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    Default Haito Adventures (The Revised Edition)

    This is also posted at SPPF if anyone's interested.
    Ok guys, before I post the first revision, I must go through the whole Disclaimer/ Claimer rant.
    Disclaimer- I do not own Pokemon. If you think I do, get out and don't come back because you are stupid. I don't own any information that can be found anywhere else on Bulbagardens(unless posted by me) This includes but is not limited to, Pokemon, names, attacks, regions etc.

    Claimer- I do however own MY Pokemon. This includes but is not limited to their names, images, new attacks and information. I own new items, the Haito region, its internal locations, gyms, gym leaders and any other person unless specified at the end of the chapter. Oh and BTW You can not have them. They are mine. Do not steal them. If you do, I will do everything that is humanly possible, to have you banned and/or expelled from Bulbagardens. I'm serious about this. I have spent a good three years developing and redeveloping everything in this fic. DO NOT STEAL IT!!!!
    Alright, now that that's done, heres some backround info.

    Haito- (Hi-ee-Toe) An island region south of Kahjo (Kanto & Johto) and west of Hoenn.

    3 new types-

    Light- A special attack type. Its users are usually angelic and kind looking. They have no effect against Dark and Dark has no effect on them. They are weak against Ghost and Dragon. They are strong against Psychic, Fighting and Poison.

    Dino- A physical attack type. It was previously known as rock. Its users are dinosaur like and most were fossilized. They are weak against Ice, Fire, Steel and Water. They are strong against Thunder, Normal Grass and Ground.

    Omni- A Dual attack Type. This type could be considered a "raibow type" They have characteristics of almost any type and can learn almost any move. They have no weaknesses and are strong against everything.

    (For Legendarian Chronicles readers, I did not copy these off of Chibi Pika. While they are similar, my types were posted before Chibi posted that attachment post. Mine were posted on the first version of this Fic)

    Pokepoint- the currency used in the Pokemon World, abbreviated Pp it is a digital currency stored in the Pokepilot (40 Pp = 1 dollar)

    All right so that’s the info. Also, I’m gonna eventually post a page showing pictures of all of my new Pokemon, There are 135 new ones.

    Haito Adventures

    A Legend is Born

    20 BC

    The evening sun began its descent over a blazing horizon. The aftermath of the day’s earlier battle had left its mark not only on the distant landscape, but also in the heart and thoughts of a man, clothed in a black cloak and a red hood who stood near a large temple and watched the solar rays reflect from the towers and produce a mesmerizing effect.

    The man’s name was Dakurri. He had the honor and the curse of being the Head Priest of the Debil Region. The man’s thoughts were divided between the things he had done in the past, not just today, but ever since the beginning of this damned war, and the things he had yet to do. The problem was he did not feel that his plan was the right thing to do. Going through with it would throw the Balance into permanent disarray. The alternative, however, was worse. Eternal war. Dakurri heard a rustling coming from the cavern entrance behind him. He removed his hood revealing his dark, raven hair and piercing brown eyes and said, without looking around, “Hello, Athene.” He knew who it was, and why they were there.

    “Hello, Dakurri.” said a beautiful blonde haired woman. She was clothed in an elegant white robe with a blue sash that fell past her chest and down to her waist.

    Athene had her own history. She was the Head Priestesses of the Santos Region. She too had done many things she would like to forget but never could. She shared Dakurri’s fear about their plans but neither could she find a better solution.

    Athene stood next to Dakurri and whispered, “Are we sure about this?”

    “No, I am not,” he whispered, “but what choice do we have? Our armies have failed, we have failed, even the Guardian is failing. We can’t stand by and allow this to continue. We have to do this, and we have to do it now!”

    Just then, four more priests, two dressed the same as Dakurri and two as Athene, ran out of the cavern.

    “Master Dakurri! Mistress Athene!” called one of the Santos priests. “They’re coming; they’ve discovered our plans, and they’re coming!” The four priests continued running until they reached Athene and Dakurri.

    Dakurri and Athene looked at each other worriedly. “They weren’t supposed to come so soon, we’ll never be able to prepare in time!” she exclaimed.

    “We’ll have to hurry, but we can do this.” he said “Everyone, inside, NOW!!!”

    As Dakurri and Athene ran toward the temple they removed, from their clothing, two amulets. They were slate gray, rectangular with curved corners and rather plain looking. However, the Head Priest and Priestess carried them with the care they would a precious diamond or gold.

    Pushing through the colossal doors they stepped inside. The temple was a drearily lit grotto with a large altar in the back. Not far from the altar, on each side was another portal that led into alternate chambers. Dakurri and Athene ran to the altar as the four other priests closed and barricaded the doors. Once at the altar, Dakurri and Athene bowed and placed the Amulets on the surface of the altar. Dakurri removed a container of powder from his cloak and sprinkled it on the amulets. Athene removed a small urn of liquid from her robe and also sprinkled it onto the amulets. The amulets began to glow with a purple luminescence that seemed to fill the hall. The light then slowly separated into a soft white glow surrounding Athene’s Amulet and a black one encasing Dakurri’s.

    The Head Priest and Priestess stepped away from the altar and kneeled again. However, their prayer was interrupted by a huge report behind them. Looking up, they saw a huge cavity in the ceiling of the Temple. Dakurri quickly got up and moved toward the Amulets, but suddenly a massive ray of white emerged from the cavity and completely destroyed the altar and sent the Amulets flying into opposite corners of the hall.

    The Priests and Priestess looked up as two large humanoid Pokemon descended from the void in the ceiling. One of the Pokemon was a white, angelic looking one. The other, however, was black and demonic. Both Pokemon had a luminescence coming from them that matched their body color but also emitted an aurora of grace, strength, and arrogance.
    The Pokemon landed in front of the doors, canceling any hopes of escape for the Priests and Priestess.

    <HUMANS!> the black one yelled through telepathy, <Your insubordination is intolerable, what did you think you were going to accomplish? Why die for NOTHING?!>

    The white Pokemon walked over to Athene and bent down so that her face was mere inches from Athene's. <Why Human? What was the point? Why meddle in affairs in which you have no business? Why get involved?> she demanded.

    “Because,” Athene said, swallowing the trepidation that threatened to kill her, “you have become corrupt. You can no longer rule with the grace and poise you once were capable of. Your pettiness and selfish arrogance has caused the deaths of many. People who did not deserve to die. People who would’ve, at one point, laid down their lives for you, as I once would’ve of. For this, you must be punished. You must come to face the sins you have committed and you must accept the consequences of your transgressions!”

    The Pokemon stood up, obviously displeased with the answer and punched Athene into the wall. With that, Dakurri renewed his courage, stood up and began to race to where he had spotted one of the amulets. The black Pokemon had seen him however, and shot a sphere of black obsidian straight into his chest. He fell backwards flipping into the air due to the force of the attack. Dakurri stood up, knowing that the next attack could very well kill him, but then, he fell back down, unable to stand.

    While Dakurri struggled with his inability to stand and Athene stood shaking, trying to stay vertical, one of the Debil Priests ran, unbeknownst to the Pokemon, toward an Amulet. Upon reaching it, he saw that it was emitting a soft, white aurora and called out, “Madam Athene!” she looked up just as he tossed the Amulet to her. Unfortunately, the Amulet fell short and landed right in front of the feet of the white angelic Pokemon. Athene saw this, summoned all her strength and dashed toward the Amulet. Luckily, the Pokemon’s height and arrogance were on her side and she made it to the Amulet in time. She scrambled back to the now destroyed altar where Dakurri was standing, holding his Amulet.

    The other four priests ran to form a semi circle around their Heads. Athene and Dakurri held up their Amulets waiting from their subjects to finish. Once they were in formation, they folded their arms in a prayer like state, bowed their heads, and began to chant.

    “Light and Dark fused as one,
    greed and lust have undone.
    Wake no more in this fine land,
    nor strike your brother with your hand.
    This curse will trap you forever more,
    your story written off as lore.
    Pay the price now for your sin,
    Heavenly Spirit, be trapped within!”

    With the completion of the chant, the Amulets began to glow even brighter. The Pokemon, who had been silent the whole time, sent rays of black and white toward the Priests and Priestess. The Amulets however served as lightning rods and drew the attacks into them. The black ray was absorbed into Dakurri’s and the white into Athene’s. In response to the attack, the amulets released rays of iridescent light that shot toward the Pokemon respectively. The two Pokemon tried to fly away, but the rays engulfed them in shimmering, spheres. The Pokemon began to yell and scream in frustration and they began to attack their new prisons. However, the attempts were futile as the spheres would not break or release their prey. Suddenly, a thin, ebony strand of light came from the black Pokemon’s sphere and began to snake towards Dakurri’s Amulet. A white string of light extruded itself from the white Pokemon and streaked over toward Athene’s.

    When the strands made contact with the Amulets, the spheres began to undergo drastic changes. They stopped pulsating and shimmering and became solid, glass-like structures. The threads of light began to pulsate with waves of light heading from the Pokemon and into the Amulets. As time passed, the Pokemon’s attacks became weaker and weaker as their spirits were drained into the Amulets. The colors of the Amulets also began to change. Dakurri’s became ebony colored and Athene’s became ivory. Finally, there was a blinding pulse of black and white light that came from the Amulets. When the light cleared, Dakurri’s Amulet now had a black gemstone situated in the middle of it, and Athene’s, had a white one. In addition, The Pokemon’s bodies, now without their sprits, had been transformed into gemstone statues each the color of the Pokemon’s previous color.

    “It’s over, my gods, it’s finally over.” Dakurri whispered exasperatedly, then louder, “Come everyone. We must move these into the Chambers.”

    The five Priest and Priestess went to work, moving the statues into their separate chambers and sealing them. They then walked to the door, preparing themselves to face the world, for the first time, with hope. On the way, Athene stopped Dakurri and whispered, “Did we do the right thing?”

    Dakurri turned with a grave look on his face and whispered “I don’t know, I don’t know.”
    Expect the next chapter soon, lik tomorrow, considering it's already up at Serebii.


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    Hello, Umbrazard. I’ve read up your first chapter so far and here’s my review as promised.

    Wow! The descriptions, the spellings, the grammar, the length… dramatically amazing… just amazing. No errors whatsoever.

    I have a feeling that some guy from the future is going to break the seal.

    If you keep this up and if this forum held a fanfic awards, I would vote for you.
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    Thanks, I had a lot of help with grammar back in the old version, so yeah. Thanks.

    I have a feeling that some guy from the future is going to break the seal.
    Well, yeah, but not who you'd expect.

    Thanks again.


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    Good work!

    I'm going to try out my new rating system out

    Descrption/Detail-Pretty good, but could be a little better. I couldn't picture the light and dark pokemon that well, but it is hard to describe a new pokemon. I give description a .6 out of 1

    Plot/Originality- Plot is definetely very good and original. Sicne this is the prologue the next chapter will probably end up changing drastically, but either way the plot is very good and deserves a 1/1

    Transition-This, in my opinion, is one of the most important things in writing. Your fic displayed transition well and I was able to read it without having to constantly reread paragraphs. 1/1

    Grammar/Spelling- Overall it was good. I noticed a few mistakes so i give you a .8/10

    Style-To be honest, I'm not a big fan of your style of writing, but that's my own personal opinion. When looking at it in an unbiased way you have a nice style of writing and I love the big words you add in there that make me feel smart. .9/1

    So your total score comes up to 4.3/5, which is very good! Keep up the good work!

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    Descrption/Detail-Pretty good, but could be a little better. I couldn't picture the light and dark pokemon that well, but it is hard to describe a new pokemon. I give description a .6 out of 1
    ::Sigh:: I should of said this earliar. I purposley left the description of my new Pokes limited in the prolouge. Everyone one of my later new Pokes is fully described accompanied by a link to a handrawn picture of them.

    Plot/Originality- Plot is definetely very good and original. Sicne this is the prologue the next chapter will probably end up changing drastically, but either way the plot is very good and deserves a 1/1
    Why thank you! Yes, it does take a drastic turn. And unfortunatley the first two chappies are extremley boring IMO, but yeah.

    Transition-This, in my opinion, is one of the most important things in writing. Your fic displayed transition well and I was able to read it without having to constantly reread paragraphs. 1/1
    Thank you again.

    Grammar/Spelling- Overall it was good. I noticed a few mistakes so i give you a .8/10
    Garrr! I've recieved so much help and there's still stuff? GARRR!

    Style-To be honest, I'm not a big fan of your style of writing, but that's my own personal opinion. When looking at it in an unbiased way you have a nice style of writing and I love the big words you add in there that make me feel smart. .9/1
    What's wrong with my style? WAHHHHH! J/K to each his own. But thank you for ur unbiased analysis.


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    Chapter 1- Genesis of a Trainer (Chapter Rating: PG-13)
    Modern Day

    “The recent outbreak of murder, theft, and vandalism, can be blamed on…”

    “Uhhh,” I moaned as I slammed my clock radio off. Turning over, I tried to get back to sleep, not ready to awaken, until I heard, “Kierro? Are you awake?” It was my mom, speaking to me from outside my bedroom door.

    “Uh, yeah I am.” I answered groggily.

    “Well keep it down. I was up all night with Ria and she just fell asleep. Now, I’m off to try to catch up on my sleep.”

    I looked at my clock radio, which read 7:01 A.M. “Alright, good, um, night?” I responded. Hearing her walk away, I got out of bed and began to walk to my bathroom. Ria, my twin sister, had had the flu for the past few days. My mom had been charged with taking care of her, because, let’s face it, most fifteen- year-olds don’t know much about medical care. It had been hard for all three of us, but she was finally starting to recover. I still felt slightly guilty, however for preparing to leave her in this condition.

    I stopped in front of my Holo-Calendar, which was switching between a picture of an Arcanine aiming a fire blast towards the viewer, and a Swampert preparing for an Earthquake. The date underneath, read November 27, 2025. In the little box, indicating the date, I had typed, ‘Journey Begins!’ It was the day I was scheduled to begin my Trainer’s Quest.

    Once in my bathroom, I turned on the hot water and undressed myself. I stepped into the jet of hot water as my mind was taken back, four years ago, back when my friends and I began to study for our Pokemon journeys. We all enrolled in the required year of Pokespeech, Pokemon Law, and Battle & Strategy. After passing the finals, we enrolled in the required finishing course, Pokemon Handling. Once our professors passed us, my friends and I began to start packing for our adventure. We thought we’d all be training, battling and collecting Pokemon together, my parents however, had another idea.

    “Kierro, can we come in?” asked my mom from outside my bedroom door.

    “Wha? Oh, Oh yeah, sure.” I said. Sitting in front of my computer, surfing http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/www.Hoennstarters.net, trying to decide between Torchic and Mudkip, had caused my brain to fry, making me oblivious to my surroundings.

    My door opened, and I shut off my monitor. Turning in my chair, I saw my parents walking into my room. My dad was the first to sit. He chose to sit on the baseboard of my bed. My mom took a seat next to him, on my mattress. We sat there, staring at one another for a while, until impatience took over and I asked “So wha..”

    “Kierro,” my dad cut me off, “We know how excited you are to begin your Trainer’s Journey tomorrow,” he sighed, “but your mom and I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go.”

    His words hit me like a stampede of wild Tauros’s. I sat there, stunned into silence not allowing myself to speak for fear of crying. Finally, once I had collected myself, I said,
    “Why not?” my voice betraying my emotion by cracking.

    “Honey, you’ve seen the news, you’ve heard the radio. Teams Aqua and Magma are getting more ruthless and violent.” my mom said, “ Besides, Pokemon themselves are violent, you would be in danger twenty-four-seven!”

    “Mom!” I exclaimed, “I’ll have a Pokemon with me. I’ll be fine. Besides, I’m traveling with Eathan, Chris and Shane. We’ll steer clear of Team Aqua and Magma. We’ll be fine!”

    “Son, this is the best thing fo..” my dad started.


    “KIERRO DANIEL URASHIMA!” my mother exclaimed. “You will NOT speak to your father that way! This is the way things are and you need to deal with them!” she and my father stood up so in such a synchronized manner, that I swear they must have planned it. Without another word, they turned and left my room.

    That was a battle I never won. Afterwards, Chris, Shane and Eathan all left on their adventures, leaving me to find ways to entertain myself. Luckily, I succeeded in this pursuit. Trainers who don’t leave on their Pokemon journeys right away and want to continue their education are allowed to enroll in Advanced Trainer’s University. It was a school, much like a college, that offered continuations of basic courses as well as additional courses. Normally, only Breeders and scientific researchers enrolled but I had already completed grade school and Basic Trainer’s School so I signed up.

    I enrolled in the school, and signed up to continue the courses I had already started. I took an additional four years of Pokespeech and Battle & Strategy. I continued with Pokemon Law and Pokemon Handling for the remaining maximum of two years and I began new courses. I took four years of Pokemon Breeding, Pokemon History, and Pokemon Biology. After the completion of these courses, I took the final exams and aced almost all of them. Then I began to prepare for my Journey. My additional years of Pokemon Law had led me to discover an obscure law, which is rarely ever invoked. It was the law of reasonable consent. Basically, it said that once a child became fifteen, he or she could start a journey without parental consent.

    After informing my parents that I was invoking this law, I set out to prepare. My parents, who were definitely not pleased with me leaving,wouldn’t give me any money to buy gear with so I was on my own. However, two weeks before my birthday, with my hand-me-down pack and other crappy gear all packed, my parents surprised me with an unwanted early birthday present.

    “Kierro, Ria? Your mother and I need to speak to you,” my dad said as he turned off the TV, right in the middle of Pokemon Trainer Tonight. He sat in an armchair to the left of the TV and my mom sat on the arm to the left of him. We all sat there, staring at one another. Usually, I would have been the first to grow impatient, but remembering the last time my parents had come to talk to me, I kept my mouth shut.

    My sister,however, was desperate to finish swooning over the Elite Four Member, Sydney, her latest crush, and blurted out, “What do you want?”

    “Well kids,” my dad began, “You know how I was looking for a new job? One that would pay better and one I would like?”

    “Yeah?” I said cautiously, “Did you find one?”

    “Yeah, I did. I’ll still be working as a Celestial Theorizer, but the pay will be almost twice what I earn now!”

    “Why would they pay you more to do what you already do?” asked Ria.

    “Because, your father will no longer be working for MCSC,” explained my mom, “He’s going to be working for the TCSC in Tanzanite City.”

    For a minute, I didn’t understand the implications of what my mom had said. Finally, it hit me when Ria screamed, “WHAT?! WE’RE MOVING?!”

    “Yes honey,” mom mother nodded solemnly.

    “Where the hell is Tanzanite?!” My sister exclaimed, clearly sharing my distaste for my parent’s new plan.

    “Watch your mouth!” exclaimed my father.

    “It’s in the Haito Region,” explained my mother, “but don’t worry, we’re not moving there.”

    “But, I thought you said.” I began.

    “You kids and your mother are moving to Sandstone while I go to Tanzanite.” my father elaborated. “Tanzanite is a big city, we want you and your sister to grow up in a small, town lifestyle. It’s better for you.”

    “It’s a little late for that don’t you think? We’re almost fifteen. I’m leaving in two weeks. Why move to Sandstone?!” I exclaimed

    “Well, just because.” he said, giving me the feeling he didn’t believe that I was leaving.

    We moved on November 13, one week before my birthday. My father did move to Tanzanite, while we moved to this god-forsaken, small town hellhole known as Sandstone.

    Finally, the nineteenth arrived. I was packed and ready to go, until Ria came down with the flu. It was the day before our birthday and my mother begged me to stay, at least until Ria got better. I agreed, because in all honesty, I was worried about Ria and didn’t want to have to deal with the guilt of leaving her. Finally, she began to get better, and I scheduled the twenty-seventh as my starting day.

    Steeping out of my shower, I slipped into my bathrobe and walked into my room. Walking over to the dresser, I pulled on my boxers and socks. Then, I rummaged through my drawers and pulled out my favorite pair of jeans. After putting them on, I went back to rummaging and pulled out a black T-shirt, emblazoned with a red Pokeball insignia. After pulling it on, I grabbed my hair gel and spiked my short, black hair so that my hair stood up in the front of my head. Afterward, I stared at my image, reflected in the mirror above my dresser. Everything looked fine but I stood there for a little while, staring at the only part of my body I wished I could change. My eyes. Unlike most people with black hair, I had pale blue eyes. It looked as though my eyes had never finished developing and didn’t belong on my face.

    I shook my head rapidly and walked over to my bed. I laid my bathrobe on it and kneeled to retrieve my gear from under my bed. The first item was my Trainers Pack. It was a birthday present from Ria. She had gotten it customized in the same design as the shirt I was currently wearing. It had two zipable side pockets. One for minimized items such as potions, and the other specifically made for holding minimized Pokeballs. The front pocket was zipable and held the TM Case and Berry Bag, which had come with the Pack. They were colored the same and even had small red Pokeball insignias The large pocket was zipable, held large items and even contained a small, “safe pocket” which was reinforced with metal and a lock. The final pocket was a miscellaneous item’s pocket in the back of the Pack and was very thin. The coolest thing about the pack though, was that it had a strap that slung from the right shoulder all the way to the left waist.

    I unzipped the small item’s pocket and inserted one dozen minimized Potions. They were gifts from my Uncle Brian, who, being the only Trainer in my family, was the only one allowed to buy such things. I zipped up the pocket and opened the Pokeball pocket. I placed the two-dozen minimized Pokeballs and two Great Balls into their holders and zipped it back up. Opening the large pocket, I stuffed in my clothing, sleeping bag, deodorant, soap, and other essentials and then closed it. Finally, I opened the miscellaneous pocket and placed some of my old school books into it. I chose to take, Pokemon: A Trainers Guide and Advance Strategy 2nd Edition. I also packed a book my grandmother had bought me called Legends of Haito. I wasn’t very interested in Legendary Pokemon, but I figured it would make an interesting late night read. On the cover, it had two large, humanoid Pokemon, one white and one black; they looked very powerful, but also, slightly evil.
    I stood up, and grabbed my Pokeball belt which was also a gift from my uncle. I strapped it to my waist and then went over to my desk. As I was walking over, I realized, I had no idea which kind of Pokemon they offered in Haito. I had wanted to start with Mudkip when I lived in Mossdeep, but I was certain they didn’t offer Mudkip here. Sighing at this thought, I opened one of the drawers in my desk and pulled out a small, black box with a red volcano insignia and the words Ruby Isle Industries, printed on it. I opened the box and revealed the Pokepilot inside.

    It was a small, black and red machine that attached to a Trainer’s wrist. The manual had said that it had twelve possible programs, but unfortunately only the Cell Phone, Trainer’s Card, Calendar/ Clock, Debit System, MDVD Player and TM Player came preloaded. All the other programs could be downloaded from other Pokepilots as well as certain Pokemon Centers across the country. I attached the machine to my wrist and turned it on. The color screen, quickly flashed the same insignia as the one on the box, and then went to the Clock/ Calendar default screen. It read 7:58 11-27-25.

    After checking that all the programs that could, worked, I went back to the drawer and pulled out a smaller, navy blue jewelry box. I opened it and took the necklace inside of it out. It was the only gift I had ever received from my grandfather. It was a medium length, silver chain with a stone about the size of a match box attached to it. The stone wasn’t cut into any shape and looked just like one you could pick up from the ground, but, for some reason, my grandfather had loved it and he wanted me to have it. I placed it around my neck and was about to put the box away until I heard a huge cry from above my house.

    I dashed to my window just as a huge, white bird Pokemon with four large regal wings, tipped in gold and long, flowing, golden tail feathers soared just above my window. “Eaaaaaglaaaaa!” it screeched as it flew toward the mountains in the distance. In it’s talons, was a small brown package so I knew it must’ve been making a delivery. I watched as it flew toward the only building located in the mountains, the local Pokemon lab. As it drew nearer, it began to descend toward the door. It landed gracefully and two people walked out of the door. They took the package, and patted the Pokemon. The bird nodded, flapped it’s wings and took off. The two people walked back into the lab, the doors closing behind them.

    I was about to turn away from the window until I noticed two people on the side of the building. They were just standing there, but for some reason, I kept watching them. Finally, they began to walk toward the door. They waited a moment, the doors opened and they walked in.

    For some reason the situation felt bad to me. Without thinking, I put on my boots and dashed out of my room, down the stairs and out the door.

    The cool Autumn air hit me like an ice beam from a Snorunt. I had forgotten my jacket, and this was definitely not Mossdeep. I decided not to waist time, by returning for it, and I began to dash toward the hills.

    After about twenty, tiring minutes, I arrived, breathless, in front of the lab. I stood in front of the doors and they slid open. Once inside, I saw that there was no one around. I did however, hear groaning and mumbling coming from the back room.

    I walked cautiously toward the door which I believed lead to the back room. I pressed the button, it slid open and I walked into the room. In the back, left corner of the room, six people were huddled in a corner being attacked by two, small tan bird Pokemon with short, stubby wings. They were hovering only a few inches above the ground and didn’t appear to be much of a threat. That is, until I saw the two people from earlier.

    They were wearing black cloaks with red hoods and were facing away from me. I couldn’t see their faces, but I could however, see the electric shock stick in one of the thugs hand and the Pokeballs in the other’s.

    “Tell us where it is Pine,” The thug holding the stick said. “or next time, it’ll be this.” He held up the shock stick.

    The man he was speaking to didn’t say anything. He just sat there, with the other five people staring at the thugs with a look of pure anger and hate. The man in the cloak signaled to his partner and she said, in a clearly feminine voice, “Chick, Dee, Return!” she held up the Pokeballs and the two birds were transformed into red energy and pulled into the Pokeballs. The man then pressed a button on the stick and three, small claws, much like those of a claw machine, extruded from the end of the stick. He jammed the claws right into the man’s leg, making a sickening sound as it punctured his skin. The man than pressed another button and the stick made a charging noise. Suddenly, the stick began to send pulses of white, blue and yellow electricity into the man’s body.

    “Ahhhhhhh!” He screamed as his body began to convulse uncontrollably. Some of the people around him began to cry while the others screamed at their captives, horrified with the terror they were witnessing.

    “LEAVE HIM ALONE!, I yelled, appalled with what I was seeing. The two thugs slowly turned around, clearly not happy with being discovered. I could only see their faces but the love and lust for the pain they were causing, was evident, and horrifying.

    “And who the hell are you?” asked the woman as she pulled her Pokeballs out preparing herself for a battle. The man, removed the stick from the other’s leg revealing that it was only a flesh wound. The other man however, couldn’t stop convulsing.

    “Kid, you’d better get out while I have a mind to let you live.” the cloaked man said. “I’m using this because we need the Professor alive. This however.” He said pulling a pistol from his cloak, “will be your punishment if you don’t get out of here. NOW!”

    I stood there, shocked. Though I had grown up in a big city, I had never found myself being threatened. Not by a gun at least.

    “Michael,” the woman said, “We really do not need to have to explain a murder to Devin. This is supposed to be a clean, snatch-and-go job.” She laid her hand on his shoulder, “Let me handle this.”

    “Alright” he said and he turned back to his captives . The woman, however, stepped forward and released her two Pokemon. “Chick, Dee, get out here!” The two bird Pokemon from earlier appeared in front of me and assumed their fighting stances. The birds wouldn’t have been frightening had I had my own Pokemon. However, I didn’t and some how, she knew it. “What’s wrong?” she sneered, “No Pokemon?”

    “Kid!” the Professor yelled. “That machine next to you holds Pokeballs, go ahead and grab one!”

    I turned to the machine as the woman yelled “Chick! Peck that brat! Dee, Tackle him!” The machine was a cylindrical object with three small indented lines splitting the machine into thirds. Close to the edge was a small circle on each line. Just above the circle, was a small rectangular button. The one closest to me had a small flame insignia, indented into it. I pushed the button in the midst of being Tackled and Pecked. The circle below the button, split into halves and a platform containing a Pokeball appeared. I grabbed the Pokeball, but all of a sudden, I could no longer breathe.
    The woman thug was behind me with her arm around my neck stopping air passage to my lungs. “Drop the ball, now!”

    “Sure.” I wheezed. I threw the ball and it opened. A red silhouette appeared which, almost instantly, materialized into a small, red, black striped kitten Pokemon. It stretched it’s self out a then mewed, “Tigracub!”

    “You two!” The woman yelled to her Pokemon, “Get that cat!” Watching Tigracub battle the two Pokemon was a pitiful sight. Even though cats are viewed as superior to birds, the two Pokemon knew how to divide and conquer. While the one busied itself, pecking at Tigracub’s eyes, the other was pecking at his body, leaving tiny pin pricks where the beak had cut through Tigracub’s skin and fur. The Tigracub was helplessly batting at the birds causing the woman to laugh at the pitiful scene. Suddenly, the pressure became to much. My lungs felt like they were going to burst. My panic quickly subsided as the memories of the self-defense class I took came back to me.

    First. I grabbed her arm with both my hands and pulled down. Oxygen rushed into my lungs and I quickly stepped out toward the part of my neck, not covered by her elbow. I kept her arm and stepped behind her, and then, I took my knee and rammed it, as hard as I could, into her rectum. “Eaoahhhhh!” she screamed, as my knee made contract with her body. It was followed by a sickening crunch that told me I had succeeded in breaking her tailbone.

    She fell to the ground, clutching her butt, still screaming. Her partner turned his head , to see the cause of the commotion. The Professor, who was now standing, took the opportunity to knee him in the groin. The man’s hands instinctively flew to protect himself, but the Professor had another idea. He drove the heel of his hand right into the man’s nose causing it to instantly start bleeding. The thug fell backwards hitting his head on the linoleum, causing unconsciousness.

    With both thugs incapacitated, I ran over to the Tigracub, who’s blood was slowly leaking into it’s fur. Picking up a large book from a desk, I smashed it down upon the first Pokemon. It fell to the ground in a crumpled mass of feathers and blood. I then attempted to catch the other with the book, but this one was faster. It dodged my blow, came around and took a small bite out of my neck. “Ahh!” I yelled. I brought my arm up and wack the bird . It too fell to the ground and landed next to it’s partner.

    Rushing over to the Tigracub, I picked it up and cradled it in my arms. It was terrified and the blood was seeping out of it’s body. “There, There,” I comforted it, “You’re okay now.” The Pokemon’s loud, painful mewing put a lump in my throat, and I couldn’t help but feel that I was the one who caused it’s pain. I bent over and picked up its Pokeball, knowing that the its hibernative state would stop the bleeding and ease the pain. I softly touched the small kitten’s nose with the ball and watched as it was changed into pure energy and summoned into the ball.

    I pocketed the ball and walked over to the Professor who was, with the help of his assistants, binding and gagging his former oppressors. Picking up the woman’s Pokeballs, I returned her two Pokemon and placed the balls on a desk. “Are you alright?” I asked the Pine and his assistants. Looking down at his leg, he frowned and said “I will be.”

    Motioning for his assistants to continue their previous activities, he turned to me and said “Thank you, you’ve saved our lives.”

    Getting a good look at him for the first time, I could see that he wasn’t anything like the stereotypical Pokemon Professor. For one thing, he wasn’t wearing the typical, white, lab coat. His attire consisted of tan cargo pants, a dark green polo shirt and dark, brown sneakers. He had a strong, iron build, not like a person who spent hours at a gym, but like he had done hours of excessive manual labor. His eyes were brown and blended nicely with his short, tawny hair. His body was covered with scars and scrapes. The markings of one who spent a lot of time outdoors.

    ”Thanks for helping us.” said the Professor. Then he asked with a smile, “What’s your name? I don’t want to keep calling you kid.”

    “It’s Kierro,” I said, “Kierro Urashima.”

    “Well, you already know it, but I’m Professor Pine.” he held out his hand, which I shook.

    “Thanks again.” He said, “But, how did you know we were in trouble?”

    I thought for a minute and then answered, “I didn’t. I just saw those two,” I gestured to the unconscious thugs, who were no longer there. “Where’d they go?!” I exclaimed.

    One of the Professor’s assistants ran in and declared, “Professor, those thugs, they ran out of this room and into the front. I tried to stop them but they were too fast.” She looked down, ashamedly, “I’m so sorry.”

    Pine walked over and put his arm around her. “It’s ok,” he consoled her, “No one blames you. I knew we weren’t going to be able to keep them. Debil is simply too sly and crafty.”
    The assistant, a girl with red, clearly died hair and brown eyes, walked away, her head down in shame.

    “Anyway,” the Professor said, turning back to me. “Kierro, I noticed you don’t have a Pokemon. Why not? You certainly look old enough.”

    “Well,” I began, “To make an extremely long story short, I have over protective parents.” The Professor shifted his weight on to he injured leg and I saw him grimace. “Are you sure your okay?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I am.” He answered. “Or at least, I will be.” Although I was worried about him, I decided not to push the issue.

    “So let me guess, your starting your journey today?” He asked me.

    “Yeah,” I answered, “I’m fifteen now so I can leave without parental consent. Not that they’re happy about that.”

    “Well,” he said, “I wasn’t planning on registering trainers until ten, but since you’re are here and you saved me, we’ll get you started now.”

    Walking toward the computer console near the Pokeball machine, he motioned for me to follow. He pressed a button on the keyboard, and a holographic screen appeared directly above it.

    “Let me see your Pokepilot,” he said to me. “I detached it from my wrist and gave it to him. He placed it in a small, metal capsule that was enabled with a scanner to upload and download information into a Pokepilot.

    The Professor called up the Trainer’s Card, which appeared on the screen, a blank red and black card with a spots for information and, the dreaded ID picture. Starting to type, he said, “Okay, your name is Kierro Urashima, What’s your middle intial?”

    “D” I said. He typed it and after it appeared on the screen in the highest location, he asked, “Birthdate?”

    “November 20th, 2010.” I declared.

    “Okay, unless I’m much mistaken, “he began with a smile, “you’re a male, what’s your address?”

    “Umm,” I began, trying to remember, “4679 Bayside Road” I said, not entirely sure I was correct.

    “Ok,” he said after typing in the new information. “Now all we need is a picture of you and to know what Pokemon you’re starting with.”

    “I’m going to start with Tigracub.” I said, removing the ball from my pocket. Pine looked at me with a look that said, ‘Are you sure?’ but he didn’t say anything. It was as if he was trying to advise me against it without telling me what to do.

    “I’m taking Tigracub,” I repeated, “It helped save us.”

    “Ok,” he said, “that’s your choice. The scanner has already taken your picture so you’re done now.” He said handing me back my Pokepilot.

    I placed the machine on my wrist and said, “Trainer Card, Visual.” A holographic image, about the size of a plate, appeared from the infrared eye as it hovered around, slowly rotating around. On the back was the same information. Looking up in the corner, I saw my ID number. 25-6-9798.

    “Your ID number is unique,” the Professor explained. “The 25 is the suffix of the year you began, The 6 stands for the region you began in and the other number says that you were the nine thousand-seven hundred ninety eighth Trainer to begin this year in Haito.”

    “Oh, okay.” I said. “Visual, off.” I commanded and then, looking down at the screen, I noticed two new program files. “What, are these?” I asked.

    “I’ve uploaded your license into the International Trainer’s Database. The ITD keeps record of each trainer, their achievements, and the Pokemon they’ve captured.” Professor Pine declared, “Also, the two programs you noticed are a little gift from me.”

    “What are they?” I repeated.

    “They’re programs of my own invention. The first,” he said, gesturing toward the icon, which was a small, Pokeball, “is a Pokemon Identification program. It’ll give you information on any Pokemon you’ve captured, including their attacks, gender, location in which you met, and their approximate human age.”

    “Ok,” I said, “What about this one?” The second icon, was a black box with a question mark.

    “This is my Item identification system. Just scan any item you find, using the camera eye, and the Pokepilot will give you information on it.”

    “Thanks, this’ll definitely be useful.” I said. The remembering my new Pokemon, I asked. “Is there anyway we can heal Tigracub? He got hurt pretty badly.”

    “Yeah,” the Professor replied. “Just give it to me.” I removed the Pokeball from my pocket, and placed it in the Professor’s hand. Pressing the gray button in the center, the Tigracub appeared from a beam of red light.

    The bleeding had stopped, but the scars and scratches were clearly evident. “This potion is called a Full Restore.” The Professor said, holding up a small, tan bottle with a jade green liquid inside. “It’ll heal all the Tigracub’s scars, and even fully restore its vitality.”

    After pulling off the nozzle cap, the Professor depressed a button which began spraying the cool, green fluid onto the kitten. After approximately ten seconds, the Tigracub began mewing in a way, which could only be laughter.

    “Better now?” I asked.

    ~“Yeah! That stuff was funny!”~ It exclaimed in its natural language. ~“It tickled!”~

    “Hey, I uh, don’t mean to be rude,” I stammered, “but are you a guy or a girl?”

    It looked at me, as if I had offended it, and then said, ~“A guy, and my name’s Blaze.”~

    “Ok Blaze, nice to meet you, I’m Kierro.” I said, holding my hand out at his level.

    He stared inquisitively at it for a second, and then slapped his paw on it. I smiled. This was my first Pokemon. He sure wasn’t a Mudkip, but I liked him anyway. Holding out his Pokeball, I recalled Blaze. He was transformed into pure, red energy, and then drawn into the ball. I attached it to my belt, and walked over to the Professor.

    “Now all you need is a Pokedex.” he said. Walking over to a large cabinet, he opened the drawer, revealing about a dozen Pokedexes. Each was thin, vertical, and about the size of a Palm Pilot. It opened, revealing two screens, one that was a display screen, and the other, touch capable. They came in an assortment of colors, and I selected one to match my Trainer Card and Pokepilot. Red and Black.

    “You can activate it later.” he said, “It’ll provide a step by step process, for activation, so it’ll be easy.”

    “Thanks.” I said again, holding out my hand which the Professor shook.

    “Good luck Kierro.” he said.

    I turned and began to walk toward the door. Suddenly, I thought of something. I knew I shouldn’t ask, and that it was none of my business, but I did anyway. ”Professor? What did those thugs want? Why were they attacking you?”

    The Professor, who had turned away to continue his work, turned toward me, his eyes lacking that happy glimmer. “I wish you hadn’t asked that Kierro.” he mumbled. Then in his normal voice, he said, “You did however save me, and you deserve to know what from. I’ll tell you.” He motioned to a stool next to him, and said, “Sit down. This is going to take a while.”

    Sry if Tigracub's pic looks crappy. My computer's reducing sucks, so the scan came out bad.

    Also, I'm instigating the o-so-common ask the characters questions game. You can ask them anything, but If the answer is to spoily, you won't get an answer. Also, you can't ask questions to characters who are dead, and entombed.(meaning the Priests(ess) and The 2 Pokemon)


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