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    A Future of Darkness

    Chapter One

    I ran through the forest. Branches whipped past my face as I struggled to gain a lead on my pursuer. He was chasing me for a reason… a reason I hoped that I could forget myself.

    ` “Eevee? Eevee, are you in there? What are you doing, Eevee? What is that? Can I help? … Why not? You’re doing it. It’s too dangerous? What do you mean? But, Eevee, I want to come too! Where are you going? OW! Eevee, that hurt! ... Why, Eevee why?”

    I raced deeper into the forest, fleeing from my memories. I remembered my best friend, a Pichu. I wished that those memories wouldn’t come, but they always did. And now, he was chasing me, intent on doing away with me forever.

    So this is the legendary Obsidian Cave… yes, it is here, I can sense it. But something else is here, too. Pichu, is that you? Are you there? I told you not to follow me.
    “Eevee, please understand. I can’t let you down, not even now, after what you did… it still hurts… but I will always be you best friend and most trusted partner, no matter what!”
    No, Pichu. Go home. You cannot help me. I cannot help myself. I need this power to survive, Pichu.
    You give me no choice! HYAA!

    No. That… was a mistake. I was so young… but no one will forgive me now. I will put a stop to this myself… I am on a cliff… there is nowhere to run…
    “Raichu? Is that you? Are you there? I know why you followed me. What happened in Obsidian Cave… You were right. But I want to set things right, Raichu.”
    “No, Eevee, if that is even what you are. If I didn’t now any better I would call you a shadow beast.” Raichu’s words were filled with hate.
    “Raichu… I will put I stop to this… forgive me, please.”
    I launched myself off of the cliff, knowing my death would put a halt to everything I had created. I hit the water hard, and everything went black………

    Where am I?
    I don’t know this place.
    It’s too bright…
    Oh? Someone else is here…
    “Little Eevee… you wish to forfeit your life? You wish to make a fresh start… you hate what you have done to the world, but you hate what you have done to your friend even more? Ah, I see now. You wish for a new life. One where you do not hunger for power… where your biggest fear is not getting to breakfast on time…
    All right, then.
    You will have an inexplicable fear of the dark.
    You will have a very guarded personality.
    Your enemies will be few; your friends, great, but there will be one who will influence you more than the rest...
    Another of your kind.
    Eevee, I give you… your new life!
    You shall be known as Heart the Golden Eevee
    Your best friend will be called Soul the Silver Eevee
    You shall form the Heart and Soul of a vast community, balancing each other out.

    Heart and Soul
    Together as one
    Now, forever, and always.

    Now, I give you…
    Heart the Gold!
    Soul the Silver!
    A pair of Eevee doing what it takes to bring hope into the world!”

    (Where am I? What is this… a beach… but I don’t remember… all I know is falling… falling darkness… it’s no use… I can’t… …)

    “Eevee… Eevee, oh thank goodness, you’re awake! I was so worried about you!!”
    (Who? Oh, my head… I think I hit it… Oh! Who’s this? A silver Eevee?)
    “Hi! I’m Soul Silver. What’s you’re name?” he said.
    “I’m Heart Gold… where am I?” I asked, still confused.
    “You’re on Bright Beach. But it isn’t so bright anymore. The sand was gold, the air was clean, the waves were silvery blue, but it’s all gone now, thanks to the Obsidian Umbreon.” I could plainly hear the sadness in his voice.
    (That name! That… is… what I was called… no, it was not. I was called the Obsidian Eevee… but it is all so hard to remember…)
    “The Obsidian Umbreon? Who is that?” I questioned.
    “She’s an evil Umbreon that is submerging the world in darkness. Polluting the air and water… all because she can…” his voice was filled with hate
    (No! It’s no different! Why… has the future gotten worse? It should be happy…)
    “Come on, it’s not safe out here. She’s got eyes everywhere. There’s a cave right this way. I live in it.” He began to walk towards a hole in the ground.
    (Ow! My head is getting worse… what is that light? What’s happening?) I blacked out.

    Her memories were not to stay with her!
    She wasn’t supposed to remember…
    I worked the charm
    But I ruined the future
    And the Eevee
    Heart Gold
    Soul Silver
    Hear my plea
    Rid the world of shadows
    For the Pokemon…

    (What… what was that? Oh, not again… my head…)

    This is not going as planned.
    Those Eevee will only get in my way…
    “Yes, Milady?”
    Eliminate the Eevee of Silver and Gold.
    Do it!
    “As you wish, Milady,”
    He approaches…
    Almost there…
    That is the cave…
    We will be done with them!!

    I pulled out of the blackness of my vision.
    (A… a Honchkrow… coming to the cave? Wait, I am in a cave. Could… could it be? It is!)
    “Soul, come take a look at this,” I said, spotting a speck in the sky.
    “Heart, I thought you were asleep!” he exclaimed.
    “Quickly, Soul! It’s coming!” The speck drew nearer.
    “A Honchkrow! It’s one of her spies! We must hide! Quickly!” He pulled me over to a trapdoor that led deeper into the ground. We climbed down the ladder and raced into a cave.
    “This way, Heart!” Soul said. He led me up a second ladder and into the gray sunlight of this strange world.
    “We should be safe here! It’s called the Enchanted Meadow. There used to be a family of Volbeat and Illumise here before the Obsidian Umbreon came. But it’s dark and cold now… like time itself has stopped…” his voice took on a musing tone.
    (It… can’t be! If time itself has stopped… No wind, no sunrise, only darkness… yes… that describes this future well…)
    “The good thing is, as long as we are in a place like this, she can’t find us.” Soul went on.
    “She found us down at the Beach. The Beach appeared to be like this.” I said.
    “Indeed. But the waves still move there… Time still moves, but only very slowly…” he sighed. “Come. We must be going. There is a place not far from here where we will be safe. It is called Delcatty’s Fortress. They oppose the Obsidian Umbreon.”
    “Then let’s go. I have a feeling that Honchkrow is right on our tails.” I said.
    We raced off through the meadow, until we came to a forest. A Bayleef waited by a large oak tree.
    “You came, Soul. But who is this?” it asked.
    “I am Heart.” I replied simply.
    The Bayleef looked me over. “Very well, then. Come with me. The Fortress is just this way.” We walked into the woods until we came to a waterfall. Bayleef leapt through it without hesitation. Soul and I glanced at each other, and we followed.
    We found ourselves in a large cave. A ladder sat in a hole in the ground.
    (Again?... Ouch… why … now…) I passed out once more.

    They have escaped!
    Next time…
    I will not be so merciful

    (Ohhh… Where…am I…)
    I was lying in a bed of straw. Soul and the Bayleef were sitting nearby.
    “Sleep, now, little Eevee. You need your rest.” The Bayleef said. So I slept.
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    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
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    Chapter Two

    “Heart… Heart… Wake up! You’re going to miss breakfast! Delcatty’s making her famous Oran Berry Pancakes today! Come on, WAKE UP!!!” Soul was yelling in my ear.
    “I’m awake, sheesh, Soul, you don’t have to be so loud!” I criped.
    “Come on, quick, this way! They’re waiting for us!” He skipped off. I shook the remnants of sleep from my head before following my nose to the dining room. I was stunned by the sheer number of Pokemon crowded inside… and by the fact that all the Pokemon were Chikorita, Skitty, and their evolutions. It was easy to spot Soul’s silver coat as he pushed through the crown to an empty table. I hurried to follow him. In the process, I tripped on a Skitty’s tail and crashed into a Meganium.
    “Sorry!” I squeaked when the Meganium looked at me.
    “Nae need tae worrae, lassie. Yore laddie’s righ’ o’er there. He’s been a-waetin’ for ye.” I was astonished by the Meganium’s powerful accent. He chuckled.
    “Ye ain’t evah hear’ ae Scottie talk before, have ye, lassie? Nae get yore little tael ovah there before I taek ye ovah there maeself!” he chuckled again.
    I hurried over to join Soul. When I got there, he was chatting with a Skitty.
    “So, you came from the South Sea?” he asked the Skitty
    “Aye, that be true. I was born a pirate, an’ raised a pirate, an’ there ain’t nobody that’ll tell yeh otherwise.” He growled. He walked away from the table mumbling about a seasick Chatot.
    “Lots of interesting characters around here, aren’t there, Heart?” he laughed.
    “Yeah I even met a Scottish Meganium!” I said.
    Just then, a battle-scarred Delcatty walked up to our table.
    “Sorry for the wait! All those Pokemon are sooo excited for my pancakes that they totally mobbed us. I’m Hazel, and I founded this guild, along with my partner, Meg.” She said.
    “And I’m that partner!” A female Meganium set two plates of pancakes in front of us using her vines. “I see you met Brendan. He’s a bit… eccentric, but I still love him.” Meg smiled fondly.
    “Hoo boy, here we go again,” Hazel said as Meg playfully tackled her boyfriend. “Why don’t you finish up your breakfast and come with me? There are a few things that I want to show you.”
    “Mmph, mmm mm mmmm …YUM these are good!” Soul said, even though his mouth was full.
    “Mmm hmmm! …Delicious!” I agreed through a mouthful of food.
    “I’m glad you like them,” Hazel said as we gobbled the last of our pancakes. There was a loud crash as the two tussling Meganium knocked over a table. “Let’s go, before they destroy the place… again” she added to herself.
    We walked out of the dining room and into a musty old library. A Chikorita and a pair of Bayleef were shelving books while arguing about who had to do the dishes.
    “Come on, Leaf. I did the dishes last time!” one of the Bayleef said.
    “Bay, I have better things to do! Why can’t you do them for once?” the other whined.
    “Hey, guys, if you don’t shut up we’ll all be washing the dishes! And I washed them six out of seven times last week. I’m not keen on doing that again!” Chikorita grumbled.
    “Children, stop it, before I call your mother in here. I need to enter the restricted section. Can I have the keys, Leaf?” Hazel asked.
    “AHHHHH! HAZEL!” all three shouted
    “Uhh.. Didn’t you have the keys, Bay?” Leaf asked him.
    “I thought you had them!” Bay retorted.
    “Chikorita, where did you hide the keys?” they both asked.
    “You told me to put them in the secret compartment.” She replied.
    “Oh….” Leaf said.
    “Right…” Bay muttered. He ran off to get them.
    When he returned, Hazel led us to a heavy cast iron door. She inserted the key into the heavy lock. It wouldn’t turn. Hazel sighed.
    “Not again,” she groaned, rolling her eyes. She used Iron Tail on the stubborn key. It turned with a loud click. The Delcatty hauled the door open, revealing a small room and a second door. We walked into the room. Then, Hazel used Thunder on the door. It creaked open.
    “Violent much?” Soul asked.
    “They are special doors guarded by Gengar. I have to use the right move on the door or it won’t open. I’m just afraid I’ll break the key if I use Iron Tail on it one more time.” Hazel explained.
    We were left astonished at this strange explanation..
    “But I thought the only Pokemon that were here were Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Skitty, and Delcatty!” I exclaimed.
    “Those Gengar have been with us ever since they were Gastly. They haven’t left this building once.” Hazel raised her voice. “Moonshine? Deathray? Are you two here?”
    “Owowow… still as powerful as ever, Haze. What brings you here today?”
    “I have need of the Book of Hope. These two are the newest recruits to the Fortress’s troops.”
    “WHAT?” Soul asked.
    “When did we join?” I wanted to know.
    “Well, you oppose the Obsidian Umbreon, correct?”
    “Yes!” Soul and I chorused.
    “Then you joined.” Hazel said.
    “Okaaaaaaay….” I muttered.
    “I had no idea…” Soul said.
    “Here you are, Haze. You remember how to find it?” One of the Gengar handed Hazel a key that was almost as big as she was. Hazel promptly laid it across our backs. Boy, was it heavy!
    “I do indeed. Right this way, little ones.” Hazel walked off into the maze. We followed close behind.
    After several confusing twists and turns, we came to another door. We helped Hazel lift the key and stick it in the lock. Hazel froze it with a Blizzard.
    “D’ ya haf’ta do tha’?” a cranky voice complained.
    “Yes I do, Alakazam, and you know it.” Hazel replied.
    A cloud of pinkish smoke poured out of the keyhole, making them cough. When it dispersed, an ancient Alakazam stood next to an open door. It bowed sarcastically to Hazel.
    “Yo’ wis’ is my c’mman’, La’y H’zel.” He growled, before vanishing in a second cloud of smoke. The Delcatty sighed, and led us through the open door.
    “This is one of our most protected places in the entire Fortress. It is where we keep the Book of Hope. The Book of Hope explains everything you need to know to fight the Obsidian Umbreon.” Hazel told us.
    She walked to a huge book with a padlock on it. After Thundering the padlock, a crabby Misdreavus floated out of it and the book fell open.
    I read the first page.

    It began with a chase.
    I followed her deep into the forest, until she was on the edge of a cliff.
    “Raichu? Is that you?” she called.
    “Are you there? I know why you followed me. What happened in Obsidian Cave… You were right. But I want to set things right, Raichu.”
    “No, Eevee, if that is what you really are. If I didn’t know any better, I would call you a shadow beast.” I spat.
    “Raichu… I will put a stop to this… Forgive me, please.”
    She launched herself off the edge of the cliff and into the ocean below.
    But she survived.
    I know that much.
    I saw her evolve when she hit the water.
    She is now the world’s worst enemy:
    The Obsidian Umbreon.

    “Oh, no…” I whispered. (But then how am I still an Eevee? If I evolved…)

    Upon Evolution, she lost every bit of kindness she had.
    She had hurt before, but she had never killed.
    Her first victim was an innocent Skitty.
    Her next, a Chikorita.
    I chased her until I found her hideout: a castle carved from Obsidian.
    But I could not enter.
    She had employed thousands of Dark and Ghost type Pokemon to guard her.
    I was severely wounded.
    But when I was knocked out, instead of dealing the fatal blow, she… left me.
    I was found by a Skitty, Hazel, and a Chikorita, Meg.
    The three of us founded Delcatty’s Fortress.

    “And we live here still, training to defeat the Obsidian Umbreon’s forces.
    We live to defeat her.”
    A familiar voice broke into my thoughts, reading the book aloud. I instinctively froze in terror.
    “Raichu!” I whispered.
    “Yes, Eevee?” he asked.
    I jumped. “My name is Heart.” I turned to him, and he gasped.
    “No! It can’t be!”
    And I knew at that second, that I was dead.
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!

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    Chapter Three

    To my astonishment, instead of splitting my skull open with his Iron Tail, he hugged me.
    “The Eevee from my dreams! The ones who will save the world!
    Heart and Soul
    Together as One
    Now, Forever, and Always!
    I can’t believe I’ve finally found you!” Raichu gasped.
    I realized that he had caught Soul in a hug, too. And then, I fainted.

    “Are they going to be alright? I can’t stand the fact that I almost suffocated them!” Raichu said. I sat up.
    “Arceus, you hug hard! I think you broke my ribs or something!” I muttered, rubbing my aching side.
    “Hey, I know how you feel, Heart,” Soul groaned He was rubbing his side also.
    “They’ll be fine, Raichu. Just remember not to do that again,” a Skitty scolded.
    “Now, Primrose, take it easy on him! He got overexcited, that’s all.” Hazel said.
    “Sorry! I find the heroes of legend and I squash them! Oh, I hate myself!” Raichu groaned.
    “I-it’s ok, R-raichu,” I stammered. For some reason, I was terrified of him (Maybe it’s because I am-was- the Obsidian Eevee….) I thought.
    “Well, let’s get started with your training! I’m gonna teach you both a new move. Thunderbolt!” Raichu said.
    “Cool! I’ve always wanted to learn that move!” Soul cried happily.
    “Uh, Raichu? I already know Shock Wave… Is learning another Electric attack necessary?” I asked.
    “Oh, that’s wonderful! Ok, on second thought, what moves do you know?” Raichu asked
    “Dig, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, and Sand Attack.” Soul said.
    “Shock Wave, Dig, Iron Tail, Bite, Ice Beam, uh… oh, and Grass Knot. Yeah, I know. They’re weird moves for an Eevee to know, but my parents taught them to me a long time ago…” I said.
    “Hmm. You are quite prepared, Heart. Feel free to look around the place while I train Soul.” Raichu said.
    “Ok, but I think I’ll come with. To offer advice, and a target… you know.”
    “Are you sure? I’m pretty strong…” Soul said.
    “Positive. Let’s go!” I sang. I turned and was heading for the door when my feet gave out from under me and I blacked out… again.

    (Oh sheesh… why does this happen?)

    They must be stopped!
    Go, Honchkrow, and take 50 Murkrow with you.
    Attack the Fortress from the air.
    Give them no quarter!
    “I shall do that, Milady.”
    Thank you, Honchkrow.
    Oh, and one last thing:
    If there is but one Pokemon left alive at the Fortress when you finish,
    I will have your head!
    “I shall heed you words, Milady. Murkrow! To me!”

    (Owowow… oh no… they are coming… HERE!)

    “Heart! Wake up!” Soul cried.
    “Soul! Raichu! Get Hazel and Meg, and anyone else important! She is sending Honchkrow and fifty Murkrow to attack us! We have to get out of here!” I cried.
    “We are here!” Hazel said. She was standing in front of a pair of Skitty.
    “Aes are wae, wee lassie!” Brendan said. Meg, Bay, Leaf and the Chikorita from the library were standing next to him.
    “You were talking in your sleep! You sounded just like the Obsidian Umbreon!” Raichu said.
    “Well… Raichu, I think she speaks through me. It is strange, I know. We have to get out of here before the Honchkrow and the Murkrow find us.” I said.
    “Nae need tae worrae, lassie! Haezel and the others haeve got us covered! Thae took the time tae learn the Thunder aettack! Thae’ll knock those Pokaemon aet o’ the skae!” Brendan said.
    “Speaking of which we’d better get going. The others will be waiting for us, Creampuff, Primrose.” Hazel said, leading the Skitty out of the room..
    “I have to go help, too. They’ll need me.” Raichu said.
    We watched them go. I walked over to the Book of Hope and continued my reading.

    We fought to grow stronger, not to hurt each other.
    It has been that way, and always will be…
    Until we battle her.
    We will fight to kill.
    I-we-cannot be merciful.
    The Obsidian Umbreon was tough to take down as an Eevee.
    It will be even tougher now that she has evolved.
    We will strike soon.
    On the eve of December the First, we will strike
    We will make her pay for the wicked deeds she has done.
    And the Eevee, Heart Gold and Soul Silver,
    When they join us,, we have no chance of losing.
    In my dreams they come, along with Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.
    They tell me not to fear, that these Eevee are more powerful than she is.
    But I have to wonder.
    I easily squeezed the living daylights out of them earlier today.
    Maybe they are not as powerful as we had hoped.
    Yet Heart has alerted us to an attack on our fort.
    And now I stand on the battlements with all the Skitty and Delcatty that know Electric attacks.
    And we wait…

    … … …
    … … … … …

    I see something!
    A black cloud covers the sky!
    They are here!
    We must attack now!

    I stumbled backwards from a mild electric shock.
    (Whoa. The book is writing down words as Raichu thinks them! Creepy!)
    I turned away from the book and walked over to Soul, Meg, and Brendan. They were talking about ways to train to be you best.
    “I want to learn Magical Leaf.” Soul said.
    “I’m afraid that’s impossible, Soul.” Meg told him. “It’s a move that cannot be learned by an Eevee.”
    ‘Neither is Grass Knot.” I pointed out.
    Just then, a trio of Murkrow burst through the window. Before anyone could do anything, they had taken out Meg and Brendan. Then they attacked us. Or they at least tried to. I fried them with my Shock Wave before they could do much else. They turned and flew out of the window, squawking for mercy. I let them go. Meg and Brendan lay on the ground, seriously wounded. We raced to them. Suddenly, the door bust open. We jumped up, fearing a second attack. But it was just a resident Chansey.
    “Oh, no, this is bad, very bad, bad, bad! I have to get them to the infirmary, yes, the infirmary, quick, quick, quick!” the Chansey murmured. We helped her get them onto a stretcher and raced them to the infirmary. There were several other Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium there. Other Chansey were tending to them.
    “Now, go, yes, go, go, go! I can’t have you getting in our, way, no, our way, way, way!” The Chansey shooed us off. We stepped out into the hall and began the short walk back to the library. We sat down on a bench.
    Soul sighed. “I was useless back there. I couldn’t do anything.”
    “Sounds like you want to train. Hey, why don’t we--” I began, trying to cheer him up.
    “No, Heart. I’m leaving. And I’m not coming back either.” He said. “So don’t try to persuade me.” He walked off, leaving me there, feeling as though my soul had just been ripped from my body.
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!

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    Default Re: A Future of Darkness

    Chapter Four

    “Soul! Wait! You can’t go! Soul, I’m not gonna stop trying to persuade you until you come back! Or at least tell me where you’re going! Soul, please!” I cried. I felt my eyes fill up with tears. Soul walked around a corner without looking back. I couldn’t take it anymore. I followed him. I rushed to the end of the hallway, in time to see him rounding a second corner. I bounded after him, around corner after corner… (I don’t remember this many turns to get here…) I finally ended up in a room. Soul had stopped in the center of the room.
    “Soul…” I whispered.
    And then, he began to change. His body glowed a purple black and he became an Umbreon. An unforgettable voice rang through my head as he spoke, not in his own voice, but in the voice of the Obsidian Umbreon.
    “So, you think you could outwit me? Stupid little Eevee, thinking that I was a good friend if yours! Ha! Now, you will bow down to my power!!!” She-it- whatever it was- laughed maniacally. Its body took on a darker hue and expanded, swallowing up all the light in the room. It towered over me, still laughing.
    “You cannot defeat me!” It cried, and I was swallowed in the darkness.

    “Heart! …Heart? She’s not… dead, is she?”
    “No, she’s alive, yes, still alive, alive, alive!”
    The room slowly came into focus. Hazel, a Chansey, Raichu, and Soul stood over me, looking incredibly worried.
    (Wait a sec… SOUL?)
    “Whoa, hang on, Heart! I never left! What are you talking about?”
    “After I defeated the Murkrow, and Chansey came, and we sat down, and then you said you felt useless in battling the Murkrow and said you were leaving and not coming back so I shouldn’t try to persuade you but I followed you and you turned into the Obsidian Umbreon and you got really big and… and…” I was sobbing now. Soul placed one of his paws on my shoulder.
    “Heart… You’re gonna be all right. After Chansey chased us out, you sat down on the bench and went into some kind of trance.” He paused and brushed my tears away with his paw. “You had a curse laid on you by the Murkrow before you defeated them. But Chansey here has removed it. You should be feeling better- Whoa!” he exclaimed as I leapt off the bed and wrapped my front paws around him. I cried into his shoulder.
    “Hey, you’re fine, Heart. I’ve got you.” He murmured, stroking my back with one of his paws.
    “Soul, I thought you had left for good I was so scared oh Soul I –I couldn’t bear to lose you! Promise me you’ll never leave!’ I cried into his shoulder.
    “I promise, Heart. I promise.” He whispered.

    A couple of hours later, we were sitting in our new room, munching on Gummies. I was reading up on what Dark Pokemon’s weaknesses were, and Soul was tying to estimate the size of the Obsidian Umbreon’s forces using data from previous battles. I had to admit he was good with math, and looked pretty cute sitting there. His tail twitched in concentration as he tried to figure the number of Murkrow that could possibly be left. (Ok, Heart, stop thinking like that! You are friends, nothing more…)
    I shook my head vigorously and turned back to my book.
    “Hey, Soul, we should try learning Bug or Fighting type moves. They’re both super effective on Dark types.” I said.
    “That’s it! If the Murkrow force is never below ten, and we always manage to kill or imprison at least half of them when they attack, and they’ve attacked five times in the past, them they’ve gotta have at least fifty Murkrow, which was the same number we fought today. If that was their entire force, then we’ve effectively wiped out attacks from the sky!” he exclaimed. I blinked.
    “Ooookaaaay then…” I said. “but what about Vullaby? Or Mandibuzz? And you can’t forget Hydreigon…” I reminded him. “And I have a feeling we are going to run into a moat –and Carvanha, Sharpedo, and Crawdaunt- when we attack.”
    “Hmmm… you’ve got a point. Well, I’ve got a headache. Let’s go do some training with Raichu,” Soul replied. “And Signal Beam is great- it can confuse the target!”
    I nodded, and ate a White Gummi. “Ok, Soul, let’s get going!”

    We were walking through the hall when we heard an argument.
    “I can’t believe you would be so stupid!”
    “Your point?”
    “I don’t know why Hazel didn’t throw you out years ago!”
    “That’s because I’m not stupid.”
    “You are too!! Using Dig on a Murkrow was just plain stupid!”
    “I avoided the attack, didn’t I?”
    We rounded the corner, and then we turned around and went back the way we had come. A pair of Skitty were standing in the hall, and they had obviously just been doing something… um…. Well… mildly embarrassing. We decided to look for another way to get up to the roof to train, and then I had an idea. I ran to the window and peered out. Sure enough, the wall was covered in ivy. I grinned.
    “Hey Soul! I just found a shortcut!”

    A few minutes later, we were standing on the roof, gasping in relief.
    “You… are… the craziest… damn… idiot… I have ever… met.” Soul panted.
    “So? It got… us up here… didn’t it?” I snapped. “And besides… if we keep doing that… we’ll have the best endurance… of all the… Pokemon here.”
    “Point… taken…but can we…do it with a safety net… next time?” he grumbled.
    We had just climbed the wall using the ivy and my Grass Knot to provide pawholds. We were exhausted. As we were catching our breath, Raichu emerged through the stairwell, looking absolutely furious. When he spotted us, he practically blew up.
    “So it was true. I was just informed by a pair of Skitty that you climbed the wall to get up here. Am I not correct?”
    “No, not exactly, we limbed the ivy, and I was using my Grass Knot for pawholds.”
    “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You two are AMAZING!” Raichu cried.
    We glanced at each other in confusion.
    “Every month, we have a contest to see who can climb the furthest up that wall, starting from the fifth floor window. The one you started at. And I am proud to announce that you two are the first ever to make it to the roof!” he sang. Then he got mad again.
    “But never do that again unless there is someone to catch you.” He told us firmly.
    “We weren’t planning on it!” I said. “It was pretty tough.”
    “Yeah. Oof, I’m still winded.” Soul groaned.
    “Well you don’t want to miss dinner, do you?” Raichu asked. “I was on my way to get you when a pair of Skitty informed me of your climb…”
    “Actually, those Skitty are the reason we climbed in the first place,” I told him.
    “We’ll explain later, I’ m hungry,” Soul added, catching a confused glance from Raichu.
    And so, we ended the day with a delicious dinner of Sitrus Berry Stew.
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!

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    Chapter Five

    Lightning flashed, illuminating a four-legged figure running down a path.
    It had a sharp blade its head and long, deadly claws.
    Its white fur glowed as another bolt of lightning struck the earth.
    It ran to a cave made of dark obsidian.
    After making sure no one was following it, the Pokemon bounded through the entrance.
    It walked to a stone on the middle of the cave.
    With astounding speed, it cut the stone in two with the blade on its head.
    Strange, purple electricity surrounded it.
    It howled in pain.
    A voice echoed through the darkness
    “Absol! How dare you betray me?”
    “This has gone on for too long, Milady. Your power will soon consume you.”
    “Nonsense! I have complete control over the Dark Energy. It is my friend.”
    “No. It is just waiting to take over your mind. You must stop this madness!”
    The Absol howled again as the electricity surrounding it grew stronger.
    Its eyes narrowed, and with a powerful slash of its blade, it freed itself.
    The Absol proceeded to destroy the black rock.
    It collapsed in exhaustion.
    After a few minutes, its right paw began to turn to obsidian.
    The Absol hauled itself to its feet and limped out of the cave.
    Before it left, its right paw and part of its right leg had been turned to obsidian.
    It growled in annoyance.
    Another identifying mark, the first being its shininess.
    It wrapped its now dysfunctional paw and leg in a length of black cloth from its bag.
    “There is but one place I can go… Delcatty’s Fortress” It growled.

    (When that rock was destroyed, time started flowing in that cave! That must be why that strangely colored Absol went in there in the first place!)
    I jumped out of my nest and ran to the window of our small room. Limping along the path was, to my astonishment, the Absol.
    “But how did he get here so quickly?” I murmured to myself.
    I turned and ran over to Soul’s nest.
    “Wake up, Soul! There’s a shiny Absol walking down the path. It looks like it’s hurt!”
    “A shiny Absol?! What’s a shiny Absol doing here?” he asked, jumping awake.
    “I don’t know, but it’s here. Go get Hazel, quick!” I said.
    “Where are you going?”
    I gave him a ‘you–should-know-that’ look before climbing onto the window sill and using my Grass Knot to climb to the ground. I looked back at the window to see Soul give me a worried look before he turned away, hopefully to get Hazel. I hid in a bush next to the road.
    I heard the Absol grunt in pain a little ways away from my hiding spot. I peered out of the bush.
    “I knew that this would happen, but if I’d gotten out of there faster, only my claw would be stone now.” He peeled away a black cloth wrapped around its right paw. It was made of a strange black rock… Obsidian! I knew that rock better than any other rock. It was the same material the Obsidian Umbreon had used to keep herself alive.
    He wrapped his paw back in the black cloth and continued down the path directly towards me. I stepped out in front of him.
    “What are you doing here?” I asked.
    “I am looking for a Delcatty named Hazel. Have you seen her?” His voice was calm and collected.
    “Why are you looking for her?” I demanded.
    “She can help me. And in return, I can help her.”
    “You’re not getting any help here.” I replied.
    “Oh? Then Hazel no longer lives here?”
    “You speak like you know her personally.”
    “I did, at one point in time, before I joined the Obsidian Umbreon.”
    “You WHAT?!” I cried
    “Knew her personally? Or joined that-”
    “What’s going on here, Heart? Soul just came racing in saying you were trying to stop a shiny Absol from entering.” Hazel said.
    “Hazel, it’s me, Sol. I finally got the opportunity to destroy the Obsidian Heart.”
    “Sol… It’s been a long time, old friend. What happened to your paw?”
    “When I was destroying the Obsidian Heart, its curse touched my foot.”
    “I see. Thank you, Heart, Soul, for alerting me. Any other Absol would be thrown out.”
    “You’re welcome, Hazel….” My sentence trailed off as my vision went black.

    (Wh-what… is going on? Where am I?)

    I was floating in the air above a wooden platform. Standing on it were ten Absol, each looking terrified. The Obsidian Umbreon stalked among them, growling furiously at them.
    “One of you,” she spat, “helped that Shiny Absol escape. I want to know which one of you helped him.”
    The Absol were all shaking in fear. One of them, however, was laughing.
    “HAhahahaHAHAHAHA! Ooo…heehee… You are…haha… BLIND! I thought the Great Obsidian Umbreon could see all! Heeheeheeheeheeeeeeee!” she laughed.
    The Obsidian Umbreon’s eyes narrowed.
    “What is your nickname?” the Obsidian Umbreon bellowed.
    “Heehee… I’m… Absie…hahaha…” the little Absol giggled.
    “Well not for long!” The Obsidian Umbreon snarled. She used Night Slash on Absie only to have it countered by a second Night Slash.
    “Not so strong, are you? That was like blocking a Ralts’s Confusion!” Absie teased.
    “Why… you… little…” The Obsidian Umbreon snarled. And then she realized that the other Absol hadn’t been quivering in fear. They were all laughing. Then, they all used Slash and they ran off, leaving her lying there.

    (The Absol… they revolted! Which means… if they helped Sol… they’re coming here!)

    I woke up to several black and white faces staring down at me.
    “So they’re the reason that we revolted against her?”
    “Sol, are you sure about this? These two Eevee will save the world?”
    “Hey! They’re waking up! Hazel! Come quick!”
    “Finally! You two were going to miss supper!” Hazel laughed. “Although passing out together like that is just plan weird.”
    Everyone had crowded into our room to see if we were ok.
    “Soul passed out too?” I asked.
    “Yeah, I did. And I had a dream that the Absol were coming.”
    “So did I!” I said. “So that’s why we are surrounded by Absol and not Hazel and friends,” I joked.
    “Yep! We were worried that you wouldn’t wake up. I’m Absie, by the way, “ A female Absol said.
    “You were in our dream!” Soul said.
    “Yeah. Weren’t you scared?”
    “Of who, the Obsidian Umbreon? No WAY! That’s why I was cracking up.”
    “Oh,” Soul and I chorused.
    “You’re gonna be late for dinner! Come on, guys!” Meg called from the hallway.
    “Coming!” everyone filed out of the room. I got up to follow them, but Soul stopped me.
    “Heart, why do you think that we passed out? Why do you have visions every five seconds? Is it because something wants us to see these things? Or is it something different?” he asked
    “Soul, I have something to tell you. You know how the Obsidian Umbreon jumped off a cliff when she was an Eevee, and she evolved into an Umbreon? You read the Book of Hope, and saw how Raichu noted every bit of kindness she had had before was gone? Well, that was because, when she evolved, her… spirit, I guess, split into two beings. One of those beings evolved into Umbreon. That was the cruel being. And the other… the good part of her spirit… stayed an Eevee… her fur turned gold… and she washed up on a beach, where you found her. I am part of the Obsidian Umbreon. In a way, we are one Pokemon.”
    “What? No! I can’t believe that! You and her… but it makes sense.” A look of confusion was spread on his face. “When you first met Raichu, I could sense you were terrified, when you had no reason to be. You seem to know more about her plans than she does, and are able to warn us of them. Heart… You’re one of the nicest Pokemon I have ever met. You aren’t evil, Heart. I believe you.” Soul said.
    “Thank you, Soul.”
    “No, Heart, thank you. You answered my questions about why you have visions. Now I need to get something to eat before I faint again.” He joked.
    “Good idea!” I laughed. We walked to the cafeteria for another delicious dinner of fried Rawst Berries.
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!

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    Default Re: A Future of Darkness

    Chapter Six

    “Heart, Soul, are you in there?” We had finished dinner and retired to our rooms for the night. Now, Creampuff was calling us.
    “Yeah, we’re in here!” Soul called.
    “I’m not… interrupting anything… am I?” She asked.
    I stomped to the door and opened it.
    “No you are not. But I’m curious as to why you are here this late at night, anyways?” I said, my voice coldly formal.
    Raichu and Sol stood behind her, as well as Meg and Brendan.
    “We’re having a meeting, but our private rooms are not… private anymore.” A Skitty mewed. Even though she was wearing a stylish pair of glasses and had a bag over her shoulders, I recognized her as Creampuff, one of the Skitty that had been with Hazel before the attack. Primrose, the other Skitty we had met was there too, carrying a large map.
    “Well don’t just stand there, come in!” I said, stepping out of the way. The seven Pokemon filed past me into my room. Soul was placing pillows on the floor around a low table for our guests to use as chairs.
    “Do we need to leave?” I asked.
    “Nope! Actually, we want you in on this meeting too!” Creampuff sang. I closed the door and we all sat down at the table.
    “Ok, everyone, let’s get down to business. Today is November the First, and approximately a month from now we will launch an attack on the Obsidian Umbreon’s fortress.” Raichu began. “We will have seven different mass attack units of fifty Pokemon each, and ten different hit-and-run units, consisting of fifteen Pokemon each. We will also have two spy units consisting of our most elite battlers. The seven mass attack units will be led by either a Delcatty or a Meganium. Meg, Hazel, you can put those together, but I would like them to be half Grass-type and half Normal-type.”
    The two Pokemon nodded.
    “Next, the hit-and-run units. Sol, we would like one Absol on each hit-and-run unit so we know where to hit and when to run”
    “Sir, with all due respect, my warriors would do far better on the spy teams…” Sol said.
    “Yes, Sol, I understand. This will only take ten Absol, leaving five and yourself to be on a spy team. And to finish, I would also like a Chansey on each hit-and-run team, just in case. The other Pokemon in those units will be small, fast, first-evolution Pokemon. Now for the spy teams. This is where we come in. I shall lead one, with Hazel, Meg, Brendan, Creampuff, Primrose, Heart, and Soul. The other shall be the remaining Absol, lead by Sol himself.”
    Sol nodded. “I like that plan.”
    “Good, as we have a month to train for the attack. The training will start tomorrow. I’ll give you more details then. Ok, then, Primrose, if you would please unroll the map.” Raichu said.
    Primrose heaved the map onto the table and unrolled it.
    “Sol, you take over.” Raichu told the Disaster Pokemon.
    “Very well, then. This is a map that I created after several years of spying in the Obsidian Umbreon’s fortress. We will launch our first attack at the main gates, right where they suspect it…” Sol went on, explaining a detailed attack plan. We all nodded. The plan was perfect. Foolproof.

    Later that night, I lay awake, staring at the ceiling. After a little while I walked over to the window and jumped onto the windowsill. The sky was perfectly clear, and a golden moon hung above the treetops. I looked at it and sighed. The amount of responsibility that had been placed on our heads during the meeting was unbelievable. We had a hard month ahead of us.
    “Can’t sleep?” Soul’s voice came from behind me. I almost jumped out of the window.
    “Sheesh, you scared me! No, I can’t.” I said
    Soul jumped up onto the windowsill beside me.
    “What a beautiful sky.” He said.
    “Yeah. It’s like the calm before the storm. Everything is clear, perfect, and then BANG! The storm comes out of nowhere!”
    “Yeah. You know, this reminds me of the night I found you on the beach. It was calm, just like this, and then there was a bright flash from the ocean. I found you, and the next thing I knew, there was a Honchkrow knocking on my door.” Soul chuckled. “Not that I minded, with a pretty Eevee like you with me.”
    I blushed and gently bumped his shoulder with mine.
    “You can be awfully silly sometimes.” I said quietly.
    “So can you,” Soul kissed me gently on the cheek before jumping off the windowsill and walking back to his bed.
    “See you in the morning, Heart,” he murmured.
    “G-good night.” I watched him as he curled up on his bed and fell asleep. I looked back out the window, wondering what this feeling meant.
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!

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    Chapter Seven

    We ran through the darkness,
    Something was after us, something bad.
    “Look out, Heart!” Soul cried.
    He tripped over an icicle and fell down.
    I wanted to help him, but my paws wouldn’t stop moving.
    “Soul!” I shouted.
    Soul got up, but a wall of darkness covered him.
    He absorbed the darkness.
    I was finally able to stop my paws.
    When the darkness was gone, Soul stood there quivering.
    Then he snarled and lunged at me.
    I couldn’t move.
    I had been betrayed by my closest friend.

    “Heart, wake up! Heart!”
    “Huh…? Wha… Wha’s goin’ on?” I mumbled.
    “You were shouting in your sleep.” Soul said.
    “I was?” I muttered.
    “Yeah, you were shouting my name…” he said, blushing.
    “Oh,” I said as I remembered the nightmare.
    ‘What time is it?” I asked.
    “It’s early, Heart. You should go back to sleep.” Soul said.
    “Ok. Hey, Soul, thanks for waking me up.”
    “Yeah, sure.” Soul curled up and went back to sleep.
    “Oh, Arceus, why do I have these dreams?” I grumbled. I rolled onto my back trying to get comfortable. I dozed off just as the sun rose.

    “Ok, up and at ‘em, lazy bums! It’s a bright day, and you two are two hours late for training!” Creampuff burst into our quarters at 11:30 the next morning.
    “Did you stay up all night or something? I can’t believe you’re still asleep!” the hyperactive Skitty dumped Soul out of his bed, and then she came over to me.
    “Come on, lazy! We’ve got work--” I used an Ice Beam in her face, effectively stopping her cheery wake-up call. Creampuff tipped over from the extra weight on her head. Her legs waved uselessly in the air as she tried to right herself. Soul chuckled as he walked up beside me. We watched Creampuff struggle for a bit before we decided to have mercy on her. I broke the ice on her head with an Iron Tail.
    “-to do…” she groaned finishing her sentence.
    “Come on, let’s go. Up to the roof, now!” her attitude had changed drastically, and her ears lay flat against her head. She wiped her glasses off on a towel before returning them to her face.
    “Eevee first.” She growled, ushering us out of our room. We walked down a hallway and up several flights of stairs. When we reached the roof, everyone else was training. Sol and Hazel were engaged in what looked like a dance that involved slashing and biting. Primrose was Blizzarding the crap out of Meg and Brendan, and Raichu was practicing his Iron Tail on a rock.
    “I found them. They were still asleep.” Creampuff said. Everyone stopped battling and turned to look at us.
    “What took you so long, sis?” Primrose asked.
    “Heart froze my head,” she replied. She walked up to a rock and blasted it with a close rang Solar Beam.
    “Do you feel better now, sis?” Primrose laughed.
    “Yeah, I do.” Just like that, Creampuff was back to her normal self.
    “Anyways, we need to get training. Creampuff, Primrose, you two battle Heart and Soul. Meg, Brendan, battle each other. Hazel, Sol…” Raichu trailed off. Sol and Hazel had returned to their graceful battling. “Never mind.” Raichu said.

    The harsh training went on for a couple of weeks. Soul and I learned to work as a team. Together, we were unstoppable. Creampuff and Primrose had learned a Dig/Thunder combination that was great for stealth missions. Meg and Brendan had both learned Frenzy Plant, and had trained so they could perform moves immediately after using Frenzy Plant without needing recharge time. Hazel and Sol could be seen battling almost everywhere, their vicious dance never seeming to end. The other Pokemon were trained for their units. All was well.
    It was November the Twenty-Ninth, three days before we attack the Obsidian Umbreon’s fortress. Soul and I were battling Raichu on the roof when the news arrived. The five Absol that had been training for Sol’s spy unit had been killed by a rouge Parasect. Their bodies had been found in a valley near the Obsidian Umbreon’s home by the Bayleef twins Bay and Leaf. A trio of Chansey led by the twins raced out to gather the Absols’ bodies and bring them back.
    When Sol saw the bodies in the infirmary, he cried in anguish.
    “No! My friends… My allies… my…my daughter…” He cried.
    “Your daughter?” Soul and I chorused.
    “Yes. Absie was the only thing I had left… and now she’s gone…” Sol turned and ran into the forest.
    “Sol, wait!” Soul cried.
    “Let him go,” Hazel’s voice was husky with sorrow. “He needs time alone.”
    We looked at the Absols’ bodies sadly. I recognized Absie among them. Except for a scorch mark along one side of her body, she seemed unharmed.
    “Chansey… Can I … touch her?” I asked.
    The Chansey nodded. I reached forward and stroked her head fur brushing it out of her eyes. Something was wrong with this picture. Her eyes were not glazed in death. They were alive with panic. I placed a paw on the gray oval on her forehead and closed my eyes.

    A flash of light
    Pain pain ouch hurts
    Pain too much pain
    Make it STOP

    “She’s alive!” I shouted.
    “What?” the Chansey asked. “But- Oh my! She is alive, alive, alive! Quick! We must help her, help help help her! Quick, Rawst Berry salve, Cheri Berry salve, Pecha Berry salve, Sitrus-Oran juice, Chesto Berry tonic, quick, quick, quick!” she sang.
    The infirmary immediately became a place of organized chaos. The three Chansey gathered the supplies needed and went to work. I placed my paw on Absie’s forehead and closed my eyes again.

    Pain hurt
    Less pain
    Cool relief
    Side numb
    Sleep now

    “She’s falling asleep!” Chansey said.
    “Let her; she needs the rest,” I said. I closed my eyes one final time and listened.

    “Papa? What’s going on?”
    “We have to go. An evil Pokemon is after us.”
    “It wants us to join its dark army.”
    “But I don’t want to leave!”
    “Neither do I, Absie, but we have to go.”
    “Ok. I’ll go get Solana and Abyss!”
    “Tell them to bring only what is necessary, Absie. We have twenty minutes.”
    “Solana! Abyss! Where are you two? Solana?”
    “We’re in here, Absie. Don’t bother us.”
    “Papa says we have to leave.”
    “Why does he say that, Siesie?”
    “He says that there’s an evil Pokemon hunting us, and we have twenty minutes to leave.”
    “Absie, stop making things up.”
    “Go away, Absie”
    “Bug someone else.”
    “But I’m not making this up! Papa said-”
    “Yeah, yeah. Now leave us alone, we’re getting packed.”
    “Papa, they didn’t…”
    “Absie. Get your mother and your siblings. Run.”
    “GO, NOW!”
    “Yes, I know, Absie. SOLANA! ABYSS!”
    “What’s wrong, Mom? Is Absie bugging you?”
    “No. We have to leave now.”
    “Mom, I can’t believe you’re playing along with Absie.”
    “What’s going on?”
    “You heard your father, run!”
    “Just go! Take care of Absie!”
    “Mama, don’t go!”
    “Come on, Absie, we have to hurry!”
    “So do you believe me now? No! I’m staying with Mama and Papa and helping them!”
    “Absie, wait!”
    “Absie! What are you doing here?”
    “Helping you, Mama.”
    “Go with your siblings, now!”
    “I won’t leave you, Mama!”
    “So you are a loyal one,”
    “Who are you?”
    “I am the Obsidian Umbreon. You will be one of my greatest warriors.”
    “No! You can’t make me!”
    “Oh, I think you’ll find that I can!”
    “Absie, no! AHH!”
    “Abi! Darling…”
    “Sol… Help… Absie…”
    “Look out!”
    “Papa, behind you!”
    “Abyss! No!”
    “Absie… get her free…”
    “Now, papa,”
    “That is enough of that!”
    “No! I refuse to listen to you! You killed my family… Papa’s the only one left…”
    “Your family was weak, Absie. You are strong.”
    “Yes. I am strong. Strong against YOU! HYAAGH!”
    “What… power is this…no… I can’t… this darkness…is unfamiliar…”
    “Papa! Mama! Solana! Abyss!”
    “Absie… Solana, Abyss, and your mama are dead…”
    “Papa… they saved you.”
    “I did not deserve to be saved. It should be me lying on the ground instead of them.”
    “Papa… Let’s bury them before that Umbreon gets back.”
    “…yes. That is what we must do.”
    “Now come, Absie. We have to get out of here.”
    “Ok, Papa.”
    “We are safe. For now.”

    After learning that Absie lived, Hazel had run off into the woods in search of Sol to tell him the news. The Chansey had performed tests on the other Absol, but their injuries were worse, and there was no hope for them. They were buried later that day.
    By the time Hazel had found Sol, Absie had woken up and was able to limp to the door to greet her father. After a tearful reunion and a delicious dinner, everyone went to bed.
    Once again, I lay awake staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep; I was too restless. I looked over at Soul’s bed. He was laying on his back snoring. I chuckled to myself and walked to the window. As I looked out at the sky, I heard a hoarse voice coming from my left. I turned to look and saw Absie leaning out the window. When she saw me, she grinned.
    “I felt you in my mind,” she said.
    “What?” I asked.
    “When you were listening to my memories, I felt you in my mind. But it was like I had a true friend there, someone who mattered. I was able to walk those memories without fear. So I just wanted to say thank you.”
    “You’re welcome. But, Absie, how did you know it was me?”
    “I could feel a little bit of what was on your mind, too. I mean, who else in this place is the Obsidian Umbreon?”
    “You found that out?”
    “Yeah. But hey, I know her. You aren’t her.”
    “Can you not tell anyone? I think people would freak if they found out.”
    “Soul knows. I know. And I won’t tell anyone else.”
    “Thank you, Absie.”
    “Hey, no problem!”
    “Absie, you need to sleep.”
    “Yeah, I know. Good night. May your Heart ever shine into the darkness, and may your Soul ever call you back.”
    “Good night, Absie.”
    I turned and walked back to my bed. It felt like a load had been taken off my shoulders. I was exhausted. As I dozed off, a stray thought popped into my head.
    (Does she know I have a crush on Soul?)
    A special thank-you to the following Pokemon:
    Creampuff, my loyal Delcatty
    Rani, my powerful Lapras
    Cloud, my electrifying Ampharos
    My amazing Snorlax
    Allura, my Special-sweeper Ho-oh
    and last but definitely not least,
    Fluffball,my WONDERFUL Meganium
    Pokemon wouldn't be the same without you!!!


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