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    Default "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]

    Hey gang. I've had this idea since B/W came out or a little after. I dunno if I'll expand upon it or not. Feel free to leave any comments, tips, complaints you have regarding this chapter.

    The Foreigner.
    Chapter 1.
    By RaccoonGoon.

    The low rumbling hum sounded through the cockpit and the cargo bay alike. The aero plane defied gravity at is flew by white, puffy clouds with ease. The tips of the plane’s wings were blue, along with the tip of the tail fins. Inside the plane‘s cockpit, a man in an aviator’s jacket and head-set radio piloted the aircraft. In front of him various switches and buttons, lights blinking, gauges spinning. This collaborative of engineering and science soared in the sky, approaching the Unova Region.

    Several large wooden crates sat in the cargo bay, each holding a product or resource that the Unovans found priceless. Computers, medicine, food items, clothing, furniture, literature, sports equipment, and the list goes on. It was obvious the Unovans imported more than they could ever wish to export.

    Still, the metal flying machine flew on, above the blue, endless sea. Then, a slinking shadow plastered against the fuselage of the plane moved, revealing that it was the shadow of a person. A man, no older than twenty five years old, stepped out from behind a storage crate. He had dark brown hair, cut very short, almost shaven. His facial features were handsome, yet tired. He was in need of a good shave, stubble covered his chin and sideburns were starting to form. The man braced himself against a smaller crate and stretched his legs. He was wearing old, worn out jeans, small holes forming on the left knee. His shoes were in no better condition. Dark grey, with the laces starting to fray and the soles nearly used up. Around his waist was a tan belt, on clipped on it, four Pokeballs.

    The man looked out a small round window. The distant shoreline of Unova could be seen. He was close. He knelt down and scooped up his backpack, a durable one used for traveling, and his black jacket. He quickly unzipped his bag and withdrew a pair of thick goggles. Adjusting the strap of the eye-wear while putting them on, he threw on his jacket. He buttoned his jacket before slinging the backpack over his shoulder.

    Looking past the towering crates, he finally spotted the hanger door switch. Crawling over the miniature wooden towers, he hopped down in front of the red button and large, metal door. He simultaneously grabbed a Pokeball on his belt and pressed the hanger door switch, causing a loud, obnoxious beeping to sound throughout the plane. The hanger door produced a clanking sound as it opened up to the grand sky. The man braced himself as he inched near the edge, Pokeball still in hand. The rushing wind rang his eardrums and nearly sucked him off the plane. Finally, after mentally preparing himself, he leaped into the open air, instantly starting to plummet towards the sea. Faster and faster he descended, his head falling first, continued by the rest of his body. He clicked the button on his Pokeball, which in turn popped open in a bright flash of light.

    The man was no longer falling, but instead flying atop a large, dark blue Pokemon with red legs and black talons. A yellow beak screeched as it outstretched it’s wings and puffed out it’s red chest.

    “Ok Swellow, get a few feet above the water and take us to land.”

    The Swallow Pokemon obeyed. It swooped down about five feet above the surface of the water and flapped it’s mighty wings once more, putting both Trainer and Pokemon in a glide. The man looked down at the water he was flying over, only to see his own reflection zooming along with him. The two identical men kept staring at each other, studying each other.

    Another screech from Swellow caused the man to look up. The Eastern shore of Unova was coming into view, as well as the outline of a small settlement.

    “Ok Swellow, veer towards that rocky cliff.”

    The Flying Type adjusted it’s left wing, causing it to glide towards a rock face with a sliver of sandy land in front of it.

    Above the sand, the man hopped off and returned Swellow. He started walking towards the small town he saw while flying in, sand filling his shoes. As soon as he rounded the corner of the rock wall, he saw it. It resembled a resort, small beach houses and villas, tables shaded by large, colorful umbrellas, and a body of water in the center that ran back into the sea. People and Pokemon alike were lounging and sun tanning, some sipping cool beverages while doing so. Immediately in front of him was a red roofed building, with glossy blue windows, the PokeCenter.

    After throwing his goggles back in his bag he enters the center and walks up to the pink haired nurse behind the counter.

    “Excuse me miss, but could you tell me what town this is?” He asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

    The nurse gave him a warm smile before happily responding “This is Undella Town. What can I help you with?”

    “Um, could you point me in the direction of a place called Black City?”

    The nurse gave him a strange look, which he disregarded. She was probably wondering how someone didn’t know where Black City was.

    “Just head south out of town and walk along Route 14. You should see it from the distance.”

    “Thank you, ma’m.”

    He turned and walked out, now knowing how to get to his destination.

    Upon walking back into the bright sunlight he noticed the warm temperature. As he takes off his jacket and places it in his backpack, leaving him wearing a pale blue t-shirt. He looks south. Sure enough, a path starts, leading into mist. What came after that, was anybody’s guess.

    He stood back up, dusted the sand off of himself, and walked past the beach and into Route 14.


    The sun seems to have been blotted out of the sky. No beams of light shone down on him like they did in Undella Town. Mist, however. There was an abundance of mist. He groaned. How could he see a town in the distance when he could barely see six feet in front of him? Still, he trudged, crossing small bridges, past waterfalls, and around tall grass.

    “Better not catch anything yet.”

    A voice sounded from the fog suddenly, stopping him in his tracks.

    “Hey! Hey you! Wait up!”

    A young man came running up to our foreign Trainer. He had light blue hair, which matched his eyes. He also had on a vest like get-up, with an orange torso and black sleeves. His pants matched, black with orange stripes running down to his orange boots.

    “Erm, yes?”

    The Ace Trainer unclipped a Pokeball from his belt and held it up.

    “We’re gonna have Pokemon Battle!” he yelled.

    “I kind of have to get somewhere, kid…”
    The Ace Trainer looked down, then back up at the foreigner.

    “I won’t take no for an answer! Now man up and battle!”

    “If it’ll let me get going….”

    The younger Trainer sent out his Mienshao, a bipedal Pokemon that resembled a violet weasel. The fur on it’s arms looked like two long sleeves, giving the whole image of the Pokemon an oriental look. The Foreigner threw out his own Pokemon, a large, grey Pokemon with a drill like horn atop it’s head. Stone like hide covered most of it’s body, it had a cream colored stomach, which also looked sturdy, and a thick tail slammed the ground behind it.

    “Hah! A Rhydon! Those are part Rock Type!”

    The Foreigner didn’t move, nor did his Rhydon. The Ace Trainer continued.

    “Mienshao is a Fighting Type! We’ll bust your Pokemon into little bits!”

    “Just hurry up and attack already. I have places to be.”

    “Fine, fine. Mienshao, use Jump Kick!”

    The Martial Arts Pokemon sprang upward towards the larger Pokemon, clawed foot outstretched.

    “Wait for it, Rhydon. Then you know what to do.”

    The Drill Pokemon nodded, and as soon as Mienshao was a few feet away, Rhydon swiped it’s arm and grabbed the Fighting Type around the leg, halting it’s Jump Kick.

    “Wha- How’d you do that?”

    “Ok Rhydon, do it.”

    The horn on Rhydon started to spin and buzz, sounding like a powerful electrical drill. Letting out a mighty roar, Rhydon swung the Mienshao down on the drill as the Ace Trainer watched on in terror. The Horn Drill attack hit straight on, the spinning horn burrowing right through Mienshao’s torso, causing blood to gush everywhere.


    Rhydon dropped the fainted Pokemon onto the floor, before letting out another small roar.

    “Good job, Rhydon. Return.”

    The large hole was slightly below and to the right of Mienshao’s chest. More blood was spilling out as the Ace Trainer returned the unconscious Fighting Type.

    “I’d get it to a PokeCenter pretty soon.”

    The Trainer gave the older man a bewildered look before sprinting north toward Undella Town, vanishing into the mist.

    Twenty minutes later, he was still walking through the mist. He climbed up a small series of steps, gasping at what he saw at the top. Through the mist he saw bright, blurred lights, hundreds of them, all clumped together.

    “That must be it. Black City.”

    He began to run towards the lights, which became brighter and clearer the closer he got. Soon, the mist had disappeared, revealing Black City. The city itself was nestled in the center of a cluster of large, tall trees, as if a forest had been destroyed to construct the city. Soon, music cut through the mist. Street music, club music, big band sounds. What all did this city hold?

    The mist parted ways, opening up Black City. He wasn’t sure where the mist began and where the actual city began. The sky above it always looked like it was night time, and tall black skyscrapers, trimmed with vivid blue lights, made the skyline. The tallest building was located directly in the center of the town, towering above the others.

    While the buildings were astounding, the civilians on the ground were…riff raff. Trainers, scruffy looking Trainers, walked the streets. Litter covered the ground. Men in cheap looking business suits were leaning on lamp posts, sneering at the young ladies walking buy. A man in a leather jacket had a young couple cornered down a dank alley. A scream tore through the air, mixing with the steamy fog floating above the city.

    “Now I see where they get the name.”

    Amidst the sea of filth and black buildings, a small PokeCenter was wedged between two other buildings. One looked to be a office of some sorts. The other, larger one had wooden planks nailed to the doors and windows.

    The interior of the PokeCenter was run down and dingy. Cracked tiles, broken chairs, peeling paint. The PC was missing numerous buttons from it’s keyboard and the front counter had various stains on it. The Nurse Joy behind it had messy hair and large bags under her eyes. The Re-Energizing machine was outdated. A large, black rubber hose ran from it’s base to a main plug in the wall.

    “I thought this place was know for it’s advance technology…” The Foreigner couldn’t stop himself from saying it. The nurse looked up.

    “Oh, it is. But all the big-wigs use the funding and technology on themselves. Opening new clubs, building more casinos….. But a small PokeCenter? Feh.”

    This Nurse Joy had a tinge of bitterness in her voice.

    “Now do you need your Pokemon healed or what?”

    The Foreigner took his eyes away from the small hole forming in one of the corners and turned to the nurse.

    “No ma’m. I was wondering if you knew where Malcolm’s Club was.”

    The nurse coughed, then pointed to her left.

    “Walk down to 5th street, then walk onto Filmore Street. You’ll see the sign,”

    “Thank you. Have a good evening.”

    The stench and street music hit him again as he made his way to Malcolm’s Club. As he was crossing 5th street he wondered what allowed a town to get this bad. Was it the people of Black City? The Unovans as a whole? Something else?

    Once on Filmore Street, he saw it. A large, neon sign with flashing lights read


    “Here we are….”

    The Foreigner ran his hand through his brown hair before kneeling down and unzipping his backpack. From a side pocket he withdrew a plain red bandanna and his goggles. After throwing back on his jacket he adjust his goggles over his eyes and ties the bandanna around his mouth and nose; the combo masks his face.


    He walked across the street, Pokeball in hand, and pushes the door open to Malcolm’s Club.

    End of Chapter 1.

    Need more detail? Anything lacking? Please let me know what you think.
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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" (Ch.2)

    The Foreigner.
    Chapter 2.
    By RaccoonGoon.

    Musky smoke mixed with the dust air inside the club. Over in the left portion men, beer mugs in hand, were chucking darts at a bulls eye. Past that, the bar stood. Sad, flabby men were bent over on the bar stools. The bartender was wiping down the counter with a damp rag, making conversation with a man who looked like he was about to fall over. Small cinders in the ash tray gave off a faint glow under the dimmed lights. In the center section of the club were the tables. Seedy looking men in fedoras and other hats sat and cut at their steak of drank their beer. Young ladies dressed in skimpy attire were acting as waitresses, showing fake toothy smiles as they handed the men more drinks. Lining the right wall were the booths, which held the same thing the center did: Riff-Raff feasting and harassing the waitresses. Finally, at the back of Malcolm’s Club was a small stage. A small band consisting of a string bass, a trumpet, and a piano were playing some swing tune that The Foreigner didn’t recognize.

    Standing in the entry way, he spots his target. Sitting at a table was a man, middle-aged, perhaps fifty-six years old, was sipping a beer, along with a few other men. He wore a drab green jacket, which looked to be made out of durable fabric. His black hair was thinning, and his green eyes were piercing. His mouth kind of seemed to be animated away from the rest of him; A smooth talker. The most notable feature on him, however, was the horizontal scar that ran right under his left eye.

    “No time like the present…”

    The Foreigner clasped the Pokeball in his hand tighter and walked to the table, passing stumbling, drunk men and the scantily clad servers. When he reached the table, those sitting looked up and gave him a strange look.

    “Must be Halloween with a outfit like that..”

    “What are you? Some kind of bandit?”

    “What the hell do you want, freak?”

    He ignored all these comments and pointed to the man at the end of the table, the one in the military jacket.


    The man rose up on wobbly legs. He was drunk.

    “Eh? You have a problem with me, kid? Get the fuck out of here.”

    The Foreigner stood his ground. He had spent too much money, time, and energy to track this man down. There was no turning back now.

    “You don’t know who I am, do you, Mr.Perot?”

    The man known as “Mr.Perot” slammed down his mug and started making his away around the table, The others looked on with interest, some even chuckling.

    “Take that bandana off your face and show me, you lousy little prick.”

    Mr.Perot dug around in his jacket pocket, revealing a Pokeball of his own.

    “That won’t be necessary, old veteran….”

    He placed his thumb on the release button to his Pokeball, then turned to the others at the table.

    “You’ll want to vacate the building now.”

    Before anyone could utter another word, The Foreigner flung the Pokeball at the center of the table. It exploded in a flash of white light, where a Stunky took form.

    “Stunky, use Poison Gas.”

    The Skunk Pokemon obeyed. It lifted it’s purple tail and secreted a foul smelling, poisonous gas from it’s rear. The toxic vapor immediately caused the people to cough and run away in fear. Soon the whole club was empty, mostly. Mr.Perot, however, covered his mouth and nose with his hand, and threw down his Pokeball with the other.

    “Beedrill, get them!”

    The hornet-like Pokemon instantly flew to the Stunky still standing on the table, pointed drills outreached.

    “Stunky, dodge it, then use Slash on it’s wings.”

    The Poison/Dark Type jumped back right in time as Beedrill’s drill smashed through the table, causing it to become stuck. Taking it’s chance, Stunky ran forwards and Slashed at Beedrill’s wing, causing the yellow Pokemon to screech in pain, before finally freeing itself from the table.

    “Beedrill, use Bug Buzz!”

    Beedrill instantly emitted a high pitched, fast paced tone from itself, ruffling the fur on Stunky and making him cringe in pain.

    “Stunky, get in another Slash!”

    Stunky raised itself up and jumped from the table, claw outreached.

    “Beedrill, fly yourself above the attack!”

    As commanded, Beedrill raised itself higher, causing Stunky to miss and fall back to the ground.

    “Bug Bite!”

    Beedrill dove back down at Stunky and quickly bit it multiple times on the back. Stunky yelped in pain. It couldn’t handle many more Super Effective attacks.

    “No no no…..Stunky, Smog, now!”

    Stunky raised up it’s tail once more and blasted a thick, smoke like substance from it rear end. The Smog covered the whole club, blinding Beedrill, Perot, and The Foreigner.

    “Ok Stunky, find Beedrill and Slash at it’s other wing!”

    Nothing could be made out through the Smog. The cries and roars from the combating Pokemon sounded, then a ripping like noise, then another painful cry. Finally, a thud. Somebody had fainted, but who? The Smog faded, revealing the Beedrill. It’s wings were shredded, deep lacerations making them ribbons.

    “Cheap way to win….”

    Perot returned his unconscious Beedrill and sent out another Pokemon, a Scyther.

    “Stunky, return. Go, Rhydon!”

    “Scyther, attack the Trainer!”

    The green Pokemon with the two sinister blades darted forward, gunning for the disguised man. Was this even allowed in Pokemon battling? You’re not allowed to attack Trainers directly and try to kill them…could you?

    The Foreigner’s knees locked up. The Scyther was close now. Nowhere to run. He closed his eyes, waiting for the blades to cut him in two. Suddenly, Rhydon stepped in the way and swung it’s massive tail at the attacking Pokemon. Scyther crashed against the stone hard tail and was sent flying back the way it came from, sending it to the floor.

    He opened his eyes. His Pokemon had saved his life without command.

    “Th-thanks, Rhydon…Lets finish this. Stone Edge!”

    As the Scyther struggled to get up, a rumbling started shaking the floor, and before long a barrage of small, pointed rocks came crashing through the hardwood floor underneath Scyther. The rocks flew straight up, hitting the Scyther dead on. Some tore through it’s wings, while others pelted it’s greed hide. After the last rock and hit it’s mark, the barrage ended. Scyther was knocked out.

    Perot returned his prized Pokemon. He looked at The Foreigner. Who was it under that bandana? Who’s eyes were those behind the goggles?

    “Who are you? What do you want with me?!”

    The Foreigner stepped forward, Rhydon close behind. Perot took a few shaky steps backwards, but fell due to being slightly intoxicated.

    “I’m just an old veteran…please, I’ll start paying my taxes, just don’t-”

    With his left hand he grabbed Perot by the shirt collar and lifted him up, and with his right hand he pulled out an old snap-shot form his jacket pocket. The photo showed a young boy with messy brown hair, smiling ear from ear. A man with combed brown hair was also smiling, giving the camera a thumbs-up. Lastly, next to the man was a younger Perot, wearing his military jacket and flashing a toothy smile. He had all his hair and less wrinkles, but still had the same scar on his face. The Foreigner held this close to Perot’s frightened face.

    “That was….that was fourteen years ago….”

    The Foreigner tightened his grip around the mans collar and drew him closer. From this vantage point, Perot can see past the goggles, to the younger man’s eyes. A simple blue.

    “You’re him… you’re that kid….”

    Perot was sweating now, whimpering as the masked man returned the snap-shot to his pocket.

    “We housed you after the war. We brought you in to our life and fed you. You were like a brother to dad.”

    The Foreigner was almost yelling, but he didn’t care.

    “You were like an uncle to me…. And you killed my father and emptied his bank account!”
    Perot closed his eyes as more sweat poured from his face. His legs tried to push away, to no avail. The Foreigner took a few deep breaths before continuing.

    “You left me with nothing. Not a family, no money to start over….You ruined everything, you greedy little…”

    His hand began to tremble. He threw Perot down before pacing in front of him. The frightend Perot crawled backward before hitting a bar stool.

    “Puh-please… I was young then, I.. I wasn’t thinking straight! I thought you’re father would turn me in to the war office….”

    The masked Trainer stopped pacing and looked at Perot.

    “My father? Turn you in? You were his best friend….And you go and kill him…….”

    He stepped forward, along with Rhydon, and knelt down to eye level with Perot.

    “Please..I’m just an old soldier looking for a new life here in Unova…I ne-”

    Before he could finish, Rhydon grabbed a hold of Perot’s shoulders and hoisted him up into the air.

    “Lounging in a dingy bar is a new life? Getting drunk is a new life?”

    Perot was crying now, struggling to get free of Rhydon’s grip.

    “Soldiers get turned in. Veterans get turned in.”

    Rhydon’s horn starting to spin, inches from Perot’s chest.

    “Murderers get nothing.”

    Rhydon’s horn spun faster and Perot was inched closer to it.

    Perot looked at The Foreigner, tears and sweat running down his face. A look of sheer terror came over his face.

    “R-Ricky…don’t do this…pl-”

    Before he could finish he was plunged down on Rhydon’s spinning horn. The drill-like horn tore clean through his chest, sending blood everywhere. On the tables, on the bar, clear to the booths. Perot’s eyes went white and his mouth hung open as the last bit of air escaped him.

    “Good job.”

    The Drill Pokemon dropped the dead body on the floor before being beamed back to it’s Pokeball. With his work done, he let’s the photograph fall onto Perot’s face, the horrified look still showing. The Foreigner take one last look at the man, the whole reason for traveling Region to Region looking for him. From the warm south coast of Hoenn to the frigid northern tip of Sinnoh. To the sweltering heat of the deserts in Orre to the expanding forests of Almia. All of it leading him here, to a strange land called Unova. Luckily, back in Johto, he had picked up a tip from one of Perot’s past wives in a PokeMart. She was a woman from Unova, and said she used to have to drag him out of a bar called Malcolm’s Place. Once they divorced he stayed in Unova while she moved to quiet Johto. He was insanely lucky.

    Too bad Perot wasn’t.

    “Growlithe, torch this place.” He said as a small, canine like Pokemon was released. It opened it’s mouth and shot a stream of fire at the wall, causing it to combust into flames.

    “Lets get out of here.”

    The Foreigner and his Growlithe made their exit. Soon, the flames spread to the floor and ceiling, the onto the other walls. Before long the whole club was caught in the fire, and after that it crumbled to the ground, destroyed.

    The Foreigner and Growlithe watched the blaze from a few blocks away as fire trucks arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire.

    “Nothing of value was lost.”


    The next morning came fast. He awoke and rose from the smelly, old couch that was placed in the Black City PokeCenter. He stretched and looked down at his backpack. He quickly checked to see if everything was still there. His journal, his food and water, his cash, his spare clothes, his jacket, his bandana and goggles.

    He rose and looked towards the counter. The nurse had her head resting in her arms. She wasn’t moving, save her breathing. The young man didn’t have the heart to wake her up.

    “I’ll ask somebody in the next town.”

    Since his “mission” was complete, he had to find a way out of this Region. He had traveled Region to Region by way of cargo boats. He took a boat from Hoenn to Sinnoh, then a freighter from Sinnoh to Orre. From there he got a ride with a supply ship to Almia, and from Almia got a ride back to Kanto on a boat. He simply made his way to Johto by foot, and after he got a helpful tip, he snuck onto a cargo plane that was loading up Moo Moo Milk from a nearby farm. So he knew if planes flew into the Region, they had to fly out as well. Now he just had to find out where the airport was. Hopefully it’d be close by, not on the other side of the Region.

    He exited the PokeCenter and thought out his plan. Should he head back to Undella Town and ask? Did he want to back-track through the mist? Or should he take the exit out of Black City and head west?

    Venturing to the west sounded better than going back through the mist covered Route 14.

    Taking one last look to the grimiest city in Unova, he noticed that, in the daytime at least, the bright blue sky was visible. The streets were empty, and chirping could be heard from the Pidoves, perched high in the trees that walled in the city. It had a silver lining.

    A small grin formed on The Foreigner’s face as he walked through the gate house, entering Route 15.

    End of Chapter 2.

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.2]

    Very interesting story, can't say much. The descriptions are sometimes very good and sometimes you lack them but overall it's a mysterious start with a mysterious character. Also, I can't believe you had Rhydon kill the man by his horn, that was quite brutal in my opinion. o_o

    Anyway, I can't wait to see where the story heads next and who The Foreigner actually is.

    One nitpick though, why cal the trainer "Ace Trainer"? That reminds me too much of the games, you could have simply referred to him as an unknown trainer or passenger or who knows what else. Besides that, good job! Can't wait for more! ^^

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.2]

    Man, that was brutal and dark. I liked it though. It's a cool story, but with the death of Petrot you haven't set much up yet. Everything's very well written, though, so I'll be looking forward to more.

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.2]

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I think I'll try to keep each chapter fairly short like the last two, at least until the story picks up. This chapter is lacking in action. It just serves to introduce a new character.

    The Foreigner
    Chapter 3
    By RaccoonGoon

    Route 15 consisted of two different paths. One was elevated, free from tall grass, and had steep drop-off down to the second path, which was beneath the cliffs, tall grass abundant. The Foreigner chose the beaten path, climbing up a flight of steps to the elevated part. The sooner he went home the better.

    If they somehow found any evidence of him killing Perot, he’d be sent to jail for life. He was too young to rot in a jail cell. He had spent fourteen years formulating to get revenge, the past eight years actually traveling. Now, with all that done, he could return to Fuchsia City and start a real life. A family. Find a nice girl. Live to be an old man feeding the Spearow. Maybe he could get a job at the Fuchsia City Zoo. Buy some nice flowers to put on his father’s grave…

    A crash and a clatter snapped him from his day dreaming. Both he and a young lady fell to the ground. The girl had blonde hair, tied back in a pony tail. Her skin was sun kissed, and her green eyes seemed to sparkle. She was wearing a light red t-shirt and jeans, and had a pair of flat shoes on. Her small messenger bag landed a few feet away in the green grass.

    “E-Excuse me. I wasn’t paying attention…”

    The Foreigner stammered before lifting himself up. He was embarrassed, and thought about just quickly walking away before things got worse, but he swallowed the lump in his throat and extended his arm, offering to help the girl up.

    “It’s fine..haheh, I shouldn’t of been looking out to the distance..”

    She grabbed onto his arm and hoisted itself up. The two stood and exchanged hurried looks. She was pretty, and seemed to be around the same age.

    “I’ll..I’ll just be one my way now…” She muttered before scooping up her bag and walking past him.

    He gave her one last glance. All in all, that was painless. He shrugged and started walking west again. Then it hit him, he still had no idea where he was going.

    “Hey, wait a minute. Could you help me?”

    She spun around, not expecting to be addressed again.

    “Um, sure.”

    “Yeah…I’m not used to this Region, and was wondering what the next town is?”

    The young lady placed her index finger on her chin and looked up.

    “If you keep going west, past Marvelous Bridge, you’d end up in Nimbasa City. Can’t miss it. Has a huge Ferris wheel and stuff.”

    Nimbasa seemed like a large enough town. That was good.

    “Ok, thank you. Sorry again for bumping into you.”

    “Alrighty then. Bye.”

    She gave him a small wave and spun around once again.
    His legs wanted to turn around and get moving, but for some reason his head was fixated on her now vanishing figure. He didn’t even know her, yet he felt like she should be traveling with him. He couldn’t just ask her, he’d look like a creeper. And traveling alone would be quicker, easier, and safer. And yet…..

    “Wait! Wait!” He called her attention yet again.

    Without walking back towards him, she replied

    “What now?”

    “Sorry if I’m annoying you, but where is the airport?”

    The girl narrowed her eyes and held in her frustration.

    “Mistralton City. Now I really have to go…”

    She was halfway turned around when another question was asked.

    “Where’s that?”

    She spun around and stared daggers at The Foreigner. How could this young man be so clueless and lost? Surely he packed a map in that backpack of his, right?

    “It’s clear over on the western tip of the Region.”

    The annoyance inside her was growing. She didn’t want to teach this guy the geography of the Region.

    “Oh…So I should Fly there and save myself some time.”

    This last response was more to himself than her.

    A bright flash of light halted the young lady from advancing on her way, as The Foreigner’s Swellow was released.

    “Thanks for all your help.” Was all he said as he climbed on top of the large Flying Type and withdrew pair of flight goggles.

    This is when she put the pieces together. A man who didn’t know the land, dressed as a traveler, asking where the airport was. This guy was a foreigner.

    “Hold on a second.”

    She strolled up to a few feet to the man perched on Swellow and looked him over.

    “I know you’re not from here. I can tell. How long have you been in Unova?”

    “Erm, I guess I ‘dropped in’ yesterday morning…Why?”
    The girl placed her hands in her pockets and kicked at the ground.

    “So you don’t have a Trainer’s License for this Region, do you?”

    The Foreigner pushed his goggles up onto his forehead and hopped off Swellow, who stood still, awaiting further orders.

    “Then you can’t just go Flying around on a Pokemon! Only Registered Trainer’s can use the Unovan skies to Fly places! A radar will pick you up, alert the town or city you‘re heading too, and you‘ll have the police waiting for you, wanting to see your Trainer‘s License.”

    How did a grown man not known that?

    “What? Then how do I get one? I didn’t need to get a new license in any other Region!”

    “This Region has different laws. We just can’t let some outsider take to the sky! What if you’re a terrorist?”

    The Foreigner just looked at her, blank expression on his face.


    “Anyway, you get one by going to see Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town.”

    “Nuvema Town. Ok Swe-”

    “What part of you can’t Fly in this Region didn’t you understand?”

    The frustration in her was all the more present now.

    “Fine, fine, stop screaming. Where is Nuvema Town? I’ll walk there.”

    “It’s the Southern most town in Unova…”

    Another period of silence passed. He didn’t have time to travel to the southern most town, then make his way to the west coast. He had to get out of the Region fast.

    “Forget that. I think I’ll just walk to Mistralton City. That’d be quicker than having to go to Nuvema Town and then going west….”

    He reluctantly returned his Swellow and returned his goggles to his bag.

    “Thanks for all the info. I guess I’ll start heading to Mistralton City now.”

    Even if he was ill-prepared, she still felt sorry for him He was a stranger in a strange land, he couldn’t help he didn’t know the rules, he had only been here for a day, after all. And, despite looking scruffy, he had a certain…look, about him.

    “Well, when you reach Nimbasa, there’s a subway that you could use. It has a lot of different transits, maybe one would swing past Mistralton.”

    Suddenly, the Region wide journey didn’t seem so daunting to him. He smiled and threw his left fist in the air.

    “Really? A subway? That could get me there in no time!”

    Giving him good news brought happiness to the young lady. At least she was of help.

    “Just be prepared to get challenged by some other Trainers on the subway. It’s a big network for battling.”

    “Oh. That’s not a big deal, I guess.”

    “Sure. Best of luck…”

    “Well, I’ll be off to Nimbasa, then.”

    With a wave he spun around and started to pick up his pace towards the large, white bridge known as Marvelous Bridge. This was great. He wouldn’t have to walk across the entire Region. He could just drop some cash and use the subway. The Foreigner noticed however, that the young lady had started walking towards the bridge as well. This caused him to turn around and look at her. Hadn’t she been heading the opposite direction before?

    She suddenly stopped and looked down at her feet.

    “I, uh, forgot something I need to take care of in Nimbasa. Have to get something I forgot from my house.”

    This seemed strange, but he bought it anyway. Wasn’t any of his business.

    After a few minute of walking in silence, the two were directly in front of and beneath Marvelous Bridge. Bright blue lights trimmed the structure much like they did Black City, and Flying Type Pokemon soared above the bridge. To get to the bridge itself, you needed to take an elevator that would take you high above the water, allowing you to cross the bridge.

    “Wow…They don’t have bridges like this from where I come from…”

    He stepped into the elevator, followed by the young lady, her arms crossed.

    “Where do you come from, anyway?”

    “Kanto, Fuchsia City.”

    The white doors of the elevator closed and began to rise.

    End of Chapter 3.

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.3]

    Interesting, though there were some tiny mistakes the chapter. I guess it wouldn't hurt to proofread it before posting next time. ^^

    I wonder who's the girl ... keep it up!

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.3]

    Call me silly, but I don’t want the main characters to have actual names, and if they do, I don’t want them mentioned very often (I.E. When Perot addresses The Foreigner as “Ricky”). So how does “The Young Lady” sound for the, erm, young lady? I want them to be obvious and simple, after all.

    The Foreigner
    Chapter 4
    By RaccoonGoon

    “They don’t have bridges like this is Kanto…”

    The Foreigner and the Young Lady were walking across Marvolues Bridge, a large white and blue structure. The mid morning sky seemed to meld with the water below them, and the fluttering of wings sounded every few minutes.

    “You should see SkyArrow Bridge. Now that’s a bridge.”

    The two continued to walk along the bridge, making small talk. She was from Nimbasa City, and was going to the PokeTransfer Lab to apply for an internship there. She had a single Pokemon on her, an Emolga she had owned since she was a little girl. As for what she “forgot” back home was-

    “None of your business, mister.”

    The Foreigner held up his hands in a defensive manner. He didn’t want to make anymore enemies than he had to.

    Suddenly, a shadow was cast over the duo. Upon looking up into the sky, he saw a bird-like Pokemon with a yellow bill. It’s feathers were a light blue, and along it’s lower abdomen and legs the feathers were slightly darker. Two feathers were sticking up from it’s head in a messy fashion.

    “Oh, a Ducklett!”

    The Water Bird Pokemon stood perfectly still, determination in it’s eyes. It wasn’t going to move out of the way.

    “Um.. I take it this….Ducklett… think’s we’re invading it’s territory…”

    The Foreigner pondered at the new sight. Must be native to Unova.

    “I’ll have my Stunky take it out…”

    He reached at his belt and wrapped his hand around Stunky’s Pokeball, preparing to release the Skunk Pokemon.

    The Young Lady placed her hand on his shoulder.

    “No need, I’ll get it.”

    And with that, her Emolga was sent out instead. Emolga’s fur was white, black, and yellow. It’s tail was completely black, and it had yellow face cheeks. A stretch of skin connected to it’s back and arms expanded out, causing it to glide around a few feet in the air.

    “Emolga, Shock Wave!”

    The Sky Squirrel Pokemon started to emit small electrical spark from it’s cheeks, then glided right above the Ducklett, releasing the small bolt of electricity. The bolt ran through the Ducklett, causing it to squawk in pain. The Water Bird Pokemon slumped to the ground, feathers smoldering.

    “Good job, Emolga!”

    Another Pokeball was withdrew from her bag, albeit an empty one, and was thrown at the weakened Ducklett. Ducklett was engulfed into the bright light. The Pokeball wiggled a few times before a few flicks of light from the Pokeball confirmed it was caught.

    “Emolga, return.”

    The Young Lady walked over and picked up her new Ducklett, then turned to face The Foreigner.

    “So I see you have Pokemon with you. Any Pokemon from this Region yet?”

    He shook his head and blushed.

    “Haven’t got around to it… I just need to get home.”

    She shrugged and put her newly caught Pokemon in her bag as the two reached the second elevator on the other side of the bridge.

    “Here, in case you change your mind.”

    She put an empty Pokeball in his hand, surprising him.

    “Oh, uh, thanks….”

    He slipped the Pokeball into his bag, avoiding eye contact with her.

    The elevator came to a stop and the cream white doors slid open, revealing Route 16.

    “We’re close to Nimbasa.”

    It was true. A large Ferris wheel could be spotted, the bright lights on it acting as beacons for the travelers. Carnival-sounding music could be heard coming from the amusement park, as well as shrill laughter from those enjoying the never ending festivities.

    The Foreigner couldn’t help but stare at the large cluster of lights as he entered the city. Even in the middle of the day, the place was still packed and the lights still stood out like stars. The young Lady, however, kept her eyes straight ahead. She was use to the sights, after all.

    “Are all the towns in this Region lit up like fireworks all the time?”

    She let out a giggle. All the tourists asked this after seeing a few towns in Unova.

    “Well, this is the City of Liesure, so the amusement park is kind of our thing… Now there’s Castelia City, the City of Business…”

    “Oh, so that doesn’t have bight lights and bustling streets?”

    “Well….Not exactly.”


    Two large stadiums stood side by side, and near the center of town was another large building. There was the usual PokeCenter , of course, as well as a few houses scattered around the city.

    “That big building over there is Gear Station. That should take you to Mistralton City. Should only take an hour or so.”

    “Ok. Thanks for all your help. Hope your travels go good.”

    “No problem. I, erm, better get going now. Half the day is already gone.”


    The two stood, heads down, neither knowing what to do next. With a shy smile and quick wave he turned and entered Gear Station. She waited for the door to close, then she too walked away.

    A long line was formed in front of the ticket booth, almost backed up to the door. The Foreigner sighed and got into the line. The Station was packed. People entering the city and leaving it were bustling about. A large, grand clock rested on the main support column of the building. It read 12 o’ clock. The building, on the interior, was circular, with tunnels darting out in all directions.

    After what seemed like hours, he was at the ticket booth. The man behind the glass looked up at him over the newspaper he was reading. and waited for him to talk.

    “Is there a train going to Mistralton City anytime soon?”

    “Yep. In about two minutes, Green Line ought to be heading that way.”

    “Then one ticket for the Green Line, please.”

    “50p, please.”

    He slid a few bills through the small slot near the bottom of the window.

    The man set the paper down and clicked a few keys on a computer. After a few clicks and beeps, a green ticket was ejected from a smaller machine attached to the computer.

    The man picked back up the newspaper and handed the ticket to The Foreigner.

    “Thank you.”

    “Uh-huh. Man…whats the world coming to? A case of murder and arson in Black City…”

    At this he froze up, clenching the ticket as hard as he could. Cold sweat started to form on his brow. The news was spreading faster than he had anticipated. What if it spread to Mistralton? What if they somehow found out it was him?

    “O-Oh? What all does it say?”

    “That some club got burnt down and they found a charred body with a hole clean through it. I knew that place was bad…but not that bad.”

    He had to fight to stp his legs from shaking.

    “Th-That’s a shame…”

    “Yep. Now move it, buddy. You’re holding up the line.”

    The Foreigner left the line and made his way to the tunnel with the green sign above it. People were already boarding, filing into the rectangular cars. The need to get out of the Region was urgent now. Media spreads fast in Unova, it seems. What if the police found out it was him? Worse yet, what id the International Police were sent to investigate? He knew they’d find him in a matter of hours. He stepped into the subway train and found a seat between a rather robust woman and middle aged man. He set his bag on his lap and wrapped his arms around it. He was worried. He was scared. He was homesick.

    The train lunged forward, picking up speed and accelerating as it went. Nothing could be spotted from the windows except the occasional light that cut through the blackness.

    A growling in his stomach reminded him that he hadn’t eaten since he flew into Unova. The settings reminded him he was stuck on a cramped subway train for an hour and a half.

    End of Chapter 4.

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]

    Just why won't you use the actual names? >.<

    The chapter was okay, not much happened either. Keep it up!

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]

    Every story has to have a gimmick, right?

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]

    I guess you have a point. :p

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    Default Re: "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]

    First things first, you have a lot of tiny grammatical errors (its/it's confusion, apostrophe/plural confusion). They do not impede the reading flow of the fic, though.

    Another thing I noticed is that some parts could use more description.

    But I do like the "deadly battle" sequence, brutal and realistic.

    I especially like how you portrayed Black City as a glitzy casino city on the surface but a complete crapsack city underneath.

    I am however, a bit ambivalent about the "no-name characters". It is a unique twist to the fic but at the same time, it seems like a cheap way out of naming characters.
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