I haven't written a Pokemon fic for a while! I just got into the ship Mustardshipping and I wrote this little thing here!


In Vermillion City during the night of July 4th, the fireworks were going off. Kenyan and Ash were sitting on the Vermillion beach, enjoying the display of the sparkly fire.

"Leave it to Lt. Surge to pull something like this," Ash said in awe. "In Kanto, we don't celebrate the Fourth of July!"

"I'm used to it, since we celebrate it yearly in Unova!" Kenyan replied. "I knew Lt. Surge was from America, but I didn't suspect that he was from Unova!"

"I know, right? Maybe I should use my Pokemon from Unova to face him in my rematch!"

"Oh ho ho! Not until I get my badge first, Ash!"

"Hey, I wanted to battle him first, Keniyan!"

"It's KEN-yan. Also, you already battled him before! It's my turn!"

"Yeah, around 6 years ago! I wanna know if he got stronger!"

"Well, you should've done that before traveling to Unova!"

Ash huffed at that comment and pouted. "If I did that, I wouldn't have met you."

"Well...you have a point there. Heh!" Kenyan replied. He gave Ash a small smile, but was shocked when Ash started to lean on him. "W-whoa! What are you doing?"

"Resting," Ash answered simply. "I just wanna see the display instead of winning an argument with you."

"Hey! I wasn't losing!"

Ash ignored that response and said, "Besides, I like resting on you... You're so fluffy!"

Kenyan felt a blush forming on his face. "H-hey, people are here! Let's not-"

"Who cares? Let's just enjoy the fireworks!"

Kenyan sighed, and slid back a little into a more comfortable position, Ash leaning on his side.

"Happy 4th of July, Kenyan."

"Same...I'm still going to battle Surge first."

With that, Ash playfully shoved Kenyan.


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