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    Default .Hack//Renaissance


    This story takes place in an MMORPG called The World, kids create their own characters and have fun, fight or play games. But not all is well with this game, Raptor a new member has just joined in and things are starting to go crazy, specially since his character keeps getting upgraded as he goes.

    And as all of this happens a new evil is starting to appear in the game, characters keep getting deleted out of no where and no one knows what to do anymore

    Chapter 1: The Power of a Twin Blade

    I was walking back from school; I just had the worst day of my live, I don’t think anyone would smile after having fall down a flight of stairs and then start crying when you have no injuries. Point is, I thought that was all, but who knew my day would turn out for the better, well that depends on how you look at it.

    I got home that afternoon, it was around seven o’ clock, I had to stay after school and clean the classrooms. My name’s Raptor Skylair, I’m fourteen and I’m in my third year of Middle School; you see there’s a point in your life when you think you just want to stay quiet, but I soon discovered quiet was the least of my worries.

    I used my hair in a spiky sort of way, my hair was black, and I normally wore a green shirt with a red circle on it. My family was middle class; we lived in an apartment, although my parents worked till late. So I practically could do anything I wan till eleven o’ clock.

    That night I was on the computer, I was seeing if anyone of my friends were there I really needed to talk to someone. Then I got this message from my friend Amana, she sent me a link to an MMORPG called The World.

    “Are you crazy” I said I knew no one was going to actually talk back but I was in character. “That game sucks your life away, I mean, I don’t want to be a computer game obsessed person” I typed after a few minutes of thinking. She told me that I should at least try it, so I thought, one day wouldn’t hurt me right.

    I clicked on the link and it took me to this weird web site, an orange screen with the words The World on it, I clicked in a small box that said “Custom Character”.

    I figured like normal RPGs you had to create your own character; so I started adding stuff. First, to make it look a little more like me, I added the same hair as mine, then I added an armor in; a red armor to be exact, I gave him white travelling pants and red gloves to protect his hands. Now something for the head, I chose a helmet that showed the top of the head but covered the sides.

    “I got it” I said while grinning, I only needed to add one more thing, a rank. I didn’t know anything about this so I just chose the first thing that appeared “Twin Blade”.

    I click on finish, a message came out telling me to put my helmet and my controller. Good thing Amana ordered it for me a few days ago. I put the helmet on and connected the controller.

    Then I felt myself falling down, everything disappeared and it was like I was travelling in a computer or something, I felt my body changing and my cloth disappeared for the cloth I gave my character. “What the hell” I looked over at my hand and then glanced down at the light that was closing in; after a few seconds I lost my sight.

    I noticed I had my hands over my eyes. Once I took my hands off I discovered I wasn’t in my room anymore; I was really in the game. People walking all around me, they all were wearing old cloth they used in Renaissance fairs, various shops and houses surrounded the town, although they were all old time houses. A river went around the city and there were boats passing through the bridges.

    “Wow, this place is so cool” I had a huge gazing smile on my face; I never knew there’ll be such a place, such a game that didn’t really felt like a game.

    “Hey Raptor, over here” I turned around a girl was waving at me. She was wearing a long white robe with long wide sleeves that covered her arms, she was holding a setret, and it was white with a big purple ball on the top. She had a long blond hair that got up to her waist, and she had glowing green eyes.

    “Amana” I looked at her a little confuse, I mean she had the same hair color as Amana; but honestly, she didn’t look like that by that I mean as cute as that. “Is it you?” I asked as I walked up to her.

    “Who else silly” she giggled and grabbed my hand. “Ray is waiting for us” she started dragging now. You see Ray, Amana and I are inseparable, or were inseparable; you see we met when we were still in pre K after that we went everywhere together. That was until Ray moved a few months ago, since then we haven’t talked to him in person. But if Ray, Amana and I are in the same game we’ll be a team again.

    “Wow, Ray’s in it too” I had a look of amazement; I didn’t really thought that Ray would like games like this.

    “Yep, he should be around…there!” she pointed over at a kid that was sitting near a fountain. Ray was wearing a brown travelling shirt with a right shoulder armor, his skin was kinda brown and he had a jet black hair; on his back he held a huge sword tied up to his back. “Hey Ray, look who’s here” she started waving, although Ray didn’t wanted to look embarrassed so he ignored her the first couple of times.

    “Hey Raptor” he jumped down from the fountain and walked up to me. “A Twin Blade, I didn’t know you liked that rank” Ray chuckled at me and turned to Amana.

    “I don’t even know what it is” I sighed; it seemed both of my friends already knew everything about this game and I was clueless.

    “Figures” Amana shook her head and a huge book appeared in front of her. “Here’s the book about ranks, if you even care to read it” she frowned and they both started walking off.

    “Hey guys, where are you going!?” I started running so that I could catch up; although I wasn’t used to running with such a heavy armor.

    “Over here” she motioned me to follow. They walked into a huge purple sphere and instantly disappeared.

    “Oh great, another teleporting session” I sighed and walked into the sphere. Again I felt my body disappeared as I fell down and the town got left behind. “It’s going to take a while before I get used to this” I frowned as I appeared again.

    I was in a small forest, but what surprised me was that a huge Colosseum in front of me. Characters were walking inside and I could hear screams, both cheers and agony. “What’s this place” I asked with a scared look.

    “This is the Colosseum” Ray said in a calm tone. “A great place to level up and fight with other players, it’s one of the new installments that was added” he explained. “Not just that, but if you lose you just go down a level, if you win you go up, so now worries about getting erased” he laughed and looked at me. “Another good thing is that we’re level ones, so even if we lose, we don’t really lose anything.”

    I just gazed over at Ray and let out my question. “Wait, if I’m a Twin Blade, what are you guys?” I asked as I pointed my index finger at them.

    “Well I’m a Wave Master and Ray’s a Heavy Blade” Amana pointed at herself and Ray and my confused look just got smaller. “A Wave Master is someone that can use spells and charms to defend themselves and destroy enemies, a Heavy Blade is a warrior type that are normally packed up with a lot of strengths, which explains the huge sword he has on his back” Amana tried to grab the sword; but it was so heavy she toppled down.

    “I see now” I laughed and scratched my chin. “So, are we battling?” I asked as I looked back at the Colosseum. Then a guy crashed with me and threw me off. “Hey, what the hell!” I yelled as I got up and patted my head.

    “Hey move scram” the kid growled and started walking around me. He was wearing a black axe man shirt with two shoulder pats; he had a huge axe on his back. He had spiky hair that was being pulled up by a black headband.

    “Well, that was rude; who do you think you are!” I yelled after I got up, my anger was rising by the moment.

    “I’m Zendo, and I’m an Axe Wielder, and who you might be scram” he poke me with his fingers and almost pushed me down; but I managed to keep myself up.

    “I’m Raptor, and I don’t think its right to treat people like this, specially in a videogame” I said as I walked up to him and looked up at his face.

    “And as you just said, this is a game, it doesn’t matter what I do, cause in the end no one will care once I go back to the real world” he chuckled, this just made me more angry; I knew it was a game, but he was really acting mean to other people for no reason.

    “Axe Wielder, a character that uses axes to protect and fight, they’re just as strong as a Heavy Blade” Amana appeared right next to me with the handbook; I didn’t listened cause I got so scared that I jumped.

    “Well, I don’t care, now I wanna fight him” I clenched my fist and let my anger take me away from everything. “Now, follow me!” I pointed at the Colosseum and started running inside.

    “Well, when he’s into it, he can exaggerate” Ray sighed and shook his head, good thing I was still in sight to hear that.

    “Oh come on guys, I just need to do this!” I yelled while opening my mouth widely, I was practically screaming my lungs out.

    “There it is” Amana pointed over at the huge screen in front of us, the matches were set up already; except for one, Zendo’s opponent gave up on the last minute. “Apparently Zendo doesn’t have an opponent” Amana turned to look at me but I had already left a cloud of smoke where I was supposed to be.

    “Can I sign up?” I asked the lady at the counter as she looked at me astounded. She nodded and a few seconds later my picture appeared on the screen. “All right” I grinned and looked over at the screen.

    “Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a little bit?” Ray narrowed his eyes at me and kneeled down a little so his eyes would match mine; he was a little taller than me, but he always reminded me that.

    “What do you mean, I thought you guys wanted me to fight and level up” I put my hands behind my head and leaned back. “I mean, what the hell do you want me to do?”

    Ray just shook his head; this made me angry I hated it when he made himself look smarter than me. “You see Raptor, he’s and Axe Wielder, just like Heavy Blades, they’re specialized in strength” he stopped and took a look at me. “You’re a Twin Blade, you’re specialized in speed and since you’re fighting in a close stage Zendo already has a lot of advantage” he nodded his head.

    “Still, I won’t get better if I don’t try” I looked back at the screen and stared at it with a serious look.

    “Now for our great price, the winner of this battle will get a super rare item” the announcer’s voice was heard through the whole Colosseum and I had to cover my ears to shut it out.

    “Rare item” I said as I looked back at Amana with a confuse look.

    “Yep, every battle in this Colosseum has a price, an item to be exact, you’re lucky cause you got a battle that gives away a rare one” she giggled and then grabbed my hand. “If you get that item it would really help us out, we can trade it and that way we can find things to make our party better” she let go and pushed me forward. “Now, go get them tiger” she laughed.

    “Yeah, good luck” Ray said with an emotionless tone. “And remember, just cause you’re short, it doesn’t mean you can win” he chuckled; although I couldn’t find the funny part in it, so I just frowned.

    I walked into the hall that led to the stage. It was really wide and you could actually hear yourself think; now that I look back at it, I was pretty stupid to have decided to fight on this thing. “I’m so stupid” I sighed as I walked out of the hallway.

    I heard the scream coming from everyone that was on the stands, the huge sandy field was lying down on my feet, it was actually kind of soft for a crusty floor. “Wow” I started spinning around; looking at the crowd more and more.

    “So you did come” Zendo came out of the other side; I frowned and walked over to him. “I thought a little scram like you would have run out by now” he laughed and got his axe off of his back; it was really sharp and you could’ve gotten sliced by it in a second.

    “Oh shut up and get ready” I growled at him as I got my two swords off my back. They were both the same, silver sword in a gold hand held with a purple jewel on the center. “And you better fight well too” I said and stared down at him.

    “Nice” he grinned and sliced the air with his axe; that actually scared me a little, I mean a huge axe just killed the air around us, who wouldn’t be. “Go!” he started running as he pushed his axe back. He ran over at me his steps were lifting sand from the floor. He thrusted his axe down and it almost sliced me off; but at the last second I managed to dodge it by an inch.

    “Okay, guess here it goes” I closed my eyes and started running at him. I threw my left arm down as my sword started slashing through the air. Zendo used his axe to block the strike, and then he grabbed the axe and hit me with the back of it. My body bounced off the ground; a sharp pain fell through my body.

    “What is it, am I too strong for you” he chuckled. I was so close I just had to beat him. “Take this” he sliced my body with his axe, again the strong sharp pain hit me , this time it took longer for me to get up.

    “He’s going to get killed!” Amana yelled; I could hear her from the distance, I promised I would win, and I’m not going to let Ray have his laugh.

    I struggled a little but I managed to get up and grabbed my swords. “I may be a level 1, and I may not be that smart” he crossed my swords together and the jewels in them started glowing. “But I know, I can beat you” I started running as I thrusted my right sword down; it crashed with the axe. “Now, this” I sliced my second sword and threw the axe off.

    “Impressive, but not enough” he punched me on the stomach and sent me crashing with the wall. “You really think that I won’t fight back just because I don’t have my sword” he laughed and walked over to me, his foot steps were getting bigger.

    “I can’t get up” I mumbled to myself; I couldn’t feel my body anymore, it was like the game had suddenly become real.

    “Let’s finish it” Zendo grabbed his axe and walked up a few meters close to me. “Take it for keeps!” he yelled and threw the axe. The axe started spinning around and headed for me.

    *Goodbye The World* I thought and waited for the axe to hit me and knock me out. Then I felt energy cursing through me, my body started glowing and the axe bounced off the force field that was protecting me. “What’s happening?” I asked myself as I looked at my hands.

    “He’s character’s being upgraded” Zendo snickered as my character’s glow started to disappear. My eyes had red lines under them and my helmet was replaced by a red crown that had a symbol of an oval in a pedestal on it. “I don’t care, I’ll still beat you” he stared running again as his axe started to glow.

    “I don’t think so!” I yelled and jumped down to dodge the axe and grab my swords. *What’s this, I feel a power* I thought as I grabbed the swords; I jumped back up and crossed my swords together. “Twin Blade Cross!” I yelled as I slashed down on Zendo’s back giving his back a huge X scar.

    “What…the…hell just…happened” Zendo mumbled and then he fell back down to the floor. After a few seconds his scar regenerated and he left the field.

    “Congrats” the announcer’s voice said as a treasure chest started floating down. “You’ve won today’s rare item, open the chest” I didn’t hesitated so I just grabbed the chest and let it break open.

    “What’s this?” I grabbed what was in the chest. It looked like a dagger, kinda like a mini version of my swords.

    “That’s one of the two daggers the famous .hacker Kite used to have” the announcer said. “It’s really rare and it holds a great power within it” I looked over at the dagger and tied it around my waist.

    “Guess I made it” I sighed and looked at Amana and Ray. “Better go back” I started walking when I heard someone yelled.

    “Raptor, time for dinner!” my mom yelled from outside the game; apparently I was lucky enough to be the only one to hear it.

    “I’m coming mom” I smiled at Amana and Ray and waved at them. My body got surrounded by three glowing rings and I disappeared out of the game.

    I was back in my room, I took the head set off and put the controller back on the desk. “Wow” I leaned back on the chair and looked up at the roof. “Now, that was a cool game” I laughed and walked down to the kitchen so I could have some dinner, I’ll need for the future.
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    Default Re: .Hack//Renaissance

    Its a good story but i think a story like this wouldve been better in 3rd person not 1st person it fits the hack series better since you never hear what they think in the series.

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