Guilty Pleasures (A comedy drabble)
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    Default Guilty Pleasures (A comedy drabble)

    It's a teeny bit long for a drabble (129 words), but...Enjoy.


    Giovanni was annoyed. His contact was at least thirty seconds late, and Giovanni was not accustomed to waiting.

    Team Rocket’s distinguished boss glanced around furtively. If he stayed here any longer, he’d-

    “Mr. Giovanni?”

    “You’re late,” said the boss, without turning around. “You’re jeopardizing the operation!”

    “Is it that important, boss?” Giovanni growled quietly.

    “Just give me the damn package!”

    Giovanni held out a hand, and felt a small, soft item being placed in it.

    “Now go. If you speak of this to anybody, your Rocket membership is forfeit, and that won’t be all. Understand?”

    “Y-yes boss!” Once the terrified grunt was out of earshot, Giovanni eagerly tore the paper off the package. Finally, it was his! He rejoiced silently.

    The Special Edition Pikachu plushie! It was soooo cute!
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    Talking Re: Guilty Pleasures (A comedy drabble)

    Tee hee hee! Kynan would love this! (I think.) You know, just the general perverted idea of Giovanni wanting a plushie!
    Though I suppose it's the only way that he'd ever get Pikachu...
    Ha ha ha!

    EDIT: Whoops, left out my enquiry, there! So... is it Giovanni growling:
    "Is it that important, boss?"
    Because it sure sounds that way.

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    Default Re: Guilty Pleasures (A comedy drabble)

    @Shadow Six: No, it's not Giovanni. But yes, the Annoying Bidoof would like this.
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