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    Question Getting Back a Treasure

    Getting Back a Treasure, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

    This is a fanfic that I wrote on FF.Net a few days ago. It's incomplete, but WDYT of the first chapter?



    Morty was a happy guy in Ecruteak City. He had a nice house and a good family that took care of him. Today, he was looking through his closet for something to sell to the flea market. He wanted to find a toy that he didn't want so he could give them away.

    Morty had many toys which he collected. But his favorite doll was a plush doll of a handsome prince. It was given to him by his mother, who bought the doll at the Toy Bazaar in Goldenrod City. The doll was beautiful - it had lovely blond hair and deep blue eyes. It wore a black shirt with light blue sleeves. The shirt was decorated with lace around the arms and on the collar. It had purple tights on its bottom and black shoes on its feet. On its head was a brimless red hat with a black feather. Morty named the doll Thomas.

    At the moment, Morty had made a bag of stuff to give to the flea market. He then walked over to his dresser, where Thomas was seated. Morty smiled and patted Thomas on the head.

    "Hello, Thomas," said Morty. "I'm going to the flea market. Do you need anything?" The doll didn't do anything. "You're such a good boy. If you want, I'll buy you an ice cream cone...okay, a pretend ice cream cone, since I don't want you to get dirty." He then gently stroked his hat. "See you later!"

    Morty took the bag and went downstairs. His parents, Lester and Augusta Lenoir, were waiting. Jasmine was there too. She was holding a small pot.

    "Hello, Morty," said Lester.

    "Are you ready to go to the flea market?" asked Augusta.

    "I sure am," said Morty.

    "What did you decide to sell them?" asked Lester.

    "I decided to give them a few of my old toys," said Morty. "Those dopey bears that I didn't want, and that hideous dwarf doll that Aunt Ellen gave me. I hope you don't mind me giving those away, but I really wanted to get rid of them."

    "Sure," said Lester.

    "What are you going to sell, Jasmine?" asked Morty.

    "I am selling a terracotta pot that I made in my grandma's pottery class," said Jasmine.

    Morty looked at Jasmine's pot. It had little engravings of Magnemite in it.

    "I am glad to be getting rid of those old toys," said Morty. "They weren't cute at all. Those two bears looked rather ugly, and that dwarf doll gave me nightmares when I was little. I didn't even know I still had it until I was cleaning out the attic a few months ago. But there is one toy I'll never get rid of no matter what."

    "I know which one it is," said Jasmine. "It's Thomas, that adorable prince doll. You love him like he's one of your Pokémon."

    "Let's get going to the flea market," said Augusta. She turned to Morty. "By the way, your Uncle Kirk is going to look through some of our stuff. He's going to help us sell things. Right now he's in the yard." Kirk was Lester's older half-brother.

    "Okay," said Morty. "Let's go."

    Morty, his parents, and Jasmine left the house. They stopped by to see Morty's Uncle Kirk. Kirk was a tall man with greying blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing a red blazer and black pants. Kirk was a bit of a jerk. He often did things without considering other people's feelings. In fact, when he was younger he was a rich socialite who attended expensive parties. But finances were now a little hard on him.

    "Are you coming with us?" Jasmine asked Kirk.

    "I'm going to be there later," said Kirk. "I'm just going to search for something."

    "We've got all the stuff we're going to sell," said Lester. "We're going right now."

    "Whatever," said Kirk. "I've got to look for more stuff. I'll see you soon."

    "Okay," said Morty. "Bye!"

    Morty and everyone else went to the flea market, which was located down the road. All sorts of items were being sold there.

    "Wow," said Morty. "There's a lot of good items here!" He and Jasmine looked around and saw Falkner. "There's Falkner!"

    The two of them walked over to Falkner.

    "Falkner!" said Morty. "Glad to see you. What brings you here?"

    "I'm looking for some curtains for the office of my Gym," said Falkner. "I hear they have a lot of nice curtains here."

    "I'm selling some old toys," said Morty.

    "I'm selling a pot," said Jasmine.

    Meanwhile, Kirk was in Morty's house. He was looking for items to put in the bag. He saw a pile of stuff that Lester and Augusta were going to discard. To make sure that they approved, he called Lester on his cell phone.

    After Kirk had amassed items to take, he was still looking for stuff to sell. He saw Morty's room wide open.

    "Let me see," Kirk said to himself, "Morty wanted to sell some of his old toys. He wouldn't mind if I sold one more for him. He'd like the extra money."

    Kirk looked around the room. He didn't know what to sell. Then, he had his eyes set on Thomas. He put his finger on the doll's hat.

    "Hmm," said Kirk, "this doll is so ugly and gay-looking. Definitely not an appropriate toy for a young man. I'm sure Morty is embarrassed to have a toy like this. He wouldn't mind if I sold it at the flea market."

    Kirk gently grabbed Thomas and put him in his bag. This doesn't look good - looks like Morty is going to be very upset.

    Back at the flea market, Morty had gotten rid of all of his toys.

    "I'm glad Ralph took all of the toys," said Morty. "They were worth something." Ralph was the guy who set up the toy stand. He was

    "The pot sold for 5,000 Poke Dollars," said Jasmine. "I must have been really good."

    "I even got the curtains that I wanted," said Falkner. "Look at them!" Falkner showed them some blue curtains with clouds on them.

    "Nice," said Morty.

    Morty saw that his parents were selling their stuff. He thought that they were doing a good job of it. Morty also saw Kirk walking around.

    "Looks like Kirk's got a lot of things to sell," said Jasmine.

    "I know," said Morty. "He is a good salesman."

    "A little too good," said Falkner. "And sneaky."

    "Sneaky?" asked Morty.

    "Look what he's selling to Ralph," said Falkner.

    Morty looked at Kirk. Kirk had Thomas in his hands, and he was giving him to Ralph!

    "NO!" Morty called out. He ran up to Kirk. "You can't give him Thomas! He's not for sale!"

    "Of course he is," said Kirk.

    "He's my favorite toy," said Morty. "I love him!"

    "Come on, Morty." said Kirk. "He's got a feathered hat, he has a frilled collar, and he wears tights."

    "That was fashionable hundreds of years ago," said Ralph. "Ask my son."

    "It doesn't matter!" said Morty. "Kirk has no right to do this! He may look weird to you, but he's special to me!"

    "Be quiet," said Kirk. He shoved Morty aside.

    "Now that my pesky nephew's out of the picture," said Kirk, "you can take this...fairy tale prince doll or whatever it's supposed to be."

    "I'll take it," said Ralph. "I'll give it to my son Darren. He loves collecting male dolls."

    "That's a little...weird," said Kirk.

    "He doesn't think it is," said Ralph. "And this doll will make him especially happy. It's blond, boyish, and well-dressed - perfect for him!"

    Kirk rolled his eyes.

    Morty looked at all this. He could not believe that his uncle sold his doll. He began to cry.

    "Morty," said Falkner, "please don't cry."

    "It's not fair," cried Morty. "Thomas was a present from my mother. He means so much to me!"

    "I know," said Jasmine.

    "And now I'll never see him again," said Morty, "and it's all Kirk's fault!"

    "Don't say that, Morty," said Jasmine. "You will see Thomas again."

    "We'll get him back for you," said Falkner. "I know Ralph pretty well. He's very understanding."

    "Thanks, guys," said Morty.

    "In the meantime," said Jasmine, "you can have some pineapple soda. I got a whole pack of it just for you."

    Jasmine gave Morty a can of pineapple soda. Morty drank it.

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    Default Re: Getting Back a Treasure


    Later that day, Morty had to go to the Gym to start training. After all, this was his job. But Morty was still upset about his uncle selling his doll.

    "Sigh," said Morty. "I don't know how to handle this. But I'll give it my best."

    Morty got ready for the first battle. He was looking down at the ground when the first challenger walked in. The challenger was a young man with brown hair. His name was Jake.

    "All right, Morty," said Jake, "I'm going to beat you at your own game."

    "Whatever," said Morty. "I'll do my best."

    Jake sent out Kadabra. Morty sent out Haunter.

    "Kadabra," said Jake, "use Confusion."

    Kadabra used Confusion. It was super-effective. Morty reluctantly told Haunter to counter with Hypnosis, but Haunter missed. Kadabra used Confusion again and fainted Haunter.

    "Okay," sighed Morty, "come back." He sent Haunter back to its Poké Ball. "Go...Gengar."

    Morty sent out Gengar.

    "Kadabra," said Jake, "use Psybeam!"

    Kadabra shot a psychic beam at Gengar. It was super-effective. Morty was feeling so down that he didn't give another command.

    "Okay," said Jake. "Finish it off with another Psybeam!"

    One more Psybeam brought Gengar down. By now, Morty was feeling exhausted - he could not take the battling anymore. Morty recalled Gengar.

    "All right," said Morty, walking up to Jake, "here's your Fog Badge." He handed Jake a Fog Badge.

    "That's it?" said Jake. "That's all I got for training my Kadabra for three weeks?"

    "Sorry," said Morty, "I don't feel up to battling you. Or anyone else."

    "What a ripoff," said Jake. "You don't need to be like that.."

    "I need to go home," said Morty. "I am not feeling up to this battle."

    "I'm so annoyed with you," said Jake.

    Morty dropped his Poké Balls and left the Gym. Jake just sighed and left.

    Within two hours, other people were going to the Gym. They were looking to battle Morty, who they could not find anywhere.

    "Where's Morty?" asked one boy.

    "What gives?" asked another boy. "Is this some kind of joke?"

    "He can't be like this," said a girl.

    The door to Morty's Gym opened. They saw Morty's older sister Madeleine - a woman of average height with blonde hair down to her shoulders and purple eyes. She wore a purple dress and a white jacket. She looked at the crowd and addressed them.

    "I had spoken to Morty," said Madeleine. "He won't be running the Gym for personal reasons. This will be for an indefinite amount of time."

    "Come on," said the first boy. "What's up with him?"

    "You don't have to know!" said Madeleine. "My little brother didn't want me to tell. I have to respect his wishes."

    "How irritating!" said a second girl. "Whatever crap he's whining about has got to stop because he's a Gym Leader and he's got to battle us!"

    "He doesn't have to if he's not feeling up to it," said Madeleine. "And if you're going to whine about it constantly, then I might have you know that I am a Ghost-type Trainer myself. I could easily beat all of you myself. So I'll be the one challenging you guys today."

    Meanwhile, at Morty's house, Morty was looking through his photo album of all the pictures that he took with Thomas. The two had good times together. But now the doll was gone from him, and Morty thought that he was gone forever. But Jasmine and Falkner had promised to get him back.

    Morty sighed as he tossed the album against the wall.

    Since he was bored, Morty decided to take a peep at what was going on downstairs. He saw his mom and dad. They were visibly irate, but not at each other. Nooo. They were annoyed with Kirk, who they were genuinely surprised at his horrible behavior at the flea market.

    "I don't believe that man," said Augusta. "Giving away Morty's favorite doll. I am fed up with his inconsiderate behavior towards others."

    "I know how you feel," said Lester. "Morty has been very upset about it. That's why he's not running the Gym."

    "That doll means so much to our son," said Augusta. "We have to get it back. If we don't, Morty might never get over it."

    "Don't say that, dear," said Lester. "His friends have promised that they'll get Thomas back."

    A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Lester opened the door. It was Whitney and Bugsy. Whitney was holding a box.

    "Hi, Mr. Lenoir," said Whitney.

    "We came to see Morty," said Bugsy.

    "That was very nice of you," said Lester. "Morty is on the stairs."

    Morty came down and greeted Whitney and Bugsy.

    "We heard that your prince doll had been sold," said Whitney, "so Bugsy and I found something great for you!"

    "Is it Thomas?" asked Morty.

    "Umm..." said Bugsy.

    "Why don't you look and see?" asked Whitney. "You'll love it!"

    Morty took the box and opened it. It was a prince doll all right - but it was a doll of Prince, the artist formerly known as a symbol.

    When Morty saw the doll, his face turned red. He threw the doll on the ground. It didn't break, though.

    "WHITNEY!" he yelled. "This is not what I wanted! When I said he was a prince, I didn't mean Prince the singer!"

    "But..." said Whitney. "It can sing 'Kiss'..."

    "Whitney," said Bugsy, "I think he meant 'prince' like a fairy tale prince, not like the singer."

    "Oh dear," said Whitney. "Sorry, Morty! I didn't mean to get you all riled up! You're normally a very stoic person."

    "Well I'm not right now!" snapped Morty.

    "Please," said Whitney, "you can't hit me! I'm a girl!"

    Morty grunted loudly to let out all the anger.

    "Sorry," he said. "I don't know what came over me."

    "That's okay," said Bugsy. "I know that we all lose our cool sometimes - even someone as smart as you."

    "Yeah," said Morty. He turned to Whitney. "Where did you get that Prince doll?"

    "It was being sold at the Goldenrod Toy Bazaar," said Whitney. "It was a bargain."

    "Please don't give me that thing," said Morty. "I don't think I want a doll of Prince the singer."

    "Okay," said Whitney. "I'll keep it. I always wanted one of these."

    "Where are Falkner and Jasmine?" asked Bugsy.

    "They are looking to see where Ralph lives," said Morty.

    "Oh dear," said Bugsy. "You know Ralph's son Darren. He's awful. He collects dolls and isn't willing to give any of them up."

    Morty groaned.

    "He can't be that bad," said Morty.

    "I'm sure his dad is understanding," said Whitney. "I think I know him."

    In the meantime, we'll look at Ralph's house. It is sunset.

    Ralph had gotten home from the flea market. He looked at his son, Darren, who was sitting on the couch, bored with the TV shows. Darren was a young man with brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt and blue skinny jeans. Darren was openly gay, and very stereotypically so (i.e. campy and everything).

    "Hey, son," said Ralph, "I'm home!"

    "Whatever," said Darren, "I'm getting bored from this stuff on TV. Did you get me anything good?"

    "I did," said Ralph, walking up to his son. "I got you this doll." He took Thomas out of his bag.

    "Oh, Dad," said Darren, grabbing the doll, "it's beautiful! Thank you for getting him!"

    "No problem," said Ralph. "I thought you'd like him. A man from the Lenoir family gave him to me. The doll used to belong to the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City."

    "Then it must be worth something," said Darren. "I'll bring him up to my room."

    Darren went up to his room. He opened the cabinet that was full of dolls. There were at least thirty dolls. All of them were male. Several of them were Ken dolls, which was inevitable for a collector of male dolls. There were plushies as well as plastic dolls.

    "Now then," said Darren, "I think I'll call you Adam. After Prince Adam aka He-Man."

    Now, if Thomas could talk, he would be quite upset at being renamed. But since he couldn't, he could not question Darren's name change.

    "You are so handsome," said Darren. "I'll put you between Disco Diva Ken and my Sweden doll from Hetalia."

    Darren looked into Thomas' eyes as he put him in the cabinet. He saw the image of Morty. But this image was in his head.

    "No way," said Darren. "Morty wouldn't want you back. I'm going to give you a new home here, Adam. Just wait and see!"


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