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    Quote Originally Posted by SSJ3_Raditz View Post
    "He's getting beat up..." Nad said.
    ...Did that 'mon just talk?

    Other then that mistake, tis a fine chapter, though you may wanna try cutting down the length to keep the fic going.

    Also, Alsi. Veeeeeery bad place to live, apparently. First nuclear fires then major earthquakes, next up, one hell ova Tsunami.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Instrutilus View Post
    ...Did that 'mon just talk?

    Other then that mistake, tis a fine chapter, though you may wanna try cutting down the length to keep the fic going.

    Also, Alsi. Veeeeeery bad place to live, apparently. First nuclear fires then major earthquakes, next up, one hell ova Tsunami.

    Lol at the mistake.

    Perhaps I should make the chapters shorter as you said, maybe it won't look like a mess.

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    Got a new chapter

    Chapter 2: The Journey Begins

    "You're leaving!?" A woman said.
    "Yes, auntie. Clothes, check..." Dan replied. He had a bag on the couch, and he was stuffing things into it.
    "But you never told me anything about this yesterday!" Dan's aunt said.
    "Relax, I'm gonna be gone for a week at most. Not as if this island is gigantic. Toothbrush..."
    "But...but...gah, whatever. You're 17, you can take care of yourself...but..." Dan's aunt stuttered.
    "I said don't worry!" Dan said as he then closed the zipper of his bag, finished packing up.
    "But won't it be a little hard?"
    "Don't worry, I got Nad and this...Mightyena," Dan said as the Mightyena he brought home yesterday appeared, sniffing and pushing everything in sight. It was limping because of its broken leg, but he still managed to walk on his three other legs.
    "Oh, that little 'yena, he's been doing that for quite some time now!"
    "And my map is here on the pocket...yeah, well I'm going now, see ya," Dan said as he then put his bag on his back.

    "Psst, um...okay, what name...Yen! Hey!" Dan called out to the Mightyena. It turn around towards him.
    "Hey, wanna come with me?" Dan asked.
    "Warrgh...warrgh!" The Mightyena replied, almost as if saying yes.
    "You're bringing him?" Dan's aunt asked.
    "Yup. At least I have two fully evolved Pokemon. I don't have a pokeball for him though, guess he's walking," Dan said as he then began walking towards the door leading outside.
    "Bye!" His aunt said as he left the house.

    "That was fast," Dan said. He started walking away from their house.

    "Why the heck did I agree to Ann...oh whatever," Dan said.

    Wearing his usual plain white shirt, pants, and half of his jacket, he was ready to begin his journey.

    As he walked, he heard a bell. Dan looked to his right, and saw Ann, riding a bike. As Dan walked, Ann slowed her biking to match Dan's speed.

    "Oh, so you're going now! I thought you didn't want to become one?" Ann said.
    "Waarrgh!" Yen growled as it noticed Ann.
    "Woah, woah, woah, Yen. She's fine," Dan said to Yen.
    "So you've given him a name, eh? One day and he's already protective of you," Ann replied.
    "Well, it must have hit it's head hard; it didn't remember that I fought it earlier," Dan replied.
    "Ah, now I know. Well, I gotta go. Good luck and bye!" Ann said as she then sped off ahead of Dan.
    "Bye!" Dan said as Ann disappeared from view.

    After a while, Dan left Rosewood. He was now on a dirt path, leading towards the next town.

    As he and Yen walked, he passed through a sign saying "Route 151", and another sign saying "This way to Mt. Black".

    "Good. I can see it from here," Dan said.

    After a while, the two found themselves in a downhill path.

    They began walking down it, and made it all the way to the bottom.

    At the end of the path, they were blocked by two men, both dressed in white polo and black pants, and behind them, Dan saw a pile of rocks covering the road.

    "Hey kid, there's been a landslide over here. We don't know what happened, but it's blocked Route 151 completely. There's no way to get to the next village this way," One of the men said.

    "What the heck happened here?" Dan asked.

    "As we said, we don't know. I suggest you go through Route 150. It may take you longer, but you'll get there," The second man said.

    "Oh well, I see. Thanks," Dan replied. He began running back up towards the path, along with Yen.

    "Don't worry! Someday we'll fix this!" The two men said in unison.

    As Dan left their sight, one of the men spoke.

    "That's the 30th one fooled today. The mission is a success so far," The man said.
    "Yeah, well I wish they can find it faster. I'm hungry," The other man said.
    "I love this plan. Insert some rocks in the middle of the route, claim there was a landslide, and stall anybody trying to get through here, lest they find our other members,"
    "It's been 3 hours already! Haven't they found it?"
    "Kadirox is ridiculously fast. One moment he's there, the other he's gone,"
    "What does it look like?"
    "Dunno, I only glimpsed it once. The only thing I saw was the face. It was green, blank, and lacking expression. It had two red, glowing eyes that left a trail of light when it moved. There was nothing else on its face, not even a mouth,"
    "Looks creepy,"


    "Just my luck; my fastest way to get to the next town is blocked by a landslide," Dan said. He had already made his way to Route 150, where the two men told him to go.

    Route 150 was very plain. Nothing much could be described about it other than it being a straight path with some occasional curves surrounded by trees.


    "There he is!" A man in the woods said.
    "Get him!" Someone else said. They were carrying tranquilizer guns.

    They were chasing a mysterious Pokemon that has been evading them for years. They've seen it with their own eyes before, but they never managed to capture it.

    "Shoot!" One of the men said. His companions then began shooting at a figure, only for it to quickly jump away.

    "Gah! Chase it!" The man said again. The pokemon was jumping from branch to branch, making it hard for the men to catch it.

    One of the men shot again, and it managed to hit the Pokemon, making it flinch and drop to the ground.

    "YES!!!!" The man screamed. They had managed to hit the Pokemon with the tranquilizer gun. They quickly ran towards the pokemon.

    "Boom. Finally got it. Boss will be pleased," One of the men said.
    "Oh yeah!" Another man said.
    "My, this is quite a unique one. Its forelegs seem to have merged with it's wings, and it has quite a large tail," Yet another man said.
    "Let's take a picture, then we'll bring it back," The first man said. Suddenly, the pokemon leaped began running away in a flash.
    "What the!? I thought the dart worked!" One of the men said as he began to chase the pokemon again.
    "Shit! Don't let it get away!" Another man said, just as the pokemon began taking flight, quickly disappearing from their sight.

    "Crap! It got away! Our boss won't be happy about this, we might get a demotion,"
    "Hey, it left a trail of blood. Ouch," One of the men said just as they heard a static voice.

    "This is Magnus, report," The voice said. One man took out a tranceiver from his pocket.
    "Oh yeah...um...sir...we botched the mission. Kadirox got away. Over," The man said.
    "Shit. Any other news?" Magnus replied.
    "We have blood," The man said.
    "Blood? Perfect! Send them back to me. I have a plan," Magnus said.
    "The DNA...erm...locating...or...scanning machine used to find Pokemon, people, or anybody provided you have their DNA? Over," The man replied.
    "I...how'd you know?" Magnus asked.
    "Three years ago, you tried it, and it failed. Remember? Over,"
    "Yeah, I do. Wait for me, I'm heading there. Call the rest of the team,"
    "Yes sir. Over and out," The man replied as he put his tranceiver back into his pocket.

    "You heard the man, someone call John and Pete. It must be boring standing there for several hours," The man said.
    "Got it," Another one replied.


    Dan finally made it to the next town. As he entered, he was greeted by a sign, saying "Welcome to Skyline Town".

    "Skyline my face, I don't see one here," Dan commented to the sign.

    He took out his map again and checked for ways to get to the town that he was supposed to go to.

    "Plains Village, northwest of here, take Route 152...got it," Dan said. He immediately put the map back into his back.

    As he walked, Yen suddenly bumped him.

    "Eh?" Dan asked himself as he looked back, where he then saw a white tablet with a screen on it.

    "Hmm, what's this?" Dan said as he picked it up and examined it.

    "'The DNA Scanner prototype, Version 10'," Dan read. He then flipped it and saw the back.
    "'If lost, return Maple Sherman, at 325 Smile St., Skyline Town. DO NOT ACTIVATE',"

    "Hmm, this is tempting..." Dan said. He continued walking.

    Skyline Town looked very bland. House here, house there, nothing else. Dan could not see something resembling an actual skyline. Dan guessed they were planning to make this into a fully grown city.

    "Smile St...what a stupid name," Dan said. As if on cue, he saw a street sign saying Smile St. in the distance.


    "So, boss, what now?" A man asked. He was along with several other men. They were also in Skyline Town.
    "We're gonna raid old man Sherman's house. I heard he has a copy of the DNA scanner we've been trying to obtain for ages," Their leader, Magnus replied.
    "There are copies?" Another man asked.
    "Yes, Pete. Judging from what I and other members of our team have heard, they are making copies for other people to test it out, but after testing they'll get back all the copies and send it out to those that need it, like the police," Magnus replied.
    "Who are 'they'?" Yet another man asked.
    "Devon Corporation. Recently moved out here," Magnus said.
    "Don't they usually make Pokemon products?" Pete asked.
    "Yes, but it seems different this time around,"

    After a while, they reached the same street Dan was on.

    "Hey...does that kid have the scanner?" One of the men asked.
    "Hmm, you're right, John. Come on, let's mug him," Magnus replied. He quickly ran towards Dan, with his companions following.
    "This is our lucky day. Kid has the scanner, it's like taking candy from a baby," Pete said.


    "Hmm, this must be it. The...thing told me to go here," Dan said to himself. He then heard Yen barking.
    "What, Yen?" Dan asked as he then saw Magnus and his team heading towards him.

    "Can I help you?" Dan asked. Suddenly, Magnus took out a pokeball.
    "Give me that thing you're holding. Now, or else," Magnus said to Dan. Yen began growling.
    "Or else what?" Dan asked as he took out Nad's pokeball. Magnus didn't reply. Instead he took out a pokeball, and his companions took out their own pokeball.

    "Six on one? What the heck?" Dan said. He immediately sent out Nad.

    "Nice, a Barrolf," Magnus said just as Nad came out.
    "Who are you?" Dan asked.
    "We have no name. But everyone calls us 'Team Crazy'. Stupid name if you ask me. I'm Magnus, these guys are Pete, John, Matt, Ed, and Ken," Magnus replied. He then sent out his pokemon, and his companions followed suit.

    From Magnus's ball, a wet, disgusting winged Pokemon appeared. It's face was hideously deformed, and it smelled like a rotting corpse.
    From Pete's ball, a green skinned humanoid with scales all over it's body came out. Its hands and feet were webbed, and it had fins.
    From John's ball, a tiny, deformed pokemon on all fours appeared. Its eyes were massive, and it was drooling.
    From Matt's ball, a thin, grey, and bony pokemon came out. It had blade-like arms, with no hands. Its feet were pointed.
    From Ed's ball, a small, fat, chubby pokemon covered in pink fur appeared. It fingers were clawed and it stinked.
    And from Ken's ball, a brown, horned bull appeared. It was very muscular, with veins sticking out. It's horns were very sharp and shiny.

    "Give us that item. Or we'll force you to." Magnus said.

    So I tried to make it shorter, so is it shorter now?

    Also, is it better than Chapter 1? Less typos? I'm a bit disappointed with my first chapter.

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    Default Re: Fallout Island

    Length is great, I didn't notice any tense confusion so that's a step up. The only grammatical error that I notice was that you used 'it's' instead of 'its' but that's a really common problem and not too much to worry about.

    'its' is possessive, while 'it's' is short for 'it is'. Confusing, I know, given that 's usually signifies the possessive. In that one case it does not for some reason. I don't know why, I just know that it is.

    Anyway, good chapter, I like the appearance of Team Crazy. Bits of it felt like a little too much was explained but on the whole very good and interesting. Dan finding the machine was a pretty big coincidence BUT every story is allowed a maximum of two pretty big coincidences so that's fine too.

    YOU NEED TO DESCRIBE ORIGINAL POKEMON MORE. Also, give them names - that way it is easier for people to remember them. Even if Dan only finds out their names from Team Crazy announcing the names - it'll still do.

    The first two Pokemon are described okaaaaaay but could be better.

    The third and fourth are awfully described. It was 'deformed' - what does that even mean? The descriptions of those two are too terrible for words.

    The fifth one is okay as well but could be better.

    The sixth one is decent but personally I would've put in a bit more description.

    Anyway, on the whole, that was a good chapter, keep it up!

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    Default Re: Fallout Island

    Thanks for the review GM.

    I'll give them their names in the next chapter.

    Although I still don't like how no one reads this much.

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    Default Re: Fallout Island (Chapter 2 now, please read)

    Bump while I sort out some homework and write the next chapter.

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    I'm still writing Chapter 3. GAH! DAMN THIS!

    Bump anyways.

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    ere we go...a bit busy with homework out here...

    @GM: I changed my mind at the last minute. The fourth and sixth pokemon that I showed are actual ones and not original.

    Chapter 3: A Vicious Assault

    "I'm not going to give it to you," Dan replied to Magnus.
    "So be it. Acsa, use Screech," Magnus retorted. His Asikwa then made a defeaning screech, stunning Dan and his pokemon from the noice.
    "Ach, my ears!" Dan said.

    "Heh, this is easy," Pete said. "May I?"
    "Sure, go for it," Magnus replied.
    "Thanks. Sug, Hydro Pump that Barrolf!" Pete then said. Sug then fired a huge amount of water from its mouth with great pressure, and hit Nad, making him flinch.

    "Agh, my ears...Nad, use Take Down!" Dan said as he recovered from the screech. Nad then began charging towards the Sug.

    "Agnoc, use Body Slam!" Ed interrupted. His Agnoc then jumped at the air, and streched its arms, and it landed right on Nad's back, making him flinch and trip. The Agnoc jumped away immediately after landing on Nad.

    "Gah, Yen...what moves do you know...use Bite!" Dan said. Unfortunately for him, Yen didn't understand, and it did nothing.
    "Tough luck, kid. Does that thing have a pokeball? Doubt it would know a move without getting captured," Magnus said.
    "What the heck do you mean?" Dan asked.
    "Oh, please, you're a trainer and you don't know? Pah. Asikwa, Hyper Beam that Barrolf," Magnus said as he then told Asikwa to attack.
    Asikwa then promptly began charging a ball of energy from its mouth, before releasing it in a blinding beam of light, hitting Nad and making him tumble.

    "Long story short, Pokeballs contain data about the name of moves. When a Pokemon is captured, it transfers the data into the Pokemon's brain, so they would recognize what move you're asking it to do. Happy?" Magnus replied.
    "Uh..." Dan replied.
    "I'm done. Matt, you may have the pleasure of cutting this kid up and grabbing the scanner," Magnus interrupted.


    "What the heck!? Where is the DNA scanner!? Stone will kill me if I lose it!" A man with messy, long hair said, wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt and slacks. He was rummaging frantically in his bag.
    "Isn't it back at your house?" His assistant replied, wearing the same outfit, but with a lab coat.
    "I brought it with me! Stone said I should test it, as he's trying to perfect the device! Do you know how much it costs to make one?" The man said.
    "I really...don't know," His assistant replied.
    "Well, sorry, sir Maple. I don't know how much it cost. Anyways, maybe it'll come back. It has an address on the back with your name, surely someone will bring it home?" The assistant calmly replied.
    "Sir, calm down. The chances of finding it again is still more than a random Team Crazy member finding it. Everyone knows that it exists, and everyone knows what it looks like. While no one knows where it's made, or how it's made, it's still safe to assume that someone will find it and immediately return it," The assistant replied.
    "GAH!" Maple shouted out. He immediately began running home.
    "Sir, wait!" The assistant said.


    Yen suddenly began running towards Matt, intending on biting him. His speed was hindered, however, due to his broken leg.
    "Hey, Yen! Don't!" Dan said to Yen.
    "Bad luck, kid," Matt interrupted. "Kabutops, use Night Slash," Matt then said to his Pokemon. Kabutops then disappeared in a flash, and reappeared above Yen.
    "No way..." Dan said as the Kabutops then slashed Yen's back, making it tumble and trip. The attack left him too weak to fight.

    "No!" Dan cried out. Almost immediately, the Kabutops disappeared again and reappeared right in front of Dan, with its blade near his neck.
    "Gah..." Dan said in shock.

    "Now, kiddo, I told you to give that to me or else. Do you want to lose your head?" Magnus threatened. Dan didn't reply.
    "Now, be so kind as to hand over that item. We need it. Don't worry, we're not going to use it for malice," Magnus said. Dan began pondering at that sentence.

    Just then, Dan saw Nad stand up behind Team Crazy's back. He then began smiling.
    "Eh?" Matt said as he saw Dan smile. Suddenly, Nad began charging towards Team Crazy again, this time without them knowing. Before they knew it, Nad run them over, along with their pokemon. When the Kabutops looked back towards its owner, Dan punched it away and moved away to let Nad run it over too.

    "Oof!" Magnus said as he tumbled. The rest of the team just grunted.


    "Finally! Smile St.!" Maple said as he continued running. HE then took a turn into the street.
    "Sir, not too fast! I'm not a good runner!" His assistant said as he continued chasing Maple.

    Soon enough, they reached their home.
    "You know, Harry, I think you're wrong. The chances of someone bringing it home and Team Crazy finding it seem to be equal," Maple said as he saw Team Crazy all lying down on the ground and Dan, holding the scanner.

    As Magnus and his gang tried to stand up, Maple immediately took out a pokeball.
    "Yo, mister! Can you help me out here?" Dan shouted out to Maple.

    "Go, Exploud!" Maple said as he sent out his pokemon. Out came out a massive, blue pokemon with several tubes extruding from its body, with two of them behind its back, looking like a tail.

    "How did that Barrolf survive that hit?" Magnus said as he stood up. He then saw the Exploud.

    "Exploud, use Hyper Voice!" Maple commanded.
    "Um, sir, wouldn't Hyper Voice wreck the surr..." Harry said as Exploud interrupted him by unleashing the attack. The Exploud made a deafening roar that made the earth shake. Maple, Harry and Dan began tripping around trying not to fall to the ground, while Yen just bounced around, limp. Nad, however, didn't even budge.

    "Oh sh-shit..." Magnus said as the quake made him trip. He hit the ground and began bouncing around, along with the rest of his team and their Pokemon.

    "Na-na-na-Nad! Use Hyper Be-be-beam at those g-guys!" Dan said as he continued tripping. Nad obeyed and began charging up a ball of energy as usual, before firing it as a beam towards Team Crazy. It hit in their general vicinity, and it exploded, making them all fly away in the surrounding areas. Just then, the quake stopped, and the Exploud stopped its roar.

    "Sir, I don't have a tin ear like yours, so please remind me to back away everytime your Exploud does that attack," Harry said to Maple.
    "What?" Maple said in reply.
    "Ugh, your love for all things noisy is getting on my nerves. I think I'll remind myself," Harry said. Maple ignored him and returned his Exploud to its pokeball and he began running towards Dan.

    "Hey mister, is this yours?" Dan asked.
    "Yes, thank you," Maple said as he quickly swiped his hand and took the scanner. "Listen, I have a meeting, and I need this. Thank you for finding it. Gotta go!" Maple then said as he quickly ran away.

    "Come on! We might be late!" Maple said. He hadn't ran much when suddenly the horned pokemon Dan saw earlier rammed Maple from out of nowhere. Maple was pushed away and he dropped the scanner.

    "What the heck..." Dan and Harry said in unison. They both began running towards Maple, when suddenly the tiny deformed pokemon Dan saw earlier snatched the scanner.

    "Oh shit..." Maple said as he stood up, noticing the two Pokemon, who had begun escaping from them.
    "Shit!" Maple said as he began chasing the two Pokemon.
    "Hey mister! Can I help?" Dan asked.
    "No, thanks. I can do this myself!" Maple replied as he ran.
    "Wait, sir!" Harry said as he tailed along.

    "Oh well, he said so." Dan said as Maple, Harry and the two Pokemon they were chasing disappeared from his sight.


    I hope that ending isn't abrupt for you. Anyways, I took me days to make this, hope it's not too bad.

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    Default Re: Fallout Island (Chapter 3 now, plus a new banner)

    Oh come on, no one ever replies to this.

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    Default Re: Fallout Island (Chapter 3 now, plus a new banner)

    Ill keep my eye's open because this is really good and interesting.

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    Default Re: Fallout Island (Chapter 3 now, plus a new banner)


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    Default Re: Fallout Island (Chapter 3 now, plus a new banner)


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    Gah, its been 10 days and I still haven't got Chapter 4 out yet.

    Anyways, for all you people waiting out there(if there are any), the next chapter will involve the first gym.

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    Tommorow for sure, I will have Chapter 4 out.

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    Here I am again. Sorry if it's been 10 days or so.

    Chapter 4: A Grassy Slugfest

    Dan immediately headed for the nearest Pokemon Center after Maple and the rest left. In his mind, he wanted to help, but judging from Maple's pokemon, Maple could do it himself.

    After letting his Pokemon rest for a while, he returned back in his journey. After a few minutes, he arrived at Route 152.

    Route 152 seemed pretty plain. No trees, just a bunch of tall grass along the dirt path. Fitting for a town named Plains.

    Dan took out a cellphone from his bag. As he clicked one of the buttons, it immediately showed the time.

    "2:59 PM. Good enough," Dan said. He then began dialing a number.


    Ann was riding her bike. She had a bunch of bags on the front and on the back. It was the groceries.

    As she arrived home and got off the bike, she suddenly heard a ringing tone in her pocket. She put down the groceries and answered the call.

    "Hello? Who is this?" Ann asked.
    "Hey Ann! How's it going?" Dan asked over the phone. Ann immediately recognized his voice.
    "Hey! It's Dan! How're you doing?" Ann asked excitedly.
    "I'm on Route 152...I was nearly mugged a while ago," Dan replied.
    "What? What happened?" Ann asked worryingly.
    "Ah, I was holding this...scanner...thing...and those Team Crazy guys tried to get it from me. Then some random guy with an Exploud comes to the rescue and makes them trip while I let Nad Hyper beam 'em," Dan said.
    "Wow!" Ann replied.
    "What about you?" Dan asked.
    "Nothing much, I just did the groceries. Why?" Ann asked.
    "Just checking. Anyways, bye!" Dan said.
    "Bye! I'll miss you!" Ann said as they both put down the phone.


    "Well, that's that," Dan said.

    As he walked, he found himself on a gradually steepening incline. The higher he walked, the steeper it got.

    "Oh man..." Dan said as he then began running up. As he ran, the path got even more steeper, until it suddenly becomes flat, allowing Dan to get up.

    As Dan got on the top of the path, he looked around and saw a massive plain down below.

    "Woah..." Dan said. The plain reached as far as the eye could see. In the very middle of the plain, Dan could see what appeared to be a village.

    "Guess I'm here," Dan said. He began walking down the path, headed for the village.

    After a while, he had managed to arrive at the village.

    The village seemed incredibly rural. All the houses looked plain. There were no tall buildings around. The street was made of cement instead of asphalt. Grass was everywhere. Behind the buildings, Dan could see farms. And on the street he was on, a lot of people were wearing farming clothes.

    "How fitting from a village named Plains," Dan said. He began asking around where the Gym was.

    A lot of people ignored him, up until one little girl replied to him.

    "Um, excuse me, but where's the Gym?" Dan asked the girl.
    "Oh, it's just a short walk from here. There are signs...erm...north from here and you can see when your near! Just follow 'em!" The girl replied before running off. Dan then began walking towards where the girl directed him to go.

    Just as the girl said, Dan began seeing signs leading to the gym.

    Soon enough, he arrived at the gym. It was made of wood, and it had a sign saying "Plains Gym", also made of wood.

    "Well, here we are. My first gym," Dan said. He pushed the door open and entered.

    Dan was greeted by tall grass that blocked the way. He could not see what was beyond it, and the only other thing he could see was a sunroof on the ceiling. The inside was dimly lit.

    Dan began running into the grass. It obscured his vision, making it hard to see where he was going.

    Soon, he found a pillar with stairs on leading towards its top. He climbed the stairs, wanting to see where he was.

    As he got up, he saw another pillar not far from the one he was on. There was a figure sitting on top of it. It suddenly spoke.

    "Well, if it ain't yet another challenga. Been a while since I had a fight," The figure said. Dan looked closer at the figure and saw that it was a lady, dressed in a brown vest, a brown shirt and jeans. She wore a hat.

    "So, how many badges ya have?" The lady asked as she stood up.
    "Uh...none," Dan replied.
    "Ack, a greenhorn. Unless yer good, I may git bored," The lady said as she took out a two pokeballs from her pocket.

    "Mah name's Cindy. Let's begin!" Cindy said as she threw one of the pokeballs in the grass below her. Dan saw a flash, but then saw nothing.

    "Where's the pokemon?" Dan asked. Cindy just chuckled.
    "Just get out yer pokemon," Cindy replied. Dan immediately sent out Nad, whose back stood out in the grass.

    "Mmmm?" Nad groaned. Suddenly, he flinched.
    "What the..." Dan said. Cindy chuckled again.
    "Nad, use Roar!" Dan said to Nad. Nad then made a very loud roar, as usual. Both Dan and Cindy flinched from the noise.
    "Aye, loud Barrolf ya got thar. Didn't expect ya'd have a fully-evolved pokemon for yer first gym battle," Cindy said as she continued chuckling. Suddenly, Nad's roar abrubtly stopped, and he flinched again in pain.

    "What the...Nad! What the heck is hurting you?" Dan asked. Suddenly, a snake covered in grass all over began wrapping itself on Nad, squeezing it.

    "Hahahahaha!" Ciny laughed crazily.
    "What a sadist..." Dan muttered. "Nad, use Rage!" He then said.

    Nad suddenly began growling loudly. He then began running towards the pillar that Cindy was on.

    "Hehe...wha-" Cindy said, shortly before Nad rammed the pillar, making her lose balance. Nad continued his raging and rolled over, trying to shake the snake wrapping him off.

    "Ugh...okay, enough laughing...hehe...Saha, use Poison Fang!" Cindy commanded. Saha then bit Nad in the neck, poisoning him. Nad responded by jumping and rolling violently, trying to get the Saha off.

    As the fight drew on, the Saha continued to squeeze Nad, all while Nad was poisoned.
    "Go go go mah little Saha! Beat 'im up!" Cindy laughed, elated.

    Dan began to feel that it was hopeless trying to get the Saha off.

    "Okay...what move...what move...aha!" Dan shouted out.
    "Aha what?" Cindy asked. She stopped laughing.
    "Explosion!" Dan shouted out.

    Nad obeyed without question, and he began glowing white.
    "Oh shit, this ain't good...Saha! Wrap harder!" Cindy said, her smirking changing to a worried face. Her Saha tried to wrap Nad harder, but it was too late.

    Nad released all its power, and exploded in a blinding light. He didn't explode per se, but released all its energy to create the explosion.

    Both Cindy and Dan were pushed away from the force of the blast. It blew an extremely strong wind, and the gym vibrated violently. It took a while before the light and wind subsided.

    After the light went away, Dan could see Nad, still standing, but Saha was nowhere in sight.

    "Ah, great," Cindy said as she returned Saha to its ball, a beam of red light pointed at the grass.

    "Nad, you still okay?" Dan said. He was surprised that Nad withstood the explosion.

    "It's time ta git serious!" Cindy said as she threw out yet another pokeball. This time, a tall, brown, four legged Pokemon covered in leaves came out. It had bananas hanging out from its chin.

    "A Tropius, eh?" Dan said as he took a brief glimpse at the Tropius before looking back at Nad. The explosion had burned the grass near Nad. Nad continued to stand, but Dan could hear it moaning.

    "Now, Tropius, if dat Barrolf still stands from dat explosion, finish it off! Use Sunny Day first, hehe," Cindy said, giggling. Suddenly, the temperature became hot. Dan looked up at the sunroof and was blinded; the sun had become too bright.

    "Oh shit, I know this one...Nad, use Take Down!" Dan said. However, Nad didn't respond.
    "Heh, musta been exhausted from that move. Now, Tropius, use Solar Beam and finish this Barrolf off!" Cindy said. In an instant, the Tropius made a bright, blinding ball in its mouth, and fired it as a beam towards Nad.
    "Oh shit! No!!" Dan said. But it was too late; the beam hit Nad. Nad began trying to resist the beam.

    "Woah, that's one's tough," Cindy said, astonished at how Nad could still withstand the Solar Beam.
    "Nad...just keep on holding it off!" Dan said to Nad. Suddenly, Nad began sliding back.

    "Uh-oh, looks like someone's about to be blown away!" Cindy said as she began laughing again. Just then, Nad got pushed hard by the Solar Beam. He was sliding like crazy.
    "Oh no..." Dan said. Just then, the beam exploded. Yet another gust of wind blew.

    As the dust cleared, Dan saw Nad, lying down on the ground, limp.

    "Hahahahaha!" Cindy said as she began laughing like mad.
    "Sadist," Dan muttered as he returned Nad to his pokeball. He took another one out and threw it.

    "Well, now I got to fight a living four-legged tree with a limp Mightyena...darn this," Dan said, a tinge of frustration in his eye.

    As the ball landed, Yen came out. Cindy was surprised at Yen's golden color.

    "Oh...oh my, never seen a Mightyena like dat. But it's awesome!" Cindy said.

    "But no mattar! Tropius, use Solar Beam again!" Cindy commanded. Her Tropius then fired the Solar Beam again in Yen's direction, but Yen jumped. Cindy took notice of Yen's unusual jump.

    "Hmm, is that thing limp?" Cindy asked.
    "Yen, bite that bastard!" Dan said. Yen began running towards the Tropius, still limping.
    "Solar Beam, hehe..." Cindy then said. Tropius fired yet another Solar Beam at Yen, who just jumped away.
    "Nice. What's the injury? Twisted ankle? Broken leg? Preferring his other leg? Or just for show?" Cindy asked.
    "Broken leg," Dan replied. Just then, Yen jumped on the Tropius, and began biting him in the neck. The Tropius began screaming in pain. Cindy's laugh disappeared.

    "Tropius, use Magical Leaf!" Cindy said. Tropius then fired several glowing leaves from the leaves sticking on his skin. As it flew, it suddenly went back like a boomerang, headed for Yen.

    "Yen, get outta there!" Dan said. Yen jumped away from Tropius in an instant, letting the attack hit the Tropius instead, pushing him away.

    "Wow, it's been a while since dat move missed fer me," Cindy said.
    "Yen, use Take Down!" Dan said to Yen. However, he didn't respond.

    "Oh yeah, I still haven't got him in a pokeball...crap," Dan said as he realized why Yen didn't respond.

    "What, he doesn't know? Hehe...hehehe..." Cindy laughed. "Tropius, use Magical Leaf again!" She then said. Tropius fired the leaves yet again at Yen.

    "Crap...Yen, dodge everything!" Dan said. As the leaves got close to Yen, he jumped out of the way.
    "Hah! Yes!" Dan said happily. Yen began smiling.
    "Hahahaha!" Cindy said. Dan's happiness was short lived, as he realized why Cindy was laughing.

    "Yen, jump out of the way! Now!" Dan said to Yen. Yen looked behind him first, and saw the leaves heading back towards him. He impulsively jumped away, and began running towards Tropius.

    "Run, run, run like da wind! Hehehe," Cindy said in a childish tone. Yen continue to run from the leaves.

    "What is he doing...aha!" Dan said as he realized what Yen planned to do.
    "Aha what?" Cindy said, stopping her laugh again. Meanwhile, Yen was getting close to the Tropius.

    "Now why izzat Mightyena headed fer Tropius?" Cindy asked to herself. She couldn't tell what Yen planned to do.

    As Yen got really close to the Tropius, who didn't do anything, Yen immediately jumped away, and the leaves chasing him went straight towards Tropius, hitting him. The Tropius let out a yelp of pain. Blood began to come out from his skin.

    Cindy's jaw dropped.

    "Woah...that's amazing..." Dan said. He was surprised at what Yen just did. Just then, Yen jumped back on Tropius and began biting him like mad. The Tropius began jumping around like crazy trying to get Yen off.

    "Grr..." Cindy said. She was pissed now.
    "Hmm, she's not masochist," Dan said. Cindy heard that and got pissed even more.

    "Tropius, use Leaf Storm!" Cindy said. Tropius obeyed and began glowing green. Yen jumped off from the brightness.
    "Oh shit...Yen! Get as far away as you can!" Dan said. Yen obeyed and tried to run away from Tropius. Just then, the Tropius brought forth an extremely powerful gust of wind, and leaves began flying out like crazy from the Tropius's back. The leaves began flying away.

    One leaf began flying towards Yen, who wasn't looking. It then hit him and cutted him, causing him to trip, along with getting a wound. Other leaves began wailing on him.

    Cindy and Dan meanwhile, were trying to stay on their feet from the attack. Dan could feel the leaves cutting through his legs. It hurt.

    "Gah...this is bad...ow!" Dan said as a leaf scraped his leg. Just then, the Tropius stopped. Yen, meanwhile, tried to get up. He was covered in blood just like the Tropius.

    "Solar Beam again," Cindy said. Tropius then fired yet another Solar Beam at Yen. Yen immediately jumped away and began running towards the Tropius. Just then, the sun above all of them waned, but Cindy didn't realize it.

    "Solar Beam again!" Cindy said. Tropius started to perform the move, but it began charging up slowly instead.
    "What? This can't be..." Cindy said, realizing that Sunny Day's effect has subsided.

    Yen, meanwhile, continued heading towards the Tropius. When Yen got close, he then jumped into the air and hit the Tropius in the head, while the Tropius was still preparing the Solar Beam. Tropius flinched and stopped the attack.

    "Boom, headshot!" Dan said happily.
    "Shit, what move was that?" Cindy said. Yen, meanwhile, landed on the ground after performing the attack. He then looked back at Tropius, who was wobbling. Yen began charging towards the Tropius one last time, and he jumped into the air, and he hit Tropius on the head again. The force made the Tropius fall foward and slam his face into the ground, knocking it out.

    Cindy was stunned.

    "Is it...over? Have I won?" Dan said. He couldn't tell whether the Tropius was knocked out or just on the ground.
    "It's over." Cindy said as she then took out a pokeball and returned her Tropius.
    "Yes! Yes!!! WOO!! Oh yeah!" Dan said, jumping up in the air before tripping and falling down his platform.
    "Hehehe..." Cindy said as she saw Dan fall down. She then took out what appeared to be a badge designed like dry grass. She jumped off her platform and headed towards Dan.

    "Ow...my back...woo!" Dan said, just as Yen reappeared right above his head. As he stood up, he saw Cindy.

    "Nice job...erm...what yer name?" Cindy asked.
    "Dan," Dan replied.
    "Oh, anyways, that was a nice match, Dan. Yer pokemon are amazing! To be honest, I thought ya only had beginner Pokemon until I saw ya had a Barrolf and a Mightyena. I enjoyed that match," Cindy said as she faced towards Yen.
    "And this Mightyena is quite clever. An' I'm surprised at how it battles even with a broken leg," Cindy said as she then held her arm out to reveal the badge.

    "Is that a badge?" Dan asked.
    "Yup. It's the Prairie Badge. Well, that's what the League calls it, I didn't name it," Cindy said. Dan took the badge from her hand.

    "Thanks," Dan said as he began running away.
    "Yer welcome!" Cindy replied as Dan exited the building.

    Dan exited the building, and saw that night had come already.

    "Whew, my first gym battle," Dan said as he faced towards Yen.
    "Hey, Yen, I really like how you fought without much input from me. You're smart!" Dan said to Yen, who smiled.

    "Sigh, luckily it doesn't remember who it was, or I would have been dead right now," Dan said, remembering how he met Yen.

    He then took out his cellphone and checked his phone.

    "8:11 PM. Ah...good enough. I'm not yet tired," Dan said.


    I do not like how I take so long to make a chapter. I feel like people would stop reading this.

    But I shouldn't worry about that. Anyways, here. I hope that chapter was good.

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