Eater meetings and as a base of operations", said a new voice, belonging to Narcissa Malfoy, who appeared alongside her son Draco

    "Ah, Narcissa Malfoy. So you never were too fond of Voldemort?", asks Fudge

    "Not at all. I may be a pure-blood supremacist, but my loyalties do not truly lie with Voldemort, and it is the same with my son, Draco. He found life as a Death Eater to be quite impossible", replied Narcissa

    "Yes, Fudge, what mother said-Wait a minute! Voldemort is dead?", said Draco

    "For good, Malfoy", remarked Harry

    "Potter...So you've fulfilled your destiny, eh? You may have killed Voldemort, but I still think lowly of you!", growled Malfoy

    "I know, Malfoy. But sometime, I would like to go on a pokemon journey here in Sinnoh at the end of the term." Harry said.

    After that, they got rid of the remaining Dementors and Death Eaters. Then, Arceus and company went back to the Hall of Origin for a well-deserved rest.

    Next morning, everyone got up to eat breakfest. Harry asked Arceus, "Arceus, I lived my fourteen years of my life with no parents. Is there a way that I could stop aging?" then continued with his voice breaking, "I-I never had a childhood since I lived w-with the Dursleys.*sniff* The Dursleys abused and neglected me. I don't want to grow up. I want to live with my mum and dad forever here." Harry went and hugged his mother with tears streaming down his face.

    "There, there, Harry. Me and your father are here now", soothed Lily as she ran her fingers through her son's hair

    "There is a way to stop you from aging, but ask yourself this: Would it be worth it to have stopped aging for an eternity while you watch your friends grow up and wither with age then passing away?", asked Arceus

    Harry thought for a moment and replied, "Good point. Staying young for all time would be rather dull, and watching my family and friends die of old age while I stay young-Yeah, you're right, it may not be worth it, but I still want to make up for lost time!"

    Arceus called Dialga who entered the room. Dialga glowed blue and touched Harry with his tail engulfing him in blue light. Dialga said, "Now I froze time on your internal clock permanently. As an added bonus, this will effect your friends as well as those close to you. That way, they won't grow old or die. You will age about 1 year. Also, your parents will not age as well as those of your friends. Anyways, I will let you all eat breakfast." With that, Dialga left.

    "So, we're pretty much immortal, then.", said Harry to his parents

    "Wow, now that's a story worth putting in the Daily Prophet!", said a sickeningly familiar voice

    "Oh no, you don't, you Peeping Tina!", said another as the sounds of a scrap can be heard outside the commons.

    "Hey, what's going on?", asks Lucas

    Harry gets up from the table, and went to investigate the rumble outside the commons.

    He finds Rita Skeeter, the ever-dreaded journalist of the Daily Prophet, in a nasty fist-fight with Barry.

    "Hey, you two! Stop fighting! We're trying to eat here!", shouted Harry

    Barry turned to Harry and said to him, "Oh, hi, Harry! I just caught this old bag of a journalist overhearing you guys, and I guess you've probably heard us beating the living crap out of each other, heh heh heh...Also, I didn't threaten to fine her!"

    "I see", replied Harry who turned towards Rita and said to her, "You've got some nerve coming here, Rita!"

    Rita replied, "I just thought Dialga making you, your parents, and anyone close to you immortal (in a sense) would make a good story!"

    Harry replied, "It may sound like a good story, but it's not okay to violate other people's privacy, especially the privacy of legendary pokemon"

    "Yeah, lady, you better be respectful of other people's privacy, or else I'll fine you!", added Barry

    Rita sighed and made herself scarce and went back to london.

    Harry went back to eat breakfast with everyone. Shyla, Nova and her brothers, the legendaries that were once held captive in Terotrey's realm, Comet, Meteor, the Bauderlaire siblings, and Tempa along with Luster and Cometta. Lily asked, "Arceus, When did you meet Vector and Blackfire? I remember Blackfire mentioning Terotrey. What is the story behind them?"

    "Well, where do I start? It all started when I received an invitation to an inter-dimensional fighting tournament known as Super Smash Bros.", started Arceus, "And I fought against a host of fighters from other worlds, plus some that I knew well. For instance, one fighter, named Alex Brant, controlled a large boxing robot named Harry, and both came from the 22nd Century of an alternate timeline when Telerobotics was in use. Plus, Star was invited to keep me company when I sleep in my room of the Smash Mansion, the stage for the tournament. Over the years, the Super Smash Bros. tournament was hosted by a pair of glove-like entities, Master Hand, and his wacky brother Crazy Hand. Only, that year's tournament wasn't just for competitive combat, it was also to prepare for a war against an old enemy of mine who tried to rape Star many times in the past in a bid to make her bear a 'Dark Child' against her will, only this time, this old enemy was assembling an evil army, among which were dark, evil clones of the legendary pokemon. Plus, they made an evil clone of Star, who tried to make herself pregnant by raping me. As for how I met Blackfire and Vector..."

    "Well, what happened next?", asks James

    Arceus continued, "Just before the tournament itself actually started, Master Hand and Crazy Hand brought the dead bodies of Blackfire and Vector from their would-be former homeworld to us so they could be resurrected. Star and I brought them back to life."

    "What happened next?", asks Lily

    "After we've just resurrected them, Vector told us about how legendary pokemon are forbidden to mate and have children in their world. 1,500 years before their death, Vector and Blackfire first met and fell in love with one another, and then mating. When they found out she was pregnant, the other legendaries of that world were forced to banish her, for carrying a child is punishable by death. Vector never saw her again, before finding out that she was held captive by the evil shape-shifting Shadow Lord Pokemon, Terotrey, who made it forbidden for legendaries to mate and have children. The legendaries then went on a desperate rescue mission to save Blackfire. Vector and Blackfire were just reunited when they were both killed by Terotrey, along with the other legendaries who went with Vector!", replied Arceus, "Vector also assumed that I was going to take Blackfire away, but I reassured him that I wasn't and I already have Star as my mate, also all legendaries on BioStar are allowed to have children."

    James asked, "What happened next?"

    "Since the tournament and the subsequent Light-Dark War, Blackfire and Vector has been staying with us, happy that they're able to mate without it being forbidden by an evil being", replied Arceus

    Lily then asks, "There's one thing I don't get: Why would Terotrey forbid legendary pokemon from having children?"

    Arceus replied, "Because he ruled over the legendaries in his world with an iron fist, he didn't want any of the legendaries to give birth to the next generation, which he feared may overthrow him. At least, that's what Vector told me."

    "That's right", added Vector, "Terotrey was always pushing us around and abusing his power, and he forbade us from mating so no next-generation legendaries may overthrow him and he wouldn't have any more authority to abuse for his selfish deeds!"

    "So, Terotrey's just a power-hungry creep?", asked Harry

    Blackfire replied, "Pretty much"

    After eating, Arceus decided to show the Potters the world opposite of the real world, the Distortion World. They went through an indigo portal where they found themselves in the Distortion World, a place where time does not flow and space is unstable. The realm consists of many large islands, water that flows in every direction, houses, and pathways that twist and turn, defying the laws of physics. Numerous bubbles and ice pillars are found all over. This was also the place for the afterlife.

    "What is this strange place?", asks Harry

    Arceus replied, "This, my friends, is the Distortion Realm, also known as the Reverse World, where time does not flow, and space is unstable. This is Giratina's 'turf', so to speak, as he is the master of the Distortion Realm and everything in it. It also acts as the Afterlife. Not only that, but there is a man named Prof. Newton Graceland who researches it."

    Lily replies, "Sounds interesting."

    Then, Giratina III appeared nearby along with his mate Opal who is pregnant. Their son Girasol was flying by. Giratina who was in his origin forme. Giratina greets, "Ah, Arceus, nice to see you here. I see you've brought the Potters with you"

    Arceus replied, "That I did, Giratina. Say, you haven't seen Professor Graceland anywhere around here, have you?"

    Giratina replied, "No, I don't think I haven't in a few days."


    End of Chapter

    BGM used:

    Into the Distortion/Reverse World - Distortion World(Pokemon Platinum)

    Fight against Voldemort - Dusknoir/Darkrai battle(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

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