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    Default The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    I will start this by saying that the reason I decided to do this is that the plot of the original games seemed rather weak and I wanted to change that by writing a fan fiction based off of the games but also much more interesting and dramatic. I want to show the human interaction that seems to be lacking in FRLG to add to it's more stale plot. I will add plenty of stuff to add to the quest of getting the eight badges and becoming champion thing. If you have any suggestions for this fan fic please feel free to post them or PM them to me. My goals here are to make an interesting array of characters and making light of or fixing various aspects of the original plot.


    Our main characters are Oscar, Amanda, and John but I do plan on adding one main character to the mix that is not based off a main character in the game.
    Any Art contrebutions would be helpful as well, I can't draw to save my life; please submit them to me via PM!
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    Chapter 1: Alls Fair in Love and Battle!

    My name is Oscar Emanuel Rubrum, I am a pokemon trainer from Solaceon Town in the Sinnoh Region; however, I make up my current residence in Pallet Town in Kanto, and this is my story. It all started out on a warm spring day in April of 2004. I had woken up at five like I always do but today was different, because today I started on the road to becoming a Pokemon Master! Well that was the plan at least.
    “Oscar, come get your breakfast!” shouted my mother from down stairs.
    “Just a minute I need to get dressed!” I replied.
    I went in my closet and grabbed a black t-shirt, jeans and a red blazer. I put these on grabbed my hat put it on with a sense of confidence, and then I glanced down at a picture of me with two people. There was a girl with long brown hair wearing a blue tank top along with a red mini skirt; her name is Amanda. There was also a boy about 17 years old with short and spike brownish blond hair he was wearing a black collared shirt and genes; this was John. Amanda and John were holding hands while I stood next to them trying but failing to hide my jealousy from the camera. I was in love and so was she but we were not in love with each other.

    “Oscar!” I heard from down stairs.

    I promptly made my way down stairs to the table with thoughts of Amanda still deeply ingrained in my mind. Well at least I was treated with a nice rationing of bluk berry pancakes. After finishing my breakfast I made my way to the garage and got in my silver 1993 Mitsubishi Galant. My destination was John's house I was going to pick him and Amanda up there and we were going to head to professor Oak's lab to pick our pokemon. The Oak residence was about 5 miles on the other side of Pallet. I pulled up and was surprised to see three cars already there: Amanda's 2000 Honda Civic, John's 2004 Toyota Tundra, Daisy's 2003 Toyota Camry. Well at least I didn't expect Amanda to be there, I thought that John was picking her up--even though she lives across the street from me. I knocked on the door and John’s sister Daisy opened the door. Daisy was tall and had light brown hair going down to her shoulders. She was wearing a green, knee-length dress with flowers on it.

    “This isn’t exactly a good time.” she said with a tinge of worry in her voice.

    “Why not?” I asked quite interested in what is going down”

    “YOU LYING SON OF A BITCH!” I heard coming from upstairs.

    Soon after I saw Amanda storming down the stairs and moved out of the way to let her pass, she didn’t even notice me at all (at least I don’t think). I then saw John walking down the stairs, he seemed glum, and I was sure enough why. I soon heard the distinct sound of an automobile peeling out and speeding off.

    “She found out you cheated on her didn’t she?” I asked.

    “How the hell could she have found out?” He asked me expecting an answer.

    “You had sex with her best friend, in what kind of world does that NOT get back to her eventually?” This question was rhetorical.

    “You did what!?” Daisy asked irately.

    “I don’t think you are going to be able to recover your relationship this time.” I explained.

    “No shit!"

    “I can’t help you and I won’t help you, I’m surprised I kept that secret from her in all honesty I shouldn’t have.” I scolded and then promptly left. In reality I did tell Amanda that John had been unfaithful but she just got pissed off and called it a desperate attempt to get with her. She hadn’t spoken to me since.

    I got in my car and drove off back to my house, and then I walked over to Amanda’s house and climbed up a tree to her balcony(which is how I usually enter the building) and politely prompted her to open the door. She slowly walked up to open the door, I could clearly see the tears in her eyes. She opened the door and promptly embraced me tightly.

    “I’m so sorry.” she said.

    “It’s ok all I care about is that you're ok.” I replied.

    I led her back to her bed and we sat down.

    “I can’t believe I didn’t see that he was cheating on me, AND WITH MY BEST FRIEND!”

    “He’s not worth crying over, he’s a douchebag.”

    “Huh, I guess your right.”

    “Well he always says his middle name is Cataclysm which is very close to the Latin word for douche, Cataclysmos.” I said in one of my many bouts of knowledge that can only be used in certain situations.

    “Hehehe, how in the hell do you know that?” she asked a bit more cheerily.

    “I don’t know, Google translate.”

    Then she started to kiss me and unfortunately someone let John in, and he found the worst time to walk in and plead for forgiveness. John just stared with a glaring face that just screamed astonishment, disbelief, and disappointment.

    “Oscar how dare you betray me like this!” John screamed.

    “Like you betrayed me!” Amanda rebutled.

    John stormed out and we heard his truck peel out of the driveway.

    I looked at the clock and remembered that today Amanda John and I were supposed to get our first pokemon from John’s Grandpa.

    “Damnit, we got to get to Professor Oak’s lab it ten minutes!” I alerted Amanda.

    “Well then come on I’ll drive.” Amanda answered

    “Are you sure you're ok to drive?” I asked noticing three empty beer cans.


    “Then how bout I drive?”

    “Ugh, fine!”

    She kissed me on the cheek and we went downstairs to the garage where we got in Amanda’s Civic and we drove off to the professor's lab. While we were on our way I brought up a particular topic of discussion that made the ride just a bit awkward.

    “So about that kiss.” I said

    “What about it?” she answered knowing quite well where I was going with this.

    “Well why did you kiss me?”

    “I don’t know, are you complaining that I did; you have been waiting to do that for years!”

    “Haha well...”

    “Don’t deny it; I know you love me, but for the sake of our relationship perhaps we should keep our relationship strictly platonic.”

    “I agree.”

    No infact I strongly disagreed with the notion. When we pulled up to the parking lot we saw John’s truck and we knew things were going to get interesting. The lab itself didn’t really make itself out to look like a lab, it had yellow bricks and a brown roof. Its circular windows made it seem like a stationary boat.We walked thru the glass doors to see a man in his 60’s wearing a lab coat over a brown shirt and light brown slacks.

    “Your five minutes late” Oak stated

    “We're sorry” I apologize.

    “We would of been here sooner but SOMEBODY has to drive 5 Kilometers under the speed limit!” Amanda explained.

    "I don't like to get pulled over it costs money!"

    “All jokes aside John already picked his pokemon.” Oak stated “Oscar why don’t you pick yours first?”

    “Oh I couldn't, let Amanda pick” I said.

    Amanda thanked me and looked inquisitively at the table where two pokeballs lay. One pokeball had a green leaf on it and on the table where it lay was a label that said "bulbasaur" and on the other side was a pokeball with a red fire symbol that was labelled charmander.

    "I'll choose bulbasaur!" she said

    "Then I guess that leaves me with charmander, exactly what I wanted.

    Then all of the sudden I saw a pair of double doors open in the back of the room we were in, and we saw John walk thru with a pokeball in hand.


    End of chapter.
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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    Great concept for a story, I really like it. There were a few issues with commas missed out and that kind of thing, which made it a little confusing, for example when Oscar says "I couldn't let Amanda pick", it kinda sounds like he doesn't want to allow Amanda to pick, when I gather what you meant was that he couldn't pick and he is telling Oak to let Amanda pick, which should look like "I couldn't, let Amanda pick."

    The biggest problem with this story was that it felt a little rushed. You have some really good material here, but things seem to jump from one scenario to another pretty quickly. Take your time over things and let them spin out slowly. The events of this chapter could probably have been made twice as long and, with it, twice as good. This is a problem I sometimes have with my writing too. I find I usually do it when I'm eager to get to a later point in the story, but it's important to remember that every part of your story should be interesting to a reader, so instead of trying to skip past it to get what you're really interested in, you should be taking your time over it and making sure it isn't worth skipping over.

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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    Yes thank you I noticed that when I posted it, I was very eager to get the chapter out that I rushed it (especially at the end). It was also two in the morning when I finished so It needs a lot of revising but I'll stick to posting every Monday to fix these problems.

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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    Chapter 2: Oscar Vs. John Round I

    “Dare I ask but why so?” I asked expecting a stupid answer.

    “I want to win Amanda back!” He said with confidence.

    “Ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer Oscar.” Amanda murmured “There i no way in hell I’m going to take you back!”

    “Just here me out: If I win you take me back If I lose you can go with Oscar.” He peaded

    “YOU REALLY THINK I...” Amanda started.

    “Wait.” I interrupted, “I’ll take you up on that offer considering I have no intention of losing!”

    “Fine then!” John yelled, “Squirtle, get out here now!”

    “WAIT!” Oak interrupted, Please take this outside I have a lot of expensive equipment in here.”

    “Okay, we can do that.” Amanda said.

    We walked outside to the courtyard and we began.

    “I’ll referee the match” Oak affirmed.

    “OK, Go Charmander!” I shouted.

    I threw the pokeball into the air and a beam of red light came out of the ball. That light then released from it an orange lizard like pokemon with a flame on the end of its tale.

    “Char-mander!” it cried.

    “Alright then, go Squirtle!” John yelled and released his pokemon.


    The pokemon was about a foot tall and was light blue with an orange turtle shell.

    “Alright, Squirtle versus Charmander let the battle begin!” Oak shouted .

    “Charmander, use scratch!” I commanded

    Charmander ran up to squirtle with its claws held up swiped squirtle in the face.

    “Squirt!” the poor pokemon cried out in pain.

    “Squirtle, tackle it now!” John shouted.

    Squirtle ran up and threw itself against Charmander, but in the process of doing that its hand went right into the flame on charmander’s tail!


    “Suck it up and prepare to dodge the next attack!” Paul cruelly shouted.

    “Poor squirtle.” Amanda murmured.

    “Charmander Scratch!” I shouted

    Squirtle was trying to blow bubbles on its hand but iits effort was in vain. Charmander clawed its way once again into Squirtle’s face, dealing massive damage and causing squirtle to peal over and faint.

    “Squirtle is unable to battle, charmander wins!” Oak announced.

    “WHAT! NO!” John shouted astonishingly.

    “Well that’s all she wrote, I’m outta here.” I stated calmly, “charmander return!”

    I pointed my pokeball at charmander and pushed the button on the front, and a red light absorbed charmander.

    “Wait for me!” Amanda followed me out to her car and we traveled back home.

    On the way back to her house we started talking about the battle.

    “So were you absolutely sure you were going to win?” Amanda asked

    “Of course he was emotionally compromised, he had too much going on in his head to focus on the battle.” I answered.

    “Well as far as he’s concerned we’re done, I will never go back to him.” She asserted.

    “Well I think he thinks we're together and that compromises my friendship with him.” I explained

    “That sucks for him.”

    “It sucks for me to, Amanda.”

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn't get you involved in this drama.”

    “Nah, it’s ok I like drama it makes my life interesting.”

    “Ha, well what will we do about traveling, I still don’t know what I will do as a trainer.”

    “You can travel with me, you know be my cheer squad like in all those tv shows!”

    “Hahaha, sounds good to me!”

    I pulled into the driveway and threw Amanda’s keys back to her. She reached up and grabbed them like a pro.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow!” I said as I walked back to my house across the street.

    I walked toward my front door, and I was about to open it when I heard a familiar voice in the darkness.

    “Why?” the voice asked

    “John, is that you?” I asked

    “Yes, now answer the question, why did you take her from me?!”

    “In retrospect I didn’t take her from you, she kissed me, and you shouldn’t have cheated on her in the first place; however, I will admit that I did tell her that you did in fact cheat on her.”
    “So thats why you told her I had sex with Crystal, just because it was the right thing to do?”

    “Yes and no.”

    “What the hell does that mean!?”

    “When you figure it out I’ll take back all those mean insults to your intelligence, so figure it out!”

    I opened the door and shut it behind me.

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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    Sorry it took so long to get this out real life got in the way, and yes our heros are finally leaving Pallet!

    Chapter 3: Vs Emolga

    “Aww, good morning Kanto!, I hope your ready for the wrath of Oscar Rubrum!”

    Once again I got dressed and went down stairs. Today's breakfast was cheri berry waffles topped with fresh butter, but today Amanda and I are going to start our adventure! What could possibly delay it?

    “Oscar are you going to leave now?” my mother asked

    “Yup” I answered

    “Well be safe.”

    “I will.”

    I walked out the door only to see Amanda and another girl staring each other down from across the street. The other girl was wearing a short, blue dress and had red hair that went down to her shoulders.

    “Bitch!” the one girl said.

    “Whore!” Amanda responded.

    “Crystal?” I said.

    “Arceus help me!” I pleaded hopelessly.

    “You betrayed me as a friend, and for that I will have to embarrass you in battle!” Amanda demanded.

    “Fine, but you can’t beat me.” Crystal responded.

    Amanda threw a pokeball up in the air and a green energy came out of it revealing her bulbasaur.


    “Childsplay my friend; Emolga, on stage now!” Crystal threw her pokeball in the air and out came a squirrel like pokemon with wings.


    “I've never seen that pokemon in my life” I stated

    “It’s from Unova of course you haven’t.” Crystal explained, “Now emolga, use quick attack!”

    Emolga came at bulbasaur so fast all I could see is a streak of white light and bulbasaur being launched in the air.

    “Bulbasaur!” Amanda screamed

    “Now use thundershock!” Crystal commanded.

    Emolga emitted a strong electrical current through her cheeks that shocked bulbasaur.

    “What do I do I have no ranged attacks? she asked me.

    “I don’t know!” I responded.

    “Finish it!”

    Emolga launched a quick attack, tackling bulbasaur across the street.

    “Bulbasaur return!” Amanda recalled bulbasaur.

    “Damn it, Oscar let’s go!” I followed her back to her garage.

    She closed the door behind us and looked at me with a face that was sad and worried at the same time.

    “We should go to Professor Oak to get bulbasaur treated.” I stated

    “I know but how did she beat me?” Amanda answered

    “Well she had a clear advantage; you couldn’t even have landed a blow so long as emolga was in the air.”

    “The question was rhetorical!”

    “Oh, sorry.”

    “It’s alright, lets just go.”

    “Sounds good”

    We got into the car and Amanda pushed a button on her viser that opened the garage door. Crystal was already gone when we pulled out.

    “That bitch!”, she grunted, “How dare she!”

    “How dare she what?” I replied.

    “On top of having sex with my boyfriend she doesn’t even try to fake an apology!” She answered

    “I’m sorry.”

    “You shouldn't apologize, you tried to tell me, and I didn’t trust you.”

    “It’s ok.”

    “I want you to know that I will always trust you no matter what.”

    “I care about you, and I want to know your with someone who also cares about you.”

    Amanda looked at me with a loving smile but I soon noticed that she wasn't slowing down when the car ahead of her was.

    “WATCH THE ROAD!” I yelled.

    Amanda looked back and slammed on the brake, the car came to an abrupt stop coming just centimeters from the car in front. I saw the driver of the car in front roll down his window, stick his hand out of the window and he stuck his middle finger out. Amanda looked back at me and laughed. She looked at me as if she was about to kiss me but the car behind us honked its horn multiple times and Amanda put her foot back on the gas. We finally arrived at Oak’s lab and we walked into the lab where the Professor was doing some paperwork.

    “Um, Professor my pokemon was badly injured in a battle.” Amanda admitted

    Oak got up from his desk.

    “Can I see him, please?” Oak asked

    “Yes of course.” Amanda replied, “Go bulbasaur.”

    “Bulba.” The pokemon whimpered

    Bulbasaur seemed very weak from the battle. Oak picked up bulbasaur and examined him.

    “Did he get hit by an electrical attack?”

    “Yeah a thundershock from an emolga.”

    Hmm it seems as if he is paralyzed, hold on let me see if I can find some medication for his injuries.”

    Oak looked in just about every cabinet and drawer looking for a paralyze heal. After about 15 minutes of looking he gave up. Then someone walked in to the lab. She had dark skin and black hair. She was wearing a white dress that went just above her knees.

    “Is that bulbasaur paralyzed?” she asked

    “Yes.” Amanda responded, “Professer Oak doesn’t seem to have any Paralyze heals either.”

    “Who needs artificial cures like that, here bulbasaur take one of these.” the girl walked up to bulbasaur and gave it a small red berry.

    “It’s a cheri berry, it will cure paralysis but it will take awhile, until then I’d keep him in his pokeball.” She explained, “By the way I’m Brenda.”

    Brenda looked at me flirtatiously and then proceeded to go and speak with Oak. As she walked towards Oak Amanda looked at her then back to me. She gave me a nod of disapproval and returned bulbasaur to his pokeball.

    “What?” I asked

    “You know what?” Amanda answered

    “Her; no, I would never.”

    “You said that about your last two girlfriends.”

    “I had good reasons to date both of those girls.”

    “Yeah sure you did”

    “Lets just go”


    “Oh wait before you two go I’m have something for you!” Oak shouted.

    We walked over to Oak and Brenda was still standing next to him. When we walked up and saw two electronic devices that looked to be a combination of a cellphone and a gameboy. One was Red and the other green.

    “These are Pokedexes, they have information on pokemon that you will find useful.” Oak explained, “And when you capture a pokemon it will tell you what moves the pokemon knows, I will show you.”

    Oak threw a pokeball into the air and a white energy beam came out of the ball revealing a tauros. oak then took his pokedex out of his coat and pointed it at his tauros.

    “Moo!” The pokemon cried.

    The pokedex began to speak.

    “Tauros, the wild bull pokemon, When it targets an enemy, it charges furiously while whipping its body with its long tails. This tauros can use: giga impact, thrash, swagger, and takedown.

    “As you can see it is extremely useful, now remember these are just prototypes and they currently only have data for pokemon native to the Kanto Region.” Oak preached, “It will keep track of pokemon you have caught, as well as send any extra pokemon to my ranch; however, you can only send pokemon you cannot take them, but you can still contact me via your phone and I will send the pokemon to the nearest pokemon center or anywhere else there is a working Poke-Transport.”

    “Well thank you very much.” Amanda thanked Oak for the pokedex.

    “Where are you planning on going from here?” Brenda asked.

    “Well I guess we will go to Viridian City first, but after that I have no idea.” I admitted

    “Well I need to deliver this medication to the pokemon center in Viridian so perhaps I could accompany you.

    “Of course we would love to invite you along.”

    Well I said “we” but I really meant “I” as it seemed that Amanda wasn’t too thrilled with my decision.

    “Well then let’s go!”

    The three of us walked out the lab and to Amanda’s car.

    “Well whose car are we going to take?” I asked

    “Well I’m only 14 so I don’t have a car.” Brenda awnsered

    “Then we’ll take mine” Amanda retorted

    “Sounds like a plan.” I said

    “Viridian is 20 miles north of here we should be able to get there quickly on the K-01.” Brenda explained.

    Amanda and I got in the front and brenda hopped in the back and we drove north towards Viridian.
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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    I'm really sorry for posting this so late I was on vacation. So to make up for it I wrote a longer chapter than I useally do :)

    Chapter 4: On the road to Viridian City!

    “Oh look, a little berry stand!” Brenda alerted us to the presence of a quaint berry stand just before the onramp.

    “We should go and buy some oran berries for our pokemon.” I asserted

    “Fine but don’t take too long I want to get to Viridian before it gets dark.” Amanda explained

    Amanda drove off towards the stand and put the car in park. We all stepped out with the car still running.

    “Why hello there, would you be interested in buying some berries?” one of the men asked.

    “Yes please!” I responded.

    “We have special pokemon food for certain types of pokemon, would you be interested in something like that?”

    “Hmm sure.” Amanda asked suspiciously.

    “Well then you should let out your pokemon so we can take a look.” the man offered.

    “Okay.” I said and let out my charmander, “Go! Charmander!”

    Charmander let out a yawn as the red energy beam revealed him to the world. Amanda let her bulbasaur ot as well.

    “Brenda don’t you want some food to.” I asked

    “No I’m good.” Brenda answered, looking suspiciously at the clerk giving the pokemon food.

    The man gave bulbasaur and charmander two different cans of pokemon food. The two of them ate it up at a fast pace they seem to lie it. They continued to eat until they both fell to the floor. I saw the man bring out some kind of electronic device and he pushed the button on it. Soon after a cage came up out of the ground and enveloped the two helpless pokemon.

    “WHAT THE HELL!” Amanda screamed.

    “Hahaha, you fell right into our trap!” the man announced.

    Three other men dressed in black coveralls with an “R” symbol on the right side came out of the shadows.
    “Prepare for trouble!”

    “And times it by four!”

    “To cause the Kanto region devastation!”

    “And to advance our motives in every region!”

    “To denounce the laws of this land!”

    “To extend Team Rocket to the moon and beyond!”




    “And Soprano!”

    “We’re the Four Rocket Brothers, stealing pokemon at the speed of light!”

    “Surrender your pokemon now, or surely you will lose the fight!”

    “Don’t call me Surely!” I mocked, trying to act like I had a trick or two up my sleeve.

    “Not so fast!” Brenda stepped forward, “Go! Seedot, aron, and mudkip!”

    Brenda threw three pokeballs up in the air; they each let out a green, silver, and blue light respectively. Those lights revealed three pokemon: one looked like an acorn, one like a grey pile of rocks, and the last one looked like a fish with legs.

    “You're still outnumbered by one!” Soprano bragged.

    “Go! Machop!” Montana yelled

    “Cubone, club these brats! Costello commanded.

    “Koffing don’t mess this up!” Corleone expressed

    “Drowzee! Let’s go!” Soprano yelled.

    “Squirtle! GO!” I heard come from behind me.
    I saw John’s squirtle appear right next to Brenda’s seedot. then John walked up right next to me.

    “Squirtle,use tackle on drowzee!”

    Squirtle ran up and threw himself against drowzee's body but with little effect.

    “Drowzee confusion!”

    Drowzee’s eyes became bright pink and squirtle began to fly up in the air, drowzee proply threw the turtle like pokemon to the floor!

    “Squirtle, no!” John yelled “Dammit, return!”

    John returned his squirtle to the pokeball.

    “Mudkip, use mud slap!”

    Mudkip used its tail to fling mud and dirt at the four pokemon, this blinded them enough for Brenda to command another attack.”

    “Aron use headbutt!”

    Aron quickly ran towards machop hitting it dead in the stomach; meanwhile i could see that seedot was glowing.

    “Koffing, tackle seedot!

    Seedot was hit at full force by koffing’s tackle, but it was still glowing.

    “Cubone use bone club on mudkip!”

    Cubone ran towards mudkip but seedot jumped in the way then all of the sudden seedot released a huge burst of energy which sent Team Rocket and there pokemon flying backwards, and it also broke the cage that was holding charmander and bulbasaur.

    “Return guys!” Brenda commanded as she turned her pokemon their respective pokeballs. Me and Amanda also returned our pokemon to their pokeballs as well. All of the sudden we heard a car turn on behind us. We turned around and we saw Amanda’s Camry driving up the freeway onramp.


    “I am so sorry I wish I could have done more to help.” John apologized

    “Thats the one thing you don’t have to be sorry for, even if you got your ass kicked.” Amanda responded bluntly.

    “I’ll call the cops” I offered

    I dialed 999 on my phone

    “999 what’s your emergency?” the operator asked

    “Yeah, I need to report an attempted pokemon theft and a carjacking near the onramp of Route 1 closest to Pallet Town.” I explaned

    “Are there any injurys?” She asked

    “Somthing may be wrong with my charmander.”

    “Okay, I will send dispatch down immediately.”

    “Thank you.”

    I hung up the phone and walked over to where Amanda, Brenda, and John were standing.

    “I can’t believe this happened, we just left!” Amanda started to cry.

    I walked over to hug her. I embraced her tightly.

    “I will never let anything like this happen to you again” I comforted her

    Out of the corner of my eye I could see John walking over to his truck, he got in and drove away.

    “Oscar, I can’t let this get to me!” Amanda asserted

    She broke away from our hug and she went over to Brenda.

    “Brenda, thank you so much for what you did back there. I have no idea what kind of intentions you have with Oscar and I don’t care.”

    She hugged Brenda and walked back over to me.

    “What did they feed to our pokemon?” She asked

    Brenda picked up the can they fed to charmander and tasted some of the leftovers.

    “I saw that man’s drowzee behind the counter, I think it was just its hypnosis attack.” she explaned

    “Thats a relief.” I said

    We could hear sirens coming towards us, and about a minute later we saw two Viridian PD squad cars pull up beside us. One of the cars rolled down their window.

    “Are you the kids that just got their car stolen?” The officer asked

    “Yeah” I awnsered

    “Get in, I’ll take you down to the station so you can file the report.”

    Amanda got in the front and Brenda and I hopped into the back. After we got in the cop drove up the onramp and onto the freeway.

    “First time in a while I got a call to head to Pallet, usually a pretty peaceful area.” the cop explaned

    “Do you know anything about Team Rocket?” I asked

    “Who?” He awnsered

    “That’s what I thought.”

    “You’ll be able to explain to the investigator when we get to Viridian.”
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    Default Re: The FireRed LeafGreen Chronicals

    I have currently lost interest in writing this fiction and would like to request that it be moved to the Archives. I may do a rewrite but not until my current fiction saga is done :)
    I am Elso. That's all I can tell you.

    My FanFics:
    FireRed&LeafGreen Chronicles (Archived and unfinished) http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f227/firered-leafgreen-chronicals-129743/#post4222761

    A Legendary Spirit Book One http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f227/legendary-spirit-book-one-pg-13-a-136706/


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