“Charmander use Flamethrower on those logs now!” Ash commanded the young fire breathing lizard. The flame on his tail became more vivid before he set the logs aflame. Ash got Bulbasaur out of his poke ball and had him use vine whip on some large logs nearby. Bulbasaur set them down by the fire.

Brock was preparing food for all the Pokémon to eat. He carefully mixed each ingredient making sure it was exactly right for each individual Pokémon. Misty was setting up the tents nearby for each trainer. She was setting up Ash’s tent, and she looked inside wishing she could see Ash’s face when he sleeps. She loved everything about him, and she spent almost every day with him on their Pokémon journeys. Soon there was a loud whistle which signaled it was time to eat. Misty rushed to the campfire to have dinner with the others.

Brock had made chicken stir fry for the humans, and some Poke Chow for the Pokémon. Ash and Misty let their Pokémon out of their Poke balls and told them to dig into their meal. Everyone was starving after going through Mt Moon and needed a good meal and a good nights rest.

“Wow, Brock! This stir fry is delicious!” Misty said with her mouth half full, a big smile on her face.

Ash giggled. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Misty blushed her usual shade of light pink. “Oops.”

Soon after everyone ate, it was time to go to bed. Misty finished putting up each of the tents. She set up her sleeping bag and put her Pokémons poke balls in the tent. She crawled out of the tent and went to find ash. He was sitting on the same log he was on earlier, cradling Pikachu in his arms. The moonlight shone through the trees to illuminate his face. His mouth was moving ever so slightly. He was singing to Pikachu! Misty stood back and admired his gentle actions with each of the Pokémon. He looked like an angel sitting there singing each Pokémon to sleep as if it were a baby. Misty decided to let him be and go back to her tent. She crawled in her tent and under the covers of her sleeping bag. The scene replayed over and over in her mind until she finally fell asleep.

Something came rustling around Misty’s tent. She opened her eyes just enough to make out it was early morning. Nothing came into focus and she dozed off quickly. What must have been the same thing came slinking up her forearm slowly. Misty touched it with her other hand. It was squishy. She opened her eyes and saw it was a Caterpie. Misty shrieked so loud it woke up all the pidgeys in the woods. Ash and Brock came running to her tent. They knew Misty’s scream when she saw a bug. She was in the corner of the tent holding her blanket close to her to form a shield between her and the Caterpie.

“Somebody help me! Its going to kill me!” Misty screamed. Tears were trickling down her cheeks.

“It’s just a Caterpie. It won’t hurt you.” Brock assured her that everything was going to be ok.

“Sorry for waking all of you up.” Misty apologized.

“It’s ok.” Ash said. He sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders holding her close to him. Misty’s heart skipped a couple beats and her face turned bright red.

“I’m going to take this Caterpie back to his home now.” Brock said and hurried out of the tent to leave the others alone.

“Thanks, Ash. You saved my life.”

“No problem.” He beamed.

“You don’t think it’s stupid that I’m scared of bug Pokémon, right?” She asked him, feeling slightly embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

“No. I think it’s rather cute.”

I hope you enjoyed my story!