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Thread: Fanfic writing tutors?

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    Default Fanfic writing tutors?

    I realize that most authors would consider me an obnoxious n00b (specifically at SPPf, one of the messageboards I'm copying and pasting this post to) and that most people are busy with school, but is it possible for me to have a tutor of some kind? Not necessarily now, but maybe sometime in the future when people are less busy?

    I've already taken a creative writing class, which did help, but only to a limited degree. I also think that generic prose and fanfic have maybe different sets of rules.

    I'm also not looking for a generic advice thread - I've seen plenty of those. What I was thinking was maybe someone could give me (and maybe other beginngers at the more active messageboards) little "assignments" and then tell me what I need to work on? I don't know, is it asking too much? I know I could just post a sample of work in a generic advice thread, but I would kinda like a direction/prompt to work with at first.

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    If you don't find someone here, I will recommend that you sign up at http//: I've gotten great feedback from the other writers on that site, and you can pretty much write anything you want, from fanfiction to essays to poetry.


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