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Thread: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 8: Challenging the Gym, Part 2: The training)

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 3 is up (finally))

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaze View Post
    Well I enjoyed this chapter very much, part of the reason why I enjoyed it though was because of the mysteries that popped up into this chapter as well as the ones that were answered. The whole concept of Equality is a really interesting idea because it kind of plays out on how things go in the games with how trainers fight and win and lose.
    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter very much, I myself had a lot of fun writing it. And yeah, the idea of Equality would make sense in the games :P

    I really enjoyed dialogue between Don and Roger in this chapter, I thought it was really interesting plus we were able to learn a bit more about Don' s trainer...or should I say we didn't really learn much at all instead xD it'll be fun to see how they find her. Also I like the little spin you gave to Blue by turning him into an antagonist and on that note does this take place during or after the games? cause if it does then I wonder if the gymleaders all have the same job as Blue.
    I'm glad you liked the dialog between Don and Roger. Considering that interactions between a human and a Pokémon is normally limited, Roger's ability to understand him allows a little more freedom in writing, so hopefully i can make more enjoyable interactions between them. As for Don's trainer, yeah, we really didn't learn much of her XD, but what's the fun of revealing everything early on? ;)

    I wanted to give Blue a more antagonistic role than the one he had in the games, so I'm happy you liked the result. As for your question, the story here takes place during the games, but you'll get to see the gym leaders in a more unique way than you may have experienced them in the games. In short, they have a bit more active role in this fic.

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 3 is up (finally))

    @some colour no doubt;, @Flaze;

    The next chapter Flames of a Revolutionary is now up, let's hope I can post from now on in regular stages XD. As a quick reminder, if you haven't read it yet, I recommend you read A Maiden's Decision, a one-shot about Rose the events of the first chapter. With that out of the way, I hope you'll enjoy reading chapter 4.

    Chapter 4: Equality, Part 2

    There was an tense atmosphere around the battlefield at the Pokémon Center. No one in the crowd could believe that Roger had challenged an Equality Administrator in a young boy's stead. And judging from all of the whispering going around, they didn't think he stood a chance either.

    "What the heck is he thinking?"

    "He's so screwed…"

    "Great, we got another one who thinks he's a hero."

    And from his own point of view, he agreed with them. He probably never stood a stance against Blue to begin with. But after seeing the ten year old boy being forced to face Blue, as well as being tormented by him, Roger couldn't help but act. Seeing the boy watching from the sidelines still being somewhat startled by the whole event, he didn't regret his decision.

    "Roger, you may be an island kid, but you're also one goddamn idiot!", Roger suddenly heard a familiar voice next to him. He looked down and saw Don standing next to him.

    "Hey Don. I thought you already hightailed it outta here", whispered Roger to Don with a smile to prevent anyone from trying to hear them.

    "Well someone has to drag you out once you have been beaten to a pulp", stated Don with crossed arms while not even trying his dissatisfaction of the situation, something which Roger could clearly hear from the tone of his voice. "One thing I don't understand Roger, and that is the reason why you're taking the beating in that kid's stead."

    "No special reason. I just didn't like the way the kid was being treated", explained Roger while he looked over to the other side of the field, where Blue was currently standing with a smirk on his face.

    "You humans are weird beings. In the wilds, I would've just left another Pokémon to become victim of a predator in order to save my own tail. The other humans who pushed that kid towards the field are no different. You had your chance, yet you blew it?", said Don with some disbelief in his tone. Roger didn't say anything straight away, as he was too busy finding Mankey's Pokéball. When he did find it and placed his hand around it, he looked back at Don, who were expecting an answer of some kind.

    "I guess I'm just the odd one out", said Roger before looking back at Blue, not being able to think of a better answer. But for the time being, he had to focus on the battle he was going to get.

    "Before we begin, I suggest we each tell our names. However, don't bother telling your last name as I always forgets them", said Blue with a confident look on his face. "You probably already heard my name beforehand, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. My name is Blue Oak. Yours?"

    "It's Roger, Roger Harley", he said, ignoring Blue's statement of not remembering his last name and not wishing fall straight into his game before the battle had even begun. As he saw Blue taking out his Pokéball from his belt pack, Roger prepared himself to take out Mankey's Pokéball in response.

    "Let me give you a warning. Since you have decided to take the fall for the young boy over there", said Blue while tilting his head towards the boy in question, "then I'm going to be a bit rough in order to make an example out of you instead."

    With that, he threw the Pokéball into the air, releasing a white, energy-like substance that formed on the ground into a being that resembled a Squirtle, only twice the size of its pre-evolved form . The bipedal, indigo-blue turtle had a long, furry tail sticking out of the rear end of its brown shell and on its head were also a pair of long, furry ears. Two small fangs protruded out from its mouth, its eyes that had brown irises were filled with confidence and small, oval-shaped spots were located underneath the eyes. Lastly, there were three sharp claws on each arm that looked more than ready to rip anything to shreds.

    "What's wrong? Don't tell me you already got some cold feet after seeing Poseidon here?", Blue almost grinned when he asked in a mocking tone.

    "Nah, I'm just thinking about the best way to kick your Pokémon's ass", Roger countered the mocking, something which caused the crowd to either gasp or whisper even more to each others. Blue and his Wartortle on the other hand, laughed uncontrollably from what Roger had just said, much to his surprise.

    "This is pure gold! This is the first time someone ever dared to say that towards an Administrator like me!", Blue struggled to say while continuing to laugh. "You have guts Roger, and I respect you for that. But let's put the small talk aside and start the battle."

    "If you say so", said Roger, somewhat disappointed that his bravado didn't shake Blue up as much as he had hoped. He looked back at Don and knew he couldn't rely on him to get out of this situation. After all, they had agreed that Don would only help him with the capture of Mankey and no more. Instead, he disconnected Mankey's Pokéball from its holder on his belt and threw it into the air. Just like Blue's Pokéball, it released a white, energy-like substance that formed into Mankey.

    This would be Roger's first battle with the Mankey, so he had to be careful about it. After all, he had just caught it and there was no guarantee that he would obey Roger during the battle.

    "You ready to fight, Mankey?", Roger asked the Mankey, who in response raised his arms into the air and roared proudly. Roger felt relieved that Mankey was more than willing to fight against Blue, but his thoughts were interrupted by Don.

    "If you ask me, the only reason that fur ball is listening to you is because of the chance of facing a strong opponent. At least, that's the impression I get from the fur ball", stated Don with indifference in his voice, but Roger didn't mind that. If it meant that Mankey was willing to listen to him because of a strong opponent, he welcomed that in this particular battle.

    "Let's begin with a Karate Chop, Mankey!", said Roger to Mankey, who started running towards Poseidon with one raised arm high into the air.

    "Withdraw into your shell, Poseidon", Blue calmly said, followed by Poseidon withdrawing his head and limbs into its shell, with only a small bit of the tail sticking out. When Mankey hit the shell by slamming down his raised arm, not even a scratch were made from the attack, much to the surprise of Roger and Mankey. Roger had to think quickly of a way to break Poseidon's defense and got an idea.

    "Mankey, withdraw from your opponent and use Focus Energy!", Roger said to Mankey, who quickly complied. After having jumped a few meters away from Poseidon, the Mankey closes his eyes and his fur began to move upwards from all of the energy he was gathering. If Roger's plan worked, the energy Mankey was gathering would give a power boost just enough to that even Poseidon's shell couldn't protect it. But Roger then noticed that Blue was smiling and knew that wasn't a good sign.

    "Poseidon, Rapid Spin!", Blue shouted. Poseidon, who was still inside of its shell, started spin around at high speed and flew towards Mankey.

    "Mankey, get out of your trance and use Low kick against Poseidon!", Roger shouted in panic to his Pokémon. Fortunately, Mankey quickly got of his trance and started to make a kick against Poseidon. However, the turtle Pokémon simply flew above the kick and proceeded to make a U-turn in the air, hitting Mankey in the back and catching both Roger and Mankey by surprise.

    "Don't think such a simple tactic will work against me, pal!", Blue mocked Roger once more while Poseidon continued to hit Mankey from all angles with Rapid Spin.

    "Stop the attack, Mankey!", Roger shouted to Mankey, who quickly proceeded to use his arms to block Poseidon's still spinning shell by grapping it. Unfortunately, the Rapid Spin attack was undeterred and continued to spin in Mankey's hands, eventually freeing Poseidon and causing the pig monkey Pokémon to lose his balance. The turtle Pokémon proceeded to exit its shell and land in front of the collapsed Mankey.

    "Go and use Seismic Toss, Poseidon", said Blue once again in a calm tone, followed by Poseidon grapping Mankey's body and jumped far up into the air. They eventually stopped high in the air and started to fall heads first into the field, causing it to explode in a geyser of dirt and dust.

    Roger, Don and everyone in the crowd had to cover themselves for a moment as the dust reached them. When the dust finally settled, Roger saw to his dismay that Mankey was lying unconscious in a small crater while Poseidon was inside his shell, having apparently softened the impact with it. As he saw the turtle reappearing from its shell, he couldn't help but feel the crowd staring at him in complete silence and he didn't like it.

    When Roger thought about it, Blue and Poseidon were a bit rough in this battle, but not enough for Mankey's wounds to be as serious as the other Pokémon trainer's Pokémon from before. As he wondered why, he took out Mankey's Pokéball and prepared to recall him. However, as he tried to, the Pokéball didn't react at his command, much to his surprise.

    "There is a good reason why most Pokémon who has faced an Administrator gets more injured than in other battles", Blue calmly stated as he saw Roger in futile trying to recall his Mankey.

    "We Administrators can and will decide when you can recall your Pokémon. Usually, the injuries happens during the battles, but there are exceptions such as now", he said with sinister smile on his face, which Roger couldn't help but shudder at when he realized the situation. "Knock yourself out, Poseidon."

    Before Roger could even react, he saw Mankey being pummeled by Poseidon's Rapid Spin attacks once again, despite already being unconscious and the battle already being over. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. This was how the Pokémon from before got so severely injured; none of their trainers were able to recall them and Blue and his Pokémon were given free reign of attacking them, even if the battles were already over.

    The crowd around looked horrified at seeing the brutality once more, many of them looking away, the ten year old boy among them, while others continued to look on, but a horrified expression on them. When Roger took a closer look, he could see in their eyes that there were fear, powerlessness, frustration and emptiness. Had Equality such an effect on everyone?

    When Roger looked back at Don, he saw that this was the first time Don had reacted for the duration of the battle. He expressed shock and anger over the situation, so much in fact that Roger could see he had trouble controlling himself based on his growling and shaking fist.

    Roger then looked back at Mankey, who had finally woken up, but had trouble dodging Poseidon's brutal attacks. When he saw the pig monkey Pokémon took a wrong step and fell down because of the injuries he acquired while being attacked, followed by the turtle Pokémon charging up a more powerful Rapid Spin while Blue was still making a sinister smile of the scene, something stirred inside Roger. Was it anger? Or fear of what could happen to Mankey? Whatever it was, it made him run towards Mankey and block the way for Poseidon's attack. Before anyone could react, he was hit in the stomach by the attack and sent rolling past Mankey while clutching his stomach in pain.

    When he eventually stopped rolling like a ragdoll, Roger gasped after the air that was knocked out of him when he got hit. Even when he felt the feather he was wearing around his neck becoming warm and any injuries he would've gained began to heal, he could still feel the pain from the impact as he tried to stand up.

    When he managed to do so, it was only now he realized how quiet it suddenly became. The moment he looked up, he saw that Blue, Don and everyone in the crowd were looking at him with shock and surprise. Even Mankey was surprised by what he had done, something which could be easily seen from its eyes, even when one of them were swollen. Seeing that he was somewhat alright, Roger couldn't help but smile at Mankey.

    "Hey, you alright buddy?", asked Roger while still heavily breathing and clutching where he was hit with one arm.

    "Why… why are you doing this?", Roger suddenly heard Blue asking him. He looked over and saw disbelief on Blue's face over what Roger had done.

    "Do I need a reason to protect my Pokémon?", asked Roger in response with a hoarse voice. Even Blue seemed stunned by the question, though he quickly regained his composure and his smirk.

    "And so what? You just broke an unwritten, golden rule in Pokémon battles, namely by interfering it yourself", he stated with a mocking tone.

    "I'm sorry, since when was this a battle when you continued to attack Mankey after he fainted?", Roger returned the mocking. "Perhaps I'm not the one who broke an unwritten, golden rule here."

    The crowd around them began to whisper about Roger had just said, but it was loud enough for Roger to hear what they were saying.

    "How does make a point you know…"

    "Well, Silver-Hairy there certainly got guts for saying that."

    Blue, in the meantime, looked enraged from Roger's comment. It would seem that this was the first time someone had managed to talk back and forced him to eat his own words, but it was also at this point that Roger realized that he might've gone a bit too far this time.

    "Continue attacking the Mankey, Poseidon! Water Gun!", he suddenly shouted to Poseidon, who had up until now stood completely still and watching everything unfold. When it got its orders, however, it immediately reacted by releasing a stream of water from its mouth aimed at Mankey. Despite the pain from the earlier attack, Roger immediately reacted by running and blocking the attack with his back. He was in for a shock, however, as he hadn't expected the water to be so cold, all the while enduring the stinging he felt where the water was hitting him. Even when his feather was in full work trying to keep him warm, he still felt the cold and the stinging becoming stronger.

    "I'm alright, Mankey. Just make sure you avoid the attacks!", Roger quickly said to Mankey when he saw that he was worried about him. Suddenly, the water stopped hitting him in the back and before he realized why, he saw Poseidon flying past him inside of its shell. He cursed out loud as he saw the turtle approaching dangerously close to its intended target, only to see the shell and the Pokémon inside being punched away by none other than Don.

    "Don! I thought you weren't willing to help!", exclaimed Roger in surprise, but Don remained silent for a few seconds before he smiled at him.

    "Do I need a reason to kick someone's rear end who ticks me off?", asked Don while clenching his fist. Roger couldn't help but smile from what Don had said before turning around to face Blue. He was still quite cold from the Water Gun, but his feather was now no longer unhindered by the attack and had started to warm him up again at full strength. But none of that mattered to him now that Don was at his side; they now stood a reasonable chance against Blue and Poseidon.

    Almost everyone in the crowd where once again surprised about Roger's actions, but also of Don's interference, but als wondered why they were still facing the Administrator. But he ignored it for the time being and looked over at Blue, who was visibly more than annoyed by Don's interference. Poseidon had only just now reappeared from his shell and looked a little shaken from Don's attack, but also looked angry of what had happened.

    "This is beginning to be ridiculous", said Blue with annoyance in his voice. "Why are you still fighting? It's only going to get worse from here."

    "I already told you, Blue. Do I need a reason to protect my Pokémon?", stated Roger.

    "That doesn't change a thing, however. You don't stand a chance against me as it stands", stated Blue with an uncharacteristic tone of seriousness in his voice.

    "Maybe not today, but when we've become stronger through training, then we will stand a better chance against you", stated Roger with confidence. But as he finished his sentence, both he and Don couldn't help but notice that everyone in the crowd suddenly became very quiet. Some even proceeded to look away from them.

    "What's the point in training my Pokémon when the results of every battles are already decided…", a young girl broke the silence while looking down, to which Roger couldn't help but be surprised by that girl's statement.

    "True. And even if we won a battle fair and square, the Administrators will be there to punish us and they are pretty much invincible…", a nearby boy around Roger's age said with a hint of shame and fear in his voice.

    Roger couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had expected that at least some were against Equality, but here he stood and saw how everyone in the crowd agreed to the two's reasoning. He had already realized before this point how fearful Equality was to everyone, but that they had such an effect that broke everyone's spirits? This was a big shock for Roger, he could feel inside himself everything he had believed about trainers in the Kanto region were shaken by their statements.

    "We're wasting our time. Let's get out of here", a male teenager said with disappointment. One by one, they followed the teenager's lead and left the scene, some with their heads hanging.

    "H-hey! Why are you accepting this?! Why are letting them do whatever they want with you?!", Roger angrily asked as the crowd left. Only a few looked back at him, the teenager from before among them.

    "Look kid, it's not like that. We're just as frustrated as you are, but what's the point in fighting a war you cannot win?", the teenager asked Roger in a somber tone. With that said, the teenager and the remaining people turned around and walked away, leaving a sad, frustrated and speechless Roger along with Mankey, Don, Blue and Poseidon alone on the battlefield.

    "It seems that in the end, your efforts were a waste of time", Roger heard Blue saying, followed by a beam-like sound. He turned around and saw that Blue had recalled Poseidon into his Pokéball before placing it back into his pocket.

    "I don't need to punish you anymore since you pretty much already have done it on your own", stated Blue with a smirk on his face, but also with a hint of pity in his voice. Don growled at him for the comment and Mankey followed suit. Blue ignored them, however, and walked away from the field, leaving Roger and the Pokémon the only ones left.


    When they were finally alone on the field, Roger sat down and had a look at Mankey's wounds from the battle. While he inspected them, he couldn't help but repeat the teenager's last words inside of his head.

    But what's the point in fighting a war you cannot win?

    There were no doubt that something frightened the crowd and Roger had caught a glimpse of it today. The fact that Equality demanded that everyone followed their orders in battles were bad enough. But to brutally punish lawbreakers like was just so wrong to him.

    "Roger, ya done inspecting fur ball yet?", asked Don, snapping Roger back to reality.

    "Hm? Oh yeah, almost done!", Roger quickly said. If Don had eyebrows, one of them would have been raised by Roger's statement, but he ignored it for the time being. "Doesn't look like something the feather can't handle. Let's give it a go, shall we?"

    Roger took out his fiery red feather and placed it on top of Mankey, whose wounds almost immediately began to visibly heal, particularly the swollen eye became smaller within seconds. When he had taken his feather out, Roger noticed that his body became colder again. It was also only now that he realized that he was still soaking wet from Poseidon's Water Gun. It was, however, nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart. All he thought Pokémon training stood were shaken all the way down to its foundation.

    "Did I made a fool of myself?", asked Roger in a somber tone.

    "Maybe so, but you made a difference by taking that kid's place", Don reassured Roger with crossed arms. "Just don't make it a habit of leaping into danger like that, otherwise you WILL be beaten to a pulp!"

    "I'll remember that from now on Don, don't worry", Roger chuckled before remembering Don's earlier statement about survival. "Wasn't it you who said that you would another Pokémon in the hands of a predator if it would save your life?"

    "Well, after seeing your opponent's brutality, I'd say there are exceptions to that rule" explained Don while notably clenching his fist. "This "Equality" is rotten to the core in my opinion. I'm disgusted that they are willing to that far to maintain their laws."

    "You're not the only one, Don", said Roger while he inspected Mankey's wounds being healed. "I'm disgusted as well and I bet the crowd were as well. They just too frightened to express that."

    "They behave like the omega of a pack, afraid to do anything that would upset their leader, constantly trying to avoid trouble like cowards. No offense, but I find myself even more disgusted by them", stated Don without hiding his dissatisfaction. Roger didn't comment on that, but he disagreed with Don somewhat. It was true that they behaved like cowards, but after the battle with Blue, he understood what they were afraid of.

    "Looks like you've fully recovered, Mankey", said Roger when he noticed that the wounds was fully healed. As Roger took back his feather, the Mankey tried to move his appendages and was so delighted of the injuries gone that he jumped and danced around Roger and Don.

    "Someone sure is in a awfully good mood", said Don with mild annoyance before he seemed to have noticed something. "Roger, look behind you. That kid from earlier is here."

    Sure enough, when Roger looked behind himself, he saw the ten year old boy and his Squirtle from before. Either he hadn't noticed that he was still there, or the boy and his Pokémon had returned to the battlefield at some point. It wasn't until now that Roger noticed that the blond boy was wearing a red t-shirt with a firefighter's axe and helmet as a design on the front, a pair of sand-colored trousers, white sneakers and a multi-colored messenger bag hanging on one of his shoulders.

    While it resembled a Wartortle, the Squirtle next to him was half the size of one, didn't possess furry ears and the tail resembled more like a squirrel's tail. Its arms didn't possess the sharp claws a Wartortle would have. Instead, there were three small fingers on each arms. What stood out for the Squirtle was the firefighting helmet it was wearing on top of its head.

    When Roger had noticed them, the boy and his Squirtle walked towards them and both seemed a bit nervous. Even when the boy and the Squirlte stopped in front of Roger, Don and Mankey, it took a while before the boy finally talked.

    "I-I just wanted to say thank you for helping me", the boy said somewhat nervously. Roger was at first surprised, but then couldn't help but smile. He was happy that at least the boy were grateful for what he had done.

    "You're welcome", said Roger while he stood up again. "What's your name by the way?"

    "I'm John McCoy and this is my Squirtle, Halligan", said the boy in a slightly less nervous tone, followed by the Squirtle greeting them as well.

    "I'm Roger Harley and this is Don the Charmeleon and Mankey here. Nice to meet you", Roger greeted John alongside Don and Mankey and started shaking hands with him.

    I guess I didn't made myself a complete fool after all, Roger happily thought to himself.
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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 4 is up)

    John McCoy huh? now I wonder who he got his name from.

    Well I originally thought Don was actually going to step up and battle Blue xD so I was kind of disappointed to see that that didn't happen but I digress. This chapter clearly showed the level of skill that separates our young hero from Blue the Administrator and it kind of sets a bar to how the other Administrators could be as well, and I'm pretty sure Blue isn't even among the strongest at least in my opinion.

    It also showed a bit more about how the world actually reacts to things, where trainers will just let ohters do what they want because they have a bit of authority, it showed how unfair Equality can actually be. However with this in mind I also liked what you did with the crowd, having them not agree with Roger and just walk away is more realistic than them banding in with him; especially after he lost the fight to begin with.

    One thing I would like to see is the other side of the spectrum though, we've seen how bad Equality can be, but I believe that this still makes things more black and white, I think that it'd be better if you add some shades of gray in there too so how about showing people who actually benefitted from Equality in a way but that also have to learn to fend for themselves, for example, a trainer who's not skilled and has weak Pokemon has been able to enter a winning streak thanks to it but due to that he's given up on training his Pokemon.

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 4 is up)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaze View Post
    John McCoy huh? now I wonder who he got his name from.
    The name just popped up for me, so I thought "why not?" :P

    Well I originally thought Don was actually going to step up and battle Blue xD so I was kind of disappointed to see that that didn't happen but I digress. This chapter clearly showed the level of skill that separates our young hero from Blue the Administrator and it kind of sets a bar to how the other Administrators could be as well, and I'm pretty sure Blue isn't even among the strongest at least in my opinion.
    The agreement of how much Don was willing to help Roger still applied here, so that is why he didn't interfere with the battle until Blue and Poseidon began to brutally attack Mankey, even though the outcome had already been decided. The fact that he interfered in the last moment, however, shows that he's willing to bend that agreement a little if something happens that doesn't agree with him.
    As for the difference in skill between Roger and Blue and other Administrators, yes, the Administrators are very powerful compared Roger at the moment and that was my goal to show that in this chapter. I'm also planning to show other Administrators throughout the story, so expect some more action with them.

    It also showed a bit more about how the world actually reacts to things, where trainers will just let ohters do what they want because they have a bit of authority, it showed how unfair Equality can actually be. However with this in mind I also liked what you did with the crowd, having them not agree with Roger and just walk away is more realistic than them banding in with him; especially after he lost the fight to begin with.
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked that. Compared to Roger, the crowd have experienced much more when it comes to Equality, so they are of course not so willing to oppose them as Roger was here.

    One thing I would like to see is the other side of the spectrum though, we've seen how bad Equality can be, but I believe that this still makes things more black and white, I think that it'd be better if you add some shades of gray in there too so how about showing people who actually benefitted from Equality in a way but that also have to learn to fend for themselves, for example, a trainer who's not skilled and has weak Pokemon has been able to enter a winning streak thanks to it but due to that he's given up on training his Pokemon.
    That's a good point you're making there. I remember that I thought about that at one point, but I must've forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding me about it.

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 4 is up)

    @some colour no doubt;, @Flaze;

    First off, an apology for the delay of this chapter. Had a writer's block during July.

    A minor spoiler in the spoiler, but it has something to do with this chapter, just so you know.

    Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl

    Several hours had passed since the battle between Roger and Blue, an Administrator from Equality. Roger had rented a room in the Pokémon Center in the meantime and had hanged the clothes that got wet from the battle inside the bathroom in order to dry it. While waiting for it to dry, he had changed into a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts he had packed in his backpack in reserve. Don was also in the room and was currently sitting on a fireproof blanket provided by the Pokémon Center and Mankey, who seemed somewhat frustrated about the confined space the room provided, was sitting near him.

    "It can't be helped, Mankey. I can't travel with clothes that are wet, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow where they're hopefully dry", stated Roger to the dissatisfied Mankey, who simply turned his face away from Roger in annoyance.

    "It's annoying, but since my flames are too strong for something as simple as drying clothes, this is the best way without risking it to burn up", said Don.

    "You're… speaking from experience, aren't ya?", Roger somewhat nervously asked Don.

    "Yep~", Don answered while whistling.

    Now happy that he hadn't asked Don to help dry his clothes, Roger walked over and sat on a nearby chair and started to look at the open guidebook placed on the table. He had bought the guidebook when he first rented the room since he thought that it could useful while travelling.

    While looking through the different pages, he eventually spotted a map of Viridian City and the area around it, which included Viridian Forest to the north and the open plain between the city and the forest.

    "Wow, Viridian Forest sure is big. Probably around the size of Knot Island!", said Roger in surprise. Just then, Don walked over and jumped up on top of the chair next to Roger and had a look at the map as well.

    "Why go through the forest for a single badge in Pewter City, when there's one here?", said Don while pointing at an area of map of Viridian City, which the word, "Gym", were at.

    "Did you miss the requirements for challenging the local gym just below?" asked Roger while pointing at location of the map where the gym was. "It says here: "Requirement to challenge Viridian Gym: six gym badges or more"."

    "Oh…. Yeah, that complicates things", admitted Don when he realized his mistake.

    "But here's the beauty. Pewter City's gym is the closest one from where we are, and it doesn't have any badge requirement at all", said Roger with a smile.

    "For an island kid, you certainly knows a lot, Roger" Don complimented Roger.

    "Thanks. I guess it comes with the territory", remarked Roger before realizing something. "You know, that's not the only thing that I should've known about."

    "What do you mean?", asked Don.

    "Tommy, my brother, works in the Pokémon League, and yet he didn't tell me anything at all. He's bound to have known about Equality", said Roger. Don seemed quite surprised by that statement but quickly regained his composure.

    "It makes sense, actually. But that would imply that your brother is at least a -", Don was suddenly interrupted by the door being knocked at from the outside.

    "Hello? Are you there, Roger?", Roger recognized the muffled voice belonging to John, the boy he helped earlier the same day.

    "We'll talk about this at another point in time. It's better off that no one else know about this", Roger hastily said Don before standing up and walking towards the door. "Coming!"

    As Roger opened the door, he saw John and his Squirtle, Halligan, standing in front of him, with John once again looking somewhat nervous for some reason.

    "Hey there, John. Is something the matter?", asked Roger as he welcomed the boy and the Squirtle inside.

    "You've done a lot for me and Halligan today, and I don't want to be a nuisance to you, but uh…", John seemed to struggle to say something.

    "Go on", Roger encourage the young boy as he sat on his chair, followed by John sitting on another opposite to Roger.

    "Well… I wish for someone to travel with through Viridian Forest to Pewter City, and I was wondering if you could travel with me. I don't have enough confidence to travel through it on my own", said John with Halligan nodding in confirmation. Both Roger and Don looked at each other wryly, having realized the coincidental circumstances.

    "We're actually also going to Pewter City. So yeah, I don't see an issue with us travelling together", stated Roger. The moment he said that, John's face brightened up as he jumped up from his chair and ran over to Roger and gave him a hug.

    "Thank you thank you thank you! I didn't know what to do if you said no!", Roger, who was taken by surprise, couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

    "Alright, we'll meet outside the Pokémon Center tomorrow morning and then travel through Viridian Forest", stated Roger with a smile as John let go of him. "No slaking off, got it?"

    "Got it!", said John in eagerness.


    "Roger, you still awake?", Roger heard a faint voice in the distance.

    "Barely…", responded Roger with some reluctance. After turning on the light, Roger saw to his dismay that the clock showed that it was still in the middle of the night. "You better have a good reason to wake me up right now…"

    "Sorry, I only just want to talk with you about something" stated Don. He had difficulty to see it, but Roger was certain that something weighed heavily on Don.

    "Ugh… Alright then, but you better be quick. The express train to dreamland is about to *yawn* arrive", yawned Roger.

    "OK then, I'll try.", said Don before taking a deep breath. "It's about John, the boy who earlier asked about travelling with us."

    "What about it…", asked Roger in a half-asleep state.

    "It's about the fact that you're able to speak and understand with me. What should we do about it? It's not like we can openly talk with each other, not like with your family or Rose", stated Don. He had a point. John was completely unaware about Roger's ability to speak and understand what Don was saying. And they did talk about it earlier; the less people who knows about it, the better.

    "We'll figure it out along the way, Don. In the meantime, let's just be quiet around John as much as we can…", said Roger in drowsy state.

    "One last thing. Since we're entering a bug-infested forest, you'll need to know this. Even the smallest larva is part of a hive , so we need to watch ourselves while walking through the forest and make sure they don't warn other of their kinds about us", stated Don on a serious note.

    "Got it…", Roger barely registered what Don had said before quickly falling asleep.


    The next morning, Roger was once wearing his old clothes after they had dried out. Just after they had eaten breakfast, he and Don met John and Halligan once more just outside the entrance of the Pokémon Center as promised, and they immediately headed out for Viridian Forest to the north. Along the way, he and John talked with each other with just
    about everything.

    "So your dad is a firefighter, huh? That explains Halligan's helmet and your t-shirt", remarked Roger.

    "Yeah, he's been that for my entire life. He's a hero to me!", said John with an obvious pride put into his words.

    "So where do you come from, anyway?", Roger quickly changed the subject, it got a bit uncomfortable for him.

    "Cerulean City, it lies just east of Mount Moon and it's not too far away from the ocean", explained John. "What about you, Roger? Where are you from?"

    "Me? I've lived on Knot Island in the Sevii Islands for my entire life, so my home is practically surrounded by seawater", said Roger.

    "You live on an Island in the middle of the sea? How cool is that!", said John in excitement and admiration.

    "Ah, come on. It's nothing special, really", Roger tried to quell John's excitement.

    Before an hour and a half had passed since they left Viridian City, they had reached the forest, where most of them came to a realization.

    "OK, I knew this forest was big, but I didn't expect it to be this dense!", said Roger with a raised eyebrow as he looked into the forest. He couldn't even look ten meters into the forest before his vision stopped.

    "I-I have to admit, this is the first time I've been here", stated John nervously, with Halligan hiding behind his trainer's back.

    "How did you get to Viridian City, then?", asked Roger.

    "I was driven to Pallet Town by my dad in his car, so we never got near the forest", explained John, which Halligan confirmed by frantically nodding, causing his helmet to almost fall off.

    In the meantime, Roger noticed that Don was looking at a nearby sign. Curiosity getting the better of him, he walked over to read what it said.


    "That pretty much spell things out", remarked Roger. By this point, he had expected a sarcastic response from Don. But he was completely quiet for once. "Something the matter, Don?"

    "Nothing", said Don quickly before walking into the forest.

    "What's with Don?", asked John.

    "Beats me. Anyway, no time to stand here, otherwise he'll leave us behind", said Roger before he too started walking into the forest, followed by John and Halligan.

    After catching up with Don, they all ventured deeper into the forest while following some planted flags acting as guides. The sunlight had difficulty reaching the surface, but that wasn't the first thing Roger noticed, however. He could smell and taste the moisture in the air, hear some buzzing far away somewhere in the forest and noticed as well as the wind gently rustling the leaves. He had once been in a forest in one of the Sevii Islands, but this felt different, much more alive. After his disappointment with how Viridian City looked like, he began to appreciate the Kanto region and its differences to his home islands.

    John, however, seemed to be in different thoughts, and Roger had an idea what it could be.

    "Is the situation with Blue yesterday still bothering you?", asked Roger, which John jumped in response to the question, apparently not expecting it.

    "Y-yeah, it does…", admitted John. "He must have went for me because I caught a Spearow, even though my Pokédex said I wasn't allowed to do it."

    John seemed ashamed about the subject, but Roger merely smiled in an effort to put John at ease.

    "You're not the only one who unknowingly broke a rule. I did that when I caught Rampage, the Mankey", said Roger as he showed John Rampage's Pokéball.

    "The same Mankey you used yesterday?", asked John.

    "Yeah, I decided to name him that last night after the trouble he nearly made when Don and I fought him", explained Roger while returning the Pokéball to its spot on his belt. "What I'm saying Johnny, is that you shouldn't let others tell you what you can and cannot."

    John seemed to be thinking for a moment what Roger had told him, but it wasn't long before he smiled and nodded at Roger. His happiness that John had cheered up, however, was interrupted by Don suddenly signaled all of them to stop moving.

    "Something's wrong?", Roger asked nervously. He didn't like that Don's tail-flame had spontaneously increased in size the moment Don made them halt.

    "We've got company and not the good kind", growled Don.

    "Johnny, get close to me, now!", Roger quickly said, which John and Halligan quickly did as said. It wasn't long before several, glowing red eyes appeared in the darkness among the trees staring at them.

    As their owners got closer, they could see that they were giant wasp-like Pokémon that looked none too happy about the intruders. Each one had a round head where their eyes where located, with a pair of antennas on top of them and small pointed mouths below their eyes. Of the four legs that were connected to their middle bodies, the first two legs were covered by long, conical stingers, while the other two were long, segmented and insect-like in appearance. The yellow wasps also each had two pairs of rounded and veined wings and on its striped abdomen were another, and equally dangerous-looking as the other two, stinger that were yellow.

    "Of all the bugs we could encounter here, it had to be Beedrills", said Don in annoyance.

    "What's the plan, Don?", asked Roger while ignoring that John and Halligan were listening. Right now, they had to focus on survival.

    "Burn and run? I won't dare to face this many Beedrills on my own, especially in their home territory!", stated Don before blowing a small bit of fire in front of him.

    "You don't need to", said Roger as he pulled out Rampage's Pokéball. But before they could react, the Beedrills started to charge against them, forcing Don to breathe a thick smokescreen against them. In the midst of confusion, Roger felt a claw pulling him, John and Halligan out of the smokescreen and deeper into the forest. Knowing that it was Don, Roger didn't hesitate and picked up both John and Halligan in each arm and started to run alongside Don.

    "Forget burn! Just run!", shouted Don.

    "You don't have to tell me twice!", exclaimed Roger while he kept running.

    They didn't get far before they heard some buzzing behind them, however. Turning his head around, Roger saw that one of the Beedrills were following them.

    "Don, we got company!", Roger exclaimed as the pursuing Beedrill started firing hundreds of needles, some of them purple, against them from one of its stingers.

    By sheer luck or skill, Roger did not know, but he somehow managed to dodge the needles by jumping from side to side and forward as they came closer. Don did the same as well, until he saw his chance and jumped towards the Beedrill and punching it with a Fire Punch. That was more than enough to deter it from further pursuing them and it retreated back into deeper parts of the forest.

    Feeling that they were safe now, Roger breathed a sigh of relief before putting down John and Halligan back down to the ground.

    "Sorry if I was a bit rough there, Johnny and Halligan", said Roger while making sure they were both alright.

    "No problem. I don't feel like I got hurt or anything", stated John. Despite that, Roger could see he was a little shaken, which he admittedly was as well. But when he checked if Halligan was alright, he noticed that he was somewhat wobbly and dizzy. It was then that he noticed one of the Beedrill's purple needles were embedded into Halligan's left leg.

    "Johnny, I think we got a problem", said Roger to John just before Halligan collapsed, causing John to exclaim his name in shock as he quickly approached his Pokémon. Don came over as well to see what the problem were and he immediately pulled out the needle and inspected it closely.

    "Poison Sting. We're going to need a Pecha berry for this", stated Don while crushing the needle in his claw.

    "But we don't have any Pecha berry!", Roger whispered to Don while looking at Halligan breathing heavily and John being distressed at the situation.

    "I'll go find some. In the meantime, you better see if you can find somewhere safe from those Beedrills. They might come back you know", said Don before running off into the forest. "And don't worry about me! I can easily track you by your scent!"

    After seeing Don disappearing into the woods, Roger turned his attention to John, who were frantically trying to pull out something from his bag.

    "Easy there, Johnny. You'll end up breaking something", Roger tried to calm John down.

    "But - but - but if I don't do something, Halligan will-", was all John managed to say before breaking out in tears. Knowing only one way to comfort him in this situation, Roger moved over and hugged him.

    "I'm worried for Hallie here as well, Johnny. But right now, we need to put our faith in Don that he will find something for him", Roger tried to reassure the still-crying boy. "Feeling better now?"

    John nodded a little bit as they let go of each other and wiped away some of the tears.

    "Good. Now let's move to somewhere safer before the Beedrill comes back", said Roger with a smile. While he didn't show it, Roger was also worried and afraid of what could happen. But right now, he had to be strong for John's and Halligan's sake.

    He helped John to get back on his feet and picked up the Tiny Turtle Pokémon with both of his hands. They then started walking to the opposite route than the one Don took a few minutes ago. Roger knew that they should keep a low profile right now, but they also needed to get a bearing of where they were, especially after that blind run from the Beedrills. After all, they probably no longer could find any of those flags after running so far away.

    After a few minutes of walking, they found a decent place that was somewhat sheltered. While unpacking their stuff, Roger began to think whether or not he should use his feather to heal Halligan. While it heals injuries easily, poison may be another case altogether. And it wasn't like he could ask Old Harry, since he was on Knot Island.

    "Roger, why is that Weedle moving away from us so fast?", Roger suddenly heard John asking him. He turned around to where John was pointing and sure enough, a brown larva with a segemented body with a stinger on its rear end moved away from them. It briefly turned around and revealed that it had a round, pink nose, a pair of dark circular eyes and another large stinger on top of its head.

    Seemly panicking from being spotted, the Weedle quickly hastened its movement as much as it could on its many, little pink feet. Seeing the little Pokémon running away, it reminded of something, but he didn't know what.

    What was it Don said to me last night?, he thought to himself before he became pale as he realized what it was. "Oh, crap!", exclaimed Roger as he quickly pulled out Rampage's Pokéball.


    Don didn't know how much time precisely had passed since he started searching for Pecha berries, but based on the position of the sun he managed to see in a hole among the trees, no more than an hour could have passed since they entered Viridian Forest. But he couldn't afford to stand still and think about it; Halligan needed a Pecha berry and fast.

    "Ugh… To many scents here for me to differentiate what is what", muttered Don in annoyance. At the moment, he only found places with too many scents to differentiate from each other, so he moved in the direction he assumed was north in the hopes of picking up a scent or two coming from the berries with interferences from other scents.

    While running, Don contemplated about him and Roger being able to talk with each other. As much as he hated to admit it, he was beginning to enjoy the conversations with Roger. Emily, his own trainer, was also able to understand what he was saying, but this was different. Almost like they didn't talk through their mouths and speech, but in a deeper level. He couldn't put it where and how, but that was what Don felt.

    Eventually, he stopped at an open area where there weren't too many scents to pick up.

    "This will do", said Don in a satisfied tone as he closed his eyes and began to focus. With a few seconds in between, he sniffed the air for any signs of Pecha berries. He did pick up a scent, but it was very weak. After walking around in a circle, however, he still couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. It was too well hidden from his nose. But there was a certain scent coming from nearby, something that smelled like a bird.

    "Saludos, señor. You seem to be quite out of place", Don heard a nearby voice with a foreign accent that sounded almost too joyful.

    He looked around until he spotted a very large bird sitting on a branch on a nearby tree with its powerful, pinkish gray talons. The head, which the bird held high, had a long and feathered, reddish head-crest on the forehead, which went all the way to the back of his head, a beak of the same color as the talons and black markings around his piercing eyes. He also had a colorful plumage on the tail, altering between red and yellow and the majority of the body were covered in brown feathers, while the belly, face, the inside and the tip of the wings were of a lighter color.

    No matter how Don tried to twist the truth, he could both see and sense that this Pidgeotto was very powerful and also a dangerous opponent if it came to that. As he prepared himself for a possible battle, the Pidgeotto, however, simply chuckled and gently basked one of its wings as if he tried to mimic a human waving a flag.

    "At ease, señor. I'm not here to fight, but to talk. It can be quite lonely at times here in this forest when there is no fiesta", the Pidgeotto said in a surprisingly somber tone before flying down next to Don, who relaxed a little bit but remained cautious. "Where are my manners? I'm called Amigo by my amigos."

    "Wait, excuse me?", asked a confused Don.

    "I apologize. Amigo means friend in Spanish and as it happens, it is also my name", explained Amigo. "Anyway, that is not important. I would like to know what a fire Pokémon like you are doing here, señor."

    "Why should I tell you? I'm kinda busy you know", stated Don.

    "Well perhaps I can help you, señor", explained Amigo. "After all, I know my way around the forest."

    Seeing that he probably wouldn't get rid of Amigo in the near foreseeable future, Don relented and explained how he, Roger, John and Halligan had entered the forest and encountered some angry Beedrills, and that Halligan the Squirtle got poisoned by one of them. He also explained that since it had been discovered, he had been searching for Pecha berries without any luck. But when he told about the Pecha berries, Don couldn't help but notice that Amigo were seemly smiling.

    "You're born under a star of fortune, señor, for I happen to know where to find the berries you seek", said Amigo cheerfully.

    "You're joking, right?", asked Don as he had a hard time believing it.

    "No, I do not. But there is a problem", stated Amigo in a more serious tone, surprising Don. "You see, señor, there is a human señorita who has been lying at the Pecha tree for several days. She hasn't moved a talon since she suddenly appeared several days ago and no one in the forest has dared to approach her."

    Amigo looked around for a second before approaching Don and started whispering. "They believe she's cursed."

    "Cursed?", said Don with some skepticism. "I've heard of humans believing in superstitious stuff, but Pokémon? That's new."

    "New or not, none has dared to approach her, señor", explained Amigo. "At any rate, I won't dare approach the place, but I can show you the way, señor."

    "And risk getting lost on the way? No thanks. Look, I don't care about curses, I just want a Pecha berry that can heal poison. So will you lead the way for me, alright?", requested Don in a stern tone.

    With some reluctance, Amigo agreed to lead Don to the girl and the Pecha tree and flied in the direction it was located, with Don not far behind. While he didn't openly admitted it, he was curious about the girl Amigo talked about. And somewhere inside of him, he hoped it was Emily, despite the slim chances. But if it was her, why was she in a forest? The last time he remember seeing her was in a city, but he couldn't remember which one it was.

    When Amigo signaled that they had arrived, Don knew he would get his answers soon enough. Sure enough, a young, petite girl was lying underneath the Pecha tree, whose berries were pink and heart-shaped. Don got closer and saw that the girl, who physically looked like she was the same age as Roger, had long, brown hair that went beyond her shoulders. She had a fair skin color and based on her expressionless face, she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Her sleeveless shirt and loose socks were both colored cyan, a black wristband was located at her right hand, while her skirt was bright red and surprisingly, she didn't wear any shoes altogether, nor was there anything in the vicinity that resembled them.

    Don couldn't help but feel disappointed; this was not Emily after all. She didn't even resemble her. He shook it off his disappointment for the time being and instead looked up towards the berries, which were hanging high up in the tree.

    "it's quite high up in the tree, and I don't want to accidentally burn it with my tailflame. Mind give me a hand, Amigo?" asked Don, but to his surprise, Amigo wasn't nearby at all. "Amigo?"

    "I'm right here, señor!", Don heard Amigo saying behind some leaves on another tree, which he moments later nervouslyappeared from it. "Are you certain it is safe to approach the señorita?"

    "Do I look like I've turned into a Poliwag? I think it was you guys who is imagining things. I'm certain the human has moved away from here from time to time without you seeing that. Now get your feathered butt over here and pluck down one or two berries!", said Don in a higher tone while pointing at the berries, his patience beginning to be running low.

    Amigo immediately complied, apparently being more startled by Don's outburst than the girl's presence. Only a few seconds later and two Pecha berries dropped down into Don's open claws, who was more than happy to have acquired what Halligan needed.

    "Thanks for the help, Amigo. This will do nicely", Don thanked Amigo, but without warning, he felt something grabbing his right claw which startled him for a moment. He turned his head and saw to his surprise that the girl was now sitting up and had grabbed his claw with her right hand. The girl's eyes were also halfway open and stared at Don with a soulless look, almost as if no one was home.

    Amigo, in the meantime, caused an uproar from the girl's sudden movement and hid himself behind some leaves from the same tree from before. But before anyone could figure out what happened, the girl let go of Don and simply fell back down to the ground, as if she lost conscious or something.

    "I told you she was cursed, señor! Get out of there!", Amigo pleaded Don, but the Flame Pokémon ignored him and looked curiously at the girl. Something wasn't right about her and he didn't like it, especially that soulless look she gave him. Then an idea popped up in his mind. Maybe Roger's feather could help her. It was a long shot but worth the try.

    "I'm taking the girl with me, Amigo, if you don't mind. I think my friend can help her", stated Don as he carefully picked up the girl with both arms without crushing the Pecha berries in his claws. Surprisingly, she was very light to carry for Don and realized that he probably wouldn't be slowed down as much as he thought he would by her weight.

    "I-it's completely fine with me, señor. I've nothing against that, and neither has anyone else in this forest", Amigo stuttered.

    "One last question, Amigo", Don turned around to the still-hiding Pidgeotto. "Can you tell me where north is? We kinda got lost after the Beedrills attacked us."

    "There is a very large tree north of here. If you or any of your camaradas climb up to the top of a smaller tree, you'll know where north is when you see it, señor", explained Amigo while coming out of hiding.

    "Thanks for everything, Amigo. I'm heading off now!", shouted Don before he started running the way he and Amigo went to reach the area.

    "You're welcome, señor! If you're going to excuse me, I'm gonna gather everyone for a fiesta!", Don heard Amigo shouting behind him in the distance.


    It wasn't long before Don managed to find the spot where he first met Amigo and from there, he backtracked the way he had run in search for the now found Pecha berries. Roger and the others would be overjoyed that Don had been successful in his search, though they most likely would also be surprised to see him bring a girl along with them. While he was certain that they had found a safe place somewhere nearby, Don couldn't help but worry a little bit.

    "Dang, I'm getting soft", remarked Don at the thought while he continued running. He was still being careful about not crushing the berries in his claws while carrying the girl, who seemed to be nowhere near close to waking up, despite Don's often rough running.

    He had to wait thinking about the girl for the time being, for he could now smell that Roger was now nearby. But he could smell something else in the air, something that caused him to run even faster.

    "Damn it! If it's blood I smell, that can only mean one thing!", exclaimed Don as picked the pace even further. It wasn't long before Don was able to see Roger in the distance, but his blood froze the moment he saw that Roger was leaning on a tree and wasn't moving, while Rampage was lying nearby. He carefully placed the girl down and ran over to Roger, fearing the worst. But to his surprise, Roger raised his head as he approached.

    "Ugh, who is it?", Don heard Roger muttering, who became both happy and surprised when he saw Don. "Don? Man, you sure is a sight for sore eyes."

    "I came as fast as I could when I smelled blood. What happened? Who got hurt?", Don asked frantically. In the meantime, Rampage also woke up from all the ruckus and looked somewhat beaten.

    "That is unusual. You've haven't been so concerned with others until now", remarked Roger with a smile, causing Don to make a frown and look away in response. "We're all safe, Don. Me and Rampage just had to fend off some Beedrills that happened to be warned by a Weedle, who is now in one of my Pokéballs. We just rested a bit after the attack."

    Roger showed Don the Pokéball he talked about, who in the meantime was relieved that nothing had happened, until he noticed a wound on Roger's hand.

    "What happened to your hand? Shouldn't your feather have healed it by now?", asked Don. He also realized at that point that the wound must be the source of blood he could smell.

    "Didn't noticed it until now", stated Roger while looking at the wound with a raised eyebrow before taking out his feather. "Well, the feather is working right now, I can feel that, but it still doesn't heal the wound. If one of the Beedrills managed to hit me, there's only one explanation."

    "Poison. Seems like the feather isn't able to neutralize the poison but can only contain it. In return, it cannot heal while it does that", said Don before smiling. "You're lucky I took two Pecha berries with me back instead of only one."

    Don cut one of the berries in two before handing over one of the halves to Roger, who immediately began to eat it. It wasn't long before the feather finally began to heal his wound, now finally no longer stopped by the poison. The other half was given to Rampage to be certain he wouldn't be infected with poison.

    "Thanks, Don. Now we better get back to Johnny and Halligan with the last berry. They should still be in a sheltered area we found", stated Roger as he stood up.

    "Before that, you need to see something", said Don. He gesture them to follow him a few meters until they stood in front of the unconscious girl.

    "Who's that? We didn't exactly expect you to bring us a girl as well", Roger asked Don in surprise.

    "It's a long story, but she might need our help", stated Don while he picked up the girl. "I'll explain on the way. It's a bit crazy, just so you know."

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    Well, it looks like I'm gonna be reviewing your fic! Keep in mind, I only read the first chapter so far. I have a tendency to read things a chapter at a time. Despite that, I still wanted to deliver your requested review, and I had some things to say. So, without further ado, here we go!


    Oh, man, where do I begin? Let me tell you, when it comes to reviewing stories, I'm huge on the writing aspect. But, before I dive into this, I'm gonna just put a little disclaimer right down there below this, so you don't misinterpret what I'm saying. It's just a precaution, really, I don't expect you to take this the wrong way, but... just in case.

    I'm going out of my way to find things you can improve on, so if it seems like there's a lot wrong, that's why.

    In all reality, you really did a good job with this. I must commend you for that. So I guess that means I just get to be more nitpicky so you'll really get to improve! I'll be separating this into individual points, and giving commentary on each aspect of how you did writing-wise.

    1. Description

    When it comes to good storytelling, descriptive detail is probably where most people I've seen need help. It's just such a major aspect of writing, you can't let any detail slip by when you're working on a story. But honestly, I can't find much to criticize with your story. Well done. You did a phenomenal job using descriptions to paint a picture in my mind of what's going on. But really, nobody is ever perfect at this. There'll always be somewhere you can improve, and whether or not it's actually an improvement could vary between readers. So, although you did a fantastic job describing the scenes, I think that you could go just a step further. You painted a picture, but now you have to create a living world for us. What I mean by this is that, while you did a great job describing the physical details (what can be seen and heard, really), you kinda skipped over the other aspects. How things felt to the character (i.e. when the girl was seized by the Arbok, I'd personally have included a line there about its smooth, yet steely coils tightening around her, preventing any movement at all. Or when a character falls on the ground, or walks barefoot, you've gotta describe the feeling of the ground beneath them.), or smelled (does an erupting volcano give off a smokey smell? Well... okay, I'll let the volcano thing slide since you probably don't know what it'd smell like, but you get my point.), or even tasted (did a character have blood or dirt end up in their mouth when they fell or got hurt?). You've gotta put every detail possible into your story, so it can really come alive for the readers.

    2. Flow

    This one's a bit trickier to explain, but it's really like the fluidity of your storytelling. Is it choppy and robotic, or smooth, flowing logically and easily between sentences, ideas, and paragraphs? Well, clearly you've got a good bit of writing experience under your belt, because honestly, there weren't any problems here. Good job, man. Even if there were issues, there's really not much I could tell you to do to fix it other than just practice writing. Having your story flow really only can come from experience.

    3. Characters

    Your characters, in my opinion, were probably the weakest part of your writing. I'm not saying that in a bad way, though. Everything else was fantastic, but characters are probably the most difficult aspect (that isn't description). Mind you, there's still nothing wrong here, so you did a good job. It just... it could be better. Your characters don't really seem to have a "voice", but that might just be because I only read one chapter so far. When I say "voice", I don't mean how I imagine them sounding. I mean something entirely different, so I'm gonna launch into a little side note to try and explain. Sorry.

    As a writer, I find that I can really identify with a character even when they're not similar to me. I understand the aspects that make up their personality, and so it allows me to see from their perspective and think "well, would So-and-so really do this? What's-her-face might, but I'm not sure about So-and-so...", which seems kinda basic. But it's not. You need to be able to comprehend your characters on a deep level when you write. You have to be able to identify with them, or you won't be able to write them accurately. This skill would come from reading other stories, and getting an idea of how characters, and people, work (I took AP Psychology in High School just to improve on this, honestly). You can't correctly portray a character you don't understand. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Well, I feel like you're trying to do this. I bet you've got all the characters personality traits mapped out in your head, don't you? If you do, then you should probably write it down somewhere so you don't forget. If you don't, you should probably write it out somewhere so you have a good idea of what you're dealing with. However, it's not enough to have it in your own mind. We, the readers, need to be able to see and map out these character traits too. As of right now, I can't do that, and that's a problem. So far, these characters (well, the main human protagonists, excluding the girl that Team Rocket kidnapped) aren't leaving much of an impression on me. They're kinda blending together, and though it's fine for characters to have similar personalities or shared traits, there's a line between similar and identical that you do not want to cross. Unfortunately, I've only read the first chapter, so that makes it a bit more difficult to critique this aspect. First chapters are just introductions, really, and in that regard you were awesome. In future chapters, I suggest you get some moments to characterize each character, develop them, and make them come to life. The more defined your characters are, the better.

    4. Dialogue

    ...yeah, not my area of expertise. Let's just move on. It was fine, and I'm not qualified to say anything other than that, mainly because I'm not sure how to even judge the quality of dialogue on a deep enough level to adequately analyze and review it. I'd probably give you bad advice if I tried.

    5. Words!

    Wow, how much more vague of a category name could I have used? Well, it's vague because this is a broad category. When I say "words", I don't just mean "vocabulary". I'm referring to the words you used and how effectively you used them. Now, having super-advanced vocabulary won't really earn you any extra points here, because I'm gonna look at two things. First, whether or not you used the right word in the right situation, or if you could've done better. Really, I didn't see any problems here, so congrats! Second, I'm looking for how concise you were, or how much information you conveyed in as few words as possible. While it is important to describe as much as possible, there's a point where it will detract from the storytelling itself, which is where conciseness comes into play. Being able to convey large ideas in as few words as possible will get you far. Well, once again, no issues here, really. You did great.

    And that wraps up my review of the writing section! Overall, you were fantastic. You're a great writer, and the more you practice, the better you'll get. Keep on doing what you're doing, unless you find a way to do it better. Then do that. Moving on...


    Well... it's kinda hard to critique this when I only read one chapter. Silly me. It's not impossible, though!

    I like your plot so far. Yeah, it's kind of a generic "good versus evil" thing, but what's so wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. I'm not just saying that because I write that a lot. If you can do it and do it well, then you're gold. What's more important is how interesting the plot is, which comes from delivery which, if you hadn't guessed, comes from that big, fat writing section I just finished ranting about (I could've said more, too, but I didn't want to be too long, and you did a really good job so I didn't have much to say on most other points). As far as delivery goes, your first chapter was great. It made me want to keep reading, and if you can accomplish that, then congratulations, you've got an effective method of delivering the plot. The introduction part, with the girl being pursued by Team Rocket that was in no way related to the protagonists as of yet, raised a lot of questions in my mind. "Who was she? What was the D? Why did she want the D? What was Team Rocket doing with the D? Where did they get the D? Why am I making all of these sex puns?" Now, this is a good thing. You want to raise questions in the readers' minds early on in the story, and answer them later. This only works if you actually answer the questions, though. Leaving people wondering, while it can be used to your advantage under the correct circumstances, will usually result in reader dissatisfaction, which you want to avoid for obvious reasons.

    Overall, your writing and plot were very good. Your story is a rare gem of good writing. While I admit that fanfiction as a whole isn't known for its quality (even I'm guilty of putting less effort into my fanfiction than my original works, which is a terrible sin for me to commit as a writer), you go above and beyond, providing us with an excellent, well-written story. Well done.

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    @Flame1819; Big thanks for the very detailed review you gave me. It is a big help for me in order to improve my writing and I'm also happy that you've enjoyed reading the first chapter, so I hope you'll enjoy reading the rest of the currently available chapters. If you're interested, do you want me to tell you whenever a new chapter has been posted?

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    Notification? Nah, I'll pass. I check back in this forum every so often, so if a new chapter's up, I'll notice. I'm sure. Besides, I'd prefer just to read them on my own time, rather than have a flood of messages telling me how far behind I am in the story ^^"

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    I finally managed to read the latest chapter. First of all sorry that it took me so long, even though I've been back since thursday I wasn't able to finish reading it and I feel really bad for that xD;

    Anyway I really liked this chapter, at first it seemed long but the thing with your chapters is that they're really really easy to get into and easy to follow. It was nice to see John and Halligan again, who seem to be in for a while at least for now. It's starting to become clear that Roger's and Don's relationship is also starting to develop as the two are getting along better and Roger is able to hold his own more, being able to catch a Beedrill by himself and all.

    I liked seeing Don by himself too though xD it was really nice to see him deal with situations in his own way, plus Amigo made things a lot funnier; overall I thought it was a nice chapter. What I liked the most in this chapter was the dialogue you used, especially between the Pokemon...I think it was really unique and well handled.

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaze View Post
    I finally managed to read the latest chapter. First of all sorry that it took me so long, even though I've been back since thursday I wasn't able to finish reading it and I feel really bad for that xD;
    Don't worry about it, I'm well aware that you were on holiday so I didn't mind the waiting.

    Anyway I really liked this chapter, at first it seemed long but the thing with your chapters is that they're really really easy to get into and easy to follow. It was nice to see John and Halligan again, who seem to be in for a while at least for now. It's starting to become clear that Roger's and Don's relationship is also starting to develop as the two are getting along better and Roger is able to hold his own more, being able to catch a Beedrill by himself and all.
    Firstly, a correction. It was a Weedle he caught in order to prevent it from warning the rest of the hive of their presence. But you're right about Roger being able to hold on his own more against the Beedrills that did appear. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the chapter, as well as the development between Don and Roger.

    I liked seeing Don by himself too though xD it was really nice to see him deal with situations in his own way, plus Amigo made things a lot funnier; overall I thought it was a nice chapter. What I liked the most in this chapter was the dialogue you used, especially between the Pokemon...I think it was really unique and well handled.
    Thank you. Having Don be on his own instead of with Roger was unique for me, as I've never made a conversation between two Pokémon. But since I'm happy with the result, I might do some more in the future, maybe even some more appearances with Amigo

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 5: The forest, the amigo and the girl)

    @some colour no doubt;, @Flaze;

    Sorry to keep you waiting. This is so far the longest chapter in the fic, so it took some time before I was able to finish it (17 pages in Word in total!), since a lot of things is happening here. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.

    Chapter 6: Team Rocket

    Everyone inside the military helicopter seemed to be quite anxious and nervous, not that he could blame them. After all, this was their very first mission of this caliber. To himself, however, it was just another day in his work, only this time it was more… public.

    "Sir, we've got a visual of the target. Estimated arrival in ten minutes", he heard the pilot tell him over the radio.

    "Excellent. Continue maintaining the course towards the target", he said with a voice that was both rough and sleek. He stood up from his seat and turned around towards the rest of the passengers, who were all, men and women, wearing black outfits and berets with a characteristic large, red "R" on the torso of their outfits.

    He looked at the dozen of men and women, who saluted the moment he gazed upon them. Satisfied that he got their attention, he began with his speech.

    "Soldiers, our great leader have ordered us to attack our newest target today, this time without regard of whether or not the public eyes see us. I know that it may be outside your comfort zone, but be assured that there's a good reason for this."

    Many began to whisper to each other after he had talked, but he quickly silenced them by quickly closing his hand into a fist almost in front of his face. When everyone was quiet once again, he continued.

    "Our leader believes that it is time that we move out of the shadows and show ourselves to the world and prove that they cannot stop us. And he is correct. After all, everyone single one of you have received extensive training from each of our facilities across the region and you're each equipped with powerful Pokémon. The world has every right to fear us! So let us go forth and take what's rightfully ours!"

    Everyone began to cheer from being encouraged by the speech and now seemed more than motivated to complete the mission. He was more than satisfied now. Before they even left their base, most of them were somewhat reluctant and nervous to do it. Now, they were more than ready.

    "Commander Jinkourai, estimated arrival in five minutes", the pilot once again addressed to him in a formal manner, causing the commander to smirk from hearing the news.

    "Members of the Rocket Organization, prepare to assault Pewter City's Pokémon Center!", he addressed to everyone.


    About an hour earlier, somewhere in the Viridian Forest…

    Roger couldn't help but laugh when Don had explained the superstitious rumor that circulated among the wild Pokémon about the girl the flame Pokémon was currently carrying. Even Rampage chuckled a bit at the very thought.

    "Yeah, yeah. You should've seen her when she suddenly grabbed my arm. Certainly gave Amigo quite the scare, apparently", Don said wryly.

    "Oh come on, Don. Even you don't believe in that kinds of stuff", stated Roger while he still chuckled.

    "You're right. But then again, I didn't believe a human could understand what I said", stated Don with a wink.

    "Touché", said a speechless Roger, having no counter-arguments against Don's statement.

    "I'm joking, Roger", grinned Don. "I don't believe it either that she's cursed, only that she might have a need of your feather."

    "And what makes you think that, Don?", asked Roger as regained his composure.

    "Well it's a goddamn miracle-maker, first of all!", said Don with a sarcastic undertone. "If it can halt poison from spreading, then why shouldn't it be able to help her?"

    "Alright, we'll give it a try. But what are we going to tell Johnny about -", Roger was unable to finish his sentence when he heard a familiar voice calling out to him. He looked at the direction the voice came from and saw John running towards them with Halligan in his arms.

    "Roger! Halligan is starting to get worse!", Roger heard John shouting with a voice of desperation. With no hesitation, Roger quickly took the remaining Pecha berry from Don and ran towards John as he also approached him. Both stopped when they had reached each other and it was here that Roger could see that Halligan's condition had indeed worsened, as the little turtle were sweating and breathing heavily. John seemed understandably even more desperate than before and looked like he was on the verge of tears.

    "Quick, get him to eat this berry! It will heal the poison!", Roger quickly explained to John as he gave him the Pecha berry. John didn't hesitate for a moment and managed just barely to make Halligan eat the berry. Moments later, Halligan stopped sweating and breathed in a more relaxed rate as he slowly opened his eyes.

    John became ecstatic that Halligan had been cured and hugged him in joy. Roger couldn't but smile, as they had finally solved this predicament. It wasn't until now that he noticed that Don and Rampage had approached them in the meantime, with Don still carrying the girl in his arms.

    "Good thing that's over and done with", said Don with a smile. It was then that John finally noticed the unconscious girl Don was carrying.

    "Who's she?", asked John while he was still hugging Halligan.

    "Well, uh… she's… someone Don apparently found unconscious on his way back here", Roger quickly said John without revealing the details. "With all those Beedrills in the forest, we can't really leave her alone, can we?"

    "Uh, sure, you got a point", said John while seemly being skeptical.

    "Anyway, let's get back to the sheltered area, alright?", Roger quickly changed the subject. Fortunately for him and Don, John didn't inquire anymore about the girl and they all walked back to the place Roger and John found.

    With a few trees covering the majority of the sunlight and some very thick bushes in a circle with only a few holes, it was a decent area to make a campsite or shelter from any unwanted guest. But if Don said was true about the Pokémon in the forest believing that the girl, whom Don had just lied down when they had reached the place, was cursed, they probably wouldn't have to worry about them anymore.

    On closer inspection, Roger could see that the girl did look somewhat pale, but she wasn't sweating or anything. He couldn't think of anything that would cause that; at least what was natural, anyway.

    "Hey Johnny, do you have a pillow or some-", Roger was about to ask John until he saw him and Halligan were fast asleep while leaning up on one of the trees, which Roger couldn't help but smile at. "Guess what happened today must've tired him out. Can't really blame him."

    "Me neither. We must have terrible luck after what we've been through lately. At least ever since I got separated from… Emily…", "lamented Don as he sat down.

    "Is something wrong, Don?", asked Roger as he stopped halfway from pulling out a blanket from his backpack.

    "It's just that… when I heard that the girl here was in the forest, I had hoped that she was Emily ", admitted Don. "A stupid hope, I admit it, but that didn't stop me."

    "You miss her?", asked Roger. This was the first time he had seen Don being so emotional about anything. In fact, it was almost like talking to a different person altogether.

    "Yeah, I do", admitted Don. "Until a year ago, I travelled on my own across the land after… something happened in my clan."

    "You were a wild Pokémon? I thought you were a Pokémon given out to new Pokémon trainers", said Roger as he placed the blanket next to the girl, before gently lifting her up and placing her on top of it.

    "Not by a long shot, but that's for another time", explained Don before he continued. "Anyway, I happened to meet her someday and since then, we've stuck together through thick and thin. That is, until recently."

    "You don't need to say anymore, Don, if it is uncomfortable for you", stated Roger when he could hear in Don's voice that it was a touchy subject.

    "No, I need to, really" said Don with a grim look on his face. "You see, I don't clearly remember what happened when we got separated, only that the idiot we met back on your home island had a role in it. And it frightens me. It frightens me that I don't know what happened to Emily."

    Roger didn't know what to say. He had always seen Don as someone who wasn't fazed by anyone or anything, but he didn't know he had such a vulnerable side in him. Hearing Don talking about Emily reminded him how he and Rose also got separated, making him realize that they were similar to each other. But since Don didn't know what happened to Emily, there might still be hope for him.

    "Look Don, there's still a good chance she's somewhere in Kanto, also looking for you", said Roger. "But we don't know until we also look for her, alright?"

    "Yeah… Yeah you're right, Roger. Thanks for telling me up", said Don as he smiled. Happy that he had cheered Don up, Roger then turned his attention back to the unconscious girl and pulled out his feather from underneath his black t-shirt. If Don was right, then the feather would be able to help somehow. But no matter how many times he looked at her, she didn't seem ill or anything.

    "Don, you sure she really needs that feather?", asked Roger with skepticism in his voice.

    "After what I've seen her do when I stood next to her, I'm certain. It's hard to explain, but just try it", stated Don. After seeing Don's serious face when he said that, Roger complied and took off his feather tied to the leather string off his neck and gently placed it on one of the girl's open palms.

    At first, nothing happened. But as Roger was about to turn around and express his skeptical thoughts to Don, the girl suddenly started to glow in a pale red color in a few seconds. When the glow subsided, the girl's skin no longer looked pale and Roger could see that her eyelids were moving slightly. He was completely surprised by this turn of events and even wondered what the limits of his feather's powers were after seeing that. But he had to put it aside when the girl finally opened her pale-blue eyes.

    "Umm… You alright?", Roger carefully asked the girl as she slowly sat up while also picking up his feather again without her noticing. However, she didn't seem to have registered his question, as she merely looked around her surroundings as she slowly turned her head around.

    "Where… are we?", she asked in a sleepy tone.

    "We're in the middle of the Viridian Forest and Don here found you unconscious in the middle of the woods. Since there's a lot of Beedrills here in it at the moment, it was probably for the best", explained Roger as he kneeled down until he was at the same heights as the girl. In the meantime, Don walked over and stood next to Roger as he mentioned his name.

    The girl looked at both of them with a curious look, which made Roger somewhat uncomfortable, at least until she smiled at them.

    "Thank you, both of you", she said in gratitude as she clapped her hands together.

    "You're welcome. I'm Roger, by the way. What is your name?", Roger introduced himself before asking her.

    "Leaf, just like the leaves in the trees", she answered as she looked up towards the said trees.

    "Nice to meet you, Leaf. The two over there who's currently sleeping are Johnny and Halligan", said Roger as he pointed towards the sleeping boy and his Squirtle.

    "Oh, so those two are travelling with you? Quite the little company we got here", remarked Leaf with a tilted head at Roger.

    "Yeah. What were you doing in the forest, anyway?", asked Roger out of curiosity.

    "Just passing through, actually. Though I have to admit, I must've gotten lost", Leaf stated. "What about you guys?"

    "Same thing, really. We're heading for Pewter City at the moment", said Roger. "Out of curiosity, where's your shoes and backpack?"

    Leaf's pale quickly became pale the moment Roger asked her the question and quickly looked around her after her mentioned belongings.

    "Oh no… They didn't happen to be where your Charmeleon found me?", she asked in a worried tone. Roger turned his face towards Don, who was shaking his head in response. "Great… some of the wild Pokémon must've taken them somewhere inside this forest."

    "Don, do you think you could find them somewhere?", Roger asked Don in a whispered tone while Leaf was looking away briefly.

    "Don't think so. I had difficulty enough finding the berries in this forest and her stuff could've been spread to anywhere by now", explained Don, causing Roger to feel a bit frustrated of the situation.

    "Well, if you would like to Leaf, you could borrow my shoes until we reach Pewter City", Roger said to a surprised Leaf, but also received a somewhat surprised look from Don.

    "S-sure, but is it really alright with you go walk barefooted?", she asked him.

    "Nah, I'm used to walk barefooted at times back home. I'll be fine", Roger assured her.


    A half an hour had passed since Leaf woke and since then, she had introduced herself to John and Halligan. With Roger and Don walking alongside them, they were heading towards the northern exit of the forest. In the meantime, Roger was starting to regret volunteering borrowing his shoes to Leaf. While walking barefooted back home was no problem in the warm sand in the beaches or in the grass, it was a different matter in Viridian Forest with branches and stones lying on the ground or mud.

    "I'm starting regret that I didn't pick some spare shoes back home", lamented Roger to himself.

    "Are you humans really that touchy about not wearing anything on your feet? Just look at us Pokémon, we got no problem being barefooted", whispered Don while walking next to him.

    "I'm no Pokémon, Don. My skin underneath my feet ain't as thick as y- YEOUCH!"

    Roger could suddenly feel something pierce his skin underneath his right foot, causing him to scream in pain and jump around on the other foot like a pogo stick, while frantically trying pull out whatever was stuck on his foot. Eventually, however, he fell down, but it also allowed him to finally pull out whatever caused him pain.

    "A single, small, piece of wooden splint caused me that much pain?", said Roger with a displeased look at the said splint before giving the nearby, chuckling Don the same look.

    "What happened, Roger? All of a sudden, you jumped around and screamed", Roger heard John asking him as he and Leaf approached him.

    "Just a bloody splint, Johnny", explained Roger as he tossed away the object.

    "If it's about your shoes, you can have them back, Roger. They're too big for me anyway", stated Leaf. Roger couldn't help but notice that she looked a little worried.

    "That will just trade my problem to you instead, it wouldn't solve anything", explained Roger, even though he would much more prefer wearing his own shoes again.

    "I've got an idea, but I'm gonna need Don's help in this", John suddenly said, surprising Don in the process. "We need some branches about as thick as one of your claws. Think you can cut down some?"

    Roger could clearly see that Don had no idea what John was thinking, he admittedly didn't have a clue either. Nevertheless, Don complied and proceeded to cut down some branches that were at the requested size until John said there was enough.

    "What are you going to do with those branches?", Roger asked John while Don was gathering all of the branches.

    "Just wait for a while and you'll see", was all John said before taking out from his bag a roll of duct tape. Roger, Leaf, Don and Halligan complied for the moment and simply observed John breaking the branches into smaller pieces before placing them next to each other in two rows before sticking duct tape on them, keeping them in place.

    Eventually, John announced that he had finished with his work. To Roger's surprise, the result looked like a pair of sandals made of duct tape and the branches that were well covered by the duct tape, which acted as soles for the sandals. Even the strings meant to keep the sandal in place on one's foot were made of the same material.

    "Wow. Where in the world did you learn to make that?", asked an impressed Roger.

    "I learned that from watching the TV one day. There was an episode of some kind of series that featured what you could do with duct tape. Since then, I've made many things out of duct tape", explained John with a hint of pride in his voice. "Anyway, try these on, Leaf. Hope they're comfortable."

    Leaf accepted the duct tape sandals from John before returning Roger's shoes back to their original owner, and tried the new ones by walking in them to see if they were comfortable. And judging from her smile on her face, Roger guessed that they were.

    "They feel great to walk with. Thank you, John", she thanked John, who notably blushed as a result. Roger couldn't help but smile wryly about that while he was putting on his own shoes and likewise, Don and Halligan also smiled wryly.

    "I guess we both owe Johnny a big thanks for his creativity, Leaf, since none of us is required to walk barefooted anymore", said Roger as he finished putting on his shoes and stood up once.

    "Ah, come on you two, you're making me blush", said John while he was blushing a bit.

    "But you already ARE blushing", Leaf pointed out, causing everyone, even Don and Halligan, to burst out laughing. After the last few days with things not going the right way, from the situation with Rose back home, to his encounter with Blue, an Administrator from Equality, Roger felt relieved and relaxed for the first time in a while.

    Seeing John making shoes out of some branches and duct tape did also piqued Roger's interest and wondered how he could do that himself.

    "Hey Johnny, think you can teach me how to make stuff with duct tape? I'm kinda interested in after seeing you do it", asked Roger.

    "Sure thing, I got an extra roll of it you can borrow", said John before pulling out another roll of duct tape from his bag and handing it over to Roger, who couldn't help but notice that John's face had brightened up after he had asked him.

    A few minutes and a well-needed laughter later, Roger and everyone else continued to walk to the north. At times, when he and Don was outside the hearing range of everyone else, they could quietly talk to each other without Leaf, Halligan or John would notice.

    "It's a good thing this Amigo told you how we could find out where north is, huh", whispered Roger to Don.

    "Sure is, and just as much it is that you were able to climb to the top of one of the trees to figure out our location. With my tailflame, well… I'm not exactly keen on being held responsible for a forest fire", Don whispered back to Roger. "Speaking of the forest, how long have we been in here anyway?"

    "A couple of hours, I think. I haven't looked at my watch for a while, so I'm not sure", stated Roger. But as he was going to look at his watch, the sound of rotating propellers could suddenly be heard far away. Everyone stopped walking and looked around to figure out where the sound was coming from.

    Their answer came shortly from the south, as a black military helicopter with two propellers flew above them and was heading to the north. Branches and leaves from every tree in the vicinity were shaking violently from the turbulence of wind the helicopter created, so much that Roger had to keep a tight grip on his fedora to prevent it from flying away. The turbulent wind eventually subsided and Roger could let go of his fedora without having to worry about it flying away.

    "What the heck is a helicopter doing here?", exclaimed Roger in surprise.

    "By the looks of it, it's heading towards Pewter City", said Leaf, who was also surprised by the helicopter's sudden appearance.

    "But why would a helicopter fly so low and be heading towards Pewter City?", asked John.

    "I guess there's only one way to find out", said Roger while hiding his worry. For some reason, he didn't like seeing the military helicopter flying towards the same city they were heading. But at any rate, they needed to get out of the forest and the nearest exit, based on the fact that he could see that there weren't as many trees around them as before, was to the north.

    It didn't take many minutes for the group to reach the forest exit. While they were relieved that they got out of it, particularly John and Roger after their ordeals, seeing the helicopter they saw earlier in the forest flying above the buildings in Pewter City was worrisome for them.

    "I don't like this, to be honest", admitted Roger to everyone, who likewise also admitted they didn't either.

    "Should we really be going into the city right now? Something must've happened for the helicopter to appear", asked Leaf in a worried tone. But just then, someone in the distance appeared and came running towards them in a frantic pace.

    "Hey! Are any of you Pokémon trainers?", the person shouted to the group as he continued to run towards them.

    "Me and Johnny here are. What's the problem?", asked Roger to the stranger as he stopped in front of them.

    "The… Pokémon Center… is under attack… by someone who… wants steal the Pokémon!", the stranger managed to say between breaths.

    "What? Who would step so low to do that?", exclaimed Leaf in shock. Roger was likewise shocked by the fact someone was willing steal Pokémon, ill or injured Pokémon to boot.

    "Look, it doesn't matter. Point is, we need every bit of help as possible right now! I can show you the way to the Pokémon Center. Come on, Let's go!", said the stranger as he began running back the same way he ran before. Roger briefly looked at everyone, including Don and Halligan. While he was certain Don would help no matter what, he wasn't sure about John after yesterday's events and today's as well, believing that he was somewhat still traumatized by what had happened. But to his surprise, John looked serious and determined.

    "I… I don't want to let them get away with this. Let's go and help, Roger", said John with a surprising tone of seriousness, but in a way, Roger was proud of him of standing up to something.

    Yeah, let's do this. What about you, Leaf?", asked Roger.

    "I don't have any Pokémon, but I'll see what I can do", said Leaf while nodding.

    Roger then looked at Don, whose look to him said more than what a sentence could and he and everyone else started running after the person who asked for their help.


    It wasn't long before they reached the Pokémon Center and the situation looked far worse than what Roger had thought possible. Everywhere, Pokémon and their trainers fought a desperate fight against individuals dressed in black suits and their Pokémon. He couldn't help but notice that every human individual facing the Pokémon trainers each had a large, red "R" on their torso.

    "Oh no, those guys are from Team Rocket!", exclaimed John in surprise.

    "Team Rocket? The rumored organization from the news shrouded in mystery?", asked Roger in equal surprise. "I thought they were only urban myths! But that doesn't matter; we need to protect the Pokémon from them!"

    "That might be easier said than done", stated Leaf while pointing towards the front entrance of the Pokémon Center. About four members of Team Rocket and their Pokémon blocked it from some trainers and their Pokémon. Roger couldn't help but notice that half a dozen Pokémon lied unconscious near them, with several of their trainers tending to them. And the Pokémon from Team Rocket didn't even seem to be breaking a sweat at all.

    But what rubbed him the wrong way was that the Pokémon the trainers owned, a Scyther, a Rhyhorn and even a Pinsir among them, should've been more than enough to beat their opponent, yet they were being beaten by a couple of Zubats and Raticates.

    "They must already be inside the Pokémon Center if they're guarding the entrance!", said Leaf.

    "Don, you think we can break through?", Roger quickly asked Don.

    "Against some flying rodents and some oversized ones? Not a problem", said Don while giving a thumbs up.

    "OK, Johnny, can you and Leaf see if you can help everyone out here while me and Don go help those at the entrance? The fewer opponents that appear for us, the better", asked Roger with seriousness in his voice.

    "I can do that, yes", said John while nodding.

    "Just be careful, OK Roger?", requested Leaf, to which Roger nodded at before running alongside Don towards the Pokémon Center's entrance. While running, he picked out Rampage's pokéball for extra backup just in case.

    "Hey, you guys need a hand?", shouted Roger to the other trainers as he and Don approached them. The trainers briefly turned around to look at Roger as he stopped next to them.

    "The more the better", a blond female said, who seemed to be a few years older than Roger. The other trainers simply nodded as a response as they were busy with the fight.

    "More cannon fodder? No matter how many you are, you'll never get through us!", one of the members of Team Rocket said to them. Roger ignored him for the time being and looked at the Pokémon on their side; they were exhausted and uncoordinated while Team Rocket's Pokémon barely broke a sweat.

    "We better finish this as quickly as possible, so we can give the others a break", stated Roger to Don, who responded by bumping his fists into each other, igniting them in the process.

    "Trust me, they'll get their break", said Don with a grin, which seemed to unsettle Team Rocket's Zubats and Raticates and even some of the allied Pokémon. "After a long trip through the forest, feels good to get out of it, stretch my legs, and kick some asses!"

    And before anyone could react, Don leaped forward and punched one of the brown, bipedal rodent on its cream-colored underbelly, sending it flying towards one of the members of Team Rocket, who could do nothing but be hit in the head by the flying Raticate, knocking him out in the process.

    The second Raticate tried to avenge its friend by leaping towards Don with its long teeth clattering, seeking to bite Don. But he merely sidestepped away and swung his tail, sending the unfortunate Raticate flying on top of one of the Zubats, whose small, blue body and purple wings made of membranes could not support the sudden amount of weight on its back and was forced to fall down to the ground.

    Don's assault against Team Rocket's Pokémon had an inspiring effect on the other Pokémon, who now attacked once more in full vigor. Even their trainers seemed to be regaining hope. Not willing to let Don have the entire spotlight, Roger threw out and released Rampage from his pokéball, who immediately proceeded to cause havoc on Team Rocket's Pokémon. The battle itself finally began to go against Team Rocket's favor, as they and their Pokémon began to struggle while Don, Rampage and the other Pokémon didn't slow down their attacks.

    "I'm impressed. You and your Pokémon are not too shabby inspiring others compared to last time", Roger heard a voice that sounded awfully familiar. Turning around, he saw none other than Blue standing in front of him with his characteristic smirk.

    "You again? If it's about that Weedle I caught in Viridian Forest, I don't exactly have time for that!", explained Roger before turning his focus back to the battle. At this point, Team Rocket had called out the some more Zubats and Raticates, only this time, they notably stronger than the first ones, giving Don and Rampage some difficulties for once.

    "Who said I was here for that?", Roger heard Blue say. He didn't turn around again, but it did make him curious. "I'm here to stop Team Rocket, nothing else."

    "Equality's orders?", asked Roger without hiding his disdain for the organization while Blue walked over and stood next to Roger.

    "On my own accord", stated Blue while throwing out a pokéball into the air, which released Poseidon from it He then gave him an order that shocked Roger." Blow them away with Surf!"

    "Don, Rampage and everyone else! Fall back, quickly!", Roger quickly shouted so everyone could hear him the moment he heard Blue's command. Unfortunately, only Don appeared to have heard him and he quickly grabbed Rampage on his arm and jumped back, just in time to see Poseidon extract a massive amount of water from the underground, pushing it in the shape of a tidal wave towards Team Rocket and nearly every Pokémon from both sides. The moment the tidal wave hit, all of the Pokémon and members of Team Rocket caught in it were sent crashing with tremendous force towards the Pokémon Center's wall and entrance. After the water subsided, Roger could see everyone caught in the Surf were completely drenched and knocked out cold from hitting the wall.

    "What the hell was that all about?", Roger angrily asked Blue. "Are you completely out of your mind using Surf like that? Now nearly every Pokémon on our side is down for the count! We need to be united against Team Rocket, not beat the crap out of each other while our Pokémon gets stolen from us!"

    "What would it matter? The Pokémon Poseidon knocked out were already ready to tip over at any moment. And now, they won't get in anyone's way", stated Blue with an indifferent look before starting to walk towards the entrance to the Pokémon Center.

    "What, is it so damn difficult to ask or persuade them to let you take care of this?", Roger angrily asked.

    "There are easier methods than to ask or to persuade in my book", said Blue without looking back. Roger could only stand and watch in rage Blue going through the now broken entrance with Poseidon next to him in indifference. In the meantime, the Pokémon trainers who fought beside him and Roger had run over to their unconscious Pokémon in their worry to see if they could help them. Once again, Roger was reminded of why he had gained such a disdain for Blue after their first encounter.

    "So what's the plan now, Roger? Just sit here and wait for that idiot to finish the job?", Roger heard Don asking him, who stood alongside Rampage and looked at Roger next to him.

    "Not by a long shot. As much as I hate to admit it, we don't know what to expect in there, so we need to stick together", stated Roger before he started walking towards the entrance.

    "I was hoping you would say that", said Don with a smirk on his face before he and Rampage followed Roger through the entrance.

    To Roger surprise, the entrance hall inside the Pokémon Center weren't crowded by the members of Team Rocket, only some staff members and doctors tied up were located in here alongside Blue and Poseidon, who was busy trying to untie them. Roger, Rampage and Don didn't hesitate for a moment and went over to help him with the task, which became an easy task thanks to Don's claws slashing the robes apart.

    "Are you alright?", Roger asked as he removed the last bits of ropes.

    "We're fine, but more importantly, the Pokémon are still in danger. We need to activate the security systems so they can't be taken away!", stated one of the doctors as he stood up.

    "And how do we do that?", asked Blue while ignoring Roger's angry glare.

    "There's an override system in the security room, where we can lock down access to the Pokémon inside their pokéballs", a man wearing a security outfit explained.

    "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go and lock everything down!", said Roger, more than ready to do the task.

    "Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen" , a rough but sleek voice could suddenly be heard. Roger and everyone else looked in the direction of the entrance to the clinics and saw a tall and somewhat thin man standing there alongside an Electabuzz.

    Unlike the other members of Team Rocket, the man was instead wearing what looked like a gray, closed vest with black sleeves, gray gloves on his hands and a smaller and more subtle "R" on the right side of the vest. The trousers were likewise gray and without any visible pockets and some of the bottom part of the trousers were stuffed into a pair of black military boots. And even from far away, Roger could see that he had crimson red eyes, his black hair were pulled back, there was a thin, black goatee on his chin and he had a some kind of earpiece on the right ear. What was the most noticeable about him, however, was the treacherous, and dangerous aura he gave out, giving Roger the feeling that they needed to be careful around him.

    Likewise, the Electabuzz next to him gave out the same dangerous aura as its probable master next to it, and the slight humanoid creature with feline traits even periodically released some blue electricity from its yellow-furred body. Black stripes covered the body and tail like a tiger, with one large stripe on its chest were shaped like a lightning bolt. It had three, clawed toes on each foot; two on the front and one at each heel, and it had five fingers on each hand, just like a human. Lastly, the Electabuzz' growling revealed a pair of sharp fangs from its upper mouth and it had a pair of antennae with round ends on top of its head, with electricity constantly travelling between them.

    "And you must be the leader of Team Rocket. You don't so tough", Blue taunted the man, but the man simply rolled with his eyes for some reason.

    "Oh please, is the media still calling us "Team' Rocket"? Hardly a name worthy for my organization", said the man without hiding his disdain. "As for me being the leader, perhaps I am, perhaps I am not."

    "What does it matter? I'm still gonna beat you", proclaimed Blue, much to Roger's surprise. The man, in the meantime, merely chuckled at Blue's statement.

    "Don't be too confident. Your plans could easily fall apart so much that it may… shock you", said the man, followed by the Electabuzz firing a beam of blue lightning against Poseidon, who could do nothing to defend himself from the attack.

    "Don, Rampage, get Poseidon out of the way!", Roger quickly shouted to Don and Rampage who, while surprised at first of Roger's order, did as told and managed to push Poseidon to the ground and out of the way from the attack at the last second.

    "Remind me that I need to ask you why had us do this", said Don to Roger as he stood up and brushed off some dust from falling to the ground.

    "And why did you help me there? I didn't exactly ask you to do that ", asked Blue, who sounded like his pride had been hurt.

    "Someone got to keep you out of trouble", said Roger with a slight hint of mocking, which Blue didn't seem to take kindly. "Besides, you and Poseidon are better off escorting the staff to the security room while we stay here and keep this creep at bay. You're at disadvantage here, anyway."

    Blue once again didn't take kindly to Roger's words, but he complied in the end and he and Poseidon started escorting the Pokémon Center's staff through another door.

    "Don't go and regret this later, you know", Roger heard Blue say to him before he and the staff walked through a door.

    "You're quite brave if you think you can defeat me", said the man with a smirk, which the Electabuzz also made. "As a reward for your "bravery", I shall tell you that my name is Jinkourai."

    "We shall see, Jinkourai", said Roger before he looked at Don and Rampage. "You two ready to rock it?"

    Don and Rampage both simply nodded in response as they prepared themselves for battle. In the meantime, Jinkourai simply chuckled in amusement.

    "Knock yourself out, Electabuzz", he said to the electric Pokémon. The Electabuzz grinned before charging towards Don and Rampage.

    "See if you two can make a pincer attack", suggested Roger. The two Pokémon did as suggested and started to move in a half circle from each side towards Electabuzz, who immediately stopped in its track. Seeing their opponent not moving at all, Rampage prepared a Karate Chop while Don ignited his fist for a Fire Punch.

    But before they could react, the Electabuzz fired a beam of lightning towards Rampage and hitting, sending him flying to a nearby wall. And when Don just launched his fist towards its intended target, the Electabuzz simply grabbed the fist with an open palm, much to Don's and Roger's surprise. Despite Don's fist was still on fire, the Electabuzz didn't flinch or reacted, but simply smiled before unleashing a massive amount of electricity, causing Don to scream in pain.

    "DON! RAMPAGE", Roger screamed in shock over that Rampage and even Don were being defeated so easily by one opponent, as if they were nothing but flies.

    "I recommend you don't focus on their battle, but in ours!", Roger suddenly heard Jinkourai say very close to him. Quickly turning around, Roger managed to see Jinkourai's fist flying past his head, but managed to scratch his skin on the left cheek, and into the wall. Quickly jumping to the side, he saw to his horror that Jinkourai's fist had actually embedded itself into the wall. Jinkourai pulled out his hand, which Roger noticed that it had briefly been glowing in a grayish color, and started walking towards Roger with a grin on his face.

    "You like playing with the big boys, don't you?", Jinkourai grinned as Roger tried get away by walking backwards. For the second time in his life had he never been so afraid and what could happen to him. To his dismay, he suddenly felt the wall on his back and could no longer walk backwards and away from Jinkourai.

    "I promise that the next attack won't be fatal, but do expect a trip to the hospital for… a few weeks", said Jinkourai as he approached Roger. But as he prepared for another punch, he and Roger heard a ferocious roar followed by the Electabuzz flying into the wall to the left of the one Roger leaned on. Don then appeared and jumped on top on Jinkourai and trying to lock his arms. Even Rampage joined in and started to scratch him all over his body.

    "Agh! Get off me you annoying critters!", Jinkourai shouted as he tried to shake off Don and Rampage.

    "We're not gonna let you go anytime soon!", roared Don. Roger wanted to help them, but he couldn't move due to fear of what nearly happened to him. Before he even realized it, Jinkourai had managed to throw off Don and Rampage in Roger's direction and looked enraged. Don and Rampage quickly got on their feet again, but so did the Electabuzz.

    "Seems like we're gonna have a second round with him, fur ball", Don said to Rampage as he spat on the ground before briefly looking at Roger. "We can't guarantee that we can protect you a second time, Roger, so you got to think of something."

    Don was right. Roger needed to think of something that could protect without relying on Don and Rampage, who would no doubt be busy fighting the Electabuzz. But then he realized it. He had a third Pokémon he had just caught, plus something else he also got today. Feeling he had a decent chance now, Roger's earlier fears slowly began to disappear.

    "It's okay, I think I got an idea", stated Roger as he picked out a pokéball and the roll of duct tape he got from John earlier. With his plan ready in his mind, he then looked at Jinkourai with a smirk on his face in order to bluff him. "So you don't like being called Team Rocket? What's your organization's true name then? Team Incompetence or Team Dumb Dumbs?"

    "You certainly know how to press on my nerves, boy", said Jinkourai with an irritated look on his face before launching another punch, causing Roger to dodge to the right and the fist to be embedded into the wall once more. Roger couldn't help but smile, as his plan went better than he had hoped. Knowing he needed to act quickly, Roger opened the pokéball and released Weedle from it and onto his left arm.

    "String Shot on his hand and face!", Roger ordered the Weedle, who did as told, sealing Jinkourai's hand, that were still embedded into the wall, and covering the face with sticky web and goo.

    "AH! Get that sticky goo off my face!", Jinkourai screamed in frustration as tried to remove the web from his face with the other free hand, only to cause it to get stuck in the web as well. But Roger didn't waste any time as he placed Weedle on his shoulder before preparing the duct tape and immediately working on wrapping the tape on the arm stuck in the wall and then around his torso. Roger was counting on that his plan would prevent Jinkourai any free movement and therefore, neutralize him.

    All of a sudden, however, he was hit by Don and Rampage sent flying by the Electabuzz, sending them all flying to the other side of the hall. They all rose up and managed to see in time Jinkourai breaking his hands free before literally ripping the duct tape into pieces in his rage.

    YOU REALLY HAVE A BAD SENSE OF HUMOR IF YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY!", he shouted in anger. To Roger's dismay, he realized that his plan had completely backfired and had enraged Jinkourai, who looked like he was more than willing to hurt them. But before he could do anything, a male member of Team Rocket, this time one wearing the regular black outfit, ran into the hall and addressed himself to Jinkourai.

    "Commander Jonkourai! We have run into an unexpected problem! The storage area where the Pokémon inside their pokéballs are located have completely locked us out! We can't get inside no matter what we do!", the man quickly explained to his commander.

    "What? Please tell you at least managed to acquire some of them!", exclaimed Jinkourai in more anger and frustration.

    "Only about twenty percent of the estimated amount of Pokémon, sir", said the man. "What's more, there's been a large level of resistance at the Pokémon Center's security room. It's only one trainer and a Wartortle, but we cannot get pass."

    "Heh… seems like you shouldn't have underestimated us after all", chuckled Roger after overhearing Jinkourai's and his subordinate's discussion, which only seemed to make Jinkourai more furious as he turned his glare at Roger.

    "That's it! I may have underestimated you once today and you may have distracted me for this long!", he said in an angry tone at first before it returned to the sleek and rough voice. "But that won't happen again. I can guarantee you that!"

    As he finished his sentence, Jinkourai picked out a pokéball from his waist and prepared to open it. But before he could do that, the Pokémon Center's entrance suddenly exploded in rubble and dust, followed by a gigantic, orange and draconic being roaring through the now broken entrance. Roger widened his eyes as he saw the angry, orange dragon entered the hall. With a round snout, a pair of long, thin antennae and a small horn on top of the head, a cream-colored and striated underbelly that extended to the tip of its very long tail, each arm and leg each having three claws and wings with teal membranes on its back, there was little doubt of what kind of Pokémon stood in front of them.

    "What in the world is a Dragonite doing here?", exclaimed Jinkourai in shock and surprise. It was clear that neither he nor his subordinate had expected such a powerful Pokémon to suddenly appear. Neither did Roger, Don, Weedle and Rampage, who immediately assumed a defensive position around Roger, while the Weedle crawled down and pressed on its pokéball, returning it inside. But something about that Dragonite was familiar to Roger, but he couldn't think of anything until the Dragonite suddenly smiled at him.

    "Wyvern? Wyvern, is that really you?", asked a surprised Roger, who received a nod from the Dragonite in return. In the meantime, the Electabuzz were charging towards Wyvern with electricity covering its entire body, but was only met with a powerful punch to the torso from the mighty dragon, sending it flying towards the wall once again and this time, leaving multiple cracks upon impact.

    "Whoa, now THAT'S what I call a punch!", remarked Don with his jaw dropping down in awe and shock, with Roger and Rampage equally amazed by the sheer power Wyvern demonstrated.

    "Tch, we got little choice in the matter now. No one of us has the recourses to face against such a powerful Pokémon", Roger heard Jonkourai say to himself while recalling Electabuzz back into its pokéball before pressing a button on his earpiece.

    "All units, disengage and initiate omega protocols. As for you three, count yourself lucky", said Jinkourai to Roger and the Pokémon with disdain after turning off his earpiece. He then opened the pokéball he had taken out earlier, releasing a spherical Pokémon that was red on the top half, which also had a pair of angry-looking eyes there, while the bottom half was white, giving it an overall resemblance to a pokéball minus the button in the middle. "Voltorb, use Selfdestruct."

    The Voltorb began to glow in a grimson red color that intensified by the second. By the time it was about ready to explode, Jinkourai and his subordinate had already run out through the entrance, while Don and Wyvern each had created a barrier to shield everyone from the incoming blast. Sure enough, when the explosion happened, everyone was shielded from it thanks to Don's and Wyvern's Protect. Nevertheless, Roger and Rampage had to place their hands on their ears to protect them from the loud boom the explosion created. He only let go when the explosion had ended. At the same time, both Don and Wyvern ended their moves and the barriers disappeared.

    The aftermath of the explosion was very apparent. The entire hall had been demolished from the explosion and all of the furniture’s were destroyed beyond recognition. Aside from Roger, Don, Rampage and Wyvern, the only things that were spared from the explosion were the parts of a wall and the floor that were inside the Protect barriers. Even the Voltorb, the source of the damage and the explosion, were knocked out as well.

    "Is everyone alright?", asked Don. Even though he didn't show that, it was clear that he was relieved that the double Protect protected them.

    "Somehow, yeah", said Roger, though he was still a bit shaken. "Thanks for protecting us, Don and Wyvern."

    "So, where do you know this guy, Roger?", asked Don as he looked at Wyvern.

    "He's a Pokémon that is trained by Rose's mother. But why are you here anyway, Wyvern?", Roger asked Wyvern. But before he could get an answer, everyone heard the sound of a helicopter just outside. They all ran outside and saw the same helicopter that beforehand flew over Viridian Forest, with Jinkourai and the rest of Team Rocket inside it. Jinkourai briefly looked down at Roger before he closed the helicopter door and the helicopter flew away to the east.


    The aftermath of the battle against Team Rocket was bittersweet. While the majority of the Pokémon weren't stolen, many Pokémon trainers were still affected by having lost their Pokémon; some even cried and had to be comforted by others. Roger couldn't blame them as he felt somewhat guilty of the situation. Had he and the Pokémon being more powerful, they could probably have been able to save them all. Don, Rampage and Wyvern, likewise, all felt the same thing.

    Roger didn't see Blue after Team Rocket left, but he wasn't in the mood of that, especially after what he did to defeat the Team Rocket members at the entrance to the Pokémon Center. While Roger realized that Blue was correct that the other Pokémon weren't in fighting shape, the fact that Blue knocked them out just like that was unforgiving for him.

    After the conflict, Roger and the Pokémon reunited with Leaf, John and Halligan and since then, they were resting underneath a tree at a park, which was located to the south of the Pokémon Center. While Leaf and John were amazed by Wyvern's present, Roger wasn't in the mood of explaining things. So much in fact that he had forgotten about why Wyvern was here in the first place.

    "Man, this feeling sucks…", muttered Roger.

    "Roger, please. Cheer up, at least you helped preventing every Pokémon getting taken away", Leaf tried to assure Roger.

    "Sorry, but try tell that to those who did lose their Pokémon", responded Roger as he looked over to some of the said Pokémon trainers.

    What's going to happen now, Roger?", asked John. It was clear to Roger that he also had been affected by so many trainers having lost their Pokémon; though he did hear John had fought quite well.

    "The Pokémon Center is in shambles, so we have to find somewhere else to rest", said Roger.

    "I did hear some rumors that we're going to be supplied with tents as a temporary substitute", stated Leaf. "I guess we'll have to sleep here in this park in one of the tents then."

    "Well, we have to figure out a way how to take care of Wy - Oh yeah, that's right! I completely forgot that!", Roger exclaimed as he realized it. "Wyvern, how come you're here in Pewter City? Is it about Rose? Is your master here too?"

    The fact that Wyvern was here in Pewter City, could only mean for Roger that Rose's mother was also here and almost certainly for one reason. However, Wyvern didn't seem to be very worried or serious, but merely chuckled.

    "Hey, Roger, I completely forgot about it until now. There was a red-haired girl who asked for a "silver-haired boy wearing a white fedora" during the chaos with Team Rocket.", John explained Roger.

    "What! Did she have pigtails as hairstyle? I may know her!", Roger quickly asked in shock.

    "Yeah, she did. The last time me and Johnny saw her was near the Pokémon Center. Apparently, one did see you enter the Pokémon Center and told her that, but we didn't see anything", explained Leaf, but that didn't matter for Roger. Not hesitating for one second, Roger ran back to the Pokémon Center in order to find Rose and fast, leaving the rest of the group baffled at his behavior. But that didn't matter to him right now. If Rose's mother were searching for her, she would no doubt receive problems for running away from home.

    It wasn't long before he had reached the plaza in front of the Pokémon Center. Police officers and detectives were all busy securing the crime scene around the Pokémon Center and some even asked some of the Pokémon trainers some questions. But there were no signs of Rose.

    Disappointed, Roger walked back the same way he had run. When he reached the entrance to the park once more, a familiar voice called out that caused him to stop on the spot.

    "Roger, is that you?"

    Roger could've sworn his heart skipped a beat when that voice called out to him. Could it really be her? Slowly turning around and looking back, both Roger and Rose saw each other in shock and surprise of each other's presence. Rose almost immediately ran over and hugged Roger while crying tears, taking him by surprise.

    "Roger, it - it really is you!", Rose struggled to say while crying.

    "E-easy there, Rose! It's only been a few days at most", Roger tried to calm her down as he returned the hug, all the while trying resist the urge to cry as well.

    "But the first two - were the worst days - in my life!", Rose said between hiccups. "Had it not been for mom, I wouldn't be here today!"

    Roger couldn't help but feel sorry for Rose after what her father put her through. It must've been much tougher for her than he had thought. And when she mentioned her mother, it reminded roger of Wyvern.

    "Speaking of your mom, I met Wyvern at the Pokémon Center, so I think she's in the city", explained Roger as he and Rose let go of each other. To his surprise, when she had wiped away her tears, she giggled a bit.

    "Actually, Wyvern is travelling with me, Roger. Mom gave him to me as protection", explained Rose.

    "Wh-wha… I thought none of your parents approved of you running away?", said Roger with a raised eyebrow.

    "Only mom approved of me travelling. I don't know about dad since he got kicked out of the house after what he did, though I have a good guess", explained Rose, though Roger managed to notice some resentment when she mentioned her father. "Anyway, the important thing is that I get to travel with you before me and my family is moving to Hoenn."

    "A final huzzah, so to speak", noted Roger with a smile. "Come on; let's reunite with Wyvern, Don and everyone else. I'm sure you'll like the friends I've met, Rose."
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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 3 is up (finally))

    Hello, sorry for the delay, but here is the review for the summer awards.

    I'll start with the strongest aspect of the story, which I think is the pacing of it. The story moves from event to event and the reader is intrigued by all of them. I quickly found myself engaged in the story. Your descriptions are detailed enough so they give us an idea of what the main character notes and what he finds usual, and in turn, your characterisation becomes great.

    My main objection would be that some characters seem to be just means to an end, and they have no goal other than helping Roger in his journey. Maybe give them their own background, even if you don't intend on writing it into the story; just create the feeling that they are their own person. The grammar and spelling is a bit shaky as well; you should go over each chapter and proofread it many times before posting it, or try to find a beta reader.

    Regardless, good job, and keep on writing!

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (chapter 3 is up (finally))

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuuketsuki View Post
    Hello, sorry for the delay, but here is the review for the summer awards.

    I'll start with the strongest aspect of the story, which I think is the pacing of it. The story moves from event to event and the reader is intrigued by all of them. I quickly found myself engaged in the story. Your descriptions are detailed enough so they give us an idea of what the main character notes and what he finds usual, and in turn, your characterisation becomes great.
    I'm glad you're satisfied with the pacing, description and characterisation, they're definitely something I wish to keep at a high level of quality.

    My main objection would be that some characters seem to be just means to an end, and they have no goal other than helping Roger in his journey. Maybe give them their own background, even if you don't intend on writing it into the story; just create the feeling that they are their own person. The grammar and spelling is a bit shaky as well; you should go over each chapter and proofread it many times before posting it, or try to find a beta reader.
    I already have made some background story for several characters, but I can definitely understand your concern about the characters, so I'll keep that mind in the future. As for grammar and spelling, I admit that they are some of my weak points and that I should do something about it. Thanks for the advices you've given me.

    Regardless, good job, and keep on writing!
    Thank you, I will

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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 6: Team Rocket)

    @some colour no doubt;, @Flaze;

    Just so you know, this chapter isn't action-orientated like the previous ones, but more like an interlude of what is to come, from the subtle to the more obvious. I'm not entirely satisfied with this chapter, but I couldn't think of anything more to add or how to, which is why it longer to make this chapter than anticipated. Also, it is shorter than the others, so it shouldn't take as long to read. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

    Chapter 7: Reunited

    On the way back, Roger inquired Rose about Wyvern suddenly appearing to help him during Team Rocket's attack. As it turned out, it was indeed Rose who had sent Wyvern to help him after finding out that he had run into the Pokémon Center. She had originally wanted to see Roger again right after the attack ended, but she, alongside many others, were forced away from the plaza in front of the center when Team Rocket's helicopter landed there and took off again. As such, she didn't see him until much later.

    After reuniting with everyone and introducing them to Rose, she and Roger sat down and started talking with Rose about how she got to Pewter City, with everyone listening as well.

    "After I said my farewell with mom back home, I flew all the way on Wyvern's back from home to Pewter City in one night. Afterwards, I've been renting a room in a inn until today", explained Rose to everyone.

    "Gotta admit, I'm not sure I would be comfortable with flying across the ocean since I cannot swim. You sure are quite brave doing that, Rose", remarked Roger while being impressed. Likewise, everyone else was impressed by Rose for being willing to do that.

    "More like desperate, really", she stated without going too far into the subject, in which Roger knew that it was about her father.

    "But how come you knew that Roger were heading for Pewter City of all places?", asked John innocently, though Roger noted that the question did make Rose a bit uncomfortable, so he decided to answer the question in her stead.

    "A relative of hers works at the local battle tower on Quest Island. Since many Pokémon trainers who travelled to the tower talked about that they started with their first gym badge in Pewter City, so it's only natural that she knows that", explained Roger, while Rose seemed relieved of not having to talk further about it.

    "Sounds like you've grown up around Pokémon", noted Leaf.

    "The funny thing is, I've never been interested in training Pokémon whatsoever", said Rose. "I've always been more interested in hearing and playing music, to be honest."

    "And she's pretty good at it as well", said Roger with a smile. He remembered that back home, many around their age would often gather and listen her playing on her music instruments, him included, simply because everyone enjoyed her music.

    "Oh come on, I've mostly learned from my sister how to play music instruments", stated Rose before she made a smirk at Roger. "Speaking of my sister, do you still have a crush on her, Roger?"

    "Wh-wh-where is that coming from?", stuttered Roger in surprise, as he didn't expect the conversation to take such a turn. John, Leaf and especially Don looked at Roger with a grin and a curious look on their faces, making him rather uncomfortable.

    "You have a crush on someone, Roger?", Leaf teased Roger.

    "Oh, come on. It's not that embarrassing, Roger", John also teased him.

    "John's right, you know. Pretty much everyone back home know about it Roger, even my sister. So you might as well come clean with it", stated Rose with a wry smile while winking.

    "Please stop playing around with my feelings, guys", muttered Roger in annoyance.

    "I heard that ~", stated Don while whistling, taking Roger by surprise.

    "I take it from Don's whistling that he heard something", noted Rose with a smile, making Roger's face go pale. "But you're fortunate that only you can-"

    "Can you please stop tease me guys! It's starting to get annoying!", exclaimed Roger while he briefly gave everyone an angry glare to make his point, even though they still gleefully looked at him. It was only a few seconds later that he realized that Rose was almost about to reveal his ability to John and Leaf, and that he had completely forgotten to tell her that he's keeping the ability to speak with Don a secret. He then got an idea that would give him time to explain her about it.

    "Anyway, I'm going to find a phone booth somewhere and make a call back home back home and tell everything's all right", stated Roger as he stood up before facing Rose. "You want to come with me, Rose? I think Tommy and mom will be relieved to hear that you're alright."

    Rose was obviously surprised by the conversation taking another U-turn, as she hadn't expected it. But she also looked nervous at the prospect of making a phone call back home. Nevertheless, Roger wanted to have a word with her, but he had indeed intended to make a phone call back home at some point.

    "I guess it makes sense to tell them that I'm alright. But wouldn't your mother go and, you know, explode in anger over what I did?", Rose nervously asked.

    "I think she'll be reasonable this time", stated Roger before he murmured to himself. "I hope."

    Telling Leaf, John and Halligan that they would be back in several minutes, Roger, Rose and Don, while Wyvern and Rampage were returned to their pokéballs, all walked away to find a phone booth somewhere in the park. But as soon as they got out of viewing and hearing range of the others, Roger turned around and started to talk with Rose after making sure nobody could hear them.

    "I forgot to tell you this earlier, Rose. You see, I haven't told Leaf or Johnny about my ability to talk with Don yet", explained Roger, which visibly surprised Rose.

    "But why haven't you told them yet, Roger? What harm can come from that?", Rose questioned Roger.

    "The reason is that we don't want too many to know of Roger's ability, as it could attract unwanted attention", explained Don to Rose, who looked extremely confused from his explanation. It was only a few seconds later that he realized why and he slapped his forehead when he realized why. "Damn it, I forgot only Roger can understand me. I'm getting too used to our conversations…"

    "What Don just explained to you, was that we do not want too many people knowing about my ability. I do intend to tell Johnny and Leaf about my ability, just need to find the right time", stated Roger. "So until then, can you keep quiet about it?"

    "Sure thing, but could you then help me with getting my stuff from the inn I've slept in in return?", requested Rose.

    "Alright then, but let's make a call back home first. After all, they might be worried for us after what happened today", said Roger.

    A few minutes later, they found some green phone booths at the outskirt of the park. While they weren't the latest states of the art with video phones and everything, they would do the job. After putting in some coins, Roger took the handset to his left ear and dialed in the phone number for home. It didn't take long before the phone was picked, but Roger was surprised to hear his mother with a worried voice.

    "Roger, is that you? Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?", his mother frantically asked him.

    "Mom, I'm alright. Nothing's happened to me", Roger tried to calm his mother down. He was admittedly not used to try and calm his mother down like that. And judging from Rose's expression, who heard most of what his mother had said, this was a first for her as well.

    "Sorry, It's just that hearing the news that the Pokémon Center in Pewter City got attacked by some kind of organized group of Pokémon thieves got me worried, Roger", she explained to her son.

    "I'm fine, mom, and none of my Pokémon got taken from me", Roger quickly stated to his mother, who sounded relieved from hearing that. Roger decided then to change the subject a bit, as he wanted to verify something. "By the way mom, is Tommy nearby? I wanted to ask him about something."

    "No he isn't. He left for a meeting in the Indigo Plateau with the gym leaders. What did you want to talk with him about?", asked his mother. Roger couldn't but feel disappointed, as he wanted to hear about Equality he had encountered the day before and what role he had with the organization. He did, however, notice that Rose also looked somewhat disappointed over the news, but also that Don looked at him somewhat suspicious.

    "It doesn't matter, mom. Anyway, Rose's here as well, I just want to let you know that she's fine as well. Do you want to talk with her?", asked Roger while noticing that Rose was somewhat worried, most likely for his mother's possible wrath for making her worried.

    "Rose's with you? That's great; her mother here's with me at the moment. She'll most likely want to talk with her now", said Roger's mother, surprising him in the process.

    "Wait, so you already know about everything with Rose?", asked Roger.

    "Yes, I do. Hold on, her mother's here now. Can you switch with Rose, Roger?", his mother requested him.

    "No problem. We'll talk later, OK? Love you, mom", Roger said his farewell to his mother before handing the handset over to Rose with a smile. "Now it's your turn to talk with your mom."

    Rose obviously looked surprised, but Roger merely nodded at her and gave the handset. When she placed it at her ear, her surprise turned into a more pleasant one.

    "Mom! Hi! I'm doing fine, how about you? Really? Yes, Wyvern is also doing fine…"


    Before they knew it, the ten minutes Roger thought would be enough to talk with their mothers became an hour. He noted that Rose must've felt homesick since she need needed to talk with her mother for so long.

    On the downside, I don't have any spare coins left, noted Roger in his mind, as he had used all of the said coins to allow Rose to talk with her mother for so long on the phone. While he thought of that, he and Rose were leaving the inn she had rented a room in. He was carrying Rose's black guitar case with the guitar inside for her, while she was carrying her blue backpack and brown jacket. Don had in the meantime waited for them outside and started to follow them when they left the inn.

    As they walked back to the park where they had left Leaf and John, Roger noticed that it was already getting darker, mostly thanks to the tall mountains to the west blocking the sunlight. Even the streetlights were beginning to turn on ahead in time. He couldn't help but think how weird it must be weird to have nights arrived this early, even though it was in the middle of summer, for trainers and travelers not from Pewter City like himself and Rose.

    "This city is quite the rocky place. All I see is buildings made of either wood, boulders or rocks", remarked Don as they walked through the streets. "I think I'm going to like this place."

    "How so?", asked Roger in curiosity.

    "It reminds me somewhat of my old home where my clan lives", explained Don, with a look on his face that hinted that he missed his clan.

    Don was right, though. All Roger could see of the buildings was that they were either made of large planks of woods or boulders carved into walls and roofs. In fact, it was very few buildings that were made of traditional materials such as bricks or just normal woods, and fewer even were of modern architecture. In short, Pewter City was completely unlike Viridian City or the few buildings back home on Knot Islands.

    "Quite a unique city", Roger heard Rose remark.

    "Yeah, even the inn where practically one big piece of wood", said Roger. "Speaking of the inn, how come you're not going to stay at the inn until we leave Pewter City?"

    "While the room was nice and all, I can't afford to rent it for more than one day. And before you ask, I did try the Pokémon Center, but they apparently only give free lodging to registered Pokémon trainers and… well, I'm not a trainer", she explained to Roger. "But if I'm with you, there shouldn't be a problem with that, right?"

    "Yeah, about that… since the Pokémon Center got demolished today, they might be offering tents to everyone instead of rooms for some time", stated Roger, which caused Rose to suddenly stop on the spot.

    "R-really? I-I didn't know that…", she stuttered, making Roger suspicious and worried.

    "Don't tell me you don't have a sleeping bag or something with you?", Roger cautiously asked her with a slightly annoyed face, as he had a feeling where this would go.

    "No… No I don't. I guess I forgot it back home", admitted Rose, confirming Roger's fears.

    "Well let's get back to the others first. Leaf also got a similar problem after having lost her belongings, so we could talk with her about a shopping trip", said Roger as they continued walking back to the park, but not before realizing what he had just said. "You do have some spare money left, Rose?"

    "Not much, to be honest. Why do you ask?", Rose asked Roger.

    "N-no reason, really", Roger quickly said while lamenting the situation in his thoughts. My wallet is SO gonna cry!


    The morality inside the helicopter were dwindling rapidly. After the less-than-satisfying outcome of the operation at the Pokémon Center, nearly everyone felt that they had suffered a crushing defeat, even though it was merely a setback from what is to come. Despite that, Jinkourai was satisfied that at least everyone managed to escape before capture by the police, though not before some got injured or soaked for some reason. The last thing they needed would having their organization being compromised and therefore, risking exposing highly classified information.

    "Commander, we're getting an incoming message from HQ", the pilot said to Jinkourai over the radio.

    "Patch it through to me", Jinkourai ordered the pilot. He was certain that it was his leader that were contacting him for a status report, and Jinkourai knew that he wouldn't be happy hearing of the outcome of the operation. Nevertheless, when the pilot said he was patched through, he turned on his earpiece.

    "Jinkourai, I've heard a report that you have retreated all of your soldiers earlier than anticipated. I hope you have a good explanation for this", Jinkourai heard a static voice say to him; though there was little doubt that it was their master he was talking with. It was after all protocol that any communication with him was to be done with static enhancement in order to prevent anyone to recognize his voice, not that it would be possible to hack into the heavily encrypted communications.

    "Sir, I'm sorry to say that we did not manage to take all of the Pokémon from the Pokémon Center in Pewter City. There were some unexpected resistance", explained Jinkourai over his earpiece.

    "Explain yourself, Jinkourai", demanded his master. Despite the static voice, it was already clear he was dissatisfied with the news.

    "You see, a few Pokémon trainers and their Pokémon were able to provide enough resistance that allowed them to activate a security system. Since it sealed the Pokémon that we didn't manage to acquire in time, I saw little reason to overstay our welcome", Jinkourai explained. There was a moment of silence from his master on the other end of the communication and Jinkourai could only assume the reason being that his leader was in deep thoughts.

    "I had assumed that Equality was keeping the Pokémon trainers from developing too much, but I suppose there are always a few stragglers in this case. We better keep that in mind for next time", his master broke the silence.

    "As you wish, master. And before I forget, I was able to "beta-test" Experiment D", said Jinkourai.

    "And how was the beta-test, Jinkourai?", his master asked.

    "As expected, the formula increased my physical strength to a noticeable level. It was initially somewhat unpleasant when the effect kicked in, but I was quick to recover", Jinkourai explained to his master.

    "And were you, by any chance, able to do something… unique?", his master asked his commander.

    "I only got the chance to do so twice. But let's just say that they need to repair some walls at the Pokémon Center", said Jinkourai with glee.

    "Be sure to relay that information to the scientist responsible for Experiment D when you return to base, Jinkourai. It is time we push the project into completion. Thus, I believe a more appropriate name for the project is in order", stated his master over the communication.

    "And what will the name be, sir?", Jinkourai asked out of curiosity.

    "Project Sevii."
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    Default Re: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 7: Reunited)

    Well chapter 6 really was action packed, though at the start it felt a little bit slow for me. I liked the fact you introduced Leaf into this, at least I assume she's named after the female main character from the games, I wonder what she'll be doing later on. The fight against Team Rocket was paced pretty well and you certainly wrote that fight the best. I was mostly interested by Jinkourai though, the guy seems like a very interesting villain plus that experiment he was testing really made him threatening, so Roger will have to learn some fighting skills of his own if he wants to survive to see the future.

    It was nice seeing Blue again to prove how bad he is at team work, though he's good at his job at least since he was able to handle his own against all the other grunts. I'm also interested to see Rose again and wonder what will happen now that she's in the cast.

    Chapter 7 was a shorter chapter but it was a good refreshing chapter, it was nice to see Roger talk to Rose again, and I feel sorry for the poor guy and his wallet xD that just has to suck.

    I'm curious about what Team Rocket's plan will lead to though, with a name like that I feel like we're going to be seeing the Sevvi Islands again pretty soon.

    Aside from that there were various places were some words were missing or spelled wrong, plus I don't know but sometimes you seem to confused were with was, it's not anything too bad though but it's easy to catch at times.

    I'm also intrigued by the triangle you've created here. Aside from Roger and his party we also have Equality and now Team Rocket into the mix, it'll be a very big struggle from now on.

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