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Thread: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

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    Default A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    At a space lab, a couple were undergoing an experiment where they
    were placed inside a booth with the door locked. Outside was
    a technical worker outside with the computer ready to go.

    "Justine are you ready?"
    "Keven are you ready too?"
    "We are ready and waiting Dr. Reynolds! Push the button."

    Reynolds was still downloading what he would need to get this
    right. But by mistake he got the wrong program and pushed
    the enter key on the computer.

    "What is happening to us?"

    The couple turned a light purple and vanished from Reynold's sight.
    Justine closed her eyes and so did Keven. Justine screamed into
    Keven's chest while she held him and the tingle feeling stopped.
    They both opened their eyes to find themselves in a cave like
    setting with a ruined temple inside. Justine found herself sitting
    on a rock or a stump. So was Keven. She looked around and
    saw a group of people that had on space suits that were different
    than what they were used to and heard an evil laugh come from
    the leader of the group.

    "Will you look at that! Where are we?"

    Soon Justine looked and saw a tall woman with long blonde hair
    past her knees wearing a pant suit, an elderly gentleman, and
    a young girl that looked ten with long black hair up in a white cap
    and knee boots with a blue like creature in her arms. She looked
    at the tall blonde and got her attention.

    "Excuse me, where am I?"
    "You are on Mt. Coronet and I'm Cynthia. Who are you?"
    "My name is Justine and this is my husband Keven."
    "How do you do! "
    "What is happening here?"
    "There is a group here that call themselves Team Galactic. Their
    boss Cyrus is ready to use a red chain to call Palkia and Dialga."
    "Palkia and Dialga? I guess I will find out if I wait."

    About that time Cyrus gave out another evil laugh and threw
    two chains up in the air and they stayed on two pillars as
    the two dragons appeared.

    "What beautiful creatures Keven!"
    Cyrus shouted. "This is wonderful! My new universe is about to
    be created! Palkia the ruler of space! Dialga the ruler of time!
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

    The two dragons hissed and roared at Cyrus with their eyes
    filled with anger and pain from the chains. Soon a tremendus
    earthquake rumbled and almost knocked Justine off this stump
    she sat on. Then they saw another awesome sight when a
    shadow came up from the ground that reached out and grabbed
    Cyrus and took him with it.

    "Doesn't he know that's against the law to torchure any animal
    or creature?"
    Justine stood up in protest.
    "Which one is Palkia?"
    Cynthia smiled as she looked at Justine.
    "Palkia is the one thats purple and lavender colors and Dialga is
    the blue one."
    "What beautiful creatures! Palkia and Dialga I'm on your side."
    "Justine I forgot! You need pokemon to protect you here from
    other pokemon and people like that."
    "Pokemon? Oh! I'm sorry. I came from a place called Florida
    and I work for a space company. I was an astronaut about
    three years ago. Since I heard that Palkia controls space, I study
    astronomy constantly."
    About that time Justine walked up to the ten year old girl and
    smiled wearing her shuttle suit that was red.
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "Hello my name is Dawn and what is yours?"
    "I'm Justine and I just arrived here by mistake and it seems
    like I got here just in time. I hope that other one had
    Cyrus for lunch! Those beautiful dragons didn't need to be
    torchured or provoked like that. Where I'm from, that is
    against the law. Who is your little buddy you're holding?"

    "Oh! This is Piplip. Ash will be here shortly with Picachu."

    "They say the blue one is the master of time. It probably
    even time travels. Now that would be neat if Dialga did
    time travel, and Palkia space travels which I only got my
    ankles wet on that one myself. I used to be an astronaut."
    "An astronaut? Cool!"

    Justine looked up at the two and walked up to them and
    smiled. Palkia and Dialga looked down and saw Justine
    in tears.

    "Cynthia, does anyone know how to get those chains off
    of those beautiful creatures. The sight of them in those
    chains are breaking my heart. Okay Palkia and Dialga
    don't fear I'm on your side and I want to be a good
    friend to you."

    Cynthia had her Garchump to jump up and use dragon
    claw and snapped the chains apart. The two deities
    landed on their feet. Dawn had the three lake spirit
    pokemon to calm the two down so that Justine could
    have a real close look and she touched them gently.
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "Everything will be all right now. I'm on your side.
    Palkia, since you rule space I study it as an
    astronomer and astronaut. Dialga you are also just
    as special since you rule time. Do you know that
    when it's night time here the sun is shining on the
    other side of this world? That's what I know about
    time and it takes either a clock or watch to measure
    the hours and minutes of time."

    Justine petted Dialga and he responded like a horse
    that was getting it's neck rubbed. Palkia responded
    like a cat getting it chin rubbed when Justine touched
    one of it's tusk shaped like sideburns. Dialga's neck
    was as smooth as baby skin when touched and
    Palkia's neck was smooth as silk. An elderly looking
    gentleman walked up to Justine with a smile.

    "Do you have any pokemon? My name is Professer
    Rowan. I study the evolution of pokemon. I will
    give you two pokeballs to catch those two pokemon.
    I will catch one of them to show how to catch pokemon."

    "Hello, I'm Justine. Okay show me what to do."

    "Justine, it seems like Palkia and Dialga has taken up with
    you and want to be your friend and pokemon. If some
    one challenges you with their pokemon, you can let one
    of these out and battle."

    "Dr. Rowan, is there a place where I can learn about these
    creatures? I'm really interested in them now."

    "Of course! You will have to go to Jubilife City where there
    is a school there. I've been with pokemon for sixty years."

    "Bless your heart! I've been studying the heavens since
    college and now I'm a former astronaut who rode a
    space shuttle. You should have seen me with my space
    suit on. I looked like Palkia without a face."

    Pro. Rowan pressed a button on one of the balls and Dialga
    went right in and the ball clicked shut.

    "Now justine, I want you to catch Palkia with a master ball.
    Aim it at Palkia and push the button. Congradulations!
    You just cought your first pokemon!"

    "Oh wow! What should I do with these two?"

    "Justine you are now their trainer and master. Give them
    time and they will bond with you and get very close."

    "Thank you Dr. Rowan. Keven, we need to find a place to
    make camp. It's too cold here."

    "I will take you where there's a big open space for you two
    so Palkia and Dialga can get use to you. Hop into my jeep
    and I will take you there."

    "Thank you Cynthia."
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    looking good, interested to see more :D

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    Thank you Eternal Fire! I just made this one up. I"m adding more to this story. I like it too.
    Here's some more of the story.

    Cynthia dropped the couple off at the lake near
    Twinleaf Town to make camp there. It wasn't
    long until Palkia and Dialga were let out of
    their master balls.

    "Hello Palkia and Dialga! We're camping here
    for the night. You two are so beautiful in those
    colors and your light as you are glowing."

    Justine walked up to Palkia and reached out as if
    she wanted to hug it with her hands reached up
    and touched it's hand.

    "I heard you control space and Dialga controls
    time. Palkia you and I have something in common in
    in that respect. You control space and I study space
    as an astronomer and a former astronaut."

    Palkia reached over and laid her chin on Justine's
    shoulder after Palkia got into it's sleeping position.
    Since Palkia was pink and red Justine considered
    the dragon to be a girl.

    "Aw that's a nice girl. Have yourself a nice rest
    for you and Dialga might be tired."

    Justine felt of Palkia's tusk and it felt like smooth
    rubber. She went over to pet Dialga and it also
    responded by laying it's head on her shoulder.

    "Dialga they say you control time. I'm wearing a
    device that counts time. Where I'm from it's
    eight o'clock. This is a watch that counts hours,
    minutes, and has a date on it to tell me what
    day it is. I see Oct,25,2011. You're a big sweety
    like Palkia. Find yourself a place to rest for you
    might be tired. We will have a big day tomorrow.
    I need to get used to being a trainer instead of
    being the trainee."

    They both nodded and Dialga got into it's sleeping
    position. Since Dialga looked like it did, Justine
    considered Dialga to be a boy.

    "Good boy! Good night you two."

    Justine went back to her husband and hugged him
    with a kiss and he did the same with her. As the
    campfire was burning to keep them warm, Keven
    got out his harmonica and played a nice tune of
    Home on the Range.

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    Palkia and Dialga raised their heads and listened
    to the music they never heard before. Palkia
    looked at Dialga and yawned which made Dialga
    yawn real big. They looked at each other
    and laid back down and went to sleep as if the
    music was a lullaby. Justine looked at Keven
    and smiled.

    "I forgot to tell you something before we were
    transfered. I'm expecting!"

    "What! Are you sure? That's great! We will
    need to find a place where you can have your
    baby. This will be interesting."

    "You're right and we will have to take these two
    somewhere in case they get hurt or get sick.
    The two dragons look like kids sleeping. You know,
    even though we have been with these beautiful
    two, I've all ready grown attached to them as if
    they were our kids. Isn't that strange?"

    "I know you loved your pets back home but these two
    are huge ones. I just wonder how you train them and
    what do you train them for? We need to get some
    good sleep too. Good night Justine. Good night Palkia
    and Dialga." He kissed her good night and they went
    to sleep."

    Next day Justine was awakened by Palkia licking her on
    her face and Keven was licked on the face by Dialga.

    "Good morning! Oh Palkia that was sweet of you to wake me up.
    You too Dialga. Keven get up we need to find something for
    breakfast. We are all hungry as it seems."

    "What do they eat here? We don't have anything but coffee.
    All we have is what's in our backpacks."

    "Let's go to the next town and see what we can find."

    About that time Ash, Dawn, and Broch showed up with Pikachau
    and Piplip.

    "Hello again! My name is Dawn, this is Ash Ketchum, and this
    is Broch."

    "How do you do? I'm Justine and this is Keven."

    "I came here with Ash and Piplip to show you around
    these places. I just got news from Pro. Rowan and
    Cynthia about you. I'm here to show you the ropes
    of being a pokemon trainer. Let me demonstrate how
    to recapture what you all ready cought."

    Dawn gets out a pokeball to let out Bunery.

    "Do you see that my pokemon is out of her ball?
    Watch this! "BUNERY RETURN" "

    Dawn pushed the button on the red and white
    ball and the bunny went back in it's ball.

    "Okay I'll give it a shot. Palkia, Dialga return!"

    Justine pushed the buttons on their master balls
    and the two big dragons returned to their balls.

    "I did it! Where do you get supplies? I will probably
    need a lot of things including food for these two
    big guys and us."

    "Okay I will show you."

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    After Justine and Keven gathered their things and left
    their tent they camped in, the three preteens walked
    and took them to Sandgem Town to meet Professer
    Rowan again.

    "Hello Justine! This is my lab and I have something here
    to help you out with your stay and journey here in
    Sinnoh. I hope you enjoy being here. I also have a
    bag for you to carry all of your needs in including some
    more pokeballs. You will have to go to jublife city to
    learn about different pokemon. I know that this school
    will be full of kids but you still need to learn about these
    creatures called pokemon. You all ready have two that
    were considered years ago to be deities. Now you are
    their master and trainer. I wish you good luck!"

    "Thank you Dr. Rowan, I will give this my best shot."

    On their way to Jubilife City, Dawn showed where the
    Pokemon center was and had her to heal Palkia and
    Dialga there for practice in case she needed them
    healed and showed them the Pokemart where they
    could buy supplies and more Pokeballs. Justine and
    Keven's stomach started to grawl.

    "Do you know of a restaurant here or a place to buy
    groceries and food?"

    "Sure Broch will make us some lunch after he buys
    some more supplles. I think we could use some
    lunch about now. Do you like sushi or would you
    rather have rice noodles? We do have it in that
    style. What is your favoriate dish?"

    "I prefer salads with everything in them. Do you
    have a salad bar somewhere?"

    "I believe there is a cafe outside somewhere but
    since your pokemon are so big, we will eat dinner
    that Broch makes and we will help you get some
    pokemon food for them. I will give you five
    poffins to see which of those the might like."
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    They went back to the tent so that Palkia
    and Dialga could be let out from their
    master balls. But, on the way back Justine
    was surprised by a starly. She opened up
    one of red and white balls and the little
    starly went right in and the ball clicked shut.

    "I forgot to tell you, you need to go to a gym
    leader and get yourself a badge before you can
    get certain things. I have all eight and I'm also
    a Champion."

    Dawn opened up her badge collection and showed
    Justine and gave Justine a map of the Sinnoh
    region to find where to go and where all the towns
    and cities were.

    "I have a badge too but it's from the space program
    that I'm from. Let me call Palkia. Palkia come here!"

    Palkia came right to Justine with a roar as if it was

    "Palkia, do you see this badge I'm wearing? As of
    today I consider it a badge just for you since it's
    a space shuttle. How about that?"

    Palkia nodded and laid her head on Justine's shoulder
    and minimized herself small enough to be seven foot
    tall and so did Dialga.

    "I love you too big girl! You too Dialga. You two are
    remind me of two big kids. I wonder what flavors you
    like best. I will try a hot one first Palkia."

    Palkia ate the hot poffin and ran to the lake and had a
    big drink and shook her head."

    "Too hot for you? Okay, let's try a dry one."

    Palkia ate the poffin to hear it crunch in her mouth from
    being so dry. She shook her head again.

    "Too dry? Okay, how about a sweet one?"

    Palkia ate the sweet poffin and layed her head on
    Justine's shoulder.

    "I take that as a yes that you like it sweet. Okay
    from now on your food will be sweet. Now we need
    to see what Dialga likes. Go play with some of the
    other pokemon."

    Palkia went and laid down close to where the other
    pokemon were playing. Pikachau and Piplip jumped
    upon her shoulder when Justine called for Dialga.

    "Dialga come here!"

    Dialga came to her with a dinosaur like roar and nudged
    her on the neck like a horse.

    "Let me see what flavors you like. First I will try a hot one.:

    Dialga ate the hot poffin and ran straight for the lake to drink
    some water. It shook it's head throwing water everywhere.

    "Too hot? How about a sour one?"

    Justine gave Dialga a sour poffin and he made a face with one
    eye closed and got some more water.

    "Too sour? Let's try a dry one."

    Justine gave Dialga a dry poffin and he heard it crunch hard
    in his mouth and roared like it hurt it's mouth.

    "Too dry? Let's try a sweet one this time. I'll get it right sooner
    or later."

    Justine gave Dialga a sweet poffin and it nodded it's head and
    licked her face.

    "I take that as a yes! What a sweet boy! Now go over where
    Palkia is and play with the other pokemon. Okay, I love you
    two since you also like to lay your head on my shoulder.
    You are both sweet."

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    As everyone ate and the pokemon were playing the
    water in the middle of the lake began to bubble up
    like as if it were boiling and soon a whirlpool started
    to spin. Palkia and Dialga looked up and grawled as
    they stood back up as if to get ready for a battle.
    Then a really big ghostly figure came up from the
    whirlpool and Ash called it's name.


    Justine and Keven looked puzzled at each other and
    looked at this twenty two foot monster that appeared
    as a big six legged dinosaur like dragon with six
    legs and black wings that looked torn with six red
    tenticles on the end. It went toward Palkia and Dialga
    and stopped. It then turned it's head to spit up
    pieces of a body which were bones. Justine and
    Dawn screamed and held on to Keven and Ash.
    Palkia gave out a roar and so did Dialga as if they
    were talking to it and knew it. Justine walked
    up to Giratina between Palkia and Dialga.

    "So you are Giratina. Huh? Just like these two
    you are so huge and beautiful. I don't want to
    battle you right now I'd rather make friends with
    you since I'm their new dragon master and trainer.
    Would you like to join these two and form a team
    and family with me and Keven?"

    Giratina nodded as it looked at Palkia and spoke as
    it reached down for Justine to rub the side of it's
    neck and it's crown felt like pure gold and was really
    smooth and it purred like a big cat.

    "Oh my goodness I found another one who likes it's
    chin rubbed. Was that Cyrus you spat out?"

    Giratina nodded it's head again and purred again
    with a deep growl.

    "I will have to catch you in a master ball and let
    you out again. Is that okay?"

    Justine got out another master ball and pushed
    the button on the top and Giratina went in and
    the ball clicked shut. She then raised the ball
    up and kissed it like she did with Palkia and
    Dialga when they were cought.
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "Good catch! What do you want me to do with
    those bones?"

    Justine handed Keven the master ball and ran
    somewhere to throw up being totally grossed
    out from the sight.

    "What is wrong with Justine? I saw her grab
    her mouth and ran somewhere. Does she have
    a problem with the sight of blood or things like

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "We might as well get used to her not being well
    for she is in a family way. She told me last night
    that she was expecting and she wanted to see it
    through between me and her. But, I think that
    she should either see a nurse or doctor to make
    sure that she is that way. She's wanted a child
    every since we married and that's been for
    five years. I hope she is that way. Just like she
    is with Palkia and Dialga here, when I got her
    a cat, she treats it just like a baby. I notice she
    babies Palkia and Dialga like they were her big kids."

    "Oh that's great! I treat Piplip like it's my baby but
    I still train him like a pokemon."

    "Thank you Dawn. The sight of Giratina spitting up
    those human bones almost turned my stomach.
    That was nasty!"

    Keven let Giratina out of it's ball and gave a command.

    "Giratina! Take those bones you spat up and hide
    those things. That looks like a murder scene.
    Plus you made my wife very sick when you did that
    and almost turned my stomach. As your first command
    clean up your mess!"

    Giratina let out a deep roar and buried the bones in the
    lake to not be found. Justine came back and scolded
    Giratina rubbing her upset stomach.

    "Giratina, don't you ever do that anymore. That was
    really mean. You spiting up those bones made me
    very sick. You don't see Palkia and Dialga doing that.
    I want you to behave from now on. Is that clear?"

    Giratina shook it's head in remorse. It looked up when
    it felt Justine rub it's neck and chin.
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "Aw, that's all right. I've been queezy for the last
    few days. I'm going to be a mom and I need to
    get used of an upset stomach once in a while.
    I can't stay angry for long. You are now a part of
    Palkia and Dialga's team again. You are so pretty
    and big! Dawn, is there a place where I can be
    checked to make sure that I will be a mom?"

    "Sure! We can walk to the Pokemon Center to talk
    to Nurse Joy. She does all the doctoring here."

    "Well let's go then! Giratina, return! Palkia return!
    Dialga, return! Starly and Bibarel, return! I can't
    wait to meet Nurse Joy."

    They walked to Sandgem Town to visit Nurse Joy
    at the Pokemon Center. On their way a Shinx
    jumped up and suprised Justine and justine reached
    for a red and white ball and clicked the button and
    cought it. Keven looked at Justine and smiled.

    "It looks like you got yourself a cat this time!
    Will you give it a name this time? Back home
    you had one named Prettygirl."

    "Okay I will name this one Prettygirl since it's
    a cat. This one looks like a lion cub. Dawn,
    how old are you now. I know that when I first
    saw you, you looked to be at least ten. You do
    look a bit more mature now."

    "I'm thirteen now. I will also take you to Jubilife
    City to get a poketch watch. You need one after
    all of your work on your training of your pokemon.
    You don't have one yet. I have one and that's
    what they look like. They are something like a
    watch that let's you keep check on your pokemon."

    "Thank you! I'm twenty four now and I've been
    trying to become a mom for the last five years."

    About that time they were in front of a building with
    a red roof that looked like a breadbox.

    "What a cute building! Is this the place where Nurse
    Joy works Dawn?"

    "It sure is! Let's go inside so you can talk to her."
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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "Welcome to the Pokemon Center. My name
    is Nurse Joy and may I help you?"

    "Yes you may. I am the one who needs to be
    checked out to see if I'm expecting for sure.
    I've been queezy for the last few day and I
    threw up when it got worse today. Can you
    give me some kind of check up?"

    "Sure! I can give you an exam. Besides just
    pokemon, people need medicine too once in
    a while. I had to help ash with a nightmare
    a few years ago. Come with me to one of the
    rooms. Nurse Day I need you to take over
    until I come back."

    "Okay! I will take care until you come back."

    Nurse joy took Justine to a room with a bed
    in it and some equipment.

    "Okay, I need for you to take your cloths off
    and put on this gawn for me. This will be an

    Nurse Joy checked out her blood pressure first
    then the physical to check out for a future baby
    growing. Then she put on some rubber gloves.

    "Okay I did find something when I listened to
    your lower stomach and found a very fast
    heartbeat. What I'm going to do might be
    painful so hang on to your husband's hand.
    There you go!"

    She reached to feel for any swelling and she
    found it and then used her stethoscope to
    listen and found a tiny heartbeat. She looked
    at Justine and smiled. Nurse Joy had her to
    put her legs up to check her inside and Justine
    squeezed his hand as he gave her a kiss.

    "I love you Justine!"

    "I love you too Keven!"

    "All right now. I will let you get your
    cloths back on and I will talk to you when
    you get to the front desk. So far everything
    seems perfect."

    "Thank you Nurse Joy!"

    When they got the front desk Nurse Joy was

    "Congradulations! You are going to have a
    baby. You feel as if you are all ready about
    three months down there. I will see you
    back in about three months from now.
    I wish you good luck."

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    Justine was crying on her way back and was
    rubbing her stomach. Keven was watching
    her emotions take a roller coaster ride as
    they walked to Jubilife City for another class
    to learn more about pokemon. One little
    girl challenged her with a battle.

    "Starly I choose you!" Justine was shouting.
    "Abra I choose you!" The little girl yelled.

    The battle began. Justine had Starly to use
    wing attack to find that the little bird only
    knew tackle. She switched it out.

    "Palkia I choose you! Use dragon claw!"

    Just with one swipe the Abra was out and
    Palkia won! The little girl paid Justine for

    "What did you pay me for? We just fought
    pokemon as practice."

    "Lady, it's customary for the loser to pay
    the winner for the battle. Your pokemon
    won the battle. So I had to pay you for

    "Okay, thank you. I didn't know about that.
    I should challenge more since that will make
    us enough to live on if I keep it up."

    The little introduced herself.

    "My name is Elicia, what is yours?"

    "My name is Justine Goddard but you
    can call me Justine."

    "Mrs. Goddard, when you switched out
    with your pokemon, the starly will also
    get more strength to grow on. Check
    on your poketch and it will tell you and
    check on their pokeballs to see how
    much they have leveled up. Then you
    can deside which pokemon you want
    to use in a battle."

    "Oh I get it now. Thank you Elicia for
    the information tip. I will try to remember."

    After they left the school Justine was quiet
    and reached to give Keven a kiss. She was
    so happy to hear of the good news.

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    Default Re: A former astronaut meets Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

    "I love you Keven! I can't wait until I can
    tell my pokemon the news. I wonder if they
    would understand? Only one way to find out
    is to take a break and sit down here by the

    She clicked the button on all of the pokemon
    on her team.

    "Palkia, Dialga, Starly, Biberal, and prettygirl,
    Come on out! Giratina come on out!"

    She walked up to the biggest ones first and
    petted them and the rest of them. She hugged
    Palkia and rubbed it's neck.

    "Guess what Palkia! I'm having a baby for sure!
    Oh you are so pretty in that pink and red!"

    Palkia let out a roar as it looked up at the sky
    and raised her hands. Dialga roared too and
    nudged her neck like a horse. Giratina took
    one of it's talens and touched her stomach.
    The starly churped and the shinx rubbed it's
    side on her leg like all cats do and purred.
    About that time Dawn and Ash walked up to
    her and Keven.

    "Well, how did it go? I saw you crying when
    Nurse Joy gave you the news. How are you
    feeling right now?"

    "Great! I couldn't have been happier with the
    results. We're having a baby! Do you see
    Palkia's responce?"

    "Well that awsome! Way to go Justine!"

    Dawn gave her a hi five while Piplip stood
    on one foot and spinned. Palkia still roared for
    joy and so did Dialga.

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