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    Default Growing It Out (Original)

    This is my first attempt to an original story, or a sitcom if you like, basically a kid moves in with his Uncle, Aunt and cousins and they undergo crazy stuff from teenage drama to house destruction; but jsut as craziness is around the corner the same goes with love and other stuffs.

    Growing It Out

    Episode 1: Charles’s crazy welcoming party

    L.A. California, people are running out the streets and driving in and out of the city and their houses; kids are playing around the streets and they’re trying to find a new baseball ball to play with.

    Inside a pearl white house with a big backyard and a tree on each side of the house, people are preparing things for a party. Red balloons floating around the house, a big sign that said ‘Welcome Charles’ on it. At that exact moment a teenage girl had just finished putting the sign on. She had long blonde hair and pale white skin; she was wearing a white shirt and long blue jeans that matched her clear blue eyes.

    “Come on mom, we didn’t even decorate this much for my party” she grunted almost stepping on a balloon that fell down from the roof. A teenage boy came out holding a big box with party stuff on it. He had a short red hair that was combed to the side; he was wearing a tight black shirt and blue jeans that were cut on the feet.

    “Well, you know that mom and dad never listen to us, I still don’t know why he has to come here” he said fiddling with his fingers.

    “Okay, I get that Charles’s mom just died, but I think that we shouldn’t have to suffer right Mike” she turned to look at the boy.

    “Yeah, especially that we already have a crazy blue eyed monster” he looked at his sister and smirked.

    “Hey” she threw a balloon at him. “Thing is, Charles could be here any minute, so we gotta get rid of everything flammable” she walked up the stairs. Mike just nodded.

    “Coming Ashley” he followed her up.

    Then a man and a woman came out. The man was wearing a brown formal shirt and grey formal pants, he had white hair and his face had wrinkles; but he just looked a little over forty. The woman had blond hair just like Ashley, her hair was curly and she was wearing a blue sweatshirt.

    “Are you sure it’s not too late to let Charles go somewhere else” the man said grabbing a balloon and putting it on a basket.

    “Now Josh, he’s your nephew” the woman looked at him with a disappointed stare. “I can’t believe you won’t take the son of your sister in just cause of a few misunderstandings” she hung some more signs on, most of the said ‘hi’ and ‘welcome’.

    Then the door opened. A boy came in; he looked just a year younger than Mike. He had black hair and was wearing black glasses, he had a brown travelling coat on and a blue shirt under it, and he was wearing clear blue jeans.

    “Hello family!” he yelled with excitement as soon as the door closed. “Charles Payton is here” he laughed a little bit and let himself fall on the couch, and then he took his glasses off to reveal his blue eyes. “So, what do you guys have prepared for me” he grabbed a magazine and started reading it pleasantly.

    “Annie, please deal with him” Josh got up the stairs and left Charles and his aunt alone.

    “What rat bit his ass and kicked it” Charles chuckled and then kept on reading. “Wow, cat marries crazy old lady, who thinks of these things” he just kept passing the pages and talking about stupid things they wrote on the magazine.

    “Charles, I thought we told you to call when you got here so that Josh and I could come and pick you up” Annie looked annoyed already.

    “I know, but I wanted to…you know make a surprise entrance” she said nodding his head and then got up the couch. “But, who cares about entrances, I wanna see Mike and Ashley, she’s on her senior year right?” Charles asked while he was dusting himself.

    “Yes, and Mike’s on his junior year, but you should get up and look at your bedroom” Aunt Annie led Charles up the stairs.

    “I forgot sorry” Charles got out of the house and came back holding a guitar case. “I’ve been practicing a few times, and since Mike has his own band” Charles gave her a logical smile and got up.

    Charles got to the second floor and saw Ashley running out of her bedroom and closing the door. “Charles, you’re here” she giggled trying to hide the door. “There’s nothing here for you, it’s the room to the right” she pointed at the room that was across the hall next to the bathroom.

    “Yeah, I can see that but come on don’t I get a hug” he stretched out his arms. Ashley just shrugged in annoyance and hugged him.

    “Welcome okay” she said as she let go. Suddenly Mike came out of his room and starred at Charles.

    “Mom, I thought we agreed we weren’t gonna invite any geeks” Mike looked at Charles and laughed.

    “Nice, but you forgot that you’re the one wearing glasses” Charles pointed at the glasses Mike had in his hand.

    “They’re for reading” Mike just put the glasses in his pockets. “Now, don’t get close to my room or I’ll…I’ll punch with my guitar” Mike just stormed down to join Ashley.

    “Wow, feisty” Charles mocked and walked up to the other room. The room was practically empty it had white walls and the floor was mostly wooden. “I can make it work’ he laid his suitcase on the floor.

    “Sorry, but your bed got delayed, so you’ll have to sleep in Mike’s room tonight” Aunt Annie said when she got in.

    “I heard that!” Mike yelled from downstairs and then stormed up again. “Come on mom, why does he have to stay in my room!” he yelled once he got back up.

    “Now Mike, he’s your cousin and you must treat him as such” with that Annie took Mike down. Charles stayed there and looked at the room; he got a picture frame out from his suitcase and just starred at it.

    “I miss you mom” he starred at it for a few more seconds and put it back on the suitcase. “Well, guess I better go check the neighborhood out” he started walking down the stairs.

    “Hey Charles, where are you going” Ashley got off the couch and walked up to Charles.

    “I’m going to go cruise around the neighborhood don’t worry” Charles opened the door.

    “Are you kidding Charles” Uncle Josh came out of the kitchen and walked up to Charles with a stern face. “You can’t just go around doing what you want in L.A., it is not that easy like in Seattle” he argued.

    “Don’t worry Uncle Josh, I’ll be back soon” Charles just closed the door and started walking off.

    Charles started walking down the neighborhood. For being L.A. the neighborhood looked pretty good an pretty calm. “Man, why didn’t I brought my bike, this would be a great place to ride it” Charles sighed and kept walking.

    He saw a bike heading towards him and it was about to crash. Charles got taken down by the bike and fell on the floor. “What the hell!’ he yelled once he got up. “Why did you do that?’ he asked. A kid was getting up from the ground, he had brown spiky hair, he was wearing glasses and had a green shirt on.

    “Sorry dude, I didn’t saw you” he was talking in a helpful way. “I’m kinda learning how to ride it” he laughed. Charles just got up and he starred at the kid; he looked the same age as him so Charles couldn’t help but laughed.

    “Seriously, you’re just learning how to a ride a bike” he said under chuckles.

    “Well, not a lot of people learn it easily” the kid frowned and got the bike back form the ground. “My name’s Joseph, but call me Joey” the kid started walking with Charles. “So, did you just moved in?” he asked looking up ahead the streets and the houses.

    “Yeah, I just moved in the house over on 52” Charles pointed back at the road he was walking on

    “Wait, are you Ashley’s and Mike’s cousin?” Joey asked. Charles nodded but this made Joey stop. “Hey can you see if Ashley likes me” he looked at Charles with a desperate face.

    “Dude…I don’t think you want to be with a girl that has man hands” Charles laughed looking aside.

    “Well, I like her anyway” Joey frowned and stop in front of a street light. “So, my house’s just down the street, if you want to come feel free” Joey started to walked past the street light and into the other side.

    “Okay” Charles started following him to the other side.

    Charles noticed that Joey’s side wasn’t as good looking as it is; in fact there were some big guys hitting a little kid right around the street. “Wow, this place looks tough” Charles winced a little when he saw a huge fat man looking at him from inside a house nearby. “And weird’ he reinstated.

    “Yeah, it is kinda hard living around this parts, but Emily mom and I can handle it” he smiled back at Charles and stopped in front of a small brown house with a black roof. “Well this is it” Joey started walking into the house.

    Then a girl that was walking from the Avenue nearby. She had a long brown hair and a pale white skin, she had a purple shirt and black shorts.

    “Hey, who are you?” the girl asked starring at Charles.

    “I’m Charles Payton, I just moved in the house of 52” Charles shook her hand; this just made him more nervous from the shock of meeting her.

    “I’m Emily, I assume you know my brother considering that you were just about to get in” Emily started walking towards the house and motioned Charles to come with her.

    Charles looked at his watch. “OMG, Uncle Josh is gonna kill me, I better go” Charles started running but stopped after a few steps. “Listen my Uncle and Aunt are giving me this huge dinner tonight, if you and Joey want to come” Emily just nodded and Charles started running again; although he almost tripped over a stick. “Who put that there!” he yelled as he got up and kept running.

    Charles got back home and saw Mike and Ashley on the kitchen. “Hey guys, what’s happening?” he asked as he got in the kitchen. He saw Mike and Ashley starring at the oven that was turned off.

    “I don’t know why it isn’t working” Ashley scratched her chin and starred at the oven. Charles saw what the two were doing; since Uncle Josh and Aunt Annie were out they were in charge of the food; not just that but Mike and Ashley broke it.

    “You guys broke the oven” Charles shook his head in annoyance.

    “We didn’t broke it, it just didn’t turn on” Mike whined kneeling down to look at the inside of the oven.

    “Let me at it” Charles kneeled down and opened the oven, he moved his arms in and started moving the cables.

    “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, ovens tend to give up a large amount of electricity” Ashley wagged her finger.

    “Of course I know, I’m not some dumbass like…certain people” Charles rolled his eyes and looked at Mike; he was scratching his nose.

    “What?” he asked hastily getting his finger off? Charles just kept working on the oven.

    “Okay, if my calculations are correct, if I connect this two cables, the oven will go back on” Charles put the two cables together; but it started sending shocks of electricity through his body.

    After the smoke was gone, Charles’s hairs were all raised up and his face was full of smoke, then he coughed a cloud of smoke. “See, it worked” Charles looked at the oven that was turned on. “Mike, did ate gun here” he took out a piece of gun and put it out.

    Ashley grabbed Charles’s head and made him look at the wall over the oven. Charles gasped, there was a big hole in the wall and there were sparks coursing through it. “Oh god, this isn’t good” Charles got up and starred at the wall.

    “Well, the shocks from the electricity must’ve coursed through the wall so much that it made it explode, really simple actually” Ashley closed her eyes and nodded. “In other news what are you gonna do Charles?” she asked grabbing Mike and they were ready to leave the kitchen.

    “Me…Mike was the one the damaged the oven!’ Charles yelled making them go back into the kitchen.

    “In that case” Ashley turned to leave. “I don’t have any business here” she started running past the living room and up the stairs.

    “Charles, can’t you just take the blame” Mike laughed nervously. “I mean, I gave you my room and come on who are they gonna believe, their son or the nephew that’s always causing trouble” he narrowed his eyes.

    “Listen Mike, I don’t know what’s your problem, I just came here for a few weeks while I get someone else to take me in, can’t you and Ashley just let me be” Charles growled as he got closer to Mike.

    “See that’s just it, a few weeks, then what you’re leaving and not coming again, not just that but when you come you always get rid of our food and leave our house in a mess” Mike started to raise his voice. “How do you want us to accept you if you can’t do anything that will get us to!” Mike yelled as he started walking off.

    “I’m sorry okay, I thought that I needed something to help me block the pain” Charles started walking into the living room and Mike stopped on his tracks. “I just couldn’t let you and the others see that I was actually scare, so I just acted like an annoying idiot” he shrugged.

    “I’m sorry Charles, tell you what me and Ashley will help you” Mike got up and went to Ashley’s room.

    It took a few minutes but Ashley finally accepted to help them; considering that once their parents saw they would blame her for not doing anything while being in charge.

    “Okay, so here’s what we need” Charles put the tool box down on the desk. “We should get some molding cement” Charles got the bucket of cement out and walked up to the walk. “I’ll do this side, you guys do the other” he said as he started putting the cement in.

    “Who knew he could be so smart” Mike said with a confuse look.

    “Yeah, it’s probably just temporary” Ashley shrugged. They kept putting more cement on the wall and were almost done when Charles grabbed the bucket and while he was getting some cement Ashley leaned down to look at the oven and the bucket fell on her hair. “I’m gonna kill you!” Ashley jumped up and started chasing Charles, they knocked Mike on the way.

    After another twenty minutes tops Charles, Mike and Ashley were each on the top floor waiting to take a shower. “Come on Ashley, just rinse and repeat!” Charles yelled through the door.

    “You’re the one that does that and that’s why you smell’ Ashley yelled back. Charles just smelled his pit and winced.

    Ashley got out but Mike was too fast and he got in the bathroom before Charles. “Come on dude, you don’t even look like the kind of guy that would take so long!” Charles yelled; he was sitting on the floor and looked annoyed.

    Bad thing is that his Aunt and Uncle had just come into the house. “Oh god, my face’s still burned form that shock” Charles jumped up and went into the bathroom.

    “Excuse me, but this bathroom’s ocupado” Mike yelled without even moving from the shower.

    “Shut up, if Uncle Josh and Aunt Annie see my hair” the door opened and Uncle Josh came in. He starred at Charles and then starred at the shower were Mike was in.

    “I know you guys should try to bond, but not like this’ he gave them a weird look. “What happened to your hair?” he asked with a stern face. Charles just laughed nervously; Mike did the same behind the shower curtain.

    After a few minutes, the three cousins were seating on the couch. Charles still had his hair raised and was looking around the room, Ashley was sitting on the left and looking away from everyone else and Mike was wearing a towel and had his hair wet.

    “So, how stupid can you guys be as to blow a hole in our wall?” Josh yelled getting closer to Charles. “Not just that, but how couldn’t you know that that oven has been broken for two weeks already!” he was starting to lower his voice though.

    “Sorry dad, but we didn’t know that and then Charles tried to fix it” Ashley stated in a nervous tone. Uncle Josh just sighed and walked back to Aunt Annie.

    “Tell you what, since it’s Charles’s first day here, I’ll let you guys of the hook, but the three of you are grounded and you will have to do all the chores for the next month, not just that but there won’t be any TV for two weeks” with that Josh started getting a small box out of a bag. “Now, we brought some take out” he said putting the box down.

    “Come on everyone, forget about what happened and eat up” Aunt Annie sat down on the desk and got a box of spaghetti out. The trio sat down on the desk and started eating.

    “Oh, chicken wings” Charles stretched his hand to grab the chicken wings.

    Mike slapped his hand. “You touch it, you lost a hand” he grabbed the chicken wing and started eating.

    “Well, guess this turned out quite well after all” Charles laughed and grabbed a burger.

    “Yeah, oh another thing I’m sleeping in my bed, you’re sleeping in the other bed” Mike grunted and then leaned down on the chair.

    “Sure” Charles grinned widely and pushed Mike’s chair down making him fall off. “How’s that boss” Charles laughed. Mike jumped up and they both started wrestling it out.

    A few hours later, Charles was getting ready to go to sleep. He looked at the frame of his mom and smiled. “Well, maybe this won’t be so bad” he chuckled and then left for Mike’s room. “Wait up Mike cause the storm’s coming and it’s charged” Charles ran up to the room and jumped on the second bed.

    “Just don’t fart all over me” Mike grunted and rolled around on his bed; Charles just laughed and wrapped himself in.

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    Default Re: Growing It Out (Original)

    Nice. It seemed real.
    It was alright aside from some spelling mistakes.
    Ex: “Mike, did ate gun here”

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    Default Re: Growing It Out (Original)

    wow cool
    i think this is one of the best fan fics ive ever read
    i particularly like the ending

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    Default Re: Growing It Out (Original)

    Thats pretty nice. I would say more than two sentences but theres not much more to say.

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    Default Re: Growing It Out (Original)

    "Charles gave her a logical smile and got up."

    This made me laugh. Seriously, a logical smile?

    "and then starred at the shower were Mike was in."

    Why does everyone keep "starring"?

    Otherwise, kind of interesting; not much plot or character development, though.
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