{•◊•~ Glory Games ~•◊•}

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{•◊•~ In the five different regions of the Pokémon world Sixteen heroes in their own little groups had been given the same information that will ultimately drive them towards each other. Is there more to this than meets the eye? ~ •◊•}

The three girls with uncanny resemblance sift through the now snowy underground field in the Giant Chasm.

The Professor had informed them of strange movements made by none other than the Legendary Pokémon.

Sightings of a flying cat, a large bird, and a green dragon frequenting the area around the Giant Chasm had lead the three Twelve Year Old girls to enter the Ice Dragons dwelling place.

Not long after they had found a lake in the center of the underground habitat and the white beast from the reports appeared.

The lake froze over and across the mounds of snow a clear path leads them towards a cave.

“Uhh Victoria, Should we really go through with this? That beast looked scary” the black haired and platinum eyed trainer smiled at her friends reassuringly before putting a brave face on.

She made up for her recklessness with her bravado, after all that’s what she was known for.

Victoria tugged at her white scarf and straightened her warm, long-sleeved, dark blue dress.

Her black socks protected her legs from the snow and her blue boots waded through the frost.

Behind her a Violet eyed, Brown haired girl hesitated before following.

Though it wasn’t normally cold in Unova, winter had come early much to the girls dismay since she was only wearing a black shirt under a purple sleeveless jacket, and jean shorts.

Her socks didn’t help much unlike Victoria’s which reached above her long legs, her black socks only reached above her ankles.

Her purple, black, and white running shoes were soaked beyond repair after their striding.

“Good Job Violet, you’ve got it!” Victoria cheered for the Kanto Native who started her journey in Jhoto, earning herself an upgraded Jhoto Pokedex.

She laughed nervously before joining her favorite Sinnoh girl on the steps that occupied the front of the cave’s entrance.

“I blame you guys if I die here” the last girl, a shivering dark brown (a shade so dark it looked black) haired girl with amethyst colored eyes, crossed her arms stubbornly before clumsily attempting to walk across the lush, frozen, white ground.

She along with the Kanto Lass weren’t used to the cold so when winter strikes this early in Unova they literally dive into the Pokémon Center, burry themselves in sheets and come out once Victoria has returned with bags of warm clothing for them to wear.

Unfortunately the Professor had picked NOW to inform them of this situation and had sent them to investigate before their Sinnoh Heiress could protest and buy them even an ounce of winter coverage.

The Sinnoh girl had always worn mildly warm clothing, be it a jacket or a scarf, she just always had something warm on her.

The other two being from Kanto and Hoenn didn’t see the point in it and had paid dearly when they found out (the hard way) that Unova had a winter season, albeit not as harsh as Sinnoh but still a harsh one at that.

“Don’t worry Amethyst, We’ll be done in no time!” Victoria chimed as she helped the shaking girl onto the steps.

She was wearing a sleeveless, round neck, violet dress that reached her mid-thigh, a black belt with her Pokéballs was hanging limply around her waist, black converse shoes with violet laces, and black biker shorts.

Their hair was tied in a similar half-tied style.

“The only reason we’re probably going through this and not in the Pokémon Center is because of you, Victoria” said girl blushed at the kind accusation.

“I promise this will be over in no time” Victoria walked into the cave along with Violet and Amethyst.

When they entered the cave they gasped at what they saw.

The three Pokémon from the rumors were there staring at them, strange tablets in their hands.

“It’s good to see you again Victoria…” the cat smiled.

“Mew!” Victoria ran up to the psychic cat and hugged her.

“Now Victoria, we have matters to discuss…” Victoria eyed the cat confused.

“Dialga and Palkia has declared war against the humans…” Rayquaza began.

“What? Why?” Amethyst whined.

“They think the humans have been corrupted and have terrorized Pokémon too much” the sky dragon explained.

“What does that have to do with us?” Violet asked timidly.

“Arceus has found both claims to be true but to give the humans a fighting chance he has lent us the power of his plates to awaken the power within you…” Mew held out her pink tablet to Victoria whose eyes glowed a bright pink upon seeing the writings on the tablet.

“The labyrinth of the mind can only be challenge by those who abide by the heart, awaken from the depths of knowledge and intellect for your slumber is no longer needed. It is complete.” she muttered.

She clutched her head in pain as a purple glow surrounded her.

“Victoria!” Violet and Amethyst tried to get to her but Rayquaza and Artcuno blocked their path.

“She needs to do this if you want to save the human race” they crossed their arms but listened to the scary ice dragon, taking note to capture it later on with Victoria.

Victoria’s head stopped throbbing and she felt dizziness overcome her.

She teetered dizzily across the room before regaining her senses.

“I am never reading that tablet again…” she groaned.

“Victoria! We thought we lost you” Violet said dramatically.

“A little over-dramatic there Vi?” Amethyst chuckled.

The other two legendaries turned to them and placed the tablet in front of them.

A light blue tablet in front of Violet and a dark red tablet in front of Amethyst.

“Now… it’s your turn”

{•◊• At the same time in Kanto… •◊•}

“Someone tell me why we’re here again” Blue (the girl) whined.

“Gramps told us to investigate the strange behavior of the Legendary Pokémon” Green begrudgingly answered the ‘Pesky Girl’.

“And how did we end up in an abandoned Power Plant?” Blue continued whining.

“Because you set Zapdos free after the encounter with the Masked Man” Red explained.

They continued into the power plant and caught a spark of movement inside of a room.

“I think I saw something move in that room” Yellow informed.

“Good Job Yellow!” Red complimented.

The Viridian girl blushed and thanked him silently.

They entered the room and found not only Zapdos but also Coballion, Ho-oh, and Shaymin!

“What’s going on here?” Red stepped up and asked the legendaries.

Yellow read Shaymin’s thoughts and gasped.

“What is it Yellow?” Red asked the blonde Pokédex holder.

“Will you show me?” Yellow asked the small flowery Pokemon.

Shaymin nodded and pushed the light green tablet towards Yellow.

“Yellow?” Red approached her cautiously.

Yellow’s eyes glowed green and she started muttering things under her breath.

“The language of nature is challenged by those who abide in the balance of good and evil, awaken from the depths of sustenance and growth for your slumber is no longer needed” Yellow mumbled.

“Yellow?!” Red was downright worried now.

“It is complete.” Yellow whispered.

She glowed an eerie green as she clutched her head in agony.

Her hat was nearly shredded at the top thanks to her nails biting into her scalp.

Unfamiliar writings flowed into her brain, it hurt so much… so much

He could hear him through the suffering she had put upon herself by reading the script.

His voice was faint but it was there, calling for her…

Then the pain stopped.

She regained her senses and found him sitting next to her, hugging her as if his life depended on it.

She blushed.

Blue winked and gave her a thumbs up.

“Are you ok?” she nodded, though she was still slightly annoyed at his obliviousness.

“What did Shaymin say?” Green inquired.

“Shaymin said that there’s going to be a war between Pokemon and Humans and we had to stop it. She said the only way to save the humans is to unlock our true powers using Arceus plates…” she explained as best she could.

“She said we have to fight Dialga and Palkia…”

{•◊• TBC… •◊•}

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