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    Default A Fall from Grace (Chpt 9 is Up)

    Okay so here we go a fic about a kid who goes on a Pokemon Journey (jeez aren't I original, but don't worry some originality and other sorts of spices get thrown in this recipe for adventure!)

    Here's where I normally post just in case I get behind in sharing the love to this thread:

    Anyway I don't know if I have to do this here, but I do not own Pokemon (who wudda thunk?)
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    1: Welcome to the League

    Today was the day. Today was the finale of the Hoenn Grand Conference. Sure I was watching it on my outdated television snuggled up on a couch wearing Ursaring pajamas. This wasn't what how most people spent there Saturday nights, but hey, I'm special. Only two trainers were left, and the most epic of battles was about to go down. A full battle between the two trainers would take place, and I was about to witness it all. I was too excited.

    They both sent out there first Pokemon. The trainer named Michael sent out Scizor while the other trainer named Jessica sent out a Muk. Then the attacks were launched. It seemed Jessica had trained the Muk expecting it to come across Steel-types, because she immediately launched a Flamethrower attack. The purple blob took in a deep breath then released a stream of fire from its mouth straight for the metal armored bug. It felt like I was there, this moment was too good to be true.

    "Dodge Magenta, and then use U-Turn!" The red insect started glowing a bright white and flew across the field landing a direct hit on the stink sack. The Scizor then started glowing light blue and returned to its Pokeball. "Now go Bricks!" A large, craggy monster looking Pokemon came from Michael's side. "RHY!"

    I couldn't believe it. The Scizor was a ploy to see what she what she would start with then respond accordingly, that being a Rhyperior. Oh, this was too good to be true. "Hmph, you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation. Use Block Muk!" The purple mass let out a cry and the Rhyperior started to glow a dull red. "Haha, now you can't return your Rhyperior. Now Muk, let him have a Focus Blast." Muk put its hands above its head and a glowing, blue sphere appeared in between them. It then flung it across the field towards the slow Ground and Rock-Type Pokemon.

    "Use Rock Polish!" The red rocks on Bricks's body started glow bright red and it easily dodged the Focus Blast. "Okay, now use Stone Edge!" Three light blue rings surrounded the Rhyperior's body. Then, the rings glowed white and formed into chunks of gray stones. Finally, Bricks's eyes glow yellow and the stones shot across the field at the opponent. Muk took the hit and got back up with ease.

    "Hmmm, try using Poison Gas." The Muk opened its mouth and covered the field in a thick purple cloud. "Now finish it with Flamethrower." Nothing could be seen through the thick fog. Then the whole field exploded with a giant fire. She had used the flammable gas to expand her reach of Flamethrower to the whole field. When the dust had cleared from the explosion, it was revealed that both Pokemon were knocked out. Both trainers recalled their Pokemon and sent out new ones. Michael sent out his Scizor again and Jessica sent out a Beedrill.

    Michael called for Magenta to use U-Turn. The Scizor burst across the field straight towards the Beedrill.

    "Use Toxic Spikes." Jessica had called casually. The yellow and black bug jabbed its spikes into the ground sending a purple energy into the ground. Then the Scizor hit it knocking it out instantly. Both Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs. Michael called out a Luxio while Jessica called out a Jumpluff.

    As soon as the Luxio touched the ground, it glowed a dark purple then reeled in pain as the poison went deep into its body. "Okay Jumpluff use Leech Seed." The Cottonweed Pokemon's left puff glowed a bright white then it shot multiple seeds at the blue and black cat. As soon as the seeds hit they turned into vines that latched around its torso. Then Luxio glowed red while Jumpluff, glowed green absorbing health from the Luxio and replenishing Jumpluff's.

    "Come on Kaiser use Ice Fang. " The Spark Pokemon's teeth started glowing a bright white and it jumped high into the air piercing into Jumpluff's arm, then Kaiser threw the Jumpluff on the ground. "Now use Iron Tail." Kaiser's tail shined a bright white and he flipped through the air, and brought its tail down hard on the Jumpluff's head. The Jumpluff tried getting up, but failed and didn't get back up.

    Jessica returned her Jumpluff and sent out a Skarmory. "Use Stealth Rock, Skarmory." The Skarmory let out a sound that sounded like metal grating on metal, then the ground glowed white for a quick moment.

    "Kaiser, Thunder Fang. NOW!" It appeared to me that Michael was getting desperate. His Luxio jumped high into the air biting down on the Skarmory's wing. As soon as his fangs made contact, bolts of electricity surrounded the two, and they both came crashing down. Skarmory was still okay, but Kaiser seemed to be tired.

    "It's okay, Kaiser. Take a rest." He called Kaiser back in and sent out an ape like Pokemon that seemed to be wearing fire as a crown. "Let's go Ares!" When Ares hit the ground the poison entered his body, then Stealth Rock kicked in, causing rocks from the ground to launch themselves at Ares. The ape Pokemon had just entered the field, and it already looked exhausted. "Use Flamethrower Ares!" The Infernape shot a blast of fire from its mouth. The Skarmory tried to dodge it, but it sparks of electricity surrounded its body. It had been paralyzed from Kaiser's Thunder Fang. The flame hit Skarmory dead on knocking it out cold.

    This was exciting! Jessica only had two Pokemon left! If Michael could get rid of them, he could win. I've been following this guy ever since he defeated Lucien of the SInnoh League and became pretty famous. Its times like this that make me wish I actually had a Pokemon. I then directed my attention back to the screen to see that Jessica had called out a Tyranitar. This could be bad. There were old wives' tales about Tyranitars destroying mountain ranges. Surely that couldn't be true. But true or not, Ares was already tired from the damage of Stealth Rock and the ever increasing poison.

    "Use Aerial Ace." The large Pokemon shot off at an amazing speed for Michael's Infernape.

    "Go and use Close Combat!" The Ares tried moving out of the way of the aerial attack, but the attack still caught a part of his torso. Ares then got real close to the Tyranitar and started punching and kicking the Tyranitar, dealing a great deal of damage to it.

    "Use Focus Punch Tyranitar." The dinosaur like pokemon's fist started to glow, and then it punched Ares right in the gut sending him flying back into the wall. Ares was out. I wasn't worried though, Michael still had three Pokemon left.

    "Go Fate!" As Michael called that out, an Espeon appeared on the field ready for battle. Then she screamed in pain as the poison coursed through her body and rocks dug into her skin. "Use Grass Knot." Fate's eyes started glowing a bright green and grass grew and tied itself in front of Tyranitar who then proceeded to trip over it.

    "Use Dark Pulse." While still on the ground the Tyranitar blasted a beam of dark circles from its mouth. To me it looked as if things were going south.

    "Use Future Sight." Fate eyes glowed blue and it let out a beautiful song. Then it was hit by dark pulse and was instantly out. Things were going really south.

    "Come back out Magenta." Although the Toxic Spikes had not affect on the Scizor the rock still lifted from the ground and dealt her some damage.

    "Stone Edge, Tyranitar!" Two light green rings surrounded Tyranitar's body. Then, the rings glowed white and formed into chunks of black stones. Tyranitar then blasted the stones at Scizor.

    "Go and use Iron Head!" Magenta glowed silver and blasted through the rocks, suffering some damage. The attack then hit the Tyranitar dead on, but it just got back up. Oh boy, I was starting to get real nervous. He couldn't lose. Not here. Not after all this.

    "Alright Tyranitar, let's see another Focus Punch." Tyranitar's fist glowed a bright white, and it slammed it into the Scizor's face, knocking it out. Just then a energy that looked a lot like lightning struck Tyranitar from the sky. Thank you, Future Sight. The Tyranitar's body had smoke coming from it. It tried to move but fell and was declared unable to battle.

    "Alright Blaziken, lets go." The fiendish woman had called out the Fire and Fighting type Blaziken. Things just got a whole lot worse.

    "Okay let's go Birthday." A purple balloon thing came out on the field. Was this it? A balloon? Really? The stones from Stealth Rock drilled out of the ground and into the balloon Pokemon. Oh, Arceus help him. "Okay, use Pain Split!" Both the Drifloon and the Blaziken became surrounded in a black aura. The Drifloon restored its energy while the Blaziken had its energy sucked out of it.

    "Use Fire Blast Blaziken." The Blaziken shot a intense ball of fire towards Drifloon. There's no way that Drifloon could survive an awesome attack like that. Oh, this couldn't be happening.

    "Use Ominous Wind, Birthday." The balloon started spinning rapidly sending a dark wind towards Blaziken. The wind ended up pushing the Fire Blast back towards Blaziken, and hitting him dead in the chest.

    "Use Fire Blast again." She replied so calm, but her Blaziken would just end up taking another hit, so why was she doing this?

    "Use Ominous Wind again." The purple repeated its actions sending the fire back towards its summoner.

    "Okay use Blaze Kick now Blaziken." The Blaze Pokemon's foot started to catch fire, and then it jumped with its foot pointing towards Birthday. Blaziken went right through the fire, and the fire actually added to the Blaze Kick. The attack hit the balloon, and for a second there, I thought it would pop. He floated down from the air with a thud and had no more fight in him.

    "Okay Kaiser, I choose you." The beaten up Spark Pokemon entered the battle arena more poison seeped into his body, and he took heavy damage from Stealth Rock. Despite all the damage he had taken he still stood and stared down his opponent.

    "I give up…"

    I couldn't believe what just happened. All this rooting, all this preparing, all this looking up to…Just for him to give up. What a fall from grace.
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    2: Adventuring With the Enemy

    I woke up the next morning still shocked that my idol had lost, and what was worse was she beat him using a team that seemed to be just a bunch of misfits. She started it off with a stink bag that blew up the whole field. After that she used a sting happy bug that couldn't even take a hit. Then she sent out some weed that tried to put the hurt on Kaiser, but failed. She then sent out some metal bird that set up a Stealth Rock trap, and didn't end up doing in anything else. After the pieces were in place, she sent out that monster of a Pokemon that wreaked havoc all over Michael's team, before finally succumbing to a Future Sight. Finally, she sent out that cursed Blaziken that took down Birthday easily, and didn't even have to fight Kaiser. This was too frustrating!

    I got out of bed, and pulled the clothes that I wore yesterday on. I started walking towards the door, and when I opened it. I was well…surprised to say the least.

    "SURPRISE!" My mom, dad, and younger sister had been waiting at the door outside my room. In all the disarray that last night's battle caused me, I totally forgot today was my birthday. Even when I saw the Drifloon named Birthday, I still didn't remember. How do you forget your own freaking birthday?

    "Are you ready for your day? Today's gonna be all about you honey!" My mom said very excitedly. She seemed to be more excited about my birthday than I was, granted she actually did remember it.

    "Umm…yeah, okay." I said somewhat confused and disoriented. I really wasn't in the mood for celebration. There was nothing to celebrate. Turning twelve isn't a big deal. Losing in the final match of the Hoenn Conference is a big deal. A very big deal indeed.

    "You don't sound excited." My four years old sister was right I wasn't excited. I continued to look at them with no emotion in my face. "You should be excited! Mommy and Daddy bought you a Pokemon!" My little sis jumped up and down as a grin spread across my face like a wildfire.

    "Susie that was supposed to be the last surprise of the day." My dad said, although he didn't look very mad at the fact that she spilled, because it brightened me up. It more than brightened me up; it consumed me and left my body with a tingly feeling. I couldn't believe they actually got me a Pokemon.

    "So what did you get me? A Skorupi? Those are pretty strong right, and they evolve into the beast that is Drapion! Or did you get me an Onix? I always thought Steelix was a pretty cool Pokemon! Oh, just tell me!" I was about as giddy as my sister when she got to meet the real 'My Little Ponyta.'

    "Well here. See for yourself." My dad pulled a red and white ball from behind his back. It seemed to be no bigger than a marble, than it grew to the size of a baseball. Was it really there? Inside that Pokeball was my very own Pokemon. He handed the Pokeball to me, and I grabbed it greedily.

    "Thanks!" With that I ran outside into our backyard to let out my Pokemon. What could be inside this Pokeball? Surely it had to be the most awesome of Pokemon. I almost tripped over the family Growlithe, Archie, trying to get to an open spot. He followed me and wagged his tail and licked my leg with his sandpaper tongue, as if to say Let him out! Let him out. "Okay come on out!" A flash of white light materialized from the Pokeball in front of me. I came outside, because I somewhat expected a big Pokemon, but what came out barely made it to my kneecap.

    "So what do you think?" My dad asked from the doorway into the house. I didn't know what to say, except that this was the continuation of the worst two days of my life. The fluffy, orange Pokemon looked me in the eye and let out the most horrible sound I had ever heard. It said Torchic.

    I can't believe they got me a Torchic. This evil thing's evolution is the thing that put an end to Michael's dream of being the best trainer Sinnoh had ever seen. That meant that one day this thing would carry on the legacy of its horrible species and wreak havoc on all trainers trying to obtain glory.

    "What are you gonna name him son?" My dad asked breaking me out of my daze. The only names I could think of were Devil, Demon, Beelzebub, and Dark Creature of Evil, and I didn't think any of them would earn appreciation from my dad.

    "Umm, I'll name him Oliver." Oliver was this kid in my second grade class that I hated with all my guts, and now I just named my starter Pokemon after him. Yep, the day just keeps going down.

    Archie was now sniffing and licking the newly named Torchic. If only my luck would have it that Growlithe's liked the taste of Torchic. No such luck. Oliver rubbed his head against Archie's chest and nuzzled closer, feeling the warmth coming out of the Puppy Pokemon's chest.

    "We were gonna give you this to you when we gave you your Torchic later on today, but you already have the Torchic, so I might as well give this to you as well." He handed me a bright red device and an envelope.

    "You got me a Pokedex! Wait that must mean that you—"

    "Go ahead and open the envelope."

    I eagerly opened the envelope to see a plastic card with my name on it. Wait this couldn't be! This was a Trainer ID! Only Trainer's who challenge Gyms and participate in Contests get these cards, which meant they were finally letting me go take part in my own adventure, capturing Pokemon, making friends, getting into dangerous situations! The worst day just turned into the best day.

    Later that day around 4 P.M. I had everything together. My mom had packed my backpack full of stuff yesterday, as it was all ready planned that I would be leaving. After all the hugs and the sentimental stuff I was out the door only to be stopped by little sister.

    "Wait! I wanted to give you this. Me and Richie across the street found it near Mt. Chimney. You can use it to catch other Pokemon and stuff." She handed me a small yellow and black adaptation of a Pokeball.

    "Thanks Susie! I'll make sure to put it to good use." Those were my last words as I walked out of the house. I was leaving Lavaridge Town and heading for Mauville City. The only problem was that an evil, fire bird was getting comfortable in my hands as I held as one would hold a baby. Oh Arceus, is the some version of a cruel joke?

    Sorry! I know that chapter was bad it was a necessary evil D:
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    Default Re: A Fall from Grace

    Here comes the review.
    First of all, Tyranitar is part Dark type, so Psychic type won't affect it. Little things like that can get kind of confusing, but make sure to fix those! For example, you could change Tyranitar to Rhyperior.
    Now, I love the actual story. You painted a picture with your descriptions, those were great! I didn't notice any major grammar errors. It really is good, and I loook forward to the next chapter!

    Made by Blue Dragon!

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    Thanks! But thats exactly why he used Future Sight, because it ignores types. Learned that the hard way back on Ruby when Wally used it on my Houndour. Poor Houndour D:
    Anywho, here's the next chapter:
    3: And Off We Go

    Oliver had already fallen asleep in my arms, and I had only been walking for about an hour. Every so often he would readjust and burrow his body deeper into my arms, but my arms were getting tired, and they needed to rest. "Oliver." I adjusted my arms somewhat trying to wake him up, but it had no effect. "Oliver!" This time I jerked my arms somewhat making an odd movement which succeeded in waking him up. It also succeeded in surprising him causing him to start pecking me and my arms. "Ouch, ouch, ouch! Come on Oliver, stop it." The Chick Pokemon realized everything was fine and nestled back into my arms.

    "No, Oliver. You're getting heavy now." I set him down on the rocky terrain and he looked up at me. He jumped up and down signifying that he wanted to be lifted again. "No Oliver. You need to walk just like me. Okay?"

    "Chick?" Oliver tilted its head in confusion. He then chose to start jumping up and down again to try and get me to pick him up, but it wouldn't work. I was used to Susie trying this on me. The old cute and innocent trick, HA! It would take more than that.

    "Hey you with the Torchic." I turned around to see a trainer who appeared about a year older than me walking towards Oliver and I. Oliver looked at the trainer then shrunk closer to me, threatened by the new presence. "Haha, tell your little one that there's no need to worry. I'm not gonna hurt him." He walked closer to me and stuck out his arm. "The name's Lucas."

    I looked at this new figure which had approached me. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a black vest over it, coupled with a pair of dark dress pants. Despite the clean look he had it was obvious that he was a skilled trainer. He just carried that feel with him, that feel that he's gone through so much experience.

    "So are you gonna shake my hand or just stand there." His laugh brought me back to reality. It was light and somewhat feminine.

    "Oh sorry, my bad." I grabbed his hand his hand a bit rough and shook it with a firm grip. "The name's Tyler, but most just call me Ty. And this right here is Oliver." I shuffled to the left so that I no longer obscured Oliver who was hiding behind me. The little Torchic backed up scared and tripped on my shoes falling on my feet.

    "Seems that he's a shy one." Lucas bent down and picked up my timid starter Pokemon. Oliver started squirming trying to get out of Lucas's grip, until he scratched Oliver right behind the large three feathers, and immediately Oliver stopped squirming. His beak opened and closed as if to make sounds of satisfaction, but he debated against it. "Torchics love it when you scratch behind their head feathers. Just letting you know." He handed the now very relaxed Torchic back into my arms and grabbed a pokeball out of one of the pockets on his vest and expanded it.

    "Okay, come on out Rye." The pokeball opened up sending out a white energy that materialized into a blue and black wolf looking creature that stood on its hind legs and stared down Oliver, who responded by nestling deeper into my arms. "Rye, that's not how we treat others. Sorry he has a bit of an alpha male thing going on."

    "It's alright, Oliver. He's not gonna hurt you." Was my starter afraid of everything, because it sure seemed like it? I then diverted my attention to the alpha male wolf thing. Wait, I've seen a Pokemon like this before. Someone who faced Michael in the semifinals used it. What was it? Lucriri? Lucrieon? Lucart? No, no, it was more like Lucario. Yeah that's it Lucario. "So that's a Lucario. Aren't they like extremely rare?"

    "Oh yeah, Lucarios are pretty rare Pokemon. The only reason I was able to get one was because my dad is an expert breeder. He gave me a newborn Rye as my starter two years ago, but the reason I called out to you was because you look kinda lost." Was it that obvious? I mean, I was walking around aimlessly hoping to find a PokeCenter, but all I found was pain and misery so far.

    "Yeah, I am a bit lost." I looked so mareepish! I hoped he couldn't tell.

    "Oh well, since you are new to training I'm gonna assume that you're trying to make it to the Rustboro City to challenge your first gym, right?"

    "Well yeah, as a matter of fact I am."

    "Well then you're gonna wanna go this way." He turned my body 180 degrees around basically pointing me to go back the way I came.


    "Well don't you have a map?"

    "Umm, I don't think so." I pulled my backpack around front and put my hand in it. As soon as I put my hand in it I felt something plastic and square. I pulled it out and it looked like a small laptop. I opened it and it immediately turned on showing a route and a red little dot in the middle of the screen.

    "Okay so the red dot represents you. Okay now I'm gonna show you the way you're gonna wanna take to get to Rustboro. So you're on Route 112 right now. You're going to wanna go to Route 111. You're gonna see that you can either go through a cave or through a desert. Go through the desert as it will cut your time in half, and you'll be in Mauville City." As he talked he drew the route that I should take with his finger.

    "Wait, isn't that desert filled with, you know, super tough Pokemon, that a trainer like me in no way could handle?" I was getting kinda nervous. I didn't want to become a meal for the local Gligar and Gliscor that lived there.

    "No, not at all. The desert is a cake walk, especially this time of year. Even a trainer with only a newly hatched Togepi could make it through that desert and come out unscathed." He winked and gave me a thumbs up.

    "Well if you say so…"

    "I do say so, and once you get to Mauville City I'll give you the rest."

    "Wait, how are you gonna give me the rest, if you're gonna be somewhere else?"

    "Well there are such things as cell phones." He pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled his number on it, and then handed it to me. "Au revoir!" He and his Lucario then turned and started walking towards what my maps said was Fallarbor Town.

    I turned the way toward the desert and started walking until I heard Lucas's voice again all I heard was "desert" and "night". Oh well. I'm sure it wasn't important.
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    this is a good story

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    Oops, forgot about ignoring types thing again. By bad!
    Nice job so far! You've introduced a new character and provided a major problem for the main character. Can't wait till the next one!

    Made by Blue Dragon!

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    4: Into the Desert

    The walk along Route 112 was rather uneventful. Apparently Torchic make for rather awkward attackers. The only attacks Oliver knew were Scratch and Growl. When Oliver tries to use Scratch he has to stand on one leg and scratch with the other, which sets up for any easy counter in the form of Tackle, and whenever a Tackle hits I have to listen to the sound of a crying chick for the next five minutes. Trust me; it is not a pleasant sound. That brings me to his Growl attack. He doesn't even growl, it's more of a gurgle of his throat. I'm sure that'll send all the wild Pokemon running.

    Oliver was a Fire type, so shouldn't he technically know some Fire type moves. I mean its common sense to learn Fire attacks if you're a Fire type. Am I right? I know I'm right. Anyway, the only other attacks that my Pokedex said Oliver knew were Crush Claw and Night Slash. I never even heard of those attacks, and when I commanded Oliver to use them it didn't surprise me that he just looked at me quizzically and continued on his merry way. This had to be a test though. It was to determine the weak from the strong, the persistent from the feeble, and I am neither weak nor feeble. Soon Oliver would learn some Fire attacks. Yes, and then he'll evolve into a Combusken, and then again into…a Blaziken. I had somewhat forgotten that he evolves into the demon fowl known as Blaziken. But there were ways to stop evolution, right? I'll just need to find out wanna those ways.

    "Torchic!" Oliver's cry broke me out of my chain of thoughts, and I looked in his direction. A wild Poochyena had approached Oliver, and Oliver was actually fighting the pooch and not running behind my leg. Maybe because this Poochyena was quite smaller than any of the other ones we encountered, but hey it's all about the effort.

    The Poochyena lunged at Oliver showing off its large teeth. His teeth then started to glow black and he bit into Oliver's torso, or midsection, or whatever that parts called on a bird. Oliver cried out in pain as the teeth bit deep into his body. What was this mad dog doing? None of the other Poochyena on the way could use this kind of attack. "Oliver return!" I held up Oliver's Pokeball and pointed at him, returning him at once. The little puppy then diverted its fury towards me. It lurched forward with the same black colored teeth and tried to bite me, but due to its small size I easily dodged. I didn't know what to do so I kicked it. That's right, I kicked the little booger. My Torchic may not be able to do a lot of damage, but my foot sure can. I only kicked a few feet away from me. I wanted to get rid of it, not destroy its rib cage. The evil dog just got up shook itself off then started running away. I was pretty sure that was gonna happen. I've always heard that Poochyena will turn tail and run if their prey ever starts fighting them.

    I let Oliver back out of his Pokeball. He looked around making sure that the Poochyena was nowhere in sight. "He's gone Oliver." The bird then let out what sounded to me like a sigh. We then continued on our journey towards the desert. I looked up at the sky and it was painted with all kinds of pinks, oranges and red, soon to be painted pitch black, which meant shelter would have to be found soon. Then I remembered what Lucas said. I heard "desert" and "night." Surely he must've meant to say to journey the desert at night. That makes sense doesn't it? Well it does to me, and that's all that matters.

    I pulled out my map and looked at it. We were still a bit away from the desert, but that was okay, because that gave Oliver some more chances to train. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for Oliver), not a lot of wild Pokemon showed up, save the ever common Wurmple, who's weakness was its oh so soft underside, which Oliver figured out when trying to kick the thing. Even still, the training they provided wasn't much. As a matter of fact it was worse than that of all the other wild Pokemon. Surely there had to be an easier way to train.

    Then a crossroad came. To the right was the entrance to the cave and to the right was the desert. Although the desert was open to the light the moon provided, the cave seemed so much more inviting, seeing it lacked the howling winds and endless looking amount of sand, but Lucas's directions were clear. The short and safe way was through the desert…at night…with no one to notice you disappearing. Oh Arceus, I'm just spooking myself out. I took my first step onto the sand and my heart started racing.

    No explosion. No instantaneous death. No anything. It really was safe. And I could see the glow of Mauville's City lights across the horizon. The walk would only be about two to three hours, and that's really short compared to the long, winding cave which I probably would've taken if Lucas hadn't warned me. Thank you Lucas.

    Oliver took a step, and automatically noticed that his foot left a slight footprint. He grew giddy with this new information and started running around in a circle creating what he thought to be the most awesome thing ever.

    "Okay Oliver let's get moving. We don't wanna waste too much time leaving our footprints in the sand. I wanna get to Mauville city as fast as humanly possible." Oliver looked at me then continued running in circles leaving his footprints in the sand. "Oliver, we don't have time for this." I knelt down and picked him up placing him in my backpack. It might've been slightly uncomfortable because he kept readjusting himself, but he must've found a good spot because after a few minutes I could hear a light snore coming from behind me. And with Oliver safely snuggled into my backpack and Mauville City a hop, skip, and a jump away, I started my journey into the desert.
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    Nice! I like how Torchic is so klutzy at the beginning. I really can't wait for him to evolve!

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    Thanks! Its nice to get some feedback. Unlike how the people just read it on fanfic then leave no comment what so ever.

    5: Demon of the Desert

    Despite the fact that I was scared thirty minutes ago, I was no longer fearing the desert. It was actually in a word pretty. The dunes of sand and the light coming from Mauville City made for an awesome sight. There were also small odd shaped boulders sitting out of the ground that had odd looking pores towards one end of the rock. Oliver continued to snooze in my backpack, while I did all the work.

    I was somewhat wondering why more people weren't out here. It was nice and cool and the darkness wasn't the kinda darkness under your bed that hides a monster. It was kind of a soothing darkness that seemed somewhat inviting. I could actually see the moon and hundreds of twinkling stars in the night sky. I was used to the heat and thick smog that Lavaridge Town packed into its small, little community. I was even considering lying down and taking a nap. That is until I heard light footsteps in the sand behind me.

    I turned around, but I didn't see anything except a small orange stone sticking out of the ground, but I've seen those rocks before, so it was nothing to worry about. But just to be safe I pulled Oliver out of my backpack into my arms. He opened his eyes slowly looking at me, and did what I guess was a yawn. Even though Oliver wasn't much of a fighter, it still comforted me to know I had a Pokemon awake just in case. "Oliver you don't mind stayin' awake, do you?" He let out one of his little, birdie sighs in response. "Hey bud, don't give me that. I've been carrying you around for the majority of the day, and I'm gonna be carrying you now, so the least you can do it stay awake." The little bird just ruffled his feathers in what I guess was a bird pout.

    After an hour passed, I stopped to take a rest, but when I stopped, I heard the light footsteps again. I turned around and saw another one of those small orange rocks sitting in the sand. The only problem was that I hadn't passed one of those rocks in about forty minutes. So only there was only one reasonable explanation. The rock was following me.

    I started walking again, but listened hard to the surrounding sounds. There they were. The footsteps had returned, but I was gonna catch the whatever-it-was in the act. I turned around abruptly. I caught the thing off guard, and it opened its mouth in surprise. I stared down the largest mouth I have ever seen complete with a full set of razor sharp teeth. The other odd thing was that the odd creature was way below my waist, yet possessed a head and a set of teeth, that Tyranitar couldn't even boast about. What happened next was surprising, appalling, and just my kind of bad luck.

    The little, orange beast lunged, well at least tried to lunge, and somehow latched with its powerful jaws to my left shoe. I started to move, but the sudden movement caused it to bite even harder into my shoe, and it was now starting to break through the fabric of my shoes. I tried my best not to scream in terror, but my best wasn't good enough.

    I let out a scream that I swear the residents of Mauville could have probably heard. What happened next not only scared me, but it also seemed to scare Oliver, and the wild beast. The cacti came along.

    They moved slowly across the desert, but it seemed the second I screamed, every cactus in the desert came alive, and they were all headed in my direction. Apparently for the desert attaching an evil, walking bear trap on my shoe wasn't good enough. It also had to send out monster cacti after me, too. I was starting to think that Lucas might've said, "Don't go at night." That would've made more sense. So I did what most people would do. I ran.

    Or at least I tried to. The little monster on my foot was pretty heavy for an ankle weight, and every time I moved, it tightened its grip even more on my foot. Oh Arceus what have I done to deserve this?

    There was only one thing left to do. I immediately started flailing my leg in the air, which was pretty hard do the things weight, but I was hoping its weight would be its downfall. Eventually my shoe loosened and the weight of the orange fiend dragged it off my foot. As soon as my shoe was off, I tightened my grip on Oliver and ran like the wind.

    I heard a sound from behind me that sounded like something was forcing its way through the sand, but I was too busy running to really give a care. I passed several of the demonic cacti while running, but there slow movements didn't really help them catch me. I ran and I ran. Mauville's lights were getting closer and close. This nightmare was about to end, it would only be a few—

    Just then the orange bobble head looking demon jumped from behind me, latching onto my right shoe. I looked around me; it seemed that my view was cactus free for now. Now I had to deal with the beastie on the heel of my shoe trying to make a snack out of my feet.

    It gnawed and started to dig deeper into my shoe. I lifted my foot and started shaking it hoping that my shoe would fall off again, but this time the brute it with quite some force breaking all the way through the fabric of my shoe and digging into my skin with its bare teeth. Oliver was now shaking with intense fright in my arms, burrowing himself deep into my chest as if to get away from the current scene. There was only one thing to do. Fight back.

    I somewhat gently tossed Oliver to the side then grabbed the flashlight from backpack and used all my strength to bring my foot up to a horizontal level. I then proceeded to try and hit the thing with my flashlight. The little devil just let go of my foot and I ended up hitting my already bleeding foot. I quickly glanced to behind, and Mauville was so close yet so far. I then turned my attention back towards the rogue Pokemon. It had turned its attention to Oliver and had its mouth wide open. This thing was about to try and make chicken strips out of my Torchic. That was not acceptable.

    I tried to kick the thing, with my left foot of course, but that was the worst thing anyone could've done. It had a pretty hard shell, and hard shell on soft did little to the monster and a lot to me. Now both of my feet were in pain, and it had now diverted its attention back to me. This time with no shoes on my feet and cuts and bruises already on my feet that thing would surely break my foot easily. It opened its mouth preparing to lunge. Just then bright bolts of fire hit it knocking it to the side, and somewhat confusing it.

    Oliver's beak was dripping with flames from whatever attack it just used to save my foot. Now with this we could finally get somewhere. I dug into my backpack and pulled out an umbrella this time. Things were actually starting to go right. I extended the umbrella to its full length without opening the actual umbrella part. Who said a Pokemon couldn't double battle with its trainer.

    The thing's body started glowing light blue, and I could feel the sand underneath us moving. The sand started climbing up my body. I tried moving, but whenever I did the sand would just tighten on me and start spreading up my body even faster. Another Fire attack was launched from Oliver at the creature. This caused it to lose its focus and the sand around me loosened allowing me to get out. I then brought my umbrella down on our assaulter's head. Oh if PETA saw what I did today, they would have a fit.

    Oliver unleashed another wave of fire towards the desert demon, but this time it just dug underground. This was our chance. This was our chance for freedom. In a flash dropped my umbrella and I picked up Oliver and started sprinting again. The pain in my feet were getting worse with each step I took, but the adrenaline rushing throughout my body permitted me to keep going despite the intense pain. Before I could make it out of the desert though, the big mouthed terror resurfaced right in front of the barrier between the desert and the route leading to Mauville City. This thing really wanted us dead.

    Oliver released his Fire attack once again. I could feel the warmth in his body as he shot the small fire orbs toward the burrowing menace. The heat was actually invigorating. I place Oliver down again, and this time the fight between us and that, that monster, would be for keeps. The only long object I had with me was my belt and it would have to do. I took my belt and whipped as if I was some experienced Pokemon tamer, like the ones I've seen on TV. The thing looked at me, which opened it wide open for attack as Oliver managed to land another fiery hit on it. It then turned its head back to him, which I responded to with a lash of my belt. There was no way he could handle both of us.

    Well that's what I thought until he vanished into thin air. I then felt a sharp pain in my right angle. The thing had somehow moved behind me and was now biting hard into my ankle. Thankfully it couldn't get good enough positioning, or else it would've snapped right through my leg. Oliver moved surprisingly quick and started scratching its underside, which seemed to be very effective, because with each scratch, his grip weakened. Eventually he let go and he turned to face Oliver. He opened his mouth wide open and his teeth started to glow black the same way the Poochyena's from earlier did.

    Then Oliver did something unexpected. He opened his beak and released a full barrage of the fiery cinders into the walking torture device's mouth. This time it was the creature's turn to howl in pain, or more so make a clicking noise in pain.

    This may have been a cheap shot, but I started to lash out on the biting animal hoping it would either run away or faint, but of course neither of the two happened. It more so got really pissed. This time its body grew a brilliant blue and the sand underneath me nearly engulfed me instantly. It was creeping up my face and would soon cover my mouth and nose making it impossible for me to breath. Oliver let loose a barrage of small burning attacks, but they didn't even faze the little cretin. It seemed to be fixed on killing me before the night was over.

    "Oliver, do something!" I was yelling and frantic! I couldn't help but scream and freak out! I didn't care if it attracted those demon cactuses or whatever else lived in this cursed desert. Just then Oliver's eyes started glowing a demonic red. The look on his face changed from a helpless look to a sadistic smile. He released an immense of fire at the creature that engulfed its whole body. This was all too confusing. What was wrong with Oliver?

    The sand around my body started to fall away and I was free once again. I watched as the wall of fire where the horrible monster once stood. Just then it sped out of the flames hitting Oliver directly. Oliver flew and skidded to a stop unconscious. It was just me and the desert demon.

    It glared at me and tried walking towards me, but ultimately failed. It had used most of its energy fighting me and Oliver at the same time, and enduring Oliver's powerful Fire type attack. Its body then started glowing blue, and the familiar feel of cold sand climbing up my body returned. There was only one last hope. I reached back into my backpack pulling out the Ultra Ball that my sister had given to me. Ultra Balls have tripled the catch rate of a normal Pokeball according to my dad. I would need all the help for this. I tossed the yellow and black ball right at the monster. It saw it coming. I don't know if it didn't have enough energy to move out of the way, or just thought that this night was too fun and it wanted plenty of nights like it in the future. Whatever the reason it didn't matter.

    The ball wobbled weakly. Once. Twice. Thrice. It then stopped wobbling and little bing sound could be heard. I claim you as mine Demon of the Desert. I then picked up the Ultra Ball and then returned Oliver to his own Pokeball. With all of that done, I started limping towards Mauville City.
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    Wow, nice chapter! First capture of the day!
    One thing--what's the pokemon? I'm thinking a shin Cacturne, though I'm not sure. Either way, this really was an epic catch. However, there is one thing--you're punctuation is off occasionally. Not enough to make a huge difference, but a bit. I'm waiting for the next chapter!

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    Your comments are appreciated as usual :D

    6: No Pain No Gain

    I walked into the Mauville PokeCenter at 1 o' clock in the morning battered and bruised. My right foot was still bleeding because every time I took a step the wounds would reopen. I was swaying from exhaustion and the pain that ached through my whole body. I'm sure I was a sight for sore eyes. My bare feet covered mud and sand were starting to swell. Sweat was dripping from every inch of my body which actually just made the sand stick to my body even more, and my shirt was slightly singed from Oliver's stray Fire attacks. The Nurse Joy looked up from her magazine about medical equipment.

    "How may I help…" The cheery smile on her face as soon as she saw the shape I was in. She hit a button on my desk, and almost immediately a horde of Chanseys and Blisseys emerged from the back room rolling along a stretcher as well. They huddled around me clamoring something in their Pokémon language. They all grabbed me with their soft, rubbery, pink hands and hoisted me onto the stretcher. As soon as I was flat on the stretcher, sleep embraced me like a long lost friend.

    I was sitting on a stool in a white room that had nothing else in it. No windows, no door, no anything. I heard a sound and turned around to see what it was.

    "Help me." A little girl in a white sundress was sitting in a chair staring at me and asking me to help her. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail with a green bow. She looked no older than three or four, but her gray eyes looked old and as if they had seen countless things.

    "Well then come over so I can help you." I motioned for her to come, but she just sat still and kept staring.

    "Why won't you help me?"

    "I'm trying to. Since you won't come to me, then I'll come to you." I tried getting up, but I had no control over my legs. I couldn't even feel they were there. I tried reaching out with my arm, but still no response. I let out a sigh frustrated. "What do you need help with?"

    "I can't tell you that." She giggled and got up, then started running circles around me. "That is I can't tell you that until you catch me." She laughed harder and extended her arms out running around as if she was an airplane.

    "Why can't you just tell me?"

    "Oh no, no, no. That's not allowed in this game. You have to catch me if you wanna win, and once you catch me you win the prize. I'll tell you what my problem is." That didn't sound like a real prize in my opinion, but just then I could feel the feeling coming back in my arms. I reached out, but just before I touched her, she turned to dust and blew away.

    "Why aren't you helping me?"

    Then I woke up. I looked around me and I saw all types of medical equipment. To the left of me I saw Oliver's Pokeball sitting on a silver dish. I tried to reach it but it was pretty painful to move. My right foot was hanging in a sling inside of a cast. When I looked to the right I saw my monster Pokémon sleeping heavily on a bed much smaller than mine. It was hooked up to a whole bunch of monitors and it was breathing heavily.

    Just then a Nurse Joy walked into the room. "Ah. I see you're awake." She walked towards me and adjusted my foot in the sling. "You were quite roughed up when you came in here this morning. You and your Pokémon went through quite an ordeal."

    Immediately I was reminded of Oliver who had been knocked unconscious during our expedition through the desert.

    "If you're referring to the Trapinch, then he's in a pretty bad condition, and we're gonna have to monitor him for a few days. He's got a few amounts of burns, and there is some internal bleeding. If you are talking about your Torchic, then he's in pretty good shape. It was a started fainted Pokemon. He just needed a little rest." Did she say Trapinch? Is that what the thing was called, a Trapinch? Did she also call it a he? I didn't know evil, monster devils could have genders.

    I looked back at the Trapinch. Had we over done it while were trying to defend ourselves? It, I mean he, did look pretty beat up. So now I was gonna have to wait a few days before I could even continue my journey to Rustboro. Oh great! Not only did I have an evil, new Pokemon on my team, I also was gonna be slowed down by its injuries.

    "But you should be worried about yourself as well." She looked at me and lightly tapped my foot. "Both of your feet were pretty badly beaten. Your left foot was swollen, but it went down after we applied some ice on it. Don't worry though you're only going to be with crutches for a week. I'll go get them for you. I'll be right back." She exited the room and left for what I guess was the crutches.

    Just then my Trapinch started to stir. He turned his head towards me. He let out loud click sound, and chomped his mouth several times. Was he saying he wanted to eat me? He tried moving, but his body was kept on the bed with restraints luckily for me. Trapinch just stared at me. I couldn't really read his emotions, because his face stayed the same. It always had a toothy smile and it's never changed. It was actually kinda scary yet cute at the same time now that I could see him in full light. Both of us wanted to get at the other one, but at the same time we were locked in place. He opened his jaws again. I guess he realized I was so close yet so far. We were only about two feet apart from each other, but there was no possible way we could get to each other.

    Nurse Joy then reentered the room holding her a silver pair of crutches. "Although your Trapinch needs to stay here, you free to explore Mauville while we take care of him. But remember you can't leave. We will need to check your foot every night for the next week to make sure it heals properly." She helped me out of my sling and embarrassingly helped me get on my freshly washed clothes. "Don't forget your Torchic." She picked up the Pokeball beside my bed and placed it in my hand. With that she left out of the room.

    "Come on out Oliver." In a flash of white light, my little Torchic was standing on the ground beside my foot. He started pecking at my cast trying to figure out what it was.

    "Chic!" He squealed as he found out that my cast was actually pretty hard. He then saw the Trapinch in the bed beside me, and started cheeping furiously.

    "Oliver calm down. That thing is a part of our team now, even if it did try to have us for dinner. But it doesn't matter now because we are going for a walk." I grabbed my crutches and started towards the doors. The automatic doors slid open making room for me and Oliver to pass.

    We exited the PokeCenter and entered the large concrete jungle that is Mauville City. Now I knew why I could see its lights all the way from the desert. Almost every single thing had lights on it. The borders of stop signs were laced with lights that blinked on and off. The sidewalks even had lights along them, like similar to how the aisles in movie theatres were lined with lights. I thought it had that they had no street lamps, but with all these other sources of light, I guess they really didn't need them.

    "Hey you." A man wearing a cheap suit was standing outside of an oddly painted building right beside the PokeCenter. "Yeah I'm talking to you with the crutches." He walked briskly over to me then stuck out his hand, then quickly pulled it back as he realized I couldn't shake it.

    "How may I help you?" Oliver tilted his head to the side as he looked the man up and down, eyeing him and judging him. That attack from the demon of the desert, I mean Trapinch, was more that making him little cautious.

    "How would you react if I were to tell you that I'm having a special sale?"

    I wasn't a big buyer, but my mom had trained me to always be on the lookout for sales. "What kind of special sale are we talking here?"


    I looked at my foot then back the man. He still didn't seem to get the picture so I looked at my foot again and then towards him.

    "I said: Bikes! Aren't you excited?" He lifted up his arms and I could see the sweat buildup in his underarms, which wasn't a pretty sight.


    "Yes, BIKES!"

    He was getting a bit too excited for my taste. "If you cannot tell already, I'm not gonna be riding any bikes anytime soon." I shuffled my crutches around a little bit to signify why, since he didn't seem to get the idea before.

    "Oh well, what if you bought the bike now and used it later. Bikes will help get you out of a lot of sticky situations. How many times have you been walking with your Pokemon then in a nice forest, when a pack of wild Ursaring attack? Well if you had a bike, then you would be able to get away on your convenient two wheeler.

    Surely this man knew that he was a nut job. He had to know, he just had to. "Well first of all, a pack of Ursaring is known as a sleuth for your information. Second of all, I've never been attack by a sleuth of Ursaring, obviously because I'm actually alive. Ursaring don't even live in Hoenn. Thirdly I'm sure an Ursaring would have you in its claws before you had time to jump on your bike and get away. All of this is just common knowledge, save the sleuth part. Now please leave me alone." I walked around him and continued on my merry way. That was actually pretty exciting. I actually managed to not be conned by a city huckster.

    After about thirty minutes of walking I came across a sign that read "Mauville City Zoo." Although I've been to this zoo about a hundred times, I still couldn't resist the urge to go in and check out the new exhibits.

    Near the front of the zoo was a large open field with a few thick trees that allowed people to roam around with their Pokemon, and it actually had a variety of wild Pokemon lurking in the field or hiding in the trees such as Seedot, Poochyena, Zigzagoon, and Taillow. Of course that's not what I was here for. I was here to see the Luxray and Luxio. They weren't native to Hoenn and had a feel of exoticness to them. Yes exoticness is a word.

    According to the directory the Luxray were about a five minute walk from here. As we started walking Oliver would find random popcorn kernels on the ground and peck at them until he managed to get it in his mouth. After a while he found a penny on the ground and tried to eat it. I gently nudged him with my crutch.

    "Don't eat that. Trust me, it's not edible." He chirped in annoyance to the lack of edible things in the zoo.

    Just then we heard a loud roar. We had reached the Luxray and Luxio exhibit. Their habitat consisted of about a mile of open savannah, with a few rocks and trees scattered all over the place, and a watering hole at the middle of their home. They were all gathered around the watering hole drinking and sparking with electricity.

    "So do these Luxray and Luxio interest you?" I turned around to see a teenager who looked about seventeen wearing a dirty t-shirt and some rough looking cargo pants looking at me. I backed up some scared of his appearance, and Oliver did his usual routine of hiding behind my leg, but he peaked his head around the side to try and size him up. He looked down at his clothes and an expression of realization entered his face. "Oh, sorry about the clothes. I'm a breeder, and as such sometimes it means you gotta get down and dirty." He scratched his head and smiled at me. Even though he was wearing some pretty nasty clothes and Oliver had a look on his face that screamed "Stranger Danger!" I actually believed him.

    "You're a breeder?"

    "Well more like the son of a breeder, but one day I plan to continue the family business of breeding. That's a cool Torchic you got there. Torchics are getting rarer and rarer by the minute. You thinking of selling him?" Oliver came from behind my leg and started chirping at him loudly at him. He obviously didn't like the idea of being sold to this stranger. He then backed up into my leg and started nuzzling it. He didn't seem to like the idea of being separated from me at all.

    "Oliver's not for sell. He's my starter, sorry." Why was I apologizing? He should be apologizing to me for trying to buy my starter off me.

    "Oh sorry I didn't know. Do you have any other Pokemon for sale?" My mind automatically thought about the Trapinch back in my room, but seeing that it was in the condition that it was in, I don't think that he would earn me a lot of money.

    "Sorry but none of my Pokemon are for sale." I scooted farther away from him starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

    "Oh, well sorry to bother you." He turned around and started to walk away.

    "Wait!" An idea just occurred to me. If he was a breeder, than he would also know how to train Pokemon. He turned around looking at me. "How would you train a Pokemon to not hate you?" I'm sure the question seemed strange, but if that monster was part of the team now, I would have to find a way to prevent him from wanting to chomp down on my head.

    "Well the simplest way to earn that Pokemon's respect would be to show it that you're an experienced trainer. The most used way is to teach another Pokemon you own a pretty powerful move, then show that move to the other Pokemon establishing yourself as an experienced trainer. Why?"

    "Well I caught a Trapinch in the desert the other day, and it seems to, well, hate my guts and want to feast on my insides."

    "Well if that's the case, then I'll be happy to assist you in teaching your Torchic a powerful move. For a price of course. That price being one grand."

    I didn't have a grand. My parents barely put $750 on my trainer card. I look down somewhat disgruntled. I just needed $250 dollars to pay for it.

    He looked and saw me looking down at my hospital issued shoes. I assumed he could tell that he knew I didn't even have that much yet. "Well for you, how about I make it half a grand." A smile immediately stretched across my face.

    "I can pay that." He then took a business card from his back pocket and handed it to me.

    "Oh by the name's Martin." He stuck his hand out, but just like the bike sealer, immediately brought it back to his side.

    "The name's Tyler."

    "Well Tyler, meet me at the address on the card tomorrow at noon." With that I started on my way back to the PokeCenter. I entered through the doors of the clinic and immediately went back to my room. It was pretty dark outside now, and I could see the lights that were placed everywhere illuminate Mauville through my window.

    I climbed into my bed, not worrying about my clothes, and struggled to put my cast inside the sling. I eventually got everything settled. Oliver then hopped on the bed walking all over the bed until he found a comfortable spot.

    "Hey, Oliver?"


    "Tomorrow we're gonna power you up." With that said I drifted into sleep .
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    what the heck, might as well put up the next one as well

    7: Sweet Dreams

    "Why aren't you helping me?" I was back in the white room and the little girl had her back to me. This time I could actually move my body. I reached out and was also able to touch her shoulder. It turned her around to see that she was crying. There was a freshly cut wound on her cheek that was bleeding. "I told you to help me. Why didn't you help me?" She was crying harder now and the blood was coming out harder than before.

    "You're not real. This is just a dream. I remember from last night. I don't need to help you, because you're not real." Just then a dark look came across her face. The wound on her cheek stopped bleeding and she scowled at me.

    "You don't think I'm real? I'm just as real as you, or Oliver, or even the Trapinch you own. I am very real!" She walked up to me in a huff and brought her arm up as if she was going to punch me, but decided against it.

    "No, none of this is real! If this was real, my leg would be in a cast because my real Trapinch almost bit it off. This place isn't real, none of it is." She backed up and turned around to me with a smile on her face. Her changing emotions were starting to actually kinda scare me now.

    "Let's play a game." She started dancing and pirouetting as if she was an aspiring ballerina.

    "What kinda game are we talking here?"

    "Hide and go seek."

    "I'm a bit old for hide and go seek."

    Just then the room changed to a winding dark labyrinth. Torches were lined on the wall all along the maze. "You're not too old for this hide and seek, but I see you need some incentive. From the floor rose a white statue that looked eerily like Oliver. She tapped it in and it started to glow white. When the light subsided, Oliver, or a dream Oliver, was standing beside the little girl.

    "What are you doing?" Oliver struggled as she picked him up. Even if this wasn't real I couldn't just stand there and watch my starter get kidnapped.

    "Don't worry you'll get a partner too." A statue rose from the ground that looked exactly like my demon of the desert. "No, you don't understand. Bringing him here won't help me find you. If anything he will make things harder for me." Just then Trapinch's statue glowed brilliant white, and the familiar clicking sound of teeth hitting teeth entered my dreams.

    "If you find me, I'll give you a prize." With that she started walking, and the labyrinth walls started to part so she could walk through them. They then closed, but I could still hear Oliver's frantic pleas for help.

    As soon as she left, Trapinch leapt at my foot mouth open, but as soon as he got within an inch of my foot, he hit an invisible force field. He tried gnawing through it, but the force field was pretty solid. I wanted payback for the pain that this Trapinch had caused me. I bent down and tried to slap him in his face, but predictably a force field surrounded him as well. He let out a series of clicks, which were what I assumed to be laughter.

    "Come on…Trapinch. Even though this place isn't real I still can't stand to see Oliver in pain like that, plus the only way we're getting out of here is by finding that crazy little girl. So if just for a moment, can we get over hating each other?" Trapinch looked as if he was thinking about it. After about what seemed to be five minutes he shook his bobble like head. "Okay then let's go."

    It seemed we had been searching the maze for hours without finding her or Oliver. I was getting a bit desperate and wondering why I couldn't wake up. We came across what appeared to be our hundredth five pronged fork in the road. We decided on going down the middle one, because we were too lazy to decide on another one.


    "What was that?" I turned around to see a Rhyhorn was charging us head on. There was no dodging it, because its body took up the majority of the labyrinth width wise, and there was no outrunning it. So fight back was our only feasible option.

    Trapinch seemed to take this into his own hands. He immediately dug underground and started heading for the Rhyhorn. Then he went completely underground, and I could no longer see the top of his head. He wasn't fighting the Rhyhorn; he was trying to get away! I started sprinting down the long corridor hoping that adrenaline rushes worked the same way in dreams. I looked back to see it was gaining on me. It would have me in






    Zero, but there was no impact, just a loud crack sound. I turned around to see the Rhyhorn was standing still, because the ground underneath it was starting to crack. Any sudden movements and it would go tumbling down however deep the hole was. Just then Trapinch busted right through the crack causing the floor where both of them were standing to cave in, and both went tumbling down a dizzying height of…three feet, but hey it was good enough for me. Trapinch hadn't been trying to get away. He was trying to set up a trap. Oh wow. His name actually makes sense to me now.

    I walked over to the whole to see Trapinch climbing its way up and the Rhyhorn on its back struggling to flip over. It then started to glow with a dull red light. It started splitting into two distinct forms. A bird shaped form and a small human shaped form. Oliver and that crazy little girl. I immediately jumped down into the hole right next to the girl and Oliver. She smiled crazily and got up while brushing herself off. "You caught me, so now you get the prize." She pulled out a card from thin air and handed it to me. I looked at the card and it read:

    Rustboro City

    That's it? That was what I've been trying to get this whole time. I was already planning to go to Rustboro City. This was a pile of crap.

    "Oh I almost forgot." She turned around and used a rock beside me as a stepping stone getting on top of it. She was now able to look me dead in my eyes. "You said none of this was real." She ran her finger over her cheek wound and the blood smeared on her finger. She then wiped it on my left cheek having drawn a slash mark with blood. "Well anyways…bye."

    And with that I woke up.
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    8: An Aerial Assault

    I looked around me to make sure I wasn't back in that white room and I wasn't. I was back in my hospital room with my freshly woken Torchic and now awake Trapinch. It was kind of odd that we all woke up at the same time, but it's good for teams to be synchronized. I awkwardly got my cast out of its sling and achieved a sitting position. A Nurse Joy entered the room to check up on my Trapinch and me.

    "Good afternoon Tyler. How are you?" She walked over to my Trapinch and adjusted some of the wires that were connected to his body and placed a piece of raw meat in his mouth which he devoured ferociously and quickly.

    "I'm fine. Wait…did you say 'Good afternoon.' Oh no! I was supposed to meet that Martin guy at noon. What time is it?" I grabbed my Oliver's empty Pokeball and shoved it in my pocket. I reached down grabbing my crutches and got up.

    "It's 12:30. Where do you have to get to in such a rush?" I handed her the business card that had his address on it. "Oh dear. That's quite a walk from here, and there's no way I'm letting you walk there on crutches. You'll have to catch the bus."

    "Well when's the next bus gonna come?" I was already up and I was now hobbling towards the door.

    "The next bus should be here in about fifteen minutes. And the bus stop is just across the street. Oh, I almost forgot to ask you. What happened to your cheek?" On my way out of the doors I could see my reflection on the windows. My left cheek had been cut about three inches and it was still bleeding a little bit, but it was mostly covered in dry blood. Wait, didn't that crazy girl draw a slash mark on my face with her blood? No it couldn't be that. Oliver had just probably scratched me with his foot on accident while we were sleeping. Of course he was at the end of the bed, but that doesn't matter now. I'm gonna be late for my training session.

    I rushed out the front door and crossed the street barely looking across. Horns were honking at me as people stopped their cars even though they had the green light. Pedestrians always have the right away…even if I am j-walking. I reached the bus stop with ten minutes to spare, which meant that I rushed for nothing. I sat down on one the metal benches as I awaited the bus.

    While I was sitting an older man around the age of sixty sat beside me. Oliver hopped on my lap and eyed the man cautiously from the corner of his eyes. The old man coughed a bit then looked towards me.

    "So you're an aspiring trainer, huh?" His voice was raspy and it sounded as if he had more than his far share of cigarettes. Also his yellow teeth and smoky breath were a pretty dead giveaway as well, but whatever.

    "Yeah. I'm gonna try to get all eight badges in Hoenn." I was holding my breath to avoid breathing the breath he was spewing out. They say Charizard have the worst breath out of all the living things out there. I'm not sure if this decrepit, old specimen could count as living, but his breath sure beat any Charizard's breathe I've smelt, and I've smelt the breath of a lot of Charizards.

    "Oh, well I was just wondering. Just be careful. I have a grandson out there trying to become a trainer as well. His dad, my son, died while my grandson was only three years old. He died while trying to win the Kanto Conference. On his way to win the Virdian Gym, he stumbled into the territory of a Nidoking and died." I didn't know how to respond to that, and luckily for me the bus pulled up right at the same time he finished his tale of woe. I practically jumped up and hobbled with my crutches on the bus, which was pretty hard. I grabbed a seat right behind the bus driver and the old man walked on the bus moving slowly. Every time he took one step, another person would've been able to take four steps. He then decided that the Nidoking death story wasn't enough, and sat right beside me. When he sat down a puff of air rose from his body that smelled like dust. I sat for about twenty minutes listening to the man's tales about how well his grandson was doing. The only thing that I actually got out of it was his grandson's name was Jacob Iverson.

    Just then I looked out the window and the scene had gotten much more rural. After about another ten minutes of listening to how his grandson was an excellent trainer and how his starter was a Bulbasaur, and blah blah blah.

    Finally the bus stopped. This was just the place I needed to get off at. "Excuse me, but this is my stop Mister." The old man took his time slowly getting up and allowing me passage. I grabbed my crutches and haphazardly got off the bus. I somewhat wondered if that man only stayed on the bus to tell me more about his grandson, because this was the last stop.

    When I got off the bus the only thing I could see was a ranch, and trust me when I say: it was gargantuan. Pokemon grazed upon grassy knolls, while others were drinking out of a pond. I would love to own a place like this. The Pokemon actually looked happy, unlike the Poke—

    "You're late." I turned around to see Martin was walking towards me, but he was wearing a different pair of clothes. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, cargo pants, and large, thick gloves. Just then a blur of red and blue flew down and landed on his arm. "I told you to be here at noon."

    "I'm sorry! I woke up late and then I had to catch the bus, but an old man got on it too and was telling me all these bor—"

    "Okay I get it. Let's just get to the training." He stroked the bird that landed on his glove and it started to coo.

    "So what move should Oliver learn?" Oliver was looking at the blue and red bird and I think he was wondering why he couldn't be on my hand like that.

    "Well I gave some thought into it, and initially I thought we should teach him a move like Flamethrower, but it's obvious that he's not that experienced—"

    "Hey!" Both I and Oliver were perturbed by the fact that he would go and call us that. Even though we've only been training for a few days, there was a bunch of experience packed in those days.

    "Chillax. Like I was saying, you guys are inexperienced, so I'm gonna try and teach you a move that's pretty decent in power and quite easy to learn. It's a move known as Aerial Ace." The bird's body started glowing white with energy then shot off of Martin's arms and started moving at a speed I wasn't able to keep up with leaving a trail of white light.

    "That's supposed to be easy?" Oliver seemed to agree with me. It did seem pretty hard. Moving around at those speeds. Oliver could hardly keep up with me on crutches.

    "Now we battle. I think the best way to learn how to use a move is training in battle. When practicing in desperation, you do what you need to survive, and learning a new move becomes a whole lot easier." I remembered how Oliver learned Ember when fighting my Trapinch in the desert. I guess he did learn it because he was desperate.

    He led me and Oliver to a grassy field with a few boulders here and there. I pulled out my Pokedex and scanned the flying bird to see what it was and what it could do.

    Pokedex entry:
    Taillow, the Tiny Swallow Pokémon
    Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. ThisgutsyPokémon will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry.
    Known Moves:
    -Wing Attack = 60
    -Quick Attack = 40
    -Aerial Ace = 60
    -Peck =35
    -Steel Wing = 70

    Hmm, so that's what that thing was. I then pointed my Pokedex at Oliver to see how he's grown and how he would match against the Taillow.

    Pokedex entry:
    Torchic, the Chick Pokémon
    Torchic sticks with its Trainer, following behind with unsteady steps. This Pokémonbreathes fireof over 1,800 degrees F, including fireballs that leave the foe scorched black.
    LV 11
    Known Moves:
    -Scratch =40
    -Ember = 40
    -Crush Claw = 75
    -Night Slash =70
    -Focus Energy = N/A

    Even though Crush Claw and Night Slash were the most powerful attacks Oliver knew, he couldn't even use them. This battle would probably be really quick.

    "Alright Taillow use Steel Wing." Martin called.

    "Okay use Scratch Oliver."

    Both of our Pokémon started towards each other. Taillow's wings started getting a metallic sheen to them. The Taillow had the advantage of being in the air while Oliver was landlocked. The hard as metal wings hit Oliver head on, and then Taillow was back in the air before Oliver could strike back. Things were already looking bleak.

    "Go in with Aerial Ace." Martin had a sly grin on his face like he knew something I didn't.

    "Oliver, dodge then use Ember." If there was one thing I knew Oliver was good at it was dodging. All that practice of quickly moving behind my leg when we meet a stranger or when a wild Pokemon attacks and he runs away while dodging all their attacks. Surely he could dodge the Taillow.

    The Taillow started glowing a bright white, and then it started moving so fast I thought it disappeared. While I was keeping my eyes in the sky I heard a cry from Oliver. Before he even had a chance to move and dodge the attack, the Taillow was already on him. Luckily for me, Oliver quickly rebounded and shot a barrage of burning cinders into the air, which caught the Taillow off guard, injuring its left wing.

    "Oliver now try using your own Aerial Ace." I was somewhat hoping that Oliver had reached the same amount of desperation he had when we were facing the Trapinch in the desert, though this nearly as dangerous.

    Oliver started to run towards where the Taillow had landed, but he eventually ended up tripping over his feet, falling face first into the grass. The Taillow and his trainer stifled their laughs at my Torchic's failed attempt. Oliver got up and his face appeared pretty flustered, but he started running towards the Taillow again, but he got no further and ended up face planting again. He got and spat out some the grass that was in his mouth. This time the small bird and its owner couldn't hold it in, and both of them started bursting out laughing.

    Oliver turned to me with tears starting to swell in his eyes. He started to run to me trying to get to me, but alas, he fell again. This time the Taillow and its trainer were on the floor laughing hysterically. Oliver got up again full of embarrassment, but this time his embarrassment turned to rage. His whole body became surrounded in a blue aura, and then the blue all concentrated on his beak. His beak then doubled in size and he started racing across the grassy field. Taillow and Martin stopped laughing as they realized that Oliver had achieved a weak version of Aerial Ace with the help of Focus Energy and the embarrassment he felt.

    "Come on get in the air Taillow." The Tiny Swallow Pokemon tried getting up in the air, but its wing was pretty burnt from the Ember attack. It watched helplessly as my oncoming Torchic smashed it into the boulder behind it. The Taillow was now trapped between a rock and a hard place, that hard place being my Torchic. Oliver than opened his mouth and released orbs of fire right into the Taillow's face. The close range of the attack was bound to have caused massive damage. Oliver backed up from the Taillow and it fell limp too exhausted to continue moving.

    Oliver ran back to me and managed to make it all the way back to me without tripping. I dropped my crutches and picked him up and embraced him, happy that he was already starting to get the gist of Aerial Ace, and we won our first trainer battle, too. He killed two birds with one stone, or should I say one Oliver.

    Martin returned his Taillow to its Pokeball and walked over to me. "See I told you that it's when desperation starts to kick in a Pokémon reaches its full potential. Well, that's all for today. Come back at noon tomorrow, and next time, actually show up on time. Now get out of here."

    I placed Oliver back on the ground and picked up my crutches, and we headed for a good place to celebrate.
    Witness the almighty power of CHIMCHAR!

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    Sorry for not posting earlier, I was out of town...
    LOVED IT!!! It really was amazing how Torchic's will pulled through. love how now, there's more character development. Tyler originally hated Torchic, but now, he's really happy. The dream girl also provides quite a lot of mystery. I can't wait till the next chapter is up and coming!

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