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    Thumbs up Forever Bonded

    Before I begin the story, here are some differences between FB and the anime:

    -Misty and Brock never left after the Orange Islands, they stayed together forever.

    -The characters of May, Dawn, Max, Iris, Cilan, Trip, Tobias, Tyson, Paul, Stephan, Cameron, etc. don't exist.

    -Gary never became a researcher, he went along the same path as Ash so that he won't have to leech off his family name.

    -Ash won the Hoenn league, Gary won the Sinnoh league. They both went to Unova to see who would break the tie, but.... (explained in the story)

    -Ash has all his Pokemon in the anime, in addition to Marshtomp, Torchic, and Piplup. This means that he has all three starters from each region. Cyndaquil does not evolve. He does not own Roggenrola or Buizel, he still has Aipom.

    -TR never got their promotion (though they still do badass things and aren't totally goofy), and Jigglypuff never stopped chasing them.

    -Misty has her original team, plus Surskit, Buizel, Piplup, Alomomola, Shellos, and many other water types. In addition, Togepi evolved into Togetic in Sinnoh and never left.

    -Ash has all his released Pokemon except for Butterfree.

    -Brock has Roggenrola, Cranidos, Lileep, Tirtouga, Archen, Vulpix, Swablu, Eevee, Zweilous, and an unseen Pokemon.

    -The TR VS TP 2 parter happened.

    -Ash is 13, so is Gary and Misty, Brock is 17.

    I think that's about it. Now for the story.


    The Unova league had no winner.

    That was because Team Plasma interrupted it during Ash and Gary's final match, and they had barely even started. The two of them along with Misty and Brock worked together to stop the misguided N, Colress, Angie, and the despicable Ghetsis. In addition to that, they had to stop Team Rocket as well, and not only the trio. After it was all over, N flew away on Zekrom, promising they'd meet again.

    So Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary headed back to Kanto on an airplane. It took a few hours, but they eventually got to Pallet Town. Ash ran towards his house, eager to see his mom.

    "Looks like Ash can't wait to see his mom." Brock said.

    "Can you blame him?" Asked Misty.

    Delia , Professor Oak, and Tracey came out.

    "Ash sweetie!" Delia cried, hugging him.

    "Mom! Not in front of them..." Ash moaned, and the rest of them laughed.

    "So Ash! How was Unova?" Asked Professor Oak.

    "It was great!" Ash answered.

    "Who won the league?" Asked Tracey. He didn't watch the Unova league on TV.

    "Nobody, it got cut short, so there was no winner."Ash said.


    "We all know I would have won!" Cackled a voice from behind. In all the commotion, they had completely forgotten about him. It was Gary.

    "Gary!" His grandpa said. "How many Pokemon have you caught now?"

    "I caught over 460." He smirked, shocking them. Before they could respond, he said, "I'm off to Kalos! Smell ya later!" He left.

    "Kalos? Huh?" Asked Ash.

    "It's a new region, not too far from here. Not many new Pokemon have been discovered yet, it's mainly consisted of Pokemon from the regions you've been too, but more and more are being discovered!" Professor Oak answered.

    Delia looked sad that her son was leaving again, but forced a smile. "Food's ready!"

    After lunch, Ash headed off the door.

    "Wait, don't forget your clean underwear!" Delia reminded him.

    "Mom! I'm 13!" He shouted. Everyone laughed at him.


    The boat ride to Kalos hadn't taken more than a few hours, and Ash and his friends got off the boat.

    "Well, guys ready to take on Kalos?" Ash asked. Pikachu, Togetic, Azurill, Misty and Brock all nodded in affirmative.

    "Okay, let's go!"


    "Ash, wait up!" They all yelled.

    Chapter one ends here
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    Default Re: Forever Bonded

    Chapter 2: New Rivals and New Friends


    "This is Luminose City,", Brock was explaining to his friends. "It's where new trainers start off."

    "I remember when I was a starting trainer in Pallet Town." Ash reminisced. "It's how I ended up with Pikachu."


    Brock held out a map and led them to the lab, where three people were looking at three Pokeballs. A short orange-haired boy had just given them a Pokedex, and was now telling them about the starters.

    "That's the professor?" Ash asked.

    "He must be filling in." Answered Misty.

    "Serena, Shauna, Tierno, have you three decided which one you want?" The boy asked, adjusting his camera.

    "Yes, Trevor, I want Chespin!" Shauna said eagerly, opening her ball to reveal the grass type.

    "Fennekin for me," Serena did the same thing as Shauna.

    "Froakie!" Tierno opened his, and now the three starters were in front of the kids. Trevor snapped a few pictures of the six as Ash scanned the three of them.

    "Protective bubbles? That's so cool!" Misty gushed, referring to Froakie. This got their attention.

    "Hi. We just came here from Kanto." Brock stated.

    "You three in the mood for a battle?" Asked Shauna.

    "Of course!" Answered Ash.

    "Okay, but don't be surprised when we beat you." Serena said cockily.


    "The battle between Shauna, Serena and Tierno vs Ash, Misty and Brock will now begin!" Trevor said. The three Kalos starters rushed to the field.

    "Time to show them how Kanto does it. Eevee!" Brock said, sending out the Evolution Pokemon. Misty sent out Horsea, and Ash sent out Bulbasaur.

    "Don't hold back!" Shauna cried. "Chespin, Tackle on Eevee!"

    Ash smiled. "You heard her. Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip on the two others and send them crashing into Chespin!"

    Before anyone else could do a thing, Bulbasaur grabbed both Fennekin and Froakie and threw them into Chespin. They all collapsed in a heap.

    Trevor was flabbergasted. "Those three are all unable to battle, the winners are Ash, Misty and Brock!"

    Misty and Brock frowned at Ash, who laughed nervously. Meanwhile, the Kalos trainers recalled their Pokemon in shock. Brock came to them.

    "You three shouldn't be ashamed." He said. "Ash has been traveling for about three years now. Also, he was just as inexperienced as you are now, if not moreso."

    "Hey!" Complained Ash, but Misty stepped on his foot.

    "It was only through practice, time, work, and most of all love and trust for his Pokemon that he got where he is now. Ash used to lose quite a lot, and now look! Maybe you could challenge us again when you have at least one badge." Brock suggested, and they cheered up.

    "Thanks, they needed that!" Trevor told him, and he led them away.

    "Ready to see what Kalos has to offer?" Ash asked.

    "Only if you promise never to do that again." Misty said.

    "Do what?" Ash asked, and they both stepped on his foot. "Okay!"


    "The twerp's in Kalos too." A voice said from behind some bushes.

    "Let's grab that Pikachu and give him to the boss!" Jessie suggested.

    "Did you see what he did to those three?" James asked.

    "Yeah, so?" Jessie asked sharply.

    "You remember Casey, right?" James looked at them.

    "James, ya got five...wait, are you saying we could get them on our side, make them better, and then conquer da twerps with their help?" Meowth looked intrigued.

    "They won't even know they've been suckered until it's too late..." Jessie laughed maniacally.


    Chapter 2 ends here
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